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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Everett Piper (Grow Up! Life Isn't Safe, but It's Good)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 15, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Everett Piper (Grow Up! Life Isn't Safe, but It's Good)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 15, 2021 4:00 am

Many of today's Woke snowflakes balk at the responsibilities of adulthood. What is the antidote for those stuck in a state of arrested development? Dr. Everett Piper joins me to talk about it and his book, "Grow Up! Life Isn't Safe, but It's Good." Plus: A Christian photographer pushes back legally against New York's laws forcing LGBT ideology on her business. Alliance Defending Freedom's Bryan Neihart will join me to discuss it on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you grammatically world, adultery, and you've probably seen it on Twitter is a favorite of millennial's. This is a word that slang for doing something responsible or grown-up, but the way it's used is often reflective of a strange phenomenon that being an adult is somehow surprising or even noteworthy. One lexicographer even noted that a big factor in the creation of this term the first place is in fact the delayed development of millennial's we see a lot of this in younger Americans, many of whom will delay marriage or meaningful careers in favor of never-ending video games in mom's proverbial basements or maybe not so proverbial and that really poses a huge problem not just for the young adults but for all of us. What went wrong and can the problem be fixed were going to talk about it today with Dr. Everett Piper contribute in columnist for the Washington times, former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and author of the new book grow up. Life isn't safe.

But it's good Dr. Piper so great to talk to you again. How are you doing I'm doing great, Janet, and it's always an honor to be on your show.

Thank you all.

It's great to have you here.

Congratulations on your book and you're still calling out the snowflakes. I think this is tremendous lot of people remember now to daycare and you have been one of those really strong voices saying listen, kid. You gotta grow up what you think that some of these younger Americans are failing to grow up humans and not a daycare so look go back to that. As you know and you and I talked about outbox about it on your frequently in 2017. I called out on my campus, as well as those across United States and I said the college is not a daycare.

It's a place for you to learn it. Not a place for you to challenge you.

I'm not going to comfort you.

I don't expect you to come to my institution and you'll get you can demand for a space and start throwing down trigger warnings every time somebody has an idea that you don't like and as a result of me saying that in 2017 that you know that went viral.

I was the college president that had the audacity to call out my students and tell them because the daycare well in that book I actually said what's taught today in the classroom won't stay there. What's happening at Berkeley and Brown isn't going to stay at Berkeley and Brown because these kids are going to graduate. They're going to enter into our corporations and into our Congress and into our court and are going to bring these selfish ideas are going to bring this office self absorption in this narcissism with and they're going to start imposing upon all of culture and here we are today. We got the cancel culture because Berkeley and Brown graduates now work at Google and Facebook and twitter and the major-league baseball Association and their deciding what you and I can read and what you and I can actually consume as the United States. What we can consume intellectually so here we are, and in my new book grow.

I'm actually saying you know there's a solution to this problem and the solution is. Maybe start teaching some good ideas rather than this garbage. Maybe we think about teaching. No, what say natural law rather than narcissism.

How about self-evident truth that are endowed by our Creator, rather than self absorption and self actualization may be if the problem is garbage in garbage out. Maybe the solution is goodness in and goodness out. Maybe if we return to the time-tested truths that have been around for a couple thousand years. We could actually have a nation of adult rather than an agent nation of perpetual adolescent well what a concept I would I would support that 100%.

But of course when you're talking about these millennial's, and now Jen's ears are coming out of our colleges and universities with this kind of mentality. The natural question to go back to his.

But it was adults who allowed this to proliferate. It wasn't just those in the educational system, but it was their parents. I mean if you have people languishing in mom's basement until the age of 35 playing video games.

That's to be blamed. Also on the parents. Is it not in the adults who have fomented this problem or absolutely and my book grow up like good not intended just for the millennial, if not intended for the 21-year-old 31-year-old tended to occur every 141-year-old and the 51-year-old in the 71-year-old because you just nailed it. Helicopter parenting is just as responsible for this is anything I would argue there are three entities in any healthy culture that take responsibility for inculcating the ideas into their progeny and those entities would be the teacher, the preacher and the parent so if teachers would start teaching through rather than feelings and creatures would stop imbibing the Kool-Aid and actually start challenging their congregations rather than affirming them maybe confront them rather than have a conversation about an and get parents would act like parents rather than trying to be their kids best friend and actually discipline their kids rather than coddling them hovering around them and protecting them economic times did your dad or your mom tell you no pain no gain. How many times were you told will get back on the horse. How many times we called easy life isn't supposed to be safe supposed be good and there's a huge difference. And that's the point of my books walk right in and those of us who have parents like that or had parents like that have a hard time understanding parents were not like that but were obviously were surrounded by them.

