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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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April 14, 2023 2:00 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 14, 2023 2:00 am

JR shows love to the Rays for an incredible start and Bruins for an incredible regular season. OBJ is coming to Baltimore!


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It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'll be hanging out here with you for one more hour. Time flies when you're having fun. I feel like I just sat down. I've been here for three hours already.

I get started 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's coming to you live from New York City.

And we've talked about a lot. The Washington commanders being sold for $6 billion to Josh Harris. Magic Johnson is a part of that group. And good riddance to Daniel Snyder. Hope he moves to Sottbury or something.

Get his ass out of here. We talked to him some NBA. Last night, DeMar DeRozan's daughter was a star for her yelling and screaming. Raptors are missing free throws. And now Chicago will take on Miami in a loser's match to see who gets to take on the Bucks. That'll take place on Friday.

So by the time I'm sitting here with you tomorrow night, we'll have an idea about that. We talked about Nick Nurse potentially moving on from the Toronto Raptors. We talked about the Sacramento Kings and Mike Brown being named by the coaches association as coach of the year.

Let's see if Mike Brown can also pick up that award from the NBA. And then also, we didn't touch upon this, but Odell Beckham Jr., he was introduced to the media in Baltimore. And we know he's going to be hopefully on the receiving end of passes from Lamar Jackson. One thing that was stated from Odell is that he did not receive any assurances or guarantees that Lamar Jackson will be the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.

We know Odell has been out for an entire year. I hope his ACL does not pop again. And he spoke to the media, as I mentioned, and he said, look, I am thrilled. I'm excited to be back on the field. The goal was, you know, to come here and have that possibility to play with him. And I'm excited about that opportunity. As far as the team, I just ready to bring leadership, ready to bring, I've been out for a long time.

I had to sit there and watch everyone else play. I'm just excited to get back on the field. Yeah, well, he has been a New York giant. He has been a Cleveland Brown, and we saw him push his way out of that place.

I mean, his dad was sending tweets, LeBron sending tweets, freedom, man. We saw him go to Los Angeles. We saw him win a championship there. We saw him blow out his knee in the championship in addition to scoring a touchdown. And after a year away from the game, recovering, Odell is now a Raven. And I still believe he'll be right there with Lamar Jackson. I think that'll get worked out.

I'll be surprised if it did not. And Odell said, yeah, I appreciate being here in Baltimore. It's good to be where you're wanted. And, you know, like we say, we've had communication since last October. And, you know, you guys showed me that you wanted me to be here and that I was going to be a very big piece to this organization.

So I'm definitely excited about that. Yeah, $15 million, not too shabby. With incentives, he can push it up to $18 million, not too shabby. For the first time, Lamar Jackson could have what might be his best receiver ever. He just, he just has to go out there and play. And even outside of him tearing up his knee twice, Odell broke his ankle, tore his ACL. He's dealt with hamstring issues. He's not the biggest wide receiver. He's now 30 years old.

This a one year deal. What he ages and what he looks like, ain't nobody worrying about. I just hope he's healthy. I think he still has a lot to give. I just think injuries as they've been for his entire career, they're going to continue to occur.

You just hope that they're not the major ones. Good luck to Odell and good luck to the Ravens. And hopefully Lamar is out there throwing that rock and running with it for them this year. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Before we get out of here, I got to show love to the Rays. I got to show love to the Bruins as well. But before we went to break, we spoke about something that's been changing in baseball. And we know a lot about rules that have been adjusted. So the larger bases and the stupid ghost runner and extra innings. But more importantly, we know about the pitch clock, which has already shaved about 30 minutes off of every game.

And something that's been in the news for the past week, and it's been growing, is that you have quite a few teams, about four of them of note, including the Brewers and the Diamondbacks. Because there's 30 minutes left in the game, 30 minutes or less of fans in the stands, there's less alcohol being sold. And so as a result, instead of just stopping alcohol sales in the seventh inning, they're continuing on into the eighth. And you have organizations like Mad Mothers Against Drunk Driving. You have individuals who are saying some. Isn't this counterproductive? Isn't the point of, you know, ceasing the sale of alcohol after the seventh? Isn't the idea to be safe and not have fans walking out drunk and being dangerous in their vehicles? Matter of fact, there's a baseball player who said that.

