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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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April 18, 2023 1:59 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 18, 2023 1:59 am

Did Draymond Green's stomp cost the Warriors this series against the Kings? JR is very clear about the ramifications of this poor judgment from he future Hall of Famer


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It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Holding it down here with you for one more hour. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard.

He's coming to you live from New York City. And what a night it's been. What a night it continues to be. Because a few minutes ago, the Sacramento Kings beat the Golden State Warriors 114 to 106. Sacramento now has a 2-0 series lead. The big news of the night coming out of this game? Draymond Green. Not because of any triple doubles, not because of any amazing feats in the loss, not because he missed 0 of 9 from 3.

Not that he would take that many. The Golden State Warriors were on a roll. They were on a run. DeMontez Sabonis was on the ground following a rebound attempt. He hooked Draymond Green's foot. Draymond Green didn't decide to just pull away and try to advance on the fast break opportunity. Down by 3 points, or about 4 points, let me correct myself, 91 to 87, Draymond Green decided to lift his foot and firmly place it into the chest and midsection of DeMontez Sabonis. This was no accident. Draymond Green looked down.

He knew that there was a human beneath him and he decided to hit him with a stomp. Draymond Green assessed with a flagrant. Draymond Green given the boot. And the Sacramento Kings, and by the way, it's not like the Warriors had the lead and just gave it up.

The Sacramento Kings held on to win 114 to 106. Draymond Green and Sabonis had a little bit of a tussle in the first game, the first loss on Saturday night, and it continued tonight. Nobody big enough to stop Sabonis. 24 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists. De'Aaron Fox, not the best shooting of nights, especially from deep.

The whole Kings team, pretty bad. 23% from downtown, but De'Aaron Fox had 24 points and 9 assists. Malik Monk off of the bench finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds. Steph Curry, 28. Wiggins, 22. Klay Thompson, 21.

And Draymond Green, 8 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 5 fouls, and 1 massive stomp to the chest. When the game was on the line, De'Montez Sabonis, he spoke to TNT after the game. Jared Greenberg asked him, man, what the hell happened out there, man? And this is what De'Montez Sabonis told Jared Greenberg about the stomp and about the game. Listen to this. Is this what they define as a painful victory for you?

Yes, sir. We came out here, everyone fought. Everyone who stepped on the court really locked in. In front of these fans, they make it easier. We've got to get wins for them. De'Montez, you came off of your worst shooting performance of the season. What was your mentality going into Game 2 tonight?

Just be smart. They did a great job taking things away from me the first game. It's a play-off.

We've got a great coaching staff that helped me out and we came out today with a lot more focus. Early in the first half, you took a shot to your jaw. And then in the second half, you got into it with Draymond. Take us through, from your perspective, what happened in that sequence with Draymond. It's play-off basketball. Look at the fans.

This is it. We're here to fight. Every time we step on the floor, we're going to give everything for our teammates and the franchise.

Do you have any animosity about what happened there? No, we're both fighting for the rebound. We found each other. Stuff happened. It's basketball. We've got to move on next place. No, that ain't basketball.

What type of magic eraser ass commented? That ain't basketball. I wasn't fighting for nothing. You held him and he stomped on you.

Is that why he's being so coy about it? And dudes say, you know, they hook and they hold on to each other. It happens.

But I mean, damn, you don't stomp on a guy in return. And what is Sabona supposed to say? He can say nothing. He won. He won the game.

You know what? The Golden State Warriors, they may not have Draymond Green out there for the next game. And so what his explanation is during his podcast is to be seen. I know Steve Kerr.

I was just looking at Steve Kerr. He's speaking to the media right now. Obviously, I can't hear it, but we'll hear it when the time is up before the show is done. But if you had no idea how outrageous this stomp was, we got a couple of versions of it for you.

