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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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March 16, 2023 1:05 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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March 16, 2023 1:05 am

JR gives his top 6 diva's in the world of sports and debates with callers what defines a diva and who fits that category in sports.


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Subscribe to Nerd Wallet's Smart Money Podcast today. It is the JR Sport Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. A big shout out to our producer holding it down doing a damn good job tonight.

Shout out to Jack Stern holding it down in New York City. Thank you to everybody listening and on your local affiliate. You could be tuned in on the free Odyssey app. You can lock in on Sirius XM Channel 158 or you could be tuning in on a smart speaker.

Ask it to play CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. If you missed the first half of the show, shame on you. Maybe you at work. Maybe you were getting money. Maybe you were chilling. Maybe you just got into your car and now I'm here. Good for you. Now we're here together. If you want to talk to me, it's simple.

The phone line is simple. 855-2124 CBS. And if you want to find me online on the internet, I am at JR Sport Brief. It's been a busy day, a busy night, a busy Wednesday. Unfortunately, maybe if you haven't heard by now, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico beat the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. And that's not the biggest news. Edwin Diaz, the New York Mets star closer. He was injured during the celebration.

You know, the players, I'm sure you've seen the scene before jumping up and down, hopping up and down, following a victory. Puerto Rico was off the side of the mound, had a bunch of players celebrating and Edwin Diaz went crashing to the ground. His leg was also seemingly going in the wrong direction when he was escorted and walked off of the field of which he could not put any pressure on his leg.

It was going the wrong direction. The New York Mets, they have pretty much said that he is going for imaging tomorrow and Steve Gelbs covers the New York Mets. He says it is a right knee injury for Edwin Diaz and just sucks. It sucks that this was a freak injury.

It stinks that this took place during the World Baseball Classic and Mets fans have to be besides themselves at this point. I have the video on my Twitter at JR Sport Brief. If you can safely go take a look. If yo ass is driving, spare yourself.

Don't go out there and do it. Of course, earlier today we learned, we just talked about this on the other side of the break, Ja Morant, it looks like he will be back this season for the Memphis Grizzlies. He's gearing up for a playoff run and stretch. He's been suspended for eight games of which he is not being paid. He's costing himself about $670,000 so approximately $700,000. He's probably costing himself $40 million in the long run. Not making an All-NBA team this season will affect his upcoming contract which will kick in later on this year.

Instead of making about $230,000 over the next five years, he's going to make close to $190,000. We're splitting hairs here on his $40 million but the NBA could not find evidence that he carried that gun onto the plane or team property. They couldn't find evidence that it was his gun or his weapon and so he's only suspended eight games. I assume he will be back at some point over the next two weeks, week and a half as he's just going to get his conditioning right.

He can come back next week but he's going to wait some time. And then there's the big news that we learned today. Aaron Rodgers spoke with Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers decided to let everybody know that the Green Bay Packers do not want him, that he wants to play for the New York Jets and so Aaron Rodgers is an inspiration tonight for our top six list. Before we do that, we've had a lot of individuals come through the world of sports for the past forever who are very eccentric, who need attention, who need and crave the spotlight even when it's already on them. They need more.

They find a mechanism to go ahead and find more. And so tonight this top six list is inspired by Aaron Rodgers. It's very simple. We've had a lot of divas in the world of sports. Well tonight I want to give you a top six list of divas in sports who have just stood out to me.

We've had a lot. I wanted to narrow it down. So let's not waste any time. Top six divas in sports. Let's play that music. It's time to get JR's latest top six list only on the JR Sport Brief.

That's right. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We're talking about the top six divas in sports. Individuals who can't get out of their own way. Don't want no one to stop talking. Need the attention. Number six. Yeah, let's go ahead and get into number six.

Number six. This man is an all-pro. This man is one of the most successful wide receivers of all time. He's third all-time in yards. He's third all-time in touchdowns. He went into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

He didn't even go to the ceremony. He did it at his old college. He's been here on the show. I actually like the guy. He's a nice guy. His name is Terrell Owens.

I can go down the list. Sit-ups in his front yard in 2005 after being suspended by the Eagles. Beefing with everybody from, oh yeah, his quarterbacks. He might have loved Tony Romo. He loved him. Jeff Garcia felt his wrath. Donovan McNabb felt his wrath for his performance in the playoffs where maybe he was tired.

Maybe he was hungover. Terrell Owens has never been someone to hold his tongue. He says what's on his mind. He does a lot of talking.

