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Prison Ministry

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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October 30, 2021 3:00 am

Prison Ministry

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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October 30, 2021 3:00 am

Michael Bowen shares the fruit of his labor as he tells us the story about how prison ministry not only changed his life, but also the life of the two men he discipled. They share their own testimonials and how they are leading their new Jesus-filled lives.

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Resurrection, and Jesus Christ, absently transforming and restoring life, making all things. This power sent Michael the captivity darkness health, addiction, and delivered him to God.

This is Jesus breaks the chains prison hello and thank you for tuning into this podcast was part of the Jesus breaks the chain series on the Vandals, Michael Bowen and I pray that the Lord blesses you greatly and you received this word in love and in truth. God uses broken people to heal broken people. I was a broken man. When I found myself in prison for a second time because I could not stop using drugs and stealing for people to get money so I could continue getting high in my addiction I was a thief, a liar and a cheat and I would do anything for the next two in prison, I began to go to the chapel and when I would go there was always a man or woman or group of individuals there and they would share the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with me. They told me about Jesus and how you change their lives when they gave it to him. These people told me how they too were broken down and lost just like I was many of them had also been on drugs and imprisoned themselves when I saw them I could not believe that that it ever been like me. How could this be they all look so put together and there's so much hope and I could see the love in their eyes I could see a light in them and I wanted that light so badly they begin to tell me about Jesus that if I gave my life to him that I would never ever have to come back to prison again and I would never smoke another drug. For the rest the days of my life who could believe such a thing. I thought I'd be a drug addict for the rest of my life. I thought the only way I would ever stop using drugs will be if I died so that is what I wanted to do. I would do as many drugs as fast as I could until my certain noon for 25 years I tried to stop using drugs over 25 years. It was the same old story. I would stop using drugs for a couple of months. But sooner or later fall back into it and start using again and start stealing again in in right back in jail and prison in the 25 years I was addicted to crack cocaine probably went to jail over 50 times in the prison twice, not to mention all the drug rehabilitation programs and even a couple of middle hospitals along the way.

I spent close to eight years in jail or prison if you add up all the time.

Every time I would go to jail or prison. I would always find the chapel. I would always meet the wonderful men and women that came to the prison to share Jesus Christ with me. Finally after 25 years of drug addiction my second time in prison. I followed her advice and I surrender my life to Jesus, I'm indebted to all those men and women purporting to me while I was incarcerated all those years and I love them for how they help me and believed in me even when I couldn't believe myself. I got out of prison for my last time I made a promise to myself and to Jesus that I would go back into the prisons and help people. Just as I was Hill Scripture that speaks so loudly to my spirit and my soul. Matthew 25, 36 through 46, when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with them, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats and you will set the sheep on his right hand but the goats on the left, then the King will say to those on his right hand, come, you blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world problems hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger in you took me on. I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. Then the righteous will answer him, saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you are thirsty and give you drink. When did we see you a stranger and take you in our naked and clothe you when did we see you sick or in prison, and come to you and the king will answer and say them assuredly, I say to you is much as you did it to one of the least of these my brother and you did it to me. Then they will also answer him, saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked, or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you then you answer them, saying, assuredly, I say to you.

Understanding the Scripture. I now know why these people were coming to the prison and ministering to me. I Michael Bowen was the least of these. I was a broken man with a destroyed life and I was all alone. I'd lost all hope and I felt so unloved they were just coming to minister to me and love on me. They were coming to the prison to minister to Jesus and love on him. Jesus says that when you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me what a wonderful truth that is we can love Jesus by loving others, especially the most vulnerable heart and broken once the least of these, praise the Lord I was released from prison on May 27, 2014. As I walked out of the iron gates I told myself I would be back again one day. I knew that in my future. I would go back to prison except this time not as a drug addict, criminal and convict this time I would go back into the prison as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

A witness to the end of the earth a new creation of man on fire for God, a son of thunder, a prison minister with the love and light of Jesus Christ his eyes, and the power to help God change people's lives at 18 says, but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses to me in Jerusalem, and all Judeo and Samaria and to the end of the earth and the end of the earth for me is a prison chapel.

