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1.5.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR
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January 6, 2023 1:41 am

1.5.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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January 6, 2023 1:41 am

JR gives so much credit to the Buffalo Bills organization in how they have supported Damar Hamlin


When you need to know what's happening, it's time to get in the huddle.

This sham with Steve Keim out there in the desert. I mean, it's like no accountability. Never my fault. It's never his fault. Stuff just happens.

Losses just fall from the sky. It's not Cliff's fault. It's not Kylie's fault. It's not my fault.

It's not the owner's fault. We just have really bad luck. Just hang in there and keep throwing money at us and we'll figure it out. Shut up. Listen to In the Huddle, available on the Ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast.

When you need to know what's happening, it's time to get in the huddle. You're fraudulent. You're not in the business of winning football games. You're in the business of trying to prove your own asinine decisions correct. We can talk about the Ursay thing. Do I think the Saturday thing is the biggest joke in the history of the NFL? I do. But at least he was willing to say, this ain't working for me.

I don't care that I just gave him extensions. Listen to In the Huddle, available on the Ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Thursday night to you. I'm glad that you're here with me.

I'm glad that I'm here with you. Look, you know where the hell I'm at. I'm in the studio.

I'm going to be here talking with you about sports for the next three hours. I don't know where you are. I can only guess. I'm going to assume you might be in your car. You might be in the vehicle. You might be at work. You might be on your way to work. You might be leaving work. You might be building something. You might be relaxing.

You might be chilling. I don't know, but I'm going to be here for sure for the next three hours. And so if you're looking to hang out, my ass is going to be here. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd, and I can't do nothing but say thank you. Thank you for tuning in right now, and thank you for participating in the show for however long you do so.

I hope it's a long time. If you want to talk to me, it's real simple. We got a phone number here. It's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. You can also get a hold of me. I am everywhere on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

That's at JR Sport Brief. So if you can do it safely, if you can't call, if you can pick up a phone, if you can type into a computer and give me a holler, by all means do so. I'll probably see it, unless your ass is a jerk. And at that point, I probably won't.

But anyway, it's not the time to be a jerk. It's not the time to be negative. It's the time to be positive.

I get started, first of all, every single weeknight at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. And it was a beautiful thing earlier today to get the amazing the amazing news that I'm sure you know by now that DeMar Hamlin is improving. That we actually had a press conference with his doctors earlier today where they detailed how he has improved.

That he was able to wake up and not only just grab and hold the hands of his family members, but he was also able to ask a simple question. And I assume this was the question he was going to ask. Josh Allen thought that this was the question he was going to ask. And it was really, hey guys, did did we win the game?

I want you to listen to the doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center talk about DeMar Hamlin and his first communication since waking up. You know, when he was communicating with us last night and then again today, that's been in writing. And, you know, to paraphrase one of our partners, you know, when when he asked, did we win? The answer is yes. You know, DeMar, you won.

You won the game of life. And that's probably the most important thing out of this. And we really need to keep him at the center of everything else that's going on. And we really want to ensure a good outcome for you.

Wow. And so we have to see how things continue to progress. We don't know how things will continue to progress, but we do know based on what we just heard, that it is already ridiculously positive for him to have a neurological function, for him to be able to move his arms and his legs. We need to see how his lungs continue to improve. We do know that his gross or his ability with his gross motor skills are there.

The ability to write, you know, fine motor skills. We'll wait and see. I don't want to speculate.

Don't matter. But what we've seen up until now is amazing. We've also learned a few other things over the past few hours that we will not have the game take place between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills. The NFL has canceled that game. And there are few, few ideas as to, you know, who grabs the number one seed. The NFL owners will actually meet tomorrow, Friday.

Are they going to have a meeting and they'll try to figure out how they move forward is, and then also what's fair. Is it having the AFC championship game in a neutral site? Is it taking the games this upcoming week and, you know, maybe having that accountants of things there's, there's a lot and we'll get into that. And then later in the show, I also want to talk to you about the final slot in the NFC. Is it for the Seattle Seahawks? Is it for the Green Bay Packers? Is it for the Lions? We know that the Green Bay Packers and Lions will play in that final game on Sunday night.

And it might have, it might be a winner take all. The Lions or excuse me, not the Lions, but the Seahawks play earlier on in the day against the Rams. And we might have a little bit more clarity as to what that night game means between the Packers and the Lions. And so we got a lot to do here over the next three hours of the show. I do want to talk to you about some of the playoff permutations as it relates to the AFC and that remaining spot in the NFC. I do want to talk to you about something that was, I don't want to call it hilarious, but it was, we got the first round of voting for the NBA All-Star game.