Did a lot of talking. And he wasn't ashamed. And so whether he was with the Eagles, the 49ers, the Cowboys, the Bills, the Bengals, building out a Hall of Fame career, one of the greatest receivers of all time, he was never shy in speaking.

He loved him some him. I want you to take a listen to this courtesy of NFL films. I love me some me. That's one of the greatest things I've ever heard a professional athlete say. I love me some me.

Top six divas in sports. Terrell Owens is a great human being. I love the guy.

Very nice guy. I got him at number six reluctantly. After number six comes this number. Number five.

At number five. This guy, I ain't never met him, but I don't like him. I don't. He is a world, forget a diva. He is a world class jackass. Self admittedly so. I didn't have to say it. He pretty much said it about himself.

I hate this too. He's the all time leader in home runs for a career in Major League Baseball. It's Barry Bonds, the man who was found guilty for obstruction of justice.

The same dude who that same group couldn't go ahead and conclude whether or not he lied about using PEDs. Yeah, I rubbed it on me. I know what it was.

Oh yeah, I'm lying about the case here, but I don't know what's going on. Oh yeah, my head got bigger. My hands got bigger.

I just use what they gave me. I don't know. And Barry Bonds throughout the course of his career was a jerk. He said as much. I want to take you back to 2005.

Before you listen to the clip, listen to me. It was 2005. All of this is swirling around Barry Bonds. He's in spring training. Barry Bonds is being peppered and asked questions about his future and and what he did and and what was going on and and and he's he's telling the media who were asking him about potential PED use and Barry Bonds flipped the tables talking about how everybody has lied and if y'all a bunch of lies you can't ask me nothing.

Listen to Barry Bonds 2005. You just need to go out there and do our jobs just as you professionals do your job. No, all you guys lied. All of y'all in a story or whatever have lied.

Should you have asterisks behind your name? All of you lied. All of you have said something wrong. All of you have dirt. All of you. When your closet's clean, then come clean somebody else's. But clean yours first.

Oh damn. Excuse me Barry Bonds. Nobody else is Barry Bonds in that room. Their job is to talk about you.

Nobody gives a damn about those writers. That was 2005. Maybe if he wasn't a jackass before 2005 even dating back to the Pirates, maybe Barry Barry Bonds wouldn't have got those questions. And then years later Barry Bonds admits, oh yeah I was a jerk.

Yeah my reputation is a result as out of my own behavior. I came from Barry Bonds on mouth. You want to talk about a diva? Barry Bonds is definitely a diva and Barry Bonds is also a jerk. Top six divas in sports. Barry Bonds at five. What's the next number?

Number four. Oh well it's the man who inspired this list. It's Aaron Rodgers.

I don't gotta waste time. We had a caller ask earlier on in the show, why don't people like Aaron Rodgers anymore? Is it just because of his vaccination status and he didn't want to be vaccinated?

I'm like no bro. Did you hear everything that the man said before then? He complained about the selection of Jordan Love. Oh they selected Love and I needed a fourth shot of tequila. They didn't tell me they were going to get a wide receiver.

Oh woe is me. The man then gets into COVID and is being deceptive. Couldn't just say I ain't get the shot.

I had to be deceptive about it because I knew the media would control what I say in the narrative. And then he wants to retire and then he doesn't want to retire. And then he has to think about it and then he has to go into darkness retreats.

And then even last year there was no darkness retreat but he held everybody. And then there's the complaining about the receivers. And then there's the I say this and I don't care what you think about me though.

So what are you talking for? I never found a guy who's wanted so much attention to sit around with Pat McAfee and collect a check by talking to him. It's been reported Aaron Rodgers gets paid for all of those appearances.

I thought he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart. But anyway here's the news from earlier today. This is the biggest news. Aaron Rodgers said I intend to play for the New York Jets. At this point as I sit here you know I think since Friday I made it clear that my intention was to play and my intention was to play for the New York Jets. Okay.

And I haven't been holding anything up at this point. It's been compensation that the Packers are trying to give for me and kind of digging their heels in. Okay.

All right. Well we'll see what the trade compensation looks like. I think as an aside as well Aaron Rodgers well you want to talk about why the media don't like him. He says some of the things that they have reported has been wrong. Today he said Aaron told Adam Schefter. He's like hey man lose my number. Adam Schefter tweeted it out.

The hell you messaging me for? You ain't my friend. It was only a few weeks ago on Pat McAfee's show that Aaron Rodgers just said Adam Schefter, Ian Rappaport, all these guys they're not a part of my inner circle. They're not a part of my crew. Listen to this.

