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6.6.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR
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June 7, 2023 1:59 am

6.6.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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June 7, 2023 1:59 am

JR explains why he feels bad for Derrick Henry who is understated a superstar as their is in sports


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They call from Alaska. I don't care where you're at. Just thank you.

That's it. If you want to talk to me, it's simple. I don't charge you.

I'm not Miss Cleo. I'm not going to hustle you. You don't got to pay. How much did them phone lines cost back in the day? Hey, Shep, how much did them phone lines? They used to rob the callers, right? It was like 25 cents a minute, right?

It's not about right. Oh, my God. 25 cents. Is that how Miss Cleo... Well, they had a documentary. Is that how they took money at the Psychic Friends Network? Miss Cleo should send you a check for all the residuals that she gets because the amount of pub you give her on your show is fascinating. You know Miss Cleo's not alive, right? R.I.P. to the great. Miss Cleo, and I'm going to educate myself on her greatness and her impact on our North American fabric and our overall society. And God bless her soul and her family. psychic psychic friends uh network clearly there was no psychic aspect of my life tonight jr oh well i mean you're not hustling people 25 cents say uh are you sure she's dead yeah they had a whole had a whole documentary i thought she was a i thought she was like a relatively young lady uh well she was uh she died in 2016 at the age of 53 yeah that's what i that's what i thought she was a young lady at the time yeah i didn't know she would go that prematurely uh she she passed away unfortunately due to cancer oh that sucks i mean there's there's there is absolutely no joking that goes uh into that i'm really honestly sorry for her loss and her family's loss wow i i can't think of like who who is some of the most like she's not the most famous psychic but we heard eric spoelstra he said he's not no stradamus right about tolly hero and his injury who is the most like who who are some other like psychics famous psychics who who is it i mean there was johnny carson there was there was a character come on with the card and the thing and it's put the thing on his head come on yeah um david copperfield's not not a psychic he's a magician right right exactly um there was there's a famous mentalist i'm i'm drawing a blank uh he's got a very very popular name you know i'm talking you know what i'm talking about mentalist yeah yeah he's okay he's got like he's like salt and pepper yeah there there's man it's just this is gonna bother me i'm gonna figure it out but he's on tv all the time um he's white no that doesn't ring a bell i'm gonna figure it out a white guy with salt and pepper here i know i know i'm really i'm really uh hey look giving you very specific criteria here clio miss clio is the most uh she's pop she's pop culture's most famous psychic i'd say no she was at the 90s she dominated this stuff just call me now that thing was bigger than 90s like they don't even sell hotlines anymore because for what people are so into their cell phones and and text like there used to be a phone number john edward that's who it was that's who it is i don't know who the hell that you've never heard of john edward because i remember he took a little bit of flack just because the other john edward and of course the other john edward with an s uh found himself in some trouble uh involving his uh at the time his wife who passed away unfortunately is this one from hb no that's that's not he's not from hbo what am i mixing up john no obviously there was john edwards the politician and there was john edward the psychic and he's the he's the white guy with with uh the salt and pepper and he's on tv all it's on he used to be i don't think i don't think so anymore uh there is someone at fs1 that thinks he's an orchardomist that sees everything and gets everything right is that the guy who just is his partner quit on him right you are correct did he see that one coming you know you know what bothers me about that i know you've hit on it this this uh you know early this week and then the past week obviously is that report this is what bothers me most about this jr and it's something i give you credit for and your callers do too when you take a call you're all for someone agreeing or disagreeing with you they just got to bring respect to the table and they got to be willing to listen that's where you draw the line but the report that really bothers me about skip alis is that he wants domineering control so in other words you cannot disagree with him and more importantly you cannot challenge him and that's just a slap in the face to our entire industry wow there's there's a phrase for that that i can't say on a radio i get i get fired for it uh how can i say it you're bringing up the teenage blank and i think we know what the other word is that you're referring to uh no it's it runs along the lines of uh having a napoleon complex if you get my drift i got you it's a little little something central use your imagination uh but yeah i mean what what is he gonna do he's 71 years old he he's gone from being a a respected journalist i believe starting out in oklahoma city to being what i would consider to be a carnival barker and god bless him he's made a lot of money to each his own if you want to scream yell and shout and it's gonna make you eight mil a year then hey i guess life is good you can't complain at it uh at the same time there comes a point where hey when do you realize that you are a caricature