I know that every time I got on an airplane, surrounded by parents like that is their kids do whatever they want kick my chair for the entire flight but that's another interview when we talk about, though the ideology that is keeping so many young Americans from even wanting to grow up. How would you define that ideology. On the one hand, yes it is about safe spaces and I don't want anybody to hurt my feelings and I don't want to take responsibility. But isn't it natural for kids to want to mature and grow up. Let me what is stifling that a good question. I think let's go back to the issue of love empowered me. We brainwashed one generation after another to elevate tolerance is the most superior virtue of all of Western civilization really love and tolerance are not their aunt's there antithetical to one another. Tolerance is an inferior virtue, tolerance. I don't care about you. I don't like you don't love you, I could care less what you do, I'll tolerate you worst Christian charity, love your virtue and it says I care deeply about you to stand in your way to talk and tell you to stop and my wife and I tolerate you card on Valentines is a reason for that wouldn't have ended very well so we've we've taught one generation after another that somehow if you just tolerate another individual. That's the highest virtue, and that is synonymous with love and it's not and in fact the Lord disciplines those he loves and he doesn't tolerate us in our dysfunction's. There is actually a consequence for misbehavior forcing on that consequences supposed to wake us up and recognize that confession and repentance is the only solution. Not coddling us. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe that's why students are comfortable because they haven't been challenged while right. I agree with you there. You tell this one story. For example in the book that really resonated with me was about a kid who plays video games all the time and then his parents gave him a car and he didn't even want to go out and drive the car he still wanted his parents to cart them around and it's interesting because my kids have talked about friends of theirs who are that way they don't even want to get their license.

I'll never chomping at the bit at 15. I can't wait until the day I turned 16 I get to finally drive a car, and this generation. A lot of those kids. They're not interested and I can't wrap my head around that, but that's indicative of what you're talking about the broader problem and like you I can't imagine not wanting to get your prescribers wife and get your first car and have good freedom that comes with because freedom for you and me was a higher value higher virtue than safety themes today that because we coddled and comforted and we've we've we've we've we've affirmed students of these kids as they've asked for safety sake spaces rather than a challenging like one that resulted majority, but we've actually set will allow them to stagnate. You're right about that and I think you hit upon something very significant when you talk about our generation be more interested in freedom than safety. What happens to a country like ours when that is reversed as it has been, and I think you're right in pointing this out with some of these younger generations. There's a lot more to talk about will cause her break. Grow up. Life isn't safe. But it's good by Dr. Everett Piper will come back with Dr. Piper after this, this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international engaging the world with God's word for more than 80 years, believers in Africa are hungry to read their very own Bibles hear from Pastor Jeremiah in Zimbabwe. The church is clean very fast in the north part of the country where it's on the speaking people and speaking people.

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Call 800 yes word 800 Y ES WO RD or there's a banner to Mefford today and here's your host Joe well it is always great-aunt Dr. Everett Piper with us.

He always nails it when it comes to analyzing his culture and putting it in context and having a wonderful way of analyzing it from a Christian perspective. He's out with a great book grow up. Life isn't safe.

But it's good that you were talking before the break, and I want to go back to this for a moment that when we have a generation or multiple generations as it were, that value safety and safe spaces over freedom. What came to mind is the greatest generation and I will sometimes make this comment to my husband and I'll see some Jan Z, you're doing something or another and I'll say can you imagine that our grandparents at the same age, were storming the beaches of Normandy and isn't that an indication of where we are as a culture there was a sense back in the greatest generation that you you did what was necessary for your country. That life was about, not just you but about a greater good. It it terrifies me somewhat to think about this generation. Possibly being called up to a world war and I pray it never happens, but what are your thoughts on that on the way our country has reacted to the Cope crisis. If you don't think our enemies have been watching us kind of been watching North Korea's been watching Iraq and Iran been watching us and they now know that all they have to do to bring the West needs to bring America into submission is just scare us that we might get tell me might get busy they might get a very extreme form of the fluid milk. Anything you tell them to do.

We have bowed the knee safety rather than rather than fighting for freedom because if we pick on Patrick Henry's famous phrase, give me liberty or give me death and turned it on a fear that I fear death. So take my liberty. This is an attitude of a child. It's not the attitude of a mature adult will fight and I think it goes back to the biblical principle as iron sharpens iron.

Let one man sharpening another that implies friction that implies heat that implies sparks will fly without without this agreement without some discomfort, and like ever wants to grow, we can just sit in mom's basement and feel comfortable. Our entire life. There are a lot of people that will accept that and never. The freedom and the liberty and the beauty, goodness intended for the human being because we never bothered to even try. Nobody pushed us. We did have a coach you have a parent we didn't have a teacher who said no that's not good enough. Safety isn't good enough.