Hallelujah the same place where laid on my face and surrender my life to Jesus Christ.

That is into the earth in this man's life second grid.

These 517 says therefore if anyone is in Christ is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things become new. Oh what a beautiful Scripture that was when I was in prison I heard that Scripture I said you mean I can be new creation mean all these old things. In all these crimes and all this destruction of my life can be passed away and everything can become new. Oh I love the Scripture so much.

Hebrews 17 says of the Angels. He says he makes his angels winds and his ministers a flame of fire. I am a minister. I am a flame and a fire and I carry the love of Jesus Christ in my heart hallelujah Mark 316 through 18, he appointed the 12 Simon, to whom he gave the name Peter James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James, to whom he gave the name Bowen yet ace, that is, Sons of thunder. Andrew and Philip and Bartholomew and Matthew and Thomas, and James the son of FAS and Thaddeus and Simon the zealot. I love that Sons of thunder and that is what I've named my ministry when I was in prison. The Lord told me this ministry that I would have, and it would be called sons and daughters of thunder. If it's from the Scripture in Mark 317 identify with the I love being a son of thunder, carrying God's lightning to the world.

Hallelujah. Matthew 514 to 16 you are the light of the world.

A city set on a hill cannot be hidden, nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house in the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is having you see those prison ministers. When they came into me.

They were a light to me.

They were that city set on a hill they could not be hidden. I could see the light in their eyes and I desired that for myself and they let their shot their light shine before me and I saw the good works.

They were coming to pour their love into me and they always gave glory to the father was in heaven. They were living out that Scripture right there and it's the same Scripture I live out this day. Three years later I was living out the Scriptures and a promise to myself and God was realizing I stepped right back into the very same prison that I once was a prisoner in and I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the men who were there and told them my story of how God rescued me and delivered me from addiction in Jesus mighty name.

I shared with them my story of redemption and how Jesus set me free. John 836 says. Therefore, if the son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. It was incredible and the men in that room responded to my testimony and he started weeping and crying and began to believe that Jesus could do the same thing for them that he had done for this man standing in front of them with the fire of God in his eyes. I preach them hard and I told her the truth that they must surrender to Jesus I let that old man die once and for all, they must trade your old selfish life serving their own fleshly desires and for a new life of serving Jesus is disciple and witness. I now evangelize, preach and minister all over the state of Texas and the Texas prison system and also plans to visit prisons in Library West Africa where I am a missionary working with that country's population of drug addicted people. Revelation 1210 through 11 it says. Then I heard of a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation, and strength in the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down, and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and other translation assessed by the power of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to death. I love the testimony that the Lord is given to me and I love prison ministry and the men that I have had the honor of ministering to and the many prisons I've evangelize, and I've seen so many miracles happen behind the razor wire fences and concrete block walls man's life changed forever because they trusted Jesus like I had done. I would like to introduce you to these men. They both were in the Travis unit prison in Austin Texas where I serve as a chaplain volunteer.

It's the same prison that I was in when I surrender my life to Jesus Christ. I actually preach in the very same room where laid on my face and gave my life to Jesus. Sometimes I'll go over that spot on the floor where I gave my life to Jesus why laid and cried and wept and asked him to save me and I'll jump up and down in front of those men on that spot and say this is where my dead man where the old man is buried he's dead.

He's got a life since he's never coming out and I show them the man jumping up and down evangelist Michael Bowen free preaching to the him and I tell them this is the new creation hallelujah this first man that like to introduce is my friend and brother in Christ name is Chris Brezinski is from Abilene Texas and he is made me so proud seen him become a disciple of Jesus Christ after he surrendered his life to Jesus and that same chapel that I did. I'm going to let him tell you how Jesus has changed his life and blessed him so he could be a blessing to others. Hello Chris and Michael are you I'm doing good how you doing brother your brother did good to hear from you and thank you for me on that. That program brother yeah why love you and I been just bragging about the men that I've had the honor to minister to imprison and you're one of those guys that just listen and you begin to weep and cry in you gave your life to Jesus and I just told you what it happened to me and you started to believe in you said you know what I'm in a do it if he can do it for Michael disc I Michael Bowen he can do it for me and I watched the Lord just change your life and and bless you in so many ways and so first I just want to ask you right now and I'm just to let you just explain to the people about what happened.

