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11.1.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR
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November 1, 2022 11:57 pm

11.1.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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November 1, 2022 11:57 pm

JR explains why the Nets have become an absolute disaster


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Rocket, Rocket can. Happy Tuesday night to you. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next four hours.

This is what they pay me to do. Talk. Talk about sports. Have a good time. And man, we got a lot to talk about. I'm being joined by super producer and host of Dave Shepherd. I'm being joined happily by everybody listening all over North America. A big shout out to all my friends.

The University of Maryland up in Baltimore. Had an excellent time with them today. The Media for the Movement Tour continues and moves on. Can't wait to share with you some of the conversations that I had with the students, with an athlete, my main man Adam Hayes.

We'll talk about that later on in the show. Once I finished up that engagement, happened to be walking by a television screen and boom, breaking news. Steve Nash out as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. And by the way, the Brooklyn Nets, they just played a basketball game in Brooklyn against the Chicago Bulls and with Jacques Vaughn pretty much stepping in as an interim of the Bulls come back to beat the Nets 108 to 99. So for one night, for one game, Steve Nash not being on the bench doesn't make too much of a difference for the Brooklyn Nets who cannot stop or could not stop a hot Zach Levine late. The Brooklyn Nets, when they fired Steve Nash or they mutually agreed to part, the team was two and five. Right now these Brooklyn Nets, after this loss to the Bulls, they fall to two and six.

I want to talk about this mutually parting of ways. We're going to get into that momentarily. The college football playoff rankings are out. Tennessee is at the top. We pretty much are a couple of days away as well from the start of the college basketball season. We have some expectations there as the sporting news put out their rankings and John Calipari, I don't know why he's doing it, but he's pretty much trying to bring down and tamper expectations for his Wildcats. So we'll talk about that.

We'll talk about Robert Short sharing his thoughts and opinions on his standing in the NBA as one of the greatest players of all time. And then at the same time, this is pretty wild. Hey, Chef, did you know the World Series is going on right now? Is that taking place tonight?

It is. A Phillies are whooping at ass in Philadelphia. Jay, they don't lose at home. It's seven to nothing right now against the Astros. Looking to take a two one lead here in the World Series.

I think most of America rooting against the the Houston Astros and let's see if the Phillies can hold on right now The game is in the top of the sixth if you want to holler at me. It's real simple here We got a phone number 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS you can also find me I am at JR Sportbrief everywhere on social media Hey shop, where the hell are you at you you keep it simple? What's your name, man? Well, my name is David Shepard.

I met I met the Good Shepherd underscore. I don't quite have the following you do I don't have as many platforms as you do how you keep track of it is beyond me by the way How you go to Maryland and back is beyond me, too How why not what's so difficult? We got things called the plane. We could thank the Wright brothers You're hosting a national radio show across 300 markets across North America and worldwide with the free art of the app And you got time to do that throughout a day, too. It's amazing.

Hey, listen, man. It's it's for good cause It's for a good reason with good people. So I can't wait to share that that conversation with everybody Later on in the show you bring up an excellent point. I have to ask you this question Why the Good Shepherd and not the Bad Shepherd So yeah for me, there's a movie called the Good Shepherd obviously starting Matt Damon and I thought it was I thought it was catchy I thought it was something to be, you know memorable. So it's a fair question I mean people like bad people like you know Things in the media that are that are scandalous, you know I but so I don't know if teetering on good works, but I think it's worked for me so far I think it has. Thank you, sir I like that though bad isn't good, but you know what someone good as you alluded to Who's good to the media good to the players?

