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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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March 29, 2023 1:57 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 29, 2023 1:57 am

JR recaps an incredible comeback by the Golden State Warriors who certainly made a statement to the rest of the NBA on Tuesday night


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody listening from here in Georgia. My friends in Hawaii, my friends in Maine, my friends in San Diego, my friends in Canada, Europe, and everything in between.

Yeah, that's a lot of in between, okay? I'm gonna be hanging out here with you for one more hour. I appreciate you for hanging out here with us. Super producer and host Dave Sheppard, he's coming to you live from New York City. We've had a busy show. Talked about Lamar Jackson, the latest there. It's like every team now opens their mouth and they're like, yeah, well, we ain't training for him. He's a great talent. We got a quarterback.

Every reason, they're all legitimate reasons. We talked about Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid. Who's in the lead for MVP? It's a tough one.

Every day I changed my mind. As of right now, I'd give it to Jokic, and it's also difficult for me to believe that he'd win three in a row, and now they're on another winning streak. It's very interesting. And then the fact that Embiid did not play on Monday night against Jokic due to his calf, and now you got people saying he was ducking him.

It's very complicated. This is gonna go down to the wire. A few minutes ago, we had a damn good NBA game that concluded the Golden State Warriors came back from a 20-point deficit to beat the New Orleans Pelicans at home in San Francisco.

The final score there, 120 to 109. Steph Curry doing Steph Curry things, 39 points, eight three-pointers. Draymond Green, of course, a complete pain in the ass to everyone out there. He's knocking over or running into Brandon Ingram and actually picked up another technical foul.

One more, he will be suspended. It's just a wild world as the NBA pretty much comes down to the stretch. All the teams is less than 10 games left. The season will be over pretty much in no time. The Golden State Warriors are out of the playing game.

Right now, they're in the sixth spot with a record of 40 and 37. It's still crazy to me the Dallas Mavericks 37-39, OKC 37-39, OKC's in the 10th spot, Lakers 9th. It's gonna be a wild finish to the NBA season.

And then I also shared with you before the break something else that's pretty wild that took place last week. Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal had a poor game against the Orlando Magic last week. Wizards lost 122 to 112 down in Orlando. Bradley Beal had 16 points on four of 15 shooting. There was a fan who yelled out to Bradley Beal after the game as he was going through the tunnel into the back.

You made me lose $1,300 you blank. And then Bradley Beal reportedly turned around, walked towards this group of individuals and walked towards a friend who had a hat on and like slapped that hat off of his head. And in the process, he's now being investigated for simple battery because not only did he knock the hat off of his head, he also made contact with his head, his face. Now did he give him one of them old school slaps or was it a grazing to the side of his cheek?

I do not know, but he's being investigated and no charges have been filed as of yet. And so we had a conversation before the break about sports betting and gambling and how just crazy. It's like throwing gasoline onto a fire when you got fans who are already, some of them already nuts, yelling wild things at some of the players and to think two wrongs do not make a right.

If you missed any of the show, you can go ahead and hit rewind on the Odyssey app. Bradley Beal, all things considered, man, walk to the back and keep it moving. From the fans perspective, watch your damn mouth.

But in any other circumstance, he wouldn't talk crap like that to Bradley Beal. You say something like that outside. There's a good chance that you are getting your ass whooped. And it's a shame that that's not what can or will happen because that's probably the only way that anybody would learn. People feel too bold and emboldened and they're brazen and the things that come out of their mouths and there's nothing stopping it.

There won't. We see NBA players go over to the crowd in the stands and some of these dudes, too sensitive. In other cases, some of the fans, my God, some of the things that they shout just out of this world. And so when you got fans cursing at guys on social media, oh yeah, it's part of the job now. But that should probably just tell you to what degree society has deteriorated that people have nothing better to do in their own personal lives, but curse out celebrities and athletes because you made a bet. Think about that, really. You opened up your damn phone or went onto your computer.

