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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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April 6, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 6, 2023 1:58 am

Fans react to JR's New Top 6 List of greatest female athletes of all-time

6- Cheryl Miller

5- Mia Hamm

4- Babe Didrikson Zaharias

3- Billie Jean King

2- Serena Williams

1- Jackie Joyner-Kersee


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And with our powers combined, we are not Captain Planet. I'm just a guy talking about sports. Shoutouts to everybody listening all over North America, okay? You could be at work, you could be at home, you could be in your vehicle.

If you're getting that money, good. If you're in the back of an Uber right now, listening, and the Uber driver has me on, you better tip him, good. If you're driving the Uber, make sure you drive safely, don't drive like a nut, and just be cool wherever you're at, okay?

Just take it easy out there. I'm going to be hanging out with you for one more hour. I appreciate you. I appreciate you if you've been hanging out for longer than that because I get started every single weeknight at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 Pacific. I'm a human being on the other side of your damn speaker right now, okay? I'm at JR Sport Brief on social media.

Yeah, you can find me there. I'm just a dude doing stuff. Oh yeah, by the way, it's a shameless plug.

I ain't got no shame in my damn game. I don't care. Make sure you check out the Agents of Inclusion podcast. Agents of Inclusion, okay? Podcast that we started last month and I say we, myself, Special Olympics, and the great folks here at Odyssey, we are telling amazing stories of some of the most amazing athletes that you will ever see or hear of. And so I want to give a big shout out to all my folks out in the Bay Area.

I spoke to KCBS. Thank you for helping to highlight Agents of Inclusion. And then in addition to that, if you happen to be on the West Coast, all my folks in the Bay, you can catch me on the morning roast tomorrow at 9.20 a.m. all my people on 95.7 The Game as we're going to talk about Agents of Inclusion and of course everything else going on in the world of sports.

I had an amazing time. Our guest today. Hey, if you're listening to me right now, dammit, I implore you.

It's not no stupid ass sale job. Check out Agents of Inclusion. If you listen to podcasts, look it up. Today's episode, Amanda Haranoff, is one of the most inspirational human beings that you will ever listen to in your life. It is very simple.

This is a simple teaser for you. She said having autism is her superpower. And I can tell you, out of the hundreds and thousands of people I have ever spoken to in my life, from you on the other side of the radio or the phone line to the late Kobe Bryant or the late Pele. She, I was talking to plenty of people. I've spoken to politicians and present. I've spoken to a lot of folks. She has been one of my favorite human beings that I have ever spoken with in life.

She is a genius. Agents of Inclusion. Shoutouts to Amanda. Shoutouts to everybody in the bay.

If you out in Cali and you want to support one of your own in the north or if you're just a human being, Agents of Inclusion. I have it all on my social media. You like sports, this is worth a listen. Anyway, speaking of sports, tonight I gave you a top six list.

Some of the top female athletes in the world of sports. In addition to that, not stopping there, we've also had some news in action in the basketball world. We've talked about that. We discussed John Elway just fully stepping away from the Denver Broncos. Not even sitting in the office anymore. He's like, I'm 62. I still got some years. I'm trying to sit around and do nothing.

And so I'm going to get back to your calls about the top six list, but I need to do this right now, this minute, this second. Right before we went to break, the Clippers beat the Lakers again. The final score 125 to 118. This is the 11th consecutive victory that the Clippers hold over the Los Angeles Lakers. And the Lakers really, they were trying to play catch up this entire game. And so with their records now, the Los Angeles Clippers 42 and 38, the Lakers falling to 41 and 39. The Clippers move to the fifth seed and the Lakers, sorry, the Warriors are currently one game up on them for the sixth seed.

And they couldn't get into it. LeBron James had a late start. 33 points total wasn't enough. Anthony Davis was game time. He had 17 points, 11 rebounds.

None of these gigantic 30 point games that he's been putting up over the past several weeks. And then on the Clippers side of the ball, they got busy, man. Kawhi Leonard, 25 points. You had Norman Powell, 27 points off of the bench. Norman Powell, he spoke to ESPN after the victory. And Norman Powell is just like, yeah, we won. What you think we were going to do?

Listen to this. Norman, this one is always supercharged when you two teams are going at each other. You've now beat them 11 in a row. What does it feel like to win this game? It feels good. You know, just what it means for our season right now, where we're at, where both teams are at right now. We're both fighting, trying to stay out that playing tournament.

