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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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February 24, 2023 2:00 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 24, 2023 2:00 am

JR explains why nobody even to THIS day should get in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson


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It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Hey damn, Shep, it's Friday on the East Coast? Yes sir. Happy Friday to all my folks on the East Coast and everybody else, you'll catch up soon. My friends in Central Time as well, everybody in Louisiana, everybody in Minneapolis, everybody in Chicago. Congratulations people in Central Time.

Welcome. Welcome to Friday. Unfortunately for you, I'm only going to be here for one more hour. And unfortunately this is also it for me for the week. You won't hear me again until Monday.

I'm going to go disappear and mind my damn business. But thank you to every person who has locked in since the beginning of the show. I'm here every weeknight, Monday through Friday, except for tomorrow, starting at 10pm Eastern Time, 7pm Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Much love to everybody listening all across North America. You could be locked in on your local CBS Sports Radio station via an affiliate. You could be on, I don't know, Sirius XM Channel 158. And then we got this thing, it's called the free Audacy app, A-U-D-A-C-Y.

You can listen to every minute, every second, every hour of the show. It's been a busy night. The NBA is back. The Los Angeles Lakers won a game. How about that? Every time they win a game, I feel surprised. What can I say? LeBron James participated in that game as well.

They beat the Warriors with no Steph Curry, so no massive, no massive upset there. We talked about Eric Bienemy. Eric Bienemy finally spoke to the media in D.C. and he was asked about LaShawn McCoy. And LaShawn McCoy been talking all that crap, he been talking all that trash, and I love Eric Bienemy's response. He ain't worried about that man. Take a listen to what Eric Bienemy had to say earlier on Thursday about that old pain in the ass McCoy. Listen to this.

LaShawn McCoy is a future Hall of Fame runner, OK? Everybody's entitled to their own position, to their own comments and how they feel. When it's all said and done with, I think that's all I have to say because he's entitled to his own opinion. That's life.

You got good, you have bad. You know, it does not impact me in any way, because one thing that you learn when you're in this position, you have to learn to eliminate distractions. All right. My job is to focus on the now.

Everything outside these walls has no impact on Eric Bienemy moving forward. Appreciate it, Coach. Thank you. Damn. Shep, what happens if we put Eric Bienemy and LaShawn McCoy in a room together?

Like if we put them in a, not even a conference room, let's say we put them in a classroom together, a smaller space. What happens? I think Shady's going up to Eric and saying, man, you're the only coach I know that thinks I'm actually a Hall of Fame worthy, so I appreciate you, Coach. I'm going to stop talking now. Damn, he gave him a compliment, right? He ain't Hall of Famer. Yeah, I heard that.

I'm like, right, right. Could have been, had the talent. Maybe if he actually contributed to a couple of those Super Bowls, then maybe that'd be the case, right? JR, I got to tell you, man, and you said this, the more and more you listen to Eric Bienemy, all you can do is scratch your head and say, hmm, Ben McAdoo, Joe Judge, Robert Sala, and I'm just, and you know where I'm going with this. I'm just talking about guys that have questioned, because you know Sala's on his way out. But then they're special teams and defensive guys.

The ones I remember you just named. Right, yeah, you know, because I'm thinking, you know, we're really in a defensive era right now in the NFL, and it just makes you wonder more and more. You listen to this man speak. He is so polished. He is so well thought out. He is so well spoken.

How in the hell does he not have a head? You saw Patrick Mahomes tweet out when Eric Bienemy got that job, the kind of support he gave this man. You see what Travis Kelce says about this man?

These are two of the greatest players of their generation at the most important positions in the sport. And I know Kelce's a receiver, and I know he's a tight end, and he's a blocker, but he might as well be a receiver. So I don't understand why it's taken so long at this point for him to get a head coaching job. This press conference today, it just reinforces there is a systematic thing wrong with minorities not being able to get head coaching opportunities in this league.

Well, maybe Ron Rivera, who also happens to be Latino, maybe Ron Rivera gets the boot and Eric Bienemy takes over. Right, but you and I both know because of the way it's set up with Daniel Snyder, and this almost seems like a free, you know what I mean? It's crap. There's no way.

It's crap. Exactly. You're playing with house money this year if you're Ron Rivera. He's not getting fired this year.