Let's listen to let's let's go this route first. This is the Golden State Warriors radio network. This is what happened from their perspective with Draymond and his stomp. Here is Monk with a shovel shot that doesn't go on the wide side. Rebound Draymond gets away and it's a technical foul on Draymond Green for stomping Sabonis as he tried to get out of the way up the floor. And Draymond might get a flagrant foul and get ejected here. Sabonis still down. Draymond tried to get out of the way.

No, that's not what happened. Draymond did not try to get out the way. Draymond Green looked down and said here's my target and hit that man clear in his midsection. You heard the fans in the background. Oh, by the way, when Draymond went to the bench while his flagrant was being assessed or reassessed. Oh, he was he was getting into it with the fans. Fans is giving him the middle finger. I mean, it was kind of wild there for a minute.

If you want to hear some real vitriol, take a listen to the Kings radio network and their reaction. Curry has the rebound. Sabonis on the floor and he just got stomped on by Green and a foul was called and that may warrant an ejection.

There was nothing subtle about that. He went to the floor and Green in the tangle. It appeared to me like he just I said stomped in the end until I see a replay.

I'm going to stick with half for the moment. But Sabonis is still down. Sabonis is Sabonis got stomped on.

Sabonis was on that court for a few minutes. He's so dignified. The announcer we just listened to. Yeah, he is right like he's clear eyes.

Jerry to roll I believe. Okay, good for him. He's probably been doing that job for what like 40 years almost as long as Al McCoy. Oh, he's been he was he there before they even got to Sacramento.

Probably probably probably he probably moved with the team. Yeah, there was no ends ifs or buts about getting the stomp. Come on, man. You teach your kids that from a young age like you keep your feet on the ground man, and it's basketball people are going to get kicked and legs are going to get held and arms are going to get tangled people are going to push. We saw Mr. Glass himself Anthony Davis on Sunday. He caught a stinger coming down for a rebound because he was held it happens. The Montes Sabonis, you know, he held on to his ankle a little bit and then Draymond Green said screw this.

I'm going to stomp on the guy. And now Draymond Green might be missing for a game. Okay, you can't do this and he had all his justification last year against the war not the Warriors the Grizzlies. Remember he smacked the living hell out of Brandon Graham and then he told everybody for days. I'm not going to change.

How I play basketball is how I play. I'm not going to go as far to say he cost them this game. But he cost them being out there.

He's a valuable part to the team regardless of what you think his skill level is. And he screwed up tonight and I can hear right now. Well, yeah, he was holding me and I you know, I hit him and I'm not going to change how I play ball.

Well, did you do it on purpose? You saw what I can you can't justify that whatever Draymond Green is about to say on his podcast tonight is going to be absolutely hilarious. There's no justification for stomping on another human being. And then Sacramento with one of the best defenders, you know going from the court. I'm sure it helped them out. D'Aaron Fox likely to win clutch player of the year new NBA award D'Aaron Fox. He got busy late in the game. He decided to knock down one of his two three-pointers to help push the Kings ahead 107 to 101. Take a listen to this box with a rebound gives it up to Malik month with 225 to go long lead pass Harrison bars shoulders into the lane dumps to the corner.

Davion has it. He drives he kicks box will step into a straightaway three. He's got the triple Sacramento leads by six at 107 101.

And they kept things are rolling. I want you to listen to the final call of the game again Kings radio Network desperation 3 missed by the Warriors and the horn sounds to end this second game of this seven game series and the Kings take a 2-0 advantage by a final score of 114 to 106. Steve Kerr done with the media. Mr. Ejection Draymond Green currently towel around neck chatting with the media will get that to you as well. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS.

That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. Jason is here from Cleveland, Ohio. You're on the JR sport re-show. What's up, Jason?

Thank you, Jr. I wasn't surprised per se by the actual act but what I thought was really strange was it was almost like wrestling like WWE like when he went to the bench the crowd was probably raising them and he was doing like a Hulk Hogan like he was he had no like even second thought about what he did and and that's what stuck out to me like this guy. I mean, you know, he has he should be wrestling. Well that that might be in his future in a few years. I know he said he's going to Max out here in in professional basketball. You got a point. He was hamming it up. Like what this is what he does Draymond Green talks for a living.

