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JR Sport Brief Hour 3

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August 16, 2022 1:47 am

JR Sport Brief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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August 16, 2022 1:47 am

JR analyzes the comments by Giannis Antetokounmpo about possibly joining the Bulls. Also Kevin Durant is a baby.

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Hit rewind, all of that stuff. A big shout out to everyone here with me who helped put the show together, making sure that it runs smooth. Chef Alex and James Boccioni hanging out here with me and you as well.

And then we've had a busy night. We talked about the rookie quarterbacks and their performances, just even though it's preseason. Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Desmond Ritter. Talked about Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence, guys moving into their second year. Obviously Zach Wilson suffered a bone bruise and a torn meniscus on Friday night against the Eagles, against the Eagles, but he's only expected to miss two to four weeks.

The meniscus does not need a full repair. And then we talked about Brett Favre. Brett Favre who says throughout the course of his career, recently he said this, he has suffered more than a thousand concussions. And he's now an advocate that children don't play tackle football until they're 14. Under 14 years old, hey, participate in flag football.

And with all the developments and things that we've learned and unfortunately some of the tragedies that we've experienced and learned about, I'm not mad. I don't think we'd lose anything all that big or gigantic. Is everybody going to go ahead and play in the NFL? Hell no, of course not. But I think it's safe. I don't think we'd lose anything in that regard.

Ultimately, it should be the choice for parents and their kids, I think. 855-2124 CBS. I have two callers who've been waiting patiently through the break, so I want to bring them on. And then I want to update you on Kevin Durant. If you had this on your bingo card for today, then congratulations, you're an Oracle. Kevin Durant had some comments about his career and his future, that he wanted to refute a rumor.

And then Yanis Adetokounmpo, speaking of rumors, did he start one himself about leaving Milwaukee? We'll get into that. It's rather interesting.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, but I'll share those comments with you. Let's get these callers who've been waiting very patiently. 855-2124 CBS. Alex is calling from the great state of Illinois.

You're on CBS Sports Radio, Alex. What's up? Hey JR, how's it going?

Very well. All right, so I'm actually sitting in the car with some of my rugby buddies here, just leaving the gym. And you know, we had to call in. So I'm actually going to disagree with Mr. Farz and some of the previous callers because I do think it's very important for, you know, kids starting, especially at a young age, to learn the fundamentals of safe tackling. So I played football and rugby since the age of 11. And I think the important thing that I noticed when people were talking to you is the issue of a helmet and pads, right? So the helmets colliding together is what causes most of this danger. So if you look statistically, without the pads, you'd think, well, those guys are going to get more injured.

And that's actually not the case. So I think if kids are able to learn tackling, you know, without a heavy helmet, without pads, then they're going to be able to learn how to do it safely and without as much danger of getting a concussion. So, you know, if you look at a car, when they invented seat belts and airbags, you'd think that casualties from car crashes would actually go down.

But the fact is that they went up because people were driving more quickly and more recklessly. And I think that's what happens in football. You know, you have your helmet on. Yeah, I understand what you're saying, but they're two different sports. I have not played rugby. Obviously, I've watched more NFL in my life. I have hung out.

So this sounds like a flex. I have hung out at the Olympics with rugby players. I've actually done shoots and talked to rugby players. Rugby players have actually had me on the pitch and have taught me how to play rugby. So am I going to sit here and say, I know as much as you?

Hell no. But I do have a cursory understanding. At the same time, I would not say there's a comparison because the sports obviously are not the same. And the level of contact and the context is not the same. I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, if you agree or disagree with me, there's a difference between a scrum and what we see on an NFL field, wouldn't you say? Well, a scrum is basically the equivalent of the NFL line of scrimmage, right? So rugby is the father of American football.

So when colleges started playing football, they were actually playing, you know, English rugby, and that eventually evolved into that. Right. Well, I understand that, but what I'm saying to you is they're not the same. I mean, we can talk about the evolution and what they might be akin to, but the physical interactions are not the same.

Well, it's still open field hockey. You're still running. No, but you're not. You're not answering.

You're not answering my question, Alex. I do think that they are similar enough. No, no, no, not similar. Is it the same? Well, no.

