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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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March 22, 2023 1:53 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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March 22, 2023 1:53 am

JR recaps an INSTANT World Baseball Classic


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This is Keenan Thompson. I have a problem with you. Yes, you. None of y'all told me that Auto Trader has millions of new and used cars that I can shop from home. I thought we were friends. I put smiles on your face.

But I'm not smiling. No one told me that with Auto Trader, a dealer can deliver cars to my home or that I could shop by price on Auto Trader. No one. Consider this friendship that you just learned we had officially over. Finally, it's easy. Auto Trader. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm excited.

Can't you tell? I'm thrilled. The World Baseball Classic is over. No, I'm not excited that it's over.

It was actually a damn good ending. Hey, I'm sorry. Well, if you were rooting for America, I'm sorry. The United States of America just lost to Japan. Japan are your World Baseball Classic champions for the year 2023. Japan beat the United States of America, the final score, three to two.

Right now, down in Miami, Lone Depot Park, one of the worst named parks anywhere. Shohei Ohtani is posing with the WBC trophy. Shohei Ohtani, I knew this, but that's a big dude. Six foot four, however much he weighs, he's solid. I guess you have to be to be smacking all these damn home runs and throwing 100 miles per hour.

Ohtani is a beast. And now he's carrying that big trophy. This is a big ass trophy.

Anyway, I'm going to be hanging out here with that. Hey, Shep, that trophy. You see how big that trophy is? Pretty big. That trophy got to be big. It's bigger than the commissioner's trophy for the World Series. And now Shohei Ohtani lifts the trophy above his head with his teammates on the assembled stage behind second base. Congratulations, Japan.

You beat the USA three to two. And there's some guy I've never seen in my life because I don't know all of these Japanese players. There's a guy running around with Ichiro Suzuki's jersey on a coat hanger. I don't know the story. Maybe I should. It was Ichiro.

I know he wants to play until he's 100 years old, but I guess they showing love to Ichiro that much. I understand. Anyway, we're going to hear the final call momentarily. It's the JR Sportbreeze show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next three hours. We get started every single week night at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia.

Shep is holding it down up in New York City. And it's been a busy day. Last hour we had on coach, former player, Henry Bibby. He played with the late now Willis Reed, one of the best basketball players the NBA has ever seen. Willis Reed passing away at 80 years old. And so Henry Bibby joined us to discuss Willis, his career, the changes in basketball and some of the greatest qualities of Willis Reed, of which there were many.

If you missed any minute, any second of the show so far, you can always go ahead and hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. There's more that we have to do. We're going to talk about the WBC. I do want to discuss with you Rick Pitino, who made his debut at a press conference as the new head coach of St. John's basketball. This is just just just wild stuff all over. But Dylan Brooks is a complete nut.

Lamar Jackson reportedly is ready to move on. We got a lot to do. But let's hear that final call from the World Baseball Classic. Japan beat the United States.

The final was three to two. Let me help set the stage for you. Shohei Ohtani, one of the best baseball players on earth. You could say he is the best baseball player on earth. He is on the mound.

He is closing the game out for Japan. His teammate with the Angels, Mike Trout, is up at the plate. There are two outs. Mookie Betts just hit into a double play before Mike Trout comes up. And so it's teammate versus teammate, two of the best in the world. Trout versus Ohtani. And it's time to see what happens.

Let's take a listen. Courtesy of Fox Sports and Joe Davis. Ohtani is ready. Trout's ready.

Three, two. He struck him out. Ohtani strikes out Trout and Japan's back on top of the baseball world.

That's it. Japan has now won its third World Baseball Classic. Congratulations to Japan. And more importantly, congratulations to Shohei Ohtani. Like this is going to be on this guy's career highlight reel. And he already has a whole lot of damn highlights for a guy who's only 28 years old.

It's even hard for me to understand. Ohtani came up. He was 23.

