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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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February 28, 2023 1:16 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 28, 2023 1:16 am

JR keeps it real on why Russell Wilson continues to get piled on by the media

A Call to the Nation
Carter Conlon

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That's slash positive. It's just, you just learn to deal with it, you know what I mean? Happy Monday night. Getting closer to Tuesday morning to you. I don't care where you're at. East coast, west coast, down south, northeast, overseas. You could be in Canada. What's up Canada? And yo, everybody having to deal with this crazy ass weather. I hope you're good.

Hope you're safe wherever you're at. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined here by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd.

He's coming to you live from New York City. We've been here for two hours. We got two more hours to go with you. It's halftime. It's been a busy evening. LaMelo Ball broke his ankle on a crossover attempt.

No, I'm dead serious. He tried to cross somebody over and he broke his ankle. And this wasn't anything vicious.

This isn't, oh my God, be careful if you find it on the internet. Nah, he just didn't even look like he broke his ankle. He just went to the ground, sat on his behind. He walked.

He was walking. It's a fracture, not some type of compound fracture. He fractured his ankle and LaMelo's done for the year.

I'm not a doctor, but I'm telling you that basically. Not too much time left in the season. If you're a Hornets fan, the season's been done forever. LeBron James, we learned LeBron. After coming back off of the ground on Sunday saying it popped, it popped, and then he kept on playing and the Lakers won and it looked like he was invincible. LeBron James is now out an indefinite amount of time. We have no idea the extent of LeBron's foot injury.

We don't know when he will return. The Los Angeles Lakers have a record of twenty nine and thirty two. And just when you think that they're getting back in it, new team, new players, players that can play defense. LeBron goes down. Let's see if Anthony Davis decides to turn into a monster or whether he's going to be sitting in a wheelchair on the bench. Anthony Davis has been very, very grouchy lately. You ask him about Russell Westbrook on the Clippers. He's just like, oh, no, I'm not on that team.

Like, whoa, OK, damn. Why are you not standing up when LeBron breaks the record? He's like, listen, we losing. And so maybe Anthony Davis will find a mean streak. Well, maybe he'll he'll be hurt. So we've talked about LeBron's injury and LaMelo Ball being hurt.

Carson Wentz got dumped on Monday by the Washington commanders. We discussed the new pitch clock in Major League Baseball. Yeah, pitch clock is going to be cool until the postseason.

Right. They'll get used to it. We're going to have some instances where we have players bitching and moaning, whining, complaining. We'll have a couple of games where the pitch clock will come into play. I'm almost certain of it. It's impossible not to. Postseason. That'll be interesting.

A matter of fact, everybody's looking on the bright side. Aaron Boone of the New York Yankees, the manager of the Yankees. He said that the shorter games because of the pitch clock and the batter having to step into the box and stay there.

Pitcher throwing. Aaron Boone says it's going to be great for the game, especially for the players health. The benefit for players over the long haul, 162 games where, you know, 20, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever it is where you're off your feet or to the bus quicker years in all these things, I think are going to hopefully be real beneficial for the players and their health. Who doesn't want to spend less time at work? Right. Yeah, I'd sit here for five minutes if they pay me the same amount of money. Damn right, I would. You don't mean that? They could hit replay 50 million times. Why not?

OK, wait, sorry. I know you weren't asking for this, but I genuinely I get a real feeling you genuinely love this. Love what?

Broadcasting for four. I mean, every other every other show you're begging for more hours. You love doing this so much.

You wouldn't do it for five minutes. You believe me when I say that? I do.

Yes, I think everyone does. I enjoy. Well, do I enjoy? I enjoy. Obviously, I enjoy talking.

I don't care. I like talking to sports. I like talking. So here's a couple of things.

Right. I love talking about sports. Yes, I've made a living out of it even before I got here on radio or started radio in in 2018. I enjoy traveling, of which I still do. I enjoy people. I enjoy learning. I enjoy going around the country. So, yeah, I enjoy what I do.

I got no complaints. But if I had the option to do it for five minutes, you damn right, I would. I never knew that. You know, why not? No, because I'm sorry. But the only reason I bring this up is because one of the things I've always really admired about you is something that I always do as well whenever I host is you talk about making a blank canvas every single time you are hosting.