Okay. Well, it's not the pads. No, it's not.

I'm not talking about the pads. If I watch a rugby game, do I see an individual kind of just stand there with another man, just, just spearing him and I don't know, uh, you know, just in an open field? No, it doesn't happen.

Well, I would say that it does. So it is the same. You're telling me the only difference between football and rugby just so happens to be the pads and the helmet. Right.

There's no set by scrimmage in rugby, but they're still open. Okay. All right. Well, I I'm, I'm talking about the, the interactions.

My, my point to you, Alex is, and I don't think that we'd, uh, we'd have a change either one of us of opinion here. But I, I see something very different when I watch an NFL game and what I see in, in rugby. And it's not just a matter of the, uh, the pads and the helmet. Okay. Well, I'm speaking specifically towards teaching kids how to tackle with fundamentals. Well, you know, it's different than football. Okay.

He's statistically much safer and would be able to. Well, your phone, Alex, thank you for calling. Your phone was going out there at the end. I don't dispute any of that, man. I mean, it's gone from, Oh, it's the same. Well now it's similar.

No, which one is it? Huh? It's different, bro. It's different. If that was the case, then dammit, we be playing the same sport all over the world and we're not because there's differences. The physical interactions are different. And so forget that.

Yes. I know what's going on in rugby and I've, I've marveled at the same thing and I've had the same conversations with people about not wearing helmets and pads and running out there and shorts and a, a Jersey and boom, it is. But the fact is when you got people flying at you like a torpedo, this is what it is. They're wearing pads.

They're wearing helmets. We ain't, we ain't changing the rules of the NFL. I mean, if you want to have that conversation, that's a different one.

It ain't happening. Matthew's calling from California. You're on CBS sports radio. Well, how are you doing? Great show. Thank you. Go ahead. And I want to comment about the bar of the statement about the 14 year olds and up playing tackle football.

I actually think it's a really good idea. NFL players are the elite of the elite and football is a high speed collision sport and it's different than rugby. Rugby is more traditional tackling.

These guys are fighting each other and NFL smashing into each other. Matthew, Matthew, you sound, Matthew, you sound kind of muffled there. Can, can you adjust yourself at all? Yeah.

Can you hear me better now? Not really, but go ahead. Make your point quickly. I was just saying, I think that it's a good idea for a tackle football star in high school because I think it would actually help the elite NFL players. They would have less wear and tail and they would, I think they would be overall, I think it would be safer because at the high school level, it's more when they get serious. And I think guys would think seriously about playing football. There's, there's, there's no doubt about that.

And thank you, Matt. I got to let you go with the, the connection there. We've heard the same thing about basketball players, obviously not in regards to head injuries, where people start to think about why guys are, are falling apart in their twenties. And you've heard this from certain players and we've heard this from doctors as well. It's like, they don't stop playing ball. They're playing ball all year long. They're playing ball all year long when they're tweens. And we're talking about travel basketball and AAU basketball and going into college now. And they already got wear and tear on them. And now here we are in this space in this time and yeah, it may not be a head injury, but wear and tears all the same.

So why wouldn't that be any different for someone who plays professional football of which there are very few of us. Pete is calling from San Diego. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hi Jay. I love your show, especially this one.

This was a great one. I think, I didn't think about technology and how technology is solving so many problems. When I think about brain injury, I think about the impact and there are lots of devices now that are easily measuring impact. For instance, there's a field called telematics. Have you familiar with that?

No, I'm not. What they do is they're working hard with automobile insurers. They put a device in your car and they can tell by impact how good a driver you are and what kind of a risk you are to ensure. So this same device or something like it could be put on a human being's body and measure the impact that they have just incurred.

Well, I'm not disputing that. I know across professional sports, we now have technologies and players are able, well not players, but teams and organizations and players as well, they can see how much they've ran in a particular practice. They can measure so much. Now, how that has affected head injuries in the NFL, is that something that they're doing? Not that I'm aware of.

Is it something that they could do with a proper investment? I'm sure, but we do know this for a fact, how complex the brain is. And I don't know if you could, you can measure an impact.

