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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Josh McDowell (Discernment) Tom Lennie (Revival)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 16, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Josh McDowell (Discernment) Tom Lennie (Revival)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 16, 2021 4:30 am

As Christian parents, how can we help our kids discern right from wrong in a culture of moral relativism? Christian apologist Josh McDowell joins me to talk about it and his book, "Set Free to Choose Right." Plus: Tom Lennie stops by to discuss his book, "Land of Many Revivals." That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word, our confidence is in Christ alone for a broad set of soil way that their salvation will help them to make the right moral choices in life.

This is a point of stress for a lot of us, though, given what kind of culture. Our kids are swimming in. Is there a way to help our kids discern right from wrong and to do what is right.

While working to get some help on that today from Christian apologist Josh McDowell, who heads up Josh McDowell ministry and speaks internationally on apologetics issues and is the author of a great number of best-selling books including evidence that demands a verdict, and his latest title is called set free to choose, right, Josh. It's wonderful to welcome you back. How are you doing all it really could be back in the program.

Would you like going.

Oh, I hope not. I hope going to have a good listener, you listen to you. While it is an honor to have you here again just always great to talk to you. I have a question our culture is increasingly telling our kids. They have to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. What's your response to the message that the culture is giving kids that right and wrong is up to the individual. While I think the most important thing that a parent can do after building a loving their child point out to them how we make no cultures, but how we make right moral choices and I would say there is more confusion.

In almost any area.

Janet for example, I'll be speaking to a pastors conference a parent seminar. You convince yourself to make a statement or I'll go around the audit microphone will say you believe life will almost every personal verse after pastors of what you why because the Bible tells you about life of food that is absolutely ridiculous.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is morally right or wrong because the Bible to thou shall not value my emails and because people don't know the Bible. Here's what I propose to his line wrong because the Bible is also about like 90% of Christians say yes or does the Bible say thou shall not lie because why is wrong with the biblical approach is not wrong because the Bible says, but the Bible says it because it is wrong in our culture today, no matter what the culture teaches our Christian kids for the most part they know what's right what is wrong there, losing that no but the thing they don't know is why is it right and why is it will yes and if you don't raise by why it's right or wrong, you're raising your children legalistic and you will lose your children spiritually. That's a really good point.

So if somebody said to you RHS I'll put it back on you if you say that line is wrong and that's why the Bible says line is wrong. What Ron, you make that argument over you see anything contrary to the holy just righteously true God is false. Anything that coincides with the holy just righteously true God is right or righteous. And this is why we have to teach our children who God is absolutely that they're not there not worshiping some mythical person or something, but who is in his character and his nature.

For example, I've never found anyone the right to life movement.

Janet could tell me why killing is wrong almost always because the Bible says should not kill legalism. Why is Kelly wrong because God is light and he created like his image. That's why it is wrong not because of Bible says all should not kill the viruses shall not kill because killing is wrong. Why because a person character nature of God is life usually always learn to take our children back to the person, character, nature of God is excellent because that's what you're really doing when you're framing it that way.

And you're right about that is your getting past a list of rules and a list of dues and downs back to the one who gave them to us. Now this is so important because there are a lot of Christian parents will say it doesn't mean much for my kid to be a moral kid if that kid is not saved to how do you blend together the need for evangelism and discipleship of our kids. Alongside this quest to help them make good moral choices because it's not always the case – as you know, that if the kid says well I prayed to receive Christ, and I asked him to come into my life and I repented of my sin. There are still a lot of those kids who would claim that testimony who go on to make terrible moral choices. So how to solve that what each one of my children. I had all mapped out for four, five, six years of this likely each one of my children great and it all started out by who is God, how do we know God is how do we know it's true.

So what if God is love.

How do I apply to my life and I went through 12 major beliefs in the Scriptures with my children because I learned that if they follow a book will fail because this legalism know the Bible is not legalistic way so many people teach and live it. It becomes legalistic to them. We need to raise our children out of her relationship with her heavenly father and like any relationship to stay healthy. You need to get to know one another and this is why every time I pick one of my children to school, or a ballgame or some else I would think of some aspect of God is sharing a car will start out with something at the school or something asking the question that would lead right in. Okay what God is just what is that the structure so as parents we got a dislike for children. Second, even if a child never comes to Christ to be moral in your living has a lot benefits just you personally.

It has benefits.

I know a lot of people that really live out the character of God, but they don't.

