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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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August 24, 2022 1:53 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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August 24, 2022 1:53 am

JR explains why Russell Wilson will be so potent with the Denver Broncos this season

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You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. This is CBS Sports Radio. I am J.R. and we are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

If you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family, Rocket can. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Thank you to everybody listening all across North America on our CBS Sports Radio affiliates of which we have hundreds. People tuned in on the free Odyssey app. Yeah, you can put it for free on your phone, on your tablet. You can listen to CBS Sports Radio anywhere.

You can go from the car to the house, from the house to the car, from the car to the job, just whatever the hell you want. Sirius XM chain of 158 and everybody tuned in on a smart speaker. We talked about Kobe Bryant. Tuesday, August 23rd, he would have been 44 years old.

We showed love. We talked about Nick Saban and his new contract. Nick Saban is 70 years old. He's now going to be coaching until the year 2030 when he will be 78 years old and he's now the highest paid coach in college football.

He's basically getting a half a million dollars more than Kirby Smart. Nick Saban is like I'm the big dog here. He's getting paid 11.7 million dollars and I guess in another two years when a coach comes by and he's making 13 then Nick Saban will say well now you got to pay me 14. So let's see what Nick Saban looks like as he continues to age in college football.

Speaking of aging we mentioned Eudonis Haslam. 42 years old will be returning for a 20th season with the Miami Heat. He only played 15 games.

The year before that he only played one. He's a glorified coach at this point and so let's see uh I guess he's gonna stick around for 20 and then just leave and then of course the big news that broke on Tuesday morning was the return of Kevin Durant. He got punked. He tried to punk and bully the Brooklyn Nets and they did not bend. They did not break and before we even got to training camp Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets they sat down in Los Angeles and and the the general manager who he said needed to be fired if he were to return but they all agreed that hey we're gonna try to run this back and win a championship and so Kevin Durant got punched in the gut. He got called out and now he'll be back and I'm sure when we get to training camp everyone will just say oh yeah well these things happen and and we're focused on winning a championship and and they're just gonna kind of sweep it under the rug. Are they gonna be the favorites to win a title? I do not think so. Well Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant find me the leader.

Yeah good luck. I think they can go to the East Finals. Damn it I think they can go to the NBA Finals if they're healthy but I'm gonna get some more of your calls and then speaking of a leader you know before the show is up I want to talk about Russell Wilson.

I want to talk about the AFC West. We had a caller last night. He was effusive about Russell Wilson saying that Russell was the most disrespected quarterback currently in the NFL. Isn't Russell Wilson a leader? Maybe he can go give the nets and tips.

We'll get there as well and then Aaron Judge is just just continuing to destroy a baseball and Fernando Tatis Jr. is just running around apologizing and by the way he's gonna have another surgery. I'll fill you in on all of these things. Let's get some more of your calls here on Mr. Durant.

We got Eric. Caller from Green Bay. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey what's up JR? How's it going man? I'm terrific. Go ahead.

Thanks for taking my call. Hey before I get into Kevin Durant I just got to say one thing. I think people are missing the actual point and that is that Steve Kerr is the best coach in the NBA right now by far and until Steve Kerr and the Warriors core is done I think they are going to be the one seed throughout.

I mean if it weren't for a catastrophic injury they would have won six titles out of the last six or seven years so that has to be said. As far as Kevin Durant goes I feel bad for that dude man. He won two straight NBA finals MVPs with the Warriors and all anybody could talk about was how he's never going to be considered one of the greats until he goes and does it on his own somewhere else and unfortunately he wasn't strong enough to ignore the national narrative and and ignore it and just stay put.

