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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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September 22, 2022 1:42 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 22, 2022 1:42 am

JR gives his new weekly Top 6 List of Easiest Active Star Athletes To Root For

6) Josh Allen

5) JJ Watt

4) Aaron Judge

3) Steph Curry

2) Albert Pujols

1) Giannis Antetokounmpo 

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It was super producer Knowles Dave Sheppard we come to you from the rocket mortgage Studios. If you need to know what it takes all the figure budget and your family rocket can a busy night in the world of sports a busy day in the world of sports Erin judge did not did not hit the 61st Oman.

All he did was have two doubles and still leave the American League in batting average, as the Yankees beat the Pirates 14 to 2 earlier today we learned that Robert saw owner of the Phoenix Suns after the report came out that he's been awful shirk in every way possible.

Over the past 20 years, he's going to sell the team. I guess that's not the worst way to go. You do awful things, treat people like trash and you get to just sell the team for a couple hundred million dollars and maybe a billion on the way out the door or must be nice. We've learned during the course of the show that I make Doak as reported by Woolwich of ESPN I make Doak a head coach of the Boston Celtics.

He appears to be in a little bit of trouble within the organization not following protocol and so we have to see what's taking place would I make Doak up and why he might be suspended. He is the actual words by Woolwich and unspecified violation of organizational guidelines. We have no idea what it is. His job is believed to be in jeopardy, but his suspension is looming and we might find out more details tomorrow which I'm sure we will very vague. As of right now and so as we continue on with the show if you're familiar with it every Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

I bring you a new top six list and unfortunately there's been a lot of negativity this situation I make. Doak might be punished negative. Robert saw negative. We talked about Mike Evans's is his suspension fight and Marshall Lattimore negative and even in the case of Baron judge. I got people call me up saying AJR for Karen judges been using why why you say that well.

I just think he is let reasons sucks and so because of that with tonight's top six list. I want to bring you some positivity and oh yeah by the way we did have something positive earlier on in the show New York Yankees legend Bernie Williams. He joined us for 15 minute chat and so I want to thank Bernie Williams again for coming through Pforzheim World Series champion and icon on those Yankees teams everybody Derek Jeter this and I don't know Mariano Rivera that Bernie Williams is right to kick in as to excellent player.

Amazing human being as well. Grammy nominated Bernie Williams with that guitar.

If you missed our conversation go ahead and hit rewind on the free Odyssey at thank you Bernie Williams for joining us and so I want to give you a top six list of athletes that are easy to root for individuals who have done an amazing job on and off the field of play that you just look at him and go and it's almost a consensus you don't hear bad word about these folks and so will get to that top six momentarily. We do have Kevin he called from oyster Bay.

I want to make sure I get them in and we were talking to him prior to the break. Kevin go ahead and get that last word in your CBS sports radio arrived quickly giving George's golf Triple Crown folks, you know, it's actually benefit him but they walk in the lobby.

Try to picture him around him this way.

His average will drop much will be unbelievable if he wins the Triple Crown and also I rub a firm believer that there are pictures if the team is out and they want to get the name in the history books go group one in there to get ready for a lot of souvenirs falling all around the place. Let's see, he's down to about two weeks worth the games. Thank you Kevin for calling from oyster Bay with counsel about two weeks worth the games for for Erin judge he sitting at 60 home runs his batting average. I believe over the past several weeks and maybe even longer than that at this point is 500. He's banning 500. He's not just hitting home runs tonight. He had two doubles. He went to 44 and it's like a terrible night it's it's it's crazy what he's doing right now, so we might as well enjoy, but let's not waste any time with enough Sarver and I make Doak even though we don't know what's happening. We just talked about Mayweather and McGregor of Engel fight again.

Who knows though certainly curse each other out. Either way, suspensions, looming suspensions, let's actually get it to some good guys.

It's time for top six list of athletes who are so easy and give us so many reasons to root for Lesko 50321. Time to get GR's latest top six list only your sport brief is right is the JR sport preshow here with you on CBS sports radio. It's time to go through a top six list all the negativity in the world of sports all the negativity in the world. Plus looks look at some athletes who can actually inspire who do good in the community were amazing on the field on the court, but even better human beings. The top six list we go backwards its account now so we started this number number six we have to go to the NFL team that actually plays in New York State.

We got to go to Buffalo if the Jets in a giant state.