Matt Strom from the Phillies. He was on one of our Odyssey podcast about baseball, and he's just like, why are we doing this? We should have a limit where we stop selling booze.

Take a listen. The reason we stopped it in the seventh before was to give our fans time to sober up and drive home safe, correct? Correct.

Yes. So now with a faster paced game and me just being a man of common sense, if the game is going to finish quicker, would we not move the beer sales back to the sixth inning to give our fans time to sober up and drive home? Instead it's going the other way. Instead we're going to the eighth, and now you're putting our fans and our family at risk driving home with people who have just drank beers 22 minutes ago. Yeah, that's true. But then people are going to drink if they're going to drink. That's it.

This is just the facts. So you don't have to be at the baseball stadium. Is the baseball stadium responsible?

Yeah, but how many horror stories have you heard? That's not to say that they don't exist. And I'm not just going to say, oh, people got to be responsible for themselves. I think that's that's true.

Does the baseball team bear some responsibility? Yeah. People are going to find alcohol everywhere. What say you? We've had a lot of callers about this. Some have said, oh, they need to stop.

Others are just like, you know, don't matter. People are going to drink. 855-212-4CBS. Dennis is calling from Sacramento. You're on the JR Sportbreeze. Show us up, Dennis. Hey, JR. Thanks for taking the call, sir. Sure. So I don't know firsthand about the Morant thing, but seems like he's guilty.

Kind of moved on from that. I actually like the pitch count timer on the pitch thingy. And with the alcohol sales, I see both sides of the coin. You're not making them go drink. And if they're going to drink, they're going to drink.

But maybe they should cut off early. Thank you, Dennis. Hey, you got your window rolled down? No, sir, I do not. What's that noise? You calling me from like a motorbike? Where you at? No, you're on my earpiece, but no, my window's not down.

I don't know. If you can't hear me, I apologize. But yeah, there's no window down. I'm not on a motorbike. It's just my earpiece apparently doesn't work very well, I guess. It's okay. I hear you all right.

I just hear a lot of noise. Thank you, Dennis. Yeah, thank you for taking the call, sir.

No problem. Damn. You're calling me from an engine of an airplane? Like, is he running? What is he doing?

Damn. Keith is calling from Baltimore. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Keith? Yes, sir.

How you doing? Good. First of all, they're the Milwaukee Brewers, and Milwaukee's the biggest city in America for brewing beer.

And they're named the Brewers. So it's not surprising to me that they're the ones that want to extend it. But being a recipient of a DUI a long time ago, you learn a lot. You get an education. So it takes one hour per beer or one ounce shot to go out of your system. So regardless, if I drink and I drink from the first inning to the sixth inning, I can probably put down enough beer to keep me inebriated for a long while.

So the point being is just stopping it at a certain point, even just allowing it to say, well, you're allowing the fans to sober up. And you're like, well, no, you're not, because it takes one hour per beer. So it doesn't matter. It absolutely does not matter.

It matters upon the beer consumption of the individual. Well, everybody is, that's true, but everybody is different. Yes. Oh, everybody's different.

Yes, sir. I understand that. But according to, you know, one hour per beer, one hour per shot. So it's not everybody's different. Yes, I can consume a lot of beer.

I can go ahead and function. Well, that's the point. That is where everybody is different. I mean, we could sit around and talk about BAC, but yes, alcohol affects everybody different. And so someone who is not used to drinking versus someone who can sit down and have five at one time in an hour, you know, the results two and a half or three hours or four hours later might be different. You know, it's like anything else. People's bodies can develop a tolerance. Right. But if you're not used to drinking and you're not going to really go to the ballpark and drink a lot, you're going to grab one beer, especially drink, you're going to drink.

Well, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's not, I'm using that as an example. My point is everybody is different.

And so I hear what you're saying from specifically one, this versus this. This is how much it takes to get out of your system. What I'm saying is it affects everyone differently when it is there. Oh, you're absolutely right. I mean, some people are happy drunks. Some people are mean drunks.

And some people can't handle their liquor at all. It don't matter if they had one or two. It depends on the person. I don't mean to talk over you. It depends on the person.

