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Melvin Tinker (Revelation / End Times)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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June 29, 2021 4:00 am

Melvin Tinker (Revelation / End Times)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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June 29, 2021 4:00 am

The Book of Revelation is replete with prophecy, dazzling imagery and warnings to mankind about the coming end of the age. But this apocalyptic book also introduces us to the triune glory of God, who holds all things together. The Rev. Melvin Tinker joins me to talk about and his book, “The First and the Last: The Comfort of the Triune God in Revelation.” That's on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign five dollars cents one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is generated wherever our confidence is in Christ alone. The word of God says that I sort of know is chapter 1 tells us, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus, Christ, the father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

Now we know that in the context of that passage about comfort.

The apostle Paul was speaking of how the Lord dealt with him during the afflictions that he experienced in Asia, but often when we are afflicted is Christians do we decide, hey, I think I'll turn to the book of Revelation for comfort while in fact is my next guest points out the last book of the Bible actually is very comforting because it shows us the higher reality of our Almighty triune God in his glory and his holiness which leads us to hope and put our hope in that triune God working a dive into the topic today with the Rev. Melvin Tinker, who serves as director of theology for Christchurch Newland and Hall, England.

He is a well-known speaker and author and will be discussing his book the first and the last the comfort of the triune God in Revelation that was so great to welcome me back to the show. How are you doing very well get it would you again.

Well, it's a delight for me to you are dealing in this book with the Trinity in the book of Revelation. I'll tackle that angle first.

Normally we deal with one or the other. What about this link because I don't often hear the concept of the Trinity put in tandem with Revelation is a topic what I will help you link these two together really to read the book of Revelation without seeing you on every page of the Trinity is been remodeled that relation failed. It book in the Bible, the Trinity elsewhere in the bottom of the gospel and Matthew. For example in that folder to the Corinthian what we have in the book of Revelation is a very clear demonstration of presenting it to God's people of great calling God like the very beginning with the grace that comes to the seven churches. Grace and peace to you from him is him walking to come in from the seven spirits before the throne and from Jesus Christ will Christians knew that once Grayson and that is God, and yet he told one God won't God want to make this wonderful ship called father son and Holy Spirit will write.

It's interesting to because verse one of Revelation chapter 1 begins by saying the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his bond servants so there is the name of Christ, right at the outset of Revelation. This is interesting though, how it works out. You know you talk initially Melvin about the church of Laodicea. You take a look at the church of Laodicea.

This is the seventh one of the seven churches that are being rebuked and/or praised in Revelation chapter 2 and three talk about that a little bit why start with that church, because you pointed out the problems with that church and and some of the parallels between what was going on in Laodicea and what's going on in our own day." We have here is one of the problems facing the church and that is about compromise that will become so long with the culture commissionable from the culture critique speaking into it. You actually Client the case here in that fear. When the Jesus Christ being warm it's not often interpreted that spiritual and spiritual temperature medium pedagogy be hostile: surely we draw the house in 1 teaspoon chili wool spiritual: understanding the background to this is to do with them different towns in the Valley. We had claw at this beautiful cold that was useful in refreshing and higher applets which is a small town. The school wanted to see had more time to it and so is Bob, God laid how it was revolting and actually when you drink it you just want to get what you say you live in church you just become like actual town will then fall you will neither good claw for Google to all Google looking high luckless yucky stuff and I want you out of my mouth to me exactly where Western churches today looking at a few statistics go to church in the United States reclaim the born-again evangelical about 43% hold a pro-choice town from abortion. This 26% believe in astrology 20% believe in reincarnation, only 46 coincidences. Once a week. The Bible daily and 37% to Mrs. struggle with pornography. This decision. This is very serious and embarrassing and it shows how little we really reference God in his word and how little we know that so when you dig deeply into those statistics is interesting about when you're making a point I was looking at verse 17 in chapter 3 of Revelation the message to Laodicea and one of the things the Lord says here is because you say I am rich and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing, and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked. It would you say that's also a parallel to the Western church now that we think were really hot stuff, and in fact were not at all like were not seeing how we really are at all lately actually take to the church will be gone, but to not we can that is that human beings can pretty well get on with things without God we have a Merry can for them on Facebook and do mentality, social critic for the client will characterize the duty to society a man unwilling them to know to submit to any power.

