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Eric Scheidler (Planned Parenthood) D. Wilton (Billy Graham)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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May 13, 2021 4:30 am

Eric Scheidler (Planned Parenthood) D. Wilton (Billy Graham)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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May 13, 2021 4:30 am

What would it have been like to spend one day every week with one of the best-known Christians in the world? Dr. Don Wilton joins me to talk about it and his book, "Saturdays with Billy: My Friendship with Billy Graham." Plus: Pro-Life Action League is standing up against Planned Parenthood in Illinois. We'll get the details from executive director Eric Scheidler. That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty. Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health, for more information liberty River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, with the word of God says that I sort of Joe Biden to show exactly what he was capable of. As president, which is bad.

It's not much in the way of good things and it's a whole lot about things that we've been seeing out of this White House, not the least of which concerns the security of the nation of Israel. It's incredible.

Here we have all these people lining up in states across the country running out of fuel after a cyber attack by Russians on the Colonial pipeline system and we've got all of these things going right near Joe Biden's taking a lead okay yeah there's rockets flying into Israel. Okay, here's the here's the response to this, listen to this. This is from the Washington Examiner, America is unjustly calling on its close ally Israel to exercise restraint. Oh wonderful I'm in Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's launching of more than a thousand rockets from Gaza into Israel. The Biden administration seems to have forgotten who is to blame for this crisis.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Anthony Blanck and observed that the most important thing right now is exactly what were doing, which is to be engaged across the board and pushing on de-escalation blink and acknowledge that there is a very clear absolute distinction between the terrorist organization Hamas that is indiscriminately raining down rockets, targeting civilians and Israel's response defending itself targeting the terrorists, but he added, Israel has an extra burden in trying to do everything it possibly can to avoid civilian casualties, even as it is rightfully responding in defense of its people all okay what what a strong statement and as this writer puts it, Israel under nonstop, rocket fire has every right to defend itself, its government should not be asked to de-escalate by charter and by action. Hamas seeks the annihilation of the Jewish state. Anti-Semitism is imbued in its ideology and ambition to ask the Jewish state to act in ignorance of these facts is fundamentally unserious, and more than that it's wrong.

Yes, civilian casualties should be avoided wherever possible. Unfortunately in war.

Civilians die.

This is a truth is old as war itself and very few militaries take precautions as great as it is that is really defense forces to mitigate the risks to civilians to achieve its security interests.

Israel needs to destroy the terrorist capabilities and reestablish deterrence against them to miss Pres. Trump yet. Biden administration's poor choices go beyond its misguided call for restraint. They say the administration recently restored funding to the Palestinians who have responded by reminding us that they have little interest in a durable peace under trump the United States unequivocally supported Israel's right to defend itself. In doing so, Trump at the onus on Hamas and the Palestinians to suspend the use of violence against civilians and that's the correct approach. It goes on but basically there right on the money all Israel, you really ought to de-escalate the fact of the matter is they they shoot rockets from civilian areas on purpose so they will have a situation in which Israel will have to respond and civilians will possibly die so they can use it is some kind of a PR tool. This is how terrorists work and the Biden ministration.

It's incredible. We're spying on all of this with what is going on here. We got, here is the vice president who was supposed to go to the border. How many days ago is now 45 days ago when she was out on the tarmac and reporters were asking her about the burners and she was giggling because apparently that's all she could really do. I am not trying to be mean. I'm not trying to be petty but every video I see of this woman. She's giggling, giggling like a schoolgirl you're supposed to be the vice president of the United States in your giggling and acting ridiculous and kissing your husband through a mask and not doing your job and actually I have to be a little bit careful in what I say about that because I think of, Harris were actually doing what, Harris wants to do. That's not a job. I think America needs done so there's a whole problem. There, but you know why it did. There's a sense in which you look at the situation with this out of touch really way too old to be president who's in the White House who's sleeping who doesn't know what's going on who's committing gaps whose making horrendous policy decisions with horrendous employees whose issuing horrendous executive orders, and you go honey run a country like this sustain a country like this. I mean I was probably the person in the United States. This is not provable, but probably the person in the United States who had the least amount of respect for Barack Obama.

