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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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May 31, 2023 1:38 am

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 31, 2023 1:38 am

JR gives plenty of praise to the Miami Heat and disappointment for the Boston Celtics


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Visit You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I hope you had a tremendous Tuesday. I hope you had a good holiday weekend. I hope you're having a good Tuesday night. I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next four hours.

This is when I get started. 10 p.m. Eastern Time. 7 p.m. Pacific.

I am JR. It is the JR Sport Brief Show, and I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to super producer and host, Dave Sheppard.

He is coming to you live from New York City. There's obviously a lot that we're going to get into over the next four hours. Recapping the weekend, and then also taking a look ahead, looking forward towards the NBA Finals, which gets started on Thursday. We know the two teams. Denver Nuggets have been waiting for about nine days. The Miami Heat, they hopped on a plane from Boston out to Denver, Colorado already. So we'll talk about that Heat-Nuggets matchup.

We'll get into that next hour. Troy Aikman saying some interesting words, not necessarily closing the door on Tom Brady and his playing career. He's saying Tom Brady wouldn't be shocked if he decided to go out there and suit up for those Raiders. He just got an ownership stake in them.

We don't know if the ink is dry or if it's even been laid. Nick Saban, he had some comments today at the SEC Spring meetings about the college football model. Nick Saban says he has no issue, no problem. If these athletes, these student athletes were just called employees, and that's what the hell they've been for a long time. And now I guess Nick Saban is like, hey, fine, whatever.

Call them whatever you want to. Deshaun Watson wants to call DeAndre Hopkins, his teammate again. He'd love to bring him into Cleveland. John Gruden has been hanging out in some NFL circles, actually been hanging out with the New Orleans Saints.

This is the same John Gruden who sent those disgusting messages throughout the NFL. And so we got a lot to do, a lot to discuss. We're going to keep things rolling. Shep, how are you this evening? You ready to roll, man? I'm doing well, JR. Thanks for asking, man. It's always good to be with you, my friend. How are you? I'm good, man.

Thank you very much. So let's not waste any time. When we were last here on Friday, there was going to be a Game 6 on Saturday in the NBA between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. There was potentially, potentially going to be a Game 7 last night. And so, yeah, it's been a few days and everything has played out. The Miami Heat are going forward to the finals.

A little bit of a shocker, a shocker here. You think about the eighth seed and the Boston Celtics are going home. And that's just the facts. And let's not, let's not get into the losers quite, quite yet. We're going to have plenty of time to think about the Celtics. The Miami Heat, round of applause. I didn't think that they would be here.

I know a lot of people didn't think that they would be here. There are a lot of Heat fans that did not believe they would be here based on their standing at the end of the year. And even going into the playoffs, getting closer to the playoffs, I don't think anybody with confidence could look at the results from the Miami Heat, how they were playing, who they played against, how they performed against them, and could look at this team and go, oh, we're going to the finals. That's easy to say after the fact, as they continue to build momentum throughout the course of the playoffs.

Come on now. They played the Atlanta Hawks and lost. For all intended purposes, if we didn't have this stupid play in, the Miami Heat would have already been in the playoffs without doing a damn thing. They would have been in, in the seventh seed. They lost to the Hawks, which by the way, they also happen to be a talented team, but they're mismatched, okay? They barely, barely beat the Chicago Bulls, which are a pitiful team that is just basically treading water and they've been doing so for the past several seasons with both Levine out there and DeMar DeRozan.

They're going nowhere. And then we hear rumors that the Bulls aren't even confident that Lonzo plays again. So you lose to the Hawks. You barely beat the Bulls. You take on the Bucks. Giannis goes down with a back. You handle them, which was also surprising. You beat the Knicks.

Not all that surprising. New York Knicks. I mean, Julius Randle as your guy or just handed over to Brunson and then you beat the Celtics. Another talented team, but the Heat proved here that they're the better team, not collection of talent, not collection of stars. Team. And so kudos to the Miami Heat because whether they have talent or they don't have talent, you know one thing. They're not a trash organization run by clowns. They're run by Pat Riley. They have continuity even on a bad year where you know the Heat are not going to compete for a championship or a title.

