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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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March 23, 2023 11:59 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 23, 2023 11:59 pm

JR gives Kevin Garnett a lot of credit for showing wisdom and maturity in his 40s


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Great to be here with you another Thursday night. I'm not just here on Thursday nights. I'm here Monday night. I'm here Tuesday night. I'm here Wednesday night. I'm here Thursday night. I'm here Friday night. Saturday and Sunday night, I'm minding my damn business.

But you can always lock in weeknights, CBS Sports Radio. I get started 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's coming to you live from New York City and we're mad.

Not in the ticked off sense like we're mad about March Madness. We're getting ready for the Elite Eight. We got a couple of games that have already ended. Pretty amazing.

Absolutely amazing. Kansas State beats Michigan State 98 to 93. UConn smashes Arkansas 88 to 65. UCLA, oh they taking care of Gonzaga. They are at halftime right now this minute. UCLA over the Zags 46 to 33. Florida Atlantic, they ain't no pushovers man. 39 to 33.

Uh oh. 39 to 35. Tennessee leads Florida Atlantic. That game is going down right now in New York City, Madison Square Garden and we will see if it's another classic.

We already had a classic man. Kansas State, Michigan State, they went into overtime. Kansas State was handling Michigan State.

Michigan State bounced back into the game. Forced overtime and a guy from New York City who happens to be five foot eight Marquis Noel, he took over the whole game and he was dishing dimes and scoring points. He finished with 19 assists. An NCAA tournament record to go along with his 20 points.

You heard me correctly. 20 points, 19 assists. Marquis Noel goes back to Brooklyn where he's from with the Kansas State Wildcats and they are on their way to the Elite Eight and we gotta see who they face. It will be Florida Atlantic or it will be Tennessee.

We'll find out sooner than later. Their head coach, Jerome Tang, he was on CBS after the game. He talked a whole lot about love. You don't think about love with New York City but he talked about love and now if you love the people that you're with, amazing things can happen.

Specifically with Marquis Noel. We got a ton of faith in each other. They have faith in me.

I got faith in every one of these guys right here. They probably did more coaching than I did. I just try to love them. When you love people, it's amazing what you can accomplish. I saw you two going at it over a couple of time-out arguments and play call arguments.

That's the kind of relationship you have. What was it like in those final seconds with the time-out battle between coaches? You know, when we was at it, it was a place of fire.

We practiced in a place of fire all the time. He was ready for it. This is a bad boy right here. Marquis, you broke an NCAA tournament game record for assists. Congratulations.

It's also a school record. You didn't know half of these guys in July. What allowed you to bond so quickly with them? Man, I just want to start by saying all glory to God. Man, he gave me these gifts and these talents and I'm just glad that I get the platform to showcase them but I have a ton of faith. Man, these guys work so hard.

My coaches have worked so hard and we just love each other like coach said and you see the outcome. How are you still standing on two legs right now? Man, I don't know but I get an ice bath and I'll be all right. Is that New York tough right there? Yes sir. Congratulations.

Thank you. New York tough. Good for him. Little short guy out of New York.

John Calipari got his ass whooped by this guy. Five foot eight and now he is on his way to the elite eight. And the little kid makes a three.

The little kid makes a three. Yeah. We're gonna find out by the end of the night who they are going to take on. Will it be Kansas State versus Florida Atlantic or will it be Kansas State versus Tennessee? Another match ended tonight.

Not too shabby of a match. I told you UConn just put the foot on the neck of Arkansas 88 to 65. Jordan Hawkins ended up with 24 points.

Adama Sanogo for UConn he ended up chipping in 18 points and their head coach Dan Hurley he says yeah we worked hard. We practiced. We worked. We knew this was a possibility. Where we are right now is exactly where we talked about where we would be when we got together after we lost the first round game last year.

We met in that boardroom and the three of us sat together and we talked about this is where we were going to be. So we're exactly where we thought we would be and obviously we're thrilled to play. One more to go to the final four.