or do you make enough money that you you just don't care i think it's the latter and so i've heard that uh you know post shannon sharp when the nba uh finals are done that lashawn mccoy who's also been a contributor or host on fs1 is going to get a shot and an opportunity uh to replace him now i don't know if that's full-time or just a pop-up here or there what do i know i don't watch i couldn't tell you anything on fs1 besides undisputed and i don't watch that i see the clips that pop up on social media and and that's it and the majority of those clips have to do with shannon sharp and the more recent ones have had to do with shannon sharp yelling at or with uh skip bailus which i don't know is the i don't find that to be the purpose of the show uh so yeah he he might be a psychic but he he's not seeing that one coming hey you mentioned uh nostradamus we know that the nba finals is going to be back in action on wednesday down in miami and the miami heat are going to try to take game three at home they're going to try to go up to one and tylie hero he's been out of the cast we haven't seen him wearing it we've seen him wearing bucket hats we've seen him working out a little bit and there have been rumors here and there that tylie hero is going to pop up and play in game three or at some point in this series and when eric spoelstra was asked about it on tuesday he said yeah i'm not not i'm not a psychic listen to this tyler spoke the other day about still having a degree of pain uh with the hand where does he stand with that and honestly as the days are ticking down your thoughts on his chances of being able to make an appearance during the finals yeah i don't want to be nostradamus right now we're taking it one day at a time and and i know that sounds like a cliche um he did the practice with the group he's going to do a full contact um you know work out after this we'll evaluate that uh we'll meet you know with the training staff later on today and probably tomorrow and we'll just continue this process um he has not been cleared yet and so that's where that's where we are but we're encouraged by the work that he's been doing all right all right i still got these uh denver nuggets winning in in about six games let's see eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i did tell you i i feel a little bad for derek henry i'll get there and then as well i'll tell you about uh jacob de grom i think there are a few people who feel bad for him especially after he cried during his uh press conference earlier today uh al is calling from virginia you're on the jr sport brief show what's up al yes sir i was just quickly going to just say the top mentalist would be like kreskin and then um the amazing kreskin yes sir and who was the other person yuri geller yuri geller refresh my brain where the hell is yuri geller from what what era of time is that from he was like uh i think he's russian and he was um he was uh michael jackson's uh best man at his wedding oh well i'm glad i don't know who he is um now kreskin kreskin did did he used to hold he used to hold the envelopes up to his head yeah with him and karnak on johnny carston right right all right you uh you got it you called up some of these people before al uh called up then what have you called any of these places up have you ever reached out to a mentalist have you have you ever done this before have you ever reached out to a mentalist have you have you ever done this no i would not mess with um uh psychic and that's funny yeah you're always talking about um like what was her name d the singer dion warwick no well dion we didn't mention dion warwick dion was one of the main proponents of the psychic friends network and then uh you know miss cleo kind of popped up and boom she was the most famous of them all right yeah well you why wouldn't you mess with one well what's the problem oh the bible tells us not to sir oh okay well i don't i don't know that's why i'm asking you but what's the difference so what's the difference between a mentalist and a psychic nothing there's synonyms oh okay well thank you al all right well i'm gonna rub my palms together and see if i can predict the future hopefully i don't get in trouble hey thank you al thank you sir no doubt about it hey he told me hey bible said not to so hey i guess i shouldn't do it brian is calling from houston you're on cbs sports radio what's up brian jr what's going on how are you brother i'm amazing i'm good just just trying to predict the future that's it looking for the lottery numbers share please share oh no i don't want to do that i don't want to split my money no so you know you're sounding like the lib tour oh well no i i stick to my guns no i'm trying to get the money i don't have it actually they are spreading it well uh no i just uh you know when i think about saudi arabia and you know they have one of the worst records as far as human rights and you know human history and this all of this sports sports washington that's going on now uh it it almost becomes to where it's a monopoly i almost feel like you know people that speak out against inhumanities people that speak out against civil rights violations uh people that speak out against their mistreatment of women uh they're tortured they're killed in that country they're they're locked up and they give this pretty picture across the horizon that everything's nice and sweet uh but in reality there's something deeper going on there and and my fear is that you know you go back in time and you start thinking wow we're you know we're too dependent upon the chinese for this and that and 20 30 years later you look around your house and every everything's made in china my fear is that you know they've they purchased uh some boxing events they have uh invested billions