Not, it's for everybody involved in the organization. Like, and we've said this plenty of times, the Washington commanders are like, it's not they are like. They are one of the worst franchises in professional sports, flat, period, fill in the blank, close the gap.

They are terrible. Every time I read an article about how Daniel Snyder is getting ready to sell this team, I'm like, can it happen fast enough? Now he's enlisted Allen & Company. It's an investment bank.

I know people over there. He's like, oh, we've enlisted them to help sell the team. Well, do it. He is crap, man.

There are too many people that I've never met in my life that I look at and go, man, I wouldn't want to shake this guy's hand if he was in front of me and Daniel Snyder fits the bill. Like, how can you have any type of structure in trying to build up the Washington football team when you got a guy over here suing senior citizens because they can't afford their season tickets? You got a franchise that's just like, hey, let's pimp out our cheerleaders. Well, damn. FedEx field is falling apart.

Pipes are bursting and water is flowing. What type of garbage is this? I never met Dan Snyder a day in my life. I don't like him.

And that's rare for me to say. Anyway, I'm in a good mood. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. John is calling from Toronto, Canada.

I love Toronto. You're on CBS Sports Radio, John. What's up? My dad was an alcoholic, so I appreciate your sermon on the ways these guys are behaving.

Okay. You know, and Health Canada just told everybody more than two drinks a week, and you're really setting yourself up for cancer. Whoa, whoa, whoa, John. Damn, bruh.

Thank you for calling from Toronto. Damn, bruh. Whoa. Hey, Shep, he ain't hold no punches, right? He didn't even say hello.

He got right to his point. Yeah, so John is the tamer version of Bob from Maryland. Bob from Maryland? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Bob from Maryland? Is Bob from Maryland the 86-year-old guy? Yeah, so whenever you get to them, you know, they don't exchange pleasantries.

They just go. I say, hello, how are you? And it's just like, man, back in my day. Right, JR, when I was back in Baltimore, I got to tell you something.

Yep, and it was just, yep. Don't be too disrespectful, Shep, man. No, Bob loves you. No, I'm saying nobody wants to get their ass whooped by an 86-year-old man.

Bob ain't going to do anything to me. Didn't you threaten, whoa, whoa, whoa. Didn't you threaten Bubba Ray from WWE to a fight?

No, no, no, no. I would never threaten anyone to a fight. Bubba Ray and myself, we don't have time for fights. We got careers to worry about and consume and families to have, in my case, to dream about at least. But, JR, but what I'm saying is, I'm 36.

My fast twitch muscle fiber is going to be something that is out of reach for anybody who is in their 50s. And, listen, unless you are a guy- Including Bubba Ray? Is Bubba Ray Bernard Hopkins reincarnated? Because he's the only 50-something-year-old I can think of that could give me a run for my money. Yeah, and I'm talking about when Bernard would fight, not Bernard now. Oh, wait. I know Bernard.

Do you want to arrange that? So, Bernard, what was his last, what was he, 51? What, he went at light heavyweight, I think it was?

Right, he might have been 48, 49. So, guys like that. Like, I wouldn't- Oh, okay. Like, I wouldn't even be, I mean, I know the guy got his ass whooped on the airplane by Mike, but I wouldn't be even afraid of Mike Tyson.

You're bugging. He's not, Mike Tyson is- You would not be afraid of Mike Tyson? If we sat down, if we sat down in a studio right now- Right. With Mike Tyson in a studio- Right.

With a heavy-ass door- Sure. And you said, and you, Shep, on the other side of, I don't know, even a console said, hey, hey, Mike, I think you suck. Well, that's poking the bear.

There's no need for that. Like, J.R., you and I are not those type of people. Like, first of all, Mike Tyson- He's docile?

He is, and he's- Because he's smoking. Well, see, I think Mike Tyson is actually one of the most thoughtful, conscientious athletes we've ever had in the history of sports. If Cus D'Amato doesn't die prematurely, I believe Mike Tyson is in the same breath of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Lewis, Rocky Marciano.

You could even go way back in the day with the likes of a Jack Johnson. I believe Mike Tyson is held in absolute Mount Rushmore status. Yeah, and if they didn't come from, you know, terrible circumstances, none of them would be boxers, but that's the reality.

