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11.8.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR
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November 9, 2022 1:58 am

11.8.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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November 9, 2022 1:58 am

JR analyzes the potential of OBJ in Dallas


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This is your operating system talking, not your computers or your phones, but your internal human operating system. I'm feeling a little overloaded. Here's how you can ease my stress. Close your eyes or softly gaze at something in front of you. Now, inhale for four counts, exhale for six.

Keep repeating. And I'm coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. I've hope you had a great day. I'm gonna be here with you for one more hour. Shout outs to everybody from coast to coast, over oceans, over lakes, over rivers, over streams, over hills, valleys, mountains, planes, barns, and farms. I'm glad that audio travels. Think about it this way. This is weird, isn't it? Let's think about technology for a second.

I'm in a room in Rochester, New York, and you're listening to me. Do you know how? Nobody knows, but you just know how. Nobody knows, but you just are.

So let's not think too deeply about it. Look, if you want to holler at me, that's also technology. How does the phone work?

I don't know, but it does. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. You can contact me digitally.

That's at JR Sport Brief. How does that work? I don't know. I could literally type anything right now and somehow, some way, you'd see it. Human beings are amazing. We actually do good. A lot of times, we're jerks with the technology that we have.

Anyway, speaking of being a jerk... No, I'm not talking about myself. I'm here in Rochester, New York. The Media for the Movement Tour continues on. I'll be having a great time Wednesday at the University of Rochester, promoting inclusivity when it comes down to sports, inclusivity when it comes down to healthcare, and it's a beautiful time. As a matter of fact, I'm going to share a preview with you. I'm in upstate New York, western New York. I'm right down the road from Buffalo. Shout-outs to all the Bills fans in Buffalo, here in Rochester, in Syracuse. But recently, I was in New York City, and I want to share with you some conversations that I had that relate to me being here in Rochester right now. So we'll get there.

And it's been a busy night. We've talked about Jim Earsay. We've talked about Jerry Jones. We've talked about Odell. Jerry Jones says he wants Odell. A matter of fact, let's listen to Jerry Jones' wax poetic about Odell Beckham Jr. or 105.3, the fan, in Dallas.

Odell is someone that we have all the appreciation in the world for what he is as a competitor. And I know that the cowboy star on that helmet, when he puts it on, could look pretty good. We should be aware that he's coming off this injury, but he showed he can do it and do it well last year.

So that would go in the mix real good. His past, not experience, but his past dealing with adversity, if you will, of injury rehab, I think that tells you a lot. Does Jerry Jones understand that the more times that he gets injured, the less likely will be that he will be a big-time contributor? I'm not saying that I don't expect him to come back and be good, but Jerry Jones is talking about this man like, yeah, he had five knee surgeries and he had five of them, and that means he has the will to come back and compete.

That also means that he's going to run about five seconds slower. What do I know? I just watch football. I also watch Jerry Jones pour salt on an Egg McMuffin.

I don't know if that's anyone that I want to follow. 855-212-4CBS, before we went to break, we talked about NBA Jam, an all-time classic. Speaking of a classic, yeah, these are some things I learned about Rochester, New York while I've been here. Kodak started here, as in, yes, Kodak the film, the camera folks.

They got a lot of patents, so that's why they're still able to operate. I haven't seen anybody, you know, with Kodak, or I guess I'm mixing up Polaroid. My apologies, I'll get kicked out of the city now. Xerox.

Hey, Chef, when's the last time you used a Xerox machine? It's been a minute. You insulting the people here at Rochester? No, of course not. I mean, God knows, you know, I'd give anyone credit that has to stay warm ten months of the year. Oh, geez.

Anyway... And that is a compliment. Frederick Douglass is buried here? I had no idea.

None? I'm not going to touch that one. You can't have anything but reverence for that, man. Oh, yeah, I mean, educated black man, lawyer, it's a beautiful thing. I had no idea he was buried here. None. There's a lot to learn here about Rochester, so I've learned.

Xerox, pretty cool. Anyway, we got a lot of callers who have been very patient. Let's talk to them. By the way, if you're missing Dwight Howard in the NBA, he is on his way to Taiwan. Good for him. And let's see if he gets back in the league.

At least he plays hard, something Anthony Davis doesn't do. 855-212-4CBS, Bill is calling from D.C. What's up, Bill? Hey, J.R., how you doing?