Get out here and go try something different and better pay attention to what I'm telling you coach a good coach will think this if you not to come to practice and do what I tell you to do, then you're not getting the game in all of us who are athletes understand the challenge that came there and how we improved as the result will that's right, you need to challenge in order to grow and mature and and again we go back to this issue of personal responsibility which you stress in your book. How do we see the benefits of developing responsibility pay off in the long run. So for example if you're sitting down with a younger American who wants that safe space. How do you persuade that particular individual that listen. Life is hard and you will have to work and you will face some very daunting circumstances in your life. Everybody does.

But that's an important part of you becoming an adult. What would you say to that particular person or maybe the way to wake somebody out stock and this complacency stuck in perpetual adolescence childishness is to do what Jesus did and asks some good questions. Jesus often woke his people because adversaries up by not arguing with them not lecturing them per se, but by just asking a good rhetorical question in their minds were close they were lazy in their thinking. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were legalistic. The Romans were two hedonistic, so Jesus basically just asked them good questions. Why do you call me Lord who traces on this going. Do you want to throw the first stone may be the way to expose the broken worldview of somebody stuck in that worldview. Ask them good questions that actually result in the branch that they're sitting on actually falling down because they have to saw way at that branch because it's a self refuting worldview. For example, the critical race theory mess that were in right now. Ask the millennial you really think we ought to start judging people by the content cutely by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character and be quiet and watch that worldview impact low. Asking good questions that exposed the why so comfortable and and it will wake them up. Well, that's genius. I think that that's a great way to do that in a Socratic method, but the problem is, as you know, when you have as you said before a problem with the teacher, the preacher and the parents doing the opposite. Many people feel a little bit hopeless about the future of the country because they say that you know the problem of relatives of relativism, which you touched upon in your book and the lack of a Christian worldview. It's as if and when you talked about this to Dr. Piper. It's as if people can't think they haven't been trained to think they they are not rational. In many cases it's all coming from emotions and passions and and what have you. And it's hard to deal with people you probably run into this a lot where you will talk to a particular person and think I'm not even gonna waste my breath.

I can't even get to square one with this person. What you do.

Then when you when you have a populace that is failing to think postmodernity cancel culture perpetual were given over to the reprobate reprobate mind the apostle Paul warned Tech called diabolical human mind Graham Walker print of my scholarly books from Notre Dame University. He called the pathology of the electorate were we all are incapable of thinking when we start worshiping the created more than one of them to create more problems been going on since beginning of time. Again, I really think the way to expose people refuse to think you cannot argue with them but to ask them a question that forces them to admit at least emotionally got a problem, exposing ample radical tolerance to tolerate my intolerance that exposes the lie that they live.

Are you saying that you believe in love well log synonymous with sex you have sex with everybody you love what I hope not.

I hope you don't have sex with everybody you love, that would be a problem. Love is the same as sex is not synonymous with spectrum. Once the point these things out like good simple questions break through their emotional wall when I was in grad school there was a concept called the balance of challenge and support.

If there's too much challenge. People won't grow because they feel intimidated but if there's too much support. They also won't grow because there's no need to our culture today is providing way too much support and almost no challenge. There has to be an optimal balance of challenge and support for anyone to grow that the formula that we need to recover if we want people to grow up what we do and and the recovery of absolute truth that this kinda goes along with what you said about postmodernism and relativism we have to get back to this idea. That is absolutely the case that there is objective truth. Aside from quote unquote my truth and I think you're right. I do think you have to start somewhere and ask these kinds of questions. The other thing that you talk about though is getting out of this cycle of dependency and narcissism and you stress the importance of work and of giving of your time and abilities. Can you speak to that issue a little bit because I think that that's really important will work as part yes you do think that I talk about the book of common basically basically grounded in the age old axiom when the going gets tough the tough get going. No pain, no gain. In other words, if you don't work, you're not going to achieve anything as iron sharpens iron. Let one man sharpens another time saves nine. All of these crews that are reflected in those time-tested axioms have been around for a while because their true so this issue of work you claim to be woke and you care so much about other people. Then I have a question for you. What are you doing what are you doing to help others rather than focus on yourself all the why are you talking about me and mine and versus them all the time, rather than this perpetual self navelgazing. The navelgazing of of battle narcissism. Why don't you get out and do something rather than sit around and complain about it all the time. These are some of the questions that I think we should confront our culture with and I do think it can wake some people up. I agree with you I think that's important.

You have a chapter where you talk about the selfies and all this you know people have been injured doing selfies or die between selfies falling off cliffs and things like that and it is really analogous to Narcissus who was fascinated with his own reflection in getting into this discussion of narcissism when you are the focus of your world, your truth.

