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Zogos The Forgotten Soldiers Pt 1

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen
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November 6, 2021 8:00 am

Zogos The Forgotten Soldiers Pt 1

Jesus Breaks the Chains / Michael Bowen

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November 6, 2021 8:00 am


The Zogos are the forgotten child soldiers of the war in Liberia most of them are drug addicted and jobless. Evangelist Michael Bowen of Sons & Daughters of Thunder Ministries has partnered with Evangelist Sylvester Payne of Brighter Minds for Progressive Future and Evangelist Sam Nunoo of Samaritan Action Incorporated, helping spread the Good News of  Jesus Christ to the Zogos.


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The resurrection power of Jesus Christ absolutely transforming and restoring life feeling hurt and making all things.

This power sent Michael the captivity darkness hell and delivered to God, Jesus Christ blesses you greatly and you receive this word love and truth. Five years ago I was driving my truck I received a phone call from a strange number from overseas are usually more numbers. I do not recognize the special ones from other countries this day. However, was different. I felt in my spirit that I needed to get to this: I did on the other you know I was a pastor for my Bureau West Africa when I do, you said you just read my testimony and it touched his heart with a great conversation and enjoyed speaking with each other about Jesus. Over the next several years we became friends. I found out he was coming to visit America.

When he did I went to meet him weeded up both preaching at the church where he was visiting. After church we all went to lunch and I had conversations with him, and he invited me to come to Liberia to vandalize and have a crusade not too long after my invitation, I began to plan for my trip to Liberia in my preparations. Pastor Blalock told me about a group of people and Liberia codes logos does logos are those that were addicted to drugs and living in the cemeteries and ghettos on its edges and and and and throughout Liberia in different ghettos in different communities. Some of the drug addicted people actually had broken open. The tombs were living inside of him doing drugs amongst the bones of the dead. I was riveted when I heard this story not told pastor born that when I was in Liberia that I want to go there.

He said to me, but nobody goes there. I said I don't care. Set it up for me make this happen and he did just that. 1000 Liberia we went to the Palm Grove Cemetery on Center Street in the capital city of Monrovia and the largest open drug market in the country and set up a sound system at the edge of the cemetery. We had church once the music started, the people came out of the cemetery and out of the abandoned buildings and began to worship and praise Jesus with us.

And there was a mighty move of God. I fell in love that day with this people, I was one of them and they were just like me, how I used to be when I was addicted to drugs. I was addicted to smoking crack cocaine for 25 years and I know that if I had been born in Liberia I be right there in the tomb, smoking, drugs, and in the ghettos. I told her my testimony, and they could see the truth in my eyes when I told them Jesus set me free from drugs and I wanted to show them how Jesus would set them free to at the end of the service we fed them and they kept begging me to help them: because no one was there to help.

They felt abandoned and lost all hope.

They were just left there to waste away and die in the misery of their addiction. I made a decision that day that I'd be the one to help.

I believe God's chosen me for this work in Liberia because of what I had to come through to get back to him. I am not afraid I have the love of Jesus in my heart for these people, my people, God's people and help us come to the now in Jesus mighty name.

I want to share with you the history of addiction and Liberia and Monrovia. The capital city drug addicted men, women and young people of taken over the Palm Grove Cemetery in the center Street ghettos on its edge. There are hundreds of tombs in the cemetery, almost 13 acres of them 14 years of death by machete Civil War left no shortage of bodies to bury in Liberia. Some of the older drug addicts are the former child soldiers and victims of abuse from this bloodied and brutal war became addicted to drugs and had nowhere to go when the war was over, the warlords kidnapped young boys and often killed her family members in front of them before making them go off to war in order to get the frightened children to fight the woollies gave them drugs to make them brave. They became addicted. They gave the marijuana and cocaine and fed them a mixture of alcohol cane juice and gunpowder. The got them high and smoke supposedly made them unafraid warlords even made the children cannibalize the victims.

Once the disarmament came, the government took away the guns, machetes, but the addiction trauma stayed this brutal Civil War seated drug addiction in Liberia and now there's the entire population of people of all ages addicted to drugs and living in cemeteries and ghettos across the country in the most horrible conditions imaginable and they been forgotten by the rest of society. Their babies being born into this environment that never have a chance at a decent life and infant mortality rate is high. Drug use is not criminal, Liberia like it is in the United States is treated as a disease, like leprosy and all the drug addicted people are pushed into cemeteries and ghettos left their waste away and die from disease, violent sickness and starvation. There are very few resources Liberia to help them. These are the heartbroken and addicted people Liberia and they need our help praise the Lord God is giving me a mission to help the drug addicted poor, homeless and disadvantaged people. Liberia joined together with two Liberian men of God pastor Sam knew of Samaritan action and advances Sylvester paint a brighter minds for progressive future and together we have formed a ministry called sons and daughters a thunder liberation center Liberia. We are here to show the heartbroken and addicted people Liberia that Jesus is not forgotten them, and neither we, you can visit our ministry I would like to now introduce to you my ministry partners. Let them tell you about drug addiction and Liberia and what the needs of the people are to be able to support them and get them the help they need to be able to overcome their addiction and become disciples of Jesus Christ and law-abiding productive citizens of Liberia. This is our goal. First, I'd like to introduce pastor Sam knew was dedicated his life to help this group of people, as well as his work in providing them an opportunity to get an education.