Tell the people that are listening to this podcast a little about your past and what led you to prison and then what you did imprison it changed your life, you know my story, much like your man about drug addiction and criminal activity. You know what I was addicted to methamphetamine and and other drugs for five years of mile oil, and you know court. It landed me in prison and you know every time at the first times I would get out of prison and be a matter of time before I would be followed back often to the old ways and only allow Stalin and trotted trying to get out for drugs… But I couldn't do it.

You know, and finally the fixed.

The last time I went to prison than I did. I didn't know what to do.

I didn't I didn't.

What I know I am new that I didn't want to be in prison the rest of my life. You know, keep doing the same thing over and over and I was just beginning to wonder if that was really relevant distant debate was just in and out of prison all the time and I didn't know what to do. Just like heard about the chapel services in the jail, and I thought Mme. to go get some of that trust and the Lord just started speaking to me right there you know and and about something and hate that I could hearing to spell it and I really didn't recognize it man, but he was. Got going in my spirit to give it to really determine though that evening when I got back from the chapel service. I like to mop bucket on nail that made our carotid out boarded out not gave to God and I please take this addiction from me.

I hated the Lord any part of it anymore and rot. Dan Michael mop just built the weight off my shoulders and the chains are good almost here, breaking literally you know is that like this weight was just fell off of me and I knew I was a changed man. I knew in Clarkston when I went into what the prison to the barley is a state jail at first and then they transferred me from there to try and I had been participates in and all of the ministry programs than anything that would be anything that had to do with any kind of biblical scriptures, church services was ballast on a note for not having all you don't want to get it and then of course that let you Travis and listen to your testimony and you know to that to the hearing just like you said to see somebody who was in the same position it didn't do the same things that I was going through to see what God has done in your last man that was such an encouragement to me to want to be different. Want to let God change me and just turn my life around you know and I'm telling you managed it was such an encouragement for you and your brothers in your your your ministry to come minister, the employer loving to and to me it was just such an amazing experience man at a what brother been out for a low 3 1/2 years now. March 22, 2008. My release date and I still walk with the Lord and he is doing some things in my life. Everything you told me he would do in my lap. He is doing brother doing it. Yeah and yeah and I love you guys man and it just like us. Just such an encouragement to see the people of God who were in prison to go to the same thing as the thought wow man if he can do if God can do it for you can do it for me and he has brother E and it's great as you do. What was I know you still do not have a relationship. We we talk all the time and in tax and we just we went met and had dinner I met your your beautiful wife in San Antonio. You met my wife and it was just such a nice trip that we went down there to meet you guys.

Anna and I know that you also have relationships with other prison ministers that they poured into as well. What impact did the men and women, prison ministers have in your life well you know it. It when I started when I gave to the Lord and really surrendered her in there and that jailhouse but I didn't know what Internet not had a Bible I would just open it up just begin to read you knowing, of course, it it I didn't know where to read to know what the rate at the start of rate and the ministers that the ministry that would come in and minister to, they would.

They taught me how to understand the Scripture to how to apply it to my lot yeah you know and then was so it it prepared me that time in prison. You know gave me the time to really study the word of God and that to understand how it applies to everything in my lap. Of course, when you you and your statement on the bars in the controlled environment you doing know how much movement you know that so it's hard really just get a good picture of how it really up to you until your release and then set out the free world and yet now then, as an adult. As the days go all you really read in distance you have experienced circumstance to get on the lot and then a Scripture to talk to mama to Michael that that's what that moves you know and but is that the teaching and the preaching of the ministers that were coming to the prison to give me that understanding you know of of how to apply that to my lot and how to use that to walk with the Lord any of the prison ministers out there there. Listen to this podcast. Do you understand how Horton you are to these prisoners to people like me to people like Chris that you pour into everything you say were hanging on every single word you may think you didn't say anything profound or that it wasn't that important or you might be second-guessing or something I didn't do a very good job would let me just tell you you're wrong. You did a great job because were hanging on every word that you say were believing everything that you're telling us in and were like sponges and were bringing it in and you don't realize that we use it when we get out and we we come into some difficulties in our life.