I never liked him on any level had nothing to do with anything other than his policies and his ideology but it at least he was cognizant. I mean, I don't know really what is worse, having somebody who was influenced by Communists and has a socialistic outs outlook on the world's being cognizant and able to do what ever he wants to do or is it worse to have somebody who claims to be a moderate but acts like a radical but is out of it in the world is laughing at us and our foreign enemies are plotting against us and and who can blame them and why in the world wouldn't Hamas attack Israel when Biden is in office they know they're knocking to get any support from the United States.

Israel is since not in any meaningful sense of the of the term, despite the fact that you had a number of people in the Biden administration initially saying all yeah will standby is really a really I will that remains to be seen. Could you wake-up your boss and see if he has any interest in supporting Israel.

So now the UN envoy comes out and says rural who may be on the brink of a full-scale war in Gaza. What is the United States going to do their too busy being woke they're too busy worrying about the diversity of the military of that's excellent okay now comes this story and you gotta read this you can go online and read this for yourself, but there is now an open letter that's been put out by more than 120 retired flag officers calling on Americans to rally and reject America's excessive embrace of a radical leftist agenda, particularly the antiracism efforts the left weapon eyes is to suppress dissents. This is from the Federalist.

This is part of what this letter says, and the signatories. By the way, include Pres. Reagan's former national security advisor John Poindexter, Pres. George W. Bush's former Deputy under Secretary of Defense William Boykin. We know him Jerry Boykin and retired Army Brig. Gen. Donna Bolduc, who is now running for Senate in New Hampshire, but they say. For example, our nation is in deep peril. We are in a fight for our survival as a constitutional republic like no other time since our founding in 1776. The conflict is between supporters of socialism and Marxism versus supporters of constitutional freedom and liberty. It's crazy.

They blasted the Democrats assault on election integrity.

They blasted the pursuit of open borders. The rampant censorship from Silicon Valley. The re-engagement with Iran on the nuclear deal which is a disaster.

Dismissal of energy independence highlighted through the elimination of the Keystone pipeline at the same time that we see the Colonial pipeline shut down at least until the end of the week because of these cyber packers that you know the whole things in chaos and and what we do, that's great. You know Biden in his radical green parties sorts are probably sitting around going yeah hey windmills will save us. That's fantastic solar power wonderful.

We can all share in a green new deal little be a green paradise just get rid of that oil and gas fossil fuels are so evil yet will tell that to the people who are pain in some places four bucks for a gallon of gas and ask yourself why do you think it is that you're paying for bucks for a gallon of gas. Maybe even before this Colonial pipeline shutdown occurred.

Let's see what's changed since you are pain to bucks or thereabouts for gas. Not too long ago you. Let's see. We've got people flooding across the borders and no wonder these retired flag officers are, you know, calling a five alarm fire here it were in a five alarm fire. There's no doubt were in a five alarm fire and look at the man whose hand is on the till I'm he is crazy. Biden has aggressively pursued this agenda as they point out, in large part through the power of the pen with no clear legislative mandate to enact a hard left agenda given in November victory of less than 43,000 votes across three tipping point states and evenly divided Senate and narrow six seat majority in the lower chamber after unexpected Democrat losses in the house. As they say. The current administration has launched a full blown assault on our constitutional rights in a dictatorial manner, bypassing Congress with more than 50 executive orders quickly signed many reversing the previous administration's effective policies and regulations and are calling Americans to throw out far left politicians in favor of candidates at the federal, state and local levels to place value in fiscal responsibility and individual rights over socialist collectivism is conditions presents get worse and I agree with them wholeheartedly. If we the people have this nation then it's up to we the people to right the ship. By the grace and mercy of God Almighty listening to Janet Mefford today hi this is Janet Mefford. If you're in need of a new healthcare program but you missed the open enrollment deadline in December.

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That's 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to you're listening to Joe Wood River today know you're one of the most important tactics of the pro-life movement over the years has been that of public witness against abortion, especially through prayer and earlier this week.

