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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Rhett Dodson (Joshua) Jenn Forsthoff (Special Needs Care)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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September 14, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Rhett Dodson (Joshua) Jenn Forsthoff (Special Needs Care)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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September 14, 2021 4:30 am

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, but how does the Book of Joshua show us God's faithfulness to His covenant and point us to Jesus Christ? Pastor and Dr. Rhett Dodson joins me to talk about his book, "Every Promise of Your Word: The Gospel According to Joshua." Plus: Jen Forsthoff discusses her book, "Chosen for Charlie: When God Gifts You with a Special-Needs Child." That's on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by courageous legacy. The new movie from Sherwood pictures affirm films prominent films and the Kendrick brothers remastered in 4K and including a new ending, courageous legacy. Rated PG-13. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. In theaters September 24 to generate reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, says God, that soil is no you might think of the end of Deuteronomy when Joshua was filled with the spirit of wisdom, because Moses had laid his hands on him and the Bible says the Israelites obeyed him and did as the Lord had commanded Moses. Joshua is a pivotal figure in Scripture. The man who led Israel to victory in the conquest of the promised land. But the book of Joshua also reflects key moments in redemptive history and points forward to Jesus Christ.

Sorry. Learn more about this book today from Dr. Rhett Dodson. He is pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Hudson, Ohio and author of the book will be discussing. It is called every promise of your word.

The gospel according to Joshua Dr. Dotson. It's wonderful to have you here. How are you doing very well. Janet is great to be with you. Thanks for the opportunity.

Absolutely what I love talking about different books of the Bible because I recognize that not everybody will be as familiar with certain is especially Old Testament books as they arm maybe with the New Testament.

What you say Joshua is a significant person for Christians for everybody really to understand not only in terms of the history of Israel but also for the purpose of pointing us to Jesus Christ while with a pivotal figure in Israel history. He figured it stands at that hinge point or transition from his role in the wilderness to his rule settled in the land. And while Moses, of course, plays an unrepeatable and extremely important role in Israel's history. Joshua has the unique role of actually bringing the people into the land of promise into the land of rest, helping them to leading them to realize the fulfillment of God's covenant promises in the course, the author of Hebrews makes a big deal about this Joshua what he did do what he couldn't do and though the one to whom he points.

He writes absolutely yes and you go back to Deuteronomy chapter 31, where the Lord revealed to Israel that Joshua was succeed Moses and the Lord appears in the tent enough cloud pillar. When you look at that particular passage the introduction, as it were of Joshua.

What you learn about why Joshua was the right man to succeed Moses while he was the right man. Ultimately, because he was God chosen man. He had been the one that God had said, his hand upon because he was the man who followed the Lord wholeheartedly. Like why Caleb would've his partner and I think it was that wholehearted devotion that that was certainly part of what God was working in him and raising him up to be. This leader had been. Of course a significant military leader earlier in Israel's history right after the Israelites came out of Egypt and that first major encounter encounter with the Amalekites and here they were a bunch of shepherds facing a well-trained, well-equipped army and we see the military genius.

Obviously, the God gave Joshua took to go out and and to fight with them, so he was a man I think uniquely prepared, absolutely using the first theme to emerge is God's gift of Cain into Israel in accordance with his covenant promises and course. We really need to understand God's covenant with Israel, in light of what happens in the book of Joshua.

Can you explain a little bit more about that what God's promise was why God made a covenant like he did to give them the land in light of everything we know about Israel and its later disobedience.

But how do you see the significance of God's covenant throughout the book of Joshua. Oh well, I think, to understand it in the context of Joshua. You have to step back and look at it in the context of the Pentateuch and the promise that God gave to Abraham when you look at what the Lord is doing from the very creation of humanity placing Adam and Eve into the garden of Eden, and then they are falling into sin. God had given them land but through sin.

They lost land that they lost paradise by lost Eden and so God is going to send a Redeemer he's going to redeem a people, and he makes that promise through Abraham he's going to lead them back to a land not ultimately the land of Canaan, but the land of Canaan played a role in the Abraham it covenant of giving Israel a homeland, but pointing forward like the other symbols on the types of the Old Testament to a greater land.

