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11.8.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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November 9, 2022 1:00 am

11.8.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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November 9, 2022 1:00 am

JR explains what the next steps should be the for the Lakers and it doesn't involve the playoffs


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your operating system talking, not your computers or your phones, but your internal human operating system. I'm feeling a little overloaded. Here's how you can ease my stress. Close your eyes or softly gaze at something in front of you. Now inhale for four counts. Exhale for six. Keep repeating.

Much better. Longer term, there's BetterHelp online therapy. They'll match us with the licensed therapists we can connect with via video, phone or chat.

Visit slash positive and save 10% on our first month. You're listening to the JR SportBrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR SportBrief on CBS Sports Radio. This is CBS Sports Radio. I am JR. This is the JR SportBrief show. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd.

We're talking to hundreds and hundreds. Watch to say broadcasting out to hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of stations all over North America and everybody listening on the free Odyssey app. That's A-U-D-A-C-Y. If you're like me, you got the app on your phone. You walk around the house with it. You get in your car with it. You walk to work with it. A little weird when I walk into work and listen to the Odyssey app because I'm at work listening to Odyssey. I'm on the air right now. It'd be weird as hell if I turned on the Odyssey app.

Why would I do that? Here's a demonstration. Hey Siri. Shut up.

Oh, she didn't talk back. How about that? Don't talk to technology like me.

It's a bad example. Anyway, if you want to talk to me, not technology, it's 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. You can also get a hold of me at JR Sport Brief. We've had a busy show. We've talked about Jim Erce. Doesn't know how to make sausage but knows how to run a football team.

I do know how to build a football team. We've talked about Jerry Jones. He's like, I love O'Dell. O'Dell is someone that we have all the appreciation in the world for.

I'm sure you have the appreciation of the world for him. I'm sure your team sucks. The offense does.

My apologies. Receivers aren't what you thought they would be. People have called and talked about the Miami Dolphins.

Set a caller, Ali. He's like, hey, we got a better passing attack than the Chiefs. I'm like, whoa, bruh. Let's slow down. Let me know when Tuatanga Veloa morphs into Patrick Mahomes or beats him.

And we got more to do. We're gonna talk about Anthony Davis. We're gonna talk about this this college basketball coach. Shout out to all the college basketball fans out there. The season is underway except for the guy who decided to quit on his team at the last minute. We'll talk about that squad. Dwight Howard is gonna go play basketball for a team in Taiwan. And Kyrie Irving, he sat down to meet with Adam Silver. And so, we've had a busy show.

It will continue to be busy and we got a lot of callers here and I wanna make sure that y'all have y'all say. So, I will talk to you guys and then I wanna talk about Anthony Davis. I've seen him play a couple of times.

Not as a laker though. I don't think I'm missing anything. 855-212-4CBS Ramon is calling from Indianapolis. Hey, how you doing, JR? Thanks for taking my call.

Appreciate you. You summed up a lot of things here in Indianapolis. We just look at, you know, we like Saturday but they look at it as a clown show. It's just a PR, PR moved local reporters here are figuring that the owner is just more important with PR than anything else. I actually think myself that Saturday has playing with house money.

If I'm him, I just let it all hang out and see what happens and look at it as that. But, I mean, it's been a clown show for a while and that's generally what the locals are saying. I'm just upset.

I'm just sad that people who may be able to get this team back in order because to him saying that he's happy he doesn't have any experience. Well, I'm a medical professional and I've dealt with DNA testing and stuff like that and I definitely wouldn't want a person who's not, I wouldn't want any experience cutting on me or giving me an injection or anything like that. So, you're a health professional that does DNA testing? Yes, I've done DNA testing and like like Maury Povich? I used to do those paternity tests earlier on.

Now, I'm doing more birth defects and things like that but it's so much training involved. You know, you gotta have some experience to even understand what's going on. So, I know he wants to hype up that he's happy to have any experience but from my experience, even being a little little bitty manager for a while until I got out of that, dealing with people is different. It's just different when you gotta deal with managing. He gotta manage 53 and then plus other people dealing with people takes skill and that's where he does, that's what he doesn't have. He can know about football but everybody in that locker room is basically every man for himself right now.