There's still a purpose. You don't expect them to be down long and then bringing in Jimmy Butler several years ago. They're not going to the NBA finals for the second time in four seasons.

Okay, this is not someone who would be confused with a superstar. He's able to up his level of play in the postseason, but he's also able to help elevate a lot of the role players and bench players on the squad. And so they blew the living hell out of the Celtics last night, and it was a what the hell are here we go.

Damn it. This sucks moment from the beginning of the game. Tatum goes up. Tatum comes down. He doesn't come down on his feet. He comes down on the side of his ankle and this man is running around on. I don't even know what his ankle is is cooked. Okay, he plays 42 minutes on a cooked ankle.

He only has 14 points. Nobody ever wants to see this. You want to see the best play the best at all times and things come down to a break. That's just the nature of sports. Folks are going to get injured.

People are going to get hurt. And so the Miami Heat, they took care of business. They went up 3-0.

They almost gave it up. They didn't want to be that first team and they smack them in Boston 103 to 84. Celtics are getting booed. They're getting I'm sure they got cursed at and people are leaving early and the Miami Heat get on their plane to Denver.

They're already in Denver right now. And I told you they were so close to screwing this up so close to giving this series back to the Celtics. This is what Jimmy Butler had to say about not giving up and blowing that 3-0 lead.

This is from TNT. We stayed together as a group as a team. We talked about going to get a tough one on the road. We did just that. But we're not satisfied. We're excited. We're happy. But we got four more to give.

You know what? Let's hear from the head coach of the Miami Heat. The dude that went from the video room to the head coach.

The man who is still at the top of the game. And there is no LeBron here. There is no Dwyane Wade.

There is no Chris Bosh. Jimmy Butler and friends. This is what Eric Spoelstra had to say about them bouncing back. I think probably people can relate to this team. You know, life is hard. Professional sports is just kind of a reflection sometimes of life. That things don't always go your way. And the inevitable setbacks happen and it's how you deal with that collectively.

There's a lot of different ways that it can go. It can sap your spirit. It can take a team down for whatever reason. With this group, it's steeled us and made us closer.

Made us tougher. Well, there's one thing about the Heat. They're going to play hard. They're going to play tough.

Non-dudes? Undrafted? What? They're here in the NBA Finals? Jimmy Butler by himself is an unheralded player. A dude selected by the Chicago Bulls to basically be a 3 in D guy who's developed into the leader, the best player on a championship caliber squad.

That's something that you have to at least respect. And then he's surrounded by dudes like Caleb Martin. Yeah, the guy better known for being a twin with his brother Cody.

This is another dude. Where'd he come from? Not the NBA draft. Where is he? I don't know.

Out here in the Eastern Conference Finals, Game 7 dropping 26 points. And who would have even known if Caleb Martin would have gotten this opportunity if Tyler Herold didn't go down? Caleb Martin is more so known for being a twin in the NBA.

He's a matter of which one is he? You're not going to hear that anymore. The other brother is the one in Charlotte just kind of not being paid attention to because he plays in Charlotte. Nothing wrong with the city of Charlotte, more specifically the Hornets. Ain't nobody outside of Charlotte watching them.

People are going to watch Caleb though. 26 points last night. This man averaged 10 points in the regular season.

He upped that to 20 points per game in the Eastern Conference Finals. I don't believe I've ever heard him speak in my life until last night. And this is what he had to say about the Heat and how they were able to turn this series around and walk away with the W. I think it just sheds a lot of light on how resilient our group is, how mentally engaged we are, and how positive we are mentally no matter how the season has been going. Like I said, we've been talking about how the regular season has been preparing us for these moments and I just think it comes full circle.

That man could have opened up his mouth and sounded like Elmo or Kermit the Frog and I would have just gone, yep, yep. Let's see if we hear him speak some more. If we hear more of Caleb Martin here in the NBA Finals coming up, then that means the Heat are busting ass because that means Caleb Martin is showing up getting buckets.