Pro-life actually conduct a prayer rally in front of Illinois newest abortion wearing the Planned Parenthood facility in Waukegan located in northern Illinois and my next guest called the rally.

The first step in a new wave of pro-life activism is these pandemic restrictions are finally beginning to lift here to tell us more about his pro-life action league Executive Director Eric Seidler Eric so good to welcome you back. Have you been doing well, you know, my father Joe showed up out the way back in January about a disorganization and was a pro effectiveness for nearly 50 years all, right up until the day. 93 and so you know, one of sorrow for him and left the whole boot pandemic has limited so much of what we do out in public to produce against abortion. So it was it was a real honor to be able to get out there in the streets with this prayer vigil, but two days ago, and to do so, in his name in his honor.

Man well first of all, my deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family. I loved your father.

Not only did I get the chance to interview him on several occasions, but I got to march with him back in the day when I was back in Chicago and he was just an absolute hero and and the real founder of the pro-life movement in many ways and your caring on that tradition took a little bit about your prayer rally the other day because this this is really important.

Eric, one of the greatest things about your organization as you guys are out there. You are not afraid to take the truth out on the streets. Tell us a little bit about what went on will you know in a month and find a way I've received so many phone calls and emails and letters from people telling me about the time that we were with them in the morning or in Seattle or Boston all over the country and how going out to an event that he was hosting got them involved in pro-life in the local community and and that's what were doing today to we were out in Waukegan outside this massive and very ugly Planned Parenthood facility, the largest in the Midwest very close to the Wisconsin border and designed to prey on women from Wisconsin were the pro-life laws are much stronger were abortion is much more restricted and just. I hope that we will see the same reaction. I'm looking forward to the day you know, maybe 30 years from now when someone is rude, but reminiscing about the time they came out to a prologue vigil in Waukegan and got them fired up. We had a great group of people, we had about 100 people join us for this vigil across the street from Planned Parenthood. It was a beautiful cross-section of the community. We had Protestants and Catholics we had Hispanics, African-Americans, whites and Asians men and women, young and old. We had, you know, like the Crusaders for life you've pro-life group was there. We had good Knights of Columbus out there. We have just an amazing group, a real cross-section of the community and we were able to announce a community meeting that were holding about town a couple of weeks to boost that pro-life outreach at Planned Parenthood's newest abortion facility. It was a really a wonderful day of renewal.

We heard from some wonderful clergy and local activists about getting involved in the difference that were making them just executive, but my dad loved and and I think is needed especially as our culture starts to open up absolutely what I know you and I have talked about this before, but for listeners who were privy to what we discussed concerning the origins of this particular facility can give people a little bit of background on unit.

It kinda skulduggery if you will, of Planned Parenthood, and even opening this facility in the first place.

Kind of the stealth maneuvers that they performed in order to get it open. You know, we here in the state of Illinois have really been targeted by Planned Parenthood Illinois Planned Parenthood affiliate is one of the most busiest and what wealth wealthiest and the entire country and most politically powerful.

They have been for many years now gradually forming notebook of the legislature to do their bidding down in Springfield are capital and they been building these massive abortion facilities on the borders of other states. We have a giant facility that opened up and in 2018 and floss more very close to Indiana another facility that opened up in Fairview Heights, Illinois, just across the border from Missouri and now this most recent one opening up in Waukegan just over the border from Wisconsin. In every case they find a building we find a piece of land they find someplace they can put the facility they create a front company, a shell company. They buy the land they buy and create a notional company to get all their building permits and so that nobody ever knows who they are. The city fathers and mothers can't ask questions about what this is going to be because I don't know. Suddenly there's an abortion facility opening up suddenly there's a reporter calling the mayor or there's a post on undernutrition will post on Twitter announcing a ribbon-cutting we think about it in May 2020 of the entire rest of the country shutting down as businesses are not only closing for the lock even going out of business permanently. Because of that they've taken losing their customers for so long and then Planned Parenthood is opening a gigantic abortion facility and at the same time receiving over $3 million in Illinois of stimulus and covert relief money money that's meant to help businesses to survive without massive new abortion facility. That's the way the Planned Parenthood operates rely the steel in the murder, killing hundreds of children every year, every one of those.