Let's let's keep in mind. He is the only active NBA player to have both a legitimate broadcasting deal. I mean a legitimate good one a broadcasting deal while he's out here playing ball. That's Draymond and so it's not just his work with Turner. He has this deal with with the volume for his podcast and he is setting himself up nicely to talk into perpetuity for as long as he's going to be here. He's stomping on a lot of people along the way.

But yeah, he wants shot. It was real ugly. I thought that they were going to start kicking one of them fans out when he started flipping and birds. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS Ralph is calling from Miami. What's up, Ralph? You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey Jared, good afternoon. Thank you for having me in your show. And I think the game that you were looking for is actually Street Fighter.

That's the one they actually something on the guy on the ground. Well, thank you. But I really have a question regarding to Draymond. I understand what he did. There's plenty of way to act into the situation. He could have flopped even play right now. Just play the file and he could have got the file in this situation one make your team lose. You could have played the situation to your advantage. There's no point of something on the guy because that right now he could he's can't say whatever he's going to say but he got to play smart on his end because he got to play that to his advantage.

He could have flopped pretend that he's falling all the way to the ground. He still would have got the file and that would still play as an advantage right now. But right doing all of this that's going to cost you a suspension. That's going to cost you think they're going to keep him in a team the next offseason after that. Well this upcoming season and thank you Rob for calling for Miami this this upcoming season at the end. So let me just be clear here when this year is done and we move into this summer Draymond Green has a player option that he is going to have to execute at the conclusion of the year.

Okay, right. We're like right when the season is done Draymond Green is going to have to decide do I want to be a free agent and move on from Golden State or do I want to make about 27 28 million dollars and play one more year if Draymond Green decides to opt into his contract. It's going to be the final year of his deal Golden State can decide come February. Do we want to finally flip Draymond and get out of here and or does Draymond Green want to set himself up for that potential reality. Does he want to walk away from the Golden State Warriors on his own terms and pick up another I don't know three year deal with another team. Let's say I don't know Dallas or does Draymond Green want to say let's give it a run one more time with the Warriors knowing that they've paid everybody else Wiggins got a deal. Jordan Poole got a deal. Are the Warriors going to be looking to go deeper deeper deeper deeper into the tax.

Probably not. And so it's just a matter of does Draymond want to stick around or are they just going to give him the boot if he opts in this could be it for Draymond in a Warriors uniform. This might be the last series that you see this man and he might be suspended a game for stepping on some bonus.

I'll tell you this much. I knew that they were going to run up and down the court. I knew that it was going to be high score in this and they were going to have a shootout they I needed oxygen watching them play on Saturday night the way they went up and down the court. I had the Warriors win in this series ask me tomorrow if Draymond is done because he stepped on a dude's chest.

You can't make this up. What a way to go. What a way to get the boot. What a loser. He is calling from the O.C.

I assume that's Orange County. E you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey E you're on CBS Sports Radio. How you doing.

How you doing. Thank you for having me on. Listen here's my thought.

Everybody wants to pile on green every single time right. It's not about him. Let's just focus on the Sacramento Kings at one. I'm a warrior. I root for this team. I love him. But you know what his ankle is being held held.

He should he have some on some bonuses chest. No but he was being held and this is they they beat him and he responds and you know what stop talking about him. Just focused on the wins the Kings won. You know when they come back to the Bay they come back to the Chase Center. It's going to be on with with or without him.

But you know what people pile on Draymond and it's unfair. He will stay with me. Can I can I interrupt you please. That is one of the dumbest things anybody has ever said. This is not the first.

This is not piling on. There comes a point in time where where any individual has to look at you. No you can't.