The planned New Jersey we have to go to Western New York and I'm talking about no one other than Josh Allen yet. He's easy to root for. This is someone who was looked upon as is maybe a project he was taken at number seven overall out of Wyoming. He's too raw.

He's just athletic.

He's he's going to need time to develop and you know he's not Baker Mayfield who went before him at number one, he's not Sam Donald who went at number three is just a project he's Josh Allen Baker Mayfield is on team number two is on scene number two with Sam Donald.

These guys are battling it out to see which quarterback is more trash Sam Donald. And here we have Josh Allen who is likely just a couple steps away from advancing his career towards a Super Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills are killing it in Josh Allen. Please endear himself to the community and Buffalo.

He's easy to root for. Unfortunately couple seasons ago. His grandmother passed away.

The community decided to donate. Yes, all those great fans and Buffalo, typically in increments of $17 because of his jersey number 17. They donated on his grandmother's behalf.

$300,000 to the local Children's Hospital after she passed Josh Allen said my family is forever engraved dear, myself included. I don't ever want to leave. I want to play for as long as I can and get back to this community in Bill's Mafia and that's what he's done is as close to being a family, as I think you'll see in the NFL. You know what outside of being an amazing human being that cares about the community and they care about him. This coach he knows that yet even as a bad ass football player. These six pretty humble Josh Allen. He talks about how humble he is.

He talks about the offense, and he says I'm humble listen, George's front door job comes down to endorse: going out there and execute best of our abilities get around and going something you don't wait to be doing going forward in our got some space but again our art line was great pass protection at night and didn't guys get up in the place for us but when we execute how we know were supposed execute success.

Typically leads to success. Typically, so again were just trying to best present herself.

It's a lot of we not a lot I Josh Allen he's easy to root for. I want to see him get a championship between him and Lamar and see them get titles Josh Allen easy route for let's move on to the next number number five top six athletes superstars were easy to love stars were easy to embrace man when this guy had to move on. It was a is a disaster.

The team was a disaster and now he's in Arizona Cardinal. I hope he stays healthy. It's JJ Watt. This man is on the first train to the Hall of Fame multiple time pro bowler three times offensive player of the year along with almost some guy named Lawrence Taylor JJ Watt is a bad ass he can retire tomorrow and he's going to the Hall of Fame.

We know this JJ Watt is also a humanitarian. This is someone who helped raise $40 million for hurricane Harvey relief in 2017 and you just run around with his hand out. He decided to put in $100,000 to get things started. He was the Walter Payton man of the year in 2017.

Outside of that, he opened up a shelter for women and children.

He released the shoe with Reebok that was just for women.

The benefit and fund the charity and I've met JJ Watt. He's a cool dude but what he actually does for the community is even better.

The Texan stunk. He asked for his way out. It was granted. Now he's went Arizona and even on his way out the door, listening to him interact with his teammates and talk to them and ship it. It's crazy listener JJ Watt in his last season with the Texans they care every single week by week 16 work for an 11 stanza watches came ashore to the stadium putting time and energy and effort care about this, so if you can go out there and can't work out Newcastle upon Tyne can practice can't want to out there when you shouldn't be here because this is a privilege, is the greatest job in the world you want to play game if you can't share not even a week. 17.

Even when you're trash when therefore an 11 picture of the rocker you give everything to God and try your hardest think it's that's there are people every week that still preaching that still come up to you and say hey were still room for you were still behind. You have no reason whatsoever to stink but they care and they still want to win and they still want to be great. That's why people are getting paid for getting paid handsomely.

That's what that's that's what I feel most fours are fans.

How can you not appreciate an athlete who actually gets it. Thank you JJ Watt top six athletes were easy route for JJ Watt at five.

Let's move on number 40, number four is the guy going for the home run record in the American League right now.

Yes it's our judge. Excellent ballplayer excellent human being, you know, every now and then.

I don't know maybe 1/10 people goes all use using drugs will I don't know but I think he is. I'm giving you a perspective from someone who's watched him interact with people at the stadium, I'm giving you a perspective from someone who's just start about almost all of his interview.

Since he's been called up was only a couple months ago I sat in right field.