I'm sorry every every week at each one of these massive abortion facilities are operating in Illinois and many of those children are coming from other parts of the Midwest's disgusting $3 million. How did they pull that off. How in the world I and me.

I know Illinois politicians. But how well do they get $3 million. How in the world did that happen, they simply applied for a PPP loan like so many other businesses like the restaurants that were short like the tool and die shops were shut down and in other small businesses that were supposed to be helped by this money.

Planned Parenthood went in and despite the fact that they're not eligible for that money.

They claim to that they were and went and applied for it because you know there was it was so quick that that money was released know the government knew that they had to operate very quickly to save these businesses that were threatened, and plan printed exploited that there was no oversight that was you know because it wasn't the time. There wasn't a manpower for everyone working from home and that's how exploited the system. We will always find a way to exploit any opportunity to expand their business certainly good at this time. Disgusting. I was looking at the website for the Waukegan facility and they sent Planned Parenthood of Illinois provides in clinic abortions up to 19 weeks and six days and then they mention all the other locations. Like you said, in a world floss more and some of these other places but I was going back to a study that was revealed last year, Eric. I'm sure you're familiar with it, but it was a study in the BMJ's Journal of medical ethics over in the UK and it concluded that unborn babies can feel pain before 24 weeks and possibly as early as 12 weeks gestation.

The very idea that they would abort babies almost up to 20 weeks gestation and that baby in the womb could feel pain.

I can't even IMing. It's very difficult for me to even dwell on because it's so upsetting and I mean this is why you you go and you praying you protest.

This is important in order to prove my father lot with you only live once you know he was an ardent pro-life activist deeply faithful Christian and that included sort of a gratitude for the gift of life that we receive you like to have a scoop of ice cream with meals.

You know you only live once right confer everybody at the table but it was another side to that. You know unborn child who is killed by abortion only live once. Two in the thought that someone's entire life would be defined by this moment of horrific violence and total order abandonment by the rest of the human family is just horrific. That's what Planned Parenthood is all about, but we are all about saying these children deserve the chance to have that one life, and they deserve to be born. That's our message to Planned Parenthood in Illinois. That's her message.

The entire abortion industry in the entire American public to join us in proclaiming responsibility to care for every single human life. Above all those who are the most precious and vulnerable child in the womb's absolutely one of the things that you've also mentioned Derek is that Planned Parenthood is now trying to repeal Illinois parental notice of abortion act.

Where does that stand at the moment. Oh my goodness this is been a Herculean effort. True, David and Goliath story they've been trying to repeal the parental notice of abortion act for a couple of years now about three years ago they got taxpayer funding of abortion. Two years ago they got the reproductive health act that sweeps away nearly every limit on abortion and stated the only limit remaining is that minor girls have to told her parents if they're having an abortion or no, I'm sorry to be accurate about it. It's the abortion facility that has informed the parents that they're going abortion and their try.

That's not good enough for them.

12,000 children safe from abortion by this law. Not only that, but countless girls of been protected from sex trafficking.

Their abusers have not been able to use abortion to cover up their victimization, their violent victimization of these girls public Planned Parenthood fees 12,000 abortions and gets dollar signs in their eyes.

They want this money. They want this expansion of abortion they don't want there to be the slightest hint anything at all wrong with abortion, even if it means endangering our daughters we been fighting on every front, talking to our legislators. We've been training people in our state to do zoom meetings with her with her state reps and their senators in person meetings are really loud right now at their offices are down in Springfield. We've been putting yard signs are distributed scores of your thoughts to the crowd that are vigil on Tuesday but you know it we will really won't know until the legislature adjourned to the end of this month whether we been successful so far the bill has not come out of committee.

That's very, very hopeful sign. It looks like we've built up just enough? In the minds of of Democratic pro-choice legislators with this is a bridge too far and so far were holding a ground really desperately need prayers though. Please pray for the pro-life people of Illinois.

