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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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July 11, 2023 1:53 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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July 11, 2023 1:53 am

JR looks at the potential fit of Chris Paul with the Golden State Warriors and what Jordan Poole will bring to the Wizards 


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Find a retailer near you, that's You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio.

I would happen to be JR. Yeah, that's me, of the JR Sport Brief show. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, and this is where I'm going to be here with you on the radio for the next two hours. I appreciate you.

Thank you. So whether you're listening on the free Odyssey app, whether you're tuned in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, you could be locked in on Sirius XM channel 158, or you could be listening on a smart speaker. I just say thank you. This is halftime of the show. You could say this is the third quarter, the start of the third quarter. And yeah, please believe at halftime, I have myself a PB&J sandwich.

I listen to the coach and I get ready to play the second half. Okay, we get started 10 p.m. Eastern, seven Pacific. It's been a busy night so far already. It's been a busy Monday.

It's been a busy weekend. Some of the things that we've already discussed tonight, Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern, he's been given the boot. More information coming out about the hazing, hazing, I should say, at Northwestern. And then we even found out that there were some racial issues, as some of the players have said that they were not treated in a respectable manner. We've heard about Bob Huggins saying that he never resigned from West Virginia.

He wants his job back. I don't know how likely that's going to be. We talked about Victor Winbenyama having a bounce back game in game two of the summer league, going from nine points this past Friday night to 29 points on Sunday.

And then we will not see Victor Winbenyama competing any further in the summer league. And then tonight, how about this? Major League Baseball, the home run derby, took place in Seattle. And we have a winner, Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. He beat Randy Orazarena of the Tampa Bay Rays in the finals. And now Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. can now say that I also have a home run derby championship, just like my dad. Knowing that this game is taking place or took place, the home run derby did in Seattle. Ken Griffey, Jr. was on hand. But I would say that maybe the most exciting TV moment tonight that wasn't a home run was when Marshawn Lynch, the former Seattle Seahawks, came out to get ready to present the trophy and yes, the home run chain. This is what it sounds like on ESPN.

Look who it is. Marshawn Lynch. He's got the championship trophy.

He was a champion with the Seahawks. Skittles himself comes over, gives a big hug to Julio Rodriguez. Marshawn Lynch looks like he's getting a home run derby. You see the chain he has on? I see the chain. I see the calves. I see the thighs. I see a lot. There's a lot to see. That's coming at you. I am getting out of the way.

Okay. Well, that was quite the evaluation of Marshawn Lynch. And after Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. won, Marshawn Lynch had no problem bestowing upon him the chain. I know Vlad Guerrero, Sr., he ain't get no damn chain when he won the home run derby.

Good on his son. And then we know that the actual all-time actual All-Star game is going to take place on Tuesday night. And it seems like it just came out of nowhere. So shout out to all my folks in the Pacific Northwest who are going to be checking out the All-Star game. You always got to make things fresh and cool and new. Thank God baseball has done away with the home field advantage in the World Series aspect to the All-Star game. That was always a bunch of trash, you know, trying to get people invested after But Selig didn't know what to do after a tie and they ran out of players.

So you always got to keep things fresh. And speaking of fresh and interesting, you know, the NBA decided to provide more details on its in-season tournament. The NBA cup that is going to be awarded to a squad come December. Now, this is a massive change from what we've typically seen in basketball or I'd say any leak here in North American sports to think that throughout the course of the season things aren't necessarily going to stop but they're going to be adjusted to have a tournament.

And so let me let me break things down for you. The NBA season is still going to be 82 games. That hasn't changed. But what is going to change is early on in the season where you can go ahead and and take a look at at specific days every Tuesday and Friday starting on Friday November 3rd is going to be dedicated to this tournament. And so NBA teams have been siphoned down into five groups. Every team in a group is going to play each other one time. From there you're going to find or take the top teams from every group. They're going to advance in addition to two wildcard teams. Those are the two teams with the best records that didn't advance or weren't the top of the group. And so that's eight teams.

Are you following me so far? That's eight teams that are going to move forward and they're going to participate in a knockout round. And then they're going to move forward towards a championship that is going to be held in Las Vegas on Saturday December 9th. And the semifinals are also going to be in Vegas December 7th. So you don't have to wait too too much long before we go from four teams and then bring you down to the championship on Saturday December 9th. And so the NBA is really putting some some juice here into the early part of the season. Let's let's keep in mind historically and it was changed a few years ago the season would start right before Halloween. But now to stretch things out the season pretty much starts in the middle of October.