I'll never see that showing itself in the church with numbers big auditorium like that can roll you into a false sense of security that paid what went fine. This would include, you have the silly gospel church judges to the people you will be saying and many I think that church growth pundits create the church of the business and marketing is one of these caps, it is essential to talk quite successfully that the old relation cool smash is trying churches all foolish to think they can do it by themselves well well that's right you had one quote I know from a Japanese businessman this disco really hit me between the eyes.

He said whenever I meet a Buddhist leader I meet a holy man whenever I meet a Christian leader I meet a manager I thought you can't fault him, it's the Peter Drucker is him that his just invaded the church through the church growth movement, but the church is not a business and I think when you look at the book of Revelation. Melvin, as you point out throughout your gradebook. We get a completely different view a different higher reality is unfolded when you go through the book of Revelation, and I think people will really benefit by being able to walk through some of this great theology that you've unpacked here.

Rev. Melvin Tinker with us were to come back the first and the last of his book return right after this on Janet Mefford today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international engaging the world with God's word for more than 80 years, believers in Africa are hungry to read their very own Bibles hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The charge is clearly very fast in the north part of the country where it's on the speaking people and speaking people. And then you know we find that is the movement of the oldest of the way the hunger around is very much visible if you can imagine 10 Christians right now in many places in Africa. On average, nine have no access to the Bible hears Lillian in Mozambique Berlin.

Please check just on the outskirts of Maputo because had a vote of 100 people under 20 possum letter Bible was the pasta but the elves had never seen a Bible that uses motivation once more to do more to reach as many people as we can know we are going to go there and just take the F .3 Bible studies and resources that introduce people to Jesus Christ. I believe is faithfully discipling new believers in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and many other African countries hears an evangelist named Joseph in South Africa even Milan is about 66 to treat as a soul. She lives in a rally cry melts down and she cried at the age of 60. She never had a Bible. So much for feeding just to see people like dressing when the Bibles you can be the answer to a Bible is believer praying for God's word through open the floodgates Bibles for Africa you can be the answer to a Bible.

This believer praying for God's word through open the floodgates Bibles for Africa. Five dollars sends one Bible $50 sends 10 and your gift right now of any size will help us reach our goal to send 1500 Bibles to Africa. Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD or there's a Bible league banner to Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford well when you read through the book of Revelation. It's astonishing what you discover in the pages there and it really is a whole full book and it's not just hopeful but because we know what is to come, but it's because we know the God who is unveiled and described in the book of Revelation we know one day we will be with him and we see in the pages of Scripture captured in the book of Revelation, the triune God. It's just a magnificent thing and the first and the last I covers at the book by Rev. Melvin Tinker, who is my guest. I got a touchback on this point. Though Melvin since we had to run to the break when you quoted that Japanese businessman saying when he meets a Buddhist leader. He meets a holy man but when he meets a Christian leader.

He meets a manager, we have to fix that, don't we.

How does Revelation tying into the facts of a mentality that the church at route is a business rather than the bride of Christ will find managerial relation that is actually anything talk about the lot by the long method will in rebellion against God decided on God gone on to take his place and that she is itself I think in the church when you do not do mentality minces become managers will claim God's primary duty is to know about programmable to Cronkite think that's the way it is and what way it is in Christ, and the book of relation useful magnificent way to the church complacent. It challenges the complacency struggling. It provides tremendous comfort is complacent is that I wake County around change submit the group triune God and come to call in the event which is to get the struggling messages to any of the human being will document that is and the beach was on me that Pakistan and that is just a way to really do feel that is spiraling out of control with my office picture. Higher reality happened that this is 140 feet of glass, clear as crystal, calm before the tool is total control working out all things is people like the humble well when you're getting into chapter 4. You have this scene in heaven and you have the throne and worship of the creator as some of the subtitles on chapter 4 will sand different translations of the Bible, but this is interesting Revelation as you say actually refers to God's throne nearly 40 times. I hadn't realized I'd never taken time to count it up and I had realized it was that many references what significance do you see in the references to God's throne and how many there are. Throughout the book of Revelation.