I'm amazing. You give good takes, and yes, I like that. I had one and two, and Space Jam. Oh, Space Jam? You like Space Jam? I mean, NBA Jam, excuse me.

Oh, okay. Yeah, I like NBA Jam. I like Space Jam. But I want to first say, J.R., that a proud story franchise, Will Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, in the logo, Jerry West, come on, one caller talked about just getting rid of Russell Wrest, Anthony Davis, did you see him bending over holding his back in the early games, J.R.? Every game, every game. Maybe it's time to rebuild and start this thing all over with a story franchise like this. You don't want to be a last in stock of the league, J.R. Come on, I used to love the Lakers.

I had cousins in L.A. and stuff, and I was in the service. I just don't know what to say right now. Jamie Busch needed a clean house.

Well, here's my question. How long would Laker fans wait to have another contender if it's time to clean house? How long would Laker fans wait? That's a good question, but sometimes, J.R., you got to start all over. If this has got to what it's been, you don't want it to turn into worse than it's going to be. You might have to wait, what, two years?

Like one caller said? Well, okay, that's reasonable. Well, I mean, it's almost a similar situation. I feel like Yankee fans and Laker fans are kindred spirits when it comes down to competing. You know, everybody wants the championship. Everybody wants the victory. Everybody says, well, we need to fire this guy and start over, but nobody has the patience to actually wait to do so. True.

I mean, we can't all have it always. But, hey, Bill, I appreciate you, and I appreciate your service, my man, okay? Okay, thank you, J.R. No doubt. Shout-outs to my main man, Bill Caller, from D.C. Hey, all my folks in D.C., they got a good place up there that I like.

I mean, they got 20 of them, so I'm not shouting anything out too crazy. Busboys and poets, I love that place. Love it. Go check it out if you're in D.C. Hey, Brian is caller from Cleveland. Cleveland rocks, that's what they at least say.

I don't believe it. You're on CBS Sports Radio, Brian, what's up? What's going on, my man? How you doing this evening? I'm okay. First of all, you better believe that Cleveland does rock.

Look at our Cavaliers this year. Oh, I was saying, what's the guy's name? Drew Carey told me.

Yeah, Drew Carey. He told me that. Yeah, but what I wanted to say is, what the Lakers need to do, they need to give all them players away.

I'm saying, put them on the open market and whatever their office form, take it and let LeBron ride off into the sunset. Now, you were sitting here having this argument with the gentleman that's on the show with you about the video games. You're talking about two different... He has a name, his name is Shep, Dave Shepper. I apologize, I didn't catch his name. I'm a first time caller, long time listener.

I just didn't catch his name. So I apologize, Mr. Shep. You guys are speaking about two different generations. I'm with you. But I had the same argument with my kids. My kids are NBA 2K and mad and fan, but they don't understand. I go back as far as Tecmo Bowl. So Tecmo Bowl was my thing and we gave it up to the NBA Live and all of that. NBA Live and all of that gave it up to... 2K. Yeah, but I played all of that and I know NBA Jam is a classic. It's a classic.

I just looked it up, like Michelob Ultra, the beer folks, they just painted their cans like the artwork for NBA Jam, and the logo is iconic. No, gentlemen, and see, I agree with you. If I had all the consoles down, I'm going to NBA Jam. Yeah, it's true. That was my thing, but if I had all the consoles down, my kids are going to Madden and this NBA Live and 2K and all of that.

Listen, let me tell you something, Brian. I haven't played... By the way, I was full transparency. The 2K games and things, we've had the people from 2K here on the show before, right? And so they send me the game. I don't have time to play it.

And I mean, there's so much going on in the game. Like, I don't want to buy shoes. I don't want to go to the store and get tattoos.

I just want to play basketball and even trying to do that. Yeah, it's too complicated. That's our generation. Like my kids, they have created players with all the latest shoes, tattoos, jerseys, headbands, wristbands, everything else. Like, you guys, that's crazy. Let's just get on the court and let me throw alley-oop some half-court and dunk on everybody.

Right. Let me do two-three so I can hear my man, so I can hear the announcer. Let you know that I just popped a three in the face. I hear that.

He's on fire. Oh, thank you, Brian. I appreciate you, man. Absolutely, my man. Y'all have a blessed night.

You as well. Let me tell y'all something. Half of the players in the NBA right now, half of them, they're basically creative players. I'm sorry.

That might be a jerk thing for me to say. Half these guys are creative players. Like, Shep brought them up. Matt Ryan? Matt Ryan is a creative player in the NBA. The Lakers got a guy on the team named Matt Ryan.

