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But, God-John Underwood Testimony

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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February 5, 2022 8:30 am

But, God-John Underwood Testimony

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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February 5, 2022 8:30 am

On today’s episode we have a life changing testimony from John Underwood listen as he tells the story of the darkest time of his life but, he wasn’t alone the light of God illuminated him when he needed it the most. Find out how & why today on Jesus Breaks the Chains!

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends.

Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ absolute transforming and restoring lives healing her and making all things in this power; free from the captivity darkness hell of addiction and delivered to God this is Jesus Christ hello and thank you for tuning in this podcast, which is a part.

Jesus breaks the chain series on Truth Network's microphone.

I pray that the Lord bless you greatly and you receive this word in love and in truth, this podcast is titled, but God the John Underwood testimony from dope dealer to hold dealer by the mighty power and transformation in Jesus Christ. I like to open up this podcast with a reading of the word from Romans 12 122 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice wholly acceptable to God which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

So about a month ago I was on Facebook just kinda scrolling through the pages and I came across this picture of a prison ID and I immediately recognize it because it looked like the same prison ID that I had.

It was an offender ID for the Texas prison system and this guy's name on it was John Underwood and at first I did he recognize this picture but I was I was drawn to the two to the ID and I said no I need to read this and it was this testimony. I started reading this testimony and it was so powerful and it moved me so greatly. I was yes, I had to I had to to to comment on and I started common on a and and the guy who proposed this names John Underwood and and we just started talking to stuff and I come to find out. I asked him your started recognize his face from the people from the ID and asked him I said ma'am with you and Travis unit were you and any said yes and I said you know what I will be there and in any said 2017.

I said I started to preach at the Travis unit in 2017 every Thursday night and I told I told John all people are preach with and then he remembered me and I remembered him and everything just kinda came back together so so I dislike this is just a very special moment for me that that I get to bring someone that I ministered to imprison Heusen that Travis unit is the very same prison roster in my life to Jesus Christ on that prison chapel floor and where John was there more. I came back in on Thursday nights to preach the gospel and John received that word that I preached and he gave his life to Jesus Christ. So I'm here to introduce John on word he Underwood he is my friend and my brother and a man that I had the privilege of ministering to. While he was imprisoned. John have you know is a former Marine who fell into addiction and battle it for over 20 years until he finally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ was finally set free, which said his feet on a new path with the new God-given purpose to help Jesus say those were lost. Just as John was when he found himself overcome by addiction. I like now to introduce to you my friend John Underwood and let you know that you're about to hear an amazing testimony that illustrates the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.

Hello John how you doing today I'm doing good well but when they would probably not. It's not about testimony, yet it's great: John. He lives in Palestine, Texas Peabody, a listing from Texas that says East Texas east of Dallas and and after John resides and I want to start this podcast. I think it's important when we when we give our testimonies and and Intel are testimonies that we go into our childhood we talk about the things that kinda shaped us and molded us because there's a lot of things that that that you experienced in childhood, John, that old that the people that are listening to this podcast that are here testimony there to be able to identify with. So I like just tell us about your childhood how you grew up where you grew up in an and what your childhood was like well like okay all well was born in Houston Texas and not to send it to me and my parents moved out screen and I won't say not a second was raised in a Christian home law no almost all live along you know I childhood like a native will excite at a much so mom following Eugene Oldfield said he was crippled in Asia walls not changed since then and it was a major things in my life it really have sent my last all Megan all direction and understand why the know I'm in mom a man you love God, where my father did could be injured away dad and understand that so I guess that's what started my school and started dabbling in your scenario, alcohol, marijuana, and an outline of drug it is you will all feel, I guess I will.

425 when I got out of the Marine Corps. I first got my addiction: in the Marine Corps. The matter what age you was as long as you look at in your pocket you don't any interest for you on anyplace in the country you and that was afraid and had never had proportional of course I've used this group. Click to me about your time is Marine. So after high school you decide you join the Marines and you went to basic training and then where did you go in the Marines and did you see any combat or or what gives an idea of what your experience in Armed Forces was like my experience in all courses never seen any combat Endocrinology. All notes and most well, why you and and that's a lesson you know I guess that's another reason that directly become so much up on my lap while I was in my records. You spent so much time a little island. Boredom takes over your like faced yes and no. I just I just can't believe how far the Lord brought an elegant but you might have blog I discharged in 1997 was about medical desert distorted all conditions to my lapdog. I wrote you so going on the lapdog about emotional and that's when I started yeah so so I guess after the Marines you got out and you'd already had some experience without calling and the drugs out of boredom and stuff in the different places you man and I know and why did they got them probably drugs over there. I'm not sure if you got into that why you're in Hawaii and then you had that tumor unit I gone and I guess you probably prescribed some some pills, like so many of us are, and opioids, opiates and and maybe that kinda seated your addiction but but all those things combined brought about that addiction and unit all stemmed from rebelling against how you grew up rebelling against what you need to be true. Maybe having a little resentment to God about what happened. Your dad in and the devil crept in and input some resentment in you and in it because at rebellion so so after the time that you started messing with the pills.

