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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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September 30, 2022 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 30, 2022 1:58 am

JR looks at all the unnecessary punishment that NFL players endure throughout their playing careers

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Quite a lot done around every day walked on favorite NFL team where every one… Network 14 something in their upper game today but their teeth every day.

That's why the lock on podcast network has a daily podcast for your favorite LT every three every overtime win every game. Our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day, walked on favorite NFL team where every a lot on podcast network. 14 you are listening to the GR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening to your support on CBS radio to you live from the rocket mortgage Studios what you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage can help you get there for a home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can be enjoyed by a super producer and host Dave Sheppard and thank you for listening. You and your vehicle you at home you going to work again Sunday you on patrol you helping somebody you clean and something you pack in something you tearing something up. I don't know what you don't. I'm just glad that you're here. I'm going to be here for one more hour I get started 10 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Pacific every single weeknight you not listening on your local affiliate. You can always tune it using the free Odyssey. You can take the shoal from your job to your car to your house to the garage to your friends house. I don't know where you going, if you put the app on your phone you got CBS sports radio everywhere. You're not stuck in your vehicle tonight Thursday night football.

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Miami Dolphins 27th of 15, the bangles improve their record to two into the dolphins they fall to three and 12.

It's on the lower he false big time.

He exits the game on a structure goes into an ambulance goes to a hospital ultimately is discharged along the way. It was told us that he suffered a Mac and a head injury. He was sacked in the second quarter.

He was basically ragdoll into the ground.

This is the same swansong of a local was hit this past Sunday against the Buffalo Bills and he fell onto his back in his head bounced off of the ground and sold to these big cats got a crazy.

He was evaluated on Sunday by the dolphins, doctors, the independent doctors and it was reported that it was just a back injury, not a head injury but a back injury.

He continues on to play even though he stumbled back into the huddle and so tonight, just a bad situation to see a bad situation to watch because he appeared to have suffered another head injury. I'm not a doctor, not by any stretch of the imagination. I don't think anybody listening to me right now, unless you happen to be in Cincinnati unless you were one of the doctors who treated to a torrent of a load tonight. We don't know exactly what happened. We don't know the results of the prognosis. We don't know any of that but I think we all know nobodies head is supposed to bounce off of the ground the floor the street the turf. The grass the domain supposed to headline like that is happened twice for two and so this game yeah good for the bangles they went up to two of their record is not one in three. That was where they were on the path to in the dolphins. Yes, all things considered man have they been just like blazing through team snowmelt to have it. They were undefeated heading into tonight at three and no, but we got some come back some near misses.

So they been able to hang in there. More importantly, the big conversation has been around Sulla, Tonga, Waterloo, after 201 out of the game Teddy Bridgewater. He was able to to help them score a touchdown. Drop them down the field but in the second half of the game. The dolphins all they could muster was a field-goal in the fourth quarter.

The Cincinnati Bengals they had a big interception by by von Bell pretty much telling them to have a seat and then to close off the game. The final score, it was Joe Barro. He connected with Hayden Hearst for touchdown making the score 27th of 15 listen to this final stamp on the game. This is courtesy of the bangles radio network got a goal from the two. They still have a sex offense of lineman Amber wants to throw all day, but no.

After the game had coach Zach Taylor knowing that these bangles went to the Super Bowl last season, knowing that they started this year owing to also understanding that they just improve their record to 212, he says hello know we can get discouraged, listen, we agree to all of this team.

I love everything about him. They didn't hesitate for one second after the first two weeks from all the noise to get loud about the expectations of what that affect them for one second. They just cannot turn into the belt responded to consecutive weeks another two into they got a little bit of life we would have been in disaster city. If the bangles fell to one and three disaster city so good for them.

We don't have to hear about how quickly they have fallen after making that surprise Super Bowl appearance, but the hit the thing, everybody's talking about tonight is to a torrent of low going down and that second-quarter. This is what that hit sounded like at least this was the call for from the dolphins radio network yet. He even get up.