Knowing personally that breaks my heart. Some of the hardest people to reach for Christ to I have a fellow that I just love you just the nicest guy in the world and that's a pocket will come the current because it doesn't really spew himself to sinful no matter what you say you know of any person I've ever met, that wasn't simple. This guy's a Mexican fellow, but he he has many benefits to living a moral life, but not eternal salvation out of it. Here again is one thing that she try children what is right and what is wrong. The key is also teacher why is it right, why is it wrong. The reason this in our culture today is different than what the character growing up. You can survive in your culture's apparent when you're going up by a good belief system, not in the morgue with the Internet and pornography. If you raise your children just for the good belief system. You'll they will turn away. We need to raise them with conviction. So what is conviction conviction is knowing what you believe knowing why you believe it and experience it in your life's work. We do not raise our children moral principles that are more than just leaks but convictions can no matter how much we pray for our kids family devotions, we will lose our children. I know you're right about that is so true so you just can't rest on your laurels and say these good pastoral deal at that.

I'll just drop Johnny off on Wednesday night dance to do the track. That's not gonna do the trick in this culture. What do you test or should be doing is reinforcing what mom and dad is already taught.

All rights I wanted my church on one of my youth pastor, pastor, talk about sex.

My kids were younger. Why because I wanted my church, my wife Esther to reinforce what I had already taught by children.

Yes, about sexuality and this is why I wrote the book shipped free to make right choices help parent. First of all peers to understand why things right why things wrong. Second, how you pass that on to your children that you will help your children to make consistent right choices doesn't mean they will make right to talk about it right. First, I just McDowell witness is set free to choose right equipping today's kids to make moral choices for life will come back on Janet for today when this young mom came to a pre-born center. She was planning to have an abortion after receiving love and support and meeting her baby on ultrasound. She chose life. I walked in I saw in my mind change completely.

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Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 liberty you're listening to always enjoy to be talking with Christian apologist and best-selling author Josh McDowell.

His latest book set read to choose right equipping today's kids to make right moral choices for life and you made a great point Josh. What we need to do is not just teach our kids what is right and wrong, but why those things are right or wrong, and understand how to pass those on to our children. Now let's just take one example because this is the big one that were hearing all the time. But, for example, you see statistics even among kids within the church evangelical churches who believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, or the redefinition of marriage, they are more squishy as it were, on this issue than previous generations.

This generation upcoming the generation Z has a less biblical worldview than the millennial's, who had a less typical worldview than the generation's accident before than the boomers etc. etc. source seen a biblical worldview reclining with every subsequent generation address this issue.

When a kid comes to you.

Maybe Josh and says I have friends who are gay. I have friends who are transsexual or transgender gender.

What have you.

I don't see anything wrong with that. This person is just living his given identity that God gave to him and and you know, biblically speaking, that can't be defended. What's the best approach for dealing with that issue is a mom or dad and trying to teach what is right and wrong on that issue of sexuality person you do, you got to make sure you taught your children are teaching their children the biblical concept of sexuality. Why did God create create 6406 is so beautiful, how are private parts is not private because they're dirty their private because you're so beautiful, so meaningful, so wonderful.

If you do not in bed with your children healthy to cope you of sexuality. I don't care what you say about any of the other moral issues will fall on deaf ears. While the first thing I would do is reinforce with children why God created sex. The beauty of sex.

The purpose why did God create marriage.

The purpose of marriage in the light of that, I would show some of these of the lifestyles.

However, contrary to the right person, character, nature of God and then I would do like I show in the book. I would then walk my child through how when we obey God because all of his company much about sexuality and women.

Everything is based on this character being locked God's love, which means protect and provide should we say God is love that we got protection provides every commandment of God. The Bible says doll shall not is not negative, it is positive.

It's God saying look I love you so much. Don't do what because I want to protect you and provide you for all that I created you sexuality. For example, first for 2682 person parish take this as negative. Do not commit sexual immorality. Negative can you get no positive read the rest of the verse three sexual morality for every publishing you do outside the every other sin is outside the body, but are immoral, bad sins against his own body. One thing I young people.