We're gonna have to wait about another month or so before we get this full schedule that comes out. And by the way, yes the teams that participate in the final they will be playing an 83rd game. This championship game will have nothing to do with the stats for the regular season etc etc. But every other game here in this NBA cup will. And so all these teams will play 82 games except for the two teams that move to the championship.

And this is supposed to add juice. Now do I think it's going to be all that interesting out of the gate? It's going to be a little confusing. There's going to be some folks who go why are we doing this?

This makes no sense. But the NBA is going to add some interest and then at the end of the day the fact is the players are gonna they're gonna make some cash. I'll tell you about that momentarily. Before we do that let's hear from Trae Young. As the NBA shared some of the groupings for the five groups Trae Young was on stage and he said yes this is going to add a little bit of extra juice that we can go out there and compete for something else besides just the championship. I mean it's just a it's an exciting time to mean play more basketball. I mean you're playing for another award something special and so it's just gonna push us and get us ready and it keeps teams I mean prepared I mean all season long so I mean it definitely helps leading up to the the big goal at the end too.

Yeah well that's from a player's perspective. What about someone who's won a few championships multiple ways? What about someone who's currently coaching?

I guess you can call them a championship caliber team. What about Steve Kerr? Steve Kerr likes this uh this NBA cup.

Listen to him. I'm excited you know the playing tournament has been awesome you know we've been part of that as a team both being in the playing tournament and trying to avoid it and I think being creative with the regular season has been really successful. I'm excited about this mid-season tournament too. I think it's going to add an element of energy and excitement for the players and the coaches and the fans so I think it's a great idea. Okay you heard it from from Steve Kerr and I told you about the the cash prize like the winnings here it is the team that wins the tournament obviously wins the NBA cup but when it comes down to the cash each player on the winning team will take home half a million dollars players on the second place team will get two hundred thousand dollars each and then players on the losing semi-finals teams the final four they'll get one hundred thousand dollar each and the quarter finalists will get 50k per player and so if you win this whole thing ain't nothing wrong with a half million dollar bonus now is that a big enough bonus for NBA players guys who are now clocking I mean if you're a star you making 40 50 these guys are moving towards 60 million dollars is a is a half mill gonna move the needle for them and maybe not but you're gonna have guys on the lower end who's just gonna say yeah I'll play an extra ball I'll compete for a half million dollars and so I think there might there might be an incentive I thought the financial incentive would be a little bit more I think it's going to take time for the players to buy in I really do because to know that we have the Larry O'Brien trophy at the end of the year and to know that these dudes are on guaranteed contracts this is not it's not the hunger games this is not throwing everybody into a Roman Colosseum hey you come out on top you get the cash I think it's going to take a while for the players to care eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS flute it's calling from DC you're on the JR sport brief show what's going on hey what's up JR good to hear you you know you you you know Monday and you bring it the day before the all-star game and it got me thinking you know first congratulations to Vladimir Guerrero the father and son you know the father is one of my favorite players you know and then the son is coming along you know that's that's good to see makes me think I'm getting old too but I remember when the NBA at halftime there were three events that they had during halftime they had the one-on-one tournament where they had players play against each other and they had the original dunk contest and they had the horse competition and a lot of people think that Larry Nass beat Dr. J in the original NBA contest the first dunk champion in the NBA was Larry McNeil from the Detroit Pistons he beat Darnell Hillman and they would have the tournament at halftime and each week two more competitors would compete and then the horse competition you would see people like pistol Pete Marvage against Paul Westfall and they would do ball skills and kick shots that you never could even imagine you know you would run outside and try to practice them and then they had the horse competition well the one-on-one no horse and the dunk contest but you know the NBA players to participate you know I don't think they would do that now but you know it's all a lot of questions you know to see somebody say imagine Carmelo Anthony you know in his prime playing against LeBron James or Chris Boss he could probably say against Steph Curry you know the hype didn't really matter because I remember that Bob Lanier played against Calvin Murphy and Calvin Murphy defeated him he was 5'9 and Bob Lanier was about 6'11 because he couldn't dribble the ball ain't ain't happening I know it ain't happening it ain't happening well let me ask you this yeah what do you think about the tournament the current tournament the one that's going to take place well like you said I think that that the prize money is not enough really just going to motivate the stars now the guys are the end of the bench the fight for that half a million dollars I think they'll you know put forth the effort but I think these NBA guys are looking more forward to the end of the season and I don't think that this is really going to catch on too much for the first line players you know and especially ones that have multiple championships I still think they're going to look for the end of the season and try to remain healthy because they're