Give us an illustration or talk to us about your life as it went from that point on messing with those pills and where lead you because as I already know some your testimony and it is so powerful, so take us to that time take us through the. The major events in your life that brought you to to the foot of the cross we surrendered her life to Jesus Christ yet so I started on my addiction and modulation pills and alcohol things, not all is what I got out of my old and the pills ran out. I had to find something to put my system and I was working in Oldfield's and Rhiannon know late 90s when electric. We didn't get how you do get a job okay a lot of place that was just the culture you stay up today up as long as you can work hard use that method to make as much money to keep you up to make as much money as you can produce produce produce work work work work work and we know both. I had a problem that do when you do math and go go go go like the Energizer, so soak so yeah so tell us tell us about that all fields and in what what came out of that is no bad thing was I got got on that document back outside and did neck it needs around my locker children that when I was at work I will sleep for 10 to 14 days and I would like to take out two days locked all my body rest backup know about it. Back to work and do that I would do that to three months of well you know I made a bunch of money to most of what I got my note. Yes, and that that that was the basis of my old career was that so much support my family. But these yeah I see that you not to say that it is illicitly outdated all down the road addiction as you go You cannot get to know and not that it's a bad family Absent at that thing that I deletable you know that church was a praise team singing in a pasture of an altar call, I met Jesus in room 31 Motel 6 like a stick August 11, 2014 and I got set out below for 10 to 14 days. I just got to the point that I can get high-level so all that's also what is keeping me awake because it was no.

40 you drunk so as to I can go to sleep. What will be feeling at the time, what was Google you mind telling you the feeling you're having as you're sitting there that Motel 6 room. What were you feeling and what was going to your mind all done. That's like explaining about Clement Viagra and lost a lot of my kids that shows local roads later that I would love to get to see my mom and dad a locus out of the lot. All the laws/mama Go see my mom and dad, my mom was sick that I can go see Joe so you and I just adjusted you know what would be better off. You normally my work and stay on point. I walked up my truck, not directly see I chambered around as I was walking back to Bill Bonaduce now slick and told Richard and you can tell that level for magic to culture to culture. So the function should be no reason but God's law is right your chosen he chose you before the foundation of the to be his his chosen his disciple's trial, and that is not so powerful.

What he did so and then and when when I read that I was moved because I knew that's the power of God over your life right there you know.

He said no, that's not your in your end is not this motel room by suicide living in disgrace is a drug addict.

They're not gonna find you had in this hotel room that is not your and I have something better for you. So tell me about what happened immediately after that and and and moving forward you a bullet. It is routed to shut out all or you are so so you created curio self-correct document and then and in the sweetest presence filled the room and as luck matter felt that NASA got into real life to change me or let me.but please don't leave me like this annual and what I felt like more minutes.

I laid there and I don't look fall asleep but I woke up in English.

Two days later. My body shut down from Bianca Clement that God made man since Austin when I stood up and I won't have room I am in an outburst don't block all shares of any kind.

Praise the Lord's and he won a three year addiction, brother, and went out of my diction.

I was going to hack out how to perform a day and a good dollar good eightball methamphetamines and public freedom is not what I'm what I'm telling about right now. Do you hear hope in this man's story.

Do you see it. He we went from dope dealer to hold dealer by the mighty power of transformation in Jesus Christ.

Jesus can take you right where you are and change you if you give your life to him. He was ready to die and that's really what it takes but you don't have to die yourself you just let that old man in you die and you give your life to Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. With that, that's amazing in and I had the privilege of ministering to you when you're in prison. I know you did some time in prison. 2017. Tell me how you got to prison well there was actually okay will meet the Lord between operations that you all stiff or bad choices in your long story short after I got saved. I'm still facing 19 felony counts that they convicted me of all that would add up to 40 years a lot of time locked out, especially when you're 40 something dissidents almost and so I guess it was probably not a lot yellow sorry but I will and sanctified law will amaze you know a lot of nightmares about a son.