Right, fair enough. So my point being, I respect the hell out of Mike Tyson. Now, if you ask me honestly, at 36 years old, a guy that is in shape, a guy that can run marathons, versus an individual that is closing in on 60, who's gonna win in a fight?

I would like my chances in that regard. You would beat Mike Tyson in a fight? I would score better. I would not be able to beat Mike Tyson up, but I would be able to land more punches- No, no, I didn't ask you about Shep. I didn't ask you about beating up Mike Tyson. I can't beat up Mike Tyson.

I'm the first to admit that. But you would beat him in a 12-round fight? Right now, yes. What would you do? Run around the rink?

No, I would run around. I would tire him out. You saw a bad example, because I know you're not the biggest Rocky fan in the world, but I would tire Mike Tyson out.

Listen, I know hands are the last thing to go in boxing. I'm well aware of this, but he's not going to be able to keep up with me. He's gonna wear it down in round four, five, and six. He's not gonna be able to sustain that.

I'm not trying to be facetious or funny about this. When you're nearing 60 years old, at 36 years old, you're still in the prime of your athletic career if you take care of your body and you eat right and you're keeping up to date. So if we put you and Mike Tyson in a ring right now, today, you would run around the ring and avoid Mike Tyson, and then you would win as a result? Yeah, I'm sure he'd get some shots in for sure.

Some shots? But I like my odds. I like my chances now. I wouldn't. Am I gonna have an opportunity to train with a Freddie Roach or a Teddy Atlas?

I can set that up. Listen, I know both Teddy and Freddie. You know everybody. You'd lose, though. You'd lose. I wouldn't lose to Mike Tyson in a fight today. Now, Mike Tyson, his day is going against Lennox and Evander and back in the day Trevor. What do you think, he has too much smoke in his lungs?

I don't think Mike Tyson has a shot against anyone in their 30s who's still an athlete. Like, JR, like, we talk about, you talk about this all the time. The Paul, the Paul, the Paul, the Paul is siblings, right? Jake and what's the other guy's name? Logan, right? What's his name?

Jake and who? Logan. Logan and, yeah, oh, one of them, they're actually very good athletes. Okay, but- Oh my God, one of them is in WWE.

He is a tremendous athlete. But correct me if I'm wrong, they are very good athletes innately and they train, but they were never, they weren't like, you know, like gold glove guys. They didn't come up in the boxing world or the wrestling world.

Yeah, but their crap is a sham, half of it. I mean, they've won professional fights, no? Against who? Nate Robinson and MMA guys who are old? Okay, but that's the point, JR. But you don't train to fight.

Yeah, but I would, but I would though, I would. If I had an opportunity to fight Mike Tyson, one of the best heavyweight fighters of our lifetime, I would- Mike Tyson is what, 5'10", 5'11", 2', fill in the blank, 80? Yeah, he's got me by 70 pounds, 70, 80 pounds, yeah.

Oh my God. Yo, Shep, I love you, but there's no way in hell I'd let you fight Mike Tyson. He'd destroy you, even today. Oh, I love you too, JR, but I'm telling you something, man, you cannot, quickness in sports, and you've seen that Steph Curry would have never been able to become a first ballot hall of famer had he played in the early 90s with the Knicks and the Pacers and that kind of kind of basketball. Yeah, but Steph Curry, he wasn't getting punched in the face by Charles Oakley. But JR, but that's the point.

As the game evolved, Steph Curry's quickness and his fitness really took over and launched him into a stratosphere that we rarely see from any NBA basketball player. It would be the same thing with me in a fight. It's a difference when you're getting punched, brah. There's a difference between shooting a basketball and catching a little elbow on the side to move you off your path versus just- Yeah, but JR, but I would be able to withstand these punches because I would be properly trained and be able to put up two fists at all times when Mike Tyson's trying to land blows. Have you ever been in a boxer ring and punched anybody?

No, I haven't. But I'm also an individual that practiced with a Division I basketball team my freshman year, so I was close to walking on. I'm an individual that's done three marathons.

I'm a tough human being, so there's a competitive juice that I have that most people don't, and I'm also a very quick learner and I'm very competitive. I'm not afraid of Mike Tyson. I believe everything that you just said, but there's certain something about getting punched in the ribs or the kidneys that will alter your whole life, and it cannot be described.

It's a different type of pain. It's tough, man. Let's all hope and pray. I don't ever want you to get hit by Mike Tyson. I don't want it to happen, but we can arrange it. JR, can I just say something in all seriousness?