And I know that they've made some adjustments between last year and this year, but there's still a whole lot of, why the hell is that guy there? And so we'll talk about that. We'll get into the Pro Bowl. Yes.

Yeah. I said the Pro Bowl for the NFL. They're going to do a flag football game. They're going to have multiple games, skills, competitions for the Pro Bowl. We'll talk about that NFL schedule for the playoffs.

And then I did not forget this. It's important. I believe on the heels of Dana White and his power slap. Do I call it a league or a competition Shep?

It's a league and a competition both. We call it a joke. There you go. Dana White and his power slap joke. I have an update there as he unfortunately over the holidays decided to slap his wife. I'll update you there as well as Chris Beard. And now I can call him the former basketball coach for UT.

Shout out to all my folks in Austin. It doesn't matter if his wife decided to, you know, recant her story or say what did not take place. Chris Beard is gone. There's an amazing story and amazing is, I guess this is the best word I could come up with. The U.S. Men's National Team. You got former players hating each other and hating their kids who currently on the team and people digging up old dirt. It sounds like something made for TMZ. But on the positive note, back to the positivity, DeMar Hamlin is improving.

And that's a beautiful thing. And you just heard from the doctors about what DeMar wanted to know. Hey, did we win the game?

Hey, man, you wanted the game of life. And he would not have won at this game of life if it were not for the doctors that were there on site. And so those doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, their first job, the first thing that they did was to actually praise the Buffalo Bills medical staff for the care that they immediately gave DeMar Hamlin when he hit that field. Listen. Can't say enough about the quick actions of the Bills training staff and then the physicians who are on the field with getting to him, recognizing that this was a very serious situation and responding and saving his life. It was really, really outstanding work from all of them. And not just saving his life, but his neurologic functioning.

The reason why we're talking about his recovery of neurologic function is the true critical importance of immediate and good and high quality CPR and immediate access to the tribulation. We've had a lot of callers since I've been back. I got here on Tuesday and was here obviously with you last night. I'm here tonight. I'll be here tomorrow, too.

Get used to it. We're past the holidays. I'll be here just about every week night unless I won't. But the fact is I want to say thank you to all of our first responders who listen to this show. This is an evening.

This is a night show. People are either winding down or they're getting ready to go to work. We have a massive audience because a lot of our markets all over North America are pretty much relaxing, but not us.

We ain't relaxing. We're talking to plenty of folks who are active. And so if you're saving someone, if you're watching over someone, if you are on call waiting on someone, we say thank you to you because you don't always get that thanks. Not everybody is taking care of of Damar, but you might be taking care of someone in your neighborhood, in your community. And for that, I personally want to say thank you.

Not everybody gets that. And so three days ago we had no idea what was going on. We've learned that there has been progress and there have also now been conversations about what you do next. We know the game will not take place. There will not be a replay, a restart.

The game from this past Monday night between the Bengals and the Bills has been canceled. But now we have an opportunity to focus a little bit more on what happens going forward. How do you crown properly? With all due respect, an AFC champion. How do you handle who has home field advantage? And there's a lot of questions and we'll talk about that. But now that we do know that we're going forward, it's a beautiful thing. Josh Allen spoke to the media today as well. And knowing that we got an improvement from Damar Hamlin as to how he is functioning, Josh Allen decided to share some words from his father earlier on in the week. I want you to hear that directly from Josh Allen. Listen, Mario talking to us as a team and the things that he he kind of told us and really didn't tell us. He demanded us, you know, and you can't not honor his his request to go out there and charge forward, you know, to the best of our abilities. And obviously, we'll be playing with, I guess, less heavy hearts now. Knowing that, you know, today's news was a lot of tears of joy, I'll tell you that. But to know that that's what he wants, that's what his dad wants, that's what his dad wants. I think guys are excited to get out there.

You gotta be hyped, don't you? Think about this. It's been only three days. And when I say only for his family, for his family, it probably feels like an eternity.

Every minute, every second, every hour has to feel like an eternity. We have more than a month, more than a month until we get to the Super Bowl. We have this upcoming Saturday and Sunday to conclude the season.