Oh that's nice. And then we gotta wait to see who they'll face. Will it be the Zags? Will it be UCLA? I told you UCLA leading them 46 to 33.

And someone who I want to be a little bit more nastier. And oh he was nasty on that court. Adama Sanogo had 18 points. 9 of 11 from the field. Ain't nobody got in this guy's way.

But he was still he was still nice and kind and sweet and warm. He talked about them playing their best basketball of the year and I wish he was a little nasty about it. Why is this team playing their best basketball at the most important time of year? I think you know we just like we just have to sit out. We're playing best right now because we know that we have a good team. You know like we play for Uinca. Uinca is a place you know like people care about you.

People want to see you good. So you know like we know that we own something to Uinca and that's why we like everything we play. Every time we play we turn to show like people wrong. We turn to show people that we play on Uinca. You know we have something on our shoulder. That's why every time we play basketball we turn to show something. We turn to show people wrong.

Yeah. Nah man you ain't trying to show nobody wrong. You just whoop Arkansas's ass. Tell everybody man. You don't need to be shy about that. If I played in the basketball game I don't care what level. If I had 18 points and I had 18 points and I went 9 of 11 from the field I'd be cursing everybody out.

In a polite way. Because I'm about that action. Congratulations to UConn. Let's see who they take on next. Someone who's a master of trash talk is Kevin Garnett. I'm going to talk to you about Kevin momentarily but before I do that Ricky from Wisconsin is on the line. I think he has a comment on Mr. Aaron Rodgers. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Ricky what's up? Hey JR how you doing man?

It depends on what you're gonna say. What's going on? Oh well I'm a long time hard packer fan but the way Rodgers has been throwing a football lately and I've been talking with my friends about it like well we can do we can do how Rodgers is throwing with Jordan Love. I mean we should have at least made it to the playoffs this year but Rodgers just not throwing good in the last game against the Lions and so you see this year or this off season Allen Lazard going to the Jets for four years. Aaron Rodgers wants Lazard, Odell Beckham and others to go to the Jets before he considers about going to the Jets. Now I'm not sure if this is true but I heard a rumor that Ezekiel Elliott is looking at the Jets and a couple other teams to be going to.

So I imagine if Ezekiel Elliott, Odell Beckham and a couple other guys go to the Jets you're looking at pretty soon Rodgers and gonna go to the Jets. So I got one more thing here. Wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I don't know if I'm ready for the one more thing Ricky because the first thing that you said was pretty jam-packed. You sound Ricky you like wrestling? You like wrestling?

Yes I do. You sound like Hulk Hogan from 1990. Like you just went on one thing and you're about let me tell you something brother. Ricky slow down okay? You know what I'm talking about right?

Hulk Hogan he just starts going? Yeah. Okay hold on I'm gonna put you on hold don't leave okay? All right.

All right thank you Ricky. Hey Shep he hit me with the transition. He hit me with the Aaron Rodgers and he well let me tell you something brother I'm like whoa like let's let's do one thing at a time here. Was that a little too much Shep what do you think? Well let me tell you something brother. Oh my god Shep don't make me fall out of the chair in the studio oh my god. Well let me tell you something brother. Shep how did you find that so fast come on? And the little kid makes the three.

Oh my god it's like there's a million Sheps working. Well anyway let me tell you something brother when it comes down to Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers ain't holding up the trade. Aaron Rodgers made it very clear he wants to go to New York City. Aaron Rodgers doesn't have a wish list.

Aaron Rodgers made it clear last week with Pac McAfee and let me tell you something brother I'm not holding up the trade it's the Packers. You know my plea is um and I would say this is debatable but I'm debatably the best player in franchise history. I'm in the conversation for sure.

That was awesome. What's not what's not debatable is I'm the longest tenured backer in history. Like you can debate the first part obviously Bart, Brett a number of names have been incredible but you can't debate anybody's been there longer than I have and nobody's bled green and gold like me. Okay hey Ricky did you hear that Ricky? Yes I did. So Aaron Rodgers not only did he say Aaron Rodgers made it clear he's like I want to be in New York jet I'm prepared to be in New York jet the only thing stopping and slowing that down down the Packers I ain't got nothing to do with that so can you understand that we can get that part of it out the way now right?