It doesn't depend on the, the, the team itself. Do you understand that? No, I think we understand. No, I think we understand each other. But my point is having one beer and sitting there and then getting in your vehicle is going to affect one person differently than the next.

It depends on your tolerance. That's it. Absolutely. You're absolutely right.

Well, I think we're all I think we're all on the same page. Well, thank you, Keith. Thank you so much.

Appreciate you. No doubt. Yeah. We're not, not talking about how long it takes for the alcohol to get out your system.

We're talking about how long it's, it's going to take where you still making dumb ass decisions. That's it. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. David is calling from Massachusetts.

What's up, David? Yeah. Uh, yeah, I got a two full comment, um, about the beer sales at baseball games. Well, I mean, since everybody know the real deal, just wait and well, let's hope not, but just wait until an accident happened.

And then the people sue the hell out of the stadium. Yeah. And about John Durant, uh, same thing with him. I mean, he, he's blessed to be a star with the Grizzlies and, uh, just let him be stupid and make a mistake and let somebody sue the hell out of him and, and delegate a message across to the other players, uh, and the whole spectrum. Yeah. He's been sued by a young man in his family for getting punched in the face. And now he's suing that family back for allegedly being a liars on, on some of the allegations.

So sometimes it takes a, it takes a legal situation for, for some people to learn and, or, or things to change. Hey David, I appreciate you for calling from Massachusetts. Thank you. Yep. Yep. All right.

Thank you. Jack is calling from DC. You're on CBS sports radio.

What's up, Jack? Hey, JR. Oh my God. It's, uh, it's so great. Uh, thanks so much for having me on. Uh, I, I think that you're, uh, easily the best, uh, national sports, uh, radio host. Uh, this, like I said, this is my second time calling. Um, and, uh, I called you about a year ago, um, after the commanders, they traded for Carson Wentz.

And I said, this is the worst decision Ron Rivera has made as a coach. Okay. Uh, so how that ended up, right? Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, I think I was, I think I had inkling there. Um, but, uh, you know, I, and I asked you, they are like, what, after everything that this franchise has been through, you know, they just recently, you know, botched the, the, the new name and all that and everything else with Dan Snyder. I asked what do I possibly have reason to feel hope for? And today, you know, uh, April 3rd, 2023, April, April 13th, 2023, I have a reason to be hopeful. Finally, uh, we, we might actually get a new owner and it, it, it honestly changes everything.

And I don't know if your national audience realizes just how huge of a deal it is here in Washington. Cause he's just decimated this franchise. You know, yeah, no, we talked about, man, I don't, I've never met the man. I don't like him. And so I'm glad he's gone on behalf, on behalf of, uh, you know, I don't, I don't want to say that you speak for all of their fans, but on behalf of myself, I'm, I'm happy for you. I'm happy for everybody who likes the commanders that this guy is gone.

Every did deserve better than this crap. Yes. Yes.

Yeah. And we are, we are so elated, you know, we've been talking about having a parade because this is basically our super bowl. And I just want to, on behalf of the commander's fans, I know I don't speak for all the fans, but on behalf of the commander's fans, if we have a parade, which I think we will, I want to personally invite you to come down and, you know, March with us down to RFK or FedEx or wherever, wherever it's going to happen.

So hope you can, hope you can make it. I'm going to be in DC in a couple of weeks. So I hope the parade is before then. Okay.

Or when I'm there. We'd love to see it. And you know, this couldn't come at a better time for DC sports. You know, you have the, the wizards in purgatory, you got the caps, you know, aging out and, you know, my, and my, my nationals, you know, being also their ownership sales getting pulled up needs to get out of there soon too. So good, good luck to you guys.

I don't know about Leonsis. He ain't going anywhere. You kind of stuck with him. Well, thank you so much, JR. No problem. Again, love the show. Thank you, man. Have a good night. Thank you.

Appreciate you. Yeah. Hey, look, that's one down, right? Like what NFL team gets sold next? Seattle. I mean, Paul Allen is gone. That team should move. I know with the Chargers, the whole Spanos family, they, they hate each other's guts. They're suing each other.

McCaskey with the bears. I mean, is that family letting that go? She gotta be what, like 90 years old? She old. I know, uh, Gail Benson said whenever she's gone, she's gonna, you know, that team is gonna get sold and whoever buys it, the, the proceeds from the sale is gonna be spread out to charity. She's not old though.