The common we found that, of course, ultimately fulfilled in that new Jerusalem, coming down from God. In Revelation 19.

So this whole land theme really stretches from from Eden to the new Jerusalem and the promise to Abraham of Canaan plays a key role in the development of that theological thing through the Bible. That's a really important point. I don't think that we often make that connection the loss of land in God giving the land back and I'm wondering how much in the eating of the Old Testament contacts people understood that better than sometimes modern day Christians do. The significance of God's covenant yeah I think they did. I mean if we read in Hebrews were told that that Abraham was looking for a city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God. Abraham was the one to whom God spoke directly and said I'm gonna give you this land and yet were told by Scripture that Abraham was looking for something more than that land looking for an eternal city and eternal dwelling place, so he understood that there was certainly much more involved here than then Middle Eastern real estate certainly important because God promised them that land and in Joshua. He gave it to write but but that land points to something far greater greater inheritance and you know we see Paul, of course, develop that whole concept of inheritance.

In his letters. Yeah, that's excellent. So now the major events of the Israelite conquest are things that are just an outline.

Throughout the book of Joshua. What would you say is the most important key events, people obviously will know about the battle of Jericho.

But in addition to that battle. What were some of the key moments throughout Joshua in terms of the conquest itself.

I think crossing the Jordan in chapter 3 has to be saying that it is extremely significant because of their their first entrance into the land we think about the battle of Jericho and the great miraculous events that took place there, but I think we need to step back from that and look as well. Not only at the crossing of the Jordan. But at the events that took place prior to that battle where there's a new generation circumcised Passover is celebrated and then Joshua at the end of chapter 5 comes face-to-face with this one. Who's the commander of the Lord's army. So there there's certain very deep and significant redemptive themes being played out here in the text before the dramatic events of Jericho, so I would think that we need to go back and look at that those particular events that precede that the conquest proper yes exactly know when you mention things like this new generation being circumcised in Passover and so forth. Why were those significant at those junctures while they were significant for a couple of reasons. The generation that had been in the wilderness the sign and seal of the covenant that God given to Abraham in Genesis 17 had not been applied to them. They been wandering out there and without this sign, and so receiving the sign was a way that these soldiers bore the march literally in their body of God's faithfulness to the great and that this was an extremely poignant and painful reminder, God was going to do exactly what he said he was going to do and then they celebrate Passover, remembering that the events that began back there in Egypt were they were the start of what was going to now culminate and who's going to lead them into this victory.

It wasn't gonna be their own strength. It wasn't by might, it wasn't by the commander of the Lord's army absolutely will really come back Dr. Rhett dancing with us. His book, every promise of your word. The gospel according to Joshua will talk come back on Janet Mefford today.

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Hymie is humbly asking us to send God's word for only five dollars. You can send a Bible to Latin America and around the world in a special match will double your gift, call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD where there's a Bible leak banner Janet Mefford, listening to you today dining testament. What a wonderful thing to do. Dr. Rhett Dotson is joining us. His book is called every promise of your for the gospel according to Joshua were taking a look at this important leader who came after Moses, as we all know from Deuteronomy and on into the book of Joshua we see all the conquest that takes place the of the Israelites as they are moving forward to the promised land.

Now we were talking about some of the things Dr. Dotson before the break of some of the things that occurred prior to for example crossing the Jordan and then the battle of Jericho.

And that was really if you could sum it up, it seems as if God was getting his people, ready with that be a fair assessment that as they were taking Passover as they were receiving the sign and seal of the covenant that he was communicating to his people. The significance of what was about to occur. So this is all preparation for what lies ahead. No doubt rights right now is Joshua stress the seams because this is something you what I think is very important for people to understand. You talk about stressing the themes of faithfulness and unfaithfulness and this is something that you see within the book of Joshua men like H and and and Caleb that the contrast therebetween. Somebody who is disobedient to the Lord and Caleb who wholly followed the Lord. What about that particular dichotomy there. What is significant about that or what is important for people to understand about the theme of faithfulness versus unfaithfulness boy but the big question. The contrast obviously stretches throughout the book, you will be getting back early on with really the contrast between the spies who go into the land here in Joshua to and are faithful and and bring back the report and say let's go in and take the land there's a contrast between that and the earlier generation of spies back in Numbers 13, who said no we can't do this there too great for us. You have the disobedience that you pointed out a course of Aiken when he send after the battle of Jericho took those things that he shouldn't and that led to defeat you have really the unfaithfulness of the leaders of Israel, when you get to chapter 9 in the Gibeonites, and deceive them and were told that you know the leaders failed to pray they didn't ask counsel from the Lord as it says in Joshua 914.