He was structured off of the few look like he lost control of his hands, his limbs, their fingers, hands, arms momentarily said he did have all the feeling in his arms and his legs and he's on the plane home which is is great news. If you want to find the silver lining. It's that's what's envelope was able to be discharged from the hospital and he's on his way to straight back to Miami now. We spoke to Dr. David Chow right after the game. He was the former head physician for the Chargers and we talk to him obviously to apparently to what degree we don't know but he's been hurt twice in less than a week this past Sunday. Tonight head back Mac all connected. Doesn't matter.

Dr. David Chow. He talked about this the NFL the dolphins to everybody's going to get yelled out about the situation. He said look to also clean himself.

Listen, everyone remember before you worked for Dr. Warren who also said it was my back out golf convinced him to lie down right who is filing the complaint. If the PA and at the right and they should be able to do so and I'm not picking any site on their time to say what the process play out and hopefully will be okay.

The first deputy flying home.

We can start screening symptoms. If you don't have symptoms going forward, if not impossible for him to play but I guarantee you the NFL going to take a lot of this could they don't want to leave flame fee. Head injury handle know they don't, the NFL is all you had to pay money out the ass in regards to settlements from former players, claiming that the NFL didn't give a damn about them just sent them out there knowing that they were they were doing just tremendous harm to their bodies.

We know this NFL don't want these problems. The NFL players Association is already said were going to investigate to a getting back out into the game this past Sunday and even Coach McDaniel for the dolphins earlier or after the game he said afterwords he said yeah man it was. It was tough to coach this game after to a guided you take a listen. I think a lot of hills so that know me personally. That's you know if I didn't have a job to do for the organization and the rest of the players and I didn't have that that obligation and in my mind I I would have said it's not something that is comfortable for anybody in it was, it was not a situation that you might, for any or players or or your team in general. Scary stuff. I was glad that that worked out the dolphins next game is October 9. It's not this Sunday. Obviously the week after against the New York Jets and we have no idea what's going happen with which to. I asked Dr. David Chow.

I said well what are the next steps because all we got to see a game against the Jets where I will call Lawson now knocks the living hell out of two.

I hope not.

These of the steps that Dr. Chow outlined us here on CBS sports radio. Thankfully, Warren note. Neck injury to check your card from the hospital flying home.

Hopefully he clears very quickly from symptoms for nothing long-term for five or six or seven is eventually getting back to playing. If you choose to leave it up to the medical doctors to his own doctors, insurance agent and family will get involved in this. Is this a conversation for every body. You know if you're an NFL player. You have a limited window to go out there and make all of your money. It's a job if you want hit yet done your cooked career over you trying to maximize your cash you try to get that money. So the doctors that they had a supposedly look out for you.

They getting paid by the team. Now they got independent doctors.

It's it's still a business. The players their just pieces. They are interchangeable pieces that can be brought in. Replace destroyed, put on a conveyor belt sent out the pastor brought back in this there commodities and they look upon as such. From the organizations and you heard from coach McDaniel he's like, listen, I'm a human being. It was tough, tough to even go out there and continue to coach the game after to a got hurt and he was asked after the game.

You know what we saw what took place on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. We saw what took place tonight.

McDaniels was was pretty much the*McDaniel, he was just like listen man, do you feel that your any type of responsible. Do you feel that you put suet in the line of fire. This is what he said absolutely not. And if if I would have that would be irresponsible in the first place. I shouldn't shouldn't be in this position. I don't think that his and injury from last week made hit made him fall the same way this week.

You know but yeah, I do not have any light absolutely zero patience for or will ever put it put up as a player and positioned for them to be in harm's way that is like not what I'm about at all. And no outcome of the game, whatever influence need being a responsible as the head coach of the football team. You want to know something what he said is this true and I agree with this is just the culture of the NFL. You know, we joked about it last night with Bill Bella check talking about Mac Jones and in his ankle.