Why is that important to think that will cause cool story you come to you and you have flown in Britain and that no real use when the Queen for a couple nights and long on the ancient will spoke of executive power bait, walked, came from the claim actually came to be and the time many people and to see that invincible sent by faring to the heavy hauling. Again, estimate the time and reminded that not out of control. This great sent and and everything chapter 4 point out is going take them towards the condition in relation to the life that's meant to be a lot going to clean and the whole world and proclaim the kingdom Badlands. That is when men and boys and girls saving relationship with Christ in the pool relationship throne. It's interesting to because in the context of talking about the comfort of the triune God, and Revelation.

It reminded to be a bit of Isaiah chapter 6 where you know God.

Isaiah is confronted with his sin and no woe is me and and that's kind of the scene that you see in Revelation, where you have worship around the throne, but also we are to fear guide.

I mean, do you see these descriptions here of God, the one who is seated on the throne. It's quite jarring and and scary in a sense, not that we have to be scared of God is. As Christians, but you, you know, put together this picture of God being in supreme power, and he's completely holy and he is the creator of all things, and yet this is the God of all comforts at the same time find you have it out this magnificent picture of Gordon to see these described in like and end up calling 21 see the light from the throne a scroll with what those thoughts.

He feels it's the great client goes out from one in the Buena Vista. The other thought is my angel town client who's willing to grade school Knoll can be found. And that's when John Blake.

You want to come up with the scope and look inside. Then the line trotted to the root of David client and he's able to do it when you look at the beastly cool Jesus Christ. We have one gloss on their issue is one who suffered client slain lamb and mediator and now have someone who will be able tonight. God's will weld as a man is lovely, regional planning, especially if this all makes, for example and and he long enables his crush people ahead of to him one who introduces his children to father throne. Now, throne of grace because of the Lamb who is beastly, so great, so great and and you know you also think about all the paradoxes, as it were, that you could talk about is Scripture that he's the line of the tribe of Judah, but also the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world as you point out, the Lamb is both sacrificial and powerful. In other words, the that he lay down his life for us was the act of supreme humility that he didn't have to do, is the supreme Lord of glory but he did it for eyes to pay the price for our sand and to be raised from the dead on the third day, and yet he is all-powerful. This is such a hard thing. I think at times for human beings to wrap their heads around. Lord, how could you be so all-powerful and so scary in the one in one sense and at the same time be so accessible and so caring for people have done nothing but sin against you might want Sinai and cool when you have received the big two by creating a Google call. When the seeds and see the glory of God. That's when you don't have to be going on then is Yahweh.

Yahweh, the great compassionate God, and on one description is the one hand, they should because God is truly grace school. That's right, there's a reference to not just in chapter 4, I think there's another one in chapter 5 as well to the seven spirits of God and and that will confuse people. At times, wait a minute. This father son and Holy Spirit, one God in three persons, what is the seven spirits of which Scripture speaks is translated spirit sometimes bold spirit, and quite happy with the latter, but can be one of the relation is significant numbers seven. Again, ways, and number of perfection, completeness really is just another way of speaking of the effect Holy Spirit. You saw the first and last name of the book Rev. Melvin Tinker without you listening to this damn effort today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word for today here's your host Joe welcome back when we turn to the book of Revelation oftentimes were comparing it to the news of the day and perhaps trying to figure out Lord could be today that you'll return, we often turn to Revelation. For those kinds of questions. But how often we turn to Revelation for the comfort of the triune God Rev. Melvin Tinker is joining us talking about it in his book the first and the last Melvin you are discussing this by actually answering a question that I had posed to you about the references to the seven spirits of God and and referencing the significance of the number seven. This number of completeness. So now we see in Revelation, there is the Trinity unfolding here and I think also of what it says in Revelation 2 and three. Over and over and over again about these churches that the Lord is speaking to he who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches why now of course I'm this is a little bit conjecture.

But why is the spirit saying it to the churches rather than the father or the sun didn't do see the significance therein, and the freezing year. 100 01 of the will not choose that the external world possible the creation father sometimes.

Look at redemption. Gold thing laconically about this. Use the grotto beginning a revelation from Jesus Christ. And when you have the letters will we find is not the is all the wood hen who has a shock to bullets look for example and put the letters referring to Jesus Christ, then it is you always end with something along the lines of the spirit saying as it is present tense saying to the churches of someone described in between God. He's the one who actually work on 700 when he ruled on basically relation language.

What you publish the gospel yes said he would send another concrete find me mom and making them to you.

That is exactly what we see happening here with the seven churches cosmetics on spirit makes thing from Scripture.