It's every man for himself. Yeah, because everybody knows this is not, this is, there's nothing, there's nothing on solid ground in Indianapolis. This isn't, this is not a team. This is a bunch of guys who's trying to play for their next job. That's it.

That's it, man. It's really pitiful and then going, I know you're going to do the Lakers but I just, I just had to say that I know you're probably going to mention some trade. I would trade all three of the big guys start over again. I know LA is like this Showtime place but think about it.

It doesn't take long to rebuild and if they did it right, they could be right back in order in two years and I don't know why they're so scared to do it. LeBron would be the first to go. That shooting and stuff he did the other day against Utah was the worst. I coached basketball third and fourth graders and I showed them that and that was the worst that I've ever seen. That was terrible, horrible. He's horrible. LeBron James took worse shots than third and fourth graders.

He, did you see that game against Utah? Did you happen to see that? I had it on in the background here in the studio. Oh my god. They highlighted it on Shannon and Skip's show and once I saw it highlighted it, it was even worse than when I saw it in action.

Why do you take 27 footers shooting air? Why do you do that? Over and over and over and over. Did you? Wasn't there a show that used to come on television? Are you smarter than the fifth grade? Remember that show?

I don't remember that and it's like I told one of the players, young boys, I said LeBron is so big if he just drives to the basket he's gonna get an A and one every time. Well his ass is old. He's old now okay. He ain't going.

Thank you Ramon for calling from Indiana. This is not, this is not young LeBron okay. You gotta jack up them shots so he can catch Kareem. He has to be very judicious as to when he drives to the basket because ain't nobody trying to get hacked and whacked and abused.

Everybody breaks down. If I was LeBron, I'd be taking 50 foot jumpers too. Oh my god. Hey Shep, what is this LeBron number?

What is this? I mean to you know your point, LeBron right now is about extending his career. He's certainly playing that up. One of 16 from three in the month of November that equates to 6% for the quote-unquote king. LeBron James is shooting 6% from three?

Yep. For anyone who doesn't know a damn thing about basketball, an excellent three-point shooter is going to knock down about 40% of his threes. A good one is going to knock down, I don't know, anywhere between 36 plus. An average guy will knock down about 33 and once you start going below that then you should probably think about not shooting. He's shooting what percent now? Say it again?

He's shooting 6% from three. Okay so no no no no let's do the math again. Let's slow down here. You're doing too much.

I'll do too much? Yes. Gotcha. An excellent shooter shooting 40. A good one is gonna maybe pop between 35 to 40. Sounds about right. 33 is gonna be give or take average.

Yeah. And LeBron James is shooting what? 6% from downtown in the month of November but there's an even more troubling statistic for LeBron James. He is shooting, I kid you not, less than 42%. This is a guy now in your 20 from the free throw line for this month.

Well damn. I mean that is that is embarrassingly awful. It is. And LeBron James has, I mean the old attitude to free throw, if you are not making 50% of your free throws in your 20 and your names are not Will Chamberlain, Shaquille Neal and Chris Dudley, let's throw in Ben Wallace there too, you need to seriously reevaluate what you are doing with your career at this point and that even applies for LeBron James. Well overall for the season he's shooting 70% which is pretty much his rate for the past few seasons. But to that point, going to 41.7% in the month of November, that's a huge dip. It is. We're not talking just one game here either. Yes but it's still a small sample size.

Even though I crap on him and we crap on him here for shooting 6% which is absolute trash, he's obviously in a in a shooting slump and so I don't want to take that away from him. Do I think that's going to be his rate for the entire season? No. Could it be? Yeah maybe. I highly I highly doubt it.

It's hard to believe Jair when you have 30 teams in the NBA the Lakers led by LeBron James have the second fewest wins in the entire league. Well he's not the same he's not the same player. So then don't take the big time money. Don't take what? Don't take don't take the big time money.

