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3.3.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR
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March 4, 2023 1:12 am

3.3.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 4, 2023 1:12 am

JR is not too high on Stetson Bennett when it comes to playing at the NFL level


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I am JR. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm ready for the weekend. I'm trying to get you ready for the weekend. A big shout out to the super producer and host, Dave Sheppard. Thank you to everybody listening all over North America.

I've had a busy night already. I was at State Farm Arena watching, watching the Hawks win. Quinn Snyder got his first win. Good for him. Damien Lillard had 33 points in the loss.

Him and those broomstick teammates just couldn't help him out. Cam Reddish, I think he had 25 points. Everybody else just witnessed protection. DeJounte Murray had 41, so I had a good time at State Farm Arena.

And then I came right to the studio. We talked about Lillard and we talked about Jokic. Right before last hour, I should say, we talked about Bryce Young. Everybody's saying he's too small. I'm like, who cares how big he is? Can he play? Is he going to get bigger? Can he get bigger?

Is this another Kenny Pickett hand situation, but we're talking about an entire human being? CJ Stroud is like, I'm the best. And then before we went to break, we talked about Stetson Bennett. Seems a little arrogant much.

Just a tad. Thank you to everybody locked in on the free Odyssey app. People tuned in on their local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. Everybody on Sirius XM channel 158. And all my folks locked in on a smart speaker. Before I get back to the phones, and we got more to do, I'll be hanging out here with you for the next two hours.

I'm going to get to your calls. We'll talk about Daniel Jones. The NFL team survey came out. Jacksonville Jaguars got rats. I'm not joking. I'm not calling a player a rat. I'm not talking about anyone in management. I'm talking about physical, literal rats. Or at least they had rats, but we'll get there.

And there's some other cheapskate teams charging players for food. You heard me correctly. Hey, Shep, do you know at the arena today, we didn't talk about that. I ran into Owen. Owen.

The gentleman who I told I would see him. Oh, last night. Yeah.

Yeah. Good for you. Oh, good for both of us. Owen is a nice guy. I met his friend, Sarah, who sits next to him in the arena. I met his other friend down the row, Mike. Yeah, I met them.

They were great. That's awesome, man. We took pictures. Owen is a teacher. And so I'll be at some point, I think this month, I'm going to go down to his school and talk to his students about how to, I don't know. I'll tell them the worst things I know.

That'll be fun. But Owen is a big deal, man. His name is on his seating area. His name is right. His name is on the seating area. What is this like a New York Giants situation where like you buy the seat and own it for life? I don't know.

No, I don't think it's like public seat license. Shut up. I do what I want. I went up to one of the ushers and I said, hey, is there a season ticket holder named Owen who sits here?

Sure. And she goes, yeah, his name is right. I go, whoa, excuse me. I go, where is he? She goes, he was here. I go, where is he?

I don't know. She says, I saw him in the team store. I said, let me give this man five to 10 minutes. And I'm going to sit in his seat. And then I asked the woman next to him, I said, does Owen sit here? And she looked at me like, who is this guy? And I told her who I was. And I said, when Owen comes, you tell him I'm sitting in his seat.

This is my seat now. And then Owen, lo and behold, Owen came and he saw me. He goes, JR.

I go, yeah. He gave me a big old hug. I gave him a big old hug. And then we talked. And so shout out to Owen and shout outs to all the great people at State Farm Arena.

Always good running into my folks out there. Wouldn't it be nice if the Hawks demonstrated and exuded the same level of kindness and camaraderie that the fans did? You talking about the basketball team or a player in particular? I'm talking about one player in particular, but I don't think it just falls on him. I don't know what you're talking about. Well, you mentioned him before by one name.

I don't know who you're talking about. I saw Damian Lillard signing all the autographs. I was very impressed by that. Yeah, he signed everybody's autograph.

Wow. Trey Young had 25 points. Was Damian Lillard signing his own teammates an autograph? Because that's basically how they're playing these days. As if they're on the court hoping Dame does everything for them. I told you the superfan section was yelling at one of the Blazers players.