Nobody hears from anybody at the end of the bench who doesn't open up their yap. Jimmy Butler, he said he wasn't surprised at all by what Caleb Martin was able to do. I think that everybody sees what he's doing in the games, but the real work is done when he's in the gym by himself with his trainer. All the countless amounts of reps to prepare him for this moment and he doesn't shy away from it.

Good for him. The Miami Heat are easy to root for. You heard Eris Bolstra, they play hard.

They're not complaining. I don't want to call them a group. If you're a real basketball fan, when I say real, like you're really sitting down watching the games, evaluating things. Maybe you're interested because you're trying to wager and put some money down, but you really have to follow almost every team to be familiar with these names and faces here on the Miami Heat. Struce, maybe you've seen Duncan Robinson launching three. Caleb Martin, Kyle Lowry here at the end.

We got another veteran. Kevin Love didn't even play. Victor Oladipo is always blowing legs out. This is a squad.

Gabe Vincent coming back from his own sprained ankle. This isn't a glamour team. This Miami Heat squad, this is not a super team. This is not LeBron, Wade, and Chris Bosh. This is not Hall of Famers. Jimmy Butler, if he wins one here, I think he gets in. There ain't no guarantee that Jimmy Butler is going into the Hall of Fame.

He's still got plenty of time to play, but there's no surefires here on the Miami Heat. But one thing you can be sure of, they're going to play. They're not going to quit.

They're going to be organized. There's no nonsense, no BS. And that I can appreciate. When you got an NBA full of guys whining and crying, crying with the officials, whining and crying with their own teammates. Oh, I don't want to be here.

Trade me here. Don't talk about me. The Miami Heat just go out and they play ball. And I can appreciate that. And I can appreciate Jimmy Butler. Someone who is is not afraid to kind of walk the path by himself. Not afraid to stand out. Not afraid to put the work in.

Not afraid to put his ass on the line. Jimmy Butler's made quite a few guarantees here this postseason, specifically as it relates to Boston. He said we know we're going to win on Saturday. That didn't happen, did it?

He was wrong. He came back and he said, oh, yeah, yeah, we got this. We feel good for Monday. Well, not going to be right.

One for two ain't bad, right? It's a guarantee. It's a sports. You got to go out there and play the game. It's a team game.

You get the job done. Last night, they got the job done. But if you listen to Jimmy Butler last year, after the loss, let's keep in mind. The Celtics played the Heat last year in the Eastern Conference Finals. They went to a Game 7.

It took place in Miami. Jimmy Butler, I still don't like the shot. Jimmy Butler took a shot at the end of the game. They lost and they did not go to the NBA Finals.

They went home. We only have to go back to last year, to what Jimmy Butler had to say after they were eliminated by the Celtics. This is Jimmy Butler from 2022. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to play with the guys that I did have the opportunity to play with. And it's been like that every year that I've played in the league. So we had enough. Next year, we will have enough. And we're going to be right back in the same situation. And we're going to get it done. Hey, anybody could talk.

Anybody could talk. They actually backed it up. Is that a guarantee? You know, did his words come to fruition? Is that the power of positivity? Is that, you know, thinking and making it happen? It worked for him.

A lot of people talk. He was able to back this one up. Congratulations to the Miami Heat. I didn't expect them to be here. And here they are. I'm going to share with you a prediction next hour.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We know where the Miami Heat are going. Can we say the same thing about the Boston Celtics? Tatum and Brown, another season, no championship.

Joe Mazzoli here, first year head coach, makes you feel like he's going to the dentist office after every game with these press conferences. And who knows? What are the Celtics going to do?

They're going to just run it back exactly as is? I don't know how well that's going to work out. We're going to talk about that next break. So we'll get into the Celtics. We'll talk about Nick Saban.

I'll give you a Finals prediction. We'll talk about Brady here with these Raiders. Deshaun Watson wanting Hopkins. Why is Jon Gruden meeting with an NFL franchise?

We got a lot to do. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. JR wants to hear from you. Call him now at 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4227.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. We know where the Miami Heat are going. They're going straight to the NBA Finals. They're going to Denver.

They're already in Colorado. They're going to take on the Nuggets. Now the team that lost last night, the Boston Celtics, they got smacked around, man. They got smacked around. Was I a little surprised that they went to the NBA Finals last year?