Oh my god. If you're not that type of a player then. So tell Ben Simmons that. Well but no no wait wait wait but but that that is that is such an in that is so unjust and unfair to LeBron. I'm not saying what you're saying Jair but I would never ever fall for that trap to ever say Ben Simmons and LeBron James aside from being transcendent 6'9".

No no no no don't save your breath. It's not about comparing them as players. Good. It's the thought or the idea of then don't take the money.

What? By LeBron James take but but but Jair by him taking the max contract and I understand he's in your 20s so he can't take the five-year deal that Steph Curry could etc. Dame Lillard etc. But the fact that he does take so much money it obviously restricts and impedes what you can do with the rest of your salary cap. Hence you get Matt Ryan not the Boston College Ryan shooting game-winning threes and that's one of the two wins you have in a 10-game season so far. Did you just did you just insult both Matt Ryan?

I think I did but the reality is when you have Austin Reeves and Matt Ryan as your two best shooters the fact that you have two wins at a 10 like that's a minor miracle in and of itself. You want LeBron James to make two million dollars? No no no I didn't say that but you have to allow your roster to have some level of flexibility where you can go out and be actual uh actually pragmatic entertaining guys such as Buddy Heel, Miles Turner, individuals like who they they're under contract to other teams. I know I understand that but you don't what I'm saying is you don't have the like who who are the big who are the big guys they got this year back?