I remember I used to stay up and watch him when he came up because I'm like, who the hell is this guy? And then we know he had Tommy John and then he comes back and he's MVP this and then he didn't win it last year because a judge. And now Ohtani strikes out his own damn teammate. It was only before the game that Mike Trout sat down on Fox and Mike Trout, who let's face it, the Angels don't have any type of success ever. Not in the postseason. Mike Trout has been to playoff baseball, has experienced it one time, 2014, and he got swept. Mike Trout said that this is some of his some of his best experiences playing baseball. Listen to this.

To playoff games of 14. But this is this is different. You know, it's the energy, you know, the Venezuela game.

And that was that was part of the coolest game I ever played. It's just, you know, talking to the guys and just being out there with Trey hit the slam. We'll just, you know, the punches going back and forth, you know, seeing their fans, how much they love it.

You know, their home country and obviously our fans. So, you know, it's been great. Man, that really stinks for well for him, but more so that tells you how bad the Angels are. Mike Trout has been playing in the majors for 12 years. Mike Trout has been playing baseball at the professional highest level since he was 19 years old.

And the biggest moment of his career comes at the WBC. And then unfortunately for him, he strikes out to end the game against his teammate. And he's going to have to live with that forever.

But he's a pro. He'll get over it. Oh, Tony will see him back at spring training in a couple of days and they'll give each other a hug. And there you go. As the Japanese players throw their manager up into the air.

Good for them. Got to have something to be excited about, right? Trey Turner, homer to open up the game, giving Team USA a one to nothing lead in the second. Somebody I've never heard of, Murakami, hit a home run to tie it in the bottom of the second. Newt Barr.

I know Newt Barr. He plays for other cards. What is this? Some guy named Nakamura scored.

Another guy named Okamoto. He home run. He had a home run. And then Kyle Schwarber made it close in the top of the eighth, three to two.

And that would be as close as the United States of America would get. And right now on the post game, some guy named Alex Rodriguez is, hey Shub, what do you think he's talking about right now? What's A-Rod saying? Well, it's probably not about getting J-Lo back.

I don't know. Probably thinking, hey, this is what it felt like in 09, something along those lines, right? He's just thinking about how he can make it about him, right? Exactly. And it's like, oh, man, back when I played, you know, I would have loved to have done this. And this is an amazing thing.

And I would have been amazing in this. And he's sitting right next to, I don't understand how Big Papi likes him. Well, he likes everybody. And I bet what Ortiz is saying is, you know what, Japan, welcome to the club. This is what it means to be on top of the hill three different times.

Oh, yeah. Something that Alex Rodriguez, well, I got to give him credit where it's due, okay? Alex Rodriguez did pretty much help carry the New York Yankees offensively in 2009 when they won that World Series. And the media hated him so much that they couldn't even give him, forget the World Series MVP. They couldn't even give him the ALCS MVP, which clearly should have gone to him and not the overweight, at the time, C.C. Sabathia. Yeah, people like C.C. So, I mean, you got to go where the bread is buttered and nobody likes A-Rod. But now the WBC is over.

You know, last night I've had people calling me for the past two days. The WBC is great. The WBC is awesome. And I'm saying it's fine. Let me tell you about the WBC here. This was about Otani. This ain't about broadening the game.

I don't care about no stinking ratings or any of that. This World Baseball Classic, there are three things that stand out. Maybe four. Edwin Diaz broke his damn kneecap. Jose Altuve broke his damn thumb. There was a lot of excitement and fun.

Of course there is. Between, I don't know, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, they had a lot of fun. Japan beat the United States of America.

I guess this is four or five things. I've lost count. And then Shohei Otani struck out his teammate to send everybody home. And yesterday I sat here and told you, hey, they said Shohei Otani's not going to pitch. And then I saw later this afternoon that Otani would be available in relief. And that he did.

On a 3-2 count, he struck out his own damn teammate. If I'm Shohei Otani, I'm walking up or I'm calling the Angels tomorrow and I'm saying, give me more money. Trade me.

Get rid of me now. Isn't that, that would be the coolest negotiating point. You should pay me because I just struck out my teammate who's supposed to be the best guy and I won an international tournament.