No you can't. There comes a point in time where any and every individual has to look at their own actions and the results of their actions. Draymond Green in the playoffs. This is not the first time that this man has been suspended and you set it yourself out of your own mouth. He went too far. Dudes hold hug pull do everything to get an advantage in a basketball game something that I do not see a whole lot of is somebody stomping on somebody's chest the same way that I've never tried to do that.

You know I'm not done yet. Now you're on hold not how Draymond will decide to kick another man in the nuts with his feet not how Draymond goes ahead and swings his hands into another man's groin to hit him in the nuts. Not how Draymond will go ahead and wind up and swing towards another man's head kind of dragging him to the ground. Not how Draymond tonight just while a man was flat on the ground decided to stomp on another man's chest. Please find me the guy with the resume and we can start going through dirty players. He's one of them.

So to come on here and say oh my God we're piling on Draymond Green. What are you watching? What are you watching? Are you in a fantasy world? Maybe you are in fantasy world because in the reality the man is dirty.

Come on. He's looking at the guy. Go look at my Twitter at JR sport brief.

If you did not see it go watch it. Sabonis has his ankle Draymond jumps up lifts his leg and stomps down on his chest. He's looking down at him. To say that oh we're piling on Draymond.

What the hell is he doing for us to pile on? Think about that for a minute. Sheesh.

855-2124 CBS I mean to discuss the merit of oh well it's not the story. This is the story. This is a Hall of Fame basketball player. His team could be at the end of the rope. They could get kicked.

They could get the boot from the young upstart and the veteran is getting the boot because he can't control himself. That's the story of tonight's game. And if I'm a Sacramento Kings fan, I'm hoping that the biggest story is we have ejected the Warriors from the postseason. What a dumbass move by Draymond Green.

I can't say it any clearer than that. Congratulations to the Kings. That dumbass didn't help you out. It's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back on the other side of the break, you're going to hear from Draymond Green. You're going to hear from Steve Kerr because they just spoke.

You can listen to them about the stomp. I'm going to play it on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio, the JR sport brief show. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio. The Sacramento Kings beat the Golden State Warriors tonight. The final score 114 to 106. The Golden State Warriors, this combination of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr, they have never trailed 0-2 in an NBA playoff series. That is until tonight against the Sacramento Kings.

And the Kings pretty much, they had good control here for the majority of this game. Even in the fourth quarter when we got down to the seven minute mark and Draymond Green and Damonta Sabonis were tied up. Sabonis having Draymond Green's ankle and Draymond Green deciding to, I don't want to say wriggle himself loose, but get himself loose by jumping up into the air and coming down right on the chest and stomach, the side of Sabonis. It was just reported outside of Draymond Green getting the boot.

Woj says that Damonta Sabonis is undergoing x-rays on his ribs, his lungs. He's getting evaluated after Draymond Green stepped on him in game two. And to be clear, was Sabonis wrong in grabbing his ankle?

Hell yeah! We see it happen in games. Dude grab other dudes legs and ankles and we've seen guys get kicked and today it wasn't just a kick. It was a stomp by Draymond Green.

Two wrongs don't make a right. And so Draymond Green, he just spoke to the media and Draymond Green had an explanation. Take a listen to this. Can you just walk us through what happened there? My leg got grabbed. Second time in two nights.

Referees just watch it. I got to land my foot somewhere. And I'm not the most flexible person so it's not stretching that far. So you didn't really see where you were stepping? I can only step so far and pull my leg away.

So it is what it is. What was the explanation they gave? I know they gave him a technical then obviously you... The explanation was I stomped too hard. How hard was that impact? Were you surprised that he was on the ground for that long? No, I wasn't surprised that he stayed down that long. You said two times you've been held. Was it a bonus both times? No, it was Monk last game.

Right on the baseline under the rim. So either you're going to stop it. John Goble was looking at Monk holding my leg the last game and he just let it go. And Zach clearly was watching my leg get held this game and let it go.

So I guess ankle grabbing is okay. How would you describe your actions and the crowd's actions after that? You certainly egged them on. Did you feel you needed to respond to them? Were you hearing anything that you needed to respond to there? No, I was just having fun.