They would have won. I mean you know you go when you know Bill Russell wasn't looked down upon because he won what 13 or 11 or something with the counts. I mean nobody looked down upon him because he didn't go anywhere else. I just think it's unfortunate that Kevin Durant has had to deal with the national narratives that he has. I think it forced him out of Golden State when he really shouldn't have gone anywhere. I mean that's what created the drama there and until Steve Kerr is done the Warriors are not done. Well thank you Eric you're repeating that but Kevin Durant he helped contribute to that himself and on the other hand of things if you want to look at the the team it wasn't a national narrative that helped divide the Golden State Warriors it was I believe just their their personalities it ran its course that's just what it is. It just seemed like there was an awful lot of talk about him not going to ever be considered one of the greats unless he went somewhere else and did it without the Warriors. That's unfortunate because he was a key member of that team but he was the best player on that team while he was there. Well Eric we know that but the fact is he joined the team that was already pretty damn good and that's more of a reaction to what he did versus... Nobody takes that away from LeBron.

I'm sorry? I said nobody takes that away from LeBron. LeBron is... Nobody takes that away from Kobe or Shaq or... LeBron James dragged the team with me you and Sasha Pavlovic to an NBA finals. Well if you're talking about the one that they won against the Warriors losing Bogan sure didn't help. Do you know who Sasha Pavlovic is?

I believe I've seen the name but I'm not. Well that's my point. Thank you Eric for calling from Green Bay. I mean there's nobody wins a championship by themselves. I think that's that's extremely clear. But Kevin Durant losing to a team that he was ahead of beating and then deciding to join them. He created that. Nobody else created that. That was always going to be the story.

They just beat you. And yeah he was the best player but that's his own fault. And he had to know what was coming.

He did and he obviously didn't care because he did it. And then when the going got tough with the team and the personality started to chirp and then you got Draymond telling him, hey we didn't need you. That came out of Draymond's mouth. Kevin Durant left which is well within his right. Come on did that seem like a team that was gonna stick around and play together for the next 10 years? No it's it's almost impossible.

And so he left he went to Brooklyn. And so I don't want to talk about oh well it's a national narrative that that helps do this. No Kevin Durant made choices and he had to hear about them. That's just the way the world is. I can't sit here in this seat and say something and then be upset if anybody says anything in response. That's the that's the nature of what the hell I do. That's what he does.

He's a super public figure. 855-212-4CBS. Joelle is calling from New Orleans. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hi J.R. how you doing?

Excellent. Good I was calling I think it's uh I think Kevin Durant and them are going to be amazing next year. You're talking about adding Joe Harris back who's out would probably be in the starting lineup. That's a six foot seven 220 pound shooting guard. You add next to Kyrie and Durant and with Ben Simmons in the lineup at Power Forward that can guard one through five and then Drummond.

You have Ben Simmons who has four or three. Well Drummond, Andre Drummond, Andre Drummond is gone. Andre Drummond is now a member of the Chicago Bulls. Okay well I didn't know that but that if Drummond's gone he's they got Klaxon who's a 23 year old you know rising star. Yes he is. So if he gets entered in the starting lineup that's even better you know I think than Drummond and um but you got Joe Harris who can and and Seth Curry can now come off the bench and play when he's best at you know doing his role and um Joe Harris he was known as a great defender as well as not not only is one of the best three-point shooters and Ben Simmons as bad as he's been in some places if you could pick me two of the best players in the NBA for Ben Simmons to play off of it'd probably be Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Excellent score. For him to be able to kick it out to Kevin Durant when he's driving to the rim who better than to kick it up to him spotting up shooting or Kyrie Irving spotting up shooting and when he's not when he doesn't have the ball he gets to do what he does best play defense and rebound and when he does have the ball and then Kevin Durant and Kyrie are also players that are able to iso while Ben Simmons you know is just being a decoy as much as he can. Well listen I wouldn't call him a decoy I'd say he'd have to cut.

I know I know. He'd have to. He's a decoy as a cutter.

Yeah he'd have to. Yes. Well Dan Joel take a breath. Joel have you spoken to anyone today? Am I the first person? How many people did you talk to today? A lot? No you're the first person.