Once they been delivered from addiction and rehabilitated hello pastor Sam hello Michael, thanks for the limited share what is happening. Liberia, like you, my ghosted dessert was a Liberia left over so euros from the Google 14 year Civil War luau toward lot. Gould who participated in the wall do with that addicted to it with said weak drops cocaine and marijuana keep them high so that it warlords who war machinery the way that works for rails different factions in Liberia. If I was six different factions affordable and the recruited gunmen and sediment cocaine featherweight heroine kept at high they give them goals that I will use them all studios fight the war and this will all fall below 14 sleeving children were recruited as small as 910 years old or child soldiers in war were dollars all use L was small so euros by the time the war ended D's where it is team is just all of someone waiting to get it. Lifting points is a moment when all in the United Nations region of the Liberia.a moment set. Overall, 90% of ghouls would be as active drug users reported on the report.190% of ghouls wet on wet active drug users so these active drug users delegate delegates in 2003 on what to confront him dear where do it do abroad back into society was not taken from them was that addiction to draw as sought to see Grams.will introduce up the walls will program disarmament just to fight us, but it would grab to help them recover from additional anything.

I was pleased to know that lives will be better of any of them know what you can give you a little scholarship to boost throughout the double doors at all your mind long drawn to these objects to the community as it given to the communities D's do you.for individuals logging on the waterfront team into the communities. With that in law what will form what these lot drop omitted is different for communities is large limited telephone bill. I guess what I was full was on a place on center Street visit out again, was the largest omitted dollars fall was a simple Street is called lava and very close to the boundary symmetry. So because, despite the hardware were rejected by the people and will push off of the community to gather themselves in the graveyard games you one day and be able omitted active drug use. So this get this omitted active drug is asked believes will because blood may also who's on the download solution they go about 1000 and because of the guys was was just doing nothing was not an active this is a list if I could, but uptime is one referral center. Very active, so these titles would just let Lori all what a committed one small drop omitted it many drop omitted this type of foam all around the 50s and out Istanbul. We will likely begin pigment by as excited as I do not want them to know. I wouldn't want to see that it wasn't a Smith was doing this I got this or is the web planner chart on aware that well is Google blend discretion was somewhere in the summitry somewhere on symmetry. When I got there I started into active diesels started reaching out to them like Michael's that area.

We started providing education for them started feeding them was out of food It not his problem is a larger problem in elaborate society and date is a problem not not be attended. Many facilities fall for drug use is a lot bigger if I did I got caught off, got ostracized, got treated like the worst is decided what he described, it leads all beliefs in elaborate society and that's what it does about as old as you said you were left to themselves. All that I didn't need his people with the level going your heart that will reach out to them.

Nobody love you Jesus love you give your life to Jesus Christ and your life to be different and that is a lot.

We started doing all of the articles of the summitry is not original to the enclosed diagram Providence by chemical.we would like is Michael started to chill out what you are doing on Center St., Agoura Hills botanist started reaching out and there is very very serious need Liberia. These men not believe that would work to multiply around the city and more like asked for so long, long, long enough you even people who did not form part of the wall was drunk in the community on attendant to download drug laws to restrict it. People you much of his boarding schools is not included illegitimate and drug is sold it so that many of our young children were not getting out part of the fighting forces. I do recruited individual committed to growing larger and larger and larger lot leave Michael Boyd is an answer to prayer of what we been praying for all people know what the ghetto would team up to get up and and and and and I go to help our young men and women in Liberia recover from trucks yes and that's what were doing when I met Sam saw his love for these people, and is the same love that that I had formed went when I saw them and and and and I knew he was some and I could work with and sobbed into the library a few times and we've gone out into these communities and we minister to the men and the women there and we brought them food, we bring a medical supplies and the one they just tell us is please help us. Please help us so Sam and I and and and are other ministry partner of Angela Sylvester. We've joined together American resources and Liberian resource. We pool our resources and our strengths alone me as an American I can't go over there and do and have an impact that I could have without my Liberian resources. If we pool our resources together and we come together and we believe that God has brought us together for this purpose and I say it all the time that I believe that God the fire of God's going to burn the addiction of Liberia, one soul at a time.