Yes that's correct. Okay yeah yeah Aaron Rodgers he's just waiting like everybody else I'm gonna be polite here quickly very very very quickly what's your next point? All right so the Packers wanting to get rid of Aaron Rodgers won a first round pick for him Aaron Rodgers is not worth the first round pick I think it should be at least a second maybe even a third that's my last point. Oh thank you Ricky excellent call Ricky thank you for calling from Wisconsin. So the New York Jets were able to acquire two second round picks they traded Elijah Moore their wide receiver who used to play the slot and or outside they traded him to the Cleveland Browns and they now have a second second round pick or two second round picks I believe it's 42 and 43 or 43 and 44 something of the like and so the New York Jets have approximately six picks in this upcoming draft I agree with you Aaron Rodgers for a man who might retire next year is not worth a first round pick Aaron Rodgers may wake up tomorrow or two weeks from now and decide to quit but I don't think so because he's into himself he's going to want to see this year through he's going to want to stand in front of the cameras and the microphones and he's going to want to talk that talk Aaron Rodgers is going to stand in front of the microphone in front of the media and he's going to want everybody to just kiss his ass good for him in due time in due time easy on Aaron Rodgers I think he'll uh end up with a team and you talked about the Jets and and we'll get into this maybe next hour the Jets have been adding everybody man Allen Lazard from Green Bay there was a report that Odell Beckham Jr and the New York Jets they want each other the Jets are really going all in let's go all in let's go to Kansas City home of the NFL draft let's talk to George you're on CBS Sports Radio hey what's up George what's on your mind hey how's it going brother it's going very well hey uh first point man um people get so caught up on these NFL names if you bring if you got Zeke and OBJ and Rodgers that just smells like failure written all over it this isn't five six years ago um that my first point just the previous callers um but no I was just gonna I don't want to change the subject too hard on you but I was coaching uh baseball tonight I'm a uh Kansas State Wildcat fan actually good um so I only got to listen to overtime on the radio um I was gonna get your thoughts on I don't know if you watch the game or but I had a many many texts people telling me it was one of the best games not the best game oh my god George when did you turn the radio when did you turn this show on I turned you on probably about 30 minutes ago oh no terrible we spent the first 30 to 40 minutes of this show oh yes bigging up Kansas State basketball we spent the first 30 minutes of this show looking at a someone who's from New York City from Brooklyn New York going back to New York City in Madison Square Garden we spent the first 30 minutes of the show talking about Marquis Noel nobody wakes up and this is not this is not an exaggeration nobody wakes up in a college basketball game and has 20 points and 19 assists let alone in the NCAA tournament let alone in Madison Square Garden let alone in his home arena no we talked about Kansas State whooping that ass of Michigan and it took overtime and Michigan fought and god bless him we spent a lot of time on Kansas State man big time big time well we knocked off two coaches too with Izzo and Cal yeah um what do you uh what are your thoughts on we've seen Florida Atlantic now has come back what are your thoughts on their chances against either one of those two teams and what are your predictions overall I'm asking I think well I ain't fill out one of them stupid brackets man I ain't got no time for that I'm enjoying the basketball as it moves on if I were a betting man maybe I would have filled out a bracket but I'm not I'm just here for the basketball I think that Kansas State has a chance and an opportunity against anybody right here we know Florida Atlantic is currently ahead of Tennessee the score is now 48 to 41 there's about seven minutes left in the game this will be or would be another massive upset Florida Atlantic has already kind of jumped ahead here against Tennessee are they gonna hold on we'll see I think Kansas State is riding one hell of a wave right now I'm waiting to see how this game goes I wouldn't be shocked if Tennessee bounced back into it it's been that type of a game but if I'm Kansas State I feel good against my chances or with my chances against anybody George well and I like the I like the the fact that we're playing with house money at this point Jerome Tang at this point he's already the recruiting is only going to get better with each each exposure you know every win every game from here on out and you know we got four kids from I call them kids but you know four guys from you know Harlem we're playing it you know the mecca like you said it kind of feels like one of those