I know we're having fun with this to some degree, but I'm also serious about what I'm saying. What? I promise you this. I will train. If this could actually happen- No, no, no, no.

No? You wouldn't- I would not do... Hell no. The thing that I would do is I would want to raise enough money to where there's no longer any homelessness, no longer any people who are abandoned on streets. Forget from an international front.

I just don't want there to be any more homelessness in this country. I'm telling you, if that is the carrot that is dangling out in front of me, if that is the motivation, you will see the baddest, toughest, 36-year-old white boy you've ever seen in your life getting in a ring. I promise you that. Against Mike Tyson. Against Mike Tyson.

Now, Mike Tyson, listen. Well, I'm glad that's not realistic, so thank God we never have to worry about it. Damn.

Because it'd be the end of you. Sorry. See, I disagree. I disagree with you. I'm sorry.

I disagree with you. Look, there ain't nobody I'm getting... There's no professional fighter I'm getting in a ring with. JR, but he's got six zero staring him in the face. Come on.

Oh my God. He's gonna be 60. So you think Mike Tyson don't got it no more? No, he doesn't have it. No, he hasn't had it.

With one hit? Oh, brah. You're bucking. He hasn't had it in 20 years.

Oh my God. His hands are so fast, before you could even open up your mouth, that the muscle memory would have you laid out. So why is- It's not a game, Shep. Man, Mike Tyson would wear you out. So why isn't he still fighting then? If he's that gifted, why isn't he still doing any of the exhibition fighting? He would fight similar competition, and these guys are younger. But for somebody who's not a fighter, he decimates you. I'm sorry.

It's okay. I appreciate your honesty. He'd whoop my ass, he'd whoop your ass, he'd slap the both of us together, laugh and have a smoke. See, I don't think he'd whoop your ass either. Oh, Mike Tyson would destroy me, man. He would. Okay. What do I think I'm gonna do? Shep, you understand if you hit Mike Tyson in the jaw, you understand what would happen?

Nothing. Oh, no, no. I'm talking about from a strictly, there is VO2 max that you have to worry about and be overly concerned with when you near 50, especially 60 years old, JR. It's why those, even golf, it's why those guys who, it's such a tactical skilled sport.

It's why you see those guys bowing out in their 40s now. Wait a minute. When I go to the gas station, can I just buy that stuff? Won't that help me out?

Funny, funny. No, I'm just saying, I don't know if I go to the gas station, will they got that stuff? Maybe, but you get what I'm saying? Like golf, which is all skill and all strategy. Even then, it's so much based on power and torque. If we think about sports, power is typically the last thing to go. You can lose speed.

You can lose athleticism. There's a reason why George Foreman, and he looking kind of sloppy out there, was busting that ass. The trailer looks good, by the way. The who? So Forest Whitaker is, I think there's a trailer that- What? Forest Whitaker is going to be, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We're going to take a break. Let's talk about this on the other side, because I know damn well you're not about to tell me that Forest Whitaker is about to be George Foreman. I didn't say that specifically, but Forest Whitaker is going to be part of a movie trailer. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

It's the JR Sport Reshore here on CBS Sports Radio. We talking about ass whoopings. Shep said he could whoop Mike Tyson's ass.

Am I correct, Shep, or am I being disingenuous? No, no, no, David Sheppard and whooping Mike Tyson's ass never belong in the same sentence. What I'm saying is, if we got into a exhibition boxing match for 12 rounds, I could sustain and ultimately come out on top on the scorecard, because Mike Tyson's fitness would not allow him to be able to keep up with me. You would pot shot him around the ring? Yeah, like JR. If we are stagnant and standing in mud, Mike Tyson is going to kill me. But we have to move in a boxing ring, and that's a problem when you are, again, close to 60 years old versus a 36 year old still in their athletic prime.

I'm sure his reach is better than yours, but we're going to talk about this on the other side. That's 855-2124 CBS, that's 855-2124 CBS, and I still want to know what the hell is going on with Forest Whitaker and George Foreman. We'll talk about it. It's the JR Sport Brief show, CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey JR, man, this is going to be cliche as a mug, but a long time, long time listener. First time calling, man, and I appreciate your show big time. You have so much insight. I just want to give you props on that. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS.