No but Dennis Shruder come on. But there was who there was no one available that they were going to add that was going to make a difference as a free agent nobody and if you think about this is the approach it's it's more than looking at it as just basketball salary. The reality is all things considered from a back even from a basketball standpoint and it's all good and well to finally cross over into the realm of of being a billionaire uh as a net worth. The man from a basketball salary perspective and standpoint has been underpaid and so I would never insinuate oh my god he should take less money so they could be more competitive. The team around him and this is not to absolve him because over the past several years he's had plenty to do with unfortunately the Lakers fall but I don't think it has a lot to do with how much of the salary cap you know he eats up. It has to do with who he wants to play with and we see one of those examples now with Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook at this point is is not even the the main ire of the team. We know he's now coming off of the bench he's accepted that role LeBron James just sat out the last game with a busted up foot he'll probably be back soon but he's going to need maintenance throughout the course of his career and the latest guy to kind of get smacked around I guess because he's actually healthy right now is Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis is a 22 and 11 guy and he just looks looks like a mummy. Maybe part of it is an accumulation of the injuries that he has sustained over the course of his career he's going to turn 30 years old next year which is wild I remember watching him play in the final four for Kentucky. I remember buying a ticket to see him I just so happened to be in New Orleans I don't know a year or two after he got drafted and I was like oh well the pelicans are here let me go see Anthony Davis play he was flying all over the place and blocking shots and at this point it looks like Anthony Davis as a basketball player has peaked it's like he peaked in the bubble what were we supposed to think his his ridiculous athleticism and his his his mobility and dexterity was going to last hell no he's a little bit older a little bit heavier has a little bit of wear well not a little bit of wear and tear I mean every joke you see of Anthony Davis this man is getting pushed around in a wheelchair they're calling him Sam Jackson from from unbreakable I saw that shot did you see that one I know you did I did not unfortunately you didn't see unbreakable with Bruce Willis I know I don't watch uh or you know I shouldn't say anything about about Bruce Willis because I know he's struggling you didn't like die hard I'm gonna I'm gonna play the fifth and be classic because I know Bruce Willis is going through things personally so you didn't did you see all three of them or four of them I don't I didn't see all five or six of them I stopped at like the third one you didn't see the first three diehards I think Bruce Willis should be uh is very lucky I think sometimes lucky thing good Shep over the holidays what did you tell me to watch over the holidays friends I would say catch one episode of friends yeah okay sure fine I'll watch one 22-minute episode of friends I have a deal no because diehards what two two and a half hours it is two hours of a classic movie if I want to watch bad action movies I'll just I'll just you know google search Stephen Seagal and find something of his die hard is one of the best action movies ever I don't know about isn't isn't that you never saw it isn't it comedy no it takes place on Christmas okay it's a holiday I don't think all right I just don't think Bruce Willis is it brings really anything to the table if I'm being perfectly honest how you gonna say you never saw die hard how you gonna say that because I know because I know Bruce Willis is his character he's a man of few words and he has his dry sense of humor what is and he has a stunt double I don't think Bruce Willis is all that talented that was his first huge gigantic hit you don't know unless you see it okay you got to see die hard anyway the Los Angeles Lakers they need to die hard similar to Anthony Davis in his career Anthony Davis he talked about their latest lost he talked about what it feels like to be two and eight listen to the question and listen to his response for a player like you who is not at the start of your career um how are you handling where this team is today um obviously it sucks you know we don't want to be two and eight at all um you know we got guys out you know patilani didn't play brawn you know ds has yet to play um thomas like it sucks for sure um yeah you gotta look at big picture i mean it's been 10 games but still you know fairly early in the season um two and eight is it's a hard pill for me to swallow do something about it aren't you top 75 didn't you win a championship in the bubble haven't you been on the all defensive team weren't you drafted number one overall aren't you an eight time all-star aren't you six eleven didn't you get a growth spurt when you were five so now you got you got handles and can move like a guard isn't that who you are do something about it we want to talk about how bad labrawn and his other shooter anthony davis now is is sub 30 from three that was supposed to be his thing i get you from the inside i get you from the outside i got long gigantic arms i can d you up i do something i guess making 37 and now then 40 million and 40 plus million dollars a year made him real comfortable labrawn james is probably kicking himself he's like damn it i thought it was a good idea to play with restbrook he's like man i want a championship with anthony davis and now anthony davis thinks this is just vacation here in la take the game over man you're afraid you're gonna break a pinky anthony davis what a what a disappointment at least he's been honest in his tenure though it was two years ago when he signed that extension the five years almost 200 million dollar deal the realest thing i've ever heard an athlete say was you damn right i took the money because i may break a fingernail tomorrow listen to anthony davis from two years ago it wasn't a matter of you know without coming back or not i think it was just more so uh you know furthering