into uh f1 racing uh the premiere league you've got they bought teams i believe new castle united if i'm not mistaken uh one of the crown prince's uh the cia report concluded that he did kill that washington post journalist or ordered to hit on him yes mr kashoggi yes that's been reported the bigger picture that i'm looking at here is you know it takes there's a moment in your life where you got to make a decision about what you stand for and you know looking at our country and you know you go back a hundred years 200 years and you know people started to stand up for what they believed and transition occurred are we going to have an nba that's no longer where we can think of the parquet in boston or you know these uh the heritage the the um the memories the reminiscing about great golf tournaments of the past is the is baseball next it it's kind of just like when does it end are all the superstars going to go there i just want you know i know i'm kind of all over the place but just kind of tapping in on that a little bit jr brian the answer is the answer is never man it's never this is history i mean people been selling selling out selling souls selling for a buck asking for a buck forever and so why why why should it you know i don't foresee it changing uh but you talk about f1 and you talk about the soccer and the football clubs uh you don't think a day will come and maybe it won't maybe it'll take a long time you know where where we have a team that that's sold out to overseas i mean this is a league you know you don't think it's it's going to take place with the team or i'm pretty sure there will be some brushback because you will have a american north american billionaires who are going to go well damn we can't have them encroaching and taken from us and so maybe it'll take longer uh but hey the the people with the big money typically went out you're right you're right i guess i guess wu-tang was right all along about cream and casuals everything around me yeah shout outs to to method man he's doing damn good now he's he's a have you seen method man acting method man's not a bad actor i'm a little more partial to the rizzo but you know i mean he picks his roles they're all great great athletes yeah they are how about that great actors but better rappers if you would have told me 25 and 30 years ago that these dudes from staten island were were actors and and and doing scores for films i'd be like what here they are hip-hop can take you far hey brian thank you for calling from houston man thank you jr take care no doubt about it i saw method man method man is a great actor he's a damn good actor shout outs to method man it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs method man is great you shouldn't feel sad for method man you should be happy for him when we come back from break i'm going to tell you about someone maybe you should feel sad for his name is jacob de grom i know who i feel sad for i feel sad for derek henry and you'll hear from him as well on the other side of the break it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio long time listening first time caller love your show i like how you spit the truth i love your show i got a great show you're the bomb diggity man thank you call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs yeah shout outs shout outs to method man and mary jay blush and a whole wu-tang clan yeah cash rules everything around me yeah tonight tonight's episode been about a lot of money you got live golf and the pga uh i'm gonna tell you about jacob de grom in a minute i told you about messy and ronaldo they're playing well ronaldo's playing in saudi arabia kareem benzama is playing in saudi arabia maybe messy will be going to saudi arabia hey chef we not going right we staying here in america yes okay good i like it that way hey de grom he got a lot of money too and he can't even play at least he got his money from the texas rangers how much money is coming his way uh 185 million dollars how many games did he pitch this year six what's gonna happen to him next tommy john surgery the texas rangers gave this guy a five-year deal 185 million dollars and now he cannot pitch what a shock right he's he's only pitched like 11 games 12 games the past couple of seasons and they just wanted to give him this money why do you think the new york Mets let him walk the rangers look like a bunch of suckers man i know they're doing good right now but not with this move and then de grom oh man he felt terrible about this entire thing listen to him announce this you can hear the crying and the tears and the sadness you know i went through this before and you know i know what it takes to get back um so that's the goal go out there you know rehab as the best i can and and be around to help you know any way i can um you know we got a special group here um and and then i'll be able to be out there and you know help them win that it stinks so this is what we love to do but you know finding this out coming here won't wanting to be out there and helping the team you know it's a disappointment yeah them checks are still cleared out he has to get through the mental part of it i i'm sure of it is he going to do what he loves to do is he going to be able to come back is is you know i'm sure he has to deal with the mental aspect of oh man i'm taking this money i'm a loser i'm not even earning my cash but then the chat the cash is still coming in i don't feel bad for him you know i feel bad but don't feel bad somebody i do feel bad for and i don't know if i should derek henry this man is still still on the tennessee titans he did not get traded ryan tannahill is still the qb they have a new general manager coming in ran carthan used to be player development over with the 49ers and derek henry is still