It's like, hey, Mac shows we heard he has a high ankle sprain.

Hey Bill, does he have a high ankle sprain and Bill Belichick took the approach of I will know. I know Dr., I'm not a doctor, will I know I'm not running around with degrees I'm not the same. I am all is it right for coaches to take that approach.

I don't know, but the fact is this is just the reality. The coaches coach the players who are available. It's similar hey, don't ask don't tell. Hey Kenny play. He could play fun. Okay fine, how many snaps Kenny play wanted to change the game plan. The coaches try to separate themselves from that element as much as they can as much of a jackass way that he said it. Yeah, Bill Bella check is not reading an MRI.

He coming out trying to be a doctor, he's just trying to coach the dudes who are eligible and available to play. Is it right know it's not right but that's the way it is and if the NFL players Association if they want to just investigate the process of which, to a tongue of a local was allowed to play football or to continue playing football on Sunday. Maybe they should look into that as well.

855-2124 CBS 855-2124 CBS Cody's call from Colorado you're on the JR sport Risha I missed your show a lot at night – about volitional lot. I wanted to touch base where both cream and also you can't touch on background to last week I was in the locker Jim Rome and the big TrackBacks you know there's not a lot of physician you falsify and be a way you come on the field. If they fail you located on the field is good with that being said, I now forget the name of the doctor but you always wear Jim and he was talking about how you balance regular prime example of downplaying the injuries or or acting naïve.

We all know that's not true. I don't think that a provision hey killer can play and he couldn't even if they collected all know that two weeks in a row you got head and back injuries without fighting, that I love what you guys do every, waiting on hold.

I would be a little distracted all get a little off off-topic you guys are what I want to say back but you guys do not always care on it along the short of it.

I think you might actually hurt you next euro. I appreciate the caller and thank you Cody appreciate you for closing Colorado think it's so much of doctors are standing around falsifying information on. I don't think anyone believes that the fact is, the doctors have the best interest of the depends on the doctor. They have the best interest of the players of the organization while they hedging a little bit. Is this your physician is also let's be clear, you know, it's really easy to get sucked into this is football, it's really easy to do that. How many doctors how many general physicians will tell you that playing football is good for you. Who the hell's going tell you that I don't think you'll find a doctor who will tell you that this is healthy. Not one.

I think we forget that because were so sucked up into the physicians in the NFL. The doctors in the NFL are there just to see if you can play this is not for the betterment of your health. This is not for your full protection because if it was the doctors would say stop playing this barbaric gain go home that's not what's happening now is it always just busted up. You know, we can cut it open in a few weeks, but just go out there and play or hey, let's just go ahead give you this shot. This pain there's a lot that takes place just in athletics, so athletes can play so they can mask the pain. This is a business everybody strong to make money. We had one of our callers wanted to reference Kirk Gibson and the power to go out there and play and I said, man. It's not even comparable with the NFL.

We got guys getting epidurals. How about this.

This is a this is even worse of an example Anthony Rizzo of the New York Yankees. He's been dealing with back pain and a noncontact sport all year long. This man gotten epidural in his back to mask the pain and then was out subsequently because he was dizzy like let's let's be real if he's dealing with that. Anthony Rizzo on the New York Yankees run around the bases hit a homerun stand at first base.

What the hell you think the defensive lineman steel. The offense of lineman. The wide receiver the linebacker. They got button heads. I'm not a doctor I'm not claiming to be a doctor but this is something that we forget a lot yet we know the NFL is violent but the degree of of of what what just what the players go through to go play is hellish and watching to get his head dribbled on the floor like he's Chris Paula Broadus is not fun. It's a reminder, my Santa Dr. is dirty.