So I'd say Seattle gets sold next, maybe Seattle or the Chargers. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Phone lines are still open. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We got more to do. I want to show love to the Rays out here breaking records or tying them.

I want to show love to the Bruins. They getting busy as well. I'm going to get back to your calls. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey JR. Oh my God. Thanks so much for having me on. I think that you're easily the best national sports radio host. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. At least somebody likes me. That's nice.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, listen, there's a couple of things that have taken place today. Let's go to the most recent one. The Boston Bruins don't lose hockey matches. Like they, they don't. Like they won again tonight. I talked to you about this the other day when I was here and they just, they just keep on winning.

I don't know what's in the water. I know people want this to also rub off on the Boston Celtics, but tonight the Bruins beat the Canadians 5-4. The Bruins now have 65 victories. They already broke a record the other day with 63 wins and, and they beat the Capitals on Tuesday and tonight they beat the Bruins.

The playoffs don't start until, what do we got, we got the 17th, a couple of days. 65 victories for the Bruins. Here take a listen, courtesy of the Bruins Radio Network. Gallagher's on it and this is a final. The Boston Bruins and the best season in National Hockey League history, 65-12-5. They come up victorious here coming from behind against the Canadians. They get a couple of goals from Charlie Coyle and David Pasternak. Pasternak the game winner tonight, but the only record that matters to the Bruins is 16 wins and two months away. Your final here at the Bell Center Bruins 5 and the Canadians 4. You know 16 wins is what will get them a Stanley Cup championship.

The Bruins scored two goals there in that third period to go ahead and pick up that victory. 65 of them suckers and they're not the only team lighting up ass right now. That happens to be the Tampa Bay Rays. They have a record of 13-0. They beat the Red Sox earlier today. It was an afternoon game. They spanked them 9-2-3. Take a listen to that final call courtesy of the Rays Radio Network. And the offense pulling very hard on that rope. There's a swing and a high drive into right center field.

This should do it to his left. Manuel Margot is there. Would you believe 13-0 to start the year? The Tampa Bay Rays have swept the Boston Red Sox four in a row and they tie a major league record by starting the new season 13 wins in a row. Yeah that's tied with the Braves back in 82. It's tied lately with the Brewers and this is not a real lately ago. This is in 1987 the Brewers did this and so along this way the 13 wins the Rays have beat the Tigers. They beat the Nats. They beat the A's. They beat the Red Sox.

And so yeah these are these are cellar dwellers. Like they should beat them but going out there to win 13 straight games you can't take nothing away from them. Forget about the competition. You're not supposed to win 13 straight games. Good luck to the Tampa Bay Rays. This also doesn't guarantee them that they're gonna go into the you know World Series and win it all. It's just a nice start to the season. Let's see if they can continue the momentum as the baseball season any season any team they're gonna go through their peaks and valleys.

So don't go running throwing all your money behind the Rays. 855-212-4 CBS. That's 855-212-4 CBS. Tom is calling from California. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up Tom? Hey JR how you doing man? I really love your show but what I wanted to say um first of all I'm gonna confess I'm an alcoholic but as far as serving alcohol after the 7-8 I don't think you should serve alcohol at the games period.

Okay why? We're supposed to be out there with the children having a good time and you know why should we be out there drinking and risking and losing their lives? I understand so if I'm in if I'm in my backyard and my son is back there with me should I should I not have a beer because because the kid is there even though he's my own kid? No um you're in your backyard but you know if you're in a coliseum where you're gonna drive a car home that's a little different.

But what's it but my point is is is like because I'm around kids I can't have a drink or have it responsibly? No you're at home and I think you could be more responsible at home than we we are at the coliseum. I just think that we should not serve alcohol at the coliseum at all.