out you know the contract with i just want to be here i want to be here my family wants to be here um i love this organization um i love the culture staff that we have also you know the reality of things too i i do have a little history with injuries two-year day you kind of bet on yourself you know do i get to to that you know god forbid not gonna worry something happens i want to secure the most uh amount of years possible so i thought the five-year deal yeah yeah i'm i'm injury prone so i needed to take the money and living and playing in los angeles for 200 million dollars where i can kind of coast chill and relax not too bad i can visit my family in chicago in the summertime and we can spend the winters here in la doesn't sound so bad for anthony davis if i'm the los angeles lakers and i'm two and eight and i got lebron james and i got anthony davis and i got russell westbrook russell westbrook he can go anthony davis he can go and damn it if i can get a decent haul in for a long term without lebron lebron can go as well that's not going to happen so the reality is anthony davis if you find something you find if you find a taker who the hell would want them maybe the dumb ass new york next move them if you can find a sucker for westbrook move them the lakers are a joke two and eight the utah jazz are out here trying to lose on purpose and they are better than the lakers what do you think the lakers should do with anthony davis what should they do with russell westbrook because ain't no turnaround for this season it's just more suffering while lebron scores more points than kareem i'm going to take your calls on the other side i'll tell you about dwight howard and we got more it's the jr sport we show cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sport radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey jr man it's gonna be cliche as a mug but a long time long time listener first time caller man and i appreciate your show big time you have so much insight i just want to get you props on that call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs the los angeles lakers have three future hall of famers on this squad the los angeles lakers have three players who are in that nva top 75 the los angeles lakers have a record of two and eight we've known russell westbrook is on borrow time expiring contract starting coming off the bench doesn't matter 47 million dollars that's an expensive-ass bench player but we know the writing is on the wall labrawn james just signing a new two-year deal getting 50 per he ain't going anywhere and an anthony davis two years ago he signed a five-year 200 million dollar deal himself but when you're two and eight and you got labrawn james who can still play at a high level he's not what he was but he is still one of the best players in the game you got to move anthony davis too yeah you won a championship in a bubble but he got to get the boot uninspired actually healthy now i guess this is anthony davis trying to stay healthy he talked about entering into the season and coming in healthy and maintaining that well i guess he just needs to go slow motion but actually playing hard will lead him to the bench or the emergency room or trainer's table if there's a sucker out there for anthony davis the lakers need to find identify him and bring him in eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs if you're the lakers what do you do i'd move labrawn if i could but that ain't happening tony's calling from massachusetts you're on the jr sport brief show yo dad you're funny man you have me cracking up man so the bottom line is man the lakers they they got their chips they mortgage their future if i'm them i'm moving everybody man and i know the numbers i mean they ain't gonna get nothing for westburg don't nobody want them anthony davis that contract is ridiculous he might not even make it through a season and labrawn can still play but it's like all he want to play with is like all his buddies from the that old timers league man he keep bringing i'm looking at all the talents that they got rid of all them young talents that's split across the nba right now the pelicans the bullets uh the angel um the angel russell they had and i'm like man i know they like why did we do that but i get it they wanted the chip but now they gotta pay the price because i don't see how they can move anything i would move everybody and start all over that's what i would do yeah it's unlikely though that would include labrawn and not that's i don't see i don't see them hitting that button i mean damn i mean you both know when they brought labrawn and they should have just said well he's a player gm because when they brought in it was basically he was the gm so they ain't even need that and now they're at a point where somebody got to make a tough decision i'm trying to the most valuable one is anthony davis but how are you gonna who's gonna take him with that contract man and you gotta get stuff back from you just can't like okay just take on his contract you need draft pitch and you need some players back man i'm gonna hang up and listen to you man because i know you know well thank you well thank you tony for calling for massachusetts i i don't know you you'd have to find a sucker to take back anthony davis a sucker because what does anthony davis won by himself he was the best player right there along with labrawn james in the bubble i was hoping he would stay in new orleans but he didn't want to anthony davis i don't think is going to win you a championship as the best guy on the team not at all 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs mario was calling from right here in rochester hey mario you're on cbs sports radio what's up man we in the same city welcome to rochester sir well thank you what do i need to eat while i'm here well if you i don't know how long you're here but you might want to stop by abilene's bar and lounge uh which is right next door to where i live and on liberty pole way across from the harris building sounds like a trap yeah but anyway um oh did you see it's a good day to die hard with uh bruce willis and the other guy that played the sun when they both got together and kicked some ass was that die hard 20 i didn't see that one that was the last one i've seen in me no it's a good day to die hard