I'm not saying this is that, we know we've known for years. The injury protocol is has nothing just to do it to. He's helping bring it to light. Unfortunately this is not something he asked for not a martyr here, but we know the NFL can do better with his injuries but let's also be real. It's counterproductive to the product 855-2124 CBS is 855-2124 CBS a matter fact you want to know how coaches feel about injuries this what Bella check had to say.

If you forgot from last night. This what Bella check said about Max Jones in his high ankle sprain. Day by day by little I look like Dr. Northgate surgeon, medical experts evaluated on the weather is really MRI tests on my job so as soon as you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio while writing JR you are clear, accurate on it.

I love you calling now with 855-2124 CBS so Sunday Sulla's head hits the surf, he falls on his back and they say it's just as bad tonight. The same thing happens. He structured off of the field. He doesn't stay in the game like he did on Sunday and tonight they officially say he suffers a concussion to its envelope is in concussion protocol. This time you had to be structured off the field to a hospital. He's eventually discharged.

He's going to be on the team plane back to Miami after the Dolphins lose the final score tonight 27 to 15 the bangles go up to two in their season. The Dolphins fall to three and one Chuck is: from New Hampshire New Hampshire excuse me your CBS sports radio.

There, thank you wassup Chuck, I did three tours in Iraq and the third time I get by an IED and I had an injury to my neck in my head and I'm severed my brachial plexus in my hand did the same thing that I saw to it due today.

It was like two weeks I had to wait for I can control my hand altogether still today I can do my left and and now that was in 2007.

45 now and I'm chewing pills every day just to the pain. You know, I'm sure. First of all thank you for your service and you we hear stories. Obviously it's it's it's not the same as going to war but we hear stories of of NFL players who are constantly in pain.

It's really no surprise that they need pills to move on.

They need shots to move on and we see them in these collisions every single Sunday. Let me ask you chunky do you think do you think too, should have been out there today. Do you think he should have been allowed to continue on Sunday. I mean the doctor say yes, but they mean for the most part they may not necessarily going to say hey man, have a seat and just stay home for two weeks, professional athlete mapped out a make a living will and in that vision, not vision, but I mean I personally have a young man is been through what I've been through and what a lot of I've been through, I began to think about your future to your kids. I think that's important. Yeah, thank you.

Thank you Chuck a call from New Hampshire. Thank you one more time for your service yet it's a it's about the money for everybody.

It's about the money for the players.

It's about the money for the owners. It's it's all about the money is still a business out the gate.

Sam is home from New York you on the JR sport Risha okay Sam is not there, is also calling from New York your CBS sports radio JR my call and you are looking Chuck Baron, I'm a veteran as well with deployments and I can say that head injuries are no joke. I only had one while I was on deployment and I'm still dealing with the effects years later in our deployed four years ago and I'm still dealing with that kind of stuff and my main reason why call though and I wanted thank Chuck for his service and I really appreciate all that in terms of sport or segue it again.

Boy, II just I think that the Shanahan for some is not healthy for quarterback.

I think that the offense of line is designed to be a broadly focused and not pass protect focus and I think that I mean we thought Ray Lance Knapp is ankle last week we got to buy all of you know going down hard this week and you know I did. When you when you expect the coaches get a run date or run capable quarterback. They tend to do reckless things for that thing.

Well I don't know if you feel the same. But what I know. I think I do want to thank you for bringing that up. I've never thought about it in that way. Whether Scott Shanahan or Mike McDaniel.

Never I've never looked at it and that person.

I look at it is as old these guys are up to get their asses walked. I don't care who it is. Let's let's think about every quarterback who has or is dealing with an injury and pretty much at some point in time throughout the course of the season. It's going to be all of them.

Thank you, for: you brought from New York last year. Lamar Jackson goes down to an ankle a couple years ago I remember Patrick my homes. It was his knee like right now.

Max Jones dealing with high ankle sprain that Bill Belichick doesn't want to admit is a high ankle sprain.

Or maybe it's not too in his back in his ankle. Shamus Winston man it was all fun and games.