So you see the weaknesses of men you see their failures but from the very beginning to the very end. You see the faithfulness of God, and he overcome sin.

Yes, he judges it Aiken had to be judged.

He judge the sin of the Canaanites, the iniquity of the Amorites was now full as the Lord and said that Abraham it would eventually happen and so now they are being judged for their sin and God is being faithful to carry out that judgment and to bring about salvation and that's why you can get to the end of the book in chapter 21 and it says the Lord gave his role all the land he swore to them. The Lord gave them rest on every side, just as he swore to their fathers, and not one good word of all his promises failed to come to pass. Right now, what we talked about Aiken, for example, at the end of chapter 7. You see, Aiken really getting it's all Israel stone them to death of his Aiken and all his possessions and his sons and his daughters and this is Joshua saying you know that today the Lord will trouble you, and they burned their bodies. They threw stones on them. They raised over him, a large pile of rocks that remains to this day, and then it's called the Valley of a court to this day many people read that and say why did he get it the way that he got it.

Why was it such a severe punishment. They came upon him for being disobedient. Well, the bottom line to that answer is sin is a big deal. Sin is a big deal because it's against a holy God. And you also have to remember that in the case of Jericho God had called for the harem.

This is a Hebrew term that means that everything in the city is to be devoted entirely to God. Now the people were devoted to destruction and God's holiness. They were to be wiped out and all of the possessions of the city were to be devoted to God they would they want for personal possessions. They couldn't be taken as the spoils of war no later than some of the other cities when they were conquered, Israel was allowed to take spoils. But here's very specific about Jericho. And so Aiken is reached out his hand and is taken one exclusively belongs to God and in his disobedience.

He had also brought God's hand of judgment against the nation as a whole.

Because what happens they come up against the city of I and they think oh well you know the walls of Jericho fell eyes a piece of cake. No problem whatsoever, and yet they found that they were defeated because sin is such a big deal and it is such a barrier. The fellowship with God and it brings down the hand of God's judgment. I think you know we look at this we say wow that's really something that's really harsh. It seems that the children killed Coleman Jericho you have the babies in cities you know the kittens and the puppy dogs and this seems pretty harsh but read Revelation, read the book of Revelation and the judgment that Jesus Christ will bring on the last day makes Joshua look like the proverbial Sunday school picnic that is so true, that is such an important point for people to understand God is holy and he does not look lightly upon sin and we should really should make us tremble when we were meant absolutely have the character yeah now when you look at the redemptive points that you see throughout the book of Joshua pointing forward to Jesus Christ. It's interesting to note that Joshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus yeah how you see parallels between Joshua and the Lord Jesus. Well there number amount obviously start with the name right. Jehovah saves Yahweh is salvation and also very name stamped upon him points forward to the source of salvation. You see him leading the people you see him as a prophet for the people giving the word of God, to them, calling them to follow calling them to go into battle and so he has a Savior and deliverer who leads to victory stands as a type of Christ. Now that he didn't give them perfect rest, but all you have to do is turn over the last page of Joshua and begin to read judges yes and and say that this was not a a perfect and complete thing in this life because Joshua was just a man and Hebrews 4 says if he'd been able to lead Israel and the perfect rest, there wouldn't be a need for this other Joshua turned, there is a need in his name is Jesus, and he leads in the everlasting rest so it's in his role as a type and a leader of God's people that he stands out most like the Lord Jesus and course are other ways to get the Christ in the book than just through the person of Joshua's, but that's that's primarily his role and that's such a such a really really significant thing to talk about because Joshua didn't finish the job. As you mentioned you go into the book of Judges and you see exactly what happened because they failed to possess the land completely and then the Canaanites went on to become this really terrible influence on Israel and then they can people did what was right in their own eyes, you do see this throughout the Old Testament is Israel blessed by God, obeying God and is blessed by God and then falls away disobeys God and all the rest in this this theme go going up and down is that not a bigger picture of the work will not be finally done until the Messiah comes that we are all looking forward to the fact that Messiah will finish the job that was not done by some of these types of Christ. Absolutely, absolutely, and we experience that it our own moment in redemptive history right yes what were living in the and so often characterize the already but not yet has raised with Christ were seated with Christ, but we face all the ups and downs of battling our own sin and living in a fallen world and none of that will be fully realized until until we crossed the Jordan then reached Canaan said that said, until Jesus comes the new Jerusalem comes down. The new heavens and the new rights. I love the portion of Joshua 24, where Joshua is saying to the people you will not be able to serve the Lord for he is a holy God. He is a jealous God, he will not forgive your transgressions or your sins. If you forsake the Lord and serve foreign gods, then he will turn and do you harm and consume you, after he has done good to you and then the people say no, but we will serve the Lord and it didn't last.