Please print the entire state. We will be able to maintain this law and stop this repeal effort though just be so disastrous. Now we absolutely will be praying so that because when you look at the radical law that Illinois passed just recently la New York and what they did out New York for it just it's it's mind-boggling what's going on with the you know I emboldened mention of the pro-abortion industry, especially now that they've got a Democrat in the White House in a Democratic house. It's just it in. It's just crazy what's going on in this country but we are so, so grateful Eric for all of the great work of pro-life action league and I want to refer people to your website for more information, and if you'd like to get involved in future pro-life activism. I highly recommend it.

Pro-life is their website.

It's called pro-life God bless you Eric :-) thank you so much for being with us and look forward to talking to you again for giving birth.

Illinois, you bet you bad Shirley well thanks again, Eric you listening to Janet effort today. This archived broadcast of Janet effort today is brought to you by Liberty health liberty house or as a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty how for more information liberty health River today and here's your host Joe Mefford what would it have been like to spend one day every week with one of the best-known Christians in the world.


That's what my next guest.

Dad went over the course of more than 15 years he spent almost every Saturday with evangelist Billy Graham Dr. Don Wilton was grandma's longtime pastor the First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina is also founder of The Encouraging Word global network and now he is out with a new book, giving readers a behind-the-scenes look into Graham's life and legacy from the perspective of a pastor and also a friend. The book is called Saturdays with Billy my friendship with Billy Graham and so good to have you here, Dr. Wilton, how are you won't find.

Granted, I'm just so delighted and honored to be with you and to share with your listeners.

What a great privilege indeed to talk about Dr. Billy Graham will for sure.

Well, it's my pleasure to have you here, it's obviously a really rare thing for somebody to know a world-famous figure as well as you knew Billy Graham and I'm sure a lot of people are wondering how did you first meet him.

How was it that you two became friends. In the first place. One wonderful question. I'm still pondering that in my in my own heart. How is it possible right will you know I had had quite a lot of association with the Billy Graham organization in the 80s but in 1993. More specific in July 1993 I was privileged to become' First Baptist Church in Spartanburg South Carolina in the upstate and we are on television and when I finished my first message you came back to my office and my phone rang and very familiar voice was on the other side of the lot.

We walked to the little while but of course on he had such a distinctive role and that he was scorning medium. This roof will cooling off stains would be to welcome me to the upstate. Then it was off prolonged conversation he eat off me you where there I would consider coming up to visit him at their home in Montreat so tongue-in-cheek you. You can imagine how rearranged my schedule and I went up there in fear and trembling was carried out from the Montreat office and greeted by just the most incredible man and most precious lady I've ever made my life and that one meeting forged a friendship for over 20 years that took on a life of its own and strolled to the study just leaves me with a sense of great wonder and gratitude.

And really that's what set of values with the book that objects written news is all about right and I know that you were friends for what was it about a decade before he asked you to be his pastor. What was that like just developing that friendship before you ever were his pastor and then started visiting with him regularly. Well, you know Janet I had a very hope that people will understand.

I'm sure you would. But I I had a real shame. So all over my easement Dr. Graham to me was structure an amazing man obviously was with somebody in my eyes.

She was so famous and so renowned in an presence in the Prime Minister's will cooling in and people all over the world. And so for the first 10 years I truly never told anybody.

I just ponder these things in my heart my my wife Karen knew about it and probably mosh on Volta but I never talked about it and battle changed when off container use Dr. Graham offering should be grown so deeply yummy we'd become real frame, charming loft room, fellowship and move things we were doing together in and wanted I called me up there off me if I would consider proposing that he actually become a member of our church. That's another whole story. I mean it was a wonderful event but following that he made the announcement and people. It was reported in price and radio and television. Your logo will such a little thing, such as that and he he made that very interestingly to me. Janet sometime later Mr. Graham didn't reference the fact about the manner with which I had gone to my friendship. It evidently made a mark on him and he valued the confidentiality of our relationship in the he had section. Think about him EE was such a deeply spiritual man to be able to sit and eat sweet week by week and I was in the proverbial seminary's virtual experience and he would he would lay his hands on me and pray for me all the time and it's just he would be most unhappy.