We have the following weekend to get into the wild card games, and then we go into the divisional round, and then we go into the championship round, and then we get a break, and then we go to Phoenix or Glendale, Arizona, the State Farm Stadium, and then we get the Super Bowl. That's more than a month. I have no idea where we're going to be a month from now, more than a month from now.

Because three days for all of us listening here, for the most part, who have been detached from the situation or from the situation, three days have felt like an eternity. You might not have a, quote, unquote, horse in the race. I like the Falcons here in Atlanta. I like the Jets up in New York. Yeah, the Jets suck.

They got their own problems. Those two are my teams. You might root for, I don't know, the Jacksonville Jaguars. You might root for the Arizona Cardinals. You might be a fan of, I don't know, let's say the Texans. We know they ain't going nowhere. You might like the Browns.

Sorry. You want to tell me at this point right now, it's not easy to root for the Bills? It's not easy to root for the Bills.

In my head, and I don't want to get too far, and I'm not going to paint a picture, I'm not going to do it. Could you imagine if the Bills were in the Super Bowl? It's a possibility. I mean, you can fill in the rest.

The doctors talked about the progress he has made, that he has made, and he has to improve his lung function, and so to the degree of his full cognitive progression, we have no idea. But I'm going to hope it can continue to move up. I want the Cinderella story this year.

I do. I mean, typically you would talk about the Buffalo Bills and you'd go back to the the early 90s and you'd say, oh my God, how many times do you have to go to the Super Bowl? It's unimaginable. Four straight years to not win it. It's torture. I want the storybook ending this year.

I don't got a dog in a race. There's a little bit of everything I want to see. I'd love to see Patrick Mahomes add on to his legacy.

I'd love to see it. I'd love to see Joe Burrow go from LSU and his 70 touchdowns to now the NFL, you know, getting a chance and his second one to win, and I'd love to see it. Give me that story where Tom Brady says, I got another one. Let me see the Eagles get it together with Hertz. Dallas Cowboys. They've been a long time. They're America's team, right? They find a way to choke all the time, right? Give me the story where the Cowboys finally win their next one and Jerry Jones loses his mind upstairs.

I could see it now. We'll never hear the end of it. I want to see what the Niners can do with Purdy.

Yeah, they can win some games right now, but can Purdy take you all the damn way? I can think of every single storyline that would be a storybook that would be attractive to me. That would be fun as a viewer.

This is entertainment. I ain't got no dog in the race. I can think of every single storyline.

Nothing. There's not a damn storyline that would match a Buffalo Bills victory. Forget all those years in the late 90s or the early 90s, the late 80s, losing four consecutive. Give me the storyline where Damar Hamlin gets a ring.

Give me that one. Tell me it's not easy to root for the Bills. If you don't have a dog in the race, if you're a fan of the Bears, the Texans, the New York Jets, the fill in the blanks, tell me that that's not a story that you could not rally around. We got a lot to do before we get there.

The Super Bowl is more than a month away, but it's a nice thing. This is my third show of 2023. The third show.

First one the night after the accident. Oh, man, it's tough. The second show is still tough, but the third show after the news we got earlier today makes things a little bit easier. Makes it easier to look forward as you just heard from Josh Allen.

Encouragement from Damar's dad about, hey, y'all go out there and go to work. I'm anticipating this postseason. The NFL doesn't even know how they put it together, how they crown an AFC champion, but I already know what story I want. That's the Buffalo Bills on top. That's Damar Hamlin with a Super Bowl ring.

These are the things that only Disney can write. Am I the only person hoping and wishing for that? What say you? It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to take your calls on the other side.

Don't move. I'm going to talk to you next. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I love your show. Every week I'll work about 60 hours a week. Every week I get off of work at about midnight and I tune into your show. I love your show. I listen to your show every night going home from work and I appreciate you, man. I listen to you on my drive home from work and I appreciate you being you and being fresh, man. Thank you. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. I can finally feel and be optimistic and be cool knowing that we've had some progress here with DeMar Hamlin. That he is communicating, that his neurological function is intact to what degree we do not know, that his lung capacity and function is improving and that he is able to communicate.

Although as of our last update earlier today it was via writing. I'll take all of that because on Sunday or not Sunday but on Monday night, Monday night football, we had no idea what the future was going to hold and so I'm thrilled with that and right before we went to break I said you know what unless you have like a team unless your team is in the race and it it's easy to look at the bills and hope and and say man come on bills y'all gotta win this, right? Y'all gotta win the Super Bowl finally I know, right? Y'all gotta go out there and get it. Last time well the last several times well not even several the last four times I saw the bills in the Super Bowl they lost.