It didn't last and running, but this is such an important thing that Joshua is issuing this warning, don't turn aside from the Lord and at that that is obviously what we understand from Christ saying that we need to serve the Lord our God, and to put our trust in him and embrace the gospel and not fall away from him it's it's the same God of both Testaments speaking, there absolutely Joshua 24 that they should've remembered their parents, and said the same thing. Yes, but said the same thing at Sinai. All you know were going to follow this law is to live this way.yes, that's what it is difficult to perseverance in the face. A call to trust and you're not able to do this yes and and in our own strength. We are so we are cast upon him for the grace and the power to follow on after his truth and so right. And ultimately it's a book about God and his faithfulness in the midst of the unfaithfulness of his people, which is also applicable to us in our own day exactly exactly yeah I just love it because I think like I said, I think there are a lot of Christians who don't understand the book of Joshua fully and will really find your book to be helpful in terms of exploring a lot of these themes and pointing to the redemptive history that is contained within Joshua and I highly recommend it. It's called every promise of your word. The gospel according to Joshua Dr. Rhett Dotson has been our Gaston, Dr. Dotson. It was wonderful to have you here. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure to be with you.

God bless you, this portion of Janet Mefford today is branching my greatest legacy remastered in 4K, including a new ending greatest legacy.

This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm film show me the father, the creators of war room and courageous the Cantor brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show me the father.

Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters now, and here's your host Joe where mankind today. One of the issues very close to my own heart is the one of children with either mental or physical disabilities. Our own son, actually was injured while he was being born and his left arm and hand and shoulder were all paralyzed and that led to a lot of surgeries and a lot of therapy, but that is a physical disability.

What do you do when you were actually told that your baby has something like down syndrome on the case of my next guest, you understand that the Lord chose you to be that child's parent and you trust him and thank him for the great gift that he is given to you in that child Jen for stop is one of those special moms and she has written a book about her daughter and were to talk about it with her today.

It's called chosen for Charlie when God gifts you with a special needs child can. Thank you so much for being here. It's great to have you here today. Well I am really eager to hear your story, and I know a lot of other mothers and fathers want to hear it as well tell us a little bit about how you found out that your daughter Charlie had down syndrome. My daughter Charlie Charlie for short. Our first child and I got that and she four years old now looking back four years ago I was excited to be pregnant, my friend.

All around me were having kids and you know just seeing their joy that they were experiencing. We had just great excitement has been.

I felt just simply going to our routine ultrasound. The normal check up.

It was halfway through my pregnancy LAN again. I just sitting in that chair they were checking out Charlotte doing measurements and I found them re-migraine relocating, rechecking, and that's when they had pulled me into an office at the doctor at me craft the cable and asked me a question. Do you know much about down syndrome and began to tell me that because of different measurement that they were noticing very likely that she can have a genetic abnormality and at that point they gave me the option for Pain and after that Was completed.

