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Redemption- The David Guerra Testimony

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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January 29, 2022 8:30 am

Redemption- The David Guerra Testimony

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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January 29, 2022 8:30 am

On today’s episode of Jesus breaks the chains Michael Bowen interviews David Guerra a rising Christian Rap artist, but David wasn’t always a Christian. Tune in to Hear the Story of his life and the Song in his Heart.

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This is Chris choose with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ absolute transforming and restoring life feeling her making all things this power; free from the captivity hell and delivered God is Jesus Christ: thank you for turning this podcast Jesus Christ change series on Truth Network vans microphone.

I pray that the Lord bless you greatly. You receive this word in love and in truth, this podcast is titled redemption. The David Guerrero testimony. First I like to open up this podcast with the word and this is one word from the Lord of Scripture that is very important to David and I and it's come from Revelation to verses nine through 12.

So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world.

He was cast to the earth as angels were cast out with him. Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation, and strength in the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down, and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil is come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he is short time and they overcame him by the blood of Jesus and by the power of their testimony. Both David Guerrero and myself. We overcame him by the blood of Jesus in the power of our testimonies. We overcame addiction. We overcame destruction. We overcame death by the power of our testimony in the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ David Guerrero is my brother in the Lord, and fellow soldier of Christ in the battle being fought for souls. David overcame a childhood surrounded by drugs and drug addiction by the blood of the Lamb. And he is a powerful testimony how God called him up out of a drug dealing gang banging lifestyle into a life as a fearless and faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

Dave is going to share that testimony with us. David has an anointing on his life and the Lord has blessed him with a gift to create songs. It touches the soul of everyone who hears them.

David is powerful voice for his generation and I'm pleased to have them on this podcast today would now like to introduce to David Guerra and let you know that you're about to cure an awesome testimony of transformation and redemption. At the foot of the cross for David lay down his old life so Jesus could make a new hello David how you doing today man are you doing on it. Serve the Lord gave little workmanship.

That's great. Well, I know you're a hard worker and so I called you during your lunch break right now.

You're on your lunch break her body. David is on his lunch break and so let's get right to it little brother first went went. When I first heard your testimony.

I was just moved so greatly by its power in all the things you had overcome from your childhood and I'll just let you talk about that. It was a really tough childhood being born to to both your parents been addicted to crack cocaine and what your life was like. From the moment you were born in and what should go through so tell us about your childhood and how you grew up in the projects in Houston, Texas, David. Michael is raining both their will. My father had left me at the age of wonder goat my mother began to date this idea with a call drug, but later find out that you were addicted and he was said so I grew up in what they would call a crack home with a drug house where everybody would go party smoke right now so I lived in a house that was later to become damn by defeating it was unfit for children. It was unfit for anyone to do at that point so I'm talking about cardboard window.

You know what you want.

You could even look at a straight condition called amp that should be drinking so much getting our food stamps and whatever we had about you to get high. You know even had time when a prosecutor shelters for next time.

You know, so there was a lot of physical abuse. My sister actually was a victim to sexual abuse from her own family members know so from there on, you know, my mother got later and deeper in her into her diction so she started putting this off on people you know.

Maybe a family of eight leaders at their house and never come back on client. My younger like a lot of my younger like I was house majority of my life and in no so my mom then became the indicated way it would only work for so long she would come back to addiction in a way so I didn't have my mom for good nine years of my life as a child. No, so was need managers raise myself house to house Ellicott O'Connor named charity cases to be in a bomb never amount to nothing. The most horrible thing you can even tell the child the devil trying to start at eight in the very beginning. You know nobody's ever taught me the love of God for the eight was injected right away as I'm listening to this and is just some touching in my spirit and I can just imagine what it was like coming through that type of environment and being taught that those negative behaviors and all that hate and shame and guilt you must felt as a child and and and I know you you became addicted to drugs and I think you told me around the age of 12. You are fully addicted to drugs yourself. So tell us how you became addicted to drugs and what was that like well living that life, I felt that I would never become added know that with everything I would never become my parent you nobody soon as I got of HL introducing the smoking you know how a gang affiliated at the age of 14, you know. So during that time was I started smoking that inching arsenic Robert Wyatt wanted people to feel that same hate that I didn't want people to experience the pain that I had inside you know, so I was going to Hayden and partying Robert people doing drugs you know you don't faint assaults on family members when I would go to the door that was time to write numbered eight walking the streets I would go to Mount family house walking miles. You know when I would go go to my family so I cannot get you to get rejected rejected from a place to sleep, rejected from a hot meal. You know so that that automatically put more hated side think out rock hard to go to sleep. You know what would lurk around the street looking for something to steal. Looking for something like what they would say come up on you know hopefully that I could make enough money just to get me through the day and in every money I would make you course spent on drugs, no so bargaining and and Coke started taking control of me. I was doing discussing.