You went on there and decided to put down a wager over, under the total, whatever it was, a part, whatever it is, you decided to do that, knowing that you could win or lose. And you're going to be mad at the person over your own dumb ass decision. Yeah, we live in a screwed up world now, don't we? And there's nothing that's going to change any of this.

Nothing. Ask everybody in Europe, the players, the soccer players, the footballers have received death threats forever. Referees in other parts of the world have legit, legitimately been killed. Do I think we are going to go down that lane? And, and are we that barbaric? I would hope not. I don't expect it, but we're probably scraping and seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to behavior.

It's deplorable in other parts of the world. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 C B S. Justin is calling from Athens right down the road for me.

Justin, you're on CBS sports radio. Hey, Jr. How are you doing tonight? I'm excellent. How are you doing? All right, man.

Just got off work. So, uh, you know, the guy betting the $1,300, I mean, 99, I got a brother that gambles all the time. So 99.9% of people that gamble are clearly people that don't have good judgment. So you're going to sit here and bet $1,300 on his over or under or whatever it was. And you lose, you know, that, that's your fault. Like, like you, you bet you win. You're going to win. You're going to win.

That's your fault. Like, like you, you bet you win or you lose. Like that's the bottom line. And to sit here and, and shout anything at him or bring it up. I mean, it's stupid.

And eight or nine beers in I'm sure liquid courage had something to do with it. But I think what the main issue is, and I'll put the shoe on the other foot. What if this guy threw up a water bottle at him or a chair or dumped a beer on him? Well, then this guy would be investigated and, you know, charged or whatever.

Not saying that Bradley bill really did anything to him, but I think what the NBA and what they're trying to do is keep fan and athlete interaction separated. And that's what they want. Yeah.

For forever. I mean, that's been, we saw what took place in Detroit. It's crazy.

Almost 20 years ago. And people get emotional with their money and it's stupid and it is idiotic. I would never do it.

I've done it. I've bet money on things and lose and be like, ah, hell, you know, and I would have, if I was Bradley bill, I'd have been like, all right, what's your name? My name's Brad. I'm going to write Brad on $1,300, wipe my butt with them and flushing down the toilet.

I hope you feel better buddy. Cause I'm sure Bradley bill can like afford to do that. I mean, you can't, but I mean, I would've, I would've threw it back in his face in some sort of way with some words and just made him look like an idiot. Yeah, that, well, that would have been, that'd have been nice. I'm sure Bradley bill felt better slapping the hat off of his friend's head and now he's being investigated by the police for it.

And that's just ridiculous. But once again, it's just, it's just crazy how this, it just gets so well, it's just so attached and it's so personal and it's like, dude, it won't, it won't get better. It won't, it won't get better. Unfortunately, it's not eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go up to Fairfax, Virginia and talk to Dan. You're on CBS sports radio. What's up, Dan?

Hey, how you doing, man? My concern is it's going to get worse and worse as we go because of the gamblings everywhere in the book sport. Now there's big money, big money. It's going to get to the point where they're going to start reviewing every single play when a ref makes a mistake or something, because they're going to worry that the rest team.

And so they're going to make sure there's too much money on the game that they're going to do. Every call is going to be reviewed because people are going to start saying, Oh, the rest sheet and the rest in on it. Well, Dan, that's, that's a separate, that's a totally separate conversation than the one we're having right now.

I don't even hold on a second, Dan. I don't even think that that is, that's in the case, you know, something, everything is already reviewed. The referees are already under scrutiny. They will continue to be under more scrutiny.

Yes. As, as gambling takes place, that might be from a fan's perspective, but these dudes are already graded. They are evaluated. They are elevated.

They're downgraded. What is your point as it relates to Bradley Beal? Well, that's what I was getting to when you said the ref was killed and that stuff. That's my worries that people are going to start thinking that people are throwing the game and they're losing their money, that they're going to get more violent and it's, it's out, it's out of control. I think the gambling needs to be, you can bet on the game, but you can't bet on personal stats. You can't bet if he's going to make 13 baskets or not. And then it takes away from the player. There's money to be made on betting on the game.