Who are you? Right. Could you imagine?

Could you imagine? Okay, fine. You're in the NBA. Boo. You suck. Miss, miss, miss.

Who are you? I don't know if Atlanta can have, I don't know if any Atlanta sports basketball fan. Watch your mouth. I'm being respectful, but I'm also being honest. They haven't won a title since they played in St. Louis. I don't think they can be insulting when it comes to another person who's in the NBA regardless of notoriety. Oh no, they are.

They shouldn't be. We have a whole section that when the guy goes to the free throw line, they find some of the most disrespectful things to chant at this guy. You know, it escapes my brain and example, but they chant some, and it's never, I can't say it's never like bad bad, but it cuts deep. Like I don't even know who they were chanting that at. But I know that guy is on the team bus at the hotel getting ready to go to whatever city they're going to.

I don't know where they're going. Probably not back at the hotel. That man is thinking about that right now. There were 2,000 people, a thousand people, chanting at me or a hundred, whatever.

Who are you? That guy's thinking about that. It's like Russell Westbrook thinking at the top of the three-point line.

Should I shoot? It hurts. So the thing that stands out to me about Atlanta Sports, and I always remember this, was this was LeBron's first year in LA. And they were right. And they kept singing this in unison. It wasn't even a Michael Jordan comparison.

I don't know if you remember this, JR, but it was Kobe's better. Yes. That's the same group. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Absolutely. That's the six man. I think that's what they call them over there. I take back everything that I said. They are fantastic.

Yeah. They chant at LeBron, Kobe's better. They look at an anonymous NBA player and they go, who are you?

It's biting. I don't know another group or fan base in the NBA that has such a section, outside of New York Knicks fans being a little bit more vile and disgusting by chanting, you know, F you. That's a New York special, I guess. Well, you know, the, the, the New York special beyond Knicks fans who are the ultimate cheering section.

You know that. The New York Knicks fans, what? Think, think, think Bald Vinny. I mean, that's the ultimate cheering section in all professional sports.

It doesn't get better than that. Who the hell is Bald Vinny? Bleacher creatures. Oh, a Yankee? Yes. Oh my God.

They take it to a whole nother level. There was a, there wasn't even in the bleachers. It was in the left field bleachers. Wasn't, didn't, wasn't there a guy on the fill in the blank, the Orioles or Cubs or something? He tried to go up into the stands.

They were cussing his ass out. Oh, that's crazy. So I don't know about that.

I just last season. Okay. Wow. Well, he must've said something very much below the belt then.

No, they were chanting some crap at him. Right? Right. Player tries to fight Yankee fans. Who is this guy?

I think maybe Toronto. Right. Yankees fans throw trash at Guardians players after game.

That's horrible. Video confrontation between Guardians, Miles, what's this guy's name? Miles Straw. Guardians, Miles Straw got death threats after Yankee fans tried to calm down heckler, whatever, whatever. Yeah.

Yeah. New Yorkers are crazy, man. Yankee stadium, New York Knicks, they're nuts. And now the Knicks have won eight straight games. Nick fans are going to be thinking the Knicks are winning like five straight titles. Well, considering we haven't won a professional basketball championship since I believe the, uh, the Nets in the ABA. And that was in, I want to say 1976 with Dr. J.

73, the next last one. Yes. But it's so bad that even in the ABA, we haven't won a professional championship in 47 years. That's how bad it's been basketball in New York professionally.

And now those Nets have kind of hit every point of the metropolitan area. For a win tonight, by the way. Did you see them come back from 28 points down versus the Celtics?

That's amazing. Yeah. Who cares? What the five Nets fans? That's how many net fans they have? Five? Well, they have more now because I, I think, um, I think there's a lot of people that are sleeping on the Nets and McHale bridges, specifically Jr.

This is an individual that is old school. I understand he's not. Hold on, hold on. I need to take a moment to give me 20 seconds to take a nap.