yep but anyway do you think it would think it would have been more uh admirable if jeff saturday said uh gee uh thank you for even considering me and in hiring me for the interim position but i see you have other coaches that have hands-on experience already which i think it'd be best if they took over versus myself and you know just be honest with yourself with that if he's into the limelight well you know look it's that's where he'll be versus ESPN no i i wouldn't i wouldn't think it would be admirable for jeff saturday to to say no i've never coached a game so i'm not going to take the job or someone deserves it more than me they're only 32 head coaching spots jobs and opportunities uh it's it's a job that a lot of folks want you can look at any roster on the nfl any coaching i should say coaching staff in the nfl and you're gonna have you're gonna have 20 20 plus coaches guys who all want the top spot some of them are former film coordinators you have a lot of them who are former players and to be a former player and know that you quote-unquote skip the line and you're going to get a short term chance i can't knock jeff saturday for just taking the job and you know taking the bumps that might come with it well i'm wishing well on it i mean uh i mean uh i'm sure pate manning's giving a little few tips on the side i'm sure i'm sure he's getting all the manning cast help that that he can get hey mario thank you for calling from here rochester the city's been amazing to me so far oh don't leave so quick stick around well don't kidnap me thank you mario oh come on i'm saying i don't know thank you mario i like my freedom don't take me away he's like hey i got this good place to eat right down the block for me i'm i don't think i want to go there eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side i'm gonna tell you about an nba player who's going to play on the other side of the planet it's the jr sport brief show you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio i appreciate you i'm grateful for your brand of sports talk you are the best and i appreciate you keeping us entertained informed with your hard-hitting and beautiful style of sports talk call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs oh i'm trying my best that's all i can do is try right it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio being joined by super producer and host dave sheppard and you the phone lines are hot they bumping they busy they're on fire nba jam you know nba jam you know one of the cool things that i saw when i arrived here at rochester airport over the past couple days i get off the plane and i see like the world's biggest video game console there's like a there's like a giant fake television with pong on it i'm like what am i the twilight zone something it's like an arcade museum or something here i need to go check that out if you're in rochester you know what that is let me know anyway eight five five two one two four cbs we've been talking about anthony davis the only way that he would probably be good consistently would be in a video game if another human being was in control of him ea sports it's in the game totally unrelated terrible you never played nba jam oh i i'm sorry you don't like ea sports what does that have to do with ea sports is nba jam did i screw that up ea sports is a great video game no but is that nba jam that nba jam was like a claim a claim or something like that oh ea sports is when people think of video games they think of ea sports before they think of nba jam no no no no nba jam yeah midway yeah midway a claim i can't believe you just said that shup i'm not trying to be funny or no no no no no no no no no no that was not that was not good man shup you understand i like you you know that right of course of course i like you a lot i love you you understand that right the feeling is mutual but why is that so bad though no i'm honestly i'm i'm trying to have a teachable moment here why what is so wrong with ea sports compared to nva jam ea sports is more what people did when we grew up no i want to quit while i'm not ahead and just and just shut up ea sports you see now you got me thinking ea sports is mad and correct no yes thank you ea sports was also nba live right yes that's all good if you gotta think about sports video games yes of course there was madden nba jam is in its own space in own lane as a classic as an arcade classic boom shaka yes boom shaka laka and then he's on fire like that's classic that is iconic it doesn't exist now in the same way maybe if at all like in like madden and i don't people still play madden i guess everything i hear about it is it hasn't changed and there you go like i have visions of playing with the houston rockets in my head right now nba jam is a classic by itself has nothing to do with ea has nothing to do with madden nba jam i have nba jam right now in my house if i want to play jam nba jam i can that's how damn good it is it's amazing i i still think ea sports takes the cake though i understand nba jam no it's not a it's not a matter of comparison it's like it's like both artists and we shouldn't compare yeah it's like thanksgiving is coming up right it's like the oscar winners that say there shouldn't be any kind of competition even though they don't want to win is that what this is going it's it's like thanksgiving it's like going to somebody's house during thanksgiving and i don't know what type of pies people eat apple pie apple peach cobbler i don't know what people eat but it's like saying i like that pie and that one i don't care about that one well it's it's a preference there nba jam is a classic man when i think about basketball games video games for basketball it's nba jam is probably the most classic basketball game that we have ever seen what's the one that's a 2k like people people are buying and playing 2k like people used to buy and play madden but they are but madden i mean correct me if i'm wrong madden is a religion like that is a game of people i mean they hypothesize and theorize and ruminate over that game as if they're like lifelong chess addicts no i don't think nba jam has the same type of following nor you know cult uh for people who played basketball video games i don't know the answer is there is there was no other basketball video game in that same