It kind of backfired on him just two years into the job. Oh, yeah Talking about Steve Nash. Oh, yeah, who doesn't have a job anymore This This man did not I'm happy for Steve Nash. I'm thrilled that he no longer has to put up with this nonsense I know that Kyrie Irving everything with the weekend pretty much was it Steve Nash having to talk to the media and and try to explain up the ladder You know what the team was going to do with Kyrie Irving after he decided to you know Share that that film which is offensive to a lot of individuals in the Jewish community like Do you think this is what Steve Nash came out of retirement to do you think this is what he wanted for his first job? Steve Nash is one of the most accomplished basketball players of all time multiple MVPs regardless whether you think he should have won them a success with the Suns coming out of nowhere to bounce back with the Mavs and He's a Hall of Famer and he's also yes as Shep said He is one of the nicest individuals you will ever meet post-retirement or when he retired yes Steve Nash spent time a broadcasting this man would go around the country just randomly playing soccer He's an amazing athlete.

He was quote-unquote living his best life and Then this opportunity came about to coach the Brooklyn Nets. This was almost like oh my god Steve Nash a first-time head coach one of the greatest point guards of all time has a chance and an opportunity to hook up with a team that has Kevin Durant and at that time Kyrie Irving no brainer, right? No brainer automatic compete for a championship and they almost did it Kyrie Irving got hurt James Harden gets traded in Kyrie Irving doesn't want to get a shot Kyrie Irving now comes back this season. There's already controversy Durant wants to leave in the offseason James Harden wants to bounce because of the nonsense with Kyrie Ben Simmons comes in he's hurt He has no confidence.

The team plays no defense. It is just a complete blank show and And so at approximately 12 noon Eastern time today It was announced that they they were done that Steve Nash would continue on with his wonderful life Co-owning soccer teams Traveling around being an ambassador for the game in Canada in the United States of America Talking about soccer and football and basketball living the good life before He paused his retirement took coach baby ass NBA players complaining NBA players and it only took seven games Kevin Durant made his trade request and and then a month's couple of months later. It was then oh, well I'll come back if Steve Nash and marks are done Seven games into the season Steve Nash was like I ain't got time for this This is one of the times where I feel that this is almost like a relief Was it a mutual decision did Steve Nash go up to his buddy?

Sean marks did did he approach Joe science say I gots to go or did they approach him? It doesn't matter This is a relief for Steve Nash and He didn't deserve this and we know the first person to go in any situation Where you can't just dump the players The coach gots to go Steve Nash is gone Jacques Vaughn coached the team tonight as I mentioned to you they lost in the end with him with the interim title to the Chicago Bulls and The report pretty much is as soon as tomorrow The Brooklyn Nets are ready to bring in E-Mate Udoka Yes, the same man who was suspended put on the bench put on the shelf by the Boston Celtics for an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate Well, they letting him go They gonna let this man coach the Nets of by the way, he was on Steve Nash's staff a few years ago He was also on the Sixers staff a few years ago. Nice tie-in there to Ben Simmons He also when he played as a longtime member of the San Antonio Spurs He was also with the general manager of the team at the time or a former player Sean marks who runs the Brooklyn Nets?

And so there are some pre-existing relationships that are there now is E-Mate Udoka supposed to make that much of a difference. I don't know This is a train wreck The team has now fallen to two and six after tonight Steve Nash was given the boot. I'm actually thrilled for him that he has doesn't have to deal with this nonsense and Sean marks had to address the media today He had to sit down and answer the quote-unquote tough questions Sean What the hell do you think about people who look at this team and just just really feel down about them and even the Kyrie Situation, what do you have to say Sean?

I'm certainly not proud of the situation we find ourselves in, you know I would like to turn, you know, ESPN or TV on and not find You talking about us, you know in that manner to be quite frank, you know, I'd like to get back to basketball I think that's what our players would like to get back to they'd like to focus on the things that are important here and and that's Competing at the highest level and and playing basketball games. Oh, yeah that that would be nice Would be nice I think it's too far going for that because I look at my watch my Imaginary watch and I say how long is it before Kyrie Irving says something else crazy? How much longer do we have to wait before Kyrie comes out and just says something Wow?