the running back derek henry is still the team he is still the offense and they may speed up the offense but i want to see derek henry go somewhere where he can actually win this is one of the most exciting running backs that i have ever seen in my life because he is nothing more than a ridiculously freakishly athletic battering ram stiff arms all over the place running people over but now here's the deal he's 29 years old he got a lot of miles he got a lot of tread it doesn't seem like he's slowed things down i mean outside of breaking his foot a season ago he's been out there he's not missing he's not missing games he's gonna get you 1500 yards and i don't know 10 12 13 14 15 touchdowns he's he's amazing to watch i want to see him play on a winner and so he hasn't been traded and so derek henry spoke to the media on tuesday and this man is strictly business he doesn't say a lot doesn't do a lot he just kicks ass on the football field and so when he was asked about the trade rumors and the new gm and the new offense with their new offensive coordinator he's just like yeah i'm just i'm just here building a relationship i ain't think about no trade listen to this yeah i mean talking to him um meeting him in person in the face with the name and you know just just doing all those things you know when you get here and um you get into football and i worry about the other stuff so he sounds so relaxed and so calm but little little do you know if you run into him he probably knocked the living hell out of you he's a a gigantic human being i wish he went so well if there was an nfl player who i wish was on another team it'd be derek henry more than anybody else ryan tannenhill needs to give him a commission for helping to revive his career for all the play action that he's able to run because derek henry is back there hey let's give ryan tannenhill in uh an average running back and i know about a seasons about a season ago they did a decent job you know running out there a three-headed monster of running backs and they were able to stay alive but no man derek henry makes that whole engine go he makes the whole car go the whole vehicle he is the engine and ryan tannenhill i must remind you he's entering into the final year of his contract they drafted malik willis didn't work out he's still there uh you just drafted will levis we know that they had to wait for him to drop down the draft board him sitting there uncomfortably going through round one they don't want ryan tannenhill to be the the guy no more they're trying to get him the hell up on out of there and so i hope sooner than later derek henry is the first dude to go i hope eight five five two one two four cbs gary is calling from vancouver you're on cbs sports radio what's up gary yeah hi uh jr um by the way you have an extremely good producer so i want you don't trade him please don't trade him where the hell where the hell am i well i'm gonna trade him for that a boy that a boy uh i wanted to talk to you about the uh these bad uh these bad contracts i'm not an owner but i think like when my dad was no longer with us he was the executive director of purchasing for a major hotel in vancouver and he dealt with millions of dollars and he always told me one thing insurance and it comes down to one thing the uh and more than one thing but when it comes down to 150 million dollars i don't feel sorry for the player i don't feel sorry for the owner i feel a little bit sorry for the fans but they can always keep their money in their pocket that's what i do i don't buy jerseys i watch it on tv and if you think an erin judge oh i feel sorry for him but not that much i am by the way jr really enjoy your show uh you think and i like that well you well i guess well thank you gary i appreciate you for thinking i think thanks guys all right take care gary thank you call her from vancouver yeah okay gave me a little bit of a kawaii laugh right there but i'm cool with that hey chef where the hell am i supposed to be trading you he's like don't trade you where i'm gonna trade you i i have no idea i mean no disrespect we got some wonderful hosts around here there's there was no other show i would produce for other than jr at this point in my career that i will promise you oh well thanks well thank you any what would i say after that um you're jr you can say whatever you want i don't know i don't oh well hey how about it's not exactly you're not gonna feel bad for de grom again are you no i don't need to hear him crying did it make you what nah he's a human being right humans cry so well the thing is i a lot you you questioned this at the time last year like he had no business going to texas it makes no sense why he made that move the met i understand i had a tough ending but the mets were on the come up yeah well he took the money that's not a problem oh yeah you're right steve cohen wouldn't find a way i i get it in the immediacy they weren't gonna get him they weren't gonna give him a five-year deal almost 200 million dollars like that's absurd yeah that's crazy the mets weren't gonna give him that that's why he left but i but i also believe and correct me if i'm wrong and i don't i don't i can't for the life of me recall any endorsements he does but being on madison avenue playing here i think long term would be better for him financially that's just me uh no i don't think so okay i mean i see greg maddox doing all kinds of endorsement deals so you know no disrespect to your braves but playing in new york's just a different thing jr de grom is a a farm boy and i could not see the new york the new york mets tendering him more than a two-year deal maybe with a third-year option and so to know that you would have 185 million dollars guaranteed coming your way for five years you leave like who cares