those rocks that hey you know I put it to you this way George enjoy it God knows how long it'll be here when it will last when there might be another one and enjoy it enjoy it I'm rooting for Kansas State now I know none of these guys on Kansas State like that and therefore they're from Uptown where I'm from Harlem New York Bronx New York White Plains and yeah they're from where I'm rooting for them they're from where I'm rooting for them easy are they gonna win I don't know I'm gonna enjoy the ride and this is crazy Florida Atlantic leading Tennessee 49 to 41 are we getting another I don't want to call it an upset are we setting up for another amazing game in Madison Square Garden ain't nobody do about no damn Florida Atlantic and here they are in control trying to go to the elite eight I must be in an alternate universe I don't think I am it's the jr sport reef show on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs when we come back man I was asked about Aaron Rogers eventually I'm gonna get into Odell and Lamar Jackson I'm gonna get this out the way though it's about trash talk something that these young men probably don't do enough of because it's college I'm gonna tell you about Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen I guess Kevin Garnett says something interesting I'll share with you it's the jr sport brief show cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey how you doing man I'll listen to you every night on the way home from work I appreciate what you're doing man you're a bad mamma jamma call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio right now Florida Atlantic they lead Tennessee 53 to 45 about four and a half minutes left in the game what an upset this would be Florida Atlantic is just they beating real teams now sorry anyway Tennessee now put a point up on the board 43 or excuse me 53 to 47 53 to 47 Florida Atlantic leads Tennessee we'll keep you up to date on that game as it continues on uh eight five five two one two four cbs I'll get back to the phone lines momentarily I did want to tell you about this we already saw an ass whooping a beat down uh tonight in the tournament Yukon going out there and beating Arkansas 88 to 65 that game took place in Vegas and we saw or heard the humility of a Jordan Hawkins who scored 24 points we saw and heard the humility post game of an Adama Sanogo who scored 18 points of 9 of 11 shooting I want to tell you about someone who wasn't necessarily humble when he was out there playing ball and it wasn't even so much even with his own teammates talking about a legend Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen two guys who won a championship with the Boston Celtics together and let's put it this way Kevin Garnett was not too thrilled Paul Pierce was not too thrilled when Ray Allen decided to leave the Boston Celtics after winning a ring and leaving and then joining the Miami Heat where he won an additional ring they weren't happy about that they held a grudge we heard the rumors and the reports and the beef between Ray John Rondo and then Ray Allen those guys didn't seem to like each other and Ray Allen he ultimately moved on and so we heard that they didn't care for him that Ray Allen despite winning a championship with them damn it Ray Allen was a Boston Celtic he got there before Kevin Garnett in that off season but it's like man yo yo can't y'all can't just get along can you well it seems that the beef has thawed over the past few seasons over the past few years Kevin Garnett actually spoke with the LOL Network podcast and he spoke with Kevin Hart and he talked about why he was able to put his beef with Ray Allen behind him listen to this recently the NBA put together their top 75 and there's a moment um actor where a conversation has happened what tapped into the grown man Kevin Garnett to say do we keep it as a thing or do we solve the thing what made the the Ray situation so prolific with with us is because the structure we built in Boston the three of us built that so if it was one team that we had an issue with it was mine I wasn't looking at like better business decision for Ray Ray has a chance to get another ring I didn't take on none of that I was in my own feelings so I was super competitive anybody know me like that the passing of Cove and all of us getting older helped me understand that life is not given to none of us absolutely it would have with me if if something would have happened to Ray and I didn't get a chance to amend this I was competitive when we was competitive and you know what I'm glad you're here it's good to see you I got off what I was on I got off the bullshit okay yeah sure I mean I think all of us realize that at certain points or at a some point in time that what you're holding on being angry for life life is too short for that nonsense who cares between Ray Allen Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett these dudes are in their mid-40s Ray Allen is 47 years old Paul Pierce is 45 