a matter of fact The Brooklyn Nets have made it very clear that it's not a foregone conclusion that he will not be punished in some type of way Do I think it will happen? No, that's me personally, but they've left the option out on the table And so Sean marks knowing that Kyrie Irving has been away from the media since this past weekend is back and forth with Nick Friedle He's not talking this what Sean Marks had to say about Kyrie Irving being away from the media. We don't want to cause You know more fuss right now with more interaction with people like let's let him simmer down and let's let this whole I guess let's the cooler minds prevail I don't want to get into who and how and when these conversations are happening that they're ongoing I think at the right point and the right time I mean, you know Kai can Kai can address these for himself and and our group will as well simmer down Is that possible for Kyrie ever and can that mean simmer down? I Feel like the last time I heard that that phrase or expression used it was like a kids cartoon simmer down simmer down It's been a while. There ain't no simmering here with Kyrie over and this guy's piping hot He boiling all over the place. I wish you could just slap him off the stove and get rid of him He's the bad part of the meal Everything tastes good except for him. Get rid of him Tonight by the way, it's a terrible game by Kyrie Irving 33 minutes on the floor four points Two of twelve from the field.

Oh of six from downtown four fouls He did have seven assists and six rebounds, but this was an ugly night And of course Kevin Durant who rolls out of bed and it's just amazing He has 32 points nine of 17 shooting Ben Simmons did not play again because of his sore knee Wait, what I'm sorry Jared Simmons didn't play What a shock, right? Yes The Brooklyn Nets are just they're out here crashing They're burning you want to talk about simmering the Brooklyn Nets they are burning and simmering on the side of the road right now and So Sean Marks and continuing his conversation with the media today He talked about Steve Nash getting the boot and what Sean is actually looking for next. I don't know that it fixes everything You know, I have no idea. I mean, I think what you're looking for is Is a leader we're looking for for that for our group. We're looking for somebody to have poise charisma Accountability, we're not playing up to our expectations or where we should be so you hope this This new coach can come in here and put this group in the best possible place to exceed What It's like the teacher from Charlie Brown Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Let's play the beginning of that real quick just again.

Let's let's hear that again. I Don't know that it fixes everything, you know, they stop it right here You don't know if getting rid of Nash fix it, you know the answer to that I don't know that it fixes everything. You know, the answer is it doesn't And nonsense get out of here, I don't know that it fixes everything That was the dumbest thing that Sean Mark said as a part of that press conference There isn't fixing anything with these Brooklyn Nets, it's talent and It's not official that he made Udoka is going to, you know, join the team. We expect it to be official by tomorrow Is he gonna rough these guys up Is he gonna be more forceful when it comes down to their defensive rotations in their effort? Is he going to reconnect with Ben Simmons someone who he worked with down in Philadelphia? Is he supposed to put the I don't want to say a muzzle, but is he going to get Kyrie Irving to chill the hell out?

Maybe But I guess if Kyrie Irving doesn't want to do that himself in a contract here, how the hell is he made over gonna do that? And based on the way things are going right now at what point does Kevin Durant say I please Let's try again Please let's try again get me out of here Because that might be coming around the corner as well The Brooklyn Nets are a disaster It's crazy on the West Coast you have the Los Angeles Lakers on the East Coast you have the Brooklyn Nets two teams who a few years ago brought in all the star power in the world and we know the star teams don't always work Sometimes it's a roll of the dice. Sometimes you you got a hope for health For the Brooklyn Nets Covid Vaccinations Religious talk vacations Injuries players quitting I Mean I can go on and on and now Steve Nash who was brought in To basically get this team over the top and what was to be an easier job and he got paid nice for it He got paid about nine million dollars a year. He got a four-year deal He's okay He didn't deserve this nonsense There isn't a coach in the NBA Who would deserve this nonsense and I guess misery loves company Because he may who Doka He's getting a chance and an opportunity a few months after the Celtics said Go sit over there in the corner and keep your damn hands to yourself It's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio the phone lines are open that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CVS, that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CVS Steve Nash is gone as the head coach of the Nets is this going to make a difference or Are the Brooklyn Nets screwed either way the phone lines are open? I'll also allow you to hear from Charles Barkley. He shared his thoughts and opinions not too long ago on the NBA on TNT But right now right here.