I will not still about the Lala just when I will get no more neutral you, but anyway so I guess it was late for actually got taken down and so will a lot of my told us it will just told me he's work this out like a walk.

You will, no church and will dolomite my little dancer got Karsh don't stop and I was in New Mexico and I should know about down almost like she's people sound a lot.

Long story short, I walked interfacing 40 years That illustrate felony charge. One year with that, had a late charge. I wanted a chance state jail did want to walk out of three men and that's when I met you bring me tell you, that's amazing self because they don't usually do that only God but God can only do that and and God knew you needed four months so you could focus on him.

You could hear the word being preached and you could start your word and get you ready for your release and and you had to walk it out. You had to do your time, whatever time that the God you choose to do because God's the final judge of the final say so in anybody's life and anybody's sentence anytime you're going to go behind bars or go to prison or anything like that. God says the last word.

He's the final judge hallelujah and and and just wanted to I know I know the Lord is is doing some great things your life right now. You started a ministry your own ministry.

He's got you doing things and in studying and studying the word tell us about that what you're doing right now tells about your church right now I'm enrolled in valid Christian college, so I'll get my bachelors in evangelism. I got a lump start put prison ministry that that's that's not think that's why Lord allowed me to go to the prison systems is although I'm not saying Sargon.

There's a book that it was arguably there guided by the search know the love you and so we got we got that working all some opportunity coming up February 26. I'm going with the de rigueur in Houston, Texas. Ministering to you all is well with super stoked about that. Getting back with you.

You know I look at both of you possibly get from time to time. You know the Lord just opening doors and doors and all it takes is obedience and obedience to work out the rest point us right that's that's 1 o'clock. I'm just telling you where we are so honored and blessed that you could be a part of this Jesus breaks a change podcast series. I'm just asking everybody just keep John in your prayers as he continues in his studies at Bible college for evangelism.

How awesome is that in and we believe that the Lord is going to use you mightily. I just know there's a teaching anointing on your life. John just buy a little time that we spent together and stuff I do. I just know that the gods called you to be an evangelist result called you to be a teacher. Your good student of the word. You know the truth and and you have a desire in your heart to teach other people the truth that some watered-down version of the gospel, not some feel-good type of flesh picked the Scriptures that that we like and don't listen once we don't and I know that's that's strong on your heart and so I know the Lord continue to anoint you for that work moving forward on you to preach the gospel to every creature as the word commands make disciples of nations, baptizing them so. So with that I just like for you if you have any parting words for already of Stockton, then just go ahead and address the audience that be great. I will remind you your within the sound of my voice. I don't care how well you know you haven't gone to Paul your but God moment this trust and believe, and I thank you again so I haven't me out yet. It's been my honor and my privilege to have you, brothers, sisters, friend of mine or listen. This podcast now want tell you I love you all and I pray that you too can find the freedom the John and I found in Jesus Christ. Jesus breaks the chains. He is our Lord and Savior and only power was ever able deliver these to form a dry, drug addicts and set us free from the captivity darkness in hell of our addiction was a love of Jesus Christ that drew John and I and it was his love that broke the chains of our addiction. It was his love that set us free.

It was the love that stopped that bullet from coming out of that gun at night in a hotel room. It was a love that moved on me when I laid on my face weeping and crying and telling the Lord to save me and that put on that prison chapel floor. I'm just telling you right now when the sun sets free is free indeed we are free. My brother John, thank you Jesus. Now that John and I've been set free. We live our lives is fearless and faithful disciples and we love God we love people.

We share the love of Jesus Christ. With everyone we meet one or close this podcast with this word and it's a powerful word from second Corinthians 517 to 21. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things are passed away behold all things become new. Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to himself through Jesus Christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation that is that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses to them and is committed to us the word reconciliation now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us.

We implore you on Christ's behalf reconciled to God. For he made him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God.

You everything John and I do is centered on our relationship with Jesus Christ. God says we are the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.

What a transformation that is dope dealer to hold from drug addict criminal convent that I was to a disciple of Jesus Christ transforming power of Jesus Christ.

John and I do is his disciples know the truth of the gospel save our souls is the greatest life of John and I ever live living our lives in Jesus Christ. God bless you all in Jesus name I pray. This is the Truth Network

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