Yes. But when you can bet where he has 10 rebounds or nine rebounds or 10 points. And the thing is, Dan, that, that will never go anywhere because there's more money, there's more money, even betting on the minutia. The more prop bets that you have and you know, is he going to wear a red shoe or a white shoe?

Is it five assists or more? And it's, that's not going anywhere because it's, the more things you, is JR going to wear a black or a red shirt in the studio to, I mean, this is, this is the world that we're in. And I could tell you this much. It's scary. None of the leagues, they ain't giving up that money. Not at all. Lou is calling from Toronto. You're on the chair of our sport, Richel. Go ahead, Lou. Hey, JR. Thanks for taking my call. I love this topic you have tonight.

Yeah. I'm a, I'm a gambler. I'm a horse player. Horse racing, it's for centuries.

It's been really the first one you could bet on. I'll tell you, I've seen through the years, the jockeys have been taking the abuse. The horse doesn't get called the name, but the jockey does.

And these guys have the toughest skin JR. They just walk professionally back to their jocks room and they do their thing. But I've heard every language and all the, all the words that I've learned, but growing up as a young boy, but anyways yeah, I've seen trainers actually argue with jockeys when they get off the horse. And the reason for that is because they're contracted, which is, you know, they have every right to say, Hey dude, you think you had a bad ride?

Why'd you move my horse this inside out and fool around with them? But, but jockeys are very tough skinned and a lot of these players have to realize that and they have to just sit back and just walk professionally back to their dressing rooms. Yeah. I think that that's accurate, but I think there is a totally different level of, uh, of, uh, of attention that's paid. I can't tell you, I can't tell you one damn jockey.

Okay. Well, yeah, but the horse does the running, right? So correct. But my, my point, my, my point is, yeah, a jockey is going to face criticism. I couldn't tell you a jockey maybe, and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe if I go into Saudi Arabia somewhere, there's a famous jockey that's catching crap, but I can name you hundreds of athletes that are criticized all the time and are told disgusting, horrendous, horrible things all the time. And you would have to be subhuman. And for the most part, they do do an excellent job ignoring it. Oh, absolutely. I guess you would, or maybe you wouldn't be shocked at the things that people think that they could just say, because this person is on television or they are online and it's just, uh, it's, it's terrible. It really is. Shep, I'll let you get the last word.

Go ahead. Well, I mean, JR Bradley Beal is not Bradley Beal is not 30 years old. Bradley Beal has, uh, is going to make over $44 million this season. He makes more money in a game than the average American will make in 10 years. The point is this. If he has all kinds of autonomy to go to any single arena worker and say, you get she or he out of that damn seat because they are not going to disrespect me and they're not going to disrespect my name and they're not going to disrespect my team. And he chose to do something different. And I think it's being way overblown in terms of what he's being charged with and what is alleged of course, but at the same time as a professional athlete, JR, whether it's fair or unfair, they're going to be held to a different standard.

It's what you sign up for when you are making over $44 million a year and you are Bradley Beal and have averaged 31 points per game for two consecutive seasons and are a global superstar. He knows better. He needs to do better. I agree. And the fans still deserve to get slapped upside the damn head for being an ass. I thought I made a compelling case there for you. No, you didn't. What you, no, what you said is accurate, but that doesn't, that, that doesn't matter. Yeah. What Bradley Beal did to whatever extent is wrong, that is, that is true. That doesn't mean that the fan didn't deserve his ass worse.

But JR, can I, can I just ask you a quick question? But, but, but with that being said, like, like, okay, so let's say the fan, like, let's just say that fan is having the worst possible day of human existence for their lives. Right. And they see that as an opportunity to then go back at Bradley Beal. Bradley, look, the fan is completely out of bounds and doing, doing what they did, of course.

But Bradley Beal is now taking it to a physical dispute. What now that doesn't, that can't escalate things and things can get out of hand fast. Yeah.