space being a classic until we got to ea with live they had nba jam across the country competitions where like people devote their lives to it the way they do john madden in his video game 30 years ago 35 years ago yes this arcade was this arcade game was everywhere i think the king griffey jr game even takes the no you're missing you're missing a point yeah you're talking about a football game right now you're telling me about a baseball game yeah i'm telling you about the classic basketball game that's it got it there's nothing else that has nothing to do with madden it has nothing to do you might as well tell me about you know mario and luigi it don't have it doesn't have anything to do tell me about mortal combat now it doesn't have anything to do with nba jam right nothing you know what i remember i remember the the the game uh where you had like the the plastic toy guns and you would like shoot at the ducks you remember i'm talking about duck hunt those were those were great games yeah those are fun and i'm talking more simple times obviously now guns have different meanings for young kids so i'm not promoting that in any way shape or form but those were the those were the good old days jr bruh i liked galaga i like super mario all iterations except for the one where he became 3d i didn't get with that uh you know when mario could start moving around different worlds i'm like no mario needs to strictly be 2d for me if he's not 2d i'm not interested but sign me up nba jam i could play nba jam right now today i don't think your fans would be too happy with that but over what what's the problem yeah because people listening to me right now yeah if they played video games 30 35 and 40 years ago right if you played basketball you played nba jam that's it you that's what you played whether you played it with a quarter or whether you had it in your house on a super nintendo or saga you played nba jam that's it son of a hedgehog underrated video game you see not you're going all over the place i understand that i just think i just think you're hyping up nba jam a little too much that's all i'm saying it's a it's a fun game but i don't think it has the same kind of furthestness that these other games that i've mentioned have that's all incorrect okay the strain all right what was the other what was the other basketball game i but i don't think basketball i don't think basketball like there was like nba jam yeah right um there was there was um uh 2k right well that came after right but i don't see here's my point i don't think basketball ever came close in the vicinity of having the same reverence and love and you know fever pitchness admiration that people have had for the nfl football franchise specifically man that's what i'm that's all i'm saying yes yeah compare yeah yeah you're right that i'm not taking that away right but that doesn't mean any less that nba jam is an all-time classic game it kind of died out though like people still play mad into this day i don't think anyone plays nba jam anymore well the company that made it is defunct okay it doesn't mean it doesn't exist though mid mid mid way producing anymore but it's still it should still be an existence in theory well if i can go home back to georgia and i could put on nba jam then i'll tell you damn right it exists in my house right that's what i'm saying but i don't think most people share that same sentiment that's all no not true okay if i if i walk look i'm here in rochester yes if i plug the super nintendo up to a television in here and i had nba jam right i'd have a bunch of 35 40 50 year old men who would go oh my god and they would want to play that's it because it's a classic it's nostalgic there's no comparison there's nothing to compare it to is there free booze and food and pool and pinball machines because if it's just a video game that's not enough of a selling point particularly this one by the way to everyone listening this is the same individual who about 30 minutes ago said he has never seen a die-hard film wait i i've come across it i've never had the patience nor interest to continue to watch it there's a big oh oh so let me say that again yeah the man who just downplayed nba jam yeah this is the same man who has never seen die-hard well i've never wanted to watch it to its entirety jr because i'm not the first person to ever say bruce willis you know listen oh god bless someone who's going through his health issues right now he is a very overrated actor i'm sorry i'm sorry i have to say it you you sit down and you watch friends instead he was not friends by the way no you watch you watch friends and i'll play nba jam and watch die-hard we all got we all got our choices here i've made mine nba jam and die-hard and you can watch friends and gone with the wind so jr sport free show here on cbs sports radio this is your operating system talking not your computers or your phones but your internal human operating system i'm feeling a little overloaded here's how you can ease my stress close your eyes or softly gaze at something in front of you now inhale for four counts exhale for six keep repeating much better longer term there's better help online therapy they'll match us with the licensed therapist we can connect with via video phone or chat visit this is your operating system talking not your computers or your phones but your internal human operating system i'm feeling a little overloaded here's how you can ease my stress close your eyes or softly gaze at something in front of you now inhale for four counts exhale for six keep repeating much better longer term there's better help online therapy they'll match us with the licensed therapist we can connect with via video phone or chat visit slash positive and save 10 on our first month if you're feeling down and having trouble getting up in the morning here's a tip brush your teeth that's it often when we wake up our brains go into planning mode which leads to overthinking and stress before our head even leaves the pillow something simple like brushing your teeth can break that cycle and jump start your day this tip was brought to you by better help online therapy which connects you with the licensed therapist via video phone or online chat visit and save 10% on your first month
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