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JR SportBrief - Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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November 12, 2022 1:03 am

JR SportBrief - Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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November 12, 2022 1:03 am

JR talks about this year's Bills team and how Josh Allen's injury impacts the team's future. He continues by breaking down the Packers debacle and struggles with Aaron Rodgers this year.


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That's This is the JR Sportreep show. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who locked in to hours one and two. We talked about Gino Smith. He's in Germany getting ready to take on Tom Brady. We talked about the college football slate for Saturday. We talked about the Houston Astros. They fired their general manager, or excuse me, they offered him a one year contract and he said no. They basically didn't want the guy.

And as we continue on with the show, we got more to get into. There's been mention of the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen. I ain't worried about the Bills. They're going to take on the Minnesota Vikings.

How real are the Minnesota Vikings? We got Pete Rose who's writing a letter to Rob Manfred. He still wants to get into the Hall of Fame. Last time I checked, Rob Manfred doesn't have anything to do with that. Kyrie Irving, we still don't know when the hell he's going to return, although we've learned that he's had quite a few meetings over the past several days to be reinstated.

Everybody's still crapping on the Indianapolis Colts for selecting Jeff Saturday and it's business as usual. It's a busy Friday night. I'm hanging out here with my main man Jack Stern on the other side of the glass and we got a lot to get into. If you want to talk to me, it's simple. You can find me at JR Sport Brief.

That's Twitter and Instagram. You can also holler at me right here on the phone lines. 855-212-4CBS.

We have a lot of callers who have been waiting very patiently to get on the line. I want to talk to them and then I want to tell you about another matchup that you should pay attention to this upcoming Sunday. It's Aaron Rodgers and the Dallas Cowboys. This is an interesting matchup in and of itself. The Cowboys are coming off of a bye. The Packers are three and six and there are already several former Green Bay Packers who are saying, look, if the Packers continue like this, Aaron Rodgers should take a seat.

Aaron Rodgers should go ahead and be benched for Jordan Love so the Packers can see what they got. We'll talk about that momentarily. 855-212-4CBS. Mimi is calling from Oakland, California. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Mimi? Thank you.

Thank you. You know, I've been listening tonight and I appreciate all of the commentary and I appreciate most of your commentary. But I'm going to say this, and it's more from a PR standpoint. Can we stop trashing Russell Wilson for being orchestrated or seeming like he is very orchestrated in what he does?

We have players out there who need a speak and spell and probably need somebody from three or four PIO firms to be with them so they don't get themselves in trouble speaking to the media and speaking to the public. I mean, if we want to talk about, you know, what he's doing and how he's playing, then that's fine. But I think, you know, the whole thing about his wife and all that other stuff, that doesn't have anything to do with what he's doing on the field. So just let's let let's let that go.

You I wouldn't I wouldn't say so because that his his his time in the league has changed. We had a caller, I believe he called up from Washington, D.C., he said at the beginning of his career as an underdog, he loved and appreciated Russell Wilson at this stage of his career. This was the caller from D.C. He says he loves to hate him. And I said, well, damn, I said, that's that's kind of deep. And I put in my own two cents when you think about him. And this does have to do with football. But it also has to deal with his growth as a person, because like any professional athlete, you know, there's a big difference between who you are as an athlete when you are 22 years old versus who you are at at 32, especially when you've had a lot of success. The elements of Russell Wilson's career and life and maturation as a person, it certainly has affected how he plays on a football field. It's not it's not ironic that his time in Seattle was pockmarked by his own teammates feeling that he was he was being treated different or that he didn't necessarily want to bother with him.

Right now in Denver, the guy has an office. I can personally share with you instances where I said to myself, well, damn, he's the only dude in the entire building being followed around by by four and five different people like he's being led like a puppy dog. And that's that's a matter of football. Less about Hollywood. He's let the quote unquote Hollywood affect how he's perceived not only in his own locker room, but in the league. Don't you think that that might be that he is a victim of his own success? I agree. If other folks don't have an office, he shouldn't have an office. But at the same time, what does his wife have to do with this? I mean, you know, we have folks out there who clearly don't know how to manage themselves in the media. We've seen that.

Right. And then you get a guy and, you know, he kind of changes over time because he's had tremendous success. And we and we trash him for it.

So it's like they can't win. No, I don't think he's a victim of his own success. Tom Brady, as much as people don't like him because of his own success. One thing that I have yet to ever hear about Tom Brady in any capacity is that he's he's different. And we know he is very, very different.