Go ahead. The only thing I'll say about McHale bridges is he doesn't care about being nicked up. He doesn't care about being fatigued. He doesn't care about, you know, his, his emotional stability off the court. He is an individual that understands the privilege of playing every single day in the NBA and getting whether it's hundreds of thousands of dollars per game or tens of thousand dollars per game. It's his responsibility to go out there and perform the game of his life every single time he laces them up. 99% of the NBA brother and has not adapted that philosophy. Therefore, McHale bridges is going to gain and going to bring in a whole lot more than five casual NBA fans because of what he stands for. It is. What's today is March 3rd going into March 4th, the morning of March 4th, correct next month. No one will care about McHale bridges.

Oh, I see. This season will be coming to a close. I disagree Jr.

He's there's not many of these guys left. Shep, the Brooklyn Nets season is over. If they go to the playoffs, they'll probably fall and still get in. Nobody cares. The Brooklyn Nets are there to exist.

I don't care if they somehow went around in the playoffs. Who cares? It's for next season. Let McHale bridges do whatever and Jock Vaughn this and what's the guy Johnson from the Carol?

Let come on. Jared, you're you're and I'm surprised you're taking this position because you host in New York like this is this is this team that's being slept on right now. No, they're not Kim Thomas had back to back to back 40 point games.

Spencer did when he's a borderline all-star. So what are the Brooklyn Nets doing? We got we got we got two months left not even in the season. What are the Brooklyn Nets doing? They're gonna they're gonna make noise.

This is this is what is the boys 2020? I think they I think they can legitimately win a playoff round. And if they do that, you know, it don't matter. Nobody cares. Okay, I'm saying the Brooklyn Nets are second-class citizens in New York City. The New York Knicks on an eight-game winning streak. The Brooklyn Nets have been in the headlines for the past three years. Unfortunately, not for basketball reasons, right? Nobody cares.

But I think that's why we but I think there's a big sector of people that pay attention to sports that are very much in favor of Joseph sigh for saying to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. You are not going to run my franchise. You're just players.

You're not you're not anything more than that. This is my franchise. This is my organization. This is my corporation know your role.

There's a lot of people were special for that. Yes. Where is Mikhail Prokorov? Do you know?

Probably back in Russia. Yeah, he could take the Brooklyn Nets back with. Okay, nobody cares.

You've always been honest. Nobody cares about no stinking Brooklyn Nets people in Brooklyn don't care about the Nets. That's that's true. I respectfully disagree with that chair. Nobody in Brooklyn cares about the Nets.

I'm sorry. I'm not saying they have the same Cassian notoriety and Q rating with Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving and James Harden when they all three were there. But that's my point. They're irrelevant. But they're not irrelevant. They just don't carry the same amount of weight because of those three superstars not being there anymore.

Oh my God. I can call approximately 500 people in the borough of Brooklyn right now and they will tell me do not care. They don't care the Brooklyn Nets could go on a five game winning streak right now. Nobody would care.

Nobody would care. You've just you were just alluding to the NDP and the NBA is so much predicated and based on the story. Yeah, what a story it would be for the Nets if they were to legitimate make noise given that every star abandoned them midseason to James Harden last year and Kyrie and Katie. Then they did what one day off and they want to play from I think they'd be a pretty good story that story would be there for a day and then nobody would care. Okay, people would wait to see what happens in the offseason and what the team looks like next year. They still talk about those oh seven warriors. They have as much are you going to find me Baron Davis and Steve and they still have as much that franchise into that that team specifically Jay rich and Monte and be drinks. Yeah, you know, it's true and Matt Barnes the we believe team, you know what you know why people care.

Tell how you because you have to you have to suck for so long. Okay to have a modicum of success for people to print up a t-shirt about we believe who cares good the people in Oakland felt good. They got a tease 10 years before they became one of the best organizations that the world has seen. That's like why New York Knicks fans celebrate like like like they won a championship that they won eight games when the New York Knicks beat beat the Atlanta Hawks one game one game Knicks fans were outside of Madison Square Garden like like they won a championship and there's a simple reason as to why. Because they've historically been losers. And so when you've been a loser and you've been getting your ass handed to you for so long anytime you have a little bit of success you get a you get a you get a little too excited. It's like some excuse me.