All four times. I'm rooting for him this year. I want to see DeMar Hamlin get a ring. That's easy. The game this past Monday night between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills will not be rescheduled. It has been canceled. NFL owners will meet tomorrow to vote and decide on how they decide the fairway you know who is the AFC champion and is it going to take place the AFC championship game at a neutral site you know what happens between the winner of the AFC North there are questions that they have to answer tomorrow and so I'm sure by the time we get back on the air tomorrow night at 10 Eastern 7 Pacific we might have a little bit more clarity but I'm very clear on this I'd love to see the Bills win the championship this year they're the easy team to root for it ain't no guarantee but it's easy to root for 855-2124 CBS that's 855-2124 CBS let's talk to someone on the other side of the Niagara opposite Buffalo let's go to Toronto and Canada and let's talk to Brandon you're on CBS Sports Radio how you doing JR good man thank you good um I just want to end up saying the the last two calls you ended up having uh Don and I believe her name was Mark before I get to my point I just wound up saying uh Mark's call got me a little emotional listening to it you can hear the heartbreak and and the gratitude in his voice of what's going on in Buffalo I can feel for him and I just want to say for Don not only were those stadiums lit up but Niagara Falls was lit up in red and blue and our CN Tower and Toronto was lit up red and blue on New Year's Day and the day after too so Toronto's got close ties with the Buffalo Bills especially with some of the regular season games they had in Toronto I just want to say we're sending our love out to them as well um now to my main point I'm a hockey guy being in Toronto uh go figure and uh I I've seen some horrible injuries Clint Mallarchuck in St. Louis uh Richard Zetnick with Florida crucial crucial timing from the training staff and doctors saved those people's lives from something that could have been drastic who knows what could have ended up happening if the training staff medical staff and emergency response unit didn't get out onto the field there uh two seconds later who knows where we could have been I really think that some of the training staff unfortunately it takes time for these moments to end up causing this to happen but they have an incredibly thankless job in my opinion they don't get enough credit that I feel like they deserve and um you know the real shout outs go to those first responders that ran out onto the team uh or ran out to the field to go attend the mar um that to me was incredible the quick thinking they start on cpr and getting the ambulance out there in a timely fashion they they're they're the they're the heroes in this for their quick thinking their quick actions and I just want to give them all the props in the world for uh for their response no doubt Brandon thank you for calling from Toronto um thank you for your time you asked hey where where would we be where would damar be I think the doctors that we heard from earlier today in the the press conference at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center I think they made it very clear where we would be you're giving the buffalo bill staff credit the doctors gave them the ultimate credit it's not a where would we be the answer is damar from all indications would not be here with us right now if they did not respond in the way that they did the doctors made it very clear that what took place on Monday night was a master class that the NFL should should really uh just pay attention to for any future problems and it might be a once in a lifetime you know everyone listening to the sound of my voice right now we might never ever see or witness a similar experience that took place on Monday and the response that we got was a once in a million that appeared to save his life I want you to listen to the doctors from earlier today they gave credit for what took place before he even got to the hospital listen to this can't say enough about the quick actions of the bills training staff and then the physicians who are on the field with getting to him recognizing that this was a very serious situation and responding and saving his life it was really really outstanding work from all and not just saving his life but his neurologic functioning the reason why we're talking about his recovery of neurologic function is the true critical importance of immediate and good and high quality CPR and immediate access to defibrillation seconds seconds seconds seconds seconds not everybody gets those seconds and yeah sure he's a he's a football player he's a person it's his job right there are a lot of people who don't get that time 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cvs reg is calling from alaska you're on cvs sports radio go ahead reg jr thanks for having me i can tell you the best possible storyline vikings bills two teams that have never won it i'm a vikes fan i was at the bills game when the vikings went up there and won but if it was those two teams i'd say so be it may the best team win at that and win their first super bowl but what i'd like to get to is with damar and just the way that this has really been a unifying event not only across the united states as we know in canada for all north america i'm talking to people that work up here that don't pay attention to football women that don't even know what sports are and people are touched by this event however we live in a very politicized you know kind of woke culture and when when when we should be having unifying events in this country it seems like half of the country or a portion of the country takes to twitter and say we don't need prayers where are your prayers now they're not helping anybody now and so now that damar is on the other side and hopefully going to continue and come out of this fully um i'm curious to get your thoughts on does this event get politicized because i'm reading you know articles on there's been over there's been over a thousand heart attacks on males under a certain age