And I hit and I pitch. Give me my 55 to 60 million dollars. I won a 10 year contract. Shohei Otani is going to make more money than any damn baseball player. Aaron Judge got his money. 360 million dollars total.

Mike Trout is making 426. Shohei Otani should blow all of these damn contracts out of the water. Shohei Otani might be the first athlete here in North America.

To wake up and say, I got a half billion dollar contract. And he deserves it. Let's hear that final call one more time by Shohei Otani. Otani's ready. Trout's ready.

3-2. He struck him out! Otani strikes out Trout and Japan's back on top of the baseball world. Shohei Otani is like Babe Ruth and Mariano Rivera in one guy. That's kind of nuts. Shohei Otani named the 2023 WBC MVP. And I guess it's unfortunate or maybe I'm just twisted.

The most exciting part for me about the WBC is when Otani struck out his own teammate. And everything else I didn't give a damn about. Sorry. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. We got so much more to do. We're going to talk about Rick Pitino. We're going to talk about Cam Newton. We're going to show so much love to Willis Reed. We're going to talk about Lamar Jackson. It's a busy day. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. What did you think about this ending with the WBC?

What do you think about Shohei Otani? The price continues to go up. This dude I think is going to get half a billion dollars. I'm going to take your calls on the other side. 855-212-4CBS. You're locked in to the JR Sport Reshow. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Best sports show in the country my friend JR. Always a pleasure to talk to you brother. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS.

It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Maybe I'm odd. Maybe I'm cruel.

Maybe I'm demented. I'm actually excited. It took me some time to get excited about the WBC, but I found a reason.

It's Shohei Otani. I'm always looking for a good story. That's what I care about. Would it be nice if the United States of America beat Japan? Yeah, but do I really care?

No, I don't. I do not care. But I love watching Shohei Otani strike out his own teammate Mike Trout to win the WBC for Japan, their third WBC.

I don't feel dirty about saying it. Mike Trout had a chance to hit a home run to tie the game. To knock Shohei Otani out and Shohei Otani came out on top. It's actually nice, by the way, to see Mike Trout swinging a baseball bat because by the time the regular season rolls around, I guess Mike Trout will be on the bench. Mike Trout will be hurt somewhere rehabbing and this might be the best that we see. And for Shohei Otani, the man making, he's going to make 30 million dollars this year. He was supposed to make about five million dollars, but he went to arbitration and had to show everybody, oh, yeah, well, I'm one of the best in the game.

Pay me. And then he's going to be a free agent after this year. Shohei Otani going to break bank. His teammate Mike Trout is making four hundred twenty six million dollars. Aaron Judge, three hundred and sixty million dollars. Mookie Betts, who Shohei Otani forced to ground into a double play before seeing Mike Trout. Mookie Betts is making three sixty five. Shohei Otani is. He's amazing. I'm trying to hedge my bets by calling him the the greatest baseball player I've ever seen, but maybe he has to do this for a longer amount of time. I think about some of the best players that I've seen at their at their peak and at their prime. I mean, we got some cheaters in there.

But then we got dudes. I don't know, like, well, he's a cheater, too. I was going to say Roger Clemens, but Roger Clemens was a cheater. Maybe somebody like Pedro Martinez. Barry Bonds.

Let's include the cheaters. Barry Bonds. Watching Tony Gwynn hit was amazing.

I just saw Ken Griffey Jr. They gave Ken Griffey Jr. a silver medal. Team USA got silver medals. They lined up at home plate to get silver medals. What a waste of damn money.

I get it. Major League Baseball has to they got to be proper. They have to hand out awards.

And, you know, this isn't the World Series. You get a gold medal and then you get a silver medal. And silver medals are going to end up in the dog's playpen or something like that. He wants no stinking silver medal.

Congratulations to Japan beating United States of America three to two. And good for Shohei Ohtani. He should make like 50 a year.

For 10 years. I guess Steve Cohen with the New York Mets will just go ahead and hand him the money. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to South Carolina and talk to Aaron. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Aaron? How are you doing, JR?