His lifestyle is different. He's in a locker room with people who are half his age. He's in a locker room with people who don't have his celebrity. He's in a he's in a room with people who aren't married to supermodels whose divorces and relationships aren't picked apart at every chance and opportunity. But yet every person who you will come across will tell you that when it comes to the game, that Tom Brady is in the locker room and he quote unquote fits in, that he doesn't want to be treated any different, that the players can mess around and that he's right there. And so to say that he's a victim of his success, we have had plenty of players in different ways.

You know, get into spaces where they're, quote unquote, you know what doesn't stink. And it's not so much about Russell Wilson's wife. His wife could be the next R&B singer. It doesn't necessarily have to be Sierra, but how he has behaved and been perceived since he married her and since he got into the quote unquote Hollywood type space.

It coincides with this magazine covers and this and that and interviews and publicist and it's bled into his play on the field and how he's viewed as a football player. That is a fact. Don't you think that that's maybe a little bit of toxic masculinity, you know?

You know, I mean, he kind of suffers from that in some ways that people are saying, you know, because he's perceived as his family man and, you know, the quote unquote no, no. You know, I mean, it is not. No, it's not. There's nothing. Nothing has been said out of my mouth about being a family man. Not a thing.

What has come out of my mouth is the hour when we talk about the magazines, when we talk. No, no, no. It's not his name.

Mimi, listen, please. There's a I just want to be very clear here. Nobody said anything about the man's family life. And so it's not about magazine covers. It's not about being a great husband. It's not about being a great dad.

If you want to talk to me about future, I can have that conversation with you as well. This is not about any of that. It's about everything being perfectly orchestrated.

It's about being a 52 and one football player. It's about not being able to answer a question with authenticity. It's about not being able to to talk to the public in the football press about whether or not you want to be traded while your own manager is saying, yeah, Russell wants to go here.

And then Russell is saying, oh, no, I didn't say that. There's a whole lot that now that I agree with. Well, I agree with you.

There's a whole lot. But I but you can agree with his wife into it. No, no, no, no. Stop.

It's not you. You're not listening. It's not about bringing his wife into it. It's about how the atmosphere has changed around him and how he has let it affect him as a football player. I'm not talking about his personal life. I'm talking about how being married into a Hollywood celebrity space has changed him as a football player. I could care less about his kids, who his ex-wife is, his future.

None of that. It's him. It doesn't qualify as talking about his personal life. I'm confused.

No, it doesn't qualify. You mentioned specifically his wife. He could be married. You mentioned his wife. No, I did.

No, no, no, no, no. See, let me be clear here. He is in a Hollywood space. I'm not talking about his personal business and his personal life. When you start talking about him being a victim of success and toxic masculinity and you specifically mentioned him being a family man, that doesn't have damn squat to do with what I mentioned. I'm talking about how his personal life has affected him as a football player.

It could be Ciara, Halle Berry, Christie Brinkley, a bunch of other people who I've never heard of or only know by name. The fact is, he has changed. And this is the facts. He's a different dude and he's not liked in many cases in the NFL. And a lot of it primarily has to do with not being authentic. Like he is plucked out of a magazine.

Like he is super washed and super clean for public consumption. And he's played into that even with his own lies to the public. Well, I agree that you admit your losses. So that's one point where you and I agree.

I think that I also think, though, that there is a tendency when someone comes with this kind of cookie color, super clean image, like you said, that bleeds over into what he's doing in his professional life, that there's a little bit of crossover there. And we have to be honest about that. So you and I might disagree about that. But I do appreciate your perspective. Well, certainly.

Thank you, Mimi, for calling from Oakland. Yeah, I don't. It's not specifically about this man being married to Ciara.

Not at all. It's not about him being a family. Who cares?

Who cares? I'm glad that he's a family man. We need a lot of, quote unquote, men who are our men to their families.

We need tons of that. And so by no means am I all Russell Wilson family. Who cares?

He should be. It's authenticity. It's being honest, just being straightforward. It's like, man, is this man step in front of a microphone and actually say what's on his mind? Sometimes he does. And sometimes he's shoveling you. You know what? It's like, oh, yeah, I had a leg injury and I was doing high knees on the plane. It's like, oh, here we go again. He's doing high knees on the plane while everybody is asleep.