that have been playing athletics and just where does all this go from here once he's better well help me out i'm trying to understand what you mean by politicized because when you have an individual who got hit in the chest and almost died and did die in front of us and was resuscitated i don't i don't understand the politicization of such uh covid covid and vaccinations right and so there okay well you yeah that's yeah well thank you you didn't have to you didn't have to beat around the bushel sugarcoat you didn't have to while we live in a culture i i didn't want to get it so but here's i'm glad how long have you been listening to this show reg oh gosh as long as you've been on you're one of the best you're one of the best on radio thank you well thank you i don't i don't i don't deal in buzzwords i deal i deal in reality you know it this ain't to pat myself on the back i've been around the world multiple times have been places i never thought i'd be i have seen people live in poverty i have been around people who have more money than they can count and if there's one thing that i am i'm thrilled to be able to bring to the airwaves right now and to be able to wake up every day with is perspective and it doesn't matter if it's uh you know i don't look at life in the left or right i can certainly look in the prism of it i look at life in the realm of of common sense and you know people can think of whatever they want to do uh what i try to do and this is how i live my life this is how i also go ahead and try to approach this show is to take a look at all of the information and i try to look at all of the facts i try to look at all the opinions and i try to draw it down to common sense and from my thought process and opinion this isn't you know people want to think about things if you are driving the car down the wrong road for too long you're going to never want to get in the car ever again if you get in a vehicle and you're going down a road it takes you through nothing but roses you're going to think that life ain't nothing but roses and if you have no idea what it means to traverse on both sides of the road you're going to have a skewed perspective and sometimes you got to understand what it means to to be in the middle to say i know what it looks like over here i know what it looks like down this road and then there's somebody in a helicopter there's somebody who's over all three roads and they're going that one is rocky that one is roses and this one is down the middle and sometimes you got to try to have the helicopter view you got to look at it from the airplane you got to look at it from 30,000 miles above and maybe if you can you got to look at it from a spaceship and maybe you can see all the planets the best thing i believe that anyone can have in life is perspective and so anyone who wants to look at the situation involving damar and you want to say oh my god well this is covid this and vaccine that and this i will encourage you to take a a gigantic step back i will encourage you to get off the road that you are on maybe try to try the other road maybe try to get in a helicopter maybe getting an airplane and if you can you know try to look at it from the massive perspective just looking at the whole globe the most important thing right now is to look at what took place to this man try to apply a little bit of common sense and think about what we all witnessed and think about what it means for for people and how people came together instead of looking at a scenario that unfortunately or not unfortunately but it's just a theory i can sit here and come up with theories anyone can come up with a theory unfortunately too many people have gotten hit with a stupid stick and and dare not venture outside of that range and uh that's how i view things reg and that's how i always try to look at things my man in alaska i appreciate you reggie okay hey jr i i'm with you on that view right i i'm i'm 100 with you on that view uh but my point of asking that question is as as things progress where does it where does this go from there right i'm not saying i'm a vector anti-vaxxer right i i'm just like so many things so many things get politicized and yeah with this being a unifying event in north america you know where does it go from here understood and i'm not i'm not putting you in one category that was a general answer reggie i hope you understand my point is my point and thank you for calling up from alaska my point is yes it is a unifying event and hopefully we have enough people who can learn from this event to continue to be unifying that's the point it's the jr sport reef show here with you on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio i just want to say thank you for being on this show and giving me some good content every time i leave my girlfriend's house give me some time to chill relax and listen to some good sports news call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs i'm gonna get to the phone lines in a second i'm looking at twitter at jr sport brief l tasha g she tweets me and she says i am rooting for the bills as well i agree with you jr hopefully a cinderella story in the making i certainly hope so jeremy wallace he tweets me at jr sport brief and he says there is nothing political about this total perspective he says he loves me i love you too jeremy thank you for saying what i wanted to say in a much more respectful way than i ever would have after that call and we we just got off the phone lines we had a gentleman who called and pretty much asked hey jr what do you think about the potential politicization of this situation involving damari hamlin and i said man is there is nothing political about it anyone who wants to do so is almost i'd say subhuman like what's their political we saw a guy on monday night almost die in front of our eyes he's still here he's improving he's recovering i mean damn it if that man when he comes out of that hospital i'm gonna shed a tear a couple of them and it doesn't matter under what circumstances he does so that's just a part of being a human man and i'm rooting for the bills and i'm a jets and falcons fan and i will