Non-descript, just knocked down a three, and then you'll never hear from him again. 855-212-4CBS. Nate is calling from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It's colder than where I'm at in Rochester. Go ahead, Nate.

It definitely is, my man. It's a lot of snow outside right now. What's the temperature in Calgary?

Give it to me. Do y'all do Fahrenheit or Celsius up there? We use Celsius. What's the Fahrenheit? I don't know what the conversion is.

Here y'all go. Even though it's us who backed it. It's minus 27. Oh, it's not right now. In Celsius, minus 27 in Celsius, the Fahrenheit is... Oh, my God. It's negative 16 degrees? Oh, yeah. Yeah, the coldest...

I've been in Toronto one time, and it was negative 30 in Toronto. So I feel tough, man. Yeah, it'll get you. Yeah.

It'll get you. What's on your mind, man? What's up? You know what? You know, I want to say something. Like, I'm a Die Hard Raptors fan. My son's middle name's Lowry, right?

Wow. I'd love to sit here and talk about Raptors. He sucks now. He's getting old.

But he, yeah. But, you know, I'd love to sit here and talk about my Raptors and stuff, but, you know, I think the Lakers, man, like, I hear all these callers come in and say, oh, they need to get rid of this player. They need to get rid of this player. They need to get rid of this player. They need to get rid of Rob Plinkett, man.

Like, look what he's done to this organization. How good's Brandon Ingram right now? How good's Alexander Caruso? You know, Lonzo Ball, when he's playing, how good is he? Look at what Jordan Clarkson's doing.

Josh Hart. I mean, dude, you got rid of all that talent for Anthony Davis, who wears street clothes more than he actually has his jersey on. I think that's what it's got to come down to, is that? And, you know, rebuild his team. Well, is it really his fault or is it Jeannie Buss? Because to a certain degree, there's been plenty of periods where Rob Plinkett is a figurehead and less of an actor.

It depends on who has the power at that moment. I mean, at the same time, we can't take away the championship that they won in the bubble, right? Yeah, I agree with that.

Absolutely, I do. I think, you know, I think that Jeannie Buss has a lot. Well, everyone knows how much pull she has on this team. But, you know, at the end of the day, I think it's Rob Plinkett, it comes from management. Rob Plinkett has to be gone because, but like you said, they're not, but the Lakers aren't patient. The Lakers organization isn't patient. The Lakers fans aren't patient.

And so you have an issue. Do you want to actually have a winning organization or do you want to keep trading for older players who used to be good? Well, I mean, they're at a crossroads right now, and thank you, Nate, for calling from Calgary. They're at a crossroads because they traded for players. They ain't getting nothing out of them right now. The young guys that they had are gone. They basically won a championship, mortgaged their future, and now they're paying for it.

And so now they're at a crossroads again. What do you get for Russell Westbrook? Does anybody know what you get for Russell Westbrook? And a pick, what do you get in return? I don't know.

Same thing for Anthony Davis. You got to wait for a sucker to come by to snatch that off your hands. Tom is calling from Myrtle Beach. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Tom?

Yeah, let me just say a couple things. First, you have Rochester out of the way. Susan B. Anthony, who led the right for women to get the right to vote, is from Rochester, her home there. And she is very, very close to the cemetery. Frederick Douglass. They were in the same... Yeah, they were in the same cemetery, Mount Hope.

Right, yes, sir. Now, Douglass... I'm not correct with you, but Douglass...

I guess I am, but Douglass was actually not a lawyer. He was an orator and a journalist. He published a newspaper to try to get the abolitionist to slavery. He was an escaped slave, basically, from Baltimore. And then after he was freed, others paid.

After he escaped, others paid for his freedom. But while you're in Rochester, if you can find it for me, Gary Brothers Band played one night. He's a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has brother. Great music to go hear that.

Who was it? Gary Brothers Band. They're kind of well-known in Rochester. They play around town.

You probably have to look up. You know, I've only been in Rochester one time in my life. It was a great city with a lot of history and entertainment. I'm going to look these guys up. Thank you for giving me a heads-up more on Frederick Douglass. I appreciate you.

Yes, sir. One last thing. There's a fascinating friendship between Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln that I wish people knew more about, but that's another story. I don't think Odell Beckham's going to mix well with the Dallas Cowboys. There's too many big egos there already. It almost reminds me of bringing Michael Westbrook to the lake. Where the hell did he go? Uh-oh. What did he say? Did he say Michael Westbrook? I think he said Michael. I think we know what he meant. Yeah, Russell to the lake.