I sat in the corner" judge's chambers at Yankee Stadium and I watched them play catch with kids in the stands or will everybody play sketch. I watched him just be polite little everybody's polite I listen to his interviews. He is genuine in his interactions with people he has no problem selling people on the social media for what it's worth, that he is a believer and regardless of whether he is is a good ass human being. And that's something that you have to appreciate insult to know that you have a giant a Paul Bunyan-esque figure here in 2022 to root for the world of baseball Karen judge's someone hasn't got in trouble doesn't say the wrong things has not complained about his contract has going out and work to earn his money and it's easy to look at him and go dammit go out there and do the best you can and that's what we've gotten in so Allen judge.

I appreciate them a matter of fact when Bernie Williams Yankees legend joined us earlier on in the show. I asked Bernie about judging what he's doing. What impresses you the most and Bernie talked about how he also isn't just about himself.

In these homeruns, he's about the whole team listen that one thing that impresses me the most about him is the fact that he is not really making the focus of this season is so you know committed to have the team itself. When a championship that always accolades always things are happening to him is almost like you see in them as a burden. No Hitler there on the way of him you know doing what he needs to do a needs to focus on having this team. The team itself. Yankees win a championship so that to me that's a commendable thing in this day and age when everybody's walk is all about self promoting a social need and all that stuff having to sort of team oriented attitude. He is the leader of the Yankees and he does have a team oriented attitude.

Bernie Williams talked about the celebration a few weeks ago and Allen judge. He encouraged the Yankee legends to come and speak to the squatting seat and he's not just a leader. He's one of the guys and that's absolutely amazing Allen judge is a superstar who is easy to root for keys at number four was at this number number three we have to go out to an area that our judge is familiar with sway spend his time. A lot of his formative years, or at least close by going out to the bay start his career off in Oakland now in San Francisco is staffed curry what is there not to like about stuff curry shimmy you're like the shimmy. This man is help change the gang. His work ethic is absolutely phenomenal he's beloved by kids. Some of those habits. Unfortunately have been picked up by kids who think they can shoot from half-court but stuff curry is easy to root for you.

Think about his size, but then you think about his commitment to his craft beautiful.

He is what you want anyone throwing up in athletics, the, work or aspire to be the underdog too small to broken to injury prone. But one thing no one can ever take away from anybody. His work ethic.

Not everybody has it in stuff.

Curry is an excellent example. He's also been a great human being in the community with his under armor deal. He was asked specifically by a nine-year-old girl. Hey, why don't we have girls sizes for your curry kicks. He worked with her wrote her back had her help design the shoes and he started the solemn nobody gets things right 100% of the time but you have to actually understand how to make things right and get things together Steve Carr. He talked about stuff curry after they won their fourth title this is on NBC Sports and this is bigger than him just knocking down threes.

Something that makes it special is his character strength of character matches his skill and his level conditioning is all tied together just perishing much work so hard so easy to coach whenever I'm done coaching. I will look back and just say thank you to staff it all night after night because he's he's made this the situation for us is as an organization easy for everybody is just a special special player don't have to worry about stuff get in trouble he's with his family little girls is what his son is with his wife. He's knocking down threes use, practice, practice, and shots he's doing stem activities in the communities east selling his shoes and helping little girls design was that not the like. About stuff, curry too many dances. What is threes stuff carries a number three who we have at this number number two top six superstars who are also easy to root for this man. His career is basically coming to a close. This is the last hurrah he's getting ready to pull up on 700 homeruns in his a lot of people hoping for his name Albert Poulos the machine he's been a machine for the better part of 20 years, a champion of beast. What Allen judge is doing airport holes then go on smack 60 but our pool halls was doing this almost every year freak of nature. It's a mouse things wind down this appreciation for what he does on the baseball field number tell you something else that he's absolutely amazing at Albert Paul's you set down what our rentals and this what they had to say about his display on the field of 700 homeruns is meant to happen is to happen no matter what, so don't stress yourself and plan how the hell I don't stress yourself like a dozen hopping and wasn't meant to have. I always say better if I Albert open book blank with thousand pages and Hillary say no.

I want you I's book how your life is to be afforded to a what you're going to accomplish on think I would even come close to this. And that's what is so special. Albert Poole hoses had one of the best careers that any of us will witness for anyone who's ever played baseball. What a lot of people don't know or maybe you found out recently is that Albert Poole's also has a daughter with down syndrome he's been opening talking and speaking about this and this. Albert Poole Holst foundation key Albert Poole Holst does an amazing job with giving anyone and everyone an opportunity to be treated like a human. And so he has a great perspective, not just one, who years his place in baseball but in society, and he's taken his position to help elevate other people so they can be treated like human beings as well. And for that Albert Poole Holst man go hit 700 homeruns it be great to see it as the JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio is a top six list of superstars who are easy to root for so much negativity in the world of sports so much negativity in the world.