Okay, it's fun. He didn't have to stomp on that man like that. He didn't have to stomp on him at all. He chose to.

This while I look at the video, probably on loop, in front of my face right now, maybe I've seen it about 50 different times. He didn't have to stomp on that man. Steve Kerr, his head coach, was asked about it as well. Steve Kerr spoke to the media and he talked about what the hell happened and what went wrong late in the fourth.

Listen. What was your take on the Draymond ejection and then I guess what came after that? I didn't see the play live and then I didn't see the replay. I asked Zach Zarba what happened.

He told me. I was busy with getting the team ready. One of the coaches told me he might get ejected.

So I was trying to prepare for what was next. What happened down the stretch? You mentioned it was a tie game late. Obviously you don't have Draymond, but what did you see?

Yeah, I thought we were competing. We hit some big shots. Gary hits the corner three to tie it. I think Clay hit a big one on the wing. But they played better than we did down the stretch. I thought they were more physical tonight. It was an incredibly physical game.

Really a lot of physicality, not much movement, not much freedom of movement out there. They were the aggressors and I thought they benefited from being the aggressors. Yeah, they were aggressors on the basketball side. Draymond Green with WWE. Draymond Green went Mike Tyson. Draymond Green went Mortal Kombat. Draymond Green went Street Fighter. Draymond Green hit him with the Seth Rollins.

Curb stomped that man right in his chest. The Golden State Warriors, they're going to go home. They're going to go to San Francisco. Draymond Green, I don't know if he's going to play. We will find out sooner than later.

We got to wait two more nights from now. Game three, that action is coming down on Thursday. Is Draymond going to be there?

We'll find out sooner than later. And outside of what you just heard from Draymond Green at his press conference, you can bet your ass Draymond Green will be discussing this ejection on his own podcast. The Sacramento Kings, they come out on top 114 to 106. I'm sure they could care less about the Draymond Green stomp right now because they got a victory. They were up 2-0 against the defending champs.

They have an opportunity to go up 3 to nothing. This is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get to your calls on the other side of the break. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, they just put in their two cents as well. We'll hear from them on TNT on the other side of the break. We'll talk to you. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

Your credit to your profession. You're one of the rare radio personalities that actually balances facts with whatever college you call me with. I'm also a caller for Palin in Texas, so Palin in Texas loves you.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Yeah, I love Palin in Texas. I love everything.

Houston, everything involved in the loop, and outside I love it. I ain't never stepped on nobody's chest. Not like Draymond Green.

Nope, not me. Tonight, the Sacramento Kings, congratulations. 114-106, they go up against the Golden State Warriors. Game 3 will take place on Thursday, and we have no idea whether or not we will see Draymond Green, because Draymond Green decided to step on the chest of Damonta Sabonis while the Golden State Warriors were on a run. Draymond Green ejected. Damonta Sabonis hit with a tech for holding onto Draymond's leg.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Draymond went way too far in retaliation and response, and Sabonis is being checked out. They're looking at this guy's ribs, making sure nothing is broken there. He was down on the court for a few minutes. The game did continue. Sabonis did participate in the rest of the game, and Draymond Green basically made the statement of, well, where the hell was I supposed to release my foot at? And I just laugh at his response. If you want to laugh at anybody's response, well, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny the Jetsmith, Ernie Johnson, they just talked about this. And a little bit of comedy, I guess. This is the interaction between Shaq and Charles. I did the same thing.

I really would. Don't be grabbing me because what am I going to do? Like, if I stay there and just try to run forward, I'll fall. You got to get them up off you. And if you're up off and you're in the way, you might get stomped off. Was it a dirty play?

Of course it was a dirty play. Don't grab me. This won't happen. That's true. If you never grabbed him, that wouldn't happen. I would agree with that. I do agree with that. One bad play gets another bad play.

That's it. Don't grab me. But if I grab you and you hit me with a chair, it's excessive.