The very thing that you said will pop in her mind. Jesus will bring it back into our remembrance and will use it to help overcome so we don't fall back in our way so we don't go back on drugs. We don't commit another crime and we don't go back to prison so you prison ministers men and women of God we love you so much continue doing what you do were here to encourage you that these two men on this phone line right now.

You changed our lives and we are forever indebted to you and we love you and go in and keep doing what you're doing and be used by God and allow him to to to to touch other people's lives. Do not stop what you're doing and I just want to want to finish this with just asking about tell me about how God is using your ministry today. I know I went home and say one thing I know he's bless you with an incredible job you you you lead a work crew of of young men and I know that he's using you in ministry. There's a lot of young men that come through your work crew and you're driving around you work in the oil fields and you drive around with these men all day long. To the different sites and you minister to them.

Maybe, maybe talk about that and then just other ways how the Lord is urging you now to touch other people's lives, yet absolutely no day… Got out of prison I stand up and took the class at the seminar to go for prison ministry to be a volunteer and just recently I renewed that certificate. So I have been going to the prison lately and that we haven't because of the echo would have shut down rest of it.

Got it pretty much slow down but I have been and had a chance to minister to men in their and then God is viewed and may even just outside of prison ministry to him. It appears like it that it I have accrued a crew that it changed we change you know so they get some guys don't last very long occurred so weak we have kind of sometimes have a turnover but these men let that come in and work with it outlet in the garage. Yes, you know it's addicted been around and around his God, and what they're going through some of the have been date addicted to drugs and and were headed to prison and I had the chance to minister to give my testimony until that's not the road you want to take you, knowing and just got his years may instead look at Faith everyman have given them up. Jesus Elrod out here in the field in a motel room are we staying or wherever you know it is just a black thing that that the Lord hears me to minister to the guys you know just all. It's amazing to me, Chris, and you can say this to. It's like a template almost that we receive the gospel and the testimony of these prison minister men and women and they tell us about how Jesus can change their lives and then we respond in Jesus changes our lives and then we go out and do the same thing that they're doing in the Lord just multiplies a dislike that that kernel of corn.

The drops into the ground and comes up and bears for fruit, some 10-year-old hundredfold a thousandfold and in it, just like it's it's like 111 prison minister mentor woman that that that that serves the Lord and it impacts one person's life they don't realize how that one person's life that they impacted will be a multiplying effect and impact so many other men and women out there. It's just so important that the prison ministers understand this help change one person's life. It changes thousands over time, huddled and just think about what is doing to our family members that get to see the change in us, and it can change them to in our children in in generations based upon one person serving the Lord in a prison. Beacon God's truth to a prisoner regularly at all right on my errata about affecting an Sprint family because when I was released from prison that two-part court. My mother, my district.children or grandchildren. And it did it and indicated it had it continued to spread the VM I made an error that whatever change in their lot as well because what they stand me that all I have to do is just lay back, that's wonderful. I just want to wrap this up. I'm about to call your friend Richard Crawford and talk to him to. I know you two spent some time in prison together and he's doing it right is just like you. The Lord is changed his life. Want to thank you so much for for just telling the people about your story.

I love you brother will be in touch might affect Bradley brother love you love you to… Now would like to introduce my friend and brother Richard Crawford from Albany Georgia hearing a story about how God restored. His life is so amazing to me is truly a man on fire for God and a fearless disciple of Jesus Christ is a pillar in his church and serves in children's ministry hello Richard how you doing today I know you are just so happy to be speaking to you today I want to start off and just ask you tell the people that are listening to this podcast a little bit about your past and what led you to prison and then what you did in prison.

That changed your life will I when I went through a bad marriage and all I let let drugs and alcohol come into my life to change the way I felt know about life led me down a very dark road I live in a goodwill blocking out of dumpsters just begging for food and let drugs run my life and kill me. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy cause some havoc all over my life and when I went I got sent to prison.