So we knew what time it was on their end. You know, they were scratching the claw and so are we. But it was fun. You know, I love the battle of L.A. being a part of it now for a year and a half. So I look forward to it. You should look forward to it when you beat them 11 straight times.

Yeah, you just got there. But the point is, the Lakers have not beat the Clippers since they got started in the bubble. The Lakers, let me say that again. The Lakers have not beat the Clippers since they got started in the bubble. That's three straight season series that the Lakers have lost here against the Clippers. So the Lakers, they're sitting back in the playing, sitting in that seven spot. LeBron James is in the process of speaking to the media right now. And he walked off the court before the game was done. He's like, I ain't sitting around for this. And someone who had a first row seat to this L. You might know, I know his name, Russell Westbrook.

He didn't even have to work too hard. 14 points, four assists, three rebounds, two of four from downtown. And he just, yeah, whatever Russell says, if he speaks will certainly be interesting. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Time to get to your calls. I told you about the top six list. All the attention placed on female or women's athletics this week. And I gave you a top six list of some of the greatest female athletes in history.

If you missed the full list and the explanations and the fancy audio, hit rewind on the Free Odyssey app. At number six, I gave you Cheryl Miller. At number five, I gave you Mia Hamm. At number four, Babe Dedrickson Zaharias. At number three, I gave you Billie Jean King. At number two, I gave you Serena Williams.

And at number one, I gave you Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Someone who is able to go out there and just do it all in the world of athletics. Need her to run? She running. Need her to jump?

She jumping. How high? How far? How long?

Need to throw something? Oh yeah, she doing that too. And she was asked about this after her medals and everything that she's done. She was speaking to Ebro on Hot 97. And he asked her, hey, you're considered the greatest female athlete of all time.

What do you think? This is what she said. You were crowned the greatest female athlete of the 20th century. And there's so many amazing athletes out here now. Do you still consider yourself the greatest athlete of all time? You know, I do. As you should. It's like you work so hard. And you know, for me, I didn't work for AccuLays. I just put in the work. But yeah, if I don't consider myself the best, then how do I expect others to do that? Yeah, there you have it. You got to believe in yourself first before anybody else does.

Even in retirement, why not? 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. So many amazing athletes. So many amazing women. Do me a favor. Tell me one.

Tell me why. Pete Escola from Pittsburgh. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Pete? Hi, JR. How's it going?

Very well. Go ahead. I can't believe I'm talking to you right now.

I listen to you every night while I'm cleaning my kitchen. I won't go on about it. No, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. I want to hear about this. Well, first of all, thank you. And second of all, what took you so long to call me?

I don't know. I talk back to my radio every night and I think to myself, I should call him, but I usually have my hands in dishwater. I understand. Well, Pete, you know, I'm a human being.

I'm a regular person. You know that, right? Of course. Yeah, yeah.

Well, feel free when you take it. You wear gloves in the dishwater? No, bare hands. Oh, man. How are your cuticles? Your cuticles are terrible, right?

Oh, hey. I got working man's hands, I'll tell you. Okay. So you got hands like Bigfoot? Well, they're just a little cracked.

They're not hairy. Okay. I can dig it. What else is on your mind?

Go ahead. I just thought it was important to mention Katherine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. That was a really big moment for women in sports. They were literally trying to drag her off of the course. She was attacked while she was trying to do what she loved, while she was trying to play.

And I think that was just a really big milestone for women in sports. Yeah, I've heard about that. I'm not as familiar. So where can we find, I mean, certainly I can pick up Google.

Where would you suggest people find out more information? I've seen the photos, I've heard about it. Is there a doc? I'm sure there is, right?

I'm sure there's something. I came across it down a Wikipedia hole one night and I had never heard of her. And I read the whole thing and I was like, this is amazing. How have I never heard of this? This is Katherine Switzer.

Yes. We're going to check her out. Pete, you're out here educating America for people who didn't know. Thank you so much.

Thank you, JR. Don't be a stranger. Hey, Pete, I love Pittsburgh. I love it. I know you do. And I love when you talk about how much you love Pittsburgh.

I do. I love Pittsburgh so much. And it's such a, well, I'm not going to say a small city, but I hang out downtown.

I don't want to tell people the places that I go. What's the sandwich place? Permante's, right? Yeah, Permante's is a sandwich place, but we have a lot of good restaurants opening up. I think we're more known for pizza these days and nobody knows about it.