Excellent. What's on your mind? I just want to talk a little bit about Michael Jordan, man. Get your thoughts. Charlotte Hornets, man.

Actually, I tried to give you a call a couple weeks ago about this very subject before the news broke. But I can tell you then that it was overdue that he fell his majority stake, man. You know, as a Hornets fan, man, it's bittersweet to see. I love Michael Jordan.

Most people do. That's always kind of been one of Charlotte's few claims to fame. At least we're owned by Michael Jordan. Yeah, that's a terrible claim to fame when the team actually sucks because it's owned by him.

Yeah, exactly, man. And you would think, I don't know, Michael Jordan being the GOAT, arguably the GOAT, you would think he would, you know, been a part of many championship teams. He'd have a little bit better sense of how to get a team together. And I understand it's definitely tough in a small market team like Charlotte trying to get players, free agents to come there. But it's less about Michael Jordan.

And thank you, Aaron, for calling from South Carolina. It's less about the talent that Michael Jordan assembles on the court. It's more important the talent that Michael Jordan surrounds himself with in the front office.

That's it. Charles Barkley said it best. And this is why he's no longer best friends with Michael Jordan. Charles Barkley said publicly he surrounds himself with too many yes men, too many people willing to come out here and just just kiss his ass.

Look at some of the decisions and going from, you know, Rich Cho and then going to Mitch Kupchak. And it's I don't know who's the biggest star that Michael Jordan has had in his tenure. We got we got LaMelo Ball right now. He's young. I think he's going to be great if he stays healthy. He's going to be amazing if he stays healthy. But then before that, who's Kemba Walker?

Like a small guard, a tiny guard. Kemba Walker is out of the NBA right now because he was too small and his knees couldn't handle anything. And then before Kemba, who was the star before that? Shep, who was the who was that that that forward jumping all over the place for the Kings? Gerald Wallace. Yeah, Gerald Wallace. What? Like how Michael Jordan owns a basketball team and his biggest stars over his approximately decade tenure. Gerald Wallace, Kemba Walker in a young LaMelo and Mike's like, I'm out.

I put down to 70 to 75 and I'm out. OK, fine. He made his money. He could leave.

He can buy an annex to his his gigantic golf course. Congratulations to the Hornets. I think they were in good hands, not because of Michael Jordan. I think they were in good hands because of LaMelo and his talent. Hopefully he continues to grow and mature as a basketball player.

Hopefully he can avoid the fate of his brother and stay healthy. And I think the Hornets will be fine. It takes a star. If you don't have a star in the NBA, you ain't winning. And Michael Jordan might have owned the team, but this was not prime Michael Jordan going out there and playing. Maybe the Hornets would have had a chance.

Just, just maybe. Dennis is calling from Maryland. You're on the JR Sportbree show. What's up, Dennis?

Hey, what's up, JR? What do you think about the Cade Cavalli injury? How do you think the Nats are going to be playing this season with a really tight roster?

And, you know, how do you think that, you know, over, under 80 wins this this season? Oh, my God. Hey, Dennis, I do not care about the Nationals. I do not expect that. What do you think? Do you know? Yeah, I understand. I understand. I'm just telling you. Do you think I want to watch a baseball team that can't even win 60 games?

Like what? No, I get it. I get it.

Yeah. But, you know, I got I got to show my love for the Nats. No, I wish they I wish they I wish they would love you back. I wish that they would end up with a new owner sooner than later so that they wouldn't just be a disaster. You want to know the last time I cared about the Washington Nationals? You want to know when? Yeah, when?

2019, when they won a championship. That's true. I haven't given a damn about them since. Yeah, yeah, but the 2020 season like kind of ruined like our ability to fundraise in a way because we weren't able to have fans. Yeah.

Well, listen, man, the 20 forget the 2020 season the year 2020 screwed up a lot of things for a lot of people less the Nationals. Okay. When the Washington Nationals can win, you know, a couple of games call me back and let's talk about it Dennis until then. I don't care. All right. Thank you. They are loving welcome.