Okay so what's the difference between that and me going to me going to a bar? Okay I mean should we not serve alcohol outside should we I mean do we go back to prohibition do I just? No no no no no I don't mean it that way I'm just saying that I don't think that um you know we we go to a ball game a coliseum and stuff like that and we're going to drink a beer I just don't think we should have it there. Okay like I told you from the start I'm an alcoholic so I'm just saying that I don't think that we should have alcohol in in the ballpark. Okay that's fine and I'm just being I'm not trying to be a jerk here I'm just asking out of curiosity does that also mean other public settings so for instance I can go to the movies now and I can have me a drink or do you feel that the sporting event is so hypercharged that there shouldn't be booze there? I think anywhere where we have children that we're entertaining kids that we should not have alcohol. Well that's nowhere I mean I can go to Applebee's and I mean they're going to measure the hell out of that drink so that's why I don't go but that's besides the point I can go to Applebee's there's families all in Applebee's should I should Applebee's not sell alcohol? No that's not what I mean I'm talking okay we're going to. Well so they're going to be kids they're not serving liquor I can't get liquor at Chuck E Cheese they should sell it no I'm being a jerk but go ahead. I don't know some Chuck E Cheese's might but I think so I'm just saying that where we have children and stuff like that okay okay maybe we should just tone it down a little bit.

Okay I got you Tom appreciate you man thank you. What's the last time you've been to Chuck E Cheese? I haven't been to Chuck E Cheese and I really could not tell you. Okay that's good.

I'm not even too sure there's a Chuck E Cheese here. Okay well listen it's a stupid giant rat and he's just hustling the kids. Hey thank you Tom I appreciate you man. Hey I appreciate you too JR I really I really like your show. Well thank you I really like you appreciate you man take it easy. All right bye.

Bye bye. If you've been to Chuck E Cheese you know they should sell alcohol there. I don't know how anybody bears that I've been to Chuck E Cheese one time it wasn't even my own damn kids I had to I took some kids to Chuck E Cheese. I'm like what am I doing here? How do you have time in your schedule on a typical Sunday or Saturday take a group of kids to Chuck E Cheese man?

This was like 15 oh just 17 a long time ago man. Is this like a mentoring program? No this wasn't mentoring I took my my friend's kids to Chuck E Cheese. Oh my god oh my god you sound like a godfather. Yeah my kids might as well be I love the kids I love them they grow now.

Well that makes sense because you don't take a group of kids unless you are like family to that kid's parents I mean that's a big responsibility. I love them yeah but yeah but man that's why I've only been once. What was so I mean what was the worst thing about it for you though because I mean Chuck E Cheese. Have you been to Chuck E Cheese? Yeah who hasn't been to a that's like asked me if I've been to a park.

I don't know I've been one time I've never had no other reason to go. Well it's Chuck E Cheese I mean we grew up with that stuff and jumping jimmies and Chuck E Cheese and the varsity club and all that stuff. I don't I don't nobody took me to no stinking ass Chuck E Cheese.

Really? No and I'm thankful I did not go to Chuck E Cheese. So you didn't like video games and arcades and obstacle courses and laser tag? No stinking ass Chuck E Cheese. Tough crowd. I don't want to go nowhere where a rat is playing a banjo and he has purple friends and there's other mouth breathing booger dripping kids running around being uh terrible miscreants no. Can I can I I think that um sometimes in life people need do-overs and mulligans I just think that was a bad one-time experience at Chuck E Cheese. No thanks. Okay. No no.

You're missing out Jayar. Animatronic no there's animatronic there's an animatronic rat on the stage and then you got a real you got a real rat in the costume running around on the floor the kids are terrible in there. That's not a real rat all right I take subways every single morning at 2 30. I see five rats every single that's a real rat. Imagine putting an eight-foot rat onto the floor with with five-year-olds and you tell me how much fun that is.

That's a tough way to make a living Jayar. You want to talk about the ultimate America's finest and the people that serve this country god bless them but you want to talk about dressing up in a rat costume an eight-foot one at that my god god bless those individuals. You know listen whatever you got to do to get money that's just it ain't my move. Hey Marco you you took your kids there before that place? No I went once my kids were there was for my niece and my nephew I had to go for their birthday I'm with you man once never again. Yeah I'm not doing that and I know I know for sure they don't sell no alcohol at Chuck E. Cheese they should they should but they do not. And I'll say this because everybody was telling me like my sister-in-law oh but at least you know the food's good the pizza's good I'm like all right yeah so I got paid for all this stuff which I didn't mind that I was happy to do that go to bite and I'm like what the hell is this you think this is good food I was like I think I'd rather pick something up on the way home I was like we got nothing here I was like I got no food I don't want to be here this sucks. Yeah yeah I don't I don't have memories of the pizza man I couldn't tell if it was good or bad I don't have a positive memory to share about Chuck E. Cheese and at this point I'm expecting a an email in the morning from Chuck E. Cheese corporate. Well can I one thing I'll give you positive what my son seemed to have a really good time.