I have no problem with Ian Rappaport, Schefter. I think they really get their jobs. When it comes to me they don't know shit. They really don't. They don't have they don't have inner source. They don't have people in my inner circle who are sources. I can promise you that.

And anybody who would talk to them is not in my inner circle. Yeah well Aaron Rodgers is gonna be on his way to New York when the Jets and Packers figure out his trade. I can't imagine he nets a first round pick given his age and the fact he's not gonna be around forever. Goalie gummies get you so close to your goals you can actually taste them. The trick? Simply start with bite-sized steps like Goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies with added B vitamins for daily health or Goalie ashwagandha gummies to help you relax restore and unwind. Tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better and when goals taste this good it's easy to achieve them. Goalie taste your goals.

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Aaron Rodgers is also a diva let's put him up there with the Rockettes maybe it'd be less well the Rockettes aren't divas there they're stars in their own right anyway let me get out of that what do we got next what's the next number number three top six divas in sports could you imagine if we put Aaron Rodgers and this next guy in a room and number three I'm giving you Kyrie Irving oh my god every time he opens up his mouth he apologizes I'm gonna stay a celtic oh I'm sorry I said that oh man oh I didn't mean to put out what I put out about the uh you know whatever on my instagram he apologized for everything this man just became a Dallas Maverick and unprompted I guess he was just scrolling through social media Kyrie Irving wanted to go on twitch he's been hurt Luca Doncic has been hurt and after a loss I guess sitting in his backyard in the dark with smoke behind him Kyrie Irving randomly went on twitch and he just started a people are calling me out I'm against the media type rant listen to this if you left it up to NBA twitter or to sports twitter or to sports instagram you would think that I am the cancer in the locker room me you would think that I'm the cancer in the locker room as if basketball is an individual sport that one person is supposed to take blame for it it's 15 guys on the team and I and I'm the one cancer in the room that's what it's portrayed as that's what that's what you guys get that's that's what they have fun doing that's what by why these older bitter gentlemen and women keep my name in their mouths every day see people thought I was crazy when I said that my name is worth billions to these media corporations billions I don't ask them to talk about me but they continue and the reason why um explain this to my tribe is because you guys are seeing it firsthand okay you're talking like you're talking and when you talk a whole lot of nothing comes out what do you expect people to do you're one of the best basketball players on earth and I can't speak uh you know as an overall I have not heard that he is a a cancer to the locker room but I have heard this and I know this much he is never clear in the message that he is trying to deliver I think Kyrie Irving is a a great human being I think he's a good dude I also think that he's stubborn I don't think he's clear in his messaging I think he is rather random and I think he puts his foot in his mouth and he has to apologize so many times that it's just like bro be careful when you speak because you're putting both feet in your mouth my my name is worth billions to these what are you what are you talking for bro say something that has substance to it say it constructively and he does a lot of great things in the community very charitable a nice guy but doesn't know how to run away from attention stay off a twitch Kyrie Irving number three divas in sports and he's a great guy number three divas in sports what's the next number number two oh man this guy is a diva for the wrong reasons talk about wanting it all first he predated Aaron Rodgers with the I'm gonna retire I'm gonna come back I'm gonna retire I'm gonna come back I don't want to come back I want to retire this is Aaron well not Aaron Rodgers this is Brett Favre at number two and the fact is I can look at an old instance of Brett Favre being a diva and I can look at a second instance of him being a diva and maybe worse if we go back to basically not too long about three years after Aaron Rodgers was drafted Brett Favre wanted to leave and he wanted to come back and then he's like I didn't think I was ready to leave can you take me back it's just it's just a lot remember the the crying with with with Brett Favre all the attention and and not ready to quit he ticked off Mike McCarthy listen to this man crying I am officially retiring from the NFL and Green Bay Packers and I promised I wouldn't get emotional yeah and then he wanted to come back not too long after that yeah and Packers got sick of his ass too like man what are we doing to go play for the New York Jets and he went to the Jets and then he was broken and then he went to the Vikings and almost went to a Super Bowl and it's just it's crap that's Brett Favre Hall of Fame quarterback and then more recently oh man you want to talk about being a diva how about just being selfish allegedly allegedly what's more selfish allegedly than this I'm sure you heard about this this is from CBS news with Brett Favre well tonight a new development in the largest welfare scandal in Mississippi history CBS News has exclusively obtained text messages and documents that connect the plan to divert millions of dollars in welfare funds to pet projects of Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre CBS's Omar Villafranca has the never before seen evidence this is a game changer a new concussion drug backed by NFL legend Brett Favre needed financing so he turned to his home state of Mississippi the poorest in the nation allegedly I don't need Brett Favre coming to sue my ass now I don't need him suing me he's suing Pat McAfee I don't need him suing me allegedly you've heard the story Brett Favre is like I need money for my business Brett Favre is like oh my my daughter's playing volleyball can you build a new court where the money coming from but I don't need the public to know where the money's coming from I don't know where it's coming from oh it's coming from welfare recipients I don't know that allegedly Brett Favre say he ain't do it Brett Favre knew something was up he didn't want the media to know what didn't you want the media to know talk about it don't hide behind the lawyers allegedly I can tell you what's not alleged this is the JR Sport Reef Show on CBS Sports Radio and we're going to take a break and when we come back we're talking about the top six divas in sports I'm going to give you number one we'll do that on the other side of the break it's the JR Sport Reef Show CBS Sports Radio it's Wednesday night it's Thursday morning I'm trying to move you closer to Thursday morning and as always weekly I brought you a new top six list except for I didn't share with you number one we'll get there momentarily and tonight I wanted to give you a list of the top six divas in sports people who have not shunned the spotlight they have yearned for it they cannot get out of their own way they cannot stay out of trouble they cannot avoid just attention and so before I share with you number one let me give you a quick recap and number six I gave you Terrell Owens one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history but he was always keen to tell everybody get your popcorn ready and one of my favorite quotes of all time I think it's appropriate especially on valentine's day is I love me some me and number five I gave you Barry Bonds more than a diva a self-admitted jerk and number four Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers inspired this entire list he loves to talk and then he loves to say I don't care what you think you know after he speaks and he does that a lot and number three I guess this might be his uh long lost spirit brother maybe it's Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving hasn't found a twitch stream or an instagram live or an instagram story that he doesn't love to put vague messages in and you know gets mad when uh he is misinterpreted and he is misinterpreted I don't know and number two I gave you Brett Favre not your typical diva well he did retire and un-retire and want to come back and wanted to leave and wanted ice cream and then wanted donuts and then wanted to take a nap and then wanted a bottle Brett Favre didn't know what the hell he wanted to do and more recently allegedly Brett Favre took some money from his home state that he shouldn't have taken earmarked for welfare recipients allegedly I got Brett Favre on on the list at number two talk about being a diva yeah he might be an iron man and all that other stuff he certainly liked the attention to know how to make up his mind and so I got Brett Favre at number two and that leaves us right here with this number number one at number one this man he don't play no more he is the ultimate diva his name is Alex Rodriguez okay I don't even know when to start I don't know where to start let's go backwards congratulations Alex Rodriguez he's still in the process of trying to you know buy the Minnesota Timberwolves with his business partner good for him it might take another year to to take over majority control of the Timberwolves congratulations this is the same Alex Rodriguez that was pretty much hated by Derek Jeter because he pretty much threw his former friend under the bus by telling everybody how much better than Derek Jeter he was and even if it was true Derek Jeter was the one who was winning man just shut up and try to win like him and just start there this is the same Alex Rodriguez who after he used drugs and the Yankees were like man we don't want to pay your cheating ass he decided to sue Major League Baseball and the Yankees to get his monies it's like why are you just out here lying to everybody this is the same Alex Rodriguez and we talked about it briefly last night when he played in New York this man walked through Central Park and had like a personal photo shoot without his shirt on just just walking around hey Rod no shirt I got on some jeans and a shirt look at me now it's the same Alex Rodriguez who did a photo shoot in like a dirty dingy room looking at himself lustfully in a mirror and then I guess this is the biggest thing that makes Alex Rodriguez a diva it makes him me me me I will never forget the smugness when Alex Rodriguez sat across from Katie Couric and she asked him specifically hey brah you you've been using drugs do you remember this listen to this clip have you ever used steroids human growth hormone or any other performance-enhancing substance no have you ever been tempted to use any of those things no you never felt like this guy's doing it maybe I should look into this too he's getting better numbers playing better ball I've never felt overmatched on the baseball field I've always been in a very strong dominant position and I felt that if I did my my work since I've done since I was you know rookie back in Seattle I didn't have a problem competing at any level so no oh did you hear that last snow the smugness you knew he was lying off of that one did I ever do this did I ever do so if I ever do this no well it didn't take too