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This offer expires soon. Blue Nile dot com code radio has to tell us how great he is. It's like, oh, yeah, he wanted to be traded. And as his agent goes out and tells everybody that, yeah, he wants to be traded. And Russell's like, no, no, no, I didn't. I don't want that.

Because he wants to be the good guy, because everything has to be so perfect because you have to protect your reputation. You can't just exist. You have to exist.

You have to exist in a perfectly manufactured and manicured way. You play football for a living, man. Go out there, get your ass busted and and say what's on your mind. I'm sure when Russell Wilson is by himself and he's tripping old ladies across the street and he's saying the F word. I don't know.

What is he doing? Just be honest. That's it. Everything doesn't have to be so Hollywood. Twenty publicists and perfectly written statements. And yes, we got a lot of players who need that.

We got a lot of human beings who need that. But for whatever reason in the NFL, I couldn't even tell you about a quarterback who reminds me of him. And that's a good thing. God bless him. He's unique.

So unique that people can't stand his guts. Eight, five, five, two, one, two, four, CBS. That's eight, five, five, two, one, two, four, CBS. Let's go to Alabama and talk to Josh.

You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey, now, coming from Birmingham, I'm from North Carolina. So I'm naturally a Carolina Panthers fan if the Bucks do indeed lose to the Seahawks, as you have stated, that you believe will happen in Germany. That means my Carolina Panthers only going to be one game back from the division at three and seven. That's insane. Now, what chance do you give the Fighting Steve Wilkes to win the division?

And what is the craziest thing? Oh, well, well, Josh, let me let me be clear here. I said I believe the Seahawks can be the Buccaneers. OK, I don't even know who will win if you had to ask me who I think will win the game. I think somehow, some way Tom Brady will win. I'm not discounting the Seahawks. So let me be clear there. A second of all, the Panthers aren't winning. Jack squad did.

Why do I even want to use like I've already spent two percent of my brain power answering the questions or thinking about it. It's Steve Wilkes is is just holding down the fort. I'd be shocked if he was the long term coach. I mean, you're in a rebuild right now, man. Ain't nobody trying to see the playoffs in Carolina. You don't want the playoffs. Oh, I do want the playoffs. There's so much talk. I know there's a lot of talk about the tank, but as a fan, you want to win.

And personally, I'm against the thing I want to win. And I mean, there's a lot of times when you don't even hit. On those top draft picks these quarterbacks. Yeah, there's a lot of promise at the top of the draft.

So but honestly, I mean, we could find one in the mid of the first low first, possibly even hooker drop to the second. I mean, we got options. Hey, Lamar, come to Carolina, baby. OK, I love Josh on a Friday night delusional. Nothing wrong with being a little delusional.

Look, you can speak for yourself. They're always a lot of fans who prefer the tank. Because there's one place that you do not want to be as an NFL franchise, and that's in the middle. That's NFL purgatory. You're not terrible enough where you can actually move ahead and get a draft pick to build.

And you're not competing for a championship that everybody else is just flat in the middle. And unless you have that quarterback who you can build around and grow with and you asked out, that's the best way I can say it. So the Carolina Panthers, man, this year was the last ditch effort. Oh, we got Baker Mayfield.

Let's see what we can do. You got Sam Donald. Man, ain't nobody wants Sam Donald. You got PJ Walker.

You got two of these dudes selected one and three overall in 2018, just collecting dust on the bench. You fired the head coach, Matt Rule, who for whatever reason, they gave him seventy two million dollars right out of the gate. You don't think the Carolina Panthers and Dave Tepper want to blow things up? They want to win this year and do what?

Hope that you can pick up a quarterback in the second round of the draft. You think that's preferred? Just rolling the dice, man. No, you want to you want to raise your odds of getting better, not lower them.

Do that in draft. 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to take a break. On the other side, I'm going to get some more of your calls. And then I want to talk to you about another veteran quarterback that a lot of people don't like. Aaron Rodgers.

He's going to get ready to take on his old head coach, Mike McCarthy. It's the Dallas Cowboys. It's the Packers and your calls right here on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the J.R. sport pre show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. As we get ready for another NFL Sunday, it feels like we're about to hit the trifecta of quarterbacks that people can't stand. We've talked about Tom Brady playing in Germany against Geno Smith. We talked about Russell Wilson getting ready to take on the Tennessee Titans.