Yeah I can tell man he's like damn you didn't take a breath. No well I was just I didn't know how much time I had so and then you got Cam Jordan you know. Okay. Not Cam Jordan. Thomas. Cam Thomas yeah.

Well let me. You know he's telling how good he's going to be next year. Well correct Joel thank you well now your time is up thank you that was a lot damn.

Imagine screening him. Remember that guy I can't remember his name from the 80s who just talked a mile a minute he used to sell it he was that he did a million commercials but he did like one for Fed X and and 9x and he was just it reminded me of that guy like damn please take some oxygen man please and I agree with everything that he just said everything that he just said everything are they all going to stay healthy? Kyrie Irving I think is going to play but even even when he's healthy Kyrie Irving is not the biggest guy he gets knocked around but I think he's going to be committed. Joe Harris is coming off of an injury he didn't play last year. You know Kevin Durant are we going to expect him to play 80 something games no I think you found it a success if he hits you at 60 to 70 he's going to take games off the rest. Ben Simmons god knows what happens with him is he going to be fully recovered from his back it could be hit or miss. If they're healthy yeah they are deep as hell.

Dave is calling from Buffalo you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey JR appreciate taking my call tonight man I think you know it's one thing that they kind of kissed and made up but I think you look at this the front office and you know obviously Steve Nash and Durant to me I think the Nets did this because the Nets found out there's not much of a trade market for him and I think Durant you know where they were going to try to trade him to Durant didn't want to go there and I think they had no choice to kind of get back together. I think it seems phony to me um I think you know they're this is a very talented team but not a very cohesive team and yeah they might win a round or two in the playoffs but to go really deep and win a championship I just don't see it with this team. Well that's that's true now let's also be honest here we have had teams that have had success and everybody didn't always get along from a player's perspective from players to management you don't always have to get along to have success and I think that holds true for for many relationships throughout the course of life are you better equipped to have success if you're on the same page sure but as long as you know what you need to do when you go to work you don't have to like the person or the people you're working with you just have to know how to do it. Yeah there's there's no question that's absolutely true during the hours when you work together I just think to me you look at the Eastern Conference I think there's teams that are much more together and I think you know in the NBA we've seen with these super teams it doesn't always work that way and I feel like they've got some nice pieces but I don't know like you mentioned uh Udonis has them I don't know if they have a veteran presence that can really keep this team together and I think the question is too is is Irving going to play 82 games or close to it we know Moran is not going to and Ben Simmons to me is the wild card and the whole thing where is his mind at where's his game at you know he's playing point guard in the biggest city in the world where he thought it was tough in Philly and Philly's a tough market he's he his his role and thank you David Ben Simmons role I think obviously is not going to be the same as it was in Philadelphia you know he's going to handle the basketball but is he going to be point guard number one is he going to be point option number one no he's not he's not he's going to play more of a forward role he's going to get rebounds he's going to try to push the ball on the break he's going to play defense he's he's going to cut to the basket you know if he's open it will yell at his ass to to shoot it and will he be the same player or will he evolve it's going to be an easier route yeah it's going to be easy I wish I was playing ball with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant I'd be cutting for layups and kicking it out I think this is going to be a beautiful thing for him if there is an ideal situation it would be something like this it really would Richie's calling from Houston you're on CBS Sports Radio how you doing my man I'm very well what's going on I think that they're going to be I think they really could have a cohesive unit I don't like Ben Simmons I'm a Sixers fan but I really think they could pull this together the thing with the thing that's bothering me the most is that now that all these players have decided that hey what they can change it and try and force the trade and do something else Durant was finally told no and I think that's going to help the NBA because now these players can't decide hey this is where I want to go you've done this contract for 200 million dollars well I don't like the way you're doing it now I want to leave but the Nets will have a very solid team I think so yeah I believe so as well