Man, I grew up in New York, man. I ain't looking for nobody else's pizza. Just saying, Pete, come on.

Well, give it a try when you're in town and do the Pepsi challenge with our pizza. I will. Hey, I appreciate you, man. You take it easy. Don't be a stranger. Nice talking to you. Likewise.

Shout out to my main man, Pete, caller from, I love Pittsburgh. Now that the weather is changing, I forgot to ask him. I should have said, hey, man, do y'all, y'all got flowers out there yet? Spring. Things are growing. Things are getting bigger.

People are going outside and. Yeah, people are going outside of spring and they're sneezing, too, because of pollen. Pollen sucks. Stupid ass plants. It's crazy.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the plants, but the plants pissed me off anyway. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Oh, my God. Is this Alan from Toronto? I don't know where he is. Yes.

Yes. I don't know where he is. Is this Alan in Toronto or in Florida? Yeah, I just returned about three days ago. I took my time coming back.

There's been two nights on the road and I finally came back on Sunday. So how does it feel to be back in Canada? Yeah, it's a bit depressing because you're in the middle of summer for two months, February, March. And then all of a sudden it's April and it's not much more than the freezing mark. So it's a bit depressing, but I'll get over it. Spring.

The weather's going to change in Toronto to be beautiful, man. Oh, yes. Yes. Just around the corner. The worst is over. Yeah. What else you got?

Good to talk to you. I got the one I'm mentioning is Nancy Kerrigan. She's a figure skater turned actress and she won the bronze medal in the 1992 Olympics in Elberville. And she got cracked in the leg.

Yeah. January 6, 1994 in Salem with a police baton. You know, she struck her in the back of the leg and she overcame her injuries. And she she won a she won a silver medal in the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer. They both competed. Nancy Kerrigan and I mean, Tonya Harding. And she was jealous. Yeah, they were jealous. So and her husband spent two years in prison.

Justin Colulli, he spent two years in prison and she was banned for life. I know more about that than I ever would want. Well, not because I've had a personal connection, but I got people in my family absolutely love figure skating. And so every documentary that they have ever made about that.

And I mean, for the past 30 years, I've had to sit through or witness and I know more about it than I'd ever want to. I'm glad she heard her personal life has really been rough, too. You know, she's had six miscarriages in eight years.

She she she eventually had three children, but it was it was not easy and it was a very strain on her on her marriage, too. I didn't get into all of that, Alan. But hey, you know, thank you for sharing. You ever got hit with a police baton, Alan? Never. No, because I've always been a good boy all my life.

Oh, well, that doesn't mean that you that you wouldn't get hit with a police baton. But that's a that's a separate conversation. Hey, Alan, I appreciate you for calling from Toronto, man. Always a pleasure, Jr.

Thank you. Florida. Hey, Florida. Just call me. They miss you. Oh, well, I'll be back next year. No worry about that.

I'm sure. OK. Appreciate you, man. I'll talk to you later. Yeah, thanks a lot.

No problem. Hey, chef, he really does. He sounds sounds sad to be back up in Toronto. That's a sad version of Alan. And Alan is not the most jump out of your seat kind of guy. But that was morose.

Yeah, he was happy in Florida last week. You know, Alan is such a he's such a thesaurus for sports. It's so good. You guys have such different styles and ways of processing like greatness in terms of like sports content.

It's honestly so it's so much fun to listen to you guys, though. Good. I should have asked him. Oh, my God. He said he went to an Orlando Magic game.

Good for him. Who? Him and who else? Because they're only two there, probably. And why didn't you hold him accountable?

Speaking of holding people accountable for what? Shout out to injuries. He was going to visit you. I can't believe we went through that already. I didn't hear the full length of that, though.

What about he came through Atlanta and he said he didn't stop. And I said, I you suck and whatever. What else are we supposed to say? You gave him an easy pass, man.

What am I supposed to say? He's getting soft in his thirties. I'm not getting soft. I got to take the guy. If I see him, guess who has to pay for for drinks?

Guess who's paying? Let me tell you something. I don't know a lot about being a celebrity. You're a lot closer to a celebrity.

You're a lot closer to that than I am. When you were a celebrity, you don't pick up the checkbook for anybody. They take care of you. Who's they?

Fans of the show. Like, and I'm not that kind of guy. You're not entitled like that. I'm not I'm not suggesting anything for me for nothing. I know.