Let me show you why God shows weight so that commitment of marriage in the secure relationship. Why sexually transmitted diseases. In 1961 out of every 60 teenagers 60 transmitted disease 1970 1/46, 1980, about 1/3119 90 about one out of every 16 2006 2010 was one out of every four know what it is now one every two ships will ever have sex you have of sexually transmitted disease cases that commit sexual right. Why, because I will protect you from the one that you committed against your own body. Great that's can I get kids attention when I do that point this out in the book but it is one of the keys in the culture around. I went and bought 1214 books using middle schools and high schools throughout the country to teach right everyone I met 3 to 5 steps, all at this Inc. one look at the choice you have evaluated choice. Second, one of the consequences of each choice. Listen the third make the choice that is best.

You should not make the choice that is right that make the choices best for most people know make the choices you this is why my wife and I developed four steps we taught her children to look at choices one. Consider the choice if you do this you could do that then consider the consequences of choices shock it, compare it to God right compared to God is very person, character, nature, third, and this is a great 1 Cal Commit His Way. This is a hard one.

Janet, our kids don't see us committed to God's way of decisions. They never will. So consider the choice compared to God in the big step is convicted God's way to teach our children to show parents how to do this in the book when we commit to God's way and we need to tell on his protection and probation in each chapters. I give all these different illustrations for parents to their children to point out how each one of God will protect and provide in this only as a parent sure that the child chose or four steps that I have found it works with young people. I like adults.

Yet absolutely was going to say that would work not just on children that would work on adult see a lot of people are looking for answers. Funny, just that there's been a lot of discussion in the last several decades about how parents have become soft and the rise of the helicopter parents and all of these sorts of things and it seems that one of the things that this generation may not have as much as previous generations.

Dead was apparent as moral authority. It seems you have a problem of a lot of parents wanting to be friends with their kids. I'll let you drink even though you're underage as long as you do it at home because if you don't do it now if you do it out there. You might get hurt. But at least if you do it here. I'm here to watch it.

What about the importance of Christian parents having confidence in their moral authority to talk to their kids about what the Lord says in his authority. How much does that come into play when you are dealing with your kids. Absolutely they need to know I am the parent of the child.

This everything that I taught my children, Janet, if I did live it out in my life by marriage to Dottie one. I feel my children and my children will not look at me as a moral authority. When I teach my children right from wrong.

They need to see that my life and this is why would times I would have choices, but everything to make in the ministry and all, and I would sit down with my children. Sometimes the form together each one individually. So you know that this choice to make this week. I could have done this right could have done that I would've done this a lot more money would come in but you know I would check jeopardized by morality and then I should of been the decision I made, and how God honored that she and I sure that would be my children five 3040 times over the years and also they see in my life then they see my teaching to them that the best way to do but all research on parenting shows that this all documented that the parent is the most effective authoritative parent who is relational rules without relationships lead to rebellion right from wrong without relationships leads to revalue. It's all true.

It's all too well what about the parent José Josh. II want to do everything you're suggesting in my home and I'm gonna start today if I haven't been doing it properly. Up until now, but when my child leaves my home and goes to school, even if it's a Christian school. Sometimes you're facing these sorts of issues. Now there around a peer group and now they have to face a situation where they may be the only person in that peer group who is thinking correctly on some of these issues and that child is having a hard time then coming home after school insane.

This is really hard. I feel so alone you do to encourage a kid who wants to do what is right when all of his peer group. Perhaps are not supporting him. I will go to the site is called the name of the books are free to choose right ship free to choose parent can download free a lot of material in the book, but they can download free presentation by Dottie and me seven principles of building loving relationships with your child grates very simple be buying box. Just go to ship free to choose you can download the first thing what is your relationship you build child love, respect, and truth.

Over the years there when they go to college.

They are well everyone yeah make right choices and research shows this. The one thing that will override the Internet gaming peer pressure. The University everything is a loving relationship with one's daddy and make not the mother that Danny is the one thing research shows will override all of this when they block the University. The relationship and the books are free to choose right needs to be taught in the checks of a loving relationship so they go to set free to choose they can download it free guarantee of this. Both parents to get excited because he will start realizing I can do it which is what we need. We need that sort of encouragement. It is a very very high calling to be able to raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and to help them choose the right moral choices and I just love it set free to choose right. The new book and also the website set free to choose by Josh McDowell, Josh really was having happening here. Thank you so much like being with you got my C – thanks a lot for being with us and will be right back. This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word for today and here's your show. We are back on Janet Mefford today.

There is a story in the news about a Church of Scotland minister in Edinburgh who teaching his congregation that Jesus did not die for our sins. He even called the atonement ghastly theology as pastor of the Rev. Scott McKenna told his congregation is an obstacle because it depicts God is a potentate who demands blood for offenses.