It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I love cliches. I'm trying to think of a random cliche.

I don't have one. No, that's not a cliche. The bigger you are, the harder you fall. There's a cliche. Boom. Is that a cliche, Shep? Right? That's actually a really good cliche. Yeah, there you go.

Anyway, 855-212-4CBS. Shep, before we went to break, you were talking a little crazy about being able to beat Mike Tyson in a fight today, but besides that, you brought up George Foreman? What's going on with him? Is that a movie coming out? Yeah, so obviously an individual that didn't get the same love and respect as Joe Frazier, especially Muhammad Ali in that era, the late 60s, early 70s, but a big George Foreman trailer is coming out. Chris Davis is going to star in it, and Forest Whitaker, obviously an actor who won an Academy Award with the Last King of Scotland, is going to play George Foreman's mentor in that movie, and it looks good, JR. And you know what? Good for George Foreman, who has certainly lived multiple lives, and what a comeback story both in the ring and outside of it.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Forest Whitaker is who in the movie? So he plays George Foreman's mentor in the movie.

Oh, man. Who plays George Foreman? Chris Davis. Who the hell is that? Not the baseball player.

Yeah, I know. He sucked. Yeah, well, he had a couple good seasons. Orioles fans love him. Yeah, 40, 56 home runs, and he sucked. Right, right, and then he sucked.

I agree with that. Chris Davis. So he was, I'm trying to think what you would know him from. So Judas and the Black Messiah? Did you ever see that?

Judas and the Black Messiah? No. Yeah.

Got you. Is this a black person? He's black? He is, yeah. Well, JR, let's be honest now. If a white person played George Foreman, that would not go over well. Hey, listen, I've seen some weird things before.

Yes. Yeah, people are mad that the Little Mermaid in the new live action is black, so what do I know? Right, but you cannot get a white person to play George Foreman these days, and you know what?

In any day, that wouldn't work. Let's just be real about that. Okay. All right. All right.

We got a lot of people. I think these people are mad at you. It's possible.

I don't think they're mad at me. I mean, I'm just being real about the fact that, listen, when you're 60 years old, you don't have the same mask. I mean, JR, I'm sorry, but just very quickly, when you're a boxer, it's just about avoiding being hit. We had a guy go 50 and 0 doing that, right? Oh, me whether? Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah.

I mean, how were his hands? Were they legendary? Were they the stuff of Ali and Foreman and Tyson and Hearns?

I think the answer is yes. I think he just took another approach to utilizing calculated risks to not be hit. We didn't take any risks with who he fought, but that's a whole other story.

How many people were there? Well, he had Pacquiao in his prime and we avoided for five years. You and I both know that. Oh, that took forever. Five years? It felt like it took 10. Yeah.

And the calculated risk, make that money. Let's hit the phone lines. It's 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Nico is calling from Wyoming. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Nico?

Oh, damn, Nico already got knocked out by Mike Tyson. No, no, no. Can you hear me? Yeah. What took you so long?

Oh, man. I was waiting. I was on hold. You were waiting on hold? What the hell you think? I'm waiting on you?

What do you think this is? No, no. My fault, man.

You damn right it's your fault. Hey. What's up, man? I'm loving your show right now.

Well, thanks. What's up? You did a whole segment about drinking, man, and I don't know what's up with that, man. Your co-host stepped up there drinking some Henny and Patrón. What are you going to call Patrón Henny if you think he can beat up Mike Tyson? He can't. He can't even last 12 rounds.

I give him two rounds to go. His name is Dave Shepherd, by the way. Oh, Dave Shepherd. Yeah. He's a first-time listener. Oh, that's fine. I'm filling you in. He's absolutely awesome, and he's right here, so you can tell him yourself. Man, you're just talking about drinking, man.

What you sipping on? I mean, Nico, no offense, but the boxing, it's the art of hitting and avoiding being hit. Tyson is a much better hitter than he always will be. But I'm going to- But I'll take one or two hits from Tyson.

Have you seen his videos on YouTube? Of course. At 60? Of course, but I'm- Two, three hits from him. Right, but I'm not a pigeon. I'm not going to stay there and be a victim. I'm going to be able to move and evade him at all times. I'm 36 years old, Nico.

He's almost 60. I like my odds. Aight, man.