Yeah. And you and I both know if you aspire to be the Leonardo Da Vinci's of the world, the Donatello's, the Michelangelo's, you can't do that in no five minutes. So that's that's why I'm surprised you're taking that position. That's why I'm that's why I'm just trying to understand it. That's well, thank you for naming great artists that were also named as Ninja Turtles. Yeah, I'm just I'm just chilling out. I think you did you miss you missed one.

What do you want me to go? Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh. No, no, they weren't. You missed you missed one. Well, I wasn't referencing those because they fought against Shredder.

They were great artists. I know. Right. But you missed one. You got to name the other one. Was it Donatello? Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael. That's the one I missed, right?

Wait this way. Wait, there's four. There's four Ninja Turtles.

I'm positive. Red, red, purple, green. And what was the other one?

Blue. And there was April. April was the report. No, no, no, no.

We ain't talking about the check. No, gotcha. Gotcha.

Talking about the specifically the Ninja Turtles. Hey, man. Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo. And who's the other one? Oh, man. Oh, right. Damn it.

They were artists. Oh, my God. What are we doing? Listen, listen, listen.

We're going to get tweets about this now. Splinter. No, that's a rat.

I understand that. But Splinter to me was the was the was the individual that I always felt like a bad rep on that on that movie. Because he was an evil master.

Splinter. He was a rat. He was like a Jedi rat.

He's like the Yoda of rats. But Shredder was that was the individual that was evil. Oh, Shredder. Shredder was that.

Yeah, it was like. Oh, I'm mixing up. I'm mixing up Shredder and Splinter.

No, I would. My bad. I wouldn't I wouldn't defame Splinter like that on your show, JR. Well, you think Shredder was he had a bad reputation.

How did he become Shredder? Wasn't he just the evil bastard? Right.

And then he got scratched on the face and now he's even more bad guy. Right. Come on, guys.

Come up. OK, Donatello, Raphael, Michael, Angelo and Leonardo. So Leonardo, Leonardo.

We forgot the Vinci. Oh, my God. No, no. I said that initially. Oh, you did. OK. Leonardo da Vinci.

Yes, sir. But we forgot it about the turtle. Yeah, because I wasn't referencing turtles. I was referencing great artists because I've heard you do numerous interviews.

Where you say every single night you are making a piece of art on a blank canvas. Well, not me. I let the callers do it. Well, it's a collaboration. Yeah, yeah. I show up and I say, yeah, it's like finger painting.

Everybody put your fingers out and put something on the board. Yeah. But you can't. But the thing is, but you lose track of time, as do I. Which just ensues and reinforces that you love doing this for four hours. Oh, yeah, I do. That's all I do. That's all I do. Oh, I do. I do. Yes, that's correct.

I could say, let me I'm not I'm not going to say anything else. Yes, I enjoy what I do. Yes. Because, yeah, four hours can it can suck or it could feel amazing. Can I ask you, do you ever feel like it sucks ever, honestly? Or do you feel like you're not for me? Good for you. I love to hear that. Yeah.

No, not for me. Splinter was a mutant rat, by the way. So we did have that right. Who was the wise, adoptive, quote, unquote, father of the year? Because they he sat in that green stuff. He became a giant rat. And then he taught a bunch.

Who came up with this? What a high. Well, they say, wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no. Let's go through this. So Kevin, there was a rat. Yeah. And some turtles in the in the sewer of New York, which is normal.

I got to tell you it is. And that's normal. Somebody. It was an alligator. Right. Somebody dumped an alligator in a pond in Brooklyn.

OK, this is normal. Somebody put some radioactive stuff right in the sewer and the rat touched it. And now the rat is like Yoda and the rat saves these turtles who are also in this this stuff.

And now the rat is. Where did the rat learn karate? I don't know. But but it is called Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu. Correct. That was. And I've never heard of that before that.

I've heard of Ninjutsu. Yes. The art form of whooping ass. That's what it is.

There you go. So it was it actually started in the mid 1980s. What? The Ninja Turtles.

A year before I was born. Yes. But who whoever was doing this was high as hell. They were comic. So the genesis of this was comic do comic book authors in Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird are the ones who springboarded all of this.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Correct. Yeah.

It started out as a comic book. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty cool. Yeah.