going to go for it because they're the NBA players but I think it's going to be more for the second tier players instead of the starters yeah it's gonna I think it's going to take a few years to catch on thank you Flute for calling from DC I'd be shocked if these dudes were running through the wall just for this this first go round I think there's a natural curiosity from everyone involved to see how things go I mean if you think about just the Phoenix Suns for this upcoming season you got Kevin Durant Bradley Beal and Devin Booker between the three of these dudes they're gonna pocket anywhere between 35 and 46 million dollars just to play ball this season on the low end of the bench you got guys who are gonna make about two million dollars I mean yeah half a million for Watanabe oh yeah that's a big deal but for Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal and Booker it's just I'm gonna bust my ass for extra half mil I think not I mean if we can do it because we're competitive yeah sure but I'm not I'm not gonna potentially go all the way just to kind of wreck myself and so it'll be real interesting to see how you you get buy-in I think the prize would have to be a little bit more I don't know if this is gonna be a full or true incentive to get guys to play but the fan interest will definitely be there the NBA is gonna market these Tuesdays and Fridays as this kind of championship tournament days and so there's gonna be hype there's gonna be interest it's gonna take it's gonna take some time I'd be shocked if this was just a giant success out of the gate when the NBA had to start the plan a couple of years ago the idea came out of COVID you know we had players who were lukewarm on that LeBron said you know how much he hated it well we don't we don't hear much about that anymore but the end season tournament it's it gonna take some time George is calling from Stone Mountain here in Georgia you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up George? My friend this is about to be the biggest flop in NBA history and coaching may be in on it not because it's politically correct to be in on it but the minute a star player gets injured get an ACL or Achilles or whatever major injury that crippled playoff or championship continues tension coaches are going to be out of it you may have basically the end of the bench players playing you know towards a lot of part of this tournament you know they may get lucky the first year but sooner or later there will be a big injury and then that when the coach is interested and everybody else is going to be out of it then you're going to be talking about you know low management etc etc etc a big flop. Okay well thank you George I want to be clear here these aren't additional games these aren't extra games these tournament games are going to count towards the regular season and so there is an incentive for you to try to go out there and win these aren't exhibition games these are going to be games that count in the standings and so if you want to talk about injuries that are going to take place in the the NBA cup or this end season tournament guys can get injured anytime or are we going to have a a larger string of injuries because somebody's playing in a tournament game that counts towards the regular season I'm I'm not so sure and so what happens when the tournament is over on December 10th and somebody blows out their ACL you can't blame the tournament then can you you can you can blow out a knee and ankle you can do that anytime you really can I don't think the intensity is going to really be up that much I don't think eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS what are your thoughts on this this NBA end season tournament they're trying to spice things up at the beginning of the year to keep teams interested to keep fans interested and they even giving away prize money to the players but is it enough money and is it gonna make enough of a difference to add some jazz add some spice and to get the players to not load manage but to actually compete I think it's going to take a few years what do you say eight five five two one two four CBS I'm going to get to your calls we'll ask super producer Dave Sheppard as well it's the JR Sport Brief show CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio Rob Manfred reminds me of my buddy in college that when the professor says you got 20 days to do this essay he'll wait till the last possible minute and stay up till 6 a.m trying to get this essay done in half acid the fact and I was about to say that point till you brought it up the fact that he could get up there on the dark one of the darkest days in his sport and laughs and smirks and craft jokes and practice golf swing is sickening call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS never never a bad opportunity to crap on Rob Manfred no you want to crap on Adam Silver he has a chance here's an opportunity outside of uh Ice Cube if you missed Ice Cube he joined us here on uh on Friday he has some issues with Adam Silver as he's trying to expand his big three he says that the NBA is is blocking them that they have made it very clear to sponsors and television distributors etc don't work with the big three if you want to work with the NBA so Ice Cube not happy about that eight five five two one two four CBS uh right before we went to break we did talk about this NBA uh tournament the NBA is going to have an in-season tournament that's going to start later on this year it's going to begin on November 3rd it's going to have a championship game that's going to take place in Las Vegas on Saturday December 9th and basically this tournament is going to run every Tuesday and every Friday you know basically from the beginning of November to mid-December give or take early December and teams are going to be separated into five groups and so each team is going to play the opposition one time the top five teams are going to move forward or excuse me six teams plus two wild card teams so you're going to have eight teams that will just move to single elimination until we get down to one champion that's it and the winner a guy on each team on the winning squad will get half a