That's all that matters. Which I was happy with he seemed to really enjoy now granted he was like three but he had a really good time that night everything else not so much. Yeah one of the kids I took there he was he was actually afraid of the rat he was afraid of Chuck E. The rat walking around he seemed cold with yeah no the ones on the stage though they were busted they didn't move so I think that was probably good for everybody.

Yeah not a one on the floor the kid was he was scared he was terrified of Chuck E. and I guess if I was uh you know two feet tall and a giant eight-foot rat came and tried to you know approach me I'd be scared too. Yeah probably that makes sense. It's a wild world it's the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio if you working at a Chuck E. Cheese now God bless you get all of the money. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. The only reason I call you made me laugh my ass off. I nearly collapsed on the floor with laughter when I turned it on the first thing you said and I think you should start writing some of this down and compile it into a book.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Man I say so much stuff I don't I just say a lot of stuff we don't need a book out there just let me talk every day here look I have been messaged thank you to everybody who uh messaged me on Twitter here you can do that at JR Sport Brief. Hey Bob from Concord and uh Jair they let me know that they do sell beer at Chuck E. Cheese and I looked it up and they sell beer and they sell wine maybe when I went a long time ago they did not I don't know I didn't have none anything that I would want they probably don't have anyway they shouldn't now I shouldn't be able to go into Chuck E. Cheese and uh you know get Jack Daniels uh but uh congratulations to everyone who's gone to Chuck E. Cheese and had themselves a drink because dealing with kids and giant rats it's probably uh probably necessary we got a lot of callers here on the line we've we've gone through so many things tonight Odell and his introduction to the fans in Baltimore we talked about the sale of the commanders we showed love to Mike Brown from the Sacramento Kings from the Coaches Association he won coach of the year Damar DeRozan his daughter and her scream we've gone through that we've talked about the sale of alcohol Ja Morant so we've had a busy night Nick Nurse the Bruins the Rays and then we're gonna have a Friday with with more basketball as the NBA play-in pretty much comes to a conclusion before we start the real playoffs over the weekend so we're gonna have a lot to do tomorrow as we figure out who's gonna be the eighth seed in both conferences both the east and the west as the Bulls take on the Heat and the Thunder take on the Timberwolves we got a lot of callers here I want to try to get on as many people as possible some of the callers are not going to give a damn about anybody else so they will be long-winded let's try not though okay eight five five two one two four CBS Paul is here from Virginia go ahead Paul quickly hey what's going on JR how you doing I'm good man please go ahead all right yeah real quick one DC is super excited about the possible sale not necessarily the sale we'll find out tomorrow or well today here about Dan Snyder getting out of there and they're actually trying to plan a parade I've never heard of that before they should have a parade that that puts Daniel Snyder on it and then ships him out into the Atlantic that's what they should I swear to god that'd be amazing maybe the Chesapeake I'm not sure right yeah keep it I mean keep it local I don't know if you want his uh his ghost and soul out there but yeah I'll think a little further out yeah yeah there you go I'm telling you man just get him all the way over to England where he wants to be anyway well thank you Paul I appreciate it no no no no no and then I got one more thing to say hurry hurry it up I will I will I will you're not you've been here for a minute and three seconds now hurry up okay so I know for a fact that everybody goes to the ballparks and they tailgate ahead of time I mean I've played past the bottle before we go into the stadium and the first thing that you do after you play past the bottle and go to the stadium is get a beer and it's just up to the responsibility of everybody else to be able to not go far right but it's going to happen no matter what so I mean if it's the sixth inning seventh inning the eighth inning doesn't matter it's going to happen anyway okay well thank you Paul appreciate you man gotcha good gotcha have a good night you too thank you Paul for uh for court where was Paul calling from Virginia D.C. appreciate you man thank you all right let's keep it moving John is calling from South Carolina go ahead John hey man good show that guy's wife must love him because he doesn't know what quick is hey I'm drinking I was there in Cleveland during the game when they had the riots the nickel bear night and that started the political correctness on managing the alcohol at baseball games and you know it's all about if you're a drinker or not a drinker you know what are you gonna put