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Evangelist in Sin City

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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May 14, 2022 5:30 am

Evangelist in Sin City

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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May 14, 2022 5:30 am

Join Evangelidt Michael Bowen on his trip to Sin City through this 8 day audio vlog.

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Thank you. This is the Truth Network and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ absently transforming and restoring lives and making all things in this power sent Michael to captivity, and hell, and delivered God this is Jesus breaks the chain today on the Houston international Airport waiting to catch my flight Las Vegas, Nevada, and we know what Las Vegas is called it's called sin city. They say there's an old saying that says whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and as I am waiting for my flight. I'm just reflecting on the times that I spent Las Vegas before I surrender my life to Jesus Christ. I was I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and I would go to Las Vegas and I are drinking high on cocaine gambling and I had just such riotous living there and when I was in prison began to write my memoirs are they going to write a book called the poetry of addiction. One man's journey into the captivity darkness in hell of addiction and deliverance practice God, Jesus Christ, and I was reflecting on some of my times in Las Vegas and I told myself when I wasn't present. The day I would never go back Las Vegas and I said only whatever the back Las Vegas if I was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. And today, here I am on my way back to Vegas that was about nine years ago when I was in prison for my life to Jesus Christ.

When I said I never liked Vegas and I'm and I'm going to Vegas I have to go on some family business and I was starting to think reluctantly and I really don't want to go to Vegas, but then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said what better place for evangelists, then to be in a place like Las Vegas. Hallelujah, sin city, hallelujah, and I just began to get justice really good feeling that that God or somebody in Las Vegas that is about to get a Holy Ghost ambush and so when I'm there to conduct my business and be with my family and do the things that that that I need to do there but I'm also going to be looking for the loss be looking for the people that the Lord wants me to speak to to share him with her share his love with and I've already this habit in my mind that when I get there in and I have some some time just to walk up and down the strip and I'm just to let the Holy Spirit guide me and lead me to the hurt broke in the lost and then the people that are either addicted to drugs are addicted to gambling who just come to the end of themselves, like I had done so many times and it is just is just horrible. I can remember one time when I was in Las Vegas and I was high on cocaine and I've been gambling and ended up getting an argument with with my friend Mike Ikeda Vegas to visit one of my friends and he had lined he was line and there were staying in his room. He got the room I was onto business.

There and and he knew that I was supposed be doing drugs.

But I brought some drugs now sound cocaine got in an argument and he just told me to leave. So I went down in and started gambling the blues and all my money and then I didn't have anywhere to stay inside. I got kicked out of the hotel is walking the streets didn't know what to do.

I had no money and I flight what and for about three more days so I do know what I was going to do and I was walking through a parking lot at Circus Circus casino and I just happened to look to me to suburban and inside the car to the window I could see a briefcase and in my mind and in my drunken stupor in high on cocaine. I decide I'm get a rock.

I got a rock and I busted out the window and I grabbed the briefcase and I took off running and and went look inside a tooth.

Does the suitcase or briefcase and there was a passport checks some of the things and I threw everything away. I kept the passport checks and I decided I was going to go try to get the money out of the skies account and I can still remember vividly what this guy looked like what this may look like in his passport and what is not good doing I was I was drunk. Like I said the sun was coming up so I when I was at the Rio Hotel Casino.

If anybody is going to Las Vegas. It's a little ways from the Las Vegas strip. All the other hotels are so I went down I stole a golf cart maintenance golf cart and I took the maintenance golf cart and I drove down the street across the highway on the bridge and up and down the Las Vegas strip and I went into different casinos writing checks and pretend like I was this guy and and I remember them looking at me kind of funny because the guy was locked anything I wasn't think I made up some excuse and I've been sick that cancer some crazy like that.

But I was able to get some money off these checks in and then able to go get a hotel and went down to another casino Mandalay Bay and checked into my room and started gambling want a lot of money. I want about three $4000. I remember and so I ended up finally going to sleep I been up for a couple days on drugs and I did up finally going to sleep. I woke up next morning I was walking outside the casino and the tables, the blackjack table called me back over there and I ended up losing everything that I gain the night before and I was just that is just such a picture of what my life was like if it wasn't alcohol wasn't crack cocaine wasn't gambling all of it was an addiction was all addictive behavior, but what addicted one thing I was addicted to another and in the things that it made me do and I'm not. I'm not proud of those things, but all things are passed away, though therefore he wanted Jesus Christ is an increase in old things are passed away. All things become new. So I just reflect on that old man that was in Vegas that time and then I say no.