million dollars second place team each guy will get two hundred thousand dollars each the semi-finalists will get a hundred k each and the NBA is trying to spice things up this tournament is going to count towards the regular season so every team will still play 82 games we'll have an idea on the the actual schedule about a month from now and so we just have to wait a little bit longer for full details and scheduling etc and so all of these games are going to count the stats regular season standings etc except for the championship game which is going to take place Saturday December 9th the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas so I think this is going to take some time to catch on I don't expect this to be a hit out of the gate I I think we'll probably get some great games here or there the NBA has a a great chance and an opportunity to market Tuesday and Friday as tournament games it adds a little bit of juice and more curiosity to the beginning of the regular season and so I don't think there's anything lost here for the NBA I don't think there's anything lost especially since these games count towards the regular season and we might also have a couple of rivalries that are are renewed 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Jason is calling from Cleveland what are your thoughts Jason what do you think about this NBA in-season tournament I don't think there can be any thing lost by it the the thing that I can't understand is why people would be complaining about getting paid a bonus half a million dollars for regular season games well I don't think I don't think it's complaining about being paid a bonus for regular season games it's a matter of of the the winnings being an incentive the fact that it might not be enough for them to be motivated about it not the money but the actual game well it makes sense right it makes sense right because what's what's the big uh detraction about NBA is regular season means nothing and it's all about the playoffs and a lot of teams will just try and limp in and you've seen it some of these eight seeds go to the finals so that perpetuates that whole ideology that the regular season doesn't mean a whole lot just get into the playoffs and then go from there so it makes sense from the trying to get the fan engagement in the regular season right I mean what's going to do minor league baseball where you got to give away stuff every game to get people to think like oh yeah these they care about it they're really yeah they're interested yeah well I think it I think it'll take time man I think it'll take time and thank you so much Jason for calling I'm sorry Jason let him go my bad Brett is calling from San Diego you're on the JR sport ratio what's up Brett hello JR can you hear me loud and clear go ahead hey thanks for taking my call I appreciate it I love the the uh the tournament I think the the teams with the younger players they're gonna they're gonna go all out and um load management won't be a problem because you know they're just the rest on the days that it's not a day of the the tournament you know uh that's I mean you you might have a you might have a point there you think people are still gonna find a way to pack it in in the early part of the season pack it in meaning sorry pack it in meaning I ain't gonna play it's not a playing game so I'll play in the play well not to play and I'll play in the tournament but the other games I'll take off that's yeah no I mean just yeah adding to what you said like nothing's lost so I just think that it's that the intensity is just going to be a little bit a little bit more it's great great for the fans and yeah I like it a lot I'm excited to see I think there's going to be a lot of great games and we may see a team like the Rockets or the Pistons uh surprise to people okay no yeah there you go you you you'll have some lesser teams that might be uh trying to put some stock into a good point thank you Brett for calling from San Diego Ahmad is calling from Georgia you're on CBS Sports Radio what are your thoughts on this end season NBA cop hey JR how you doing good good um so I have I'm I'm kind of split on this um I I salute the fact that Adam Silver's trying to add some prestige to mid-season uh basketball um because of load management and all that we've seen teams uh players not play and not take it seriously uh personally I know fans who say the league doesn't get start heating up until after Christmas I know some that even say it doesn't heat up so after the all-star break so I see where Adam Silver's coming from I see what he's trying to do and I respect it but the the reality is I don't think you can make a tournament that's essentially um another form of a championship and expect players to take it seriously from day one uh he said Adam Silver said he took this model from European soccer uh but the issue with that is uh and why it probably wouldn't translate as well over here is that those tournaments have been going on for years and years and years almost centuries um and if you look over there you know the leagues over there they have the league they have cups they have um Champions League or teams and other leagues play each other and there's no doubt or question about the prestige of them uh over there um but the thing is over here I don't think you can expect the players to take it seriously from year one or two or three especially when American sports has been built around you either there's only one winner and they get the championship and if you don't get it there's nothing else I don't know there's no there's no relegation there's only one NBA that's not like we have you know the top you know it's not a California league versus the New York league it's it's not like a G league team goes up in the I don't know the Houston Rockets get sent down and also I don't know if we're gonna have NBA cup banners championship parades or any of that hell no because it because it just in in in in general it just doesn't fit anywhere near as close yeah no bro what championship is they're gonna you know no well they they've made it they've made it clear that that it's not they just gonna get the money and I think they'll