Correct. And by the way, if you're going to trade anyone right now, the only one actually playing someone to their potential these last few games has been Russell Westbrook, ironically enough. Yeah, well, he's also the guy who shows up, goes to work, plays hard. He just so happens to suck.

Not recently. That's the amazing thing about this. Is Russell Westbrook looked like he had one foot outside the door, given his career and how he could not shoot all of a sudden and his athleticism just completely dissipated. Now he seems to have found an extra juice coming off the bench. Look, but we know it's all for naught. Like, there ain't nothing happening here.

There's nothing fixing this in there. Unless they move Anthony Davis and they have another star and they're amazing and now Westbrook is the gun off the bench and they have shooting, it's still... It's like the Lakers ain't nothing but a ticking time bomb.

You're just waiting on them to blow up. That's it. Justin is calling from Georgia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, what's going on, sir? How are you? I'm amazing. What's up?

So really excited about my hawk. I think the Lakers kind of messed up. I think they should have done everything they could to tank or trade for Zion when he was coming out and tried to build around him. But I know you're talking about Rochester and you're talking about Kodak Films, right? Well, not necessarily film the company, yeah, photography. Yeah. Right. I have an interesting story about that.

I don't know if you wanted to listen to it, but I worked down here in the South for a very large company and I had an associate of mine that worked for me. His dad went to Notre Dame, played tight end in the 1940s or 30s, I believe, and became a very big wig, very important border directors type guy for Kodak Films. Okay. And so during his time working for Kodak, he got all these kinds of pictures and this guy has shown them to me. So he's got authentic pictures from Vietnam, World War II. And literally you're standing in the bathroom hanging a wire while you're using the bathroom and you're looking at a photo of the moon that is probably worth over a million dollars.

It's ridiculous. What did you just say to me? What? I said, you're standing in the bathroom. When you're using the bathroom in his bathroom, you're using the toilet. He's got a photo of the moon on the wall that's got to be worth over a million dollars or somebody would pay that for it.

I'm willing to bet. It's authentic, spaceship, like it's ridiculous. This is a photo of the moon taken from where? Earth?

Taken from one of the Apollo missions. Oh, okay. Man, you don't know how to tell a story, man.

I'm sorry, man. I jacked it up on radio. You should have just said, hey, I know a guy who has a picture of the moon from outer space. That's it. I'm like, I can go outside and get a photo of the moon right now. Big deal.

My words can't do it justice. It's ridiculous. It ain't nothing but a stupid rock floating around out there. Yeah, it's just keeping the water where it's supposed to be, that's all. Yeah, you know, helping with the time and gravity. And ain't there a guy who lives in the moon every now and then he winks? Yeah. Yeah, and didn't the cow jump over the moon with a plate or am I mixing things up? Something like that. I ain't got a picture of that, though. Yeah, listen, I'd be more impressed if you told me you saw a guy jumping over the moon with a fork and a plate. I'd be impressed by that, okay? Yeah, man.

What else you got? That's it? I mean, I hope Dejante and Trey Young can stay together.

I think it's working. I'm shocked they beat the Bucks last night, man. That game was ridiculous, and they came back. I mean, this team is ridiculous. And then they win them all.

Yeah, you used to bug Donavich, yes. Yeah, when Bogey comes off the bench and he gets healthy, I think this team is going to be dangerous. Yeah, no doubt about it. No, they'll be straight in the playoffs.

I think they need some size, but we'll see. Well, let me shut up. We're going to have John Collins on the show real soon, so stay tuned for that, okay? Sounds good, man. Hope you have a good night. All right. Thank you, Justin, for calling from Georgia. I'm like, hey, yeah, I'm like, the Hawks need size. Oh, crap. John Collins is going to join us. He got size. The cow jumped over the moon.

Yeah, that's how that thing went, I think. It's the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio, where I don't remember nursery rhymes. It's not what I get paid for. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side of the break. I'm having a good time here in Rochester.

Kodak building, all types of stuff. Don't move. CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, thanks for taking my call. You have a great show.

I listen to you on my midnight shift every night. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. The Defensive Player of the Week is sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union, who proudly serves the armed forces, DOD, veterans, and their families. Their members are the mission.