Pardon me. I'm thinking about well, I damn it. I'll use the analogy. It's like having a kid. It's like having an F student as a child and every time it's an F F F F F F F F. You just go damn can you get can you get a D and that kid comes home with a C and you just treat it like it's the greatest thing ever.

Some of these terrible ass franchises they're just F students and then every now and then when they get an A that's their championship expectations are so low. I'm going to watch the Brooklyn Nets rarely. I'll pay attention to him.

I pay attention to everything. I'm not excited. They could want to play off round. They do they want to play off round. What are they doing? Nothing Brooklyn Nets are in a they're in a tear down to build back up. I'm here to pay attention to the the build back up part and not too much to build eight five five two one two four CBS.

I'm sorry chef. Oh, no, I didn't say anything. I did see though. What I did see Terrell Thomas tweet out a very favorable very cool moment for State Farm Arena involving you and the urban times and another gentleman. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, I didn't see it yet.

I'll check it out. It's great man. I'm gonna look at it right now while we talk to Daniel from Chicago.

Hey, Daniel, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey there. How are you? What up? I'm chilling.

That's good. I'm hoovering too. I'm doing my job. You're doing what? I'm doing my Uber.

Oh, okay. Ubering is a verb, right? Is that a Uber and Ubering?

Yeah, Ubering. Yeah. Okay, good. That's what I do. I just I just want to let you know that you're going to be keeping down Justin Field.

Okay, Ryan polls told you that? Yes, that's what we're going to do. And I pick it round. It's for sale.

So where about where about give us the best deal? That's what we're going to deal with. Okay. All right, Daniel. Did you did you have Ryan polls in your Uber? Yes, I did. Oh, before you left before you went to our dinner. Oh, really?

Yes. Who's the most famous person you had in the back of your Uber? I think now I'm gonna be Ryan polls because he's the guy now. Oh, you never you never had like Barack Obama back there? No, no, Barack Obama. Not yet. Oh, not yet. Okay. Does he does he even still live out there? No.

Oh, yeah. Sometimes he's constantly Barack Obama on to Chicago sometimes. Yeah, it was cold out there. I don't think he want to go home. Not now.

No, he doesn't come here now. What's the temperature? What's the temperature in Chicago right now? That is 37.

37. Oh, that's in windy. And that's nice. That's that's good. Well, all right, Daniel, thank you, man.

Okay, I have a nice one. Don't forget to come to Chicago when the summertime. I'm gonna I'm gonna keep you up from the from the airport.

Oh, look, Daniel. I love Chicago, brother. I love Chicago.

I do not need a reminder to come to Chicago. Daniel, what time do you go to sleep? Maybe by one o'clock. Oh, yeah, I'll be out way past that. I'll talk to you soon. Okay.

Okay, thank you. Bye bye, Daniel. He had a he had a customer in the back telling him to be quiet. Mark is calling from Milwaukee. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Mark? Hey, Jr. Thanks.

I always appreciate your show. Getting a chance to say something. Um, I kind of look as far as the nets, you know, I just heard what you're saying. I think it's like, but the bottom line is, I think, to that deal is that, in my opinion, the nets are always going to be second class citizens, no matter what happens on the court compared to the next.

The next are the more or less citizens. And I think that's a serious franchise. We have to score garden as I kind of maybe, rightfully so. Look at the best compared to the Yankees. The White Sox compared to the Cubs.

It doesn't matter. I mean, some are just stories franchises, the Dodgers and the Angels. You know, I just looked at them or maybe I'm not, you know, all that either hockey, but I would think the Rangers kind of over the Devils and the Islanders. Yeah. Yeah. So that's just my feeling. Um, and, uh, I would, I would, I would include the Lakers, you know, over the Clippers. I mean, I just think it's a Laker town, but as far as far as the tail bridges, they have moved. I have a question for you. I, I look at, I compare it a little bit to Matt Stafford going to the ramps.