they'll be happy with it at that point in time I mean damn it if if we had an NBA cup parade what are we gonna do run it down Las Vegas boulevard like come on now we don't need all of that hey shup you you hyped up about this uh this in-season tournament this NBA cup how you feeling I like it I mean I like Adam Silver's ability to think outside the box I I think this is a good thing I think it gets excitement to the NBA at a time where a lot of people may not watch the NBA eyeballs may be on football more so at that point of the year so I love it JR like you said we had the same complaints the same reservations about that play-in tournament LeBron James was going all drama queen on that and you know what it worked out for everybody yeah it'll take time and it's it doesn't take anything nothing zip zero zilch it doesn't take anything from the regular season because all of these games except the championship game are going to count towards the regular season ended standings so I actually kudos to the NBA Adam Silver has said that they've talked about this for more than a decade and now this season they're finally going to implement it and I don't think there is anything lost I think there's only things or something to gain here uh good on them we we talked about major league baseball and you know trying to jazz things up and be interesting the NBA is is forward here it really is eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS I'll get some more of your calls here about this this new NBA cup in the in-season tournament we got so much more to get into from the Yankees actually firing one of their coaches I want to get into the home run derby again I'm gonna get to your calls on the other side of the break you're listening to the jr sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on CBS sports radio hey uh jr thanks for having me on uh first time caller yeah great show I really like your show you're really patient and I think you're really objective call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS it's the jr sport brief show here on CBS sports radio before we went to break we were talking about the NBA in-season tournament it's going to run the beginning portion of the year NBA teams are going to be grouped up into two groups play each other one time eight teams will move on to single elimination games and the NBA will hand out the NBA cup on December 9th which happens to be a Saturday tournament games will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and this is basically going to be in the first month of the the regular season really running from the beginning of November with the championship that I mentioned coming on December 9th so nothing wrong with with anything new the NBA doesn't lose anything with these games they are going to count in the regular season standings so will the stats etc the only game that will not count in the standings or statistically will be that championship game in Las Vegas and the winning team each member will take home half a million dollars just for winning eight five five two one two four CBS NBA trying something new let's go to barry he's in Boston you're on CBS sports radio yeah how are you brother good go ahead um so before I talk about the NBA and how much I agree with this I wanted to ask you a trivia question sports trivia question that a lot of your um listeners probably have never heard of before there's two days in the entire year that there's no games played in the four major sports I want you to tell me what those two days are yeah it's typically today and tomorrow well it's the the SPs well man what are you asking me I've done this I've done this for years because I've gone to the SPs for years in the all-star game so what are we what are we doing now it's it's the day before the all-star game is the day after the all-star game those are the only two days that no professional sports are playing yeah I just I just kind of said something like that but what else you got um so I completely agree with the NBA and what they're doing thinking outside the box to always want to improve things I think this tournament is a great idea it's at the end of the season yeah I know Shep said it's you know during football season but I I think it's wonderful and it's gonna do nothing but help the NBA I think it's a wonderful idea okay well we'll see we'll find out soon enough we'll know by the time December 9th comes around thank you so much Barry for calling from Boston let's go ahead and talk the mic from San Francisco you're on CBS Sports Radio the JR sport brief show hey how's you and very well go ahead yeah two things I want to talk about a tiny later but on the in-season tournament there were a couple of details one that I think word mentioned and one that I have a question about first of all on the conferences that the second place teams are wildcards it's it's one from each conference not just the two best in case people get confused and that leads to one of my questions which is when you get down to eight teams do you play the conferences down to one team and then they play the finals like they do in the regular playoffs or are all eight teams seated in one field no as as far as I know and that's a good question the groupings come down to to conferences there's actually one thing that I did not want to do is go too deep into the weeds because of how complicated this already could be exactly and so I wanted to give it from from a baseline there's even a formula as to to how these initial games or how the teams the groups are formed yeah we're grouped up yes a lot of it random it's randomized based on well it's not no it's it's not random it has to do with with the records from this past season so it's not for example Philly Boston and Milwaukee are the top three teams in the east they get shuffled for who's in which group a b or c that's all I meant by random and then four through six get shuffled for who's in a b or c so one doesn't always play four or six or whatever in their group that they're random within those little groups of three so here's here since we wanted to get in the weeds here it is anyway the other thing and let's we'll hold on mike thank you for