No, it is. No, I love I love the Ninja Turtles. I love them. They don't they don't get really I don't know if anyone really talks about them anymore. Unfortunately, no, I think they still they got cartoons and reboots and all this other garbage that I won't watch.

I've never seen any kind of Ninja Turtles because. No, this they come on like Nickelodeon cartoon. They do movies for these things now.

So I'm looking at the movies that have come out. So the big one was obviously it started in 1990. That was the first.

No, no, no, no. They have recent movies from like they have a whole computer generated cart. They do this now. OK, so the last one I'm seeing is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of the shadows. Yeah. And that was now seven years ago.

So it's not like it's really gained traction. Yeah, but just all of the things from 30 and 40 years ago or back like Sonic the Hedgehog like little boys know Sonic. They know there's a Super Mario Brothers movie coming out like all this stuff is back. I didn't know that nostalgia shop nostalgia. You don't you don't like nostalgia. I like I like nostalgia if it properly and accurately reflects the greatness of what this franchise once was. I mean franchise Ninja Turtles. Yeah. I mean, the reason why people hated the Godfather 3 is because it crapped on Godfather 2 and Godfather 1.

It was such an injustice in the way that was made compared to the first two. Man, I ain't sit through no whole Godfather movie. There's a lot of people that have though.

Yeah, not me multiple. How many hours? How many hours is that? 15 of my hours of my life. No, it's not it's not it's not quite gone with the wind.

So the Godfather I got the first one's got to be between it's it's got to be a total I would say between 10 12 hours to watch all three. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah, it's it's a but but it is it's not just Cinema Classic. It is it's it's a culture. It's a it is truly a cultural phenomenon.

I'll stick with the the rats playing in the subway. You know what? The life that takes 80 minutes. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if it was 80.

I think the Ninja Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was at least two hours the movie. Oh no. Okay.

Hell no. Oh, you know what? I stand corrected. I'm looking at this right now. 95 minutes for you.

I don't know how you knew that 90 93 minutes. Yep. Yeah, because most most movies for kids like how much time can you you squeeze out of rats and Ninja Turtles doing karate? That's a good for the guy who founded Ninja Turtles. Yeah, I'm sure they make plenty of money off of licensing and a whole bunch of other stuff merchandise.

They kill it. Yeah book bags and I still see kids walking around with this Ninja Turtle book bags and I don't know what the hell else they be knowing. Why are we talking about Ninja Turtles? Oh, because you named artists. We're talking about the four artists and based and it's so funny because you never thought for Ninja Turtles would somehow do this widespread popularity where they are people are getting turned on to Italian Renaissance art. And that's what the Ninja Turtles did. I don't know if there was that much of a correlation.

Oh, there was I mean for it. I mean the big Ford Ninja Turtles are named after Italian Renaissance artists. I would I would say most people don't connect the dots there.

I think they might know a little bit but I'd say probably not for pretty big ones. Yeah. Yeah, but let's think about the audience. Like if I'm in the third grade watching Ninja Turtles and my thinking about Leonardo da Vinci. Yeah, because you because unless you know, I'm trying to think back in the day even Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't really known.

I mean, he was in like basketball Diaries and he was in growing pains, but he wasn't the mega, you know blockbuster a lister that he is today. So if you heard the name Leonardo in the early 90s, you're asking your mom your dad your guardian your grandparent. Hey, what's this Leonardo from where does it derive from because you've never heard the name before just buy me a toy.

I don't give a damn where the name came from who cares JR kids kids don't care about the origin story. They want to know where where the kids want to know where do where do babies come from? That's what kids want and they want to know. Hey, where do Leonardo come from kids?

Don't stop asking questions. Listen, I was around kids for the last four months. You and I both know that you're around kids every little older, but you're around kids every other week speaking to them.

They in college man. They not ask me about Leonardo da Vinci if you're if you're in college, you're still a kid to me if you're in college, you're still a kid. You still basically have for the most part not always but you call an undeveloped brains.

Are you insulting a good portion of our audience? No, what no what I'm saying is if you were in college more likely than not those funds that allow you to step on campus is being provided for outside of yourself. And so therefore you're not responsible for most of the resources that you need to survive which indicates you pretty much are still a child. You're a highly evolved child, but if you're in college, you're still a kid. We got grown-ass people who still live like that and and and and they're and they're adults who never grow up. So in theory their kids to hey, there's a there's a great portion of people that you would consider an adult who never grow up, you know, like me.