H. Amos wassup with your back and he's just like where's the pain and solace. It's everywhere and he wasn't joking Spanish plan with a broken bone fractured vertebrae in his back. Justin Herbert is running around with busted up ribs. It's not every body plan and account Shanahan Mike McDaniel system you play in the NFL. You will get hurt.

That is what it is mean shoot, even the guys who catch the ball you seen Torry Holt's fingers Michael Strahan playing at the line you seen his hands. My main man bad man Ronnie Lott, have you looked at his hand is missing part of the digit, this ain't easy. Watching somebody's got shuffled around and there 30s. Their 40s their 50s. Let me tell you something I'm sure the majority of our listeners haven't been to a radio row going to the Super Bowl radio row is like a massive convention all the radio stations or they are all of the athletes. All of the legends and you sit in this gigantic ballroom and you look around and is out there is Rob Gronkowski and egg updates Jerry Rice and up is this guy and that God when some of the legends walked by and I mean mean like legends guys who are now in their 50s still relatively young and into this 60s.

It becomes sad watching them tried to move around and some guys it did hit some even sooner than that. And it's not always the the physical outward effects supplemental ones as well. Both of the ones that we don't see that's why seem to bounce off of the turf tool watching his head bounce off of the ground the way we have this week.

It's tough this out. So JR sport we show your CBS sports radio gets more your calls before I have to rule out 855-2124 CBS you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio and all the poignant intelligent calling now with 855-2124 CBS JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio yeah get get ready folks if you thought about his conversation surrounding help in the NFL.

If you thought it was just tonight is going to be all day tomorrow as well. When we get you tomorrow. Of course were going to dive deeper into that the entire slate of NFL games this upcoming Sunday. Take a look at some college football on Saturday got the first set of preseason games in the NBA that I going to take place.

Not that limit dive deep into that point things start to get heavy here was good to some your calls before I have to rule out 855-2124 CBS Rick is here from Toronto. My call again JR with just it's like saying Steve arrived. You basically are making, you got a good record now and you get a check back at Ryan Florez and yet you basically apologizing that now at frequent drive doors like everything is great now this happened and the players Association… A good job like I want a divorce. The one who wanted to go from 16 games with 17 getting another example of making the right of the player worse than ever. I don't yet know if they'll I would try here at all. Talk about doctors like Dr. by Babu and Joseph Dr. conservation about CTA so I go to the doctors and the FL like the doctor what know you will not just I was agreeing with you, Rick.

That's it. You, you'll wrong. He basically that lawsuit. Note one thing we've got younger thought by large file to the class-action lawsuit against the FL. I think you don't try to help Kate. And what happened with your weekly wheat we get that I'm not going to disagree with you will not at all clear is a replaceable. They come they go here they are gone and the NFL goes on. This disassembler is James is called from LA your CBS sports radio very good year prayer young man who will you know I will crack our Lord and Savior. I hope him and everybody after going through something not to give it to the Lord. Let go and let God know any I went back on Peyton Manning and the four neck, figuring that he had and I remember after the first two when the Colts I think the quote let him go. They chemically agreed to part and then you decide to come back to Denver. Everybody was thinking what good and he paralyzed for life you not to be, you know going on the road, but it was his decision to do it.

It worked out for him immaculately what Super Bowl he got one more, but you know the risk I you know I don't think it might not be worth the reward man in mind that the work that Gronkowski decided to retire. I hope he had any major problems of faith and paid what he said you know enough is enough done waiting still have a clear head. It's very efficient you know what I ground my mom and say and that the true word meant. You know it's it's it's factual. I mean they love football… It's a give-and-take is probably more of a given it's taken in football than anything else out. So any team sport yet think about sports in general probably boxing that you know going into this that you're going to do yourself some damage that you can't reverse Dave from Alabama your CBS sports radio. There are good go ahead a white when I went back Sunday I was about wrong the boys right in front of the church on Sunday morning and taken out again immediately know it and what and not only that now got it back for Sunday you got it Bob locomotive made all night.