I told you, yes. Right. It doesn't, it doesn't, it don't matter. The answer is, I said this, two wrongs do not make a right at all. Bradley Beal should have walked to the back.

That's not to say, and fans have heckled athletes forever. A hundred percent. And for, I would say 99.9% of the time, there ain't no ass whoopings. What ass whooping do you remember? The malice at the palace?

Like what, what, what physical altercation stands out to anybody? Yeah. I mean, that's, that's, that's the, and it was the, and it was the, and you know this, Jared, it was the wrong guy too. Yeah. But correct. And 99.9% of the time, ain't no athlete beating up on no, no fan. And so we can kind of push that out the way.

And so the athletes ain't doing squat back, they're being professional. It's the fans. The fans can do better. You know, we got a lot of, of, of fans now who see LeBron or Kyrie or whoever it is, walk over to security and say, Hey, that guy needs to be removed. Jamal Murray had somebody removed.

There's a guy saying, Hey, I saw your, you know, your, your lady doing X, Y, Z on the X, Y, like, what, what are we doing? Like, come on. You want to tell me, I don't, I don't care on the court off. Like, you want to tell me that guy doesn't deserve to get punched in the mouth.

He got escorted out. And so that's my only point. The fans can do better.

They act like a bunch of fill in the blanks. They deserve it. And man, I'm sure yeah, Bradley smacked that guy.

He deserved a hit upside the head. Sorry. Am I promoting violence? No, not really. I'm being real. I'm being honest.

Guys wouldn't say these things in the street because unfortunate things would happen. Don't hide behind the cover of the arena seat or your cell phone. Get a life. It's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS sports radio. So much money all over the damn place. When we come back, I'll tell you about the Washington commanders. I'll tell you about Shohei Ohtani. And I told you about the warriors comeback against the pelicans.

You'll hear from somebody who, by the way, he does a lot of talking and people can't stand him. I'll share with you some audio from Draymond Green. It's the JR sport reef show CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. First time caller had to pull over to the side of the road just to make sure I didn't miss my opportunity. I want you to know that I appreciate your candor.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR sport reef show on CBS sports radio. Before we went to break, I told you about an NBA game that ended about 20 minutes ago. The golden state warriors beat the new Orleans pelicans in San Francisco.

The final score 120 to 109. The warriors were down 20 points. Steph Curry got busy 39 points including eight rebounds and eight assists. Draymond Green always the agitator trying to inspire the squad.

At one point in time he kind of gave Brandon Ingram a little bit of a shoulder nudge as Brandon was going to the basket. He got into a little bit of a of a wrap-up under the basket on the ground with Herb Jones on the other side of the court and they ultimately came away with the victory. Draymond Green having a very Draymond Green-ish game, a good one. Eight points, 13 assists to go along with six rebounds. He did pick up a technical foul.

He's now one away from being suspended. Draymond Green spoke to TNT after the victory and this is what he had to say about inspiring his guys. Draymond you did it defensively.

You did it play making wide. You did it some other ways too but ultimately what was the deciding factor and how you guys were able to come back and get this win? Uh we started playing with some heart and intensity. Those first, that first quarter and a half they punked us and we were down 20. It take a real win to talk with you down 20 and I was able to get my guys going and then they started doing what they do and I can do what I do. What got you going? You were going at him in that second quarter.

What got you through that level? Uh a foul would be out. It's a good hard foul and CJ started talking. You know you don't start talking, play play the game and just enjoy what y'all were doing. They were playing a good game and he started talking and that's my type of game. I like that. That's that's what I do. I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. That's how we play and so once they wanted to go down I enjoyed that.

Yeah while we were here on the air I had that game on or I had that game on in the studio and I could tell you who didn't play. Some guy named Zion sitting on the sidelines not playing basketball and I'm just like well damn man. Zion is nothing but a he's a bump on the log. He's decoration.

He's window dressing. Zion Williamson ain't no basketball player. He doesn't play basketball. He's a rich dude who just was dunking on kids in high school and now here he is. He blew out of his shoe in Duke.