Thank you. Know prosecutor woman in robbing anybody I got to get my hands on from beating Omar to my computer. Necker granted to and I could get a dog out that that's without myself. Yeah, I know you talk about that rejection. And when you started talking to me about the rejection. Then I got the. The image of Jesus Christ.

In my mind and in my spirit I could feel that the rejection of Jesus Christ. This is what he went through this when our Lord and Savior went through so Jesus understands the pain of your rejection.

Any carried he died for that pain that you felt that hurt from your rejection because he experienced it to.

He knew all along what what you're going through and and you know you talk strongly if you harm anyone of these children of mine get this not a good thing. So he loves the little children. He loved you he was with you a protected human and and you went through the things you went there because we live in this fallen world that's that's full of addiction and hurt and pain, and rejection all the things that were poured out upon Jesus Christ and in the life of his ministry as he led up to the cross in which which which is the reason for our salvation. The reason why you and I are speaking today is because what Jesus did at the cross because he bore that rejection that pain and that hurt from this cold and cruel and heartless world that we find ourselves in. Only the only goodness in this world is the love of Jesus Christ that set both you and I three was I to suffer from addiction and I didn't have a child I had a good childhood growing up so just tell you it can happen. Anybody with it all and it took you and I to the both the same place a feeling of pain and rejection because of the because allies were living.

We chose to live when we decided to start using drugs and front cover.

That hurt and pain in our lives and that disconnected. We have disconnectedness that we had gone want to go into this segment of the podcast.

Tell me about what led you to your surrender to Jesus Christ. I know you went through a lot. I know you lived again by a lifestyle drug dealer lifestyle for many years, you're able to get married, have some kids and stuff tells about that.

Your life the transition when you started to get into a relationship with your wife and then have children in the what led you to your ultimate surrender in Jesus Christ. Okay what I'm doing, that my candidate, go ahead and ask that you have the transition became good or what happened was it was actually getting worse when you know I was thinking I was introduced to the love of God, and it was crazy because I found the church, knowing, and I remember one time there I and you know what Bill so much people that's wickedly common and I will see people surrender to God, you know, falling. Knowing how can income and is even the Bible tells you that people don't understand they get kinda weirded out. You know, because they they don't know what's going on you know Solomon watches people speak in tongues following the spirit in a nutshell godlike and I'm tired of this Lord you know that by this time on Meridian the project small mother told me she finally came back but she didn't have her sanity right so she finally just told me here's the money you know were not eating. Go ahead you and have you had the failed drug all the way were going to get a meal you know by that time of already losing you know pretty much I was in and out did you know they knowing to buy in and out of county know if the case is located, assault cases. I was begging God I was I was thinking that love you know up passed by the mirror and I would need to see myself no more. So I go to discharge. Nutshell got. I want with you if you're real I need you to cut you know it and I see people falling in the spirit in you look so peaceful.

So I went ahead and fell down as well be the spirit of God to make me thought out it was me just wanting what they wanted. So I fell down enough that humiliate was embarrassed because I knew I didn't feel anything. When I was on that ground know so I open my eyes and I looked to the side and I see everybody.