In Jesus name we form this mystical liberation center and we just got some some incredible programs and some credible plans going on. I'm working with Sam right now and we are at work in the process of a constructive product product product project and we are asked to put on the riff today foot for a men's drug rehabilitation discipleship program tells a bit about how the work is going on with that Sam.

Good to know that we put on the roof today is sort discipleship on his men out of the street. Symmetry will bring them in his room and be free from drugs. First and foremost we can get the new Jesus and the other disciple about the gala tree produce what Google's lack of business to the did not learn something so teach them was to teach them what treatment is something we can go to computer a lot Will and the disciple and what you learn to be rehabilitated Jacob back is shed a little girl would.J in the ghettos and the symmetry order pleases. As a result of the restarting.

It is admit it is is the start is more about like Michael's that is gold brought ditch automobile one so out of time. It would begin at first men's rehabilitation center will believe that God is many many others contribute to the bottom of that, because I love your brothers believe that we will eliminate all of this country will look pigment out of the symmetry men out of the ghetto bring in his home show disciple and had to get disciple to them. Still just as significant. Learn some limited areas and an end to give you better than citizens tomorrow and likely is because activities drive was weird yet is a drivable little Palestinian often exceeding great reproach. Liberia reproach around and go a little you is blessed with his geisha also LIES I will be transformed use you as excited and I will make a difference in his leisure beginning with this please that will start at all on these minute rehabilitation on this so much because of the beauty of the process is so much we would lobby is really this is something please read it Linda, is a small thing that I would beginning the goals at least 2025 men 45. We were allowed to keep growing God bless God opportunity sent off the area as his men out of the symmetry is men out of the ghettos. God help us, and it will be free from drugs free from drugs below to learn a trade book market is decided in zoomable I will be used in Liberia's right.

I do not want want to say something. Sam also has a Bible college in. We've already sponsored sons and daughters of thunder is already sponsored some of these logos in the last year of Bible college and working to continue in the second year, and soon will have a four year degree from his Bible school. Would you tell about your Bible school. Sam was who is the cousin denies noise most a lot about which ring is not like all the presents I showed her level going with them and teaching them basic Bible training, discipleship, and desire discipleship will go all in. Teach was about to be thought also make it I would give it will bring in dollars dual Zulus W rehabilitated.

We give them basic Bible training and saws of the dental deliveries as being the business of schools. It was also a number of students about 67 students were included laws that ended the ability first part of the program the garden certificate and included a seven out of the program. Robidoux puma soul About his 40th duality, and you will be able to show disciple Bible school pauses in the watershed and lovable someone immediately desired to be passed as a vandalism.

It is as of the ghost was well and that is something that God is doing one so I should be burnt out of the beauty of souls and Liberation center is sent out lot goal is doing in his nation and this is just a wonderful meeting here because this is the process that we believe in. This is the process then I went through when I was addicted to drugs and I ended up in prison because I was stealing tooth to pay for my drugs and I headed up I was like I was in prison to separate times I've been locked up. Probably seven or eight years because of my drug addiction, but the last time I was locked up, I surrender my life to Jesus Christ.

And when I got out of prison I went to one of these drug rehabilitation discipleship homes and I spent my time in that home and I was properly discipled and then after I was properly discipled.

I went to Bible college and I earn my bachelors degree in theology and became a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And now I go on I serve actually involved in prison ministry enema missionary to Liberia, West Africa, and so we believe in this process we know it works. I'm a living testimony that it works in working to take this formula that God is given to us and were going up planet in Liberia and this is the pastor say has been doing for years. He dedicated his life to and we just love that the Lord has brought us together and and that that we can do this in help the people of Liberia. We know that thousands of lives are going to be changed in this work of God is. I just want to thank you Pastor Sam for coming on this podcast coming on the show and again if anybody wants to read more about overdoing you can go to also and you can also if you feel led to make a donation to help support this ministry will overdoing there you can do that through PayPal on either one of those websites and we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and will send it a receipt for your tax purposes for your donation and once again on the sale.

We believe the fire of God is going to burn the addiction I Liberia one little lead time will heal on a dime and you can email more. I think you Pastor Sam won't have any parting words or the people listening today I'm so blessed ability to share what is the way. All this is like the outcome wasn't home and powerful is the one that I bought one leg off an outbreak on what going. Once you find Jesus did arrive.

Pastor Sam talk you soon. Thank you for listening. For more information on Michael Billings ministry sons and daughters of thunder visits sons and daughters, and remember there is no addiction Jesus Christ Jesus breaks the chains

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