She was in our testing positive for down syndrome.

I can choose to continue in my pregnancy or not, and you not at that point I was just obviously totally sidelined email just taken aback. I couldn't believe that this is even a conversation because never before that I ever even think about that being a possibility for my family are that I would have a child with a significant disability and so that was really the beginning of this journey as a parent and felt like I said, they gave us the choice for Kathleen. We just chose to trust the Lord and pray for the remainder of my pregnancy and believed that God God can heal our child.

God can give us a healthy child and and fell on my daughter was born at 38 weeks and initially they looked at her and said she looked great. She is healthy and Ali are thoroughly in the month of the unknown. Finally getting a good report that typically more than just the doctors initial look over, we had at pediatrician can then look more closely and I think you know a lot were noticing her lower that year that is featured on her face and really we need to do a blood test to be sure and thought they did a blood test for down syndrome and actually confirmed that yes she does have trisomy 21 which is called down syndrome and so all my goodness we were just so overwhelmed in that moment, and I'd like to say that my first response was trusting the Lord and who it's going to be okay, but that wasn't the case and I went through just the very dark. As far as just sorrow. As a mother, realizing the life we had ahead of us with this child where I felt and I even eclipsed in my capable of mothering this child and what will her future look like an as I went online to figure out what was all a part of this diagnosis. My heart and even more insight think a lot of time going we receive a diagnosis from the doctor. Something happened in life rather than leaned into the Lord. Initially, if you're like me, you know, I did other things. No looking back, but that's really what I needed to lean into the Lord in our story quickly change when God really intervened in my situation will now that's interesting going back a little bit you as you mention you heard the news when you are pregnant you had it in your mind that there might be a problem but you and your husband both had to deal with this. How did he deal with it during the pregnancy and then when it was finally confirmed that Charlie had down syndrome at our church and he's a great man of faith and want to look at things on a positive and and so really about all of our mind not letting our mind go there and he did a good job. Let's not let her mind go there. We know it's a possibility, but let's just believe that that God will give us a healthy child and this isn't going to be the case and what should continue praying and fell on.

I think as a man, he gets compartmentalized and focused on the positive and put his faith and his trust in the Lord and then as far as when she was born in and we received this diagnostics. I had my and I think that as a father he wanted to be able to fix it is evil to make things right for my daughter for me any credit even found himself in a place of helplessness and feeling the weight of the light and ask God what are what are we supposed to do with something he couldn't think of the Lord deftly took on a journey as well, but his faith, what you know it so interesting because you're so right here you are. You just had your first child, you just had a baby and you're exhausting you know anytime you have a baby are exhausted and trying to cope and you're trying is your first baby are trying to get acclimated to being a mother and taking care of this child around the clock.

So then you go to research mode and I'm relating to this 100%. By the way you going to research mode then you go through all these different emotions don't you because the research as you mentioned in your book only takes you so far. How did that kind of play itself out when you started going to research mode you find out what you were going to be having to face and then you how to emotionally deal with that what you go through now. I wanted to understand that I thought maybe I'll feel better if I can better understand what Don's Internet so I started my research. Read about all the possibility that my heart sank and I got up I can only take it and do not battle Kayla I want to have the knowledge but I can go to a really dark place. If I start to think about all the negative things that can happen. And so my my next step was I started reaching out to other mother who are in my same shoes and had a child with Down syndrome and God fortunate enough to through various relationships able to connect with a few different mother then and it meant so much to have someone on the other end of the telethon that I understand what you're feeling, and it was okay. I've been there meaningful as well, but I'll tell you now that Christian and I've been walking with the Lord for over 20 years now. It's great to have that information. I believe that important wonderful and got on your life, you can relate and connect and listen and be there for you but and all of my 13 they really needed to hear from the Lord on I really needed feeling.

One of the reason that I wrote this book chosen for Charlie in my research and in my reading I would find other people stories of victory finding out that knowledge side of being a parent of a child with a disability but I wanted to know what the word of God says or what does God say that parent this child in.