No, that's not true. I'm not never growing up. Anyway, it's the JR sport reshow here on CBS Sports Radio speaking of rats. Sorry. We're going to take a break and when we come back, we're going to talk about Russell Wilson. I'm not calling him a rat.

Don't don't get it twisted now. I don't call names. I'm not Trae Young Trae Young called one of our broadcasters a hoe. But anyway, speaking of rats, somebody is ratting out Russell Wilson. You see, I didn't call him a rat, but somebody's ratting him out. What's the problem with Russell Wilson? Why is there a new article every other day crapping on this guy? Who did Russell Wilson crap on?

And who do I need to talk to? Because I've had opinions about him as well. But now I think it's going a little too far. Or do I talk about Russell Wilson on the other side?

No more rats and ooze. It's the JR sport reshow CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, what's going on, sir? I love the show, man. I wanted to say I've enjoyed your show forever and I've gone through some tough times. Man, your show, I feel like you're my spirit radio personality. I just really enjoy you and I really appreciate it. And I thank you for your time. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. That's a lot to live up to.

I'm just out here trying to make it too. Damn. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. Right before we went to break, we were talking about the Ninja Turtles. Yes, you heard that correctly. Thank you to every person on Twitter and social media who decided to message me about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I appreciate you. Puttynam, Rodney Pinnock, Tasha.

Hi, Tasha. Yeah, Ninja Turtles. And so you talk about the Ninja Turtles, you talk about a rat. Somebody has been just ratting out Russell Wilson, it seems like, for the past couple of days. I think I was off on Friday and I believe there was an entire story over the weekend about Russell Wilson trying to get Pete Carroll fired. Tried to give him the boot before he was ultimately traded to Denver. Wow.

That's one separate story. It's like, oh, Russell Wilson is the good guy all the time, right? He always says the right thing at the right time. The perfect guy. And he tried to get Pete Carroll fired. Russell Wilson just went on social media. He's just like, no, no, no.

These guys were like my father figures. No, of course not. And then we get another report that comes out today, a separate report, a separate article from The Athletic. And it basically says. Not for his time in Seattle, but for his one sole season as of now, a garbage one, a terrible one. With the Denver Broncos. That Russell Wilson just had his own office, that he operated above the team. And we've heard this already. A matter of fact, we've heard inklings about Russell Wilson just just trying to see if Pete Carroll can move on. And so what exactly are we doubling up here?

Except for we're getting extended articles that are just crapping on Russell Wilson. Is he is he treating other people like garbage? Maybe.

I don't know. But I know this much. We said this last year, Sean Payton said this last. Well, he just got the job.

He said nobody's going to be treated different here. Russell Wilson had an office. It was only used for football. Russell Wilson did have his own trainer and recovery person, and he had he had his own people there and he had his own office away from the locker room. And by the way, I've been to the Denver Broncos facility. I was just there at the Broncos facility not too long after he was hired, hanging out with my main man Dalton Reisner and my friend Hannah Atkinson at Special Olympics.

Hello, Hannah. What's up, Dalton? And so the Broncos facility is a it's a nice place. And I can't imagine being on the locker room level where all of the players are. And then the quarterback is upstairs. With the coaches, with the staff, what? Nathaniel Hackett was garbage from day one. You can't have a separation between the players, even the star quarterback. We know star players get treated differently.

And it was reported that Russell Wilson. He had an open door policy if you you wanted to come study and learn. And he had motivational phrases on the walls and and football ideas.

That's that's good and great. But do it in the locker room. And it's I don't care if some of his teammates didn't have a problem with it or. You don't do that.

Be a man of the people. This isn't the first time we've heard this about Russell Wilson. It's been said out with Seattle that he's a little bit of a.

Of a teacher's pet, that he would get preferential treatment. And here Russell Wilson is at 34 years old. It's it's even crazy to think about. He's 34. I remember this dude running around with the wolf pack.