you like who cares the new york mets is saying hey dude uh he's making 37 per right now even if we wanted to move it up on average and say okay well here's here's 40 over three here's 120 man you leave man and then you gotta count her in the taxes in new york and the lifestyle and and the cost and the pace of living and it's not like these dudes are sticking around he's only there during the course of the season and when the season is over ain't nobody staying in new york for the winter time they go back go go south they go to warmer weather and so he left for one reason it's because the texas rangers gave him more money if there's a sucker here at all it's the rangers it's not the grom it's not the mets the mets got away they weren't going to give him the cash it's the rangers who gives somebody this much money and i know stephen strassburg he's done he has nerve damage in his arm they rode him to death on the way to the world series and now he's cooked he's done i remember when he first got to the bigs they basically babysat him man there's there's no no no safe uh procedure for pitcher there it does not exist and i don't know if the guys are throwing too much too soon too early too young but by the time they get to the bigs there's so much money invested in them they babysit them but then they fall apart uh the grom man he one point nothing era and now he's he's gone he won't see him for a year and a half uh two years all the best of him and back to derek henry i hope he uh ends up on a better team he doesn't he deserves better than having ryan tannenhill as his quarterback it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i'm going to get some more of your calls before we roll out you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio what you have you can't even put a price on it because you have a platform and you always handle your platform with responsibility and for that i look up to you and i respect you and i appreciate you call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs yep it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio we've had a busy night we've talked about the pga and live golf merger we had a great conversation with golf expert michael williams we talked about game three of the nba finals and we talked about game three of the nba finals taking place on wednesday night you got the nuggets down in miami to take on the heat we talked about frank vogel new head coach of the phoenix sons adrian griffin new head coach of the milwaukee bucks we talked about jacob degran unfortunately needing tommy john surgery talked about line al messi a possibility of him taking a whole lot of money and going to play in saudi arabia ron revere and the quarterback situation he says between sam howell and jacoby preset we're having a qb competition i'm like that sounds terrible and then i just also told you and you heard from derek henry he's like yeah i don't care about no trade rumors i'm here to play i'm like oh man just this is the end of the line for the tennessee titans i hope you can get out of there sooner than later let's get to some of your calls before we roll out eight five five two one two four cbs d'andre is calling from mobile alabama you're on the jr sport brief show what's up d'andre hey jr thanks for taking my call as always great show real quick shout out to uh sheltman sheltby coming through with the old school hip-hop music when y'all come back from breaks man money power respect a shot sheltman i like this um why you gotta post our team uh jr we already suck we already got to deal with ryan tannehill we ain't had no good teams steve mcnair we get to the playoffs and we chose it yeah you throw an exception it's tough yeah i know it's tough it's tough jr i don't i will i could say this no i'm i'm 36 now i've learned now i've learned a lot of disappointment and how to deal with disappointment from being a tennessee titan fan so i i can't say that and i can teach my son that you know how to how to handle disappointment but um are you are you from mobile like why are you like the titans you got a closer team to you man i'm man i've never been i grew up in birmingham so um i i never i never really was a saint fan or a falcon fan the first first quarterback i ever thought that i like was warren moon okay so i was like oh good black quarterback i can oh that's somebody like me so i automatically latched on to the oilers and then tennessee so i kind of stayed on with them okay yeah okay i can okay that makes sense makes sense d'andre uh but listen you you yeah it's gonna be some lean times ahead just just wait on it okay yeah we'll be i'm sure we'll be picking first in the in the draft again hopefully we don't do a jake locker or another marcus mariota again or will levis oh my god well maybe pray pray for me jr i i will don't worry about d'andre appreciate you man thank you no doubt about it i'm like he immobile like why are you why you like the titans man you could have got a little bit closer than that let's go to canada talk to john from ontario you're on cbs sports radio hey good morning how you doing amazing what i want to talk about is the visionary man grave norman and live and what i think he's going to do with it and here's my idea he's going to have 16 franchises worldwide and he's going to offer them up in a type of ipo starting at a billion dollars okay then he's going to have a draft of the top 200 players in the world team by team okay so i say it's going to be 160 so it'll be 16 teams 10 players on each team and 160 is the key because that's how many you can plug in for every tournament and within the tournament they're going to have team competitions where you designate so many players to be on your team that week and they would have individual like a normal pga tour hey