Hearing me say this all just want you to go as he was so humble that don't block please forgive me for saying this but I felt almost like I was in the presence of Gould's that you can understand how that would be I don't know if I would use the word intimidating since he did become friends over such a long period of years, but certainly daunting when you first were getting to know him simply because you're walking into it. Seen him as a very famous, as you said world-renowned figure and then you get to know him as a person. It's kind of interesting because you said that that he was making a comment to the effect of, you know, people sometimes forget that some of the loneliest people in the world are those in the public eye and do you believe that that applied to him. Was there any sense that he really appreciated your confidentiality in part because it kinda protected him from being in the public eye and just having a friend like a normal person.

I think that very crude and not very accurate statement about Mr. Graham. He was so well known and literally all over the wound and and I think that his loan not loneliness buddies lonesomeness was very much alleviated by the special nature of structure very close friendship. He had many friends, Janet, I will.

I was not the only one, and an EP emu loved many people but I will say that for over 20 years. The loss 25 years of his life, the Lord allowed a very deep personal intimate friendship to occur between the most unlikely person and and someone as well known as Mr. Bryant said he valued that friendship we we we did work friends that we we loft our heads off when we ate our dogs together and we we will then we talked and we discussed and we cried together and he shared. He talked with me, he would pour out his talk with me and I felt so unworthy of any of that and just deeply valued the intimacy of the relationship with that began to develop to the level at which it came in the you know he lost me the whole B's hand while he goes to heaven you think about that and and you try to picture that any one of my chapters in seven days with Billy which I'm talking babies Friday.

That's exactly what happened and it was it was very special and Mr. Graham this spring. Such a public lie. We couldn't go to me would go to Ray Strauch and people would be lined up.

You know, you couldn't go anyway, walk anyway do anything. He was recognizable instantaneously.

Yes, and he hammered it all so well, but he was so humble that it would shock him. It would just shock him, he would.

It would be like one of the one of these people doing here that is an endearing quality though. I think that's that's part of the reason so many people did feel very a very personal connection with him.

Not just because those who had gone forward at his crusades came to know the Lord through his ministry, but also because he is is enduring quality of being so humble was why they loved them for you to take a break will come right back with Dr. Don Wilton. His book is Saturdays with Billy stay with us on Janet for today hi this is Janet and I for your need of a new healthcare program that you missed the open enrollment deadline in December. It's not too late. Special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15. During this time you can enroll in the healthcare program of your choice without the need for a qualifying event. This means you can now enroll in a healthcare sharing program from liberty with memberships for individuals, couples and families. You can find a variety of options to best of your medical needs. Plus, you really can choose the doctor and hospital of your choice.

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He's out with a great new book it's called Saturdays with Billy my friendship with Billy Graham and talking about the fact that almost every Saturday until Billy Graham passed away in 2018. Dr. Wilton was there and he was fellow shipping with him and just being a good friend as well as his pastor. It's kind of funny. Dr. Wilton one of the things that you talk about when you would go out to the grams home to visit with Dr. Graham is you tried recording him once and and that was only wants wasn't at that. That would just a one time thing and then you never tried that again. Can you share a little bit about that story how memorable it will bury you going back into the 90s and Karen my whopper swimming having tea with with Mrs. grind with this root and we were just having the base Tom and and Dr. Grimes was very active in ministry then got up and left the room and even all three study or something and I are right about 7 million. Something inside me for now is my big moment, to my embarrassment, I reached down and out of my briefcase video camera and started shooting the video and Karen and Ruth having tea to give, and MMR. Sunday became aware of this presence and looked over my right shoulder and you know you had come back into the room and the government. In the eye. It took me one look let's just put it this way if I was trying to interpret the soul into his beautiful blue eyes that the realized that this was probably not the best thing that I was, draw camera and not kill people in the book of feedback we lost known even the slightest effort for me to record anything about any of our meetings that we had been given.