be rooting for the buffalo bills i want to see this man get a ring eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs let's go to western new york and let's talk to dominic dominic you're on cbs sports radio hi thanks for taking my call hopefully my call um will will give a little hope to the recovery of damar um also i love your uh the bills going to the super bowl but nothing is going to be greater than him walking out of that hospital and being able to watch the super bowl right from the stands right that's going to be the that's going to be the real show oh my god but um i actually i think one of the greatest parts of the story is the buffalo bills you know they're a felt uh faith-filled team their first response was they got on their knees and prayed and i thought that was the start of everything and the reason i can share that with you is that um 10 years ago i had no heartbeat for 28 minutes and if it wasn't for the first responders you know in my situation i had my heart attack right in the waiting room of the hospital and i also had the fact that my mother because we just had left a wedding um i miraculously got to the hospital by mistake because my brother was making wrong turns because he was panicking by mistake i ended up by the hospital so that saved my life but the second thing is you know as i go in there i'm in the waiting room and just like him i fell over backwards and hit my head on the plaster and went out and my mother saw this from the um the car she was watching just like just like his mother was and she 85 years old she jumped over the back from the back seat to the front seat because she couldn't get out the back door and she literally ran into that waiting room as they were wheeling me away into the back room my wife was there watching us and what happened after that is a while later they came and told my wife that the good news is we got his heartbeat back after 23 minutes the bad news is they'll be brain dead or dead by the morning and what happened my wife did exactly what the buffalo bills did her first response was she got on my phone and called people because i have a ministry throughout the us and canada and it went internationally where people were praying for me they were praying that i would survive and i went into a coma for two weeks and the same things they they everything that happened was him so let me ask you this dominic you were you were out for for 30 minutes 23 minutes 23 minutes well listen man i'm gonna i'm not rounding up appropriately if i wanted to round it'd be 20 for all intent and purposes you were out for 25 minutes yes and you're here with us exactly so i i i know and as i'm watching this happen and i just see you know the hand i really just have i can say this the hand of god in this that when he woke up and i woke up i well i didn't wake up for two weeks but when i woke up a couple things happened number one is i also got a board to write on and the first thing i said because i thought it was the next day i asked my wife if she paid my son's rent so not necessarily if anybody won the game you asked did the rent yeah but i think i won just like he did i i woke up and they you know they said i would be brain dead or dead but i mean you know whatever my when i started talking the first thing i heard from a doctor was a miracle man yeah and the second the second thing is that i heard and i'll share this with you because i was out for 23 minutes unfortunately the oxygen that i lost all my organs had really collapsed but they put me on this life support machine that brought everything back but i am i ended up totally blind to it but i have to share with this because of the outpouring of what this man's going to get which i got from prayer and love and people facebook social media when i went when i heard what was going on you know um i it turned my fear into purpose yeah my my my my brother came in a room and he said in in two weeks he says for an eight weeks from now you'll be sharing your story because i i did ministries around the country and arena events and it was medically impossible for me to do that but i didn't know it but i started thinking about the possibilities right and i so i see the mark see he's waking up now and everything he's got i got i got everything he's got i don't want to cut you off i'm cutting you off appropriately before the the break cuts you off dominic i want to say thank you to you for sharing that story you are an inspiration in and of itself and i want to thank you for calling from western new york you want to talk about possibilities i mean whoa i'm gonna take more of your calls on the other side the chair our support resource he wants cps sports radio no one's more locked into the nfl than first and pod why is it not within the realm of possibility that geno smith was a victim of a horrible organization bad offensive coaching and then went and played behind three high level talents and only got spot starts and did okay by the way well because it's just it doesn't really happen that often anymore subscribe to first and pod on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast no one's more locked into the nfl than first and pod why is it not within the realm of possibility that geno smith was a victim of a horrible organization bad offensive coaching and then went and played behind three high level talents and only got spot starts and did okay by the way well because it's just it doesn't really happen that often anymore subscribe to first and pod on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast when you need to know what's happening it's it's it's time to get hit in the huddle you're fraudulent you're not in the business of winning football games you're in the business of trying to prove your own asinine decisions correct we can talk about the ursay thing do i think the saturday thing is the biggest joke in the history of the nfl i do but at least he was going to say this ain't working for me i don't care that i just gave him extensions listen to in the huddle available on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast you
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