I don't think so you don't divide would spirit if it's the spiritually inspired this book to be written spirit that John was picking up Revelation spirit to take this apply to the church when people say this is often used by the liberals body like we look to Scrooge saying to the churches today had to cross. Actually want anyone who thinks his church today would Revelation so true yeah and you mention the Paraclete. I was thinking about John 16, where Jesus said when he comes referencing the Holy Spirit, he will convict the world about sin, righteousness, and judgment, and that was in the context when it says he who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. It seems those two things would be connected because the Lord is rebuking some of those churches for their center for their cowardice or what have you, or their laziness or their lukewarmness and the spirit is the want to convicts of sin, it's, it's just freaking out because I had not seen for example some of these Trinitarian references that you brought out. For example, you talked about the fact that when Christ is revealed there in the pages of Revelation. He comes from the throne itself. He doesn't hands. What he doesn't have to approach it now. That seems very obvious, but when I read that I thought you know what, that's another defense of the Trinity is it to say God the father is on the throne, but the sun proceeds from the throne as well. How could he be you know as the Aryans would say the first being that God ever created erroneously. It's not true that's a wonderful passage to go to to talk about the Trinity. If you want white people won't think of going to Revelation Trinity. Anyway, but my mom will try to do the nation well but the book together to go to book on the Trinity laid lay before you clearly once you get a handle on that kind of language being used. The apocalyptic language then this is the goal which lays before God is trying name of Michael is to show that the only way to get genuine comfort by access to true reality.

Think you said by the media and sadly churches on one you read Revelation 4 and 5M in any chapter of Revelation, but you read Revelation 4 and five, for example, and then it right after you read that somebody started to talk to about the church as a business model think the face you would get what you talk like that now will and ride pointed out, it won't happen in heaven which is in heaven, which is Catholic and according to the whole to creep together what is happening should be with by the local churches we got On Sunday the kind of worship that is going on in heaven should be taking place on the should be having no distinction CP people going to church in the Sunday telling me the critical good old fishing with yelling and how to cope with the real thing when you get what you maybe these are the same people saying will I be born in heaven, people have not camped out in Revelation long enough, it would seem it's not boring, for sure you know yeah will treat more more excited. Toward the end when one is you feel is most great.

Jonathan Edwards have been back but not likely that his family of Scripture is knowledge and love for God is such that you decide to heaven being the place of love together and since you said yes absolutely. Well he gives you so much hope and you look at chapter 5 with the worship and the point that you made that the same worship that they're giving to God the father. There also giving to the Lamb who is worthy to take the scroll and open it seals again confirming this is one God in three persons, and it's just clear as day and that's what we need to we do. It concerns me a lot. It really does because we I know you and I have talked about this on previous shows where what is going on in our churches seems at times to be so far from over reading in the pages of Scripture. We don't want to be so you know I don't know racing toward heaven as it were, that we expect that everything that we read about around the throne of God is immediately supposed to happen here on earth. There's a sense in which we have to wait for all that God has for us to be revealed.

But on the other hand, is your mentioning in your blog. It's all about the comfort that we can take from this higher reality. That is a sure thing and I'll tell you what, melon in this day and age when I see so many discouraged Christians. It really is important to focus on this. I want to pick this up on the other side of the break Rev. Melvin Tinker. My guess the name of the book. The first and the last day with us will be right back after taking the morning-after pill. This mom immediately felt sick and nauseated as she tried to end her pregnancy while searching for medical care. She found a pre-born center where she hoped to rule out that she was pregnant to send their baby's heartbeat against anything God and said it will be done seven months pregnant. Now, I think that every day for miracle freeborn centers are the largest providers of free ultrasounds in America introducing moms in crisis to the life growing inside of them and sharing the gospel in action when a mother meets her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat shall choose life 80% of the time when you join pre-born in the cause for life for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help rescue five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible. 855402 baby or there's a pre-born banner to hi this is Janet effort here in need of a new healthcare program but you missed the open enrollment deadline in December. It's not too late for special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15. During this time you can enroll in the healthcare program of your choice without the need for a qualifying event. This means you can now enroll in a healthcare sharing program from liberty help share with memberships for individuals, couples and families.