Certainly you could. Are you going to be able to measure the effect on the brain? Is that going to be a marker to say, oh, this guy can't play anymore? It's crazy. Jim is calling from Georgia.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. Well, I don't know about measuring the impact, but I do know they've cut down on the number of hours you can practice. So they've cut down on how much hitting, but the fundamentals are the key which you're cutting down on. If you keep hitting your shoulder pads.

Well, Jim, you're fading out. And you hit them from the thigh to the waist. Your head shouldn't be up there. Now, if running back comes running or receivers caught the ball, you run, the guy comes, you run behind your shoulder pad, you run again with your shoulder pad. He's going to try to talk to you.

He's going to hit you with his shoulder pad. Jim, I'm sorry, Jim. I guess the past few callers all calling from the same phone line.

I don't know. Let's talk to Roxy. Roxy, I'm going to let you get the last word here on this subject. Call her from San Diego. And I'm going to cross my fingers that Roxy is calling me from a good phone and not a VCR. Roxy, you're on CBS Sports Radio.

Call her from San Diego. Right on. Okay.

Cross my fingers too. I just wanted to say that I have had plenty of concussions in my life, like knockout, blackout concussions and, you know, from different things, skateboarding, car accidents. I was once hit by a car while I was walking across the street. And I've never played football.

So they're going to happen. You know, I think life is dangerous enough without putting yourself choosing to, you know, play a sport that you're guaranteed to get concussions. My dad used to play on the Rams back in the 60s and, you know, and in college and in high school as well. And yeah, he got concussions.

We could we could notice the change in his personality and stuff. Also, as far as like limiting the kids to starting at 14, I think that a lot of people, parents especially, probably are not going to be down with that because they're going to think they're going to think that, you know, oh, I got to start my kid at two. So he'll be the best. And I mean, professional football players, I've heard some of these salaries lately, professional athletes in general. I just heard the Tiger Woods thing, seven million, seven hundred million. But you know, they make those those paychecks so desirable that everybody's going to want it. And, you know, the younger you start, the better you're going to be, the better your chances.

I mean, so I think even if that was like a loss, I don't think it's going to hold up. I think people are still going to do it little because they want, you know, they want those fat paychecks in the end. I tell you, when my dad played on the Rams in the 60s, he had to have another job to supplement the, you know, they didn't get those paychecks back then.

It's now, you know, baseball, golf. Absolutely. Absolutely, Roxy.

And thank you for sharing this personal story from San Diego. I appreciate you. Sure. Absolutely. No, it's it's no doubt about it. And this is this is what it boils down to. You can be an advocate. Brett Favre is an advocate.

I have no problem if you want to move that number up or if you want to say, hey, 14 is that that kind of marker. It's it still boils down to personal choice. And there is a financial incentive for a lot of folks who say, oh, man, we're going to play and you're going to play.

We'll see how far it goes. It's a personal choice from both the participant and the adults who are there, whether it's the parents or the grandparents or aunts or uncles, whoever is there overseeing that child. It's a personal choice.

And I think like everything else, you make that choice. Look, we got people play football and and they know what the risks are. Do the risks outweigh the potential rewards for some? Not everybody's going into the NFL. How many people are going to run around with the 50 million dollars that Aaron Rodgers is getting a year?

How many? Nobody. There's only one guy getting that.

It's Aaron Rodgers right now. Is everybody else getting paid handsomely? Yeah.

You might get your ass whooped in the process and you also might pay for it at the end. Personal choice is the word is the words are the words. But the fact is, I would be mad if they did it. It's the J.R. Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to take a break and when we come back, I want to share with you some other words. They've been uttered and shared by Giannis Atteracumpo and also Kevin Durant. Of course, Durant, not words, but Twitter.

Don't move. It's the J.R. Sportbrief show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, J.R.?

I want to first by saying I love the show and thank you for keeping it so real on so many different topics. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the J.R. Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Shout out to all my folks listening in Chicago right now.

Shout out to all my friends at The Score 670. What's up? I got to tell you about two interesting Chicago stories real quick. First of all, this is recent.

And it's also not just recent. It's hilarious. And so I'm here in the commercial break. I'm just doing what I do. I'm going through the news. I'm seeing what's going on. And then Tony La Russa, he was kind of trending again.