I'd love for it to be different. I remember I was I was actually I was sitting next to it's funny Channing Frye is on TNT right now and I remember Zion's first game I was sitting next to Channing Frye and we were getting ready to go on air on NBA TV and we were just losing our minds because Zion who is not a shooter he was out there just knocking down threes. He was he was like unstoppable and we've seen so many of those moments with Zion Williamson but more recently I'm used to seeing him on the bench. Maybe Zion will end up like Joe Lembide who was MIA at the early portion of his career just because of injuries. I'm hoping that Zion could have a turnaround a similar turnaround.

I he had a he has to just change his body. Speaking of someone who needs to have a turnaround I don't know if he's gonna have one Ben Simmons is done for the year. Are you shocked?

Are you surprised? You probably shouldn't be shocked or surprised because Ben Simmons has basically been MIA the past several years as well. Is it his back?

Is it his head? Is this time it's his back and his knee that Ben Simmons has been shut down. His numbers for this season when he has played seven points six rebounds and six assists. Ben Simmons played in 42 games this year. 42 games that's it and he's making all this money. Five year 177 million dollar contract tell me this is not the greatest sham one of the biggest shams that the NBA has seen that Ben Simmons is just MIA.

It's pretty terrible. Someone who isn't MIA I saw this as well today might as well fill you in. Shohei Ohtani the man who just won the MVP for at the world baseball classic. The dude playing for in a historic 30 million dollar arbitration deal. Shohei Ohtani is making more money in endorsements than he is on the field. Shohei Ohtani this year is estimated via Forbes to make 65 million dollars 35 million dollars of which is going to come from sponsorship revenue and you can bet your ass a lot of that is coming from Japan. Aaron Judge for the New York Yankees hey listen to this math four million dollars in sponsorship revenue four and a half excuse me let me say that again Shohei Ohtani 35 million in sponsorship money Aaron Judge 4.5 million and then Mike Trout making four even though I can't remember the last time I saw Mike Trout pretty much market or advertise anything.