For some athletes who help bring a little bit of light into a situation willing to take a break and we come back I'm going to hit you with the number one let's wait a minute, though the other side of the break. The JR sport ratio on JR here on CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio show you on regular basis. Called and I really great show that we look to appear.

Whatever right, you make my night every night is calling now 855-2124 CBS that's right is the JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio every Wednesday night into Thursday morning. I give you a new top six list tonight is no different. I'm getting ready to review so you number one as we take a look at the top six superstars in sports were just easy to root for that. There are a lot of controversial figures you know athletes who people love to hate athletes who talk too much.

You want to be traded want to quit will just throw other people on the bus, not these guys. I don't think you probably heard a negative word about any of these individuals.

They looked upon as team first guys in the locker room on the field on the court. More importantly, I think in business endeavors and also in the community they help other people in ways that you don't even imagine me go ahead and give you a recap before bring you to the number one and number six I give you Josh Allen. His relationship with the people of Buffalo is absolutely ridiculous it's it's very familiar. You know this man's grandmother passed away. The community had his back, donated to a Children's Hospital and his grandmother's honor and Josh Allen made it very clear.

I'm committed here to Buffalo and unlike some athletes I don't think this man is going to go ahead and change his mind and number five I gave you JJ Watt.

He understands what it means to play in the NFL. He understands how blessed and fortunate. He is in his position as a member of the Houston Texans. Not only did he raise money for hurricane Harvey relief. This man would open up shelters he would chastise his own teammates for their lack of effort giving the fact that they get paid millions upon millions of dollars and, at minimum, they could show up for the people who spend their hard earned money to support them. JJ Watt 2017 Walter Payton man of the year and before I give you our judge.

Someone was having one of the most amazing seasons that you will ever see by baseball player and he's been able to deflect this he's beloved in the Yankees clubhouse. He is team first all the way New York Yankee Bernie Williams joined us earlier on in the show and he told us and gave us a first-hand example, when Bernie was in the clubhouse recently how Allen judge brings everybody together and how even at this point he still just he's team first and not me first and number three I gave you Steph Curry yeah, he's one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is the greatest shooter of all time.

What you hear negative about Steph Curry what his wife in a cookbook that he shimmies too much and show both when shooting threes of you heard about the work that he does it under armor, you know going out there in the community being an excellent example of hard work, the youngsters having one of the best-selling Schuster.

Young people want to emulate someone who's who's been an underdog. You know, getting a letter from a young lady who says they wear your shoes and in girl sizes and Steph Curry working with the young lady to develop a line just for female athletes. Steph Curry, one of the good guys and number two I gave you Albert Poole's he's on his way out the door. He's on the doorstep of 700 homeruns. He also has a daughter with down syndrome and he has publicly publicly been an advocate for people being treated like people, regardless of who they are what they are far more know what may or may not afflict them for that. Albert Poole hoses.

Also, someone who understands his lot in life and it's not just being one of the greatest baseball players of all time and it's time for this top six superstars who are easy to root for a shot. What number is it number one we got a look at someone who is from Nigeria via Greece playing in Milwaukee if you want to look at quote on quote the American dream an opportunity. The American dream is not real for everyone, but it is real for this individual who's been able to take and utilize his athleticism and his appreciation for life and be one of the greatest athletes that we have in this country right now. His name is Yunus, but that a cookbook man.

He wasn't even necessarily wanted by Greece family of immigrants selling goods on the streets of Greece wants to play soccer moves into basketball comes over gets drafted as a know nothing 6 foot nine guy will gross the sixth 11 whose ultimate peace and what is he do goes from selling goods with his family on the streets to being a multiple time MVP. A defensive player of the year.

One of the 75 greatest basketball players of all time. Jan is it that a compo doesn't take himself too seriously, but he takes the game seriously when he's away from the court before and after games. He understands it's just a game because they are bigger things in life.

We've heard him joke about smoothies. We've heard him talk about his initial experiences in America, and now that he's a father he's running around as best as just intense as he is. He's telling bad jokes. Listen joke when you going and how yes an awful joke is telling dad jokes, but then when it's time the ball loud and realize you know what he's experienced what his family has experienced in life.