But but I was the type of guy like when Howard Stern used to do these book tours and these movie tours. He wouldn't lift a finger to pay. Everyone would take care of. Well, listen, I know. Well, not the not the people you treat.

The business will treat you. It's different. Alan seems like he's rolling in some cash.

And I don't mean like rolling in appropriately. I just think you think he's moving weight from from Florida to Canada? No, no, no, no. I'm not.

I'm not. No, he's a clean living human being. Don't they check underneath?

They check underneath your car. Alan. Alan does things by the book.

I'm just saying I think Alan has done very well for himself. And when you're living in Canada and Florida half the time and you're a snowbird, you're doing OK. Oh, OK. I mean, he did drive from Canada to Florida.

He took his time. I don't. He said he's a good boy.

He's never been hit with a police baton. But that's I don't know. Maybe Alan is moving stuff across the border.

It's none of my business, though. Anyway, it's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. I don't move nothing. I just move audio stuff. Audio goodness.

For free. Unless you're listening on Sirius XM. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side. Probably make fun of the Los Angeles Lakers on the other side. LeBron James just spoke.

I'm sure he had a lot to say about being a loser. We got you covered on all bases. And I'll get back to the phone lines. CBS Sports Radio. Don't move.

Don't move weight. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hi, JR. How's it going? I can't believe I'm talking to you right now.

I listen to you every night while I'm cleaning my kitchen. I won't go on about it. No, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait. I want to hear about this. Well, first of all, thank you. And second of all, what took you so long to call me?

I don't know. I talk back to my radio every night. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS.

Yeah, why talk to the radio? You can talk to me. I'm here. I am a person. I'm not a robot. I'm a human.

855-212-4CBS. We've been talking about some of the most accomplished, some of the greatest female athletes of all time. And I'm going to get back to that. Before I pick up the phone lines, though, I do want you to hear from some great male athletes because they are absolutely hilarious. Doesn't. Well, in the case of these two dudes, it doesn't matter if you win or whether you lose. They're funny. Hey, the Clippers beat the Lakers again.

I told you about that. 125 to 118, 11th consecutive time. LeBron James had a slow start but ended up with 33 points. Kawhi Leonard, of course, helping lead the way for the Clippers.

He had 25. And let's hear from the winner because the winner is supposed to be thrilled, right? He's supposed to sound enthusiastic. Kawhi Leonard spoke to Bally Sports West and Kawhi Leonard was excited. We came out aggressive, put some pace and transition, knock down shots, played well defensively early and it carried us throughout the whole 48 minutes.

Yeah, that's it. That's all you get from Kawhi. You thought he was going to string together three sentences.

It wasn't going to happen. LeBron James spoke. Said a few more words. He talked about this loss again, talked about the schedule, talked about their lineup. That's what LeBron had to say. And even though this is a road game, you know, just coming off the road trip and getting back late last night. But after an overtime game, it was a tough game for us. Obviously, we started off in the first half not so playing Laker basketball. We had some good spurts, but not enough.

So this is one of those scheduling conflicts in the season and definitely got the best of us tonight. I know health is obviously the main priority, but once you hear that you are all available, reps is also big for you and chemistry as a team. How much does that kind of weigh into just that opportunity you guys had tonight? Yeah, you know, obviously since the trade, we've been, you know, playing some good basketball. But the one thing we've been lacking a little bit is just the consistency of our lineups, you know, and obviously I've been, I was out four weeks and, you know, Delos kind of been in and out. But for the majority of our guys have definitely stepped up. So, you know, with these last two games, you definitely see if we can figure something out, you know, as far as our chemistry, but I think at the end of the day we've been still playing good ball.

So not too much, I'm not thinking about that too much. Okay, so I was like, what's Laker basketball? You all ain't played together. The Lakers as a team, maybe not this team, but Laker still kind of around 500. What's Laker basketball?

You all haven't played together. I guess they want to go into the playoffs and actually figure it out. But with the loss tonight, the Los Angeles Lakers are back in the playing with a record of 41 and 39. They are in that seventh seed in the Los Angeles Lakers to close out the rest of this season.

They take on Phoenix on Friday and they shut it down, shut it down against Utah on Sunday. 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Canada. Hey, Alberta, what's your name from Alberta? JR, my name is Garl, like Carl, but with a G. You thought I messed up the typing, didn't you? I didn't know what I looked like. Garl?