and you're correct whenever the next whenever the next CBA is up they will they're going to have some adjustments man they're going to try to enforce this they're going to use this as a as a case study as to why we need to adjust contracts if you want to move then you're going to have to give some money up that your contract which is guaranteed if you see it out like this is the one thing that players have to accept yeah you can have all the power in the world and yes we know teams can trade players at their whim when they want the top players will always have leverage they always will well in the case of Kevin Durant they try to he tried to push that button a little too much James Harden has pushed that button too much and we've reached I think the breaking point you can't have guys just calling all the shots you're getting paid all this money you can't just determine every single thing you can't do it Art is here from Arizona you're on the JR Sport Brief Show man my dude JR man long time Art where you been man man I've they've been working me dog okay hey just because I ain't calling in don't mean I ain't listening well thank you listen all the time you done changed well they changed up on me down here where I'm at I gotta go to the Odyssey app I believe okay well that's great you can always listen but I used to I used to catch you on the local radio station down here but the CBS game but anyway man one day maybe you gonna film me on this about KD man when you try to be the bad guy you always get rolled out the script you understand what I'm saying well I said I said a few months ago I love the fact that he was embracing being the bad guy and then he pushed it into being a complete jerk about it yeah he he hey he had he had motion but then he just he just he blew it like ever since he left Oklahoma City he already he already had a bad rap when he left OKC and went to the words after the words whooped they but you know what I mean but it's like you just he always he got game man I love KD been watching him since he was in Texas man bad boys coached him that's one of my favorite players anyway but he he talked too much man staff them burner accounts so I'm trying to make it seem like you you can do what you you feel you ain't dealing with them people in Oklahoma City you ain't dealing with them people in Golden State Golden State don't need you Oklahoma City you was your contract was up just about so you just jumped ship but you're not trying to a man worth a gazillion dollars so it's like this man's not gonna budge for you man you know what I mean it's a business to him this is this is an asset but KD got game but then another thing yes I don't do I don't think they'll get past the second round okay I don't think if if they're gonna if let me say this Art I appreciate you man I gotta get ready to to hit the break here if if you think the Brooklyn Nets can go to the second round why why can't they go further man I can't fast forward all the way until uh you know May here or April and May I can't do that it's too much why not if they're that good I mean to go to the second round why can't why why wouldn't they be able to advance past that we can't predict injuries I hate to say this but injuries in some way form or fashion they help shape the playoffs every year look at Kevin Durant and Golden State in Toronto let's be real and my apologies to everyone in Canada who will hate my guts I love Toronto if Klay Thompson was healthy out there Kevin Durant was healthy out there would Toronto still have won the championship and I can say that for many a teams yes and absolutely but come on now injuries have an effect on the Milwaukee Bucks this year what will they have looked like if if Chris Middleton was running around every year it's hard to predict it's the JR sport reshow on CBS sports radio I'm gonna leave these phone lines open I want to talk to you about Russell Wilson since we're talking about a leader we'll talk about Russell Wilson we'll get into the AFC west we'll talk about Aaron Judge he's out here trying to break all types of records it's the JR sport reshow CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio what's up JR man I wonder first by saying I love the show and thank you for keeping it so real on so many different topics call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR sport reshow CBS sports radio I'm gonna leave the phone lines open that's 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS we have the the country represented right now Massachusetts and Oregon Cleveland Maryland if you you want to give me a holler if you're on the line we'll definitely get you on just just wait momentarily okay shout outs to Atlanta as well you know we talked about Kevin Durant returning to Brooklyn not by choice really no choice at all and then I said you take a look at the Brooklyn Nets who the hell is the leader it ain't Durant he wanted the bail it ain't Ben Simmons he hasn't even played a minute we know he ain't a leader he's a quitter and then we got Kyrie Irving we know he's also a quitter or he's just a guy who changes his mind as the wind blows although he he'll be available this year he's in a contract season he's trying