He has suffered. Our sins have offended him and he demands a blood sacrifice added. I'm almost embarrassed explaining this theology because it is well past its sell by date and in some sense it is quite immoral. Wow, what an ironic heresy to be coming from a minister in Scotland the country that has had such an incredible legacy of biblical Christianity in revival but Scotland, like the rest of the West, including the United States has fallen into a lot of apostasy which makes that country's history of Christian revival even more worth examining in our own day and that's organa do today with Tom Lenny. Tom is an author and researcher into Scottish awakenings and he owns one of the largest private libraries of revival literature in the UK and he is out with a new book covering Scotland's extraordinary legacy of Christian revivals between the 16th and 19th centuries. It is called land of many revivals in time so great to have you with us. How are you very well just fine. I was very disturbed I would say to read that anecdote about this minister but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I mean how would you characterize the state of Christianity in Scotland right now probably very similar to Christianity and most of Europe and Western Europe and probably similar to what it is?

Maybe including the Monaco so widely evangelical Christian church, the more moderate liberal church know to which this guy but you mentioned Scott McKenna belongs rights rights incredible you know quite a bit obviously about the history of revival in Scotland, but for an American audience will how would you answer the question about why revivals, particularly in Scotland are worth studying and worth knowing about for other Christians. In recent because revivals have been so prolific in so many of them right from the time of the Scottish Reformation in the early 1500s laid off. Actually, I'm told, 1900 and even to a lesser expense and spend the helping revivals in Scotland have characterized the social and religious setting up Scotland for almost centuries and I don't think of any country in the world that such an outstanding legacy of evangelical revival. Since this mission that's exactly right now a lot of people will know the name John Knox, a father, Presbyterianism, and will know something of him in his life, but not so much about other men who got his use along the way to bring revival to Scotland when you go back to the 16th century. For example, in the wake of the Protestant Reformation was Scotland awaken spiritually. At that time. What was the chain of events that took place long and complicated story really Reformation. You probably know, when Germany first. People like Martin Luther and then there were a few ecclesiastical students like Hamilton from Scotland in one or two others when to continental Europe to study. Encounter this reform preaching and they brought it back to Scotland and quite a short period of time and the 1500s. The whole religious scenario. Scotland begun to change, and became focused and reduce total Reformation that happened quickly and swiftly. That was a bit of violence as well. Some Catholic monasteries and churches were burned. People will try some violence, but it was relatively peaceful compared to what happened in some countries, sir. Now after the Reformation came to Scotland is to describe how did that affect Scotland's what were the implications of the Reformation on the lives of the people there on personal privacy on people trying to live godly lives to please God and an emphasis on people having a personal relationship with God, but maybe didn't exist too much product about rights to Scottish Reformation also brought about a huge Reformation, basically in an education still milks insisted that schools were started over the country and every correlation that every person had a right to education.

Yes, it wasn't just the religious setting that changed was education and many other facets of social life right now. You talk about the post Reformation. The years between 1572 and 1600 and you mentioned some names. A lot of people won't know Robert Bruce and John Davidson and so forth. But what was the know you have that the Scottish Reformation and then the post Reformation. What characterize that particular. As far as revival was concerned the post Reformation. Oh. Close emphasis on little communities becoming transformed by spiritual Bible which perhaps haven't happened before. So entire communities be in touch to the gospel and this is really what revivalists when a community is touched by the power of God and on a large proportion of its inhabitants become interested in gold and in spiritual things in a way that the one before about atheists right. Rights problems within the community on quite a big scale been together. Revivalists post really not big on top and in the late 1500s and early 1600s to people like you mentioned. Mike: well shook their John Livingston sure so many others in the post Reformation. It was a very exciting times is a very difficult time as well because times noticed that the killing times card. Then when a lot of Christians were persecuted by the state and by the church completely against this reform teachings.

Now I'm curious to ask when you name some of these other purveyors of revival in these other men who were preachers and so forth.

How did these revivals primarily spread was it generally through the churches themselves. Was it open air like I know you talk about Whitfield in the book.