And not because he fell asleep. And congratulations to the White Sox. Tonight on the South Side, they beat the Houston Astros. The final score, 4-2. They scored four of those runs in the eighth to beat the Strohs.

Congratulations to those White Sox. Now, here's where the story is funny, because the clip that I just saw is, I guess, Tony La Russa just getting advice from a fan in the stands. There's a guy sitting behind home page close to the dugout, or I guess not as close behind home plate, but he's adjacent to the dugout. And who knows if this is true. It doesn't matter.

It's just funny. This guy is yelling at Tony La Russa to take, I don't know who it is off of first, but to put an angle to pinch run. He's yelling at him. Pinch run with angle. Put him out there. Put him out there. Pinch run.

Pinch run. To be honest, I don't even know if it's first, but the fan is yelling at Tony La Russa to put a pinch runner out there on the bases. Tony La Russa goes out onto the field, calls for time, and does exactly what the fan said.

And so people on social media are losing their minds. Some of the comments, so at least Tony La Russa wasn't sleep this time. And I guess Tony La Russa was sleep. And the fan needs to go out into the dugout and actually manage the team.

And so people are making a big deal out of it. Tony La Russa can't do his job. He needs the fans to yell at him to tell him what to do. And I think that's hilarious. This isn't so much hilarious, especially if you're a fan in Milwaukee.

You probably saw this start to go viral earlier in the day, maybe last night. It's Giannis Atteracumpo, one of the best basketball players to ever live. A two-time MVP, a champion last season, maybe would have been a champion again if Chris Middleton didn't get hurt. But Giannis Atteracumpo, he basically invested in a company. It's called Antidote Health. It's telehealth.

You go online and get some advice from a doctor. And so he invested into this company, and he was doing interviews. And as a part of his interviews to help promote this company, one of the markets that he decided to discuss was in Chicago. And so Giannis had an interview with Fox 32, and they talked about not only antidote health, but they were also able to ask him about the Bulls, and not just the team that he typically beats, but about one day if he would ever be considering the thought to put on the red and black. This is what Giannis had to say. I think anybody who asked that question that plays basketball, if he said no, he would be a liar. It's a team that won multiple championships. It's a team that's one of the greatest players, if not the greatest player, to ever play this game played for.

So it's a no brainer. Everybody will love to play for Chicago. Down the line, you never know.

You never know how life brings it. Maybe I'll play for Chicago. But right now, I'm committed to Milwaukee.

Wow. He said a whole lot there to ultimately conclude his statement with, you know, I'm committed to Milwaukee. I mean, those are the type of questions that you don't have to answer.

Those are the type of questions where you can typically just say, I'm not thinking about that right now. My, my, my, my present is with the Milwaukee Bucks, and I'm not thinking about that. Well, he was honest. By the way, Giannis has four years remaining on his five year, 228 million dollar contract. By all indications, Giannis sounds perfectly fine in Milwaukee with the Bucks.

And I would be too, if I had a chance to compete for a title. He's invested in the community, not just in local businesses, but man, even having a slice of a team like the Brewers. Like Giannis is Milwaukee and he's talked openly about sticking around in Milwaukee, as long as they still give him a chance to go out and compete for a championship.

And that's what you would expect from someone like Giannis or Terecumpo. Why would he go elsewhere? He seems like a salt to earth guy. I've met him years ago when he came to the league.

I met his family. He's a good dude. He's not, I'll put it to you this way. I don't think there will ever be a situation where Giannis or Terecumpo tries to strong arm a team into getting what he wants. And so is he honest?

Yeah. And I appreciate him being honest in this regard. They're going to be folks who just have a conniption because Giannis wanted to be honest, have a conniption because Giannis wanted to say, yeah, maybe one day I'll play for the Bulls. He's talked about, man, it'd be great one day to maybe play with Steph Curry.

It'd be great to do this, but I'm in Milwaukee. And so I have no issue with what Giannis said. He was honest. Was he too honest?

No, I don't think so. And if I was a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, I wouldn't worry about it. So I've heard people make a big deal out of it. Why would Giannis say this? Why would Giannis even crack open the door for playing from the Bulls or playing for the Bulls?