There's a new man coming to Vegas this time. Hallelujah and and and this time I'm knocking to steal from a man, to give a man or woman the precious gift, a gift, addicted out of the money that better than riches. That's better than anything in this world and that's of the gospel of Jesus Christ and enema share with the people so all along my journey. I want to be doing some different recordings of maybe people that I run into. I don't how that's going to go but I'm glad you along with me on this journey. I love you and and to be continued. Stay tuned, and at the airport. I'm about to catch my flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'm to check back in his soon as I get there and kinda tell you how you feel what I'm feeling and what atmospheres like I love y'all stay tuned what I made it to Las Vegas and, Huber, and got to the hotel I'm staying at the Venetian. I got to the road hotel just in time to make our dinner reservations with my parents and my sister and my sister's husband.

We had a wonderful dinner. I had some lobster with some spaghetti. It was incredible. One of the best meals I've I've eaten in a long long time and I just am really excited to be here.

I'm excited to be with my family and took to just enjoy their company and I was speaking to my sister and and and my parents and they were placing cards after dinner now like to do that on the asked if I did that you can gamble my going to place in 20 once blackjack and I said absolutely not. I said to me, gambling is like drugs. I said I'd rather thought I said I am not going there and I told him about how when I was in prison that I had was reflecting about all the things that I have what I when I started writing this book in prison. I started reflecting on all the bad things that ever happened to me in Vegas and I start writing down in my memoirs. In that book and and just just I just did some rotten horrible things in this city and I just just the bad part of my life. It's that old man that old man's passed away and now the new creation of an evangelist. I'm an evangelist in sin. Sin city. I'm an evangelist in Las Vegas and is about to hurt people in Las Vegas and I know it so you know I when I was in play cards for little bit but it just wasn't anything there for me. I didn't feel the does the pool to even want to do something like that consume the Lord whom the son sets free is free indeed, the Lord delivered me from addiction. That's addiction alcohol addiction to drugs. That's addiction to gambling in any all those things were all tied up in the one the blast of that flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is all wrapped up in that addiction in an and I just don't have it anymore. Lord delivered me and so you know that that's for someone else and there's nothing wrong with it if you like to do that, but for this man right here. I have no business even getting into that kind of environment and gambling in and in all the alcohol in those those type of feelings that that that would star up. I'm just not interested. More interested in seeing what's out there and seeing who that I can come into contact with it.

I can encounter this hurting that I can tell a story about Al used to be and and how my life's changes us were in my life to Jesus Christ from its 930 at night and I'm in my hotel room about to go down to the Las Vegas strip and and see what the Lord has in store for me and I will take you along with me and and do a continue this podcast on the Las Vegas strip. Right now, Lord just just blessed me.

I bless my fee or prepare someone for me to talk to.

In Jesus name, amen.

I will talk to y'all soon.

Well I must say night one has come to an end. I'm back in my hotel room. I was out walking the strip up and down. People are everywhere. It's Saturday night and just try to be in spirit walk in the spirit and and just be led by God and had some real nice conversation with some people and and I saw some some people that looked like they were having a bad night and I would I would have a nicer word or comment to him. I didn't really get a chance to do any evangelism or talk about the Lord so much… He just didn't present itself here for three more days so I know that the Lord has something special planned.

He always does and and so I'm just going to be ready to make myself available. I put myself out there on that strip and I was walking out just praying when I'd see people always made out to the gospel to do is just walk in prayer people was praying over the strip Osprey when I'd see people that looked sad or or or maybe they were higher. Whatever I would pray for them and I was just praying for deliverance must pray for comfort and and just try to be there. I was telling the Lord as I was walking I said Lord I'm your evangelism here if you need to use me. I'm available now. Just make a myself available to the Lord and and and it just felt so wonderful to be able to do that and that's just my duty.

That's when I started my life to Jesus Christ.

So what I hate myself I hate this.

What I don't want anymore and I said Lord I said if I'm gonna smoke drugs when I leave here then you just kill me now. I can't do anymore is a bit Lord, if you will save me. I was serving the rest.

The days of my life. So that's the deal I made with the Lord that would serve him so I come here on this trip and I'm certain you are on the Las Vegas strip and on that street and I'm serving them tonight. It was in prayer and I was just praying.