As I mentioned initially I was in that they then this season of heartache and overlap calling out to God speak to me or to give me direction or United communist Ms. B, then he would direct and fill in all of my 13 I needed God the most quiet, you know, I believe that that ship and drying closer to him and fell never been in the shower. One day the lolling of the new mother I feel like you conveyed want the day.

You're doing good yeah yeah I know, Lord God, I'm thinking of the doctor.

And being quiet, you gotta fix something I'm not can make it, and that the Lord spoke this word to me that has forever altered my perception of my daughter and life that were living he said. I chose you to be her mother and outward show then just flipped a switch in my heart of what we as something so challenging and overwhelming when chosen for this child had to hang onto that power to come back 10 for stuff chosen for Charlie as her but when God gives you with a special needs child from a firm films comes with gendered brothers show father registry moviegoers on a cinematic journey that invite you to think differently about your earthly father and how you relate to God through five true stories show father rated you know what more information is available and show me the father this is a story of a young mom in crisis who felt alone and desperate.

When finding out she was pregnant after meeting with the counselors, a pre-born and seen her baby on ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. She knew that life was the best choice I made change completely from the flesh of the first and when a mounting crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat. 8/10 times, shall choose life got for me to just fill that maintenance is like that pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood. Will you please join pre-born in providing love and support for young moms in crisis for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help save five babies lives just call 855402 baby 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2220 985-5402 baby or there's a pre-born banner to from Sherwood pitchers firm films, problem films, drums, courageous legacy celebrating 10 years of impact on families and fathers we mastered them for and including a new you're listening you know you are today chatting with Jen for stuff in her book chosen for Charlie. When God gives you with a special needs child, and she's been telling a little bit of her story with her little girl charlottes known as Charlie and Charlie has down syndrome and Jen's been sharing a little bit about how she came to terms with it and how the Lord has walked her through this season of her life, and you are relating the story John before we went to the break about how the Lord really comforted you in communicating that you were chosen to be Charlie's mother and that really shifted things for you did not know whether or reading a child with the ability are looking at our children yet. I also have a younger sign is allowed looking at arcade and realizing the Lord had physically chosen me as another Freddie's children. Even now, it caught me off guard. They catch us off guard challenges we face that their children God God is ultimately in control and guided one. God is good and so this is the invention, and in the story that I was sharing. It really was so powerful in the Lord may have been chosen for her and so even now that didn't fix everything as far as her diagnosis and that it sounded that we walk through it with that word that I needed to hold onto you and really from there had been an ongoing pursuit of the Lord of what is the word of God stay with my child and how to pray for a special needs child. What is the word of God today with you know what to do while I'm training it doesn't seem like those prayers are being answered, and I want them to, and felt really chosen for Charlie that the book that were talking out today. It is not just my story and that's that. But it's my three combined with what God has been teaching us through his Word that we can hold onto for our family and our marriage for myself as a mother walking through this God really is inherently financial strength in him week.

He is the source and he's really doing a great work in our family and the work is honored to share that through this book chosen for Charlie. It's exciting to see that the Lord really does sustain you.

It's not just the line it's not just a Bible verse memorized. Now this is an interesting thing Jen.

I think for a lot of people listening who don't have the experience to do what is lifelike with a newborn who has down syndrome and then a toddler who has down syndrome. What are some of the differences things you face is a mom that you wouldn't face without that diagnosis share while you now with my daughter. There are varying degrees of Down syndrome and how much it can affect the child but further everything is delayed when she started crawling. It was later when she started feeding herself. It was later in her appearance.