Okay. They were all in and it worked for them. They won the Superbowl. They gave up their future to Detroit. They gave up tons of peers and players in Detroit's future.

I think it's bright. I, what, what did, uh, besides McHale bridges, I'm wondering what the that's got from Phoenix as far as maybe draft choice stuff, getting draft picks in 20, 29 or 2030. I don't think the banners, but I think McHale bridges is really a very good player. Yeah. I think that they just wanted to clear out the cancers on that team. Yeah. They wanted to clear out the cancers.

No, they, they wanted to leave. I mean, yeah, I mean, but it was getting contentious and it wasn't going to work out. And I think Dorian possibly could put Phoenix over the top.

So it would work out, but I was surprised that, you know, usually these deals are. You know, sex classes and bench players coming back. I think McHale bridges, in my opinion, and I defer, you know, my opinion to you, but I think he's very underrated. I really think he's a good player. He is underrated offensively.

He is underrated. He wasn't tasked with being an offensive player because he was standing next to Devin Booker. And at the time, at least when they went to a championship or Chris Paul, who wasn't completely cooked at that moment. Yeah, I don't know what is he's on a Brooklyn Nets. What who's who's gonna be putting the points up for them?

It allows the responsibility. I'm afraid is going to fall on his shoulders and he's capable that, you know, Dorian or Kyrie, but maybe, you know, 2025 a game. Maybe they can, you know, make a playoff appearance, you know? Yeah, right.

I mean, they're not a national, you know, they're not a national interesting, you know, American's team. That's for sure. They're not.

That's facts. Thank you, Mark. Appreciate you, man. Okay, you got it, man.

Thank you. No doubt. Yeah, I'm not impressed. Who cares about going to the play? Who cares? You're either winning, like competing for a champ, like even the New York Knicks, like this is good for them to be moving in a positive direction. Knicks ain't winning no championship.

Like you, you, and it's, but then Brooklyn Nets are rebuilding playoff round or not. They don't know what the hell they're doing. They're like, we got assets. Hey, shut up. What did they, what did they get? Oh, so Jay Crowder, who hadn't played all season.

Yeah. Can can't you write Kim Johnson, obviously the aforementioned Mikel Bridges and then for unprotected future first round draft picks. Yeah, that they got a, they got a long way to go with plenty of assets to, to move forward. Good for the Brooklyn Nets. I'm happy for them. I'm not excited for what? It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio.

I'll tell you what makes me excited. Free food. I'm going to tell you about some NFL teams that don't even give their players free food.

They make them pay for it. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, man. I just want to tell you the.

I'm a late night guy. I've been listening to your show for a long time. It's awesome.

Call it a day. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I just want to tell you that. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey dude, I'm a late night guy. I've been listening to your show for a long time. This is awesome, calling and talking to you. I just wanna be a ray of sunshine for you tonight. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. I love sunshine.

I love it. If somebody could package up, wait a minute, they did. No, they didn't.

I was gonna say, if somebody packaged up sunshine and sold it, they'd be wealthy. But they did, right? Thomas Edison shot, that what he did? That wasn't him, right? That was electricity, huh? He invented the light bulb. It was him, Thomas Edison? Yeah, the whole 10,000 to fail and then succeed on the 10,000 the first time, yes.

So he did package, it's not the same, not the same. That's the closest we'll get to it. No one will ever, you know what? That's pretty, when you think about some of the things that human beings have done, the fact that we have light in the house and the office without a fire, Shep, if I gave you, I don't know, if I gave you a couple of tools, could you just, could you create light?

You can't do that, who does that? You know what, I'd like to think so. Oh. But I don't know if I understand scientific principles and atoms and molecules, the way that Thomas Edison does. I could be wrong, it's something about filament, right? Isn't that what it is, filament in the bulb or something like that? That sounds right to me.