And of course, another matchup that you probably want to pay attention to. Aaron Rodgers. And the loser Green Bay Packers who currently stand or sit or lay down at three and six. They just lost to the Lions 15 to nine. They're going to take on the Dallas Cowboys, who happen to be six and two. NFC East.

Oh, it's a full division. Cowboys are winning. The Giants are winning. The Eagles have yet to lose a game. Oh, it's it's deep in the NFC East and Aaron Rodgers is going to take on his former head coach, Mike McCarthy. Not the best of relationships at all times. But Aaron Rodgers is just like, listen, man, if I see the guy when I see him, I'm gonna give him a big old bear hug.

Matter of fact, Aaron Rodgers, he talks about or spoke about his relationship with Mike McCarthy. I have a lot of gratitude for the off seasons that we went through. Now it was it was long.

It was it was obviously the rules a little bit different, but that helped me become a better player. And I'll always be really thankful for that time. We've always kind of been in touch a little bit more.

I'd say the last year or so. I think as time goes by, the gratitude for that time. As you look back on the journey, your career is, you know, goes up a little bit. You appreciate the little things a little bit more because really this game and life is about the journey. Oh, there goes Aaron Rodgers.

Being very introspective, letting us know that life is about the journey. Now, of course, that Mike McCarthy is in in Dallas sees their friends now, their buddies. Pretty sure they hated each other's guts when they were coaching or when Mike McCarthy was coaching Rodgers.

And that would make a lot of sense now, wouldn't it? Aaron Rodgers, I'm sure he hates everybody's guts. Seems like he can't stand his own teammates. Throws these rookies under the bus. Starts talking about how they need to get sat down if one can't step up.

Well, where was he in OTAs? Not with the team like you just got 50 million dollars. You know, you're playing with a bunch of young guys and you're not getting in as much work as you possibly could.

I guess it's because you are your Aaron Rodgers. You don't need the work, right? You just want another MVP.

You don't need the work, right? And so here now, the Packers lie at an interesting position. They just lost. To the Lions. They got Dallas up next.

Dallas will probably beat them. Here's the thing. You got Aaron Rodgers?

Yes, sure. You got a chance to win. But if the Green Bay Packers don't win, if the Green Bay Packers start to stink the joint up.

We've had quite a few players who have already said. You might as well pack up Aaron Rodgers for the season and sit him down up next on the schedule. Obviously, Dallas this upcoming Sunday, the Tennessee Titans, they're going to take on the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles. They got the Chicago Bears. Then they were on a bye. They got the Rams, the Dolphins, Minnesota, Detroit, and Greg Jennings, who has never been shy about speaking on his former teammate. He was on Craig Carton show on Fox. And he basically said, if Aaron Rodgers and the team continue to hit this slide, you got to put Jordan Love in here.

Take a listen to this. Sooner rather than later, when you look at look at their schedule, the next three games, you got the Cowboys coming in this week, you got the Titans coming in a few days later. And then you got to go to Philly and play the Eagles. Yeah, I believe if they lose two out of these three games in which they likely could lose all three. 4-8, 4-9 in that ballpark.

It's done. You got to see what Jordan Love can do. I would agree with that. You still got this guy, $50 million this year, next year, and the year after that. And Greg Jennings isn't the only person who feels that way. Leroy Butler, he was here on CBS Sports Radio.

He was chatted up with Maggie and Perloff, and he said the same. If you've lost those games, you got to get Jordan Love in there at some point, because there's no playoffs. I mean, there's no playoffs.

I mean, you're not in the playoffs. So now you got to just figure out, because you got to find out at some point you can Jordan Love play, because you can't get rid of Aaron Rodgers because of his contract. But you can find a way to get Jordan Love some work to just kind of find out what you're going to have in a few years.

I agree with that, but I feel it's premature. Aaron Rodgers is going to want to play. What are you setting yourself up for if you bench Aaron Rodgers at the end of the year just to give Jordan Love an opportunity?

Maybe in like a half at the end of a game if it's a blowout, if it's ridiculous, but to just throw Jordan Love out there to start? While Aaron Rodgers is healthy, I can't see that. Aaron Rodgers is going to have a meltdown. He's going to have a Truman Show type moment just on the bench.

They should just put a camera on him. I don't even think the guy would show up to work. The Green Bay Packers would be shooting themselves in the foot. They would be setting themselves up for the biggest temper tantrum of all time. If Aaron Rodgers is told, hey, man, have a seat. We want to see what we have out of love.