to get his money is he still gonna miss games nagging injuries here and there yeah that's what he's always done throughout the course of his career but if we want to talk about a leader you know last night we talked about quarterbacks Derek Carr has basically been a punching bag and then so I posed the question to you all who is the most disrespected quarterback currently in the NFL in the NFL and one of our callers he said Russell Wilson and his reasoning he's like oh well Nick Wright and Ryan Clark I'm like okay well that that means he's the most disrespected I'm what about consensus and I told him just don't listen to jackasses if I'm thinking about consensus most disrespected I'm not thinking about oh two guys on tv said it and so the whole world must feel that way a matter of fact we we have that call and he had a lot of reasons why Russell is the most disrespected listen to this if you missed it from last night the most disrespected quarterback in the league is Russell Wilson I'll give you a bunch of reasons why people first of all make up a lot of fake narratives about him in terms of his off the field exploits and you know they call him corny and things and you know I get it I understand some of the things that he does may be kind of cheesy or whatever but he's also a good citizen off the field on the field he's being tucked away in Seattle and playing for a run first defense oriented coach like Pete Carroll that has hurt him yeah we know that the man has wanted to throw the football for forever he also happens to be one of the best deep pass throwers that the league has seen he's been playing behind a shoddy offensive line recently up in Seattle there's also times where he's he's decided to be superman all the time and he's been sacked as a result of it now having said that he's still one of the best quarterbacks in the game is he Aaron Rodgers no no he's not is he Patrick Mahomes no no he's not but he's a winner and sure when he won his earlier championships it was predicated on defense it was predicated on the run game as things evolved and the legion of boom actually dissolved and speaking of the legion of boom it shout outs to Richard Sherman he actually just retweeted a message that I shared on twitter you can check it out at jrsportbrief it's related to Kobe Bryant but I digress Russell Wilson it became his team over time but then he also wanted to sling the ball around he also played in a competitive a division and so am I gonna call him the most disrespected QB in the game no I'm not okay because he's not the only quarterback there are guys who just get beat up more in the court of public opinion than Russell Wilson if I gotta think about the most disrespected guy in the the the NFL who plays quarterback everybody has their detractors but if I have to line it up and weigh it it's it's still Lamar and you want to talk about Russell Wilson being corny listen he has some of his own teammates some of his own teammates just didn't always appreciate him because it was a matter of hey we got the teacher's pet over here and so yeah there's on field and off field but he's still good there are plenty of teams that would love to have Russell Wilson as their quarterback and the Denver Broncos are one of them that's why they brought him in and he's had his moments can we forget when he joined the Broncos and they were filming him for you know some of those in stadium promos social media promos and they just wanted him to say let's ride and he just I don't know just take a listen for yourself let's ride let's ride perfect okay one more time Broncos country let's ride Broncos country let's ride Broncos country let's ride Broncos country let's ride Broncos country let's ride yeah for a guy like me who talks for a living you you want to give a variety when you have to record those type of things I've also produced things like that and it's just like okay sure and people are making fun of him because it's it's Russell Wilson well it was only a few years ago in 2019 when he got his contract extension and this guy was he was laying in bed with his wife Sierra and he decided to post a video just you know talking about how great it is to I guess be paid and and celebrate listen hey Seattle we got a deal go hawks go hawks i'm gonna see y'all in the morning good night time for y'all to go to bed see y'all in the morning that made me feel uncomfortable come on man lying in bed with sierra you don't have to say anything else for the rest of your life uh Russell will I mean that made me feel like listening to that made me feel uncomfortable man and listen to that made me say I gotta get a life well I mean I can make a couple of calls I mean Sierra's from here in Atlanta I can find you similar well Jay I don't mess with with families I'm not a I'm not a I don't broke break homes in that regard but I will say Jay I'm not saying I'm giving you Sierra got it got it got it but JR come on saying you can come here to you can come to Georgia and I you know well thank you but JR but you you have to admit when you are Russell Wilson and you are paid in the fashion in which he is and you have the Super Bowl success that he has and you were married to with one of the world's