Just understanding what it means to have an incandescent lamp, like knowing what that looks like. Help me correct me if I'm wrong. Well, Dylan Brooks is yelling with Jokic, what is he doing? Does he have a death wish? You're watching the fourth quarter ass whooping the nuggets, putting on the Grizzlies too? Yeah, have you seen Jokic's, one of Jokic's brothers was accused of like, I think he pled guilty or the case was, he's like 6'8", 260.

Wow. This guy was accused or something, there was an issue where he unfortunately put his hands on a woman, okay? Jokic's other younger brother played basketball, but then he was also, he is an MMA fighter. If there's somebody that Dylan Brooks, forget Shannon Sharpe, Jokic's brothers would end Dylan Brooks. I remember it like it was yesterday, JR, when the nuggets were facing off against the Suns in the playoffs, Jokic's first MVP year. And Booker and, yup, and they got into that little skirmish. Yeah, his brothers were gonna kill him, yeah.

It's not even that. Nikola Jokic is one of the few NBA players, forget superstars, but players in general, that will be put in a confrontation and will go towards the fight, like fearlessly, not even looking and anticipating somebody holding him back. Jokic wanted every single part of Devin Booker that night. I don't think anybody, y'all better leave Nikola Jokic, you better give him the MVP.

I don't need his brother, you don't want any of his brothers knocking on your door. Oh yeah, there's not a team winning, going on 17 games tomorrow night in a row, nothing like that going on. Oh, Giannis wins another MVP? Yeah, can we, I mean, is this a foregone conclusion, everyone having Jokic winning this third straight MVP? Well, if he gets a triple, well, the Milwaukee Bucks gotta continue on, and then Jokic has to get the triple-double. Who has the better record, Jer?

I don't know, what is it, 44 and what now? The Bucks have the better record, they're doing it in a harder conference, well, by a game and a half, they're doing it in a better conference. Last time I checked, Chris Middleton has been on a minutes restriction and has missed more than 40 games and counting so far this season. That doesn't have nothing to do with MVP. I just think that Giannis gets a bad rep when it comes to this MVP conversation. Well, it's the same reason that nobody wants to give three straight to Jokic, it's because we've seen this man win already.

It's so, it's storybook. Let's finish off the season, let's see what happens. Jokic right now has another triple-double, 16 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists. It's Jokic's, Jokic's, is it plural, is that what I said? Jokic's? The Jokic brothers or the Jokic's, yes. No, no, this is Jokic's, or just Jokic.

How do I say it? One, the singular, the one that plays. Oh yeah, Nikola Jokic. No, this is Jokic's, right? No.

Hey, Marco Belletti. I think you're right, Jokic's MVP? Yeah, with the apostrophe S? Yeah, that sounds right.

If I wanna talk about what I, here, let's all Charlie Brown this together right now. I'm trying to refer to the fact that Nikola Jokic has had 10 consecutive triple-doubles at home. And so in past tense, that's Jokic's? No, Jokic has had, what is that? I think it would just be there, then Jokic has had. Okay, Jokic's had. I think when you get the Jokic's. It's three of them. Well, yeah, but Jokic's MVP, as in like currently I have my MVP trophy, so it's Jokic's, yes.

Possession. So I think the apostrophe S would come into play there. But then if I'm talking about he and his brothers, are they now Jokai, or are they Jokic's? Jokic's. Mm, Jokai, that might be. Yeah, Jokic's. Anyway, that's a big ass Serbian dude. Y'all better leave him alone.

It's just a fact. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio, 855-2124 CBS. I'm gonna get to your calls on the other side. We're gonna talk about these terrible NFL owners who don't even know how to keep rats out of the locker room and they're too cheap to feed their players. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Just want to convince you, man, kind of what the other caller said.

Patience of offense. And, man, I just respect you so much, how professional you are. Man, just, you know, mature. You know, I mean, you're getting attacked, but yet you took the high ground. You know, just stay professional and stay being a good man. So I just convince you on that.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Hey, Shep, I saw the picture. My main man, Terrell Thomas, from These Urban Times. I see what he put up. Yeah, it's black people smiling.