Shohei Ohtani just winning all over the damn place and if he makes it through the season I can see Shohei Ohtani making 50 million dollars next year. 855-2124 CBS. Jeff is calling from Niagara Falls. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up Jeff? Hey Jared thanks for taking my call man. When I hear about the stuff with the fans behaving this way and how the athlete chooses to respond I wind up thinking of Jackie Robinson and the crap that that man had to go through the things that were being shouted him from the stands and out in the street when he was just out doing this thing you know not working and it to me how the athlete chooses to respond is is everything in this because you can carry yourself with some grace and you can be above that moment or you can decide for yourself that you're going to keep it real and defend your honor in some way or another because you feel as if as a man you you need to do that but it really you you got 10,000 bozos in bozos in the stands a lot of them are lit up and whatnot drinking and saying things that they would not be saying out in the street some of them will say it in the street and want that confrontation and you got to be you got to be smarter than that as an athlete you're making all that money think about think about how you how you're going to be presenting yourself in that sort of way and and the image that you're going to be presenting to younger people and all of that i mean you know charles barkley said you got to raise your own damn kids but at some point or another these guys got to realize that they they are role models and you need to you need to watch how you behave especially in how you respond to some bozo in the stands you know and uh i think that's a superhuman effort not a not a subhuman effort as a man you you have to look at it differently when you're making that kind of money jeff i i i kind of well i didn't kind of i kind of i you're you're basically echoing what shep said did you hear my response no i did not i'm sorry okay it's okay if you think about the past i don't know you can throw out an arbitrary number of years there there have been no no really fan instances outside malice at the palace 99.9 percent of professional athletes in the majority of cases keep it moving no yeah right yes yeah actually i thought you could be yes no i didn't not include i'm just that's that's the reality we can we can evoke the great jackie robinson and what he endured and yes there is there is no comparison ain't nobody thinking about jackie robinson in that moment uh this is that's easier said than done but 99.9 percent of the time there is not an ass-whooping coming for a jackass in the stands it just doesn't it doesn't happen it doesn't take place there's security on the floor i mean i'm in arenas and stadiums all the time i know security guards i know some of the coaches look i there are plenty they're peep they're security guards in the stands that people don't even know our security they so 99.9 percent of the time there's no incidents sure that's the way it should be i mean and so when we you can't have brawls breaking out when we correct as it as it should be correct it's not gonna they ain't not a damn thing perfect and so i don't think we should you know i don't want to say overreact based off of bradley beale slapping the hat off of a fan and and making contact with their face to what degree we do not know allegedly reportedly yeah i want to know about it is this person pressing charges after you know behaving like a punk well maybe the person next to him we hate like a punk or what has he haven't heard or just investigated without charges actually being this is under this is under police investigation i haven't heard anything about this guy pressing charges the guy apologized reportedly profusely to bradley beale after the fact and as of right now no charges have been filed either even from the individual or for the state attorney's office so that's the update well hey man i i'd love to show you give us four hours of straight sports talk and i've been listening to you for like six months now i still have no idea whether you have a dog or not and i love you for it thank you for being the way you are yeah i don't well who cares i don't have one and doesn't matter anyway i appreciate you exactly stay cool yeah thank you there's somebody up in niagara falls is talking about his damn dog i guess that's what they they talk about i don't always talk about sports hey shep you want to talk about something else i have a feeling where you're going with this i don't i don't know i don't know what you're talking about yes you do i don't anyway it's the jr sport reshow on cps sports radio when we come back we're not going to talk about sports we're going to talk about uh we'll talk about charles barkley who pontificated on one of life's most interesting questions i'll share that with you on the other side of the break you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio what is happening jr i've been listening to you for a little while now called it a couple times man the most sensational voice on the radio is you jr sport brief no doubt about it man call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio i forgot who called us the gentleman from niagara falls very polite man thank you so much he said he appreciates the show because i actually talk about sports he says he doesn't know if i have a dog or not which he appreciates it's good who cares if i have a dog nobody but we don't always talk about well i guess we do hey chef what percentage of the time do we talk about sports 97 of the time it's close it's close to that yeah 98 every now and then something happens with a ninja turtle or movie yeah but we talk about sports except for now we've talked about mvp yolk itch and bead we've talked about lamar jackson aaron rogers was on the docket but you heard from marco balletti he's like yeah we don't expect jordan love to be uh aaron rogers 2.0 matt lafleur is like yeah yeah we like the guy fine whatever washington the commanders is six billion dollar bids out there you know mike mcdaniels he or excuse me mike mcdaniel head coach of the dolphins used to coach for them he's like man this team is worth six billion dollars we couldn't even get coffee listen matter of fact listen to mike mcdan he's a funny guy wow the organization's worth that much and you know i couldn't get free coffee yeah i guess uh daniel snyder is the jerk that we always knew he was anyway and continuing on just to add a little bit more humor to the show nothing sports related is everybody's