I'm not saying that he shouldn't get them off him, but it was a little excessive. Would you like to get on the floor and show me the options when somebody grabs you? No, I'm not going to. Just move away.

Move away how? Just walk. All right, lay on the floor and grab Michael. No, no.

You got a bad hip. This is not a time for you to do a demo. Why don't you lay on the floor and I'll see if I can stomp on you. All right, come on.

I'll do it. Anyway, I'm going to stomp on your face. I can't hurt that thing. He didn't have to do what he did. It was excessive.

Come on. I don't think you're going to find anyone who will say, oh my God, Sabonis did not grab him. Yeah, Sabonis grabbed him and it was wrong. I would say the majority of players wouldn't do what Draymond did, which is lift the leg up, release your leg. The same leg that he grabbed is the same one Draymond lifted up in the air and decided to stomp down on him with. I would say most NBA players would not do that. And him with his reputation and the standing and what's going on currently with the game.

He can run around afterwards and tell everybody, oh, it's for motivation and protecting myself and doing this. Man, you're doing too much. That's what happened. 855-2124 CBS. Norm is calling from California. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Norm?

Yeah, great, great show. Hey, I blame all this on Steve Curry. He has allowed Draymond to do this too long, far too long. And all you hear from Steve Curry is, oh, that's Draymond being Draymond. Draymond has cost us so many games.

We probably cost us a game tonight. It's Steve Curry's fault. Steve, step up and accept it. Okay. Thank you, Norm.

Thank you, Norm, for calling from California. Where does it stop? Is it Steve Curry or is it Bob Meyers or the GM?

And I would say it's probably a combination because everybody's the beneficiary. We can talk about everything that the Golden State Warriors could have potentially or what they could have lost in the past. But when you look at the results of what have been there, I don't want to be all Bill Belichick about this scenario. But it's just like, hey, look at the past. Belichick said 25 years. Look at the past 5, 6, 7, 8 years here.

I'm not finding too many teams with that type of stretch. 855-212-4CBS. David is calling from California. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, David?

Hey, how you doing? I'm a Warriors fan, but what Draymond did is totally uncalled for. That's not basketball. You're not taught to do that. And he can't justify it anyway. There's no reason for it. He already cost the Warriors a playoff series back when they played Cleveland when he got ejected in Game 5.

He cost them that championship, and he's probably going to cost them this one because he needs to learn to hold his temper and play basketball, not play dirty. I think at this point in time that is never going to happen. Let me ask you this. The man has a player option for next season. Do you want him there? Are you ready for him to leave?

What do you think? If I was the team, I would not pick up the option. No, it's on him.

It's not the team. It's on Draymond Green. He can opt in. He can opt in or he could leave. He's going to probably opt in.

Okay. He'll probably be a lame duck. Thank you, Dave, for calling from California. Hey, Shep, what was the game that Draymond got the boot?

Yeah, so obviously he was absent for Game 5, so therefore the ejection took place in Game 4. He's out there hitting people in the nuts. Seth is calling from Baltimore. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Seth? Hey, Seth, you're live on the radio. He's no longer live on the radio. David is calling from San Francisco.

You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, David? Yeah, good morning.

Good morning. Well, good morning for you, but out here in California, there's no doubt the Warriors that so-called deserve to lose their sloppy with turnovers and all. But, you know, you're adding to the vitriol on piling on Draymond.

And I'm just looking objectively. The guy had his right foot grabbed on not just tonight, but even the last game. You know, Draymond mentioned it as press conference, but the guys on if he's focused on going down field on down court for defense, he shakes his leg and he figures it's free.

And so he takes the next step forward to to go, you know, if you're right handed, you're going to pop out. David, David, no, listen, first. No, no, no, no, no. I'm done listening because no, no, done. No, David, listen to me because I've listened to what you said and the first part of it was nonsense. I don't bring any any bias to anything that I ever say here on the radio.