I love you too, Dennis. Thank you. I'm just being honest.

Who cares? There's a few things. I'm waiting for with the Nationals. You're ready for them to be sold.

That's it. I don't I don't care if I'm turning on the Washington Nationals. I am probably going to watch the Atlanta Braves or the New York Mets.

What that ass that will be my exposure to the Nationals. I am not turning on my MLB package. I'm not turning on my TV. I ain't clicking on my phone to watch the Nats. I'm sorry.

I'm just not. Young is here from Georgia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, young? Hi, how you doing? I am absolutely amazing. How are you?

I'm doing great this fine evening. I just wanted to throw out there and I would love for the whole state of Georgia to, you know, the Hawks just a 500 team, but we need some help man. And my biggest thing could we put in a little little boat to get somebody this gentleman by the name of Tookie Brown.

I think he would be phenomenal over there. The Hawks. I'm just that's all I've been screaming since I've been a Hawks fan. They ain't been up to par. So, you know, I'm thinking we could go and get some some cheap players that are really hungry and wants to be in the NBA.

You might have to do your homework to find out who Tookie Brown is, but I think he's better than any of those players on the court, especially for the Hawks. You want you want the Hawks to find your Pete? Are you still in the car? What's what's that about? Oh, I just got a phenomenal exotic car. It's got a radar detector.

So, you know, it catches all the police. Oh, my God. Young, we gonna have everybody to have that. OK, well, hold on.

Hey, shop. That's a first, right? Yes.

So he can. That's it. Wait, hold on a second. Hey, ain't that ain't that illegal? No, it ain't illegal. OK, hold on a second. Hey, shop, I think it's he said it's not illegal. Well, Young is not going to, you know, he's not going to what's the word?

I'm trying. He's not going to win. What is that word? I'm blanking on it.

It doesn't matter. A radar detector in your vehicle to detect police. He's not going to incriminate him.

That's what I'm looking for. He's not going to incriminate himself. He just told us he has a radar detector in his car. Right.

But what he's trying to do right now is he's trying to plead almost plead the fifth and say, listen, like it's like if you don't know what you're doing is wrong and you told it to legal, can you really be held liable and to the full extent and, you know, so the law. I can walk into Wal-Mart or Target tomorrow and I can I can take the the detergent, the clothing for my clothes. Right. I can take it. Well, everybody and I can say I don't know. Everybody knows J.R.'s for brief is wise enough to know what theft is. So no one's going to buy that so I can put a radar detector in my car. And then if I get pulled over, I can tell the police it's a it's legal for me.

I can do that. I think no, it all starts. I think that if you're if you're ignorant to what is it? I'm not saying he's I'm not saying that by any means young is ignorant. But if you plead innocence and you plead ignorance on something, I think there are cops that will believe you and say, listen, I'm going to let you off with a with a stern warning. Don't let this happen again.

But you could bypass it if you don't know what you're doing is wrong. Yes. Hey, do you know how many people in law enforcement listen to us? A lot.

A lot. I let's get. Yeah. Let's let's get young back on here. Yeah. Hey, young. Hey. Hey, you guys.

Thank you for getting me back on there. It's actually sold with the car. It's out of Chicago, man.

It's one of the best phenomenal tools, especially if you drive an exotic car. You know, who wants to pay a speed ticket? You know, it gets ridiculous now. Well, young, did you go did you go to State Farm Arena? Man, all the time. I'm I'm a I'm a. I didn't see you there. I didn't see you.

I mean, it's so many people. How would you know who I am? Who you are? I don't know you.

Well, why don't you know me? I'm sitting I'm there in the front. I'm there before the doors open. I see you.

Are you going to be there over the weekend? Working, man. Oh, well, OK. You there for every game.

But now you're working. OK. I say every game. When did I say that? I thought you said you were there for all all the time. That would you say I go a lot. I mean, I'm very familiar with the with the stadium. I'm very familiar with what section what section do you sit in, man? I sit in the 200 sessions.