Laid out and need not feeling anything. Just the empty broking not felt like surrendering like I was throwing in the towel was done for no when I try to get up when I try to get up there was something on top. Delete that it was the only word I could I could ever explain was phenomenal he was out of this world with a supernatural feeling they could not come from man was the Holy Spirit and I felt whatever I was going to was picking away for that moment that you don't even make if it's not logical that anything I ever been through anything that everything. That burden that was on my shoulders and lifted you know and that's when I knew that the presence of God was real and he was there that he was with me and that he loved me, you know what that I later get confused by the church as you know, nobody told me about the word of God and this is very important because the word is a weapon, God said his word is a double edge sword that saved it on my word and my word you know that this person is Martina mama like you think everything will be added to street that lacking love you nobody's tell you they going to church but they're not receiving God's word and I think a little more.

And they say if you're not planning on a solid foundation. There was an economy that you write out your group so this is what I experienced during that time, you know, when I finally surrendered ahead before throwing it. I had commute I was taking those from a human form the same way that people thought it seemed they thought saw instead of godly dog looking for love in human form and I went and had kids and I end up showing them that life is well kind of what they call graduating infinity drug-eluting brick making more money and I thought I would like to net money. I was playing a hard time I turn my back on the Lord and see the Lord pulled me thanking he never forgot because it never leave you nor forsake you turn your back on me and I will turn my back on you when you are faced with. I will make Facebook as I do not deny myself so it just me going back all the way through it falling all the way back down again for him to rescue me once more when I called upon the words say that if you call upon the name of the Lord called upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

And sure enough, when I caught up on the north fate is quickly losing my smart mouth. I knew that my keys don't do that I would use this you know was horrible.

All the person I was committing adultery, fornication, you know, so I end up leaving that relationship so that therefore my keys had to suffer the same stuff I did, but not it's not as hard knowing when I met this news.

A friend of mine and I wind up getting together throughout the class is with me throughout all this trouble as well. You know that God taking them away from you as well. You know, and I do want my my third son. By this time, and I do want my Sunday is what I had already done them out of the queue goes over diabetes and maybe submit maybe submit them completely on my knees and had a crate and a name and to gain my family back. He had made come to completely surrender to you.

It took me going through the fire for hits for him to be able to boldly knowing that he get that I gave my life will become an object serving member since it's been going on two years. Right now, and in God blessed me with home.

God blessed me with my family that I like within trying to hear, choose, try not to serve.

Got it all over Texas Internet is the go to church and she wouldn't answer me when I go for my visit my son. The cops were there waiting for me to see the doors that she wouldn't open to me. She wouldn't even open the door so for me to see my son Jim doors. I think that he holds the key of David. She got open doors to me gave me access to my life that you gave me access to my family that gave me access to my child again, thank you, Lord Jesus, man I was powerful preach and all of us there. Did you guys hear that. Let me tell you, this man is spirit feel testimony. This is amazing I just I just I was at David's church last couple days ago on Sunday and I share my testimony and preach the word in and I was able to meet his. His family is his children and is is his beautiful wife in the Lord. She is awesome and she is powerful and she helps him and is in his ministry and she actually is a Spanish-speaking speaking church and she was the translator for my message and and I thought we worked well together so I'm I'm really happy family and I know the Lord is working through you and I just want to in this podcast talking about what the Lord's doing in your life right now. I know your powerful testimony and he's called you to go back in the same place. City he pulled you out of an and rescued you from into the projects in the city of Houston and there is a project called the fifth Ward and the fifth Ward is called the blooding nickel because of its history of violence over the years and and David is going to go with the mountain of salvation church Iglesia moment, day's FAC own and is going to be doing a revival.

It's called the precious blood revival, 20, 22, February 26, God has ordained that day for David and in his church, and I want to be over thereto, and in some of the other brothers assist the gods called to to help with this event February 26 at 11 AM at the fifth Ward Jim Park which is located on 3705 Line St., Houston, TX is going be the precious blood revival and and we are in a week. We're going to turn up the music where worship and praise in the Holy Spirit is going to invade the fifth Ward because Jesus is the blood in the nickel now hallelujah David Rew claimant was tell us what your connection with the fifth Ward is in why God has called you back to the fifth Ward 2 just to to preach the gospel and spread the word around that that you made me amazing and embedded Michael Bowen as well going to be a part of this one yes, I actually lived in the County Court project in fifth Ward. If they do call it the blooding nickel, 423 and violent a lot of drug addiction process. It is horrible. You know that was one of the most darkest days of my life. No roaming REIT peeled out, you know, looking for place to go. You know at times I would come outside and be getting keeled over dice games.