Nothing. I don't I don't give a damn. I don't got no horse in the race and after watching the play a good I don't know 100 times now after posting it on social media. This isn't me piling on to Draymond Green.

What I have said and what every other caller has said is a reality. His foot was held and he went way too far. It's not just my opinion. It is the consensus opinion by a lot of people who viewed it.

It's the consensus opinion, but I don't know a couple of Hall of Famers that you just heard on TNT. He was doing too much. His history as a basketball player is full of success, but is also pockmarked with unfortunate instances of him doing too much.

You can look at anything. This is not NBA Street. Okay.

This is not me playing on the corner of Laconia and Shefland in 1995 in the Bronx, New York. This is the NBA and you can make the approach of all he held his foot now. I'm a step on him back. Well, that's just a dumbass decision. That's not what I said. No, no, no, that's not what you said. I'm telling you what I'm saying in response to what you said. Okay, let me just explain in like three or four sentences.

Try. All right in football and you have instant replay and you see a natural motion whether it's if you see a wide receiver having possession of the ball in a catch or a defender in a pass interference call something of that nature. This is not football. The guy was okay three months on his left foot. If he tries to wiggle backwards, he's going to fall backwards because he's you know, the other guys David.

Yeah, they have a motion. He said for sent David. Well, David, hold on. You said three or four sentences. I knew that wasn't going to be true. Here's the reality of what took place. Okay, didn't 3t.

Oh that was no this is it's like 20 sentences by now. I'm not going to sit here and debate which direction Draymond Green could have fallen in what I can tell you is that his stomp was unnecessary. His stomp was egregious. Okay, if you want to do that out in the street or you want to do that in a regular season game, that doesn't mean anything and you want to take a game off then go ahead and do it. That's just a dumbass move tonight. Is this it dumbass move and I said that in a few words.

I don't need a few sentences. Richard is calling from California. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hi. Yeah, I just came from the game and I agree that was just uncalled for and I'm a big Warriors fan.

I was born in San Francisco live in Sacramento. It's hard for me to watch these games, but the Warriors look tired. They look like Mike Brown had a strategy and it seemed really obvious to me, but it's I don't understand why the Warriors did not adjust but I want to say something about something that's more important than that getting out of the stadium was dangerous. They had like I don't know must have been like 10,000 people that were trying to get into the area to see the beam lit and the people who were inside could get out.

We were getting crushed like a soccer game in Europe. I mean, they got to do something whether something's going to die. I'm serious. I'm totally serious.

It was bad. All right. Well, I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. So I'm going to look into that Richard.

Thank you for calling from California. I know everybody wants to see the lighting of the beam light the beam. Well, I mean if the beam gets lit on Thursday, they ain't going well, I don't maybe they're going to have a watch party.

It won't be approximately 20,000 people in there to see it. Let's see what they do come Thursday. Draymond Green coming through always making things spicy the Sacramento Kings win tonight 114 to 106 over the Warriors. They take a 2-0 series lead the Philadelphia 76ers.

They do the same thing in their series against the Brooklyn Nets winning 96 to 84. 76ers 2-0 series lead and then we all know about Jalen Hurts and his big contract 255 million dollars announced earlier on Monday. It's the JR sport brie show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to be back tomorrow and by the time we return I'm sure Draymond Green.

He will have spoken some more more justification for stomping on somebody besides he grabbed me first. Thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd and you listening all over North America. The JR sport brie show on CBS Sports Radio is done, but don't move Amy Lawrence coming up next. This is flea for this little like the podcast about falling in love with music. I started a nonprofit music school about 20 years ago called the Silver Lake Conservatory of music. The reason that I started doing this podcast was music education.

I'll be speaking with Rick Rubin Thundercats Stewart Copeland Margo price Corey Henry Cynthia Arevo Sheila and Patti Smith. Please listen and follow this little light a presentation of cadence 13 on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts surgeons keep our hearts beating. They do the amazing help save lives and so can you your CSL plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day. Every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local CSL plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity.
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