What was the means that God used as the word of God was spreading in terms of details was in the churches. Was it word-of-mouth. What happened exactly will. We're talking about a on in the country are in the world are talking about that tended to vary over time and between one geographical location. Another, but often it was sometimes to the churches spirit, more commonly through ordinary people just spreading abroad the word of the gospel letter transformed their lives and transform the lives of many people in the communities through the pictures himself. So when you mentioned torch with troubled soul widely throughout his whole life across the Atlantic many times. In fact, that was the first truly trying to take revival was largely through people like George Whitfield and John Wesley, you have the Bible occurring simultaneously in America like Jonathan Edwards and Thompson Hunter George Whitfield's preaching again in Scotland found in England and Wales like something thirtysomething fortis Trenton logic revival sir like George Whitfield and John Wesley March. We were responsible for spreading not so widely which you say there was much of a difference between evangelical revival that you referring to thereunder. Whitfield and Wesley and the revival under John Knox what what would be any significant differences between us revivals.

That's a good question used all the time with John Knox so he would certainly not have called himself evangelical called himself a Protestant. Certainly very very similar really. I just think it became a bit more defined.

By the time with George Whitfield and John Wesley like preaching to get comparisons. I think that became more more focused by the 17th and 18th century.

I maybe don't know quite quite about expecting people to become born-again's is maybe expected to be more gradual thing right. Very interesting. There's much more to talk about what I do that when we come back to money talking about the land of many revivals will be back fellow Christians are suffering in Africa hi this is Janet Mefford Castor luminal ministers in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean. He's been beaten and jailed. Many times, not merely for what he believes but for how he lives out his faith see Lilo has been quietly and faithfully sharing the gospel with Muslims and many are coming to Christ that extremists have assaulted limo his family and many in his church. They're not asking for an end to the persecution they face. Instead, they're praying for God's word to endure and persevere as new followers of Jesus Christ. That's exactly why were partnering with vitally international to send Bible student 1500 verse in Africa five dollars and survival $50 since 10 and every gift given will be double. Call 800 yes word 800 Hawaii asked WORD or there's an open the floodgates banner and Janet call now 800 yes word and God bless hi this is Janet Mefford here in need of a new healthcare program that you miss the open enrollment deadline in December. It's not too late. Special enrollment period is taking place now through August 15. During this time you can enroll in a healthcare program of your choice without the need for a qualifying event. This means you can now enroll in a healthcare sharing program from liberty share with memberships for individuals, couples and families. You can find a variety of options to best of your medical needs. Plus, you really can choose the doctor and hospital of your choice. Best of all membership options start for as low as $199 a month more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty helps share for their healthcare needs. What are you waiting for discover more about the power of for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 or liberty, liberty you are listening to Mefford today and you back on Janet Mefford today. While a lot of us here in America don't know a whole lot about church history in general. We particularly don't know much about other countries church history and Scotland is definitely a country whose history is were studying were talking with Tom letting his written book about the revival history of Scotland Denny's entitled his book land of many revivals, so we were talking a little bit about the early revivals in the 16th century and and on into Whitfield and Wesley stay. You also mentioned something called the Highland awakening and then how you know the awakening spread after that tell us about that time. Time in the late hundreds Lowell actually in the mid-1700s when evangelical preaching release begun to fade away and more moderate preaching them in your talking about this guy Scott McKenna in the church today to say so sweetly liberal teaching… That's not a new thing within the church in Scotland that goes right back to the sending hundreds, if not before, but just a general awareness about the art of voluble reforms preaching within the scope and especially in the north of Scotland where much of them instantly on their Catholicism needed to be just a real spiritual life, so a number of preachers decided to go and visit these Highland areas difficult to raise minorities you to travel along, but especially the was brothers called the Holden brother send baby went on 7/10 on preaching tours in the very late some 1797. The started went all over literally to the very far north of Scotland to the islands of Orkney which is where I was born and brought up in chaplains and other countries like something under motion when all of the Highlands of Scotland and preach the gospel, which many many people had never heard before and genuine revival occurred in many of these places, hundreds of thousands were were built. Christ is incredible.

I didn't just pile up on pile here is your mentioning these different revivals that the Lord kept revising and awakening again and again his people and people who were lost coming to Christ for the first time what reflections just as you look on it. Historically, just the amazing situation that happened in your country.

This is just astounding. Really right your number to provide sir yes yes the church in Scotland.