It's the JR sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio I don't know that it fixes everything. You know, I have no idea you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio I'm telling you that the Brooklyn Nets parting ways with Steve Nash is not gonna make too much of a difference Maybe later on in the season, but uh, I'm just counting on a new disaster. I Don't know when it's gonna come when it's gonna take place is it is it Kyrie Irving? Is it is it Durant frustrated and too through with this? Is it a Ben Simmons who is still not playing two consecutive games out with a sore knee? It was first. It was his uh, you didn't want to be in Philly.

He won't be there Team basically mistreated him. He didn't want to be there Then it was his mental health and well, yeah, obviously I think we can still see that and then it was his back He needed a procedure and now he's back. Pardon the phrase or pun Now it's his knee So between his head his back his knee He's just an automatic game of operation He's that game that you teach the kids what the shop what is it shoulders knees and toes something like that crap You know what I'm talking about operation. No, not the game operation with it There's a there's a kid song like shoulders knees and toes or something like that. Is it is it choreographed by James Winston? Or what the whole body hurts everywhere exactly.

Yes. Where does it hurt? Jamis everywhere pain everywhere everywhere, of course Something else is gonna happen with the Nets man And are we really shocked that this is taking place? It was only two years ago When Steve Nash got the job that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant sat down on KD's podcast the etc, which is still a very odd name and They talked about all of them having a chance at coaching.

I mean the writing was on the wall. Listen to this We don't need somebody come in and put their coaching philosophy on everything that we're doing and change up the wheel and yo You guys need to start doing this and we start running on the first day of practice. It's just like no, I Don't really see us having a head coach. I mean I got Katie could be a head coach I could be a head coach Jacque Vaughn could do it one day. It could be it could be it's a collaborative effort I think on our part. Oh My goodness and Jacque Vaughn this man lost tonight Basically keeping the seat worn for EME Udoka That should just get played all day tomorrow on WFAN in New York City Just all day should get played all day You needed evidence here it was Jacque Vaughn could do it one day and he lost What a disaster Charles Barkley prior to the game tonight with a net loss to the Bulls Zach Levine dropping 20 points in the fourth quarter you want to talk about a Lack of defense.

Nope. This man stepped into multiple open threes. Nobody in front of them Barkley said This is a terrible look for the Nets and they hung all of the disaster around the neck of Steve Nash You let these players run this man off his job because they were acting like fools the players This is all on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons This scene that's just a scapegoat. Nobody was talking about how bad of a coach Steve Nash was three or four years ago All of a sudden these guys start acting like fools and jackasses and now Oh Steve Nash can't coach like I say I don't know Steve nasty coach, but I know three or four years ago.

He was winning playoff series. Just a bad look in From from a public perception You let these players run this man off his job because they were acting like fools True early last year They would have been on their way to the finals But Kevin Durant has a big old foot and Kyrie Irving what else is new he's he's entry-prone We haven't even seen that portion of Kyrie yet This past season nothing swept by the Celtics and Now he's done he's gone Shup who's next email Doka expected to be the head coach What happens after that who it has to be Durant right? He's like I'm out of here You know what honestly you you said it the wild card is gonna be Kyrie and and you're well aware of this He is he's on his last leg in terms of what the next big contract is gonna look for him having the desirable Sixteen wish list and then only one that being the Lakers even get you know, even putting out interest there So Kyrie understands his back is against the wall Which means in theory you should get the best of Kyrie Irving this particular season But he's still the wild card because Jayar think about this now The way the landscape of the NBA is you truly only need two superstars to really contend in this league not many teams have with the Nets have in Kyrie and Durant and then you got to look at obviously Clackston the emergence of him this season. So He may who Doka may be the solution for this team, but it all hinges on Kyrie Irving Yeah, we have seen the best of Kyrie Irving as a basketball player this this season.