I'll bet the house money on Tyson any day. Okay. I've got it. All right. Well, thank you, Nico, for calling from Wyoming.

Damn. Tim, it's calling from Georgia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Tim? Hey, what's up, JR?

What it is? Hey, I just had to make a comment on your boy Ship talking about knocking out Mike Tyson or beating Mike Tyson. Hey, can you hear me, JR? Yeah, yeah.

You're live. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. I mean, what is wrong with him? Mike Tyson just fought within the last couple of years. He fought somebody. Roy Jones Jr.?

Okay. Roy Jones- Yeah, Roy Jones Jr. And Ship, he wouldn't last 35 seconds in there. I give him 35 seconds, and that's because Mike was gonna watch him throw a few punches and then say, you know what, it's time to go to sleep.

Ship, what say you? I just think that endurance and Roy Jones Jr. haven't gotten along in the last two decades. So endurance is something that I know a little bit about, Tim.

I mean, I respect your opinion. But again, Tim, I'm a lean, mean machine. I'm not saying right now I'd be able to beat Mike Tyson in a fight, but you give me three months to properly train.

I'm talking Rocky Balboa style, like in Rocky 1 in 1976 when they won the best film for Best Picture. Hey, Ship. I'll give you a year. Okay. I'll give you 365 days to train, because we're talking about a serious fight.

No, I know, Tim. Listen, I'm not trying to poo poo the sport of boxing. I understand it hasn't quite lived up to its popularity in the last 10, 15 years, pay-per-view. You can argue promoters, Bob Arum, et cetera. I respect anyone that has gotten in the ring professionally.

I know how serious and life-threatening it can be. If you gave me 365 days to train to be a professional fighter, I promise you, Mike Tyson would not be able to last 12 rounds with me. But for nothing else, I would tire his ass out. He would not be able to sustain with me endurance-wise. It's just the truth. Ship, you ain't gonna make three minutes when it ain't gonna go 12 rounds, because you ain't gonna make three minutes.

Okay. Tim, I'm gonna make three minutes against a near 60-year-old fighter, because he's not gonna be able to catch me. He's gonna be able to land fights.

He's gonna be able to land fights. The only way. I'm gonna put both hands up.

The only way. The only way you make three minutes is you run, as you run. You gonna have to run around the ring, and I'm talking about run. That ain't fighting to me. We gonna be watching you run. But if you get in there and throw any punch, when you hit Tyson with anything, he's gonna laugh at you and be like, that's all you got, little man. And then he gonna throw one, and he gonna break your arm, because you gonna try to block something if you see it.

If you see it. Well, Tim. Tim, you and I both know, 1990, he didn't take Buster Douglas all that seriously, and it led to his demise. So you know he's gonna have a similar mindset when it comes to fighting me. And I'm gonna take it full advantage of that.

What are we doing? Tim, I don't know how much you weigh, Tim. I don't know how much you weigh. And I'm not saying you would. All I'm saying is you might hit Mike.

It might let you hit him. Tim, are you from yourself? I'm the third person.

I'm Shep. You're Tim. Just to clarify, right? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm sorry.

No problem. Look, you got me so confused just thinking about you knocking out Mike Tyson. It's okay, Tim. It's okay. He's gonna get ready to go to the news, okay, Tim?

I appreciate you, man. If Shep gets his ass whooped, you'll know it, because you'll never hear from him again, all right? Ain't gonna happen, Tim. Hey, last thing.

You wouldn't even beat Mike Tyson on the video game, buddy. Oh, my God. All right. Oh, damn. Geez. Whoa.

That was a parting gift. Thanks, Tim. Marco Balletti, what do you think about this? Would Shep be able to run around a ring and tire out Mike Tyson? Are we for real here? Yes. Honestly? I mean, Shep, you're giving up, like, 100 pounds to him.

You're aware of this, right? Yeah, and I'm gonna have that work to my advantage, because he's gonna tire out fast. I'm well aware that he's almost... Where's he gotta be? Because I'm 158. So Mike Tyson...

So Mike... He gotta be 200, man. He's 200. Easy.

He's gotta be 235. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

He's 200 plus about 50. Again, are you out of your mind? No.

No, because this is fun, because you don't actually have to do it. But he's... He's still in shape, by the way. But I would do it, though. And I'm good.