I didn't know what to do. I did not return to. I started going to the chapel services that started really to get out of the dorm and to get away from the politics of prison I let God come into my heart started listening to these guys in the stories and how much I had in common with them a lot your store Michael. He just touched me in such a way that it started a fire and that fire began to burn them and to get hotter and I started getting into the word. I started playing miracle started happening the way I felt just started to change. I didn't. You know I didn't hate you. I was, I just hated the things that I had let my life become the one for you guys coming into the prisons.

II don't know where I'd be today. I know it's all God. I know it's his plan know what is my Lord Christ you know are my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That has control of everything. But if you want for you guys come in and I don't know what what my life would be today. I'm so grateful to you because my life is amazing today. It's just just as awesome. I have all have an awesome church family.

I have a church family and behind you fall, you know, whenever we have people that Ashley and the church.

Our church is always the first one on the front lines of I had a guy that was teaching the young kids on the Wednesday night Bible study. I had him asked me one night a 51 and I didn't. I did up off and on for five times and it finally came, he was moving or even leave in the church asked me said, would you mind taking over the class and I didn't know how I would do in the beginning I really did, but I wasn't going to miss an opportunity that God was presenting to me and today I wouldn't trade that class of the world. It is just it helps me grow watching them teaching them to pray, teaching them about Jesus reading the books to him and install. I don't know I wouldn't trade the world today what what age group do you teach in children's ministry 49 while what a bloated night so there there just getting into even learning how to play or anything and that's what we started with everybody talks about what Jesus is done on and then after we all will talk about what you've done for setback that we can we all pray each one of us in price. It's just it's amazing how God is changing them and I want to tell people listening about you. So when I first saw you in the prison chapel. I looked at you and I was like man this this guy you guy you have to understand, Richard is strong, big and strong and Burley had a shaved head and he had tattoos on his face and head, and you like will you know so to see them but but what you really don't realize it.

He's a teddy bear. He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, and so I know why Jesus chose him to to to to minister to these children are and I know they love them and I just a gentle spirit of general so and I'm just so proud of you Richard of what what you've done and how the Lord is using you and how you responded to the message that I gave to you and I saw you weep and I saw you crying I saw you lay on your face in that prison in really surrender your life to Jesus and you are you are so encouraging to me that when I could see you because I knew what happened to me when I was in that same prison chapel when I was there and I can identify and I could see it happening to you, and I knew it was authentic.

I knew it was real and I knew it was happening because I know what that is because it's exactly what happened to me and so I knew what the Lord was doing in your life, and I knew you'd be a success and to hear about this and we text each other. We stay in contact and I just really appreciate your friendship and that your brother to me when ask your question in your account already said a little bit about it. What impact did the men and women, prison ministers have in your life are almost no about your story just touched me in such a way, it would probably your footsteps entry into speak about what God is doing for me a lot. You don't be a strength of the pack, Richard. I know that you've already touched on this a little bit but I want to ask you what impact did the men and women, prison ministers have in your life. I moved back to Georgia and Sunday morning and I was out walking but had lived out the country really, but there's a church right over where my dad lives and I was pondering in my mind what to do and one of the bottles go back and look up with some of my old buddy and then God came to me and said guilt go over across the street go to that church and I made the decision to walk into that church and that fire that y'all had leading me. It sparked get spark back up bigger than I'd ever ever imagine. I met my wife and that church. I have an awesome church family. I work with my preacher. We cut grass, almost like what I like. I do the deposits I like. I do all of the little things to try to take off my preacher as I can because he's such a busy busy man. If there's anything I can I can suggest anybody whether they're getting out of prison or there on the fence or they're looking for a new way of life is plugged into a bottle based Bible preaching church. Yeah and dedicate your life to Jesus Christ and it will change change in ways you will never you can never imagine the life that you think you could have is better than you ever thought if you if you put Jesus first.

Yeah and I just I dive the people in my life today.

I know God is put them in their but he also puts people in my life on a daily basis that I can uplift black current yeah that I can talk to only give 1/2 story of living in a goodwill box eat out of dumpsters to own my own home.

Yeah, you know, because I'm sitting and I'm sitting in my dining room with my wife.

She works from home. She worked the government yeah and and I'm sitting in a house that that I own. Yes on paying on it, but I yet still you know what I mean yeah and I'm not out there in the streets trying you know it.