It ain't nothing big. OK. All right. Well, I'll make my kids and I'm not going to be there this weekend. You're not going to be there.

I won't be able to make it this month. I got a lot of business ventures coming up. Oh, just being a working man and watching sports. I love sports. I mean, I'm a true Georgia. So I know all the Georgia sports. But I want our hearts to finally get to the top, you know, and and truly Tookie Brown is the key to that. OK, Tookie Brown, Jalen Eagram, Jalen Eagram out of UGA. Those boys come from Morgan County. Don't want to speak to state championships.

And he took it to a college level and busted Duke. I mean, hey, young. I'm trying to save time here. Give it.

Give it a few years and it won't be with them, folks. OK. Call me. Call me. Call me up.

And I look forward to seeing there's only a few more home games left. But call me up in the next couple of days or a couple of weeks and I'll try to see you at State Farm. OK. I'll keep in touch.

Thank you for your time. Thank you, Young, for calling from Georgia. So he's being safe shot. His car came with the police tracking device that came with it. And you know what? The man works on weekends. I respect it. Young's work ethic, man. That's not easy. He says he's driving an exotic car. He's working on weekends. OK. All right.

Making ends meet. Hey, Marco Balletti, have you ever drove a vehicle that has a police tracking device in there? A radar? I have not because my cars suck and there's no need for it.

However, while you guys were talking to Young, I did look it up. Now, other than Mississippi and Virginia, this is legal in every other state. You can have a radar detector in your car? Yeah. Every other state. It's legal except for Mississippi and Virginia. Oh, Virginia is tough, man.

So those are the only two states. So I don't know what you have to do when you go through there. If you're passing through, you got thrown out the window.

I don't really know exactly how that works. But you go you drive through Virginia, you drive slow. They do that is a big ass state and they do not care. They take cars in Virginia. You know that I've only been there once and I did drive through it and I didn't get pulled over.

So now I'm shocked because I don't know how the hell I was able to avoid it. Listen, cameras, lights like don't don't even think about trying to drive crazy through through metropolitan D.C. You're cooked. You're done. If the speed limit, you know, most places in America, if the speed limit says 60, you know, you get away with going 65. Right. Mm hmm. Maybe you get away with going 70.

Right. In D.C. If the speed limit is 55, don't go 56.

Don't do it. There will be a camera. There's a I've got there's a camera on three ninety five. Oh man. D.C. whoops my ass. And I come home.

I'll come home and I open my mail like like a week later. I see red, white and blue. And I'm like, I don't got no bill from red, white and blue. Washington, D.C. Give us some money. This is your car.

You are going 56 miles per hour and a fifty five. And I just say to myself, well, thank you, Washington, D.C. Thank you. I paid my part for for the government. There you go.

Well, make sure when you go through again, you throw the radar system, whatever it is, out the window. Oh, now I'm a get my ass. Mr. Mr. J.R. That's illegal here in Virginia. Marco, you're trying to just get me all busted up out here. No, no, no. I'm just I'm giving you information.

I'm like Shep. I don't believe in the you know, in the in the Costanza. I didn't realize that that was frowned upon here. Kind of ignorance with the cops. Like, you got to know what's going on beforehand. I'm pretty sure they're not going to be too lenient on that stuff. So you've got to know before you go.

Not anything too lenient. Shout outs to all the law enforcement officers listening to us. Hey, Marco, I'm a throw to you for the news real quick. How are you feeling about all time?

He's striking this man out. Amazing, right? You know, it was it was fun. Here's the thing. If you actually put it in November and you put real players on the field for the whole nine innings of every game, maybe I'd actually watch it. I know, right?

That that that that two minutes that one minute was the most exciting part about the WPC. Which is why it's been driving me nuts because you actually have something that could grab grab the attention of people. And instead you bury it and then you go, well, we're happy with the little nugget that we got in March. Like if you actually wanted to take hold, you could do this in November. Put real players and not have, you know, Rob Manfred saying, I wish there were more arms in these games. Well, don't hold it in spring training.