Wisconsin, and now he's 34 years old. He's making almost 250 million dollars. And it's like. It's like he's showing a little bit of where. Like it's the outside is starting to turn colors a little bit. It's like a fake piece of jewelry. Maybe that's what Russell Wilson a fake piece of jewelry, right? It's shiny at the first time and then it touches some water and it's out for a little while. It starts to oxidize and looks like crap.

It starts to rust. Russell Wilson started to rub me the wrong way. When it was these these passive aggressive trade demands from his agent.

Russell Wilson. He wants to. He'd be interested in going to these teams if he's traded. But he didn't ask for a trade. I didn't ask for a trade.

But those are the teams that. Yeah, if I were to be. Yeah.

No, I didn't ask for trade though. Like stop it. I've met Russell Wilson a few times. I think he's a he's a OK guy. He's a good dude. I think he's just just overly, overly, overly. Calculated about every thing in public because he wants to be seen as the the super duper guy. This has nothing to do with him.

And I know some people every now and then they get mad at me. This will have nothing to do with him as a father, as a husband. Hell, no. God bless him and what he does at home. When it comes to his profession. I've seen him in public. It's like, damn, brother, you need 20 publicists around in you.

I get it. You're Hollywood now. Do you need 20 publicists around in you? Do you need to ask the publicist to use the restroom?

Do you need to ask the publicist to talk to me? Like, what are we doing here? Like, I'm not surprised at anything I hear because I've seen it with my own eyes, multiple occasions. I've seen his teammates talk about him the same way and people like him. He's a good dude.

It's just like you're doing too much. Everything sounds canned and computer programmed. Like, who's the real Russell Wilson? Is he the guy that needs to have his own staff away from the team? Doesn't that separate himself from the team concept?

Does every time he talks, he has to sound like he's reading off of a script? I mean, at the end of the year, here's one for example. Russell Wilson. And we know they ain't scored no damn points. The Broncos lost 10 to 9 against the Ravens. And then Russell Wilson gave one of these speeches that I guess I could play after every game.

Take a listen to this. The part about winning is that, especially the National Football League, is that it's going to come down to a possession or two. Almost every game. You know, from my experience, it comes down to these one or two possessions.

Maybe the last one, whatever it may be. Offensively, defense, special teams, whatever it is. And that gap, that margin of error is so tight and so clear and has to be so communicated so well. We all have to be on the same page all the time. We all have to make that one play, that two plays, whatever it is. Each game is different, right?

As I always tell you guys, each game has a history of its own. And I think that what we're doing and what we're trying to capture is that moment. That one or two plays, those drives. And that's the journey we're on right now. And I'm not going to give up, give in. I could play that after every loss and it would be applicable. Like, come on, all it was missing was a, oh, shucks, gee, golly, dosh, darn it.

We're going to be back and we're going to try our best next week because that's what we do. And he goes into his office and I guess he trashes everybody privately and says, man, I wish they fired somebody. Like, there's a level of just being, well, he's missing authenticity. Like, is Russell Wilson full of it or does he get a bad rap? I believe the articles that we've seen over the past couple of days, over the past couple of weeks, it starts to feel like he's being piled on right now.

I believe that's too much. But I do believe it is 100% accurate that when this man speaks, he believes what he's saying. But I don't think we're getting an honest and real version.

What do I know? I don't think he's, I don't think he's all that genuine. I think he's overly manufactured. If Russell Wilson had more hair, I'd say, hey, man, let your hair down loose just a little bit. So I don't I don't I don't think he's being given a bad rap. I think Russell Wilson has created it for himself. I'm sure he's sitting down with 15 publicists right now trying to figure it out. He made it. You made this bed. Coaches, teammates in the public.

Now, at 34 years old, you've got to deal with it. The phone lines are open. It's 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS. Do you think Russell Wilson is getting a bad rap? Do you think he deserves what's coming? Do you think he's a fraud? I'm not going to call him a fraud. I just don't think he's. He's just being real and honest. 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to get to Shep's thoughts on the other side. Marco, what do you believe about all this piling on of Russell at this point?

You know, that part of it I don't like because I don't like when people find ways to add on when they've been just kind of waiting for it. And I think part of this is the fact that I think Russell Wilson was always like this. I think he was always kind of plastic. I think he was always kind of where it wasn't genuine, but they were winning and he was playing well. So nobody could say anything because they're afraid to bash someone when they're, you know, what's the criticism?