I would agree with that And he wasn't great tonight as you alluded to but this season we're seeing the best of him. No, no, what do you mean Kyrie Irving? Yeah, absolutely No, no, no, no, I mean, I mean, I mean like absolved tonight for a second what you've seen from on the court Not just scoring the basketball but what he's doing in the trenches in the middle of the bigs with his rebound game what he's doing Defensively, you don't see a different Kyrie Irving emerging this season because no contract issue.

No, okay. I'm not I'm not I I think in his in his career. Is he gonna put up numbers this season of healthy?

Yes. Absolutely Tonight was an awful night terrible night Is he gonna put up his numbers? Yes, but if I have to think about his career Our team's gonna run and come chasing down at the end of the season Possibly if he can shut up the rest of the way it can he actually do that? I doubt it You know, is he going to last the entire season and and play all the way through?

Maybe this year he will because he is on a contract season. I just don't have optimism his career peaked in 2016 when he hit a three-point shot That was six years ago. If you think about everything that has taken place since then wanting to be traded Going out to the Celtics and telling everyone that he wants to stay and then he wants to leave and Man, he decides to go to Brooklyn and it's just it's distraction after distraction after distraction As he gets older as he continues to up and up into his 30s Are we supposed to think different is gonna take place? That's fair But JR you you've alluded to this you said you know your monologue Steve Nash is one of the all-time great point guards No matter how you slice it no matter how you want to debate the MVP to MVP is etc But you and I both know the Achilles heel of Nash's 19 year career Was he was not a defensive player at any point including his rookie season? He may you Doka might be one of the two or three best defensive coaches we have in the association That is what JR has kept the Nets from even attaining mediocrity this season Yeah, that doesn't have anything to do with Kyrie over and being a massive distraction That's a fair point But but I tell you what I tell you what aside from and we listen you talked about it all last season with the state Of the union that Marcus Mark gave talking about Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown outside of that Have you ever seen any kind of you know? I would say tension within that Celtics framework in terms of players going after each other And management know who Doka as a rookie he held that team in check, and then he had their ultimate respect He's gonna get KD and Kyrie's respect instantaneously Well, we're gonna talk about EMA who Doka later on he can garner the respect and push the buttons I don't know if there is a foot big enough to go into the ass of Kyrie Irving where he can relax for a full season If he does it good on him if this is the biggest disaster for the Brooklyn Nets this season Good on him. There's still plenty of time.

We are in November Let's see if they well, let's see how far they can roll. I don't know if they're gonna roll to June They have the talent to do so if they can play With Ben Simmons How's Kyrie's small Kyrie gonna hold up 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Andre is calling from Vegas. What's up Andre?

Hey, what's going on my brother man? I appreciate your show man, but check this out, man You know I look at this situation with the Nets. I look at it like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Okay, so Aaron Rodgers is LeBron James and Tom Brady is Kevin Durant I hope that neither one of them man make the playoffs. I hope they all go down crash burn and And being burst and walk away Kevin the red been one in last dog He's a punter saying all that and then LeBron man Take somebody some more money instead of LeBron maybe Lakers can do better Yeah, are you my man, bro? And yo, you ain't born a more see what I'm gonna prove us Yo, you're the man my brother. Take it easy homies pay. Well, thank you Andre caring about my safety from Vegas and somehow someway he was also able to Slip LeBron James into the conversation.

I Guess that always has to happen some way, right? It's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS on the other side of the break There's other things going on in the world of sports But the college football playoff rankings they just came out. We're gonna talk about that We'll spend more time talking about the effect potential effect that email Doka will have on the Brooklyn Nets The NFL trade deadline went down. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio Calling now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS It is the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio You just heard Marco Belletti share this with the news update The Phillies are handing out a beat down now in the top of the eighth They lead the Astros seven to nothing in game three of the World Series Bryce Harper living up to the the expectations Yeah, I'd like to see him win a championship. I think all things considered we know that he left the Nationals he gets that title and People are like, oh he's not a winner. Oh, there's nothing gonna happen with Phillies with the Phillies And then we know the Phillies ain't start off all that hot This entire year. It has all been about the New York Mets it's been about the Braves and then the Phillies are the other team in the National League East and Right now they have a chance to go up two to one in the World Series It's not done.