You know the cops would harass them come out on Thursday to let everybody down if you were in the master going to gel as well. You know, that was no doubt that everybody fighting horrible. You know and and when I was living there goaded up so much hate, but I felt barricaded like I would never make it past those laws, and there was like if you were in jail or something you know and I noticed that everybody struggles in their and I know they feel like they can never make it out that this is the life that they chose for them and there's no way out. So they learn to deal with it. They learn to live with the with a call survived no survival of the fittest know if either you or me that's that's it. That's a lie. You know exactly alike and praise God because I found Christ even when I first church he experience his love.

I remember there was a drought would go out in the street. Actually, in and put my hands on people and pray for you know even the people he didn't like me. They reject you and and I would pray for these people will God never let me forget that he always insert his vision immediate. One day I was in the go back to pre-to the people and I was like wow Mina do that got you know, look at me. I struggled and I want to hear from me, you know it was kind of a Jonah thing so I kept walking away from him walking away from it. You know, but that was my Nineveh you know God wanted me to go back to Nineveh and he wanted me to share the little guys you wanted me to share the repayments at the root repentance ghost forgiveness of sins, you know, so God leading me that way. And sure enough, God made it all possible we've got churches United willing to give back to the people.

People who who are hearts that are willing, you know. And these people are just, whatever grade you were ready to install that love of Christ were ready to get back with the devil stole from us ready inject the love we try to inject eight. You know, we believe that people will be delivered and provide an OB delivered often fifth Ward. No. And it and I guarantee you negative it's going to be incredible day in the fifth Ward.

I'm so excited to be a part of this anybody out there listens podcast you need to come on February 26 at 11 AM to the fifth Ward. There's update place called the jam part when the set up a soundstage will employ worship and praise were preach the word and Morgan were in a feed people, hot dogs or hamburgers or whatever we got to share the love of Jesus Christ with your tip 3705 Line St., Houston, TX and is going to be David with his pastor Jos Medellin myself and and and and Tracy's wife and Julissa Medellin in and in the whole church family were David goes to church multi-day's FAC own the amount of salvation, church and and just come join us in this can be a mighty move of God and one thing I want to do this going to conclude our time with David were so honored and blessed that he could be a part of the Jesus Christ. The change podcast series and and I'm going to this time. David, as I told you before, has a gift of music of the gift create songs. It touches the soul. Everybody who listens and it's about.

It's about is is is songs are are or the salvation of Jesus Christ. The message of the gospel or in his songs from his own unique perspective from the pain. You can hear the pain and anguish in the redemption and the transformation in the lyrics of the song and I was very touched when I when I when I listen this off so I'm going to play now for you. The songs that I first heard on a New Year's Eve service this past New Year's Eve I was at a church in David was singing this song is called the greatest love and before going to the song. David wanted to say your parting words firmly on the podcast going to the song the greatest love. I want to thank you all for Canadian we think of for me, is my commitment to promoting and that the glory of God moving our life. Thank you so much Radley. May God bless all the men and soul brother sister friends Mina. Love y'all and I pray to you to confine the freedom the Dave I found in Jesus Christ. Jesus Bryson changes our Lord and Savior and only power that was ever able to deliver these two former drug addicts and set us free from the captivity darkness and hell of our addiction. Dave and I overcame the enemy by the blood of Jesus by the word and power of our testimonies. Today we both live our lives in victory over Dixon the devil and the demons that used to torment us contently. We love God with the people we share Jesus with Everywoman now want you to enjoy this song by David called the greatest love.

Thank you Lee, me and now and right now will rain wonderingly and will bring even the real thing thing that I haven't been there with one in the thinking that you will do that when nobody was around.

Now they knew me and I did not have me a little, so I never knew about walking down the main and me and now he and he was in my this is the Truth Network

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