Why would he go right down, you know, right down the road and do that? This ain't no big deal. Giannis is in Milwaukee. He ain't packing his bags to go to Chicago next year. He ain't packing his bags the year after that. Damn it, I don't ever see Giannis even at the end of this contract saying, trade me. Giannis is just going to ball out. He's going to dunk on the Bulls. He's going to own the Bulls. And then if he plays for them down the line, I guess he's going to be one step closer to retirement. And so Giannis saying that, you know, who hasn't thought about playing for the Bulls?

Not, not a deal. Not a, not a big deal whatsoever. If Giannis Hatenakounmpo was one of these whining ass, cry baby NBA players, then I'd say it was a big deal. If this was Kyrie Irving, I'd say, big deal, shut up. If this was James Harden, I'd say, big deal, just shut up. If this was Kevin If this was Kevin Durant, I'd say it was a big deal. It seems like Giannis has a little bit more professional integrity. Giannis is just going to ball out. The most important thing out of everything he said, although a lot, was that he's committed to the Milwaukee Bucks. 8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS.

That's 8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS. Giannis admitting that one day, yeah sure, he'd be open to playing for the Bulls. Simple question. Big deal? Small deal? Or no deal at all? The phone lines are open to you.

And then, speaking of a cry baby ass NBA player, I want to update you on something that Kevin Durant said this evening. Phone lines are open. We'll talk to you on the other side. I even got my wife into business to you, man. You know, like when I come home at night, she already have you on when I walk in the house. I'm getting out the car, and you know, and then I'm walking in the house and I'm still hearing you, man.

Oh, that's right. The JR Sport Reef Show. It's a family affair. Shout outs to everybody who listens. I know there's people listen with their kids. There's the young man who says, hey, listen with my grandpa. And that's amazing. I love it. Family time. I'll try my best not to say anything that disrupts families. 8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS.

That's 8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS. You know, right before we went to break, I shared with you the audio from Giannis Atetokounmpo being interviewed by Fox 32. And he was asked about maybe one day, you know, playing for the Bulls. And Giannis was just like, yeah, maybe. Sure. He's like, who?

Anybody who says they wouldn't consider it is lying. He talked about their history. He talked about Michael Jordan.

Why wouldn't anybody want to suit up? But then he said, look, I'm committed to the Bucks. And so there are people that were just like, whoa, why would you even say that? Well, because Giannis wanted to be transparent. Giannis wanted to tell the truth. And it's not like Giannis is one of these crybaby ass players.

So I got no issue with it. I don't think he's trying to, you know, set up the stage to leave the Bulls. He's just honest. He's like the last guy I would worry about just because he was honest. There's nothing wrong with that. I think we're so used to dudes just running their yaps and saying one thing and doing another.

Giannis actually comes across as someone having professional integrity. Big deal, small deal. I say no deal. What do you say? 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to take your calls. And then I want to tell you about, speaking of crybaby ass players, I want to talk to you about Kevin Durant because he actually, I guess I can say broke his silence when it comes to Brooklyn and a rumor that came out today. Lester is calling from Miami. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Lester? Hey, good evening to everyone and to you, George Jr. Just wanted to say, I don't think Giannis saying that is, I'm going to go with what you say.

No deal. I think he spoke from the heart. It's just he doesn't use his platform of being famous to like impose hitting agendas. He just said, hey, maybe when I retire, I'm going to have fun and go to other teams and maybe do a little something here, a little something there. But he made it very clear. His heart is in Milwaukee. That's where he belongs.

And that's where he's going to give it all. So I really think that is no deal, man. Like you said. Yeah. Thank you, Lester.

Appreciate you for calling from Miami. Yeah, there's no, this man has been committed to the box. This man has talked about how he likes it there. The man has talked about how he'll stay there as long as they, they're competitive.

What's there to worry about? And I, oh, I got to be honest too. If you're a Bucks fan, you won a championship with the guy. If you win another one or you're competitive for, I'd say the next five years of his contract or the next four years, if Giannis decides to leave, big whoop, like, oh yeah, it's going to suck. It would hurt if that takes place.