Maybe tomorrow night will be evangelism. I'm not sure what it's going to be, but the point is is that I'm making myself available I'm I'm keeping my word to God that that your use me, Lord. I'm your vessel. Use me for your will for your purpose as seen by the need to help the needs of a kind word of the need to hear about you, Lord, use me, I'll do it on your mouthpiece on your hands and feet are Lord and so I just want to encourage you to buy out there tonight or I guess when you're listening to this podcast that just make yourself available to God. Keep an open open communication with him and just be in the spirit and moving the spirit and in and just be friendly to people. Be kind and show them the love of Jesus Christ.

When you encounter them.

So tonight is it was a good night a good evening a good day getting here from Houston, Texas, and I will begin again tomorrow.

I found a church and going to church in the morning. I have 11 o'clock service at a church called grace city church. Some go check that out. I'll give a report on that and what that is all about. See what the Lord has for for me instead in store for me tomorrow at this church.

Good night. I love y'all will talk again tomorrow. Praise the Lord back with you. It's Sunday morning and know how when you just are in the right place at the right time. I called line appointments will I have a divine appointment.

I come down to breakfast in the Venetian little restaurant and they sit at a table is very close to another table next to me and and I come to find out that I'm sitting next to a brother and sister, Brian and Naomi and we start talking is having such a wonderful discussion about Jesus having church is talking about Scriptures were talking about the things that go on in our lives and we find God in glorifying God when introduced by Naomi right now. Brian was elected to say something about our meeting this morning first meeting with it. It's funny because were sent down I knew it was a tight squeeze. But I was kind of like in my zone and when I saw you sit there need for whatever reason I don't know why but as you started. She asked about like the food in the buffet for whatever reason, this I recommend like I just click is recommended the thing and then just from doing started having a conversation in your heart for making an impact in the life like you were in Vegas right you share your story and what really struck me as life, the heartbeat should have. To see chains in people. The R-rated likelihood on this later in the remember all the details of everything you share with those outlined. Outcasts you know folks in people have given up on. For whatever reason, we get a look like that goes on in his goes on all over the world. There was a moment when he was sharing about.

I don't remember this about the people in the cities and the fact that there's actually like people don't know that they're starving is actually nourished. Yeah, right, uniting his living really like really really hungry but I'm like a big Mac. This is not starving right picnic comes around. I'm not even thinking second just whatever God installed new like I know it's real and I can feel his presence in your expression what is so it's it's a blessing. I know how to something like one like that is technically technically left today to hear rank and so this is been a blessing. It is called these divine appointments and you just never know the and look on a conversation. Have an and how they always end up on Jesus and on your faith when you're walking in. We I was trying to find occurrences morning and and and I've been talking with you and hurry out here and find me a church but God already found the right here at this table.

Hallelujah and I was praying to God to good church and this is my church today when I was sharing it with Naomi.

Would you like to think so down next to last.

I immediately felt like I feel people more than likely just like sharing your story.

I family and I grew up in foster homes with my name on being you know addicted to heroin my brother and I taking care of ourselves and warriors zone stated that my dad is the same thing that you know addiction is addiction. And so I rather listen for nine years.

Dad is so that touches me more probably than most people. And so just listening to you in hearing what you're doing her people because people know right regardless of what they been in there after my ultimately like what we all want is just and to be forgiven for thinking done that our email ideal and a lot of these people don't know any other way but you're showing like I said meeting you went through that 25 addiction so you can show them this is what you can do but what God you know that he I don't want to meet. I doing something for you and look what you're doing, you know, in all we need to be social for one person you never know when personal and doing in their life with with baking turnaround you're planning over there and just I feel like a lot of the DragonDictate community like bear left and go in regards to their group because I do have like you are and you know I'm not grateful that you were but I'm grateful that you gain the experience needed to meet people so many great things about what you're doing and well now we just spoke on something that I've been talking about two is that it is it is profound to me that I am happy that drug addiction came alive. Maybe the man that I am today to someone I'm not happy five years. She sees it that way but I am happy that I was because it allowed me to help other people that is struggling and suffer like I can if I didn't have those experiences. I wouldn't give to be used by God is not me do anything.

It's God using me and taking that which was meant to destroy me and use it for the good. Now I could come out of addiction at any time before that but but I was too stubborn and and and I and I hadn't reached my bottom and and you know we are the ones that decide where bottom is an took me 25 years. Even because it didn't take me 10 years it to be 20 writers God's going to take those extra 15 years and uses for this good so I just I just want to encourage everybody out there is this is podcast you never know your enemy.

You can run into. Don't be afraid to talk to somebody.

Don't be afraid to sit down next to somebody and and have a conversation in what the Lord wants to do with it and and right now were blessed. We've all been to church. They wanted to go to church today I want to go to church today, and God made a church right here in this restaurant.