john yes is that what you think he should do or did he tell you that's what i'm gonna know he's gonna do okay okay well he didn't even know he didn't even know that there was a merger well that's not true okay but anyways well how do you how do you know what's not true did he tell you well i know that's all no i'm asking no i'm i'm asking a legitimate question how do you know i went i went on his blog and i asked a couple of questions and he tipped his hand without tipping his hand is that okay wait did did he said something's coming big that's all okay because i actually heard from the guy from the saudi investment fund who said he was made aware of it right before they went on television and told everybody there were only three people that knew that it was coming well that's that's my point he he wasn't one of them okay and well i he was okay that's your well then who are the other two i i have no idea well they have to it has to be more than three i mean you got two lawyers you gotta have two lawyers well that's why they kept it under the under the under the table but that's what there's hold on i'm trying to do math here john let's do some math okay do the math if if so let's have if we hold on that's not math listen listen john let's say each side it has a representative right that's an attorney on each side and then let's just say from there you have one representative right that's the you have one representative from each side from liv and the pga then that's already four people and then you want to throw in a greg norman who didn't do anything but get a phone call before the announcement was made now you've already pushed it to five i would already assume just by knowing how the world works it's a little bit more than than three people man it's trivial my point is is they're going to have a league okay and it's going to be the birth of golf okay to compete with the nfl especially the mlb what and you're going to have weekly tournaments and you're going to have a real world series champion compete with the nfl where for what um nfl is strictly america what on a day-to-day on a week-to-week when the nfl is in season they're going to have a tournament that there's going to be team competition and individual competition there's more more people are going to watch brooks kepka than uh the dallas cowboys more people are going to watch brooks kepka than they're watching brooks kepka today i'm not saying they're going to put they're going to stick it to the nfl i'm going to say they're going to compete with them okay okay well that's just my opinion oh okay all right it's your way hey where do you live again windsor ontario the only city in canada all right you go north to the united states okay yeah thank you john for calling from uh one more thing one more thing wait really i've got your solution for your quarterback in atlanta i don't know i don't we don't need it yes his name is befell johnson or uh what is he in the cfl he's a cfl player he won the great cup last year yeah and he's now playing for the new orleans breakers okay all right well thank you john appreciate you okay okay have a good night thanks hey chef did you take notes come again marvin from south carolina your cps sports radio go ahead marvin quickly okay uh well the one thing about this little thing that that just really bothered you the plan i don't watch golf that much i don't i quit playing but i do watch some of the tournaments yeah and the fans have been taught oh this this is bad to take money from an awful country and it is this is the same country that owns runs on that and this takes what our gas price is gonna be that's not that's not the point right the point was the fans got lied to it that's like the fans don't give a damn you know it's not up to us because they just follow whoever they say false right um it wasn't just hypocrisy it was a damn wow yeah yeah yeah the players got the players got screwed too hey marvin i appreciate you man thank you yep yeah yeah the fans got lied to how about that paul from rhode island make it in 20 seconds okay 20 seconds is this 3 000 people died in those towers okay when we decided to go to war with iraq okay 10 seconds there's no reason absolutely no reason when 10 000 souls five died and 35 000 came back mangos that's what i think of lives okay goodbye thank you paul thank you paul for calling from rhode island hey i can certainly relate i was uh in school right next door to the twin towers and thank you i'm here today yes it's a very very terrible thing that took place and i can certainly understand anyone who is frustrated with what has taken place with the pga getting together with liv as michael williams said i i think it's going to be a blip it's going to be a lot of drama and we are just getting started here with it it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio thank you to everybody who called up participated in chat with us tonight thank you so much to our guest golf expert michael williams for coming through we're going to be back tomorrow yes we're going to talk nba finals we are going to talk or i'm going to give you a new top six list thank you so much to shep and everyone who tuned in the jr sport reshow your cbs sports radio it's a wrap don't move amy lawrence coming up next prepare for a righteous reckoning in the new season of the hbo original series the righteous gemstones when the spoiled gemstone children finally get their wish to take control of the church they discover leadership is harder than they imagined and that their extravagant lifestyle comes with a heavy price starring danny mcbride john goodman edie patterson and adam divine watch the all-new season of the righteous gemstones streaming june 18th on max subscription 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