Yeah, I was. Because for several seasons I looked at the combination of Tatum and Brown and I found the team and squad to be redundant. You have two dominant wings.

Who wouldn't want that? Tatum being a better scorer than Brown. Brown having his moments, knows how to get to the basket. Tatum more dynamic handling the ball, maybe sometimes too much to a fault here. And I said, okay, they went to the Finals. And all we heard from Tatum and Brown, people saying, oh my God, they didn't think that we would work out together and one day you're going to have to trade one of us.

Well, damn it, that still might have to be the case. There's going to have to be some type of development here. Two and four of the Boston Celtics. For them to go back to a Finals and win. And we know about Ime Udonka. And this season, at the end, Brown came through and he called it a failure. But knowing what they had to go through from the beginning of the season. Ime Udonka being kind of put up into the closet or the garage or the basement until they fired him.

Joe Mazzulla having to take over days before training camp. They didn't play the same type of defense. They went through stretches up and down the year where you just went, what the hell is going on with the Celtics? And they were still one of the best teams in the NBA.

But how do they get over that hump? Where's that consistency come from between Tatum and Brown, your two best players? Because if you want to look at the Celtics, who's the next best dude? Malcolm Brogdon off the bench as 6th man. Is it Marcus Smart leading the way as kind of a mouthpiece and defender?

Is he there, Draymond Green? And so the Celtics are in an interesting position. Because last year they focused in on defense. This year it's a lot of offense and jacking up shots.

It didn't look like they knew what they wanted to do on offense at times besides go one on one. And then they've even tried, let's put another point guard on the court. We've seen Kemba Walker with the Celtics. Not a lot of them, but he was there. We saw Kyrie with the Celtics.

Not a lot of them, but he was there. What do the Celtics do or add or change to actually get over the hump? And if somebody's going to go, if somebody goes, it's got to be Brown. You don't get rid of Tatum. You don't get rid of a guy who can just drop 51 points in a game 7 and people go, Oh yeah, we're not shocked or surprised.

You just need him to finally be consistent. And so Tatum, he was asked this question. What do the Celtics need to actually win it all?

This is what Tatum said in response. We had a special opportunity this year. We just fell a little bit short. It's not like we're not capable. We don't have the talent that we do. It just didn't go our way this year.

That's a non-answer man. We saw what happened. Yeah, you didn't win it. We know that.

We talked about it for a week and a half. We see that that did not take place. And it certainly didn't happen. Yesterday he was running around on a bum ankle. And so Jalen Brown, did he step up?

Would Tatum hurt? No, he didn't. He stunk. Another stinker. The majority of his games here in the NBA Finals have been stinkers for Jalen Brown. Last night, 19 points. He was 1 of 9 from 3. He was terrible from 3 point range here in the Eastern Conference Finals. He was 8 of 23 shooting from the field. He committed 8 turnovers. How the hell are you giving him the ball 8 times?

Jalen Brown. He spoke after the game as well and he said, oh yeah, I sucked. Jalen, what happened out there tonight? It seemed like shots didn't go down early, then the defense slipped, and shots still didn't go down.

And then turnovers. Just what happened personally, what happened with the team? We fell.

I fell. And we let the whole city down. I thought Giannis said there was no failure. I thought there was no failure in sports. I thought Giannis said so.

I thought Joel Embiid. I thought he said there's no failure. He's making fun of Giannis. Jalen Brown was not making jokes. Jalen Brown said we failed and they did.

A little bit more common sense approach here. Your goal was to win an NBA Championship. Did you win an NBA Championship? The answer is no. Thus, you failed. It's a simple math equation.

It's a simple response here. You failed. And so for Jalen Brown, what does this mean? He ain't failing. He's actually, he's still coming out a winner. Yeah, for this particular season, failure.

For him personally, a human being, oh yeah, he's winning. Because this man, Jalen Brown, made the All-NBA team. He was on the second team. He's now eligible for a 5-year, $290 million deal after next season. He's eligible for an extension. He wants the Boston Celtics to write him the check. Is he getting $300 million?