What a blessing so good is so good yeah and that is this is wonderful and I and I love Richard will will just talk speaking the audience right now everybody listen Richard will text me or call me and tell me about.

Sometimes he'll go ill of been an up and align at a grocery store and he'll just start witnessing somebody in an Telemann story and stuff and how the Lord uses him in his everyday life all the time and he so willing and open to share Jesus with everybody he meets we have to do that you what we were created to do this right, you know, and we keep our mouth shut about Jesus and were not given into the world.

What are we really doing is right.

You know we have to bring the lost world to the to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the only way you're going to do that is to open your mouth until tell someone next to you what Jesus is done for you and it's as simple as that. That plant that seed and move on. God won't God will water it will as awesome your pretty generic data that were right there.

We preach this is Richard that's what you are you going to vent the spirit got an evangelist calling on your life will like today.

You're not a block to have problems.

Yes sir. You know the Bible never says we will have problems but but you will give us the strength to get out those problems, you know, I made a few mistakes, you know, but I may not be where I need to be is what people say but I'm not where I used to bring us right you know all of that is due to our father and our Lord Jesus Christ, right, we just working it out and were doing and were just staying and staying on that path is that the Lord is laid out for us if we ever veer off to the right to the left. The Lord is so wonderful to correct us and to move us back because we thought we spent the time with them and and and we trust him and we have a relationship with Jesus so he can do that and we listen to him and know it. That's right. And we love the correction hallelujah it's better to be corrected by God, then corrected by the state of Texas or the state of Georgia prison system.

Is that all right you know what you what I never have to go back to prison again. That's right. Let the words that when the thought that you for your free indeed. That's right media present at site and now I go back in the prison. It's going to go into to do what job that's right into speak to prisoners with much church we have such a you know diverse church that we have people to come and have relatives that are in prison or just got out of prison or whatever and they get in contact with me. Jan and I got tell them that you know I've been there with you to look at me and tell God I've been I've been somewhere yet is right, no week I spent a lot of time working with the rescue mission here in Albany all my churches really gotten involved with the rescue mission and I'm not to say it all because of me, but because I I came through the rescue mission. Albany, Georgia, and all it gives. If anybody got there, listening. You have a rescue mission in your town which you probably do support them support them because they are doing.

They are doing work that you would you would not believe in be changing a lot yeah get into awesome church of you know mom my wife this is a sheet she has faith like nobody else she's she's has the biggest heart and all that is. I matter if you just attracted me to her and we started we started seeing each other and all we've been married over three years now.

God let it what a blessing yeah yes RA and December 27 I'll be out for year yeah that's right, got about eight years here in May. In May and May, May, 20, 22 Albin out nine years isn't as awesome. So probably I love you Michael hello.

You are such an inspiration to us in your news operation to me. We feed off each other and already hello to hallelujah my brother I just thank you so much for for joining me today with this podcast and and I'll talk to you soon start blogging Michael W-2 by Iva. I would like to in this podcast by encouraging everyone to be bold and courageous and share your testimony. Any chance you get to bring glory to God and help others be filled with the hope of their own salvation in Jesus Christ. You heard these two men and how God changed her life in prison.

You heard a little about my story how you change my life. The interesting thing is that God will send us right back into where we came out of where he pulls us out of any clues as clean this up Phyllis with his word and and we learn some things and now we go back into the same places where we came out of so we can share the message and hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with those people there just like we used to be also want to encourage you to allow yourself to be used by God going to the least of these in your community, the homeless, the drug addicted those in jails and prisons and those in poverty the lease. These can be anyone that is struggling to make it in this world.

And when you do for them you're tuning it for Jesus.

Oh what a blessing that is just the thought that I could do something tangible to Jesus is amazing in that Scripture tells me if I do it to the least of these. I'm doing it to Jesus.

So if you you feel indebted to Jesus you love Jesus so much and you will and you want to love Jesus and show Jesus your love go love on a least of these good love on somebody and share Jesus with. I pray now in Jesus name shall be filled with the power and love and the knowledge and understanding of God's will and purpose for your lives in Jesus name.

Thanks for listening.

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