I think I know Florida Christians clearly aware of this incredible spiritual revival heritage that Scotland owns and I find that such a pity. And that's why I decided to research this book before I did my research, I knew there were quite a number of famous revivals and Scotland talked about some of them but I was only when I went deeper and deeper in my research I discovered that was just more and more and more virtually every decade of the period from hundreds to the late hundreds of numbers just survival somewhere in Scotland and often times seasonal and many, many parts of Scotland, yet amazing legacy people did research and to revivals in America, not in a big way. That probably finds a vital heritage spoke with the stone age Christians in America choose to be quite honest.

Perhaps I could be your next project that I better let you know it to a native well you're right though. I think that that would be a great thing undertaking really to find out with what the Lord is done in different areas of the United States as well. But what's so interesting to me about Scotland is your country has had such an enormous impact not just there but but throughout the UK and throughout the world what what did you discover when you were doing your research about the impact of those revivals beyond your own borders but a lot of the missionaries that went out to different countries from Scotland actually initiated our goal would be gone through the Bible and in some of these foreign places. That is happened many times.

One of Scotland's most famous revivalists you probably heard from Duncan combo. He was involved in the Bible and in the Western I don't have Brady as recently as 1960s and I was really a major violence become on track to become one of the most famous revivals in the world I would say, along with props, the well survival of marginal for but but that's probably died in the 1970s was actually instrumental in one or two revivals, and other places to recently including a revival in Canada begun Saskatchewan in the 1970s she was. It's a long story, but he was emboldened and the beginnings of this correctly known as an instrument of revival because survival to spring up in so many places that he visited so yeah the connections between Scotland and revivals in other countries. Yeah that that they're quite large and very significant now. You also refer in your book to a period of time during the mid-1800s called the disruption area era.

I should say the disruption here. What was that all about corruption was given to the period when many evangelicals within the national church. The church of Scotland became disaffected with the state of the church to start precisely because of been talking about just recently about motor received within the church of Scott lack of evangelical preaching basically became disaffected and it came to a head.

243, when a large portion of churches, and ministers all at one time left the church of Scotland on the started a new denomination called the free trip, begun in 1843 in scope and still exists today and it's still very much evangelical denomination. Where is the church of Scotland, the national church still exist today as well, but it's more mixed you got even to local congregations and not even telco, so the disruption of 43 which was a big event but but in the years preceding the disruption.

While people were considering leaving the church of Scotland and are within the general assembly of about issues within the church. Scotland at the same time begun spiritual awakening throughout the land that was very much connected discussions within the church is a very very general and probably the most widespread revival that had occurred in Scotland to the time I don't think it was a single currency within the nation that wasn't affected.

Incredible. One of the things that you mentioned also in the book Tom is the fact that the course of revival is the work of God, absolutely. But there also.

These natural factors involved to these men who God used to are absolutely uncompromised when it came to preaching the word and believing the word of God. What are your thoughts about these men that God use these preachers to bring about all these different revivals and the significance of the natural factors. Yes, I do believe revival absolutely. But the natural factors.

The instruments that God uses. This is one of those factors, there is no doctrine met men sucking men were in the right place at the right time and I'm soulfully dedicated to Christ but somebody's revivals probably wouldn't occur to toll the data card. The card in such such a significant dramatic minor 2.2 in Scottish history is the most significant person in the history of revival. While the question is one single person. I couldn't quite a number of people but one person that I find particularly significant would be yes yeah a great amount of quality died when he was only 29 years old and illness, but he was known as a particularly profoundly spiritual and was just a holiness that seemed to emanate from many people who were known for flattery to see the most incredible things about him.

He was used in revival in this city of Dundee where he was a minister at the time she went and preached in other places. Some think he had a huge influence on a lot of people in Scotland's man on the same time as God were talking about donating 30 city employees like William Thomas Burns was an amazing preacher and midnight sparks of the Bible and well all over Central Scotland. Actually he later went to be a missionary in China, where he died and then Duncan combo much more recently in the 1950s.

He was a wonderful instrument of the Bible and had a huge impact on many people, not just in Scotland better in other parts of Britain and Canada to 60s, especially DC made a number of trips to America spoken a lot of churches about revival and he helped little local Bibles in different parts of America is so interesting with the whole book is interesting land of many revivals by Tom Lenny time. Thank you so much for being with us today would love it thank you so much for being with us. People need to read the book. It is fascinating and encouraging the Lord can send revival use managed to preach his word. Thanks for being with us today our website this hour to an effort. Today has been brought to international dollars sends one final call now 800 yes word yes word

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