thank you for choosing to uh confuse more folks hold on a second okay you ready for this okay okay all 30 teams have been randomly drawn into groups of five within their conference based on win-loss records from from last season okay so does that make sense up until now yeah okay eight teams will advance to the knockout rounds the team with the best standing in group play in each of the six groups in two wildcards the team from each conference with the best record in group play games that finish second in its group that makes sense yep okay the knockout rounds will be single elimination in the quarterfinals all the way down to the nba cup makes sense yep okay and so what are you asking me next no i am just saying the one you just read doesn't say if the eight teams will be in one pot or if they're in conference no from what i see no and this is what i also understand yeah and i did mention this and maybe this information isn't disclosed the nba is going to share information about the scheduling in about a month okay so i think that may that may answer your question and then on the uh atani thing i guess uh it doesn't make sense to me based on his comments and his i guess agent's comments or translator's comments um if he wants to get onto a winning team eventually why can't they trade him and still try to sign him at the end of the year and if they get like two or three starters and a couple of top prospects well why wouldn't that make atani want to sign back with him after he's rented out because i would find them i would find them to be prospects and i would think that something that the angels have tried to pedal for years are actual prospects who lead to absolutely nowhere i mean the team has just crapped out over their last 10 games they're now below 500 they're not going anywhere if i'm atani you know what i'm doing i'm going up the road and i'm going to the dodgers i'm going to stay in the area i'm going to go to los angeles and actually play for the dodgers instead of playing for a crap team that threw los angeles onto the name despite playing in anaheim i don't agree with you at all and i'm going to i'm going to take all of the money that they have basically carved out for me by not handing out gigantic deals i'm going to be a dodger i'm i'm just saying from the angel standpoint he's more likely to resign if they trade them and get a bunch more players on the team mike i appreciate the fact that you are very into the weeds similar of the the nba tournament me i'm not i'm not so into the weeds i look at it from the baseline and keep it moving i look at the angels the owner didn't know doesn't know if he wants to sell the team the last thing that i'm gonna do is think about things from the angels perspective because that's like me getting in the the car with someone who's driving drunk and trying to figure out why they're driving erratically i'm not going to question it that's true but they get to decide whether to trade them or not that's all yeah well they they look like a bunch of dumbasses they don't even know if they want to own the team i completely agree well thank you mike have a good night you as well thank you hey chef that was he was really digging deep in everything there why the angels are being the angels and the play-in who plays who i'm like well can we can we get there listen you know here's here's another trivia question that don't worry i'm not going to subject you to another uh mundane question here but mike trout has been with the angels since 2011 what do mike trout have in common jr you and i also have in common oh man i i don't know i don't go to the playoffs i don't know exactly he has never won a playoff game in his career and we're talking about the angels here come on mike like it doesn't it's irrelevant it's irrelevant they're irrelevant yes they have the two top talents in baseball when one is healthy trout certainly top five yeah not even not even okay that's okay so so so bett sakuna uh de la cruz um i don't know okay i don't think about mike trout anymore his numbers are his numbers are okay he can't stay healthy power he's just he still hits for power but he's really diminished in average these days but but to your point the angels have got to be one of the most perplexing teams in the history of professional sports i can't think of another team in our lifetime jr when they had the two let's just say for a few years stretch because this is year six now for otani it's i know it's baseball but still exactly and so who cares i mean let's let's look at it in a different way the new york mats let's let's pretend that sherzer and verlander were in their prongs right now and let's just say they had eras like above two and they were striking out everybody it wouldn't matter if the new york mats if the offense couldn't generate squat and so to look at the angels who who can't find pitching to save their life what does it matter their best pitcher is their best hitter that there's nothing else to say let's just it's asking me why what i think about the angels and why the angels are doing anything hey can we move the angels let's send them to vegas and leave the oakland athletics in the back it's a better idea i'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side we'll talk about the home run derby more of this playing tournament here on cbs sports rate nine out of ten women feel pressured to conform to unspoken hair rules to fit in the picture you have to change your hair your curls are only acceptable if they're perfect i don't see anything that tells you to embrace your gray people show up with different hair we should celebrate that let's embrace the beauty of all hair new dove love your hair collection is gentle and sulfate free with customized skincare ingredients to love your silver love your waves love your curls 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well we're gonna rob some drug dealers and uh i know how to do it really well listen to and follow the set an odyssey originals documentary podcast series available now on the odyssey app or wherever you get your shows i'm not a bad guy man but i loved being that dirty you
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