Yeah. Okay, Garl. It's Garl. Okay, Garl.

What's going on, Garl? Well, I'm a loyal listener, JR, never called any sports show, but your top six list, just two points. I think Michaela Shiffrin, who just broke a record that many people thought was unbreakable, being Ingemar Stenmark's total World Cup wins, somehow has to come in at 6A or 6B on your list. Okay. Also Olympic champion, and as you rightly pointed out, participating in the Olympic summer or winter is a massive, massive thing. So I think Michaela Shiffrin, who now has 78 World Cup victories, somehow has to be a 6B, 6C. And then my second point is a question. Oh, okay.

Yes. How did you determine Mia Hamm versus Abby Wambaugh? Abby Wambaugh? Well, I think Mia Hamm, I think there's more notoriety there, especially with all the interactions with Jordan. I went with popularity.

Fair enough, but I think you'd have to say that Abby was the best women's soccer player in the world. It's okay. It's okay, Garl. Hey, Garl, I hope you feel better, man. It's all right. I just want you to have some water, drink some water. I didn't hang up on him. He's still here.

I just want him to have some water. I don't know if you heard the whole list. Mia came before her. One of the reasons I had Mia on the list is that Mia helped set the table for a lot that came after just flat period in this country, especially when you look at the 96 Olympics, you look at it being the first time that we saw soccer and that they won.

And that is a major reason why I had Mia as opposed to Abby there. Hey, Garl, did you have some water? You feel better? Fair enough.

That's fair enough. Okay. Appreciate it.

You have some water? You feel better? I appreciate you, Jayar. I appreciate you. You call me anytime, Garl. Have a good night, okay? You too. Thank you.

Thank you so much. Shout-outs to my man, Garl. Just needed some water, that's it.

Shub, I don't know, when he was coughing, he could have said, he could have said, Garl, I don't know. Right. I mean, Jayar, they're both two of the all-time greatest women soccer players. But you talked about it.

What she did in college alone is unprecedented. Yeah, four championships. No doubt about it. You know what? Let's hear the commercial again. Hey, Marco, you remember this commercial. You know we're going to play, right? I think so. For the millionth time that many of us have ever heard it, let's go back to the 90s.

Here's Mia Hamm and Michael Jordan in a Gatorade commercial. Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No, you can't. Yes, I can. No, you can't.

Yes, I can. Had enough? Let's go. Anything you can be, I can be greater. Ready to stop?

Sooner or later, I'm greater than you. I'm not stopping. I'm not stopping. I'm not stopping. No, you can't.

Yes, I can. Oh, my God. I've probably heard that, and not by choice. I've probably heard that a million times in my life.

I've probably heard that in my life more than anything else. Hey, Marco, how many times have you heard that commercial? More than I want to, and I feel like you just brought back old memories. I feel like I pushed that so far back that I almost don't remember it. And that was on purpose, so I blame you for bringing that back. No, but it's good memories. I remember, what was that? I don't know.

Biggie Smalls was still alive. I was playing in the front yard. What else was going on? I don't know.

Well, what are you doing? Okay, we go. No, no, that's too far. It's too far. In a matter of fact, go ahead and play that too.

Who cares? Play it. You've got to see that's how I dream to be. I dream I move.

I move. I dream I groove. Like Mike. If I could be like Mike. Oh, if I could be like Mike. Like Mike. If I could be like Mike.

You're welcome, Marco. You know what? See, if you're going to do all that, give me the Spike Lee.

It's got to be the shoes. You're going to give me something. Please give me that, yeah. You want Mars Blackman too?

Yeah, if you're going to bring it back, you might as well go all the way back. My main man, Michael Jordan. Yo, Mike, what makes you the best player in the universe? Is it the vicious stunts? No Mars. Is it the haircut? No Mars. Is it the shoes? No Mars. Is it the extra long shorts? No Mars. Is the shoes it, right? Nah. Is it the short socks?

No Mars. Money's got to be the shoes. Shoes? Shoes. Shoes. You sure it's not the shoes?

I'm sure, Mars. Thank you, Mia Hamm, for helping us be nostalgic. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're our inspiration. You paid a picture to us at home, Jackie Fielding, and want to know what you're doing. What a great job you do, sir. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio.

I would happen to be JR. Hey, I need to let you know this. We had a conversation about all this North Carolina this and Tar Heel that. Before the break, we talk about Mia Hamm, one of the top female athletes in history. We all remember. Maybe you don't. I ain't gonna play it again.