And I guess that would be that would be a hell of a turn, right? Because if you remember how Aaron Rodgers, how his career got started. There was some old guy who was a future Hall of Famer on the team. Who didn't necessarily want to go away, didn't necessarily want to help out the other QB. And was throwing a fit knowing that he was being replaced. Aaron Rodgers has felt that way already.

And he's responded by going out there and winning MVPs, hasn't had the postseason success. But could you imagine this being the way that he exits the building? Being benched because they want to see what the future looks like? That might happen. I don't think it will happen by choice. And Aaron Rodgers, I don't think he'll ever do it willingly. And I think the Packers would be ridiculous. They're paying him 50 million dollars. Let Aaron Rodgers get hurt, or let Aaron Rodgers be sat down because of a blowout. I don't see this man sitting down just so Jordan Love can get a look.

I think that's a bad eye. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. J.R. Sportbrief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Got a full slate of NFL games coming up on Sunday. The phone lines are packed.

I'm going to pick them up. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Jared is calling from Wisconsin. You're on the J.R. Sportbrief Show. What's up, Jared? What's up, J.R.? I love your show, man. I listen to it. Well, I've been listening to it a lot more, but I want to talk about the guy who is this, you know, on the Buffalo Bills saying that they're going to be won and done in the playoffs.

Okay, go for it. So, the Buffalo Bills, obviously, they have one of the best defenses around. With their fellow Josh Allen, I mean, Stephon Diggs and Gabe Davis are one of the best vice superheroes in the league.

And not only that, they have one of the best point differentials also. So, honestly, the defense is good with Von Miller and stuff. And that just really bothered me that that guy said that the Buffalo Bills are won and done.

It bothers you when people say stupid things? A little bit. I mean, yeah, the Jets beat Buffalo, but that was a fourth quarter miracle that the Jets just happened to have twice in one season. I don't know if I want to call it a miracle. The New York Jets do have a much improved defense. I don't want to go that far.

But, yes? Don't get me wrong, I do love the Jets. I hope they do make it in the playoffs.

I love Wilson and I love Scott Turner. I mean, it's a machine. No, I agree with you, but, you know, as someone who says that the Buffalo Bills are won and done, he needs his head examined. I wouldn't come back and try to defend him or go at him too much.

I'd ignore him. Hey, well, I appreciate you agreeing with me, but I just want to say thanks, man, and have a good night. You as well, Jarrod. Thank you for calling up from Wisconsin.

Piece of cake. Moe was calling from Buffalo. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Moe? Hey, Jarrod. Thanks for taking my call, brother.

Sure. All right, so first and foremost, I want to say Josh Allen is the greatest thing to happen to Buffalo since probably everybody knows Jim Kelly. We're nothing without him. We're not even a playoff contender without him. Saying that, going into this week, I think they're going to shut him down. There was a video leaked from earlier in their practice where they showed him running off the field.

I think it's all a hoax. I think it's going to be Case Keenum, and it's going to be Case Keenum versus his old team and Stefan Diggs versus his old team. I don't know how it's going to go, but I firmly believe that, I mean, you couldn't write a better script this week for, you know, Minnesota versus Buffalo.

Case Keenum and the miracle with Stefan Diggs versus the Vikings. So, I don't know. I just think that they're definitely going to shut Josh Allen down, and I don't know. I want to hear your thoughts on that.

Yeah, no, I think so. Like, what do you have to gain by sending him out there? This is the NFL, so obviously we don't know the full injury report. We can only tell about what he does on the football field and if he practices.

We know that Wednesday he didn't practice. And if he's that busted up, then why trot him out there? What do you have to gain? You want to win a Super Bowl.

You don't want to win a round. If you have to weigh out having home field advantage versus having a healthy Josh Allen, I think you pick a healthy Josh Allen. I'd rather have him healthy. I think him being close to 100 percent.

Not that there's such a thing at this point of the season, but I think him being close to it. It's better than just saying, oh, my God, we're playing at home. And so the Minnesota Vikings, by the way. What a season they're having.

Seven and one. Kirk Cousins is here. I don't know what Kevin O'Connell has told him or whispered in his ear, but they're playing good, man. Every game, Kirk Cousins is running around with with chains. He looks like a different person. His teammates are enjoying him. And that's fine.