most beautiful uh human beings that we have ever laid eyes on you don't have to say anything else for the rest of your life you have nothing to prove to nobody but yourself yeah he doesn't thank you what he wants to do is now win a Super Bowl by throwing a football that's what he wants to do he's got many years to do so uh well he he does but we know it's it's it's fickle you know you can be great at the quarterback position you can be awesome and you could be the driver but it's it's not necessarily a guarantee it's not a birthright that a quarterback can go out there and just deliver a championship as Dan Marino we know that it takes 53 guys it takes 53 phases or not 53 phases it takes three phases of a team offense defense and special teams to go out there and and get the job done and yeah Russell is he gonna have some options here you know maybe he can help elevate Jerry Judy finally maybe Courtland Sutton I know as much as he doesn't want to look at a run game he has two of the best and Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon maybe Javonte can go ahead and completely take over the defense has absolutely amazing safeties even though they lost uh Fuller I believe is now gone so they they they got they got a squad but the AFC West it's tough you know Patrick Mahones will be spreading a ball out still have the Raiders Derek Carr is still trying to go out there and prove himself every day as something new for the poor guy and then obviously you have the bolts they can't suck forever with Justin Herbert it's it's just logic says eventually they're not going to be choke artists and so yeah can can Russell Wilson go out and and win another championship sure it wouldn't surprise me if it happened it just is not going to be easy these championships are not a birthright and let's be clear this conference or this division has four great teams all four of these teams are not going to the playoffs and I mean are the Broncos going to be the best of them I don't think the Broncos are going to be the best in the AFC West I would still go ahead and and and and say I go with the I go with the Chiefs at number one even with their changes Valdez Scantlin coming in and also JuJu Smith-Schuster and then you got you got the Raiders I mean can they're known to choke the bolts are going to be good they're all going to be good they're going to cannibalize each other but I'm not I'm not throwing the Broncos in if I had to say who do I not think is going to finish number one in that division it'd be the Broncos what do you say I'm going to take your calls on the other side eight five five two one two four CBS we got a lot of people who want to talk Durant Broncos Russell we got you covered we'll even get into a superstar in Aaron Judge you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio first time caller and listener I'm loving the show your show is just absolutely outstanding I gotta tell you I've been listening to you I've been feeling and agreeing with your flow call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS the JR Sport Reshow CBS Sports Radio we've been talking about Kevin Durant we've been talking about Russell Wilson one of our callers absolutely loved him last night he said Russell Wilson is the most disrespected quarterback in the NFL I don't like spare me okay spare me he's good he's one of the best quarterbacks he's looking to make his mark by by leading a team to a Super Bowl as the feature star something that he hasn't been able to do in his career and he's had an absolutely hell of a career he's been durable he's been available he's been a winner he's had winning seasons and he's just there all reliable is he a perfect quarterback no but there are a lot of teams that would love to have him in the Denver Broncos do now now that they have him there that doesn't all of a sudden just skyrocket them into contention they have a new head coach Nathaniel Hackett they have a young squad Russell is going to be tasked with leading the way and the Broncos are going to be good they'll have a winning record are they going to win I don't know are they going to go 10 and 7 I think I think that would be a good season for the Denver Broncos are they going to get into the playoffs I think they'll be kind of right there on the bubble but four teams from the AFC West ain't going and if I had to take a look at the team that that probably has the worst chance of doing so somehow some way the Chargers always they blow it right they do they find a way that can't be the case Justin Herbert is going to wake up this season and maybe he's legitimately competing for an MVP for whatever reason also side note Keenan Allen doesn't get the love that he deserves but I digress somewhere between the bolts the Broncos and the Raiders something crazy always happens so let's see but out of all the teams to win the AFC West I say the Broncos probably probably have the worst chance let's see if they prove me wrong what do you say eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS Donald is calling from Cleveland you're on CBS Sports Radio JR how you doing this evening good good hey let me ask you something everything you've thrown down tonight about Russell