I mean think her new guy that I may make breaking every problem in the E should never have been employee said of the bench that Sunday a been out for leave to fully recover from that injury and is a hard pill and that's how they will hold don't not will before you use anything about Bella check they they say that their doctors cleared him and that it was his back and all things considered, he looks he looks fine tonight playing before he got hit again there but I tell you one thing where I feel that when I came out I met with Bob while he went new yeah me yet sure what what's your point quickly on Bella check quickly. Narrowminded and low vision to expand that Bella check narrowminded and no room to expand little market to get eager for you all really want throwing your final. I think you play all you know I think he's not. I don't think you sonnet to play it off.

I think he sees playing the same role that that he always has publicly not. That's the point. I also made the coaches will will feign just ignorance just so they can do their job, which is to coach the players that are available.

This you know the status.

Yes it's it's all again is like a do we want to tip off the opponent. You know, do we want to put this on the injury report.

This is this is common and it shouldn't be. If you want to talk about anything potentially changing.

That's an additional element in and of itself. Go ahead Mike from Baltimore. Your mom talked about going down the guaranteed contract requires, and are always one done first being bunker clear well there's only this only one player in the NFL who has a fully guaranteed contract every dollar in every sentence that happens to be the Sean Watson you have to guarantee all the contracts are partially guaranteed, which is very different from other sports were the contracts are fully guaranteed and so if you going to have again if you want to have the players actually out there.

I would tell you that the NFL probably has the weakest union, but that's one thing that they have been able to to have is a partially guaranteed contract that you know you're risking your ass your life your well-being that you going to get some type of money row for Miami quickly bring up and everybody also bring everything to the NFL. Attention.

But my situation looking at the weekly over to get back to let in the crackle of the different mutual would not be entered by Lexi seeing exactly the reason why he basically ended up in the stretcher, because the second being hit in the head twice in the toy together we could Bella cause a situation like that and the way he ended up being fact that I feel like you could basically bid the track without having to just lift them up and put them on the ground well sits at night he wasn't so much soon. Thank you. Rossi wasn't so much lifted up and thrown onto the ground just to pull was already on the ground and was trying to drag him down to a look like he was planted in and in the process of a 646-3350 God trying to slam you down, he flung them down boom. That said, it's like me sit on the floor with a toddler and bring them down down he goes. It's just pouring down hard violently. I don't know how we could have changed anything there tonight shop, let you get the last word.

One man is just an unfortunate situation of many guys having a career year. It's a rookie head coach you're coming off the disaster that is the plan by floor situation didn't deserve to be fired in the first place. A lot of people felt like McCain was a rough spot. He seems to be the guy for this team and this is just this is just a bad look for to in terms of how he was treated. It's a bad look on the dolphins and it's even worse look for the NFL and will additional solution outside of the back and we all understand the almighty dollar rules. The NFL's no watch. That's it. You said it. The last part. Everybody's going to show up on Sunday. Somebody else will get hurt there be another to a next year and the year after that, the year after that and the money will continue to flow. NFL is moving towards 20+ billion dollars per year. They can pardon the pun they can head off these injury concerns and as long as they can do that as long as people show up to watch their vehicle they can do better. Though they can all do better. We can do better.

The jail sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio we will be back with you tomorrow at 10 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Pacific will get you all set for this weekend's NFL games and everything else going on in the world of sports. If you miss me too much while I'm gone you can find me on all social media platforms at JR sport brief that is Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I appreciate you for listening at work at home on the way to and from, whatever you doing. Be safe and be well. The jail sport ratio your CBS sports radio. It is a wrap don't move. Why because Amy Lawrence. She is coming up next quite a lot on my Network has a podcast for your favorite every time we are locally around every day. Favorite network. Something like a lifetime network has a favorite every time we are locally around your team every day. Favorite network like a lifetime network. Every time we are locally around every day.

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