You can learn more at It's Justin Houston. The man who decided to, I don't know, sack Andy Dalton two and a half times yesterday, also pick him off on a tip pass, he's about to turn 34 years old.

So why not Justin Houston, Defensive Player of the Week, as those Baltimore Ravens beat the Saints last night, 27-13. I'm going to get some more of your calls. I'm going to talk to you about some of the amazing things going on here in Rochester, New York. It's good to be visiting. So let's talk to you before I share some more amazing things.

Let's go to North California right now and talk to Santos. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Man, talk to you about the NBA Jams.

I don't know how they don't understand. Yeah, Madden is amazing. It's a great game. I still play through this day, but when the COVID hit, I had my kids over here downloading NBA Jams on their laptops.

We were playing. I love the tournament edition. That was actually my favorite. You remember that one? The tournament? Yeah, I had both. Yeah, yeah, there was NBA Jam. There was a tournament edition and then they ended up making one called, started with an H, with the NBC theme to it. Exactly.

That's a little later out of my time. I kind of, you know, the reason why NBA Jams didn't keep, because they weren't making games every year. They weren't producing all the time. They came out with two hot ones, arcade, put your quarter up. Like you said, that was the hot man, the various end.

So obviously, you know, I was about the Moyers. We had Moly. We had pin bug, the killer crossover, but you had to win the game to get the better players.

Do you still have NBA Jam? Well, let me tell you something. They were selling that at the Walmarts on the West Coast out here in the little cardboard kind of arcade style thing with a little screen that you can play, plug in and play. Well, it sounds bootleg. Absolutely bootleg, but everything was legit. If you counted on it like you used to in the arcade back in the day, you'd break it, you know, but it was durable enough, but you couldn't put it in like a pizza place or something. Okay, I hear you.

Nobody wants lawsuits. Well, listen, Santos, I appreciate you, man. You know about NBA Jam, you a good dude. Oh, man, you pumped me up tonight.

Well, listen, when I get back to Georgia, I'm going to plug that game in, okay? Okay, man. And let me ask you a quick question. One more quick one. Yes. I know it's bad.

Now, Jay ain't looking good. I'm sorry. Pittsburgh, California is in the Bay, so we kind of represent them stewards. I mean, I'm a Golden State fan and a Giants fan, a Texas, but for some reason, Pittsburgh got in my heart, you know, the football team.

And I've been a history fan 20, 28 years now. Look at it. Yeah. So I agree. Nausea hasn't had a good year.

But what do you expect? Do you really think the Rook's going to come take him? Like, General Warren's going to take him? Or do you think he's going to end up having a decent end of the year?

He's still got a second half. Man, I ain't thinking about the Steelers running backs. In all honesty.

I need a note. Yeah. No, I'm not thinking.

I ain't thinking about not a damn thing with the Steelers until the off-season, man. They are in full... You're thinking down, man. Yeah, they're in full deconstruction mode.

I'm not interested in anything, but what is... Broke time in the wild, we've been in deconstruction mode. What? Well, yeah, because you have Ben Roethlisberger forever, so... Oh, man. I'm... Well, that's all I want to see.

Can he pick it? Look like a decent QB the rest of the way. Everything else will fall into place. Santos, I appreciate you, man. I like that. Thank you, sir.

No doubt about it. Let's go to Paul from Rhode Island. Go ahead, Paul. Thank you, Commander JR. How are you? Let me start with this.

Let me lower this. Oh, man. It's unbelievable the product of the NFL this year.

Okay. They have the guts to give us this type of product right from the beginning. Can you imagine paying quarterbacks $50 million and they dismantle the fans? I mean, it's a $500 a day. You park your car for $60, and you... The whole day between party and before the game...

The whole day. You got this coach, this owner from the Colts that's putting... Her say? This man. I'm sure he's a great man. But there's a man out there like my old coach for the Lions, Caldwell. It would be perfect to come in at this time because we know they're tanking. And I don't want to degrade the man because he should have never got fired from my Lions. But the idea that they screw the fans with this product, and you should see some of the games this year thanks to some of the Brzeever brothers, of course I always pick on them, but it's a shame how the fans are the ones getting ripped off this year with some of these scores. Well, the fans will tell the fans don't pay. Nobody forcing them. They wouldn't be $50 million.

They wouldn't be $50 million to give a quarterback if the fans didn't eat it all up. You might as well call of us the next... We're all suckers, I guess, right? Jeff is here from Rochester, New York. What's up, Jeff? You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Gerald. Thanks for taking my call. Listen, I am sorry that I am late to the party.