much longer that was Alex Rodriguez on 60 minutes okay a couple of years after that sitting down with Peter Gammons ESPN that jackass who just lied he came clean listen to this now I did take a banned substance I did take a banned substance and you know for that I'm very sorry and deeply regretful and although it was a culture back then and and major league baseball overall was very I'm just I just feel that um you know I'm just sorry oh did you hear the contrition the apology went on for a few more minutes but we don't have time to listen to Alex Rodriguez just just try to sound remorseful in his story I don't know how many ways he can say sorry lo siento he's sorry he's one of the biggest divas New York Mets were like and they cleared this up at least they tried hey Alex Rodriguez you're a free agent but we don't need 24 plus one you don't need your own locker room your own merchandise tent you don't need a helicopter dropping you off that uh shortstop no Alex you can't do that not gonna change the name of New York City to Alex City no sorry he is the number one diva that I can remember he stands out to me and will always be a diva in the world of sports the phone lines are open to you right now that's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs simple question when I say diva who comes to mind if I'm talking about sports and I say diva who comes to mind I could think about some other folks now you might say LeBron you might say Conor McGregor you might say Dion the phone lines are open when I say diva in sports who's one of the biggest that you could think of it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio that's hilarious it is the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio glad to be here with all of our customers I don't y'all ain't custom y'all are listeners we just hanging out y'all not even listeners y'all come and talk to me even sometimes with some of that crazy ass stuff y'all be saying to me y'all are still here anyway it is the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio I would happen to be jr every wednesday night it's a thursday morning I bring you a new top six list and tonight I gave you a list of the top six divas in sports these are individuals who stand out to me there are tons of folks I considered everybody you don't have to say oh you forgot this person oh you forgot that person my ass was sitting around thinking about this all right there was about 20 to 30 people that I thought of and I gave you the people that stand out to me and at number one if I gotta think about the biggest diva that we have seen it is alex rodriguez if you missed the entire list if you have missed all of the explanations if you missed the audio supporting and everything involved you can hit rewind on the free odyssey app someone who is not a diva this man just scored 50 points in an nba game and he is losing right now his name is steph curry the los angeles clippers they're beating the warriors with about a minute left in the game steph curry is now on the bench despite putting up 50 points he was eight of 14 from downtown he was 20 of 28 from the field overall it's just he he don't make no sense man just 50 points just dropping it like it's nothing congratulations steph curry uh maybe the warriors will make some noise here in the playoffs and god knows what the clippers do with russell westbrook let's go back to the phone lines 855-2124 cbs when I say diva you say who greg is calling from michigan hey uh yes can you hear me yeah yeah well your phone well let's try again your phone sound a little funky try again testing testing can you hear me yeah let's try again greg i don't i don't there's something wrong with your phone line if you can try to call back please do 855-2124 cbs let's try this again let's go to alan in florida hey alan when i say diva you say who beat rose he's uh on the permanent eligibility list he's trying to uh he's trying to get back on he he denied it with jim gray and then all of a sudden in 2004 he tried to sell a book so he uh he accepted it in 2004 and the john dowd report is ironclad proof indisputable evidence and he was denying it for a long time he told me that he was trying to get indisputable evidence and he was denying it for a long time he told peter youtuberoff he uh he bet on football and basketball and racing but he didn't bet on uh on baseball and he's been reduced to signing autographs listen up team we've got a game to win so here's the strategy deposit $200 at and get $450 immediately to play with sign up today at or call 1-879 bet us be like me bet for free uh in uh coopers town and then uh in las vegas so you can't put him in he's trying to campaign he's been campaigning with so many people with the jamati and hey vincent and so feel like and rob manfred is is pete rose a diva or is he a gambler and a liar which one is it all of it he wants he wants attention you know he likes to get attention so uh you know he's trying to get as much attention as he can so i call him a diva yes okay i can dig it yeah thank you alan i thought he wants to get into the uh the whole of fame at least he got a gold he ain't just running his mouth for the hell of it let me ask you a more important question your ass is still in florida you when are you going back to canada never yeah right at the end of the month july uh i mean that march 31st oh you sound sad about that i go to a different venue every day i'm going all over the place i'm going to tampa lakeland west palm beach uh i was in sarasota yesterday not dating clear water i go to a different place every day i'm taking in as much action as i can so are you driving around are you how what are you doing yeah i'm going to different places i went to uh i saw the orlando