years old Kevin Garnett is 46 years old y'all ain't playing no more competitive basketball nobody is stepping out onto the court to whoop no ass there's no blocked shots there's no threes it's podcasts and birthday parties and I don't know maybe somebody will be a grandparent and Paul Pierce is hanging out at strip clubs maybe Paul Pierce will uh I don't know he that this is what their life is right now I don't know why I brought up the strip clubs but that's hey Shep isn't that how Paul Pierce got fired from Disney yes essentially yeah he's hanging well and he went live yeah he brought the strip club to his house and there's like booty behind him and he's taking shots and he works he works for Mickey Mouse I've never seen Mickey Mouse to Shep you've seen Mickey Mouse take a shot no uh although although I will say you know JR I know that uh Paul Pierce has gone in a different direction he does Showtime now with Kevin Garnett and obviously Rachel Nichols and so he's you know what good for him he's bounced back you know he speaks the truth not just with his game when he was on the court but you know as an analyst and I think he does a good job I thought he said a lot of um polarizing things and a little bit of you know head scratching things but he's made a second career for himself I give him credit maybe he was on the shots when he compared his career to was it Dwyane Wade yeah you know what though if people I mean people sleep on Paul Pierce he didn't get the credit he deserves last time I checked Paul Pierce is the reason they won in 2008 he's an individual that balled out in 2010 and had they had a healthy Kendrick Perkins they would have won that championship and if Garnett was healthy in 2009 they would have won that title but if you see me sitting around taking shots with strippers on Instagram chef don't pay me no attention okay just forget anything I've ever accomplished well he's got it well again jr like you you and this is just me I don't and not to get so deep in the weeds on the strip club thing but if you're in your 40s in his house he no no no in somebody's house right but but but it had the environment and the culture of a strip club if you will and if you're in your 40s there's a million other things you should be doing with your life aside from being in that kind of an environment and then to broadcast that as if it's going to give you some kind of stripes with certain people it's just it's just it's unbelievably baffling to me that Paul Pierce would do that and jeopardize his career in the way he did that he did he's he's John Moran if he looked into a crystal ball yeah well with no gun just ass well you know Paul Pierce you know he could you know you're well aware of this early on in his career yeah he got stabbed yes he did and so you figured that would be a teachable moment for him apparently he didn't get the memo well maybe he's he's he's downgraded yeah right you go from being stabbed at a club outside and now 20 25 years later you're just you know you're just in a house with drinking and uh you know with strippers that's that's that's that's what you're drinking and uh you know with strippers that's that's safer right that's safer yeah and I gotta give credit to Paul Pierce on this JR and you said it you know uh Garnett and Rondo they had the real venom towards Ray it was Pierce that actually began to bridge this gap a few years ago so he was always the peacemaker in this oh wow I guess uh I guess he brought it to the Lakers I I don't know like that'll solve anything yeah that's a different kind of piece well good good good for them that they have all hugged and and made up I don't know about Rondo where's Ray Sean Rondo we don't hear about him no more where's he at nowhere well he was with the Lakers in the second stint with them that didn't work out he was traded to the Hawks got no burn and he hasn't seen the court since yeah he fizzled out of the NBA John Wall fizzled out you mentioned Campbell Walker he fizzled out there's a lot Isaiah Thomas so many great point fizzle out so quickly yeah the last thing I heard about Ray Sean Rondo and he unfortunately he allegedly put hands or or allowed one woman to put hands on another woman in a parking lot I don't know and what about Sweet Lou like these great point guards from like two years ago that were relevant in the NBA they're nowhere to be found anymore he's here in Atlanta he's here well he's in Atlanta but he ain't playing in Atlanta oh he's not but he right don't worry about him okay don't worry he's doing things at places too that he shouldn't be we know this Magic City has great wings the wings here are good they're terrific it's been a while Shep do you want me to send you some wings for Magic City ah man my body doesn't need it JR I'm 36 years old I gotta slow down yes on chicken wings on chicken wings on fatty acids on saturated fat yeah hey Marco Balletti you want some chicken wings for Magic City hell yeah I'm a fat ass send the chicken wings right