And I'm dead serious about that. He's a 56-year-old man. He's not a blob. Like, this man is... His hands are probably quicker. His hands are quickest you-know-what, like, what are we talking about? And you're aware, right, that he actually has done this for his entire life?

You're talking about three months, and you're gonna be better than a guy who's done this and been to the pinnacle of his sport. And in three months, you're better than him because he's old? Very old. Not just old.

Really? 56 or 60 years old. It's that old.

He's decrepit to the point where he can't stand up and walk? In the sport of boxing, they will never license you any kind of jurisdiction to fight in any 50 states, which just tells you at 56, you have no business being in a ring, which tells you... Right, against a fighter. Yeah.

Not you. Well, it worked out... A fighter. A fighter.

I would train and learn... You could train and learn for as long as you'd like. I hate to tell you, Shep, at 36, you're an old man walking into the ring. JR, I tell you what, Marco's not gonna be my manager. I'll tell you that much.

Yeah. I'll tell you that much. I don't think I'd be a manager either if I wanted you to live. Well, I thought you were kind of more on my side than Marco is. My God. Shep, I'm a little concerned about your disrespect for the sport and for the man. No, no, no, no.

No, no. I mean, you know what, I've never met Mike Tyson. JR, it wouldn't shock me if you sat down and had dinner with him. I would imagine you piss him off.

He doesn't care who the hell you are. Right. We saw that on the plane in first class. I agree. Very disrespectful. Very disrespectful. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you, Mike. Really?

Coming across it. No, I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you, Mike. I'm 36 years old.

I'm a... I'm 36, and in three months, I can be better than you were at a job that you were the greatest in the world. Really? Not disrespectful. I believe that there is such a significant difference in explosiveness and fast-twitch muscle fiber from 36 and 56 years old. Nah, bruh. Yo, let me tell you something from experience. Boxers do not lose quickness and speed.

Them hands go up, they go up quick, and you be sleep. It's not a game, man. It's sad. Well, you know what, JR?

And I'm not saying this facetiously, you know a lot of people in a lot of powerful places. If your curiosity is just a slight bit piqued here, let's make it happen. Nah, I like you too much. I'm not.

Nah, I wouldn't do that. Okay. I like you too much. I wanna honor my word here. I wanna walk the talk. Can we start... Let's fight some callers first, right? Let's do... Let's do that. You know what? Let's... Do me this favor.

Take on somebody that's like 80 and close to your weight range and was never a fighter. 80? That's too far. Let's start there. That's too much.

80? Start there. And work your way down. Maybe then get a 55-year-old guy that's cutting the lawn that maybe threw a couple punches in grammar school.

Maybe we get that way. All right. Cutting the lawn? Well, you know what? He's got something to do. I mean, 55. I figure he's in shape. He's cutting the lawn.

It's hot out. I mean, at least he's been around a little bit. Start there. Jeez. I go after an 80-something-year-old Marco in good... In good...

I can never do that. Yeah. You could fight Bob for Maryland. What is he? He's got to take on Zach Gelb first. You know what? Bob's spunky. Go ahead. Go try Bob first. Oh, my God.

Hey, we're real spunky right here. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Your show is informative and thought-provoking, and I love that about it.

Every chance I get, man, keep it up. It's one of the best shows anywhere. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Spring training baseball is here. We got three games on Friday.

The Northeastern Huskies, what the hell? The Northeastern Huskies are going to take on the Red Sox. The Rangers are going to take on the Royals. The Mariners are going to take on the Padres, and a bunch of people you have never heard of in your life will play baseball, and every now and then, you'll see a guy for like one pitch. Congratulations. Baseball is here. Prepare yourselves. It's going to be another, I don't know, about another month.

It's going to be a while. Anyway, 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Scott is calling from Buffalo. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hi, JR. Hi. Tim, I think your name is... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what?

Huh? I'm sorry. Shep, I think your name... Is it Tim Shep?

No, no, no. Ain't nobody here named Tim. The super producer and other host of the show, his name is Dave Shep. Yeah, Shep is here. Oh, Dave, I'm sorry. I apologize. I apologize. Dave Shep is here.

Go ahead. Dave, question. Were you a Division I or Division II or Division III athlete? Did you play at a high level somewhere? Yes, I was.

Where did you play? I had a curiosity. I'm not... I don't know your athletic background.