That's all nice. But when they get to the postseason, are we going to see the same old Vikings? Is Kirk Cousins going to turn into a pumpkin? Minnesota Vikings are going to get slapped out or they're going to be. And we can't even really call them a surprise, can we?

At seven and one. They just barely beat Washington 20 to 17. And Kirk Cousins is on the team playing just just iced out. It's like every teammate said, here, put on a chain.

Kirk Cousins is having the time of his life and I'm here for it. Might as well have fun while you're doing it. Right.

He was actually on Pat McAfee and he was talking about all the ice and chains and people making fun of him for basically being a brand new person after these wins. Listen to this. Are you going to get a couple of chains for yourself or how many did you have on yesterday? I think that's the natural next step. I think more chains is the natural next step.

I mean, at some point when you're wearing like, you know, seven or eight and your shirts off, I don't really know where it goes from here unless I go get my own. I mean, we've got a lot more away games. So if we win one of these away games, I just don't know where to take it from here.

So natural next step would be to get my own. Yeah, well, the next away game will be in Buffalo. And let's see if Kirk Cousins is shirtless on the plane ride back wearing a million chains like he's Mr. T. Eight five five two one two four CBS is eight five five two one two four CBS. Jeff is calling up from New Hampshire. Hey, buddy, I finally made it. Thank you so much for having me. Sure. It's my first time calling to a national show.

I'm not used to being on hold for a long time. But I want to say that first, I really like your delivery. It's a very chill vibe compared to most guys that do what you do that are very loud and obnoxious. But what inspired me to call you is that about a half hour ago, you. I believe you said that a 45 year old Tom Brady was relatable to guys half his age in the Tampa Bay locker room. Is that what you said? Nope, that is not what I said. No. That is not what I said.

OK, well, apparently I've been waiting on hold for a long time, but I just. What did you say that? What I said was, if you think about Tom Brady as a teammate in comparison to Russell Wilson over the course of his career, he has done a better job, quote unquote, fitting in given his celebrity. OK, I'll give you that.

But do you think most people that I know, I'm from Southern New Hampshire, 40 miles north of Boston. I've seen many Patriot games. I used to love Tom Brady. I, I think Tom Brady is very difficult and it's been already conceded that he doesn't ride on the plane with the guys from the Bucks. He doesn't show up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

You're lucky if he shows up for a Thursday afternoon practice. And this is the reason that Bill Belichick let him go, because Tom Brady certainly he's the greatest quarterback of all time. Right. We would agree on that. He's the most accomplished. Yes.

Yes. But I was happy to see him go because the last three or four years that Tom Brady was in New England. And it's probably because of his wife at the time or whatever. But he stopped going to OTA. He stopped being the guy that gave everything. Tom Brady used to want to be the best. Eventually, Tom Brady did not give that same effort. The guy was the guy won a Super Bowl. He's 40 something years old.

What do we what do we want here? I think it's it's it's a natural dissolution of of a relationship. I don't care if it's a marriage or it's a team that 20 years is a long time. That's a long time. In football, it's a long time.

I don't think anything changed. And then he left and he won a championship. So if we want to talk about his commitment to the team or or two guys being tired of each other. Tom Brady said it as much. And I don't think this has anything to do with him and who he is as a teammate.

He said, man, I've been here for 20 years. It's kind of boring to be treated like, you know, I was just born yesterday. And so I think that's that's natural. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I don't think it's anything wrong or terrible from Belichick's perspective or even Tom Brady's. I think it's natural. You don't think that there's something wrong with Tom Brady wanting to continuously be being treated as the golden child? I don't think that was I don't think that was necessarily the case.

See this. There's two things. There's two different things that we're talking about. I'm talking about or was speaking on Tom Brady as a teammate, how he was perceived, how he was treated. And I've heard that from players.

Plenty of them. I'm speaking that not just from. Oh, I believe so. I heard it through the grapevine. Players have told me that how he's in the locker room. What you're telling me about is his relationship with his boss. You might as well tell me that the guy in the cubicle, you know, he can get along with everybody else in the cubes next to him. But him and the boss butt heads all the time.

That's that's normal. I don't think there was anything going on where he looked to be the golden child. I think he's a professional athlete. Did he want Jimmy Garoppolo behind him taking his job? No. Did he have a relationship with the owner? Yes. I think he utilized his leverage like anyone would who had his success. But him as a teammate.