His father passed away a few years ago the unsuspecting.

We actually met his dad before great guys mom great person brothers we know about his brothers. He's a dad he's a father Yunus is never forgot worries come from and just how hard he's worked and where he is is an inspirational story to every and anyone. Yunus understands the game he understands life. This is what he said, 20, 21 during finals. From my experience. I like when I think about like oh yeah, I did this, you know, our special day to hide that 30 had 25 tenants. Analytic is something about that. We want that. The next day you suck. You know she was that you like the next few days you and figure out like mine, said to have that like when you focus on the past that your ego. I did this in no reenable to a Byzantine photo really deeply. I did this in the past someone that in the past efforts in the future is not bright like yeah next game get five. I do this and this and this and I'm going down that surprised you doesn't happen like you like it and I kinda like I focusing day. Nine. The moment dictated and that's committed that's being humble.

That's not saying no expectation that is going on then enjoying the game company and the high level it's a beautiful thing in life when you can have perspective and that's something that Jan synthetically ball has a lot of his peers have been told that they are great, that they are awesome. From the time that there in middle school Yunus at the compose selling goods on the street trying to think about his next meal. He has not lost perspective even for game and so he is also easier route for a superstar without ego a superstar who isn't afraid of big moments is superstar who goes and understands it's again and he's going play his ass off at that game but he's never going to forget the big picture and Jan is going to the small-market staying in the small-market investing in teams in the small-market starting a family on the small-market and how one day he might leave the small-market, but he's been easy to root for. Given his circumstances and what he's been able to make out of it. Just by will determination and work sold about perspective, folks, I got Yunus number one here on the list superstars who are easy to root for the JR sport re-show your CBSSports radio. I give you Josh Allen JJ Watt Allen Judge Steph Curry, Albert Poole holes and Jan said that a compo at number one with all the negativity in the world of sports, who is a superstar athlete who is a star athlete that you really appreciate that is easy.

Also easy to root for his or her success to get your calls.

On the other side, 855-2124 CBS listen to the JR sport re-show on CBSSports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBSSports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBSSports radio hello JR, my first time calling you and I find you to be an excellent guide to Lisbon.

Well good luck I hope you never lose a lot because really a bright and intelligent and you covered all and I'm very happy to listen. He is holy now with 855-2124 CBS right before we went the break I gave you a new top six list we look at superstars. We took a look at superstar athletes who are old so easy to root for the supports are so look for their success. If you miss the full explanations it's easy listen on the free Odyssey Apple you have to do is hit rewind here it is in number six. I gave you Josh Allen and number five I gave you JJ Watt and them before I give you our judge and number three I gave you Steph Curry and number two Albert Poole holes and if I have to think about a superstar athlete who is easy to root for a given his circumstances and what he's done what he's been able to make out of his life and just be an example for others it's Jan is it that a compo Disney has been a movie about this man and is a whole Lotta life left in front of Yunus is that a compo just even here in this year's early years, still in his 20s.

It's a hell of a journey from the streets of Greece. It's absolutely amazing 855-2124 CBS.

That's 855-2124 CBS, Asko super producer Dave Sheppard. I want to get his thoughts and in his opinions on someone easy to root for. Momentarily let's holler out a few of you guys first, let's talk to Alex. He's calling it from. I am your CBSSports radio what's up Alex all right and good evening broker if I got a thank you and the crew only live for. So I got on local key on local radio so great, thank you for that feta. So are you guys talking about our athletes that are really easy to root for. I got when you might admit I'm very sensitive to mental health issues diagnostic friend of mine took their own life so you know I'm kind of gotta be an active so I thought of you know, maybe back in the day like John Daly went to some stuff and he came back little Alex you still there yeah I thought of young fire, but that I thought you got cut off, but better. Before renting Naomi Osaka number one on top of the world and all the settings you gotta you know. Everything that's going on because she's going to mental health issues and she's an overt anxiety and her depression you know and if you comes back. I think that the appellee praying like I'm kind of got a weakness for those athletes because they go to a lot. I mean even my like Tiger with some stuff you and like I said John Daly.

The call for it to get back to their court after going to something. I think that's admirable and the and something that you know you get a room for you not understand that knowledge.