I don't know about that. Not the way he just played. But Jalen Brown is going to make bank. And hey, the Celtics can do whatever the hell they want to do. You know, after this, they're going to have to pay Tatum. And then you've seen this combo already. So what are you going to do? You going to add or trade?

Who and or what? I have a feeling that the Boston Celtics might be running in place. And it's been reported that they're going to offer Jalen Brown an extension. And if you're Jalen Brown and they throw in the money at you, why say no? Unless you feel confident that another team is going to give it to you and you just want the cash. You've been to a finals. You've been to an Eastern Conference Finals. You've been pushing the limits.

You're going to find money anywhere, but don't you want to win in the process? And then you've got Joe Mazzola. Mizz-a-ra-ble. He takes the Belichick approach to speaking to the media, except for he has not had the success of a Belichick. Sounds like he wants to punch every person who asks him a question, even a nice question. Joe Mazzola. He was asked, hey, what are you going to remember about this season?

And I'm interested to hear his answer because he doesn't come across as the sentimental type. Listen to this. It's one of the best locker rooms I've been a part of. The guys cared. They gave it everything they had.

It's the most important thing to take from this. Obviously, we didn't achieve our goal. We didn't win, which was our goal. So we failed in that regard.

But it's not because the guys didn't have a sense of togetherness, character, you know, and just who they are as people. Oh, wow. Okay. Pretty, pretty introspective answer there. I think that's the deepest response he's ever given while he has spoken to the media.

Good on him. He's going to need some more practice and some more responses like that if he wants to stick around as head coach. Because now that the Celtics actually have a full offseason here, would anybody be surprised if Joe Missoula got the boot? If they decided to bring on a coach with much more experience. But what are your options here?

What are you doing? Calling up Frank Vogel? Somebody called a couple of weeks ago and said, oh, well, they can just go get Larry Brown. Let Larry Brown sit at home.

Who coached there 10 years ago, JR? Remind me again. We don't need a revisit of Doc. Okay. You know, we don't. It's like any good relationship.

It's done is done, you move forward. I expect Joe Missoula to be back next year. Is Joe Missoula going to be warmer and kinder and fuzzier? I doubt it. But if he does return, I'm pretty sure somebody will tap him on the shoulder and go, hey, just just relax.

You're answering questions about basketball from the media. This is not a death sentence. You are not walking to death row. This is this is not the case here.

It's not the electric chair. It's the way Joe Missoula treats it at times. So I expect Joe Missoula back and I expect Jalen Brown to be back. How the Boston Celtics improve without trading Brown?

I have no clue. And it really is no guarantee of moving Brown that you get better. And so I think they stick with each other. And I believe the Celtics will just be running, running on a treadmill. Sucks for them. It's the J.R. sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. There's nothing wrong with change.

Phone lines open if you want to give me a holler. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. Someone who is embracing change or I think he is. Is Nick Saban? Yeah, Alabama, Nick Saban embracing change. I'll tell you what he said earlier today.

He doesn't seem to have a problem reclassifying his student athletes. I'll let you hear from Nick Saban on the other side of the break. It's the J.R. sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. Your credit to your profession. You are one of the rare personalities that actually balances facts with whatever college you call me with. I'm also a caller for Pearland, Texas. So Pearland, Texas loves you. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS.

It's the J.R. sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Change is inevitable. You either get with the change or your ass gets left behind.

That's just the facts. You want to move forward. You always have to be forward thinking. Otherwise you end up like Blockbuster Video. Otherwise you end up like, I don't know, Sears. You got to get with the times.

Otherwise you're cooked. You really are. And so right before we went to break, we talked about the Boston Celtics. We've seen this version for a few years straight. We've seen variations with different point guards throwing in a Kyrie Irving, throwing in a Kemba Walker, and they've come up short now. And so what do you do now that you've got to pay Brown?

What do you do now that you've seen Missoula coach for a year? All things considered, you might say that the season and what they did was a success winning a championship. Yeah, you failed, but it's not like they had the easiest road to get there.