If they're playing well and he's doing well, what are you criticizing? They were waiting for this. I think there were a lot of people that were waiting for him to slip. There were a lot of people that were waiting to see the team not do well and him not perform well.

And they jumped at the chance. That to me is unfortunate because to me I don't like that part of it. But unfortunately, he brought a lot of this on himself simply because, you know, it's that kind of old adage of, you know, you meet the representative of the person and not the person. At some point, you're 34 years old. Can we know who you are as opposed to the representative that you keep showing us?

Because that part of it's not working. Yeah, we've heard these murmurs and they haven't always been murmurs. We've heard this with Seattle. Yeah.

And it ain't no big shock now. Oh, he had his own office. Well, damn. Did Tom Brady have his own office? Did Belichick say, hey, man, you could room next door to me?

Does LeBron have his own office at the Lakers facility? Like, what? See, here's the thing for me, Jayar. Like, I feel like because he's so wrapped up into the PR aspect of it and you talked about representatives, I hate to say it, but when you do that and when you talk to them and you're looking for the right PR move, they're never telling you the real.

They're never talking to you like you're a real person because they're used to, you know, manufacturing the narrative. Yeah. Like, how do we word this? How do we get this to spin this? How do we? So no one, I feel like in his inner circle, maybe I'm stepping out of bounds here and I don't know his inner circle.

I'll make that clear. I feel like no one is able to just sit down one on one and look at him. And he's got to find somebody trust from a long time ago, probably, and looks at him and goes, Russ, what are we doing? You got to be the real Russell Wilson. What is all this other nonsense that we're doing? Do you want to play? Do you want to win?

Like, or do you just want credit? Like, what exactly are we trying to achieve here? Do you have to be the MVP and the Super Bowl champion? Can it just be enough to be a Super Bowl champion? Like, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? And why would you want to separate yourself from the people that you need to be able to accomplish these goals?

You know, like somebody you need somebody that you could really truly talk to for that. Every everything is so manufactured. And it's been that way with with Russell for so long. I'm sure tomorrow, we'll get a story about how he saved eight babies from a burning building. He had his own office, but he was providing opportunity for others.

And he spent 99% of the time in the locker room. You know, everything is just carefully crafted. And there's a lot of people who do that. You know, I mean, a lot of public figures do it. You want to represent who you are.

You want to do it in a correct way where you can go ahead and monetize. But it's just a little too careful for a dude who who's playing in a team sport. It's crazy.

855-212-4CBS. I'm going to take your phone calls on the other side. What are your thoughts on all this Russell Wilson criticism?

Is it justified? Is it over the top? I'm going to talk to you on the other side. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, you make my drive so much more enjoyable coming home from work late at night every day.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Well, there's a lot of folks listening to me right now. They they driving for some reason. Shout outs to everybody out there just trying to make things happen.

Getting money on the way to the money, leaving the money, trying to find money to get to. Do what you got to do. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. It's been a busy week for an NFL quarterback who who ain't even playing. There should be no reason he's in the news, but he is.

And it seems like he's getting piled on right now. His name is Russell Wilson. The athletic is just dropping stories left and right about Russell Wilson. A couple of days ago, he wanted Pete Carroll fired. He's like, I want that man fired. He like a father figure.

And then today we get a separate note. Russell Wilson, the athletic. We spoke to 15 players, coaches and staffers while he was with the Broncos. He only been there for one year, one season, not even a full calendar year.

The results. Nathaniel Hackett was too accommodating to Russell Wilson, gave him his own office separate from the rest of the team. It was on a completely different floor.

It was on the floor with the coaches and the executives. Why does he need that? He explained his reasons and why he needed it.

And he got it right. Part of the story to make it a little bit more interesting. The only time players would go up to that second floor was to be cut. But Russell Wilson had like an open door policy.

I'm sure you know this by now. These headquarters have classrooms for the players. Why does he need an office to explain stuff to his teammates? Man, y'all got classrooms for this.

Use it. Russell Wilson had too much influence. And we heard this from his time with the Seahawks that Russell Wilson was said to be a little bit separate from the team.