So if you've already covered this, you'll have to forgive me. But what are you in town for? I'm going to be speaking at the University of Rochester, the media for the movement tour.

I've already been to probably 40 schools over the past two years, and University of Rochester is next up. Very cool. Alright, excellent. How long are you in town for? I've been here a few days already.

I'll probably stick around a few more. Alright, because it's supposed to be nice on Friday. If you are still in town on Friday, go to the High Falls, to the Genesee Brewery. The Genesee Pub serves their beer, and they have fantastic food. The view is awesome. Food is great.

Beer is good. And if you have not heard, which would be shocking, because Rochester is famous for beyond Kodak, not too many things, but the garbage plate. So are you familiar? Excuse me? You want me to go to the what?

Okay, so you've not heard. Did you say the garbage place? The garbage plate. Plate. The garbage plate?

The famous for a garbage plate. No? Oh, I have heard of that. Isn't that like food?

It's like a concoction of stuff, right? You got it. Yeah, you got it. Not your thing? Yeah, well, no. Maybe the beer place, but not the garbage plate.

I like my stomach. I truly, you know what? You're a wise man.

That's a good point. But for real, the Genesee Brewery has really good food, not garbage plate type food. Thank you. Good beer. Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate you, man.

I may hit it up. Enjoy your stay. Enjoy your stay in Rochester. Well, thank you so much, Jeff. And thank you to everyone here in Rochester who's been nothing but hospitable.

I appreciate you guys. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back, I'm going to take a break, and I'm going to give you a bit more details as to why I'm here in Rochester. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get off the radio. I just want to let you know I commend you for what you're doing, JR. That's great what you're up there doing to speak and engage with me and talking to these college students and stuff.

We need more of that. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Yes, the Media for the Movement Tour has brought me to Rochester, New York. Yeah, I'm an hour away from Buffalo.

I'm an hour away from Syracuse. I'm in Bill's Country. It's a beautiful thing. Thank you all so much to Mr. Mike Danger. Shout-outs to my main man, Ben Kay.

All the hospitality helping me out here. And as I mentioned, I look forward to being at the University of Rochester tomorrow with my friends from Special Olympics as we talk about utilizing sports for good, promoting positivity, inclusion, and also inclusive health. It's important. You know, sports, athletics, all tied in.

So it's a good time. And I got to tell you, it was only a couple of months ago, I was actually in New York City, and it was almost a precursor to my trip here in Rochester. Because there's a gentleman by the name of Tom Golisano, the founder of the Golisano Foundation. He's from right here in Rochester, New York. He has been a massive help and supporter to Special Olympics.

Ten years ago, this relationship started when the Golisano Foundation would help support Special Olympics. And so there was a celebration of this when I was in New York City in September. Well, now I'm here in Rochester and I'm looking forward to an amazing time.

And when I was in New York City, I had an opportunity to chat with quite a few people. Anne Costello, who is the executive director, who is the executive director of the Golisano Foundation, and then a couple of their athletes. And the stories and the situation is amazing. I want you to hear from Anne right now, this minute, this second, about what she does with the Golisano Foundation and Special Olympics. I'm the executive director of the Golisano Foundation.

We're based in Rochester, but our support for Special Olympics International is our one and only global grant, and we're very proud to partner with them for the past ten years on global health. Oh, absolutely. Well, let me tell you about Loretta Claiborne. Fifty-two years.

Let me say that again. Fifty-two years competing in oh so many sports with Special Olympics. And I asked Loretta, I asked her specifically, you know, there are obviously a lot of difficulties that she's experienced. And you think about what the Golisano Foundation has done. What do you appreciate?

This is what she had to say about it. The participation in ten years, one of the hardest discrepancies that we have is for people like me to get general health care. So whether it's just getting your eyes on your teeth or your ears, upon your physical fitness or emotional well-being, it was the Golisanos that make what's happening today happen ten years later, not only here in the United States, but for the betterment of health of people with ID like me to have better health care. And it's not just about the athletes, it's about the whole community coming together.

Oh, I love it. Community. Everything is always, and it should be about community. Well, Golisano Foundation has helped make Special Olympics a global community. My main man, I met him in New York City, Gilmore Borg. He is a global ambassador.

He's from Malta. Special Olympics athlete as well. This is what he said makes Special Olympics so powerful.