Hallelujah. So I'll be back on this podcast with some more experiences of evangelist in sin city. Thank you. Well brothers and sister friend of mine is in this podcast while what an incredible morning.

I have had. What a breakfast with my my new friends. My brother and sister in Christ, and their son, Brian, Naomi and Josiah what a tree God had in store for me. I'm so fired up after speaking to them and talking to them in and immediately our conversations on both sides went to God in and what God is doing in our lives and in the resist such similarities in our stories and things that that that we've we've how our lives have have have come up how we grew up in.

Some things like that and we just identify with each other on such a great level. I know it was inspiring for them and it was inspiring for me and we just thank you so much Jesus for what you're doing in our lives and I believe right now I'm in a go ahead and I want to do another church. I want to go to church on the go visit the Las Vegas Church of the harvest with pastor Sandy Mays is not too far from where I'm at right now to get cut to Newburgh over there and I'll I'll give an update on how church goes. I'm just so fired up in the Holy Spirit right now. I want more.

I just wanted more. I was see what God has in store for me this day. Who else I'm going to be able to encounter. Who else he wants me to use to speak to to give my testimony or to share the word or just give a word of encouragement to help uplift somebody because what what I don't really understand what what people really understood realizes upon uplifting you. You have no idea, in turn, what you're doing to me in my spirit. I feel so uplifted after meeting Brian only, and Josiah.

What a blessing.

I'm so excited for for the day and what God hasn't what God has in store. So until until I get back to you. I'm off to church.

All right come to church and is unbelievable what the Lord has done in and when I when I came to Georgia Gautama Huber 1 Is Chosen Right Pl. but she's I walked in the door and felt the presence of God. The anointing here we are at the loss, the Las Vegas Church of church are the hardest with pastor Sandy Mays and in and Jay Leno Jasmine and I came in and it was it was scripted by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit we started we started our praise and worship and I tell you what it was all my very favorite song my own personal favorite songs not just one, not just two but three of my personal favorite songs they had lined up for me the Holy Spirit had lined up for me here and I just I'm just so pleased I knew what I came to Las Vegas that God had something better yet the plan for me with the family business. To do that was the world's plan, but he had his own plan. A plan in the spirit. The main thing to do with with with the world plan, but his plan and what he's doing and this is part of that plan. I'm just so grateful and pastor Sandy just go ahead and talking and say what's on your heart you had such a wonderful message about that the spirit of life the tennis and and how we activated to our faith in it. It just touch me and we we don't realize this power that we have on his side as if we really knew we could go tell that mount to move and go jump in the sea, and it really would.

We can do amazing things we can we can be healed in Jesus name and and we can go in and and and and preach his gospel and help the loss be saved and not just tell it tells about the church and in the mission of God is put on your heart. Thank you.

I insist that's an honor to have you here brother Bowen. Praise God, I am just so happy you know press. I want to say that during the worship. I it was just I thought I had known you forever because it just that kindred spirit know that so I just so happen to have UFS praise God for our church, Las Vegas, or to harvest our mission and what we want to do is you know just helping people connect with that power to meditation, you know. So often people are Christians I know they they forget that what God has done on the inside of them that their brand-new and they think you know that they just have to rough it out till you get to have anywhere been out trying to deal with everything from the mental aspect of things in the physical, but we have to get to the spiritual and realize that we are empowered spiritually and that's why I Joshua 18 says to meditate upon the word day and night and as we do that there were going to see what happened. Revelation to see how to make our way prosperous, how to live prosperous, how to you know activate all the gods done so that's the primary focus of our ministry is to teach meditation and application of the word of God and just to keep growing. That way, and I tell you this is this is anointed church and their strong women of God. Here, let me just tell you about it and and and I'm set with two of them, Jasmine and NJ NJ lien and why they just sat there such a blessing in this house, and I know they help you pastor and would you like to say some Jenny Jasmine first was was the one thing and he did an incredible job worship sing of my favorite songs and lesser-known, or something that would you like to say something.