But everybody faces adversity. So I got the phone lines open. That's 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. And then speaking of change, it appears that Nick Saban is embracing some change in the world of college athletics. And so I'll share that with you momentarily. We'll hear from Nick Saban.

Always a pleasant individual. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to North Carolina. Let's talk to Dawg.

You're on CBS Sports Radio, the JR Sport Brief Show. Go ahead, Dawg. What's up my guys? Appreciate y'all taking my call, man. I'm still a big Celtics fan. I ain't going to let go like a lot of people do. But I'm with you on that, man. I just think, I hope they keep Missoula.

And I was wanting to ask you a question, too. If they don't keep Missoula, do they go new? Or do they go with somebody like Nurse or Bootenhausen? I just think, man, they run to the three-point line too much, which you said that during the season.

So I guess, like they say, if you live by the sword, you have to die by the sword. But I appreciate y'all taking my call, man, and let me know your opinion on that. Well, Dawg, I think I should let you know that Nick Nurse already has a job now, reportedly, with the Philadelphia 76ers. So he's already off the market.

Oh, wow. And then when it comes to Coach Bootenhoser, I mean, if you have seen him or you can certainly ask fans here in Atlanta about some of his adjustments or lack of adjustments, you can ask the same thing from Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks. I don't know if you want to bring in Bootenholzer.

I think it'd be same old, same old. I really believe that Missoula will still stick around next year and be the Celtics coach. I think he will. I hope he do, man. You know, first run, I give him that, you know.

Not bad. And I think a lot of professional teams skip coaches real fast these days. You get three years, you don't do nothing, you're out. Well, it's a lot of musical chairs when it comes down to the coaching profession. That's without a shadow of a doubt. And I just told you the amount of money that Jalen Brown is going to be eligible to make, $290 million. Is he going to see every cent? Are the Celtics going to offer him that gigantic deal?

Probably less than that. But when you got the players making that much money and you have a coach making, I don't know, five to eight, approximately five to ten per, you tell me who it's easier to get rid of, you know? So that's just the nature of the beast right now in the world of sports. And that news surrounding Nick Nurse pretty much came out last night that he would be heading out to Philly. And so I'm eagerly awaiting that press conference.

Typically when you get into the postseason this time of year in the NBA Finals, they try, they being the league and other teams, try their best to stay the hell away from making announcements, anything that would get in the way or distract from the finals. Let's go to Houston, Texas, and talk to Phil. You're on the J.R. sport re-show. What's up, Phil? J.R., man, what's going on? Houston Rockets guy here.

But man, I've seen enough. I think the Celtics, what is this, their third head coach, Stevens, M.A., our new coach? Well, going from Brad, who went upstairs, and then Ime Udonko, who got the boot, and now Joe Missoula, correct. And I can't remember out of those three coaches which one actually was the best at running offensive plays, because I see a lot of iso ball, which my Rockets popularized in the early 90s. And man, I didn't see much defense, and a lot of good coaches going off the board right now, Nick Nurse in particular.

I don't know if Doc Rivers is still out there, but I think you've got to jump on someone with a pedigree right now. Well, Phil, there certainly was defense play last year by the Celtics team, and it was asked from Ime Udonko. I mean, defensively, they were one of the best teams in the NBA. Were they able to replicate that this year under Joe Missoula?

No, no, they were not able to. And to be honest, I don't believe that swapping out coaches just can always make the difference. I think the onus ultimately will fall on the players. Another large issue for the Celtics, you talk about iso ball and moving the rock. You know, some of the best games that we saw here with the Celtics, they were moving the ball. And for the life of me, why they can't do that consistently, I don't know. But it boils down to the players. At this point of their careers, Tatum and Brown got to be about 25, 26, and they're still young.

I don't know if that's something that gets beaten into them, but I think they have to do it. I don't think it's a coach. What about a point guard?

Any thoughts on upgrading? I like Smart. I mean, he's thick. No, that's the difficult thing. So we've seen this before, and this is what makes the Celtics so confusing. They've gone through Kemba Walker, who, granted, could not play consistently because of his knees. They've gone through Kyrie Irving. We know Kyrie Irving has his own issues with being available and off the court.