over here yeah I'll send it me and Marco going to have a chef you want we'll give you the celery okay I'll take it I appreciate that phytochemicals I'm all for thank you what did you call them what phytochemicals greens what did you call phytochemicals yeah they're the healthiest kind of nutrient you can give your body yes phyto f-e-i-t-a-o phonetically that's how it sounds p-h-y-t-o yeah hey Marco you heard of what do you call them Marco I don't what do you call them fight or what I don't know I don't know what the hell he just said real thing oh I believe that it's a real thing I have no idea what that word got you vital I've never listen I'm a healthy eating guy you all have me some chicken wings I ain't never heard of phytochemicals I don't want them if I'm gonna get them I'm gonna know them subconsciously I ain't looking for them broccoli kale green it's called the color green yeah yeah it's green eat it yeah exactly listen yeah when you're when you're living in that when you're uh Norman Lear at 101 years old someday Jerry you'll thank me yeah I ain't trying to I don't know if I want to see that far have you been outside yes no thanks wherever wherever the it's like uh what's that game it's like the wheel of fortune wherever the wheel stops I'm good with it that's uh it's a wild world out here but I will try my best to have my uh my vital greens it's the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio March Madness is mad as we move closer to the elite eight you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio and I have all the respect for you first of all JR appreciate you bringing the truth every night I'll let you be on my way back from work at this time big fan I just started listening to your show a few months ago I'm hooked man call in now at 855-212-4CBS oh my goodness we had an overtime game in new york city earlier this evening we had kansas state beat michigan state to go on to the elite eight but now we know who kansas state will face florida atlantic moves on to the elite eight florida atlantic beats tennessee the final score it's done this is not a dream this is not a mirage 62 to 55 I will say it again florida atlantic university FAU the owls beat tennessee the vols 62 to 55 ain't nobody know who florida atlantic is I mean we've learned over the past few weeks this is their first time everything that they do is a first this is their first time in the elite eight this is their second time in the damn tournament it was about a week ago that they beat the memphis tigers remember penny hardaway penny hardaway was so angry penny hardaway threw his water bottle across the court FAU they beat memphis and then FAU they beat the other well the other small school they'd be fairly dickinson out of new jersey and now they just beat kansas state or excuse me they beat tennessee 62 to 55 they're gonna take on kansas state next damn tennessee had this game but they didn't and then dusty may the head coach of FAU he ran him out the building hey enjoy the ride because you want to know why dusty may is likely to get a job elsewhere I don't know he's gonna get some offers he he may stick around for another year dusty may is gonna get a job somewhere else and he he's not foreign to coaching in other places and I mean damn 62 to 55 hey shepherd FAU what what were they were they they were not ranked preseason nobody was thinking about them like what was the deal with this squad well they were ranked but it's how you define what is ranked so take a guess where they were ranked preseason coming into the 2022-23 college basketball season so there are 300 aren't there 300 division one schools 350 sounds about right yes right so if I divide 35 by by two I end up at about uh you know I don't know it was 17 uh uh they had to have been uh let's say uh you know 130 so that's actually not bad okay they ranked 109th coming into this season that's not even in the 68 that gets into this stupid tournament no one we know they're obviously one of eight so at this point um and dusty may seems like a good guy I'm happy for him I'm happy for his program they bear you know what if you're memphis right now you got to be kicking yourself man why well you had that game you know it was a questionable jump ball call you know you're gonna face FDU if you win that game and then you you know play Tennessee and you know Mr Barnes can't win when it comes when it matters most in the NCAA tournament let's be honest about that for a second well he said they were gonna he said he he liked rugby so he liked rugby uh that's that's right basketball that worked my god it worked you're right I don't I don't know who to root for come on now kansas state has to beat him right right uh listen I know you like uh you know mr little kid not not my words john califari's words um I you know what you would think yes but with that being said man that you know john l man he he does not look like a player in a mid-major school yeah well we we we gotta see we got I can't