How much how much smoke do you need to see before there's fire? I can tell you from what we've heard, I can tell you from personal experience, this everything is very carefully crafted and thoughtful, which is not wrong with that. But it's a team sport, man. Could you see this?

And I get it. It's the pros. Would you teach this idea to your kid at the high school level? Would you teach this to your kid at the college level?

The pro level? And yeah, everybody is created equally. Not everybody is treated equally. We know that. Star players get perks. They get treated different. You know, the Los Angeles Lakers aren't knocking on the door of Dennis Schroeder and going, Hey, Dennis, what you what you think we should do with Russ?

We know where it starts and stops. It was somebody like LeBron. We get that. But this man ain't running into his own office every day.

From a visual perspective, a camaraderie perspective, I mean, well, damn. He's gonna have to have a great comeback season. All of these articles being thrown out all right now is kind of crappy. But I believe there's some truth to this, and I don't think he is a fraud. I just think he needs to come to reality. Be a be a be a better teammate. Be more transparent.

Be a man of the people and not just the man. Eight five five two one two four CBS. What do you think about Russell Wilson? Criticism that he's receiving? Fair? Unfair? Is he a fraud?

Is he the greatest thing ever? What say you? Let's go ahead and hit these phone lines up. Alice here from Virginia. It's the JR Sport Brief Show. Good morning, JR. Just two quick points, maybe, for who's practiced and rehearsed. I bet you can think of who I'm thinking of.

J. Lo's ex-boyfriend. They say he may have been somewhat inauthentic at times. Well, why don't you say his name? Alex Rodriguez.

Yes, sir. Well, I don't think it's a matter of saying Alex Rodriguez has been inauthentic. Alex Rodriguez has admitted the line about quite a few things over the course of his public life and career, including using drugs.

Right. But I'm talking about rehearsed behavior. There were reports maybe that he studied best ways to shake hands and you know that. But I don't think there are larger examples of Alex Rodriguez being inauthentic, lying to a national audience about his steroid use, doubling down on it.

I think we can go ahead and also look at photo shoots and how he treated himself. We can look at Steve Phillips, who has now kind of changed the words and apologized when Alex Rodriguez was a free agent. There was a story going around that the New York Mets did not want Alex Rodriguez or 24 plus one. And so there's a lot out there about Alex Rodriguez being that type of guy.

What are your thoughts on Russell Wilson? I'm just pointing out the similarities, but you just want to say how do Barry Bonds didn't. Did you ever hear that he had a separate area in the locker room?

No, no, no. See, there is a difference between having a separate space in a locker room. Most star players might use a corner locker. They might use two or three lockers.

Jordan, Jordan had his own space. Did you ever hear that? Not no, not separate from a locker room. Paul, let me tell you something.

Please take it from someone. Please take it from someone who has been in many locker rooms, has been in equipment rooms, has taken many tours through buildings and stadiums, arenas when there's not media in there. Because I don't go thank you for calling from Virginia. I don't want to go in a locker room because I don't want to talk to the players after or before the game. I could care less than looking for a story.

Everybody's getting the same damn story anyway. No, thank you. These dudes have separate spaces, correct? Yes, I can have a space that I can carve out around the corner.

I can have three lockers. I ain't never heard something about somebody having a damn office on a separate floor in a practice facility. What are we talking about? Thank God Russell Wilson isn't to the extreme of Alex Rodriguez. And I saw Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds sitting down watching a basketball game yesterday. I'm sure they had an amazing conversation. Nicole is here from Baltimore. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Go ahead, Nicole. Good morning, JR. I want to say that two things are for certain. One is Russell Wilson has always been diplomatic. He's always had a certain business etiquette that he displays whenever he's discussing the game, a loss, a win, whatever.

This is not new. This is something that has always been a Russell Wilson trait. So to come out, you know, these people who come out and say, you know, well, well, he's you know, he can't really be that way. I mean, it just seems too manufactured.

Well, it isn't manufactured. What it is is classic Russell Wilson. It's who he is.

Accept it. I mean, honestly, if folks would just respect people's rights to convey their messages the way they want to, which is what he does. This is who he is. He has never wavered. He's never done anything different than what he's doing today. He was this way when he was in Seattle. He's going to be this way tomorrow. The other thing is when they see him. I'll put you on hold. We'll be back with CBS Sports Radio.
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