Whatever he decides to open up his mouth about, that becomes a distraction. Fred Van Vliet is someone who's going to be available as a free agent. Do they need somebody else to come in and take the ball out of those guys' hands? I think we've seen that. So you can bring in and try another point guard. I don't know if that's really going to make a difference, because everything that they are capable of doing, we have seen glimpses of it.

They just don't do it. I don't know if it's their natural maturation as players, but maybe it is bringing in another hard-nosed coach. But to be honest, I think all of those dudes are taken for already. Where you going to snatch up Ty Lue?

He's someone else who doesn't necessarily hold his tongue. Doc Rivers, at this point, his reputation is of a pinata. It's funny going with the Celtics. They're going to have to make a gigantic change or move, and I don't think that's a safe bet. Chris is calling from Cali.

You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. They are capable of doing. We have seen glimpses of it. Hey Chris, I'm listening. Oh my God.

He called to talk to me or talk to me through the radio? Oh my God. I think Chris is good now. You think he is? Are you sure? Otherwise... I am sure. Okay, you're sure. Alright, let's try this again. Hey Chris, you're on the JR Sport Brief talking to JR, not the radio.

What's up, Chris? My bad, I was distracted by these two gorgeous Asian women who just pulled up right next to me in McDonald's. My bad. What did you get from McDonald's? Large chocolate shake and two Big Macs. Oh, two. Okay. Well, what's on your mind, Chris?

Go ahead. You know, the Celtics future, JR, you know how I feel about the Celtics, man. I really don't care. But I'm really bummed out that Clary Streak was stopped last night, so she ended up going 6-1. She was 4-0, Joker vs. Lebron.

2-0, Celtics heat. And then she lost last night, but I burned her because I had Miami. I said, come on, Clary, you can't mess with the big dog? This is your 5-year-old granddaughter who is a gambler? No, she's not a gambler. She's a basketball fan. She loves the Jokers, she loves Porzigas, and she loves me. Hey, I gotta go, JR. You take it easy, brother. I love your show.

You're the best in the business. Well, thank you, Chris. Hey, Shep, did he need to run to the Big Macs or to the women?

Well, listen, I mean, I hate to say this, but we love Chris in California. If you're having two Big Macs, I don't think he's running to any women anytime soon. Oh, wow. I mean, one Big Mac and a chocolate milkshake, that's enough. Wow.

But you think with two, you're gonna be running after that and women would be accepting of you running to them? Come on. I mean, he said the two women were at McDonald's, right? So, I mean, right? They were there. There is no woman that finds a man eating two Big Macs and a chocolate milkshake attractive. But what about the women that were there already? What are they having, a couple of nuggets? I mean, what are they doing?

I don't think there's too many people, and I love Chris in California. This sounds a little harsh. Hey, slow down here. Relax. Okay. I just don't know if anybody is going to be receptive to someone having two Big Macs and a chocolate milkshake and that's your dinner. Come on. Sorry. I know you agree with me on this.

Hey, listen, Shep. There are people working at McDonald's right now listening to us. I admire anybody that works in the fast food profession.

I understand they are grinders to the nth degree. What I'm saying is nobody behind the counter is hoping that someone orders two Big Macs and a milkshake. That's too much. Your heart's gonna give out soon. Eh.

Come on, JR. You know I'm right. Listen, I think there's somebody having three Big Macs right now. I think they're okay.

Okay, and how are they tomorrow? Did you see? They did a whole documentary. Remember that guy at McDonald's for a whole year? Yeah, but he also worked out the rest of the time when he wasn't eating. Oh, he's still alive. He's making more documentaries. Hey, eat a Big Mac. Tell him I sent you.

Have two. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. We're gonna talk about the finals, Nick Saban, some NFL when we come back. Don't move. Attention, listeners. I'm pleased to announce that Radio Rental is returning for another installment of Terrifying Tales. If you happen to be new here, I'm Terry Carnation, current proprietor of the Radio Rental Video Store, where I possess a collection of the scariest true stories you've ever heard, all told by real people. Mark your calendars for, oh, apparently it's available right now. I'm a little late with this promo. Listen for free on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts.
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