Please don't play it again. Played that commercial with her and Michael Jordan. And tomorrow we're going to have a conversation with another Tar Heel. He's going to join us at 1020 Eastern Time and 720 Pacific Time. We'll talk to someone who played ball with Michael Jordan. His name is Scott Williams. He has a new book coming out, has led a very, very interesting life, has overcome a lot in life.

And it's just been a complete success. And so we'll talk to him about the championship. Jordan and we got a lot to get into.

So make sure you come through tomorrow and check that out. We got a lot of folks on the phone lines right now. A lot of opinions throughout the course of the evening. We've been able to talk about the NBA, get you up to date on the current standings. Lakers falling back into the play in. The Dallas Mavericks are actually staying alive.

This is tons going on. We talked about Mr. John Elway saying bye to the Denver Broncos, at least in a formal professional category. You know, they'll call him from time to time if necessary. And the Ravens said, yeah, you never know. We might draft the QB.

Didn't say that we will, but they said they might. And then we talked about Otani. He did Otani things.

He pitched, struck out eight guys, had an RBI, and was also called for both a pitch clock violation as the pitcher and was also called for a violation in the batter's box for not being in the batter's box. So, hey, Otani checks all the bases. Me, I'm going to check the phones. 855-212-4CBS. I gave you my top six list. Greatest female athletes in history. At number one, I gave you Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

You can always hit rewind and get the full list, all of the data, the information, and the free Odyssey app. Go back to the last hour and then you can get all the details. Right now, let's go to Paul. He's calling from Charlotte, North Carolina. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, thanks so much for taking my call, JR.

I deeply appreciate it. Sure. Hey, I just had a female athlete and, of course, being in Charlotte, I've got to take it to the world of motorsports and racing.

OK. But a drag racer by the name of Shirley Moldowny, her nickname was Cha-Cha. Shirley Cha-Cha Moldowny, but she goes back to the 1970s. She wanted to race top fuel dragsters, but the NHRA, the National Hot Rod Association, refused to give her a drag racing license until one of the most famous racers of all time, Don Big Daddy Garlic, agreed to sign off on her application. So then they gave her a license and she became a top fuel drag racer and she won the top fuel championship in 1977, 1980, and 1982. One of the first, if not maybe the first, person to win three top fuel drag racing championships. And now if you look at drag racing nowadays, it's probably one of the most inclusive, diverse sports of any form of racing.

You know, men race against ladies and all different races. So she really opened the door to that kind of inclusion in motorsports. Well, thank you. I've heard her name. I wasn't familiar. Tell everybody her name one more time. Shirley Moldowny. And they made a movie about her life.

I think it's called Heart Like a Wheel and it starred Bonnie Bedelia played Shirley Moldowny and Bo Bridges played her love interest. So you can still probably find that movie out there somewhere. Well, thank you for educating us. I appreciate you, Paul. I appreciate you too. Great show. Thank you.

Thank you so much. Yeah, I like NASCAR. I've been to the races. I've interviewed Dale. Dale is a cool dude. Junior.

Not, not daddy. 855-212-4CVS. David is calling from Cleveland. What's up, David? Hey, what's going on, J? How y'all doing, man? I was about to say you wasn't ready, but now you're here.

What's going on? I was on speaker at first. Good man. Good man.

Go ahead. But I want to say Cynthia Cooper. Yeah, you're right.

You're right. She did. She won those two NCAA championships with her. But and, you know, Cheryl, she got injured so she couldn't make it to the WNBA. But Cynthia Cooper, four time NBA champion, I mean, WNBA champion, four times four times WNBA MVP. Yeah.

And like you said, some two NCAA champs championships. And JaVale McGee's mama was there, too, and his aunt. Yeah.

You know what's crazy? Do you remember? It feels so long ago. The excitement around the WNBA when it launched was ridiculous, especially in Houston, especially in Houston.

Definitely. You had Tina Charles was there and you had a swoops and Cynthia was busting ass. She came back from Europe in the compact center. It was nuts in there. It was. It was. And that's I haven't watched the WNBA since.

But when it first when it first came with Rebecca Lobo, Lisa Leslie, all that. It was I'm not going to say it was Showtime, but it was good to watch. It was exciting. It was exciting in the crowd energy.