It's amazing having this help. For me as an athlete, personally, it's something amazing. It just brings tears to my eyes, seeing people that want to help us so much. This is giving us the power, the motivation to keep on going. They're like people telling us, you can do it. Don't let anything stop you. So this is amazing for me.

Yeah, don't stop, ever. I asked Ann specifically, when you think about what the Golisano Foundation has done and the growth that we've had over the past 10 years, this is what she told me. Well, 10 years ago, we announced the first gift to Special Olympics at the Clinton Global Initiative.

So it was a very exciting time. And now we started with 14 pilot states and communities and countries, and we're up over 100 around the world. So the progress has been tremendous. We're really helping bring health equity to people with intellectual disabilities, some of the neediest, and they deserve health just like you and me, things we take for granted. Yeah, the Golisano Foundation has helped so much in funding health screenings and opportunity to play.

It's necessary. In September, the Golisano Foundation announced a $30 million gift to Special Olympics. This moves their total contributions up to about $67 million. And that $30 million gift, 3 million health screenings. 600,000 athletes will have improved health and fitness, and you got to appreciate this.

Just take a listen to Loretta. This is what she said, Special Olympics, and what all of this has done for her. I would say to them as an athlete, I know what it's done for me, and I know what it would do for them and their community. I mean, just like with health care, a lot of people don't look for people with intellectual disabilities.

For instance, have their teeth done, have their ears checked. I think it's very important that we come together. If we're going to be one people in one world, then we need to take care of each other and start it with Special Olympics. One people, one world.

Simple. I say that all the time. We're just a bunch of folks floating around here on this third rock from the sun on one Earth. We might as well treat each other accordingly. Much love to the Golisano Foundation. Always much love to Special Olympics. And I look forward to continuing my tour tomorrow by speaking with the students and just everybody at the University of Rochester.

It's been a great time, and I look forward to continuing it. I encourage you all the time, go to and figure out how you can be involved. Do you want to coach? And you can play. Yes, you can play.

There's so much that you can do just by participating. Let's get this in quickly. Will is calling from West Virginia.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. How you doing, JR? I'm good, Will. Go ahead, very quickly. A couple things real quick. First, I want to say, I want to ask, do you think there's a big concern right now for Bill's mafia in the last six quarters, Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen, or is this a slump that they're in that you think they'll break out of? I think the most important thing is his elbow.

I wouldn't say there's a long-term worry. Go ahead, last question, quickly. I just wanted to say, does it make you wonder about the reptilian race, what you said about Jerry Jones? Have you ever met a human being with a type of audacity to do something like put salt on an Egg McMuffin? Well, I guess when you're built, you ever seen, you watched The Simpsons before, right? Yes. You ever saw the episode where Mr. Burns, the doctor told him he has every issue in his body and he has so many issues, he's almost indestructible? That makes sense.

I think Jerry Jones has enough money where every issue is not a problem to him. Go ahead, put salt on that Egg McMuffin. No, I'm joking. Please, don't do that.

That's terrible. Don't do that. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back tomorrow, it's a new top six list. It's what I do every single Wednesday night, and we're going to be looking at coaches in the NFL. I'll give you more details tomorrow, a new top six list. I'll be back 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Thank you all so much to Super Producer and host Dave Shepherd. Thank you to all of my friends here in Rochester, New York, especially my main guys.

Help me hold it down. Mike Danger, Ben Kay, we got a lot to do. I got a lot to do tomorrow.

The Media for the Movement Tour continues on. We're talking NBA, talking NFL, a new top six list, talk some college football. What's that playoff looking like? And I'm sure Kyrie Irving, the details of his meeting with Adam Silver will come out tomorrow. It's a busy day. But right now, it will continue to be a busy night.

The JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio, it is a wrap, but don't go anywhere. Ryan Hickey, I like him. He's up next.

Thank you, Chef. If you're feeling down and having trouble getting up in the morning, here's a tip. Brush your teeth.

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Visit slash positive and save 10% on your first month. If you're feeling down and having trouble getting up in the morning, here's a tip. Brush your teeth.

That's it. Often when we wake up, our brains go into planning mode, which leads to overthinking and stress before our head even leaves the pillow. Something simple like brushing your teeth can break that cycle and jump start your day. This tip was brought to you by BetterHelp Online Therapy, which connects you with a licensed therapist via video, phone, or online chat. Visit slash positive and save 10% on your first month.
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