Oh, that's fair. No, so I was a practice player with Tim O'Toole at Fairfield University. I probably would have walked on, unfortunately. He got fired.

Ed Cooley took over. That was the end of my amateur career, unfortunately. Okay, so you played at a low-level Division I program.

No problem. I respect that. Have you ever done road work?

Have you ever been out there and done road work? It's nothing like you've ever seen before or done before. My advice, first off, if you're serious about it, go get yourself checked out by a doctor because there are certain things that boxers do that... your equilibrium, your heart, your kidneys, your pulmonary system- This man runs marathons. He's fine. How about we... Hey, Scott. How about I- I'm just trying to be honest with you. I'm just trying to be serious about it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no. Hey, look.

His physical and mental health is fine. It may be debatable, but it's fine. How about we set up a fight between you and Shep?

How about that? Oh, I'm not a fighter. I'm just telling you that- Oh, okay.

All right. Well- ... many years ago, many years ago, many years ago, Marv Albert wrote a book called ... I don't have time for it because I have a game, and he talked to Jim Brown after Jim Brown retired- Oh, my God. ... and he wanted to fight Muhammad Ali.

Okay? Muhammad Ali said, put your hands up. Try to hit me once. Scott. The one time he tried to hit him- Scott.

... he hit him 15 times. Scott. That's all I'm saying. I'm just telling you- Scott. Scott. Marv Albert wore pantyhose and tried to bite somebody. Come on, Scott. Okay. You want me to- You know what I said? Marv Albert wore pantyhose and tried to bite somebody, allegedly.

855-212-4CBS, Barry Scola from Boston. What's up, Barry? Jay, I stopped talking about people biting someone because Mike Tyson, who I'm his number one fan, he might have bit Van de Hohe's field at one point or another. But anyway, Mike Tyson, I wouldn't get in the ring with that guy if he was 86 years old. Okay.

Because he would kick my ass. Okay. And George Foreman, the same thing.

I wouldn't go anywhere near that guy. Okay. And the greatest fight that I've ever seen in my entire life- What is it? ... was George Foreman and Evander Holyfield in the spring of 91, and obviously Evander won. George Foreman was an old guy, but in either the sixth or seventh round, you can Google this. Evander's punching and punching. George Foreman comes back from out of nowhere and starts beating the crap out of Evander Holyfield. Now, he went on to lose, but it was the greatest fight I've ever seen in my entire life.

It was unbelievable. Next time, listen, I like to have conversations with Evander, but unfortunately it's kind of rough right now. Hey, Barry, I appreciate you, man. Thanks, brother. No doubt about it. Have a great night.

You as well. Hey, Evander Holyfield is awesome. He's a great dude. I've interviewed Evander Holyfield. He's here in Georgia.

He got a whole statue outside the State Farm Arena. I've had him up in the... I asked... Hey, Shep, I asked Evander Holyfield to punch the program director here in Atlanta, and Evander refused. You know I did. You know I did. Because that could be second-degree murder, the way that that guy hit.

No, I asked... I was standing right in front of the program director here in Atlanta, hi, Reggie, and I stood in front of Evander, and I said, can you punch him? And he like, I'm not going to do it. Yeah, those fists are weapons, man. I don't blame Evander. You know, it took him too long to get his shot against Tyson.

Evander? And when he did get his shot, he made some work of him and then some. He's a nice guy. Really nice guy.

I'd still like it if he hit Reggie, though. But anyway, listen, folks, it's been great hanging out here with you tonight. Shep is going to hold it down tomorrow. I'm going to disappear off the face of the earth for a few days. I'll be back with you Monday, 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Hey, Shep, how can people follow you? They can follow me, JR, at the good shepard underscore, and I appreciate you being in my corner, man, tonight with Mike Tyson, even though you think I'm a little bit crazy for that take, man.

So thank you, sir. Yeah, I want... listen, if I got to throw in the towel, I will do it. I don't need nobody whooping Shep's ass. Anyway, tomorrow Shep will be here with you, 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific.

I will be back with you Monday, 10 p.m., 7 p.m. Pacific. But don't move right here, right now on CBS Sports Radio, because the JR Sport Brief Show, it is a wrap. But coming up next, hey Shep, who is it? It is the great Amy Lawrence, JR. She's awesome.

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