believe that they uh they won here let me run you through some of the numbers FAU the owls and these are all people that america is finding out about everybody's like who what the florida owls I I mean last week I had to go where where is florida atlantic university this is a school in boca like you go south a little bit you end up in miami you end up at the beach how they end up with a good basketball team I have no idea I'd be hanging out at the beach nick boyd nick boyd had a lot of those big shots against memphis the tigers against penny hardaway he finished tonight with 12 points he was the best player and the voles they just they flat ran out of gas they really did even in the comeback uh elijah martin had a good game for florida atlantic he had nine points uh knocked down two of four threes as a part of that that comeback to help turn things around I want you to listen to that three this is elijah martin make the game 48 to 41. Vescoville for the three it's no good and the rebound pulled down by martin and FAU on the run three on two left wing weather spoon head fake goes around his man kicks it out to martin he'll try the three it's good elijah martin with a tray he's got nine and FAU leads by seven 48 41 with 720 to go and rick barnes needs a timeout yeah rick barnes couldn't find enough body slams elbows to turn the game around I told you about nicholas boyd he hit two three pointers but more importantly he went to the basket at will he finished with 12 but his is I mean a couple of his baskets they were ridiculously important after elijah martin let's go ahead and listen to nicholas boy he helped go into the lane and he gave FAU a score 53 to 43 on the 43 over those vols eight point FAU lead under six minutes to go here's boyd out near center court guarded by may shack comes to his left all the way to the bucket lays it up on the left-handed in nick boyd now with 10 and FAU back up by 10 oh yeah he had 10 well damn it let's make it 12 this was his final points of the night out to the way to james takes the three moves right takes the three it comes up short but right into the hands of may shack but he's stripped it comes out the best could be though for three no good and the rebound davis taps into himself down court boy tries from the left lays it in nick boyd off the feed from john l davis and FAU leads by seven 57 50 with 220 to go hey I told you that uh FAU finished this game up final score 62 to 55 nick boyd those were his final points of the night at 12 he kept on rolling he had no damn problem there this is all courtesy of westwood one by the way let's listen to the final call it was a static 5.8 to go james will inbound from side court gets it into vescoville and tennessee's just gonna hold the ball two seconds one second and that's it the florida atlantic owls who had never won an ncaa tournament game before this season have won three in the tournament now they are heading to the elite eight for a date with kansas state on saturday the remarkable year for dusty may and florida atlantic continues their 34th win of the season brian greenlee and nick boyd standing on the table to our left and celebrating with the fau fans the final score florida atlantic 62 tennessee 55 and there was little question tonight who was the better team fa you ran their ass up on out of there at the end i'm like tennessee got this tennessee got this and then we started getting a half time and got out of there fa you ran them out of it's ridiculous ain't no shock here eight five five two one two four cbs jacob is calling from florida you're on cbs sports radio hey jr how you doing tonight bud good go ahead we're up against the break good man good hey uh fa you man it's not that i saw him coming but who wouldn't want to play down there man that's down in boca raton all them people got money down there that's where lane kiffin went after alabama too so i mean that's all sunshine pool parties and everything else so they got to attract a certain caliber or athlete when you really think about it what somebody hard-nosed afraid the party oh no i mean you know that look at your dennis rodman types right there i mean they're all about it oh well i think right now they're all about winning i think if they were partying their asses off down in boca they wouldn't be winning i think you just wait if they keep winning man they don't really show y'all how to party hey well i hope they win i'll go down to boca hey hey thank you jacob appreciate you man what part of florida you in i'm up in mossyhead man i'm your resident goat farmer up there i've called before you're the goat farmer yes sir oh damn he's serving up all the goat meat to all my fault listen i love a good curry goat it's the jr sport pre-show on cbs sports radio no goat only wins we're gonna matter of fact we spoke to dusty made the culture of fa you he told us why they're good we'll hear that on the other side of the break on cbs sports radio
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