Wilson really respected but when you say all what you say is do you think that Russell Wilson was ever really the leader in all of that at Seattle do you think that he can lead and be that for the Broncos what what are you are you did you ask me a question at the another question at the end or did you make a statement no it's all in one what I'm asking is like what you're saying like before all valid points about Russell Wilson but like was he ever really a leader at Seattle or was it more I mentioned that it became more of his team without a doubt or question when guys strong personalities guys like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman those guys just in a boom right yeah they was it more Marshawn Lynch was it more Richard Sherman in the back oh my god Donald I'm answering you and I think I I think I made that statement prior to to you calling I said that this team won they won a championship and as Russell Wilson as his career at Donald damn Donald geez slow down you think you still there I'm here I'm here baby I'm here yeah I know you're talking too much I'm trying to answer you I mentioned before you joined I said this was a team that won a championship with a strong defense Russell Wilson wasn't out there slinging the rock around when they were winning titles as those guys left the team and Russell Wilson became the focal point of the squad I think without a shadow of a doubt because he's the quarterback and because of his personality and even as much as he wanted to be quote-unquote released and be allowed to cook more it was his team did they find and have success no they did not they were still in the transitional period I believe even now that he's been sent over to Denver and so yes was he the leader yeah were they going anywhere hell no that's why he's in Denver right now right so do you think like maybe with a first-year head coach offensive coordinator from the Packers maybe a little maybe a little bit more to like an Aaron Rodgers what's your transition on that well I believe that he is going to throw the football more I just told you about the two running backs that they have so at least he'll have some balance there you may not be all that that thrilled with Gordon and and Javante having to share the rock but he's going to sling it around and so I think he is going to have success is it going to be enough success to to get them into the playoffs where they'll make some noise I'm not so sure about that Sean is calling from Oregon you're on CBS sports radio I'm right behind you JR on that you know Russell Wilson you ain't gonna find a better leader as positive person I live outside Portland I've watched about every Seahawk game we get force fed and Seahawk games around here and he's great and but he also gets sacked a lot and he's on on course to be the most sat quarterback in history and with his style you know he's a lot different in Aaron Rodgers you can't compare him to anybody really I mean he's got his own style and if you let him cook and he starts doing stuff and he tries too hard he could get hurt anything can happen to him I mean but I must say you know leads in a boom that was great and yeah in the second suitable you know he's the one that threw the football to end the game he threw him to Malcolm Butler and you can't blame Pete Carroll for that because he didn't throw the ball I mean well Pete well we can still say this the man dialed up one of the dumbest play calls that the world has ever seen it takes two to tango so yes we can talk about the gentleman who threw the ball and Russell Wilson who's at fault and we can also look at the man who decided to make the play call when you have a bruising running back they are ready to just beat the living hell out of everybody and so yeah it takes it takes two to tango what I will say about this though he did play behind a crap offensive line we had to go through all of those rumors last season about Russell Wilson and and needing some input into what the Seahawks do why because he's been knocked the hell out he's been one of the most durable quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen especially for a guy who's been running around now for the better part of a decade he did not miss a game until last season when he had a thumb injury looking at Russell Wilson on the sidelines made no sense and so is he going to be running for his life right now for the Denver Broncos it's to be seen and by the way shout outs to the best guy on the offensive line I happen to know him it's my main man Dalton Reisner you've had Dalton on the show good luck this upcoming season but this is this is going to be new and so is he going to get slapped around with the Broncos as well probably I'm going to say it won't be Dalton's fault yeah I'm just backing up my guy this is going to be new Russell Wilson and the Broncos they will they will be good but I ain't expecting them to win anything in year one not at all it's the JR sport reshow here on CBS Sports Radio we're going to take a break I'm going to get some more of your calls we'll talk the rant I definitely want to talk Aaron Judge we got a lot to do here CBS Sports Radio
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