If you showed that to someone now who wasn't familiar and you said this is what the WNBA looked like at its inception and you showed them what it is. I mean, a lot of the teams are playing in smaller arenas. I'm saying not even full arenas or two, three, five thousand people, you know, so. Right. And the Houston Commons, they're not even around now.

Yeah. You know, hopefully and we have we've seen the player movement. There's not a lot of teams.

I am hoping that with a lot of the interest that we got, that we can see more of an ascension and more of an interest. There is, I think, with with the growth of women's basketball and it will take time to get back there. I'm hoping at some point, maybe over the next 10, 15, 20 years, that we can get women's basketball back into the large arenas and pack them out because this the quality of play has improved. The athleticism just for men and women has improved just in a general sense.

I'd love to see the WNBA get back there. Thank you, David. Thank you.

Oh, and one more thing before I get off. I'm from Chicago. Oh, well, you say you're from New York, so you're not tasting nobody else's pizza. I'm right there with you. Yeah.

Chicago does have the better pieces in New York. I'm just I'm just going to say that and I'll get off the phone. I wouldn't say that because I've eaten both. And that don't matter to me.

It depends on how fat you want to be, I guess. I'm just saying I appreciate you, Dave. Appreciate you.

Thank you. It's like, do you want more bread or like what do you want? You want a pie? Do I want to eat with a fork on with my hand? I'm eating anything. I'll try to pizza in Pittsburgh, but don't tell me I need to be impressed about it.

Eight five five two one two four CVS. Tyler's call. Hey, we just talked about the Houston comments. Tyler's calling from Houston. Go ahead, Tyler. That's right, man.

That's right. What's up, J.R., man? Love the top six.

Love the show as always. But yeah, I was just listening to a caller, Dave. Yeah, it was Dave, man.

I think he listed some great players, nothing to take away from them for the old Houston comments back in the day. But I was calling in to talk specifically about Cheryl Swoop's and I don't know if I heard that name from from old Dave. By the way, Chicago pizza. Can't get with it. It's it's not as good, Dave. I'm sorry, man. You got to tell me you're not going to say something about pizza in Houston, are you?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We got the Tex-Mex. We got that covered. I'm going to talk about that. You got some good beer down. You got some good beer down there, too. Absolutely, man.

The occasion food, the barbecue. Yo, yo. Oh, you know, you know, J.R., you know.

But no, man. Cheryl Swoop's. I was wondering if she might fall into your honorable mention category, J.R., with your top six list. Every national title and WNBA championships and gold medals all over the place. Of course.

I mean, there's only six only six spots. She's most definitely one of the greatest women's basketball players of all damn time. So without a shot of a doubt, I appreciate you. You shout out, man. Thank you. Yeah, man. Appreciate y'all, man. Keep doing what you do. You too, Tyler.

Be cool, man. Mike is calling from Baltimore. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, J.R. Hi. Can you hear me all right? I got you loud and clear, man.

You got a good phone. Yeah, I made it, man. The sleep apnea was getting to me, man.

I nodded off a couple of times on the line, but I made it. But I agree with you on this, J.R. I kind of like, I don't know who I would put it in place, but I agree with you on this. Maybe it's with the exception of Mia Hamm. But I mean, I'm not going to. That's debatable. But anyway, J.R., the list is great, but I just want to add a female athlete that I have so much respect for.

You got 15 seconds. OK. Wilma Rudolph. I mean, she couldn't walk. She wore braces, you know, as a kid. And then she ended up running faster than anyone. I love Wilma Rudolph. I considered her for the list, man. I really did.

And I said, you know what, if I thought hard about it, but I wanted to spread out the wealth a little bit more. It was tough for me to put two tennis players on here, but I thought it was very necessary. Right. I appreciate you, man. OK, J.R. Thank you, Mike.

Shout out to Mike for calling from Baltimore. He made it through sleep apnea and he called. That's tough. It's tough. Shout out to everybody out there battling that.

Me? I'm battling the end of this break. I got a couple of seconds before the music comes on and then I got to shut the hell up. I'm going to be back with you tomorrow.

10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I want to thank everybody for tuning in, for locking in. I'm going to give a big thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd for holding it down. There's the music. I got to go. I don't want to, but I have to. Speaking of amazing women.

You don't have to go anywhere. I'm done. I'm not a woman. Trust me. But here on CBS Sports Radio, Amy Lawrence.

She's coming up next. I'll see you tomorrow. Or hear me. Bye. Hammock. Check. Arnold Palmer.

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