The different units often find people want to see the newborn and they come and peek over and I look in that car seat and I would get comment on people in the grocery store you know someone at the post office so something like this friend are you looking at your child a little bit longer and really is a mother that can bring a lot of things out of the mama bear all the more money to protect your child and though there is really a whole combination of the things that you can have an not only that, but you may have other mother who are raising their kids and you may constantly have the temptation to compare your child. I know my my altar here who I decided to just one month younger and you know, just being honest. Today I really had you taken for Lord time and time again where when I get there rather yell my I can get this current anything. I just being his progress versus my daughter's progress and fell on you know there is anything going on internally and I'm not. I can't fix every mother, you know, these are just the things I've gone through, but we can struggle with issues of comparative banner you know just even with my child be not, I'll take her to the parking. Maybe another kid will run up to her and and expect her to behave a certain way. She's four years old now and she can't interact with and even helping other children maybe understand that Charlie gonna play differently or she can't keep up and maybe like other kids can and fell on, you know, or at the very beginning of this journey, but we are realizing their very different but at the same time there are so many similarities. Charlie has things that yes you love the things you love to dance. We take her to dance class she goes below. She loves riding on the back not even know there are those things that are just right. Still there so much that is the same and so really at a parent I can choose them. I got a focus on that challenges are my good night celebrate the victory child and fell that the defendant and in itself for sure what you know you had mentioned before when you found out that Charlie had done syndrome when you were pregnant. One of the things they talk to you about was whether or not to continue with the pregnancy and according to the statistics. I'm sure you know the overwhelming number of babies were diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted there. I mean their mothers don't let them live. So this also seems to me like an incredible testimony on your part that you have this daughter that you love so much and you're out his Christian mom and being able to show people this is a wonderful blessing in our lives that we have this gorgeous little girl and she so happy and she's got so much life to her. How have you thought through that particular issue that to simply have a child with Down syndrome who is a living testimony to God's grace is a form of witness time in the beginning with Charlotte really coming to grips with with her and I would sometimes ask myself if I could go back and change change thing though what I either have a child that was healthy. Without this diagnosis, there maybe not.

Have they shouted all I canonically say I would shoot her every time, over, over and over again. I choose her job the way that she is because something I'll say about my daughter that the way that she then impacted our lives is more than that challenges in the struggle she has brought more joy to our family. I would I would even just testify that my marriage is stronger because of her being analyzed by husband and I had to lean into each other like never before to stay unified to encourage each other making decision to gather our family as a whole.

You know we had incredible appearance of a lien then you who pray around and a lot of us and care for even our church community that support and and the incredible strength that they brought so I sent even just myself and though the woman of faith I have found myself praying like never before. I found myself) dependent upon the Lord more than ever before, and though I'm even Bell Merrick challenges that we face that black stain and the great things that God had done through her had just been overwhelming and if I have a an opportunity here that this is something that I cared about, but I loved the story and that's as I mentioned, and that it just been so profound to me. I love in the book the story of Jesus walking along that path of the disciples and they come across a blind man in the disciples that Jesus was a man born a slave because something he did hear something. His parents knew and yet sometimes in a situation like we can. Want to know the why. I will highlight you let that happen to my child or are why would I would be going on in our lives, but to respond for them when he says that man was born way that the glory of God could be revealed out. I'll tell you that that is our testimony that family you know my daughter, people may look at her and think all that you know where saying are you know she's she's maybe missing out on the life that a typical child would have, but I truly believe that that she is definitely not an accident. She better not think that God physically designed her for his glory. And just as I shared that the way that God is are you doing that is is brought strength try marriage to her family and fellow God nobody doing notably that mysterious then it things that he'd rather not only what we expect or want in life.

God works all things together for the good for those who love him and so we just choose the chest and goodness. I think it's just wonderful your story and what a beautiful little girl you have and know it it's and I can't really adequately say how hard I know it must be to have gotten to this point, you know, we don't want to sugarcoat it necessarily or I certainly wouldn't to put on you that it is hard to get to the point where you really are confident in being able to say Lord I really do trust you and this really child who is a blessing not just our family with the church family and everybody else in and I'm glad that you wrote this bunch and because I know there are other parents out there other families out there who can definitely relate and will feel very very encouraged by your message of hope and II just think it's just a beautiful book chosen for Charlie is the name of that when God gives you with a special needs child Jan Forst often it's been great to have a chance. Thank you so much God bless you and your beautiful family.

Thank you so much. Thank you for joining us here enchantment for today.

As always we enjoy with us, Janet Mefford, website this hour Janet Mefford today is brought to you by a firm films show me the father, the creators of warm room and courageous the kindred brothers explore fatherhood through five true stories show the father. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters now


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