Thank you so much for bringing up Naomi Osaka. She certainly is an inspiration for a lot of folks. I know there are people who will you know look down more negatively upon you know any athletes who say I'm suffering from mental health issues.

It's for some it it it can be an easy copout, and I'm not gonna sit here and be na´ve and go all my goodness you know this isn't an excuse for some athletes this is not for me to judge unless you been sentence and you want to be a jerk before you want to clean mental health issues. You can look at Naomi, Osaka, and in her growth as a tennis player you can look at the first time she won the U.S. Open and in looking at her almost cry while winning because Serena Williams. The crowd wanted her to win and they weren't a fan of what was taking place and Serena had to tell everybody hey Rick relax this is Naomi's moment in Naomi's just like whoa they don't think they bore me the blue and the fact that I want and you could see it in her almost a teenager and so now here she is at 24 years old still young. You know going through all these experiences, yeah more money more problems. Notorious Biaggi was not line, you know, it's one thing to go and be a model. It's one thing to be a global phenomenon everywhere from Haiti to Japan. It's another thing when you have to pressures to perform and yes, plenty of people have done it. We live in a totally different world right now you got Joe Burrow and I don't want to cite mental health issues. He certainly did not think it's a little bit of common sense.

Joe Burrell spoke to the media today and they asked him hey have you seen all the comments about you know the bangles being owing to Joe Burrell says I took twitter and Instagram off my phone. Let's hear what Joe Burrow had to say that I have twitter and scary now so I've cemented, we focused on what's going there I'm sure it's not a very good reaction. I think it will be a different reaction is going yeah you know sometimes it's best not to just you will be badgered by negativity all day long. Why do you suck while they let you hit it hit so much.

You know what is. I do imagine seeing that all day long. Some of us can't. Most of us can't 855-2124 CBS is 855-2124 CBS were talking about superstar athletes were easy to root for Greg is here from Michigan. You're on the JR sport ratio. Our great topic. Hey real quicků All again. Turning 60. Friday. Oh thank you note. Great topic, but I have two but I'm going to go with. I want Lebron James but number to go with Matt Stafford, the man quit when the title Kelly is wife had something on the brain brain tumor daughters you know a little bit unhealthy but there was a great point I think before you left. He gave $1 million to build a center for children to believe in themselves. And here it is great talent giving back to humanity in this my friend is what life is all about, and you're nailing it with this topic. Love you for bringing this topic out because this is what Lysol about giving back to the community of faith. Love you, happy birthday to you.

Thank you Greg for calling us from Michigan without a shadow of a doubt, Matthew Stafford, an upstanding citizen when he was a member of the liens and certainly a beautiful gift on his way out the door. Matthew Stafford was easy to root for. Even in the simplest form, or simple way he had the play for the liens all those years and when he finally went to a decent football team. How could you not look at the Mandingo dammit he got free. Good luck. Think leaving alliances is a blessing.

I think they're on their way on the up and up. Now they could be with Mr. Goff but yet Matthew Stafford all those years, just wallowing playing on Thanksgiving.

The only time that America sees you and now you here in Super Bowl and then you win the Super Bowl. You probably have a brighter future.

Here in the NFL was see if that body holds up Dolly talk about his arm like it's been it's held together with scotch tape and bubblegum good for Matthew Stafford yet. He's easy to root for. You win the championship already, so I don't know if I feel the same way the 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124 CBS were talking about superstar athletes who are easy to root for. I had Yana's number one who the hell is on your list of talking on the other side your CBS sports radio he's eating the wind. Everyone counts on the facility running the weather or supply chain to Fill out and Marianne Miami jewelers in Minneapolis and stand in central Indiana taking control of everything under control. Granger here for you experienced France Every I Granger one. It's not easy being the one everyone counts on the facility running or supply chain to Fill out and Marianne Miami jewelers in Minneapolis and stand in central Indiana taking control of everything under your control. Granger here for you experienced France Every one ready to improve your bottom line. The rim can match you with a top financial analyst trusted by small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. The rooms virtual financial analyst are highly trained vetted through a rigorous data-driven process and match to your needs drive business growth with a virtual financial analyst from the rim listening to on the financial podcast rolled into one. Get started today trying to, try to anywhere fans go to chair on the team behind the scenes and VPs ensuring is game day ready we see a gel seat so everything can enjoy everything keeps her stadium running smoothly from the first game starts last season flies and solutions for Ranger who get it done

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