We smile, we're happy. Hanging out at the game. Go check out These Urban Times, people. Go check out my man, Terrell Thomas.

Go to, social media as well. We got some callers here, 855-212-4CBS, and then we'll get into some of these cheap-ass NFL teams. Let's go to Mike. He's calling from Cleveland, Ohio. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Mike?

Oh, good talking to you again, JR. Listen, last week, you and the best radio producer in the world had a little debate about him taking on Mike Tyson. And I got to tell you, Mr. Dave Shepherd won that debate because he said, with the right training, he could outbox him.

Oh my God. We're not doing that again. Now, this is word on the street because I can't prove it because Mike Tyson allegedly, because Mike Tyson hadn't called in.

I heard Mike Tyson is hiding because he don't want that smoke because he heard Mr. Dave Shepherd, radio producer Scortner, say he was going to train properly and beat this man. And that's a fact, JR. I think you should apologize to him. Okay. I really do. Maybe next month.

Because we messed up what he's going to do. I've thought about it for a week. So I have to take this out. That's all I got tonight. I'm not trying to start nothing.

I'm not trying to add anything. Mike Tyson looking for him, because in my book, I would have Mike Tyson look for him because he was going to train for him. Hey Mike, when's the last time you whooped somebody's ass? Well, see, I'm going to tell you, if you ever get in a fight, Mr. JR, and you start losing, just put your hand down your throat and start throwing up. They'll leave you alone with you because you can't lose that way. Okay. I'm too good looking to fight.

I'm 66 years old, going on nothing. You speaking from experience? You vomit? Well, that's just a joke.

No, I done whooped my ass in Cleveland. You know what I mean? Mike, I don't want to go down the road without him doing very nothing. Oh, okay. All right. We don't need nobody pulling up on you about something.

If somebody would step you the wrong way, you can call me. I will, Mike. Thank you. And I won't either. Oh, you owe Mr. Dave Shepherd an apology. I heard it. Okay, thank you, Mike.

Damn. I ain't got no beef with nobody out here. I don't need to call you, Mike.

Nobody bothering me. 855-212-4CBS. Ali, call up from Miami. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's good, my brother? Much love. It's been a minute. Yo, you had me cracking up on that last call.

That was hilarious. I want to get some insight, say for you, two things, you know, right now I see the NBA is about depth. Do you see the Bucks of Denver or do you see a rematch of Phoenix and the Bucks again, you know, with Durant? And then I want your insight on the Garcia and Tank fight. How you feel? Well, I'll give you the last one real short.

Tank Garcia will hit that man in the chest and it will be curtains for him. So that's the easy short answer. Did Hank all hit him? Yeah, I said what I said, yeah. Oh, okay. Okay, okay. I was trying to clarify that. Let me say it again. Gervonta Davis will hit that man in the chest and it will be curtains. Oh.

And what's the first thing you asked me? You asked me about the NBA finals? Well, I was talking about the NBA, you know, right now and depth in general is what's been strong. And the most deep teams I see are the Bucks, Denver, and then now Phoenix is emerging as, you know, a deep team. I don't know if I'd go streaming about the depth of Phoenix. I would put Boston in there before I started thinking about the depth of Phoenix. Phoenix is top heavy and like all of these teams, they have to worry about and be concerned with injuries. That's just what it is right now. Do you see a Bucks, Denver kind of a matchup?

It's possible. I think Milwaukee, as Shep talked about and was discussed a little bit last break, like they're killing it right now. Joe Ingles, nobody, we had a caller last night say, I don't feel like people are giving the attention to Milwaukee. And I said, why?

He goes, nobody cares about, no, what did he say? Because we're Milwaukee. And I said, listen, bro, nobody cares about Milwaukee. Nobody cares, nobody in San Diego cares.

Nobody in Texas cares. Nobody looks at Milwaukee and is like, oh man, I need to care about Milwaukee today. You should actually be happy that the Milwaukee Bucks have expectations.