magic played last week and i saw it on the tampa bay tampa bay hockey team players last year you went to the amway center yes i was there oh yes isn't that one of the worst arenas that's one of the worst wouldn't you say yeah i i believe so too and yeah the church street station is closed too it's been closed for about six years now yeah well alan have fun in florida and i'm sure when you get back to canada everybody will be happy to see you okay and i'll be passing through atlanta too if i hear you uh and you're inviting people over i'll be one of the first to come over now i'd love i'd love to see you let me you know how to reach me right oh yeah sure yeah yeah shoot me shoot me an email if you come to atlanta i'd love to meet you absolutely alan sure and one of these days whenever you're uh you're traveling around you know i'll come to see you one of these uh when they say i'm a free spirit you know you get guys like me it would like to move around here and you're a free spirit i'm a free spirit i'll see you on young street in toronto hey alan i'll talk to you okay yeah always great being online with you thanks a lot okay thank you alan yeah yeah i see people in atlanta all the time i'll be at the game saying what's up to the folks would be at the hawks game i'm gonna go see uh steph curry on friday i saw anthony edwards yeah i'll be popping in at the games eight five five two one two four cbs let's go to new york let's talk to nate nate you're on cbs sports radio when i say diva who is the athlete that comes to your mind well i'm in new york i remember what happened about a year ago i remember antonio brown oh my goodness i just can't not think diva when i think of him okay i mean i can i can give a list of reasons why do you have any other reasons you want to go ahead and say well first thing with the buccaneers that happened last year against the jets yeah with the pulling the jersey off throwing into the stands hyping up the crowd i think that was that was like a massive diva mood move and i would say all the way going back to the raiders the helmets or going back to steelers he's always been that guy who just needs that negative attention yeah he froze he froze his feet to the point that he burned him yeah well thank you nate i appreciate you man thank you take care have a good night yeah you as well what what an excellent call he said everything that he needed to say he gave me the name he gave the reasons and he did it in 50 seconds and we had a conversation what an excellent call he didn't take a year and a day he got right to the point antonio brown is definitely someone i thought about and considered but this much i know can you consider him to be a diva yeah i consider him to be someone who has a problem this man has had problems pre-nfl before then it's uh it's actually sad and so i can you consider him to be a diva instagram facebook live in the locker room yes but that man has he got problems okay i can look at this entire list here of people that i named taro lowins barry bonds uh aaron rogers kyrie irvin brett farve a-rod some of these guys i've met some of them i haven't i know from first-hand experience and even second-hand experience and even mutual friend experience that antonio brown got he got problems that's why i ain't putting him on the diva list he he got he got life issues and don't have nothing to do it no fontes perfect hit eight five five two one two four cbs kevin is here from louisville who's the diva kevin please jr you're the diva oh thank you i've been out of the loop i'm sorry i've got the best blessing my life at my first grandchild born that's i've been i haven't been listening to you but uh good congratulations future future grand daughter grand daughter godly she will be a diva i'll tell you what dennis robin was one of them divas and a bigger diva back in the day was uh john mackinmore people probably don't remember that stuff but uh yeah you cannot you cannot be serious that's uh one of the all-time great temper tantrums from an all-time great tennis game yes and jr i'm back in the loop listening to you because everything's good so good love you man i still got brisket and hash brown cats were up here man you ain't came back thank you i'll make sure i swing on bottle louisville thank you kevin all right i love you man love you too thank you so much congratulations on your little one you know it's nice when people have grand babies good for him got a little granddaughter now she's a real diva yeah you can't can't forget john mackinroe john mackinroll turned all of his uh temper tantrums all of his controversies all of his talking all of his personality he's turned it into being the the premier i'd say premier talent host broadcaster for tennis and people were killing this dude for being a a player a petulant child breaking the racket and screaming at the umpires and just just beefing with everybody you're not the only dude i could have put keyshawn johnson on this list keyshawn johnson had a whole a whole book to give me the damn ball they called keyshawn johnson me sean and he was not afraid of it he had to apologize to his own teammate wayne crebet talking about how much better he is than his own teammate whoa yeah keyshawn was uh he was a diva and now he's on espn good for him it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four cbs when i say diva the first name that comes to my brain alex rodriguez i'm gonna get some more of your calls who are some the who are some of the all-time divas in sports we'll get to your calls of course we'll talk aaron rogers john marant the final four is upon us or march madness is we got march madnesses we got a lot to do here on cbs sports rating
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