It's not finished. It's not a wrap That's a hell of a start especially for a team that only won 87 games Bryce Harper one for three getting the party started To run home run Good for him 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS The speaking of the World Series. We know that as the championship for baseball as the college football season I don't want to say winds down, but damn it. It is the beginning of November We're gonna blank and we're gonna be staring at bowl games Toilet bowl Cheez-its bowl Roto-rooter Bowl and Then more importantly the national championship of which there is a 14 playoff It hasn't expanded yet.

Give it a few years that will happen. And so tonight Amongst six versions of the rankings. We got the first list into the shock of no one Tennessee is number one Ohio State is number two The defending champion Georgia Bulldogs are number three. They're gonna take on Tennessee this weekend and then at number four We got Clemson.

I Don't know if I'm gonna trust ooh younger later the rest of the season. I don't think I would You got Michigan at five They have other issues like their players getting beat up in a tunnel and then you have Alabama currently at six with their one loss This is gonna change This is gonna go back and forth for the next several weeks People are gonna lose their minds over the rankings people will look at TCU and say oh my god They're not in here me not so much not sweat in the college football playoff rankings on what's today? November 1st Leave somebody else to do that The one thing that I'm gonna see or I want to watch actually It's Tennessee and Georgia this week Georgia having key members of their defense go now Now Tennessee looking to just continue and establish their dominance I want to see what the local Bulldogs for me can go out there and do 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. It's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Rich is calling from Chicago. What's up, Rich?

Hey, Jay. I was I was good to you for my college football for take that you have but I I agree with you in terms of early the first seating playoffs not the national rankings because they don't mean anything and you know that But you still have to climb over some guys, but here's what I want to ask you I don't understand how you can get a weak Constantine in the top four and they haven't really beaten anybody could have lost the Cherokees and wait for us You've got TCU which everybody I think they have the Cincinnati flow I think after what happened was small. Yeah big big 12. That's what it is Yeah, I think I you know I think it's a lot of favoritism and and in kind of the traditional powers and I gotta tell you something else I know it's gonna sort out especially This weekend as I messaged you before I was there last weekend in Jacksonville and Georgia's for real I think were you drunk? Do you remember the weekend is the is the game of the year by far? He was drunk But but but but but here's what I think will happen One thing will be settled whoever wins the Michigan the Michigan Ohio State game Will will jump right one of them is gonna get knocked out so if one of those guys gets knocked out Clemson goes undefeated and TCU is undefeated Then you're probably looking at let's say Alabama runs the table and gets into the SEC championship game and by hook or crook Beets either Tennessee or Georgia whoever wins the East then you got a mess I don't understand how they're gonna you know, I'm all for expanding not to 12 But I think we can make a case to go to at least eight I think well they're gonna well, I'm gonna answer you rich and then but I had an important question that I don't know if you Heard me were you? Intoxicated over the weekend. No, I know better.

I you know, I'm 69 years old You asked me that ten years ago. The s would always be us. Oh, okay. Well, congratulations on being responsible. Thank you, Rich Yep, but I wanted to I wanted you to take on Tennessee, Georgia I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna give it to you. I'm gonna give you my whole take on the whole everything. You just said rich Appreciate you No doubt about it I'm gonna take the Bulldogs.