What are people going to do? Oh, they won another game and another game and another game. They're expected to win. They got Joe Ingles out there. You're slowly trying to integrate Chris Middleton back into everything, the swing of things after injuries at the start, the end of last year. Like the Bucks are going to be dangerous. Nobody wants to see them. Let's just see if the Bucks win another championship.

That's the expectation. I'd rather my team not be talked about in the regular season, knowing that they got a legitimate chance to win a title. The Bucks are killing it, man.

Absolutely killing it. Let's go to Maryland. Let's talk to Chad. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Chad? Hey, JR, what's going on, man? Can you hear me?

I do, yes. Hey, what's going on, man? So, listen to the first couple callers. First off, like, no, you're not going to get Mike Tyson. Like, y'all, that might go. The other stuff on everything that's going on, you know, at the NBA, I like KD with the Suns.

Like, Suns and Philly, honestly, like, I'm a DC guy, but Suns, Philly looks like a good one to me. But what I really wanted to call and talk to you about was, you were mentioning earlier, like, owners not paying for food and stuff like that. And, you know, the NFL. And really, man, like, these D1 programs that are good, they feed them boys. They do. They literally, they got food for them.

They're making sure that their bodies that are taking in as much calories as they can to put on muscle. And I was really interested to hear, you know, your thoughts on that, really. Oh, well, I think for a company, and thank you, Chad, for calling from Maryland, for an almost $20 billion business, for teams that have current valuations of, I don't know, five, six, seven, eight billion dollars. I'm pretty sure by the next time we get the valuation of the Dallas Cowboys, they'll be worth something like $10 billion. We have really learned, and if you didn't know so already, there is not a one size fits all when it comes down to how teams operate, what they spend on, what they don't spend on.

We talked about, I gave you a top six list this past Wednesday of the cheapest owners in professional sports. We shared with you T.J. Housmanzadeh, former wide receiver of the Bengals. That man sat on, I think it was Fox, and he basically said, we ain't even had no water and no Gatorade.

And when they did bring in water and Gatorade, we took that crap home. You don't believe me? This is T.J. Housmanzadeh. Hey, Shep, whose show was he on? It was Cowherd, right? You are correct. The herd with Joy Taylor.

Yeah, take a listen to this. He didn't have bottled water or Gatorade, and it was crazy, because when we first got it, guys would be taking backpacks full of Gatorade home. And every day- You were like in the water boy, like the literal movie, the water boy locker room with the bad water. The year before I got there, Willie Anderson was telling me they didn't even have jockstraps. They would buy, get a bunch of used jockstraps, throw them in the middle of the locker room and say, here you go. So he- Oh God, that is nuts.

Did you just say used jockstraps? Welcome to life with the Bangles. Like how many- So there are places that will give you free food. One of my favorite places to go, and I haven't been in a few years. Well, that's not true.

Was there last year, last summer. It's Google. You go to a Google office, it's like a buffet.

And it's slick. They don't want you to go outside. They want you to take your food and take your ass right back to the desk. You can't trick me with food.

Well, yes you can. Hey Shep, you gotta pay for food in the New York office, right? And at the Google offices? The studio that you're at.

The studio, yes, of course. Used to have free pizza here. Free pizza, when? This was maybe like a year ago.

Wait a minute. We don't get it anymore, don't worry. Where was free pizza?

From where? I don't know, but it was delicious though. Every day? Every Friday, yep. Oh, Friday, get out of here.

That's like garbage they tell students. We're gonna have, what they call that when you were in school? Where they had like Friday, pizza Friday, some crap like, a pizza party. Pizza party or like casual Friday, yeah.

Yeah, come on. You're rewarding me for just, just keeping me captured in school all week. And so now on one day you're giving me pizza, I'm supposed to feel good? I'll take one day over no days. No, and then I gotta come back here on Monday? What type of stupid hustle is this? You're supposed to feel good cause you're giving me a slice of pizza? No thanks. We got NFL teams, or a NFL team, charging its players to eat at the facility. I'm gonna tell you who it is, and I'll tell you what team has rats so I had a rat infestation. Here on CBS Sports Radio, don't move.

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