But could you have asked for anything more? Giannis came into the league. This is wild to think about. He came in in 2013. Time flies. The man averaged seven points and four rebounds. This man has basically been like a 30 point per game, 12, 13 rebounds, six assists, multiple blocks, all defender. This, this is what he's turned into. This has been a storybook career. Can't be mad at anything that Giannis does. He shows up to work. He ain't flashy. He just plays his ass off. That's, that's all you could ask for.

I'm going to ask our producer hanging out here with us tonight, James Boccioni. What are your thoughts on Giannis being honest? I lean towards not a big deal. I mean, if I'm a Bucks fan, I think for a second it might annoy me just because it's so local and it's such a close team, a rival team where I don't want to hear that. But I think you, I think I agree with you what you're saying, the fact that he is saying it out loud and the fact that he's just being honest, I think if he really had these feelings, he wouldn't say that, you know, that doesn't seem like the move. I feel like he would keep it aside and kind of like work on an angle together rather than just be, oh yeah, you know, I'd like for the Bulls.

So I don't think that's really, I don't think there's much to it. I think he's just being honest saying, yeah, the Bulls are a classic franchise. Of course, we wouldn't want to play for the Bulls. I'm a fan. I don't love it now, but then he's going to go out there and put up 30, 15 and eight and I'm going to get over it.

Yeah, it's, it's, it's no big deal. This reminds me, I think around the All-Star break time, and this is a different situation. Aaron Judd, of the New York Yankees, we know famously that he turned down the Yankees offer and he's they, I think they wanted to pay him $30 million a year. And you know, Mike Trout, I think is making about 36. I know his own teammate, Garrett Cole is making 36.

I think Trout might be in the same space. And Aaron Judd is like, no, no, thank you. And what is he doing?

Having an MVP type season. A couple of weeks ago, a reporter asked Aaron Judd, it's just like, Hey, there's a big Yankee fan out there. My cousin is something that's a big Yankee fan. What would you say to them if you were to leave? And Aaron Judd was just like, well, there, there are other Yankees, like you're his favorite Yankee. What would you say if he left? Well, there's other Yankees.

And there are people who had a fit about that. It's like, what, what, what else do you want Aaron Judd to say at this point? He has said for years, how much he wants to be a Yankee, how much he wants to stay in the Bronx. And he didn't like the deal that they offered him. He felt that they were, it was lower than what he thought he would bring to the team.

And so he said, no, what the hell else is there to ask him? If the Yankees can come back with an offer, then he'll stick around. If they treat him like crap, then I mean, damn it, he could want to be a Yankee.

And if he leaves, tough, I think it'd be a massive disaster for the Yankees if he did so. I mean, damn. Nathan is calling from Wisconsin, your CBS sports radio. Hey, how's it going? It's going great.

And what's up? I just want to touch on the whole Yannis thing. Like you said, he was just being transparent. He already said he wants to be a Milwaukee Bucks for life.

I don't think it's a big deal. And yes, he was right to say about the Bucks legacy. I mean, the Bulls legacy, my bad. It's just that, yeah, there's a lot of history with the Bulls when you had Rodman, Jordan, Pippen. I mean, all big names, but I love what Yannis is doing for the state of Wisconsin. Yeah, he's been big time.

If everything that he's contributed I mean, what, what can you be mad about? This is not like, not like Kevin Durant. I might as well tell you, damn. So the latest rumor today with Kevin Durant is it was reported that if he is not traded by Brooklyn, that Kevin Durant would consider retirement. That was the latest rumor. I believe that came via Mark Stein. And so what did Kevin Durant do? What he typically does? Kevin Durant went to Twitter and he said this quote, I know most people will believe unnamed sources over me, but if it's anyone out there that'll listen, I don't plan on retiring anytime soon.

Blank is comical at this point. And Kevin Durant made that statement. And then he continued to respond to fans. A fan called him a hypocrite for not answering all of the other rumors like him wanting the general manager and coach fired.