No, no problems. Yes. I know I did. I know that his first year in Tampa, he did all the extra training in the last two years. He's not just like he didn't the last three years that he was in New England. You know, he didn't give Tom Brady is the best for a reason because he used to give it all the time. And when he started a new in Tampa Bay, yes, he did give that same great extra effort. And he's not the last couple of years. And, you know, personally, I don't care what happens with Tom and his supermodel wife.

So what is so which one is it? Is he he's 45 years old. What do we want from him? I'm just I'm just sick and tired of him being treated like the golden child.

Oh, OK. I don't think he is. I think he's I think you said it, Jeff.

And thank you so much for calling from New Hampshire. He's a 45 year old guy. Who's had more success than anyone in the Super Bowl era. What do you want from Tom Brady?

I don't. Yeah, he's he's yelling at his guys on the sideline. He's crying and whining like a baby. And trust me, I'm happy to see him, you know, be humbled on the football field. I don't care about his personal life.

Divorce sucks. But the fact is, when it comes down to football, what more can anybody ask from the guy? Hey, Tom Brady, I need you to run some extra laps.

If there's anybody who deserves. Just leave him the hell alone is him. Is he closer to the end? Oh, yeah. Hell yeah, he's at the end.

He was out the door and then came back. I don't know if I believe in Tom Brady is is being treated or wants to be treated like the golden child. He's being treated like the the most accomplished quarterback ever. I think that just comes with the territory. I don't think he's running around with a sash or a crown where he's the the coolest kid in school.

I don't think that's the case. Get this old man a break. Forty five years old. Jordan is here from Buffalo. What's up, Jordan? I just wanted to talk about the game on Sunday with Josh Allen and his injury. And if he doesn't play or not, I think we're going to kick the crap out of the Vikings anyway. We got our good defense going and we're not worried over here. Well, I mean, it's that's there's a lot of people who were worried when I was up there all week. I think Kate Keenum would be just fine. I agree with you.

It doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of a lot of concerned individuals. Dalton is calling from Topeka, Kansas. Go ahead, Dalton. I was there. How are you doing tonight?

I'm amazing. What's on your mind, please? Oh, what's on my mind is I'm upset with the bills.

Just that I don't know, ownership coaching, whoever makes the decision to put out there to live that they trying to set. They trying to sell to us that Josh Allen got tendinitis. Man, that man has got an overall collateral ligament damage and he'll be lucky if he has to get out with just orthoscopic surgery. If not, he's going to have to have full blown Tommy John orthoscopic surgery. He might be able to come back by the end of the year. Maybe they make a wild card run if they're lucky. Tommy John, you ain't going to see him until the middle of next year.

This looks terrible for the bills. And also, side note, I love watching Aaron Rodgers fall. So this has been a great year for me. Well, I'm happy that you're up and listening here. Well, thank you, Dalton.

I'm happy it's a good year for you. One guy's failure is your treasure. Great. Look, we don't know the extent of Josh Allen's injury. And so me personally, I'm not going to speculate as to whether or not he's going to have surgery or be gone. I don't know if he can play through this. I don't know if he gets a shot.

I don't think anybody's trying to pull any type of wool over anybody's eyes. He has an elbow injury. Can he play through it? Maybe.

Is he going to need surgery? I don't know. There's no use in speculating. You might as well ask Bill Belichick, you know, about anything.

He ain't going to get an answer. And so I think we'll see after Sunday what the deal is with Josh Allen. But I'm not going to run around saying, oh, man, he needs surgery and they're downplaying us. The owners think we're stupid.

If anything, this is gamesmanship with the Vikings right now. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. More NFL talk on the other side.

And then I do got to mention this. Pete Rose. He's still trying to get into the Hall of Fame. He's almost begging.

I'll let you hear it on the other side. It's the JR Sport Brief Show without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running. Everything would suddenly stop. Hospitals, factories, schools and power plants. They all depend on you, no matter the weather, emergency or time of day. You're the ones who get it done at Grainger. We're here for you 24 seven with supplies and solutions for every industry and access to product specialists ready to help call. Click Grainger dot com or just stop by Grainger for the ones who get it done without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running.

Everything would suddenly stop. Hospitals, factories, schools and power plants. They all depend on you, no matter the weather, emergency or time of day. You're the ones who get it done at Grainger. We're here for you 24 seven with supplies and solutions for every industry and access to product specialists ready to help call.

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