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In Revelation, the first and the last is the name of the book Rev. Melvin Tinker joining us talking about this wonderful subject. What are we to make of the victory of the Trinity Melvin were looking at the book of Revelation we know the Lord wins in the end because of him. We went in the end and that's comforting maybe is little kind of a bumper sticker way of putting it, but how do you draw the comfort that we all should feel from this truth that the Trinity will be victorious in the 20th century which it began. You ended up to quote history and spent the time to say much Kong genocide June 7 Stalin princes now part like and don't particularly the office of career resumes and when faced with the justice for what one people want justice they want to help in a 71 just want to see that good I think the deep-sea fishing. Yet God calls us to. I want to chapter 19 is very clearly that one point will jump five mom has clamped on the cross and his people want to stay in place because he took our judgment is 44, call vendors going to be the consummation and the completion of that judgment when it comes again and that schooling which is presented in chapter 19 of public elation. We have the Lamb who went to the cross, the one who was now coming on this one is called faithful and true justice he judges and wages war picture here is often picture all the judge is slightly in class and nothing is going to be obscured from his gaze that he has many clown clown diadem chapter 4.this is the good king of kings to address deliberate golf got this one is Jesus coming with all his people could find why complainant says and he's strike things that you expect to rulebook if I knew what he speaks about the Don I didn't come with the feedback justice is done, we need that much in our world today with injustice makes it clear that's not the case. Oh yes, I think, especially over here in the United States.

I'm sure you feel the same but I'm just thinking an American context merely political contacts are an awful lot of us, you've been saying for a long time.

How do these people get away with it. How do they get away with it. Where's the justice where the investigations where where the last time you we we have been crying it's so comforting to say. Ultimately, no one gets away with anything either. Your sins are atoned for by Jesus Christ in his shed blood, or there will be judgment in the end for all of those who have not repented and it's not I mean we when you think about justice. Sometimes people will say will Jesus is so meek and mild and he's all about love and in you read what Jesus ties it in judging the world in righteousness and how the saints rejoice. I mean, you talked about the church, North Korea, for example.

Or I think of believers in Nigeria are parts of the Middle East to have been persecuted beyond what we can imagine and how they're rejoicing, not so much in payback but in the righteousness of God finally coming to fruition and I think that that's another thing that we can take comfort in that justice is twisted and moved following the biblical notion of justice and that gold will do what is right justices to be seen as being electrocuted vengeance must be the attribution to be a long jaw which is good. This great and glorious kind overwhelmingly kind God and hence conflict so much pain and agony and suffering on his creation and the people you may decrease if you would know to to do this you would be denying himself. He can't do that because he is God's.

It's incredible. Yes, you think of Revelation chapter 22 and then it's his. He showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from against the throne of God and the of the Lamb in the middle of it straight on either side of the river, was the tree of life. So here we have a connection all the way back to Genesis were talking about trees again and then the final promise of the Lord at the end of the chapter he who testifies to these things says yes I am coming quickly and come, Lord Jesus, the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all. Amen I am coming quickly and sometimes Christians will feel we want you to come more quickly. But it's it's happening.

This is a very very strong and sure truth that we have here in God's holy word Jesus said he will come back and therefore we can know for certain that he will come back. That's the most comforting thing about it seems great whole of history.

Each individual history won't be reflected every two to be able to enjoy that lots of it into that is kind of who wants to exchange this glorious picture God for she invitation which prevented this long line of duty to and seems humble and gentle spirit upon if you could run out, but nonetheless all evacuation praise Like perfection. That's right Amen amen to that. And I love the promise in verse 14 of chapter 22. Blessed are those who wash their robes so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city. So in addition to feeling the comfort it's also a good reminder be ready, going back to what the Lord said earlier in the New Testament. You don't know when I'm in a calm, you better be ready because I'm going to come and coming woman. Chapter 5 coming of Christ while you when back to the Jesus with complacent churches, friends, to those churches to take away the candle's thinking. Call me the second coming wind of history and gathers people together will be thinking you coming to church differently. Wake up.

If the church doesn't become law. If the church continues to be worldly reflecting the morays values of the surrounding culture will come. Yes, what is an excellent point I hadn't thought about it that way but that is just Rev. Melvin Tinker and have to leave it there but the great book by him is the first and the last the comfort of the triune God in Revelation and went so fast, Melvin.

Thank you again for being here.

Always a joy to talk to you, thank you God bless you will see next.

This hour has been brought to you by Bible league international five dollars sends one Bible call now 800 yes word 800 yes word

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