I just want to say I think for a lot of we represent younger when in the kingdom of God, who I think a lot of times in the world. They make it seem like it's so attracted to do things the world's way back to LA encouragement is listening that there is nothing better than tapping into the kingdom and allowing God's plan to flourish and have place in your life. The world makes the world seem so attractive. But you already know that's not a lie is a chat like doing things God's way or abandoning the way of the world is so unattractive and that the kingdom. The kingdom is ejected by cane or doing things God's way is the best way to write you and God is will do so much more in your life in your personal life and your relationships in your body and your finances than you could ever choose God do things his way and you will be so excited Went to the result. Yeah, what a great word and enjoy what you I do miss NJ leasing why yes my name is Jamie and just enjoy his Christian thinking that doing God's work as hard think like I don't see the results of that is just learning again. Learning about the power within you who you are and also worth studying about the believers authority. As believers we believe in the word of God and yes like just understanding and knowing not just know no God but know of who he is one we had understanding and believing his word that who we are what we are and where we are in Christ. Unbelievable.

Let me tell you this is an exciting trip for me. Evangelists in sin city. I guess every time I it's almost like going on a scavenger hunt and you get out you don't know what God is is got in store for you and all of a sudden it's way more than you could ever imagine. Way better than you ever thought it could be and that is how God is he just gives you these gifts. These precious gifts in the spirit and I received one today. I will stay in touch. This is my family right here. Thank you Jesus and I'll be back was the more on my journey through sin city Las Vegas well the day number two in Las Vegas has come to an end and I just topped off an incredible day meeting some wonderful God-fearing people, the divine appointments I had breakfast with Brian and Naomi and the and and their son just sigh and then it church with pastor Sandy and Jasmine, her daughter Jasmine and Jay Lannon just the wonderful time we had in worship and I was crying and worship and the Holy Spirit was moving so mightily in the wordless priest was so spot on.

It's exactly what I what I needed to hear and it just help build up that faith in me and we were able to pray together and it was just such a wonderful day the week it was capped off by the most beautiful evening, I spent with my parents and my sister, my brother-in-law and we had justice incredible dinner over the steakhouse at the Mirage and just enjoyed each other's company in new it was. It was just a great time and then we went to a show a magic show with cards and stuff and that was really fun. And now I've come back to the hotel and I'm just resting.

Reflecting on this day reflecting on how this trip to Las Vegas is so different from any other trip that I've ever taken before know because it because the last time was in Vegas I did not know Jesus Christ. I was, not reborn in the spirit I was I was be led by the size my flesh now walk in the spirit and it's a totally different situation here in a totally different mindset and a totally different drive for me right now and in the drive for me is meeting people sharing the love of Jesus Christ of sharing the love with with my mother and father. My sister, my brother-in-law and and just enjoying life and my life in Jesus Christ.

We got more tomorrow.

I don't leave until Tuesday tomorrow be Monday. I just can't wait for what the Lord is good to do again tomorrow. So until then I'll see you tomorrow. Well it's my last night in Las Vegas.

This is my third night to be here and I we had a wonderful day. We had to do take care of some business things here. My family evangelists in sin city and this podcast is just about all my experiences as I will I walk through this city.

I walk through the casinos and just reflecting on how much this trip is different from the ones that I had in my past when I was a drug addict when I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and even gambling. I'm here to tell you there is a God in heaven.

I've been in Las Vegas, Nevada for three days inside the casinos and I've not had a desire not one desire to gamble and by the knows me that is a miracle of and in itself, whom the son sets free is free indeed is want to thank everybody who was a part of this podcast, you know who you are my friends for life Brian and Naomi and Joseph IR wonderful breakfast that we had yesterday. It was just incredible. Our conversations and how we just uplifted the Lord and in and talked about his word and and just to help encourage one another and then my my friends pastor Sandy and Jasmine and J. Lynn. It was an incredible I'm talking about awesome church service and worship.

I was crying and it was it was God ordained was a divine appointment that God led me to that church and we got to worship the Lord and uplift his holy name and and I'll treasure them for the rest the days of my life. I just want to think my family my my parents and my sister, my brother-in-law and we just grew. Just a lot closer. This trip and and I just just buy you the time that we all spent together and I just tell you God will restore all the things the locusts have eaten it. He will restore it on time telling totally restored my life and and I'm done just so grateful to be able to come and walk in sin city as an evangelist and make myself available to God it be used by him in a in a profound way and I discourage everybody just to the list of this and it just make yourself available to be used by God and he will use you say God just use me, I'm here for you I will do your will. What you have for me sent me on a mission set a divine appointment up for me that's what I did want to thank you for joining me on this journey and be a laugh morning podcast in sin city. Thank all glory to God radically changed life in Jesus Christ. Thank you for listening. For more information on Michael Billy's ministry sons and daughters of thunder visit sons and daughters of and remember there is no addiction in Jesus Christ. Jesus makes the chains. This is the Truth Network

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