That's amazing to keep the outage.

Do you still have the footage reported. I'm going to be somebody actually him looking great so be hilarious to have the on America's funniest home but that would be pretty funny where he saying set the camera off. I don't know.

He was so gracious. You know I you know when when we became so close.

You know he I would be up.

He would have these people coming from all over the world and he always wanted me to be with him because he knew I knew him so well and so he would have me to to be able to prevent certain situations from happening, that he was uncomfortable with you Janet, one of my many roles as he is very close friend wants to protect it, I say that sir him and to protect his legacy and you know as he aged, and which he did. I mean, he lived to be almost 100 years old. You're not right and I was with him the whole time and you know as he became less capable physically.

So it was all relationship just grew deeper and deeper so I had much joy I would read to him and you know I evening toward day and we put on watch golf and I would provide the concrete development goal and we we would loft out his jewel fume because I can't say things to him like you know someone would pop the bold and the love golf and anything will didn't go in in the whole fighting with brother Billy.

Would you like to go in the whole you're in charge of law. This is the site you want the good news will be bad rights rights that is really funny, you know, one of the things you could describe some of the things he used to say to you when you got together on Saturdays and he would sometimes ask about your sermon nor of me you know whether or not you two could pray together but this line that you mentioned really struck me is just so sweet. How about just talking to me about the Lord. I mean that is just incredible. Here's Billy Graham saying pastor please talk to me about the Lord. That's that. That just seems like such a simple request and yet there's something very poignant about it, but that really is he you know this great man of God, spiritual giant, and such a submissive attitude toward the things of God and he Janet how Thomas values he had such a perfect found respect for the man of God. I was he's rain but I was he's foster and and even though this doesn't like saints, I say very lovingly.

This is really a silly statement. If you were looking at the two of us talking, which we did all the time yes what you would see okay, you would see the picture of a nobody who thought he was with somebody talking to somebody who thought he was a nobody not everything was backward and and Mr. Brian would turn to me and say Dawn, would you teach me about what God say that. Think about that from. It doesn't make what you mean, you know, in the early days. I look at him as if to say, brother Billy, I don't have anything to say to you, could you please on to him? I mean, because I was the boy I was good but kid I was good at.

I needed to be, but he would.

He was Jean. This was not just him saying something to make me feel good. He was so humble and contrite in spirit, and he is loneliness was in fact the high mark of his high standing and he was precious. He had such a love for everybody. Mr. Graham never sold people accepting the liens of loving Savior. Many times when I speak around the country. I will speak to people about the place of God's grace on the record my book that Bob away to get tied of Christ of God's grace we just don't send a bully because it it speaks eloquently to to this conversation on our on a repeated basis and Mr. Graham exhibited the potential attributes of God and would absolutely be not happy with me at all if he heard me say that Brock not even though I would say to him, but as much as I would say that to him. Janet, we will frame sir so I can walk I was the one person who could look at him and cite the mall. Brother Bailey, I think you're being far too humble right now and took me a few you start saying things like that, you know that's what he even loved and respected and and that type of friendship and so when eventually he went to heaven to be with the Lord that that funeral time. The millions of people around the world marching his body into the rotunda of the capital of United States of America in the presence of all those famous people you know hearing Michael W Smith play just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me in the how would Bixby come to the old Lamb of God, that old walk abuse crusade ministry together with Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea always spoke to me about the open cockpit with which God's servant, Dr. Billy Graham offered his life as a living sacrifice to be held in the palm of the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ and God used them in such a mighty way and continues to do so. My goodness, well that's why people really need to read your recollections of your time with Billy Graham because I really wish we had more time to get into all the details there so precious Saturdays with Billy is the name of the book my friendship with Billy Graham by Dr. Don Wilton is just been wonderful talking to Dr. Welton. What a special relationship you hand it was great to have you here. Thank you again for having my pleasure. God bless you, thank you for being with us on Janet effort today.

As always, we hope you tune in again next time


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