Maybe you'd actually get some players to play. Yeah. Now and now we're going to this is almost like a downswing. We move into the final week and a half of spring training.

And then we move into like the slow, long ramp up of the season. And I don't know. This thing was about Otani Paterman. That's it. That's it.

We'll just see how much money he makes and who decides to give it to him. Congratulations to Japan. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio.

You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I love your show and I appreciate that they put you on where I can reach. And I just encourage you to continue what you do. Don't change.

Just get better at what you do. Because it's really good. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. That's right. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio at the top of the hour. We're going to talk about Rick Pitino, Ja Morant. Unfortunately, the passing of New York Knicks legend and NBA great Willis Reed.

We had an amazing ending to the world baseball classic Japan coming out on top. Let's get a few of your calls in before we get to the top of the hour. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go to South Carolina and talk to Rob. Go ahead, Rob.

Your CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Jr. How are you? Good. Hey, man.

Listen, I guess you realize I guess you've heard that Valley Sports. It looks like they're going to go bankrupt. Yeah.

I mean, in one of the world's unlikeliest shocks, right? Well, I mean, you know, it's funny. I mean, as a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan, I you know, we've always been able to watch the Braves every night. You know, TBS really made the Braves know during the 90s. They call them America's team. And but, you know, it's so funny was in two thousand twenty one Fox Sports and Valley were bidding to get the Braves and Valley Sports one out. And, you know, they they were doing a lot of baseball and a lot of basketball. And I guess I just don't understand why they've gone bankrupt. And Fox, it's well, not not necessarily that there wasn't a bid. Valley Sports acquired the rights to all of this former Fox Sports stations. Yeah. All over all over North America.

So there there wasn't a bid because that this is this is what it boils down to. As you can see, the viewing habits of just about every person in the United States of America have changed unless you really only still use or watch a cable box, which there are still many people who do that. But most people in some type of way have have utilized some combination of streaming. And so when you have live sports and a lot of it has been tied to traditional cable, but you have younger fans.

And when I say younger, I'm talking everybody, maybe even sub 70 and sub 60 who are utilizing streaming. But sports has made so much of its money on on traditional streaming of the games. It's like Bali acquired the rights thinking that they were going to hold on to to to making money off of television, but then magically have streaming. And it doesn't make sense. Let me put it to you in the simplest way, Rob.

It's like me acquiring Blockbuster and saying I'm going to have people rent and buy DVDs, but then also I'm going to grow Blockbuster into the next Netflix. It don't work. And so it it it sucks. A lot of these games should have been streaming a long time ago.

Why? Why so many things behind a paywall like it? It wasn't until the last, I think, year this year, last year that you can just independently stream games. Without having to have a subscription. I know the Yes Network with the Brooklyn Nets does this. I know recently the Hawks just started to do it. I think Madison Square Garden, they're going to be charging fans like 30 dollars a month.

To be able to stream the New York Knicks and the Rangers without having a cable subscription. It's the same old thing. People want to hold on, hold on, hold on. You want to squeeze every dime and penny and cent out of the consumer without actually thinking about the business and what's going to take place in the future. Because nobody, none of the decision makers ever want to be the person to say, I pushed the button and it didn't work because then that's their ass.

You might as well try to make as much money as you can independently. Look, executives don't like making decisions. They don't take risks. They do the safe thing. Entrepreneurs, people outside the building, they take risks. People who sit in cushy jobs and make decisions, they're going to keep it straight and narrow.

It's their job to protect the company, to protect the bottom line and also protect their own ass. Yeah, Valley Sports went bankrupt because how people watch games, it's changed. That's just the facts. It continues to change.

You shouldn't have to have a cable subscription to watch your local team. And it's been that way for about 10 to 15 years now. And now people are just changing their mind.

It took them going out of business. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back, we got a lot to update you on.

We're going to talk about the WBC. We're going to get into Rick Pitino, the new head coach of St. John's. We're going to talk about John Moran. He spoke to the media today for the first time at practice since his return. Cam Newton threw a football at Auburn.

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