But I guess that's not a rumor that that can be fact. We saw the owner of the Nets tell everybody I'm standing by my coach and GM and being called a hypocrite Kevin Durant addressed random fan and said, you don't know what a hypocrite is. And then he just continued to tell another fan that he needs a break. It's summertime and you know, he called someone doesn't like him his biggest fan. So he just, the thing is Kevin Durant doesn't care. He just marches to the beat of his own drum and he just is a crybaby at this point. Just a crybaby. I like the guy.

I do. I love watching him play, but just the drama at this point. It's just unbearable. He's making himself out to be a great villain.

A seven foot Stilkey jump shot shooting villain. At this point, I want the Brooklyn Nets to just turn this into a circus. I want the Brooklyn Nets to say, oh yeah, we're not trading them. And they're going to take a hit. They already going to take a hit.

They have taken a hit. I guess if you're Joe Saad, just, just hold tight at this point. Tony's calling from Baltimore. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, JL, man. I know it's been a long time. What's going on?

I'm very well. Go on ahead. You took my thunder a little bit, not in a bad way when you was talking about Giannis, because I agree with you. If Giannis, you know, if he decides to leave, if he, you know, continues to win for the franchise, if he gets another ring, you know, it's like no harm, no foul.

But I don't think there's anything big into the Bulls comments. KD though, can he get on my nerves, bro? Like he can't, he getting on my nerves, bro.

Like he really, really is getting on my nerves. What I would like about, I'm going to piggyback on your circus thing. I just would love to see if the Nets would just trade Kyrie Irving to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook. Oh my God. I just want to see, I just want to see it for the circus that you and I talk about right now will be heightened and it'll be the best on-screen TV post pre-interviews for the whole damn season, bro.

Well, I could tell you this much. Kevin Durant might not retire, but if for whatever reason, and I don't think it'll happen, but if Russell Westbrook ended up on the Nets, I don't think you see Durant pick up a ball really at that point. Just the thought of it makes me laugh.

I know it would never happen. I just, I just want someone just to like, I don't know, just like to put it in his face in front of, he got to win by himself. You know what I'm saying? Like he, he's left Golden State. Golden State, they proved they can win without him, which they already proved.

That was a big thing. On the other end, Tony, who wins by themselves? Who does that?

Nobody. Very true. You're right. You're right. I mean, I just think it's just without that particular support and cash. Let me say that.

Okay. You know, work, work with the people that you got. I mean, he, I mean, even though people may not like him, I won't say I don't like him. Sometimes I don't like his antics, but I mean, he is top two player. You feel what I'm saying? And I think, you know, he just needs to let the game talk for him.

Like just go out and just play and just show everybody why you can demand or why you will want to demand the things that you want. Well, I think at this point, and thank you, Tony, for calling from Baltimore, at this point of, of Durant's career, there is no, Hey, let's, let's build around me. That's what he had in, in Oklahoma city.

And I, okay. He went to the team that beat him, but what a lot of people don't talk about or, or get into, why did he leave? I mean, damn it. How many more years of Russell Westbrook did we need to see not passing him the ball and that, but tell me that that would be absolutely hilarious. If this man decided to just, well, if, if Russell Westbrook went to Brooklyn, not happening, but I mean, it'd be hilarious. Tony from Maryland, go ahead. Hey, Jerry, how you doing?

Very well. I haven't talked to you for a little while, but look, even Durant, I lost so much respect. I lost so much respect from MJR. He crying and he wants out of Brooklyn.

You know what? Just let him go. Just let him go. Just what, what do you mean let him go?

What do you, how are they going to do that? Just, just trade him. Just that's what you can get for him. The way you can get rid of the drama, the crime, just trade him anybody. Just trade him to a team that he don't want to go to. It's he's right now. He's a distraction. It's just one freedom. That's all I got to say to you. Thanks, man.

Thank you, Tony, for calling from Maryland. Yeah, but why, why would a team want to take him on if he doesn't want to be there? And there's very few teams that would, that would even make sense. I mean, superstars got a lot of power, man. It's, it's not that easy. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio, speaking of superstars and guys just not knowing when to shut up and difficult things. Alex Rodriguez has advice for Fernando Tatis Jr. and Fernando Tatis Jr., his dad. He's talking too. It's this whole it's this whole drug thing. We're going to talk about that on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio.
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