an hour before the bar closes you can't drink and hey why don't you draw the line at jack at chuck e cheese hey drink it drink you're over 21. I hear you hey thank you John I appreciate you and I like your joke thank you okay buddy hey that guy's wife must love him he doesn't know what quick is okay that's uh thank you Maya calling from Maryland you're on CBS sports radio yeah that joke was anyhow yeah quickly yeah the next team unless one of those people you name should die I don't see it being Seattle I don't see it being Seattle because that guy didn't not too long ago bought them but remember last year Paul Allen Paul Allen is not here he is gone that's why the team is basically in a trust run by his sister so and he wanted the team sold after he died and he's not here yeah that's right I keep forgetting it's okay what else you got well but well after that then the the team that'll be sold will be the ravens because remember last April uh you can look it up podcast he told Marlon Humphrey for his podcast at five to seven years he expects to sell the team because his kids don't want it and he's trying to move into the retirement stage and as far as this beer thing with the stadium I kind of agree they suggest left it at the seventh inning and uh in terms of the holes with the drinking game with my oreos and the home run like they said it's it's not associated with drinking they're they're taking it back to the kid level of terms of drinking water out of the holes but oh I heard holes and thought something else but thank you Maya I appreciate you I was confused for him I'm a good weekend and you gotta support chef he's moving big places his show is good on the weekend you gotta support him well you're damn right why do you think why you think he's here we want to support him I'm saying you you might lose him as producer they need to give him his own show he should he should have his own show hey hey right hey Maya do right what happened what I said you got other people to get to so I will talk later okay well thank you Maya hey Shep I need you to get your own show man we have we have an advocate in Maya thank you Jay I appreciate that no problem now I'm gonna have Maya write an email who we out here Dan is calling from Wisconsin what's up Dan yeah I got some advice for Jay for the job I ran don't play the water if you can't swim number two as far as drinking alcohol at the stadiums I'm from Wisconsin we take a bus back and go on the board game next Friday there's a lot of responsible people there you're going to tailgate parties this everyone's got a designated driver so okay I don't think it's no big deal the Rays are the real deal and I can't believe Boston's winning the Bruins are win the way they are okay I can't either 65 games is a lot Herb it's calling from Pittsburgh what's up Herb hey JR uh just wanted to say you know the Pirates are eight and five for the first time and I can't remember how long starting out I know that's not a big deal to most people right but to me that's a very big deal how long does it last I don't know I hope I hope it goes on for a long time brother O'Neal Cruz is he done for the year uh it doesn't sound it doesn't sound great yeah I heard four months I don't know about that hey Herb good luck man I'll see you all right thanks bud thank you Tom is calling from Baltimore he can't be quick go ahead Tom OBJ OBJ man people are stoked here in Baltimore um it might be what it might be what it takes to get uh Lamar signed uh you know Lamar not having an agent um I think OBJ's got an appreciation for football later in his career probably like he's never had especially being out from the past year okay yeah I wouldn't well I think and thank you Tom I think they were I think they're in alignment I mean they were hanging out with each other on Sunday they were he was congratulating Lamar Jackson was congratulating him and he still yeah he might be a free agent he's been tagged I think it's likely that he'll be back it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio thank you so much to everybody who has been locked in over the last four hours we're going to be back with you tomorrow 10 p.m eastern time seven pacific it's going to be basketball we're going to have the eighth seed we can talk about the actual round one of the playoffs and all that good stuff you can find me everywhere at JR Sport Brief you don't got to wait too much longer hey shop what is that uh 20 hours we'll be back 20 hours right damn right we are you back in 20 hours but who's coming up immediately in like a few minutes that would be Rich Herrera JR yeah JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio is done thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd you just heard him Rich Herrera is coming up next don't move it's CBS Sports Radio I'm done this is flea for this little light the podcast about falling in love with music I started a non-profit music school about 20 years ago called the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music the reason that I started doing this podcast was music education I'll be speaking with Rick Rubin 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