You can call it homorrhism all you want. I Know there's a possibility that the Tennessee might walk away with the win, especially with hooker leading the way for the Heisman You got a linebacker defensive end down for Georgia And so it's it's it's going to be an adjustment period and I know if I have to look at the history of the Bulldogs last Season might be the the anomaly last season might be the year where they quote-unquote got over the hump Here's a deal with the actual college football playoff. I Think we talked about this in the summertime. I Could just probably put four or five six names in a hat I Can close my eyes and we know exactly who's gonna be there at the end of the season? It's the same damn thing every year. You just said it the horned frogs are basically, Cincinnati The Bearcats send almost all of their top defensive players into the NFL and where they at now and So yes participating in the big 12 is not going to do anybody any type of favors I am also surprised that Clemson is there I've ignored them throughout the course of the year throughout the course of the season I looked early on or what we Angela Lee was doing and I said, oh this ain't the move And so I don't expect Clemson to stay in that top four Tennessee will stay there. The Bulldogs will stay there It's likely between Ohio State and Michigan one of them will stay there and in that final four spot I don't expect to see it occupied by Clemson And so what everybody will do over the next several weeks is pitch one gigantic fit week after week after week Let's see what happens with the voles and the Bulldogs when we get to the weekend But when you have to ball down who the final four teams will be. It's the same old thing Every year, I'm actually looking forward to an expansion of the college football playoff Is it gonna be for a lot of TV mess and when I say mess Potential blowouts teams that wouldn't necessarily be there. Yes am I expecting in an unexpected team to go out there and go on a magical run to a Championship a la the the final four or the NCAA tournament.

No, I'm not It's a money grab. But at least teams will be able to wake up and say We got a shot. We got an opportunity. We didn't get left off of the rankings Oh, we only got four we got screwed little team got screwed a Couple of seasons that's not even gonna matter We're already moving towards a space where we have these super conferences. We got teams out in the West Coast joining the the the the Big Ten this is It's a new time They're not gonna be any more excuses. And so what the rankings look like today on November 1st What they look like six seven weeks from now totally different Nothing to be up in arms about eight five five two one two four CBS.

That's eight five five two one two four CBS. I'm still trying to understand The whooping at the Spartans gave a couple of those Wolverines in the tunnel Hey shop, wasn't it? It was only a few weeks ago. I can't recall The team but there was a there was a head coach He was upset at Like everybody coming together. He was just saying oh man We need to let one group of players go in before the other one and then a couple of weeks later We see the Spartans and the Wolverines. They just they got a royal rumble in the tunnel, man You're not kidding, I mean and it's funny because Jim Harbaugh You know people felt like did not belong as the head coach of the Wolverines and then we've seen what he's done in back-to-back Seasons, this isn't something he should have to be dealing with right now and Jr to your point it is inevitable when you have all that hot spot and all that ego and all that tension and and Moxie in one in one setting and it's both teams. It's bound to happen, right? Youth as well at two the brains not fully developed until the age of 25 some people it takes a lifetime Most people 25 years old.

It is a lot of people whose brain never develops. That's a that's a good point Eight five five two one two four CBS. Owen is calling from West Virginia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Owen? Hey, what's going on, man? How you doing?

I'm excellent. What's up? Hey, you know, you're talking about the big 12 earlier You're talking about PCU being Cincinnati. Let's go ahead and be honest I mean if Oklahoma or Texas or OCU anybody of those guys if they're up there They're gonna be in the top four just because TCU is undefeated right now it doesn't mean we should take away from the big 12 when Oklahoma and Texas decided to go to the SEC and they made that big announcement now the big 12 is nothing. What happened?

Correct? Well, I mean, those are two teams that ain't doing much of anything right now It's all about name value and recognition. That's what we know it is as you just said if Texas and Oklahoma were actually playing worth their weight this season, then we'd have a Different scenario, but they're not so ain't nobody thinking about TCU. Hey, you know how many TCU games are watches here? Zero, you're damn right. And so that's why I only watch the TCU game last week because I live in West Virginia And I was betting against West Virginia because there's all there's all water. Well, that's the point Ain't nobody sitting down watching them It's the chair our sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports radio when we come back more your calls And we're gonna talk about the NFL trade deadline
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