favorite i don't know mound round mound of rebound turned talker charles barkley he has a podcast on turner sports and he sits down with ernie johnson and they talk about wild things like whether or not well just listen for yourself i still don't understand why you don't think a hot dog is a sandwich because there are sandwiches and then there's a hot dog hot dog comes in one piece of bread sandwiches two pieces of bread oh that's your criteria yeah with stuff in between the two pieces of bread hot dog hot dog bun so what about like uh an italian hoagie that's a hoagie see man see now you got me confused wow is that hard to do does the straw have two holes or one hole it's got two oh no it's just one continuous hole somebody asked me is a hot dog a sandwich no it's a hot dog okay so that's kind of the straw question that's that's my answer right there those are two one of those things you're like oh that's an interesting question i would say it's got two holes it's got one on the top and one on the bottom yes i would say a straw has two holes well there you have it folks go if you're a little bored ever just go check out the steam room uh podcast with charles barkley hey chef have you ever laid in bed late at night and thought about i have never in my life ever i've heard the hot dog is a sandwich thing before i've heard that before have you ever heard about the the straw question you ever heard that before no i haven't yeah i've never that was a new one to me i guess that the guy who called them up uh that's the first time he thought about that interesting we got a few call well we got more than a few callers here we got quite a few uh let's try to get on as many before we roll out eight five five two one two four cbs uh lloyd is calling from oklahoma you're on cbs sports radio what's up lloyd yeah jr uh you know looking at fan behavior the unacceptable fan behavior i mean we've got a mental health issue in this country because we're going to take it down to the high school level junior high we're seeing things in sports games and venues that that we didn't see let's say 10 15 20 years ago 30 years ago i'm not saying we didn't have incidences back then we know that but jr thinking outside the box what could we do to unacceptable behavior you know we can't reward uh you know i mean when a lot of times uh a fans act up at the end of the game so to kick them out of the game you know kick them out of the the sports venue what kind of penalty is that that's what took place the box what would you do jr if you were there is no there is no thinking outside the box uh you you hit the nail on the head let me put it to you this way we know that that that anything that is good this life is about balance right i love food i love food right i can't eat everything that i want because i would do harm to myself but i must eat okay i can think about anything it's about balance and you can look at any tool anything that we have created anything that we have been given anything that we have i can take a hammer and i can build a house with it i can also take a hammer and do damage in other ways the internet and our access to information is absolutely beautiful there used to be a time where if i wanted to know something i had to get up i had to go to the encyclopedia and try to find it i had to ask people nowadays i had to maybe i had to go to the library i had to get and i had to put my shoes on and walk 15 minutes to the library or ask for a ride i can now pick up my phone and i have access to whatever to whatever i want whenever i want this is the gift and the curse is you have access to whatever you want and we live in such a world where you have people who put out uneducated thoughts uneducated opinions we have access to things that that we've never had before and that's the bad and so i think a big part of where we are as a modern society has a lot to do with technology and what we have access to and how we interact with each other and there is a deterioration there there's a big difference between sitting at a sporting event and yelling at an athlete but you could put it in the same bucket as sitting down with your friends or your family and no one being able to put their phone down there's a massive community well lloyd lloyd i'm at the end of the show i gotta keep rolling man i'm sorry okay sorry about that it's it's technology man people how we interact with each other has changed due to technology and it will continue to do so scott you're gonna get the last word please very very quickly yeah yeah very very quickly scott you're on the air okay okay i got a few things to say man no not a few not a few you gotta do it in 15 seconds go okay that guy the basketball thing he should have yanked him by the head of the head and choked him out now talk you know what i'm saying oh see he did it hey chef he got it done yeah i don't know about i don't know if i agree wholeheartedly with what he said but he got it done in 15 seconds it took a while to get him there but he did it i don't agree with a quarterheartedly what he said but he did take him 10 seconds good for him he did it took some coaxing to get it out of him scott sounds like he's been in quite a few barroom brawls i think i can hear the results when he spoke it's the jr sport brief show here on cbs sports radio i gotta leave now i'm sorry i'll be back with you tomorrow 10 pm eastern time 7 pm pacific hey do yourself a favor try to put your phone down try to interact with a different human being say hello say hi talk to your family i don't know let's let's all try to be better we can all be better okay i hope you had a wonderful day a wonderful evening if you missed a minute of the show you can always hit rewind on the free odyssey app if you miss me in the interim i'm on social media everywhere that's at jr sport brief twitter facebook instagram all that good stuff all the evil things i just told you about i'm there feel free to talk crap to me there i ignore it okay thank you so much to chef have an amazing night don't move here on cbs sports radio the jr sport brief show might be a wrap she's absolutely amazing amy lawrence she's coming up next thanks it's march that can mean only one thing the madness is here not in front of a tv on game day listen to every round of ncaa march madness live from westwood one free in the odyssey app catch all the biggest moments of the tournament no matter where you are from cinderella's seconds left to champions for the fourth time search for ncaa march madness right here in the odyssey app to get started
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