Your ideals what you want what's best for you, then how in the world you even keep you University as you say, or unity or e pluribus unum. And that's what it seems we most desperately need in this country right now we can't come together as a unified country when everybody is fascinated with themselves. Black lives matter, intertextuality, critical race theory. LGBT Q identity politics, all of it is self centered all about me. You offended me you compromise my safe space you have made me feel bad. I don't feel loved.

All of this is about me, me, me. The class conflict of markers imposed neo-Marxism on our culture. We work when they were winning. Marxism wasn't winning. As you well know, with the bourgeoisie proletariat conflict so they created another conflict conflict that always focused on self.

I deserve my pound of flesh I'm a victim and therefore I'm going to take vengeance on those who had more privilege than me. Does this sound familiar.

Yes, this is a self centered ideology and it's an ideology of a child, not an adult. What you write. And that's exactly why people need to check out your buckets, grow, life isn't safe.

But it's good by Dr. Everett Piper so good to talk to Dr. Piper great job in your book, and it was wonderful to have you back.

Thank you, thank you for being here listening to Janet Mefford today. This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign.

Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford.

Welcome back a Christian wedding photographer is challenging New York State law which attempts to force her to celebrate so-called same-sex weddings or face huge damages and fines. The revocation of her business license, or even up to a year in jail. Emily Carpenter is represented in this new suit filed in US District Court in the Western District of New York bylines defending freedom of her to get more details now from ADF legal counsel Brian Neihart Brian Grady had with us threatening will think you tell us a little bit about the New York State law. This public accommodations law. I guess laws that ban sexual orientation discrimination as the basis of this lawsuit and that you know the terrible things that it would do to Emily and her business what what exactly do these laws say what order should be free to choose the messages that they promote and Emily of the photographer in Western New York uses her wedding photography to celebrate her view religious truth about marriage that God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman. And just like a painter who uses a paintbrush to create a painting one organist to play the organ to produce music. Emily uses her camera to create beautiful images of wedding ceremonies between one man and one woman, but New York's law actually forbids Emily from operating a business in creating artwork consistent with her religious beliefs affect New York law euros will require her to create photographs celebrating same-sex weddings because she already celebrates weddings between one man one woman, and as you mentioned if it if Emily refuses to do this New York and impose ridiculous penalties on her and confine her up $200,000.

A controller in jail for up to year and it can impose other penalty that would really that would ruin her business and family has filed this lawsuit to protect her First Amendment right to choose the messages that she promotes now shopping trip is yes. So basically, are they saying that if you fail to do what they prescribed and Emily ought to do which is to treat homosexual couples the same way she would treat male-female couples. Then she actually is discriminatory, even though as you guys point out she serves everybody. It's not a matter of picking the people out insane. I don't want to give you any services because I don't like the way you are.

It's a matter of the message she's conveying is that correct. Yes, you are exactly right about the really important point here Emily serves all people can promote all messages and when New York's law does two things.

First, it requires her to photograph marriages and violate her religious beliefs and to use for our work to celebrate ideas that violate her religious beliefs. But secondly, New York actually prohibits Emily from explaining her religious beliefs on her website or directly to prospective customers and then the First Amendment allows people to advocate for ideas in the marketplace of ideas, but New York's law essentially puts a gag order on beliefs like Emilys and and and prohibits her from explaining her religious beliefs about marriage in the public sphere that's insane so she can't put anything up on her own business website explaining her Christian views on marriage. How is that in the purview of the state of New York to regulate what she can say we have a First Amendment exactly right in the New York law violates the First Amendment, New York's law basically dictates what is acceptable to say and what is not acceptable to say but Emily has sincerely held religious belief that marriage is the union of one man one woman and been part of the reason that she runs her business. She wants to celebrate that idea with the couple that her clients and to promote that idea out in public, but New York's law prohibits her from doing this and as you mentioned… Violate the First Amendment because as Americans we are free to to promote our views and the public now hasn't New York already punished some other business owners for Christian views on marriage and they come down on other people. That's correct. New York had already imposed fines on business owners with the displeased like Emilys and that's why this case is so important. It shows the threat it Emily faces on a daily basis. New York is already said that it believes that if that Emilys religious believes that marriage is between one man and one woman essentially violates its law and not by itself is unconstitutional to government needs to as a requirement is a duty to respect Emilys beliefs about marriage, but is already shown that it doesn't respect up with and that's why this lawsuit is important. That's incredible what now, there has been other lawsuits obviously dealing with these kinds of issues where you know the plaintiff like Emily is trying to do, actually has prevailed it. What does that make any difference.

In particular, when you are filing this particular suit and rejected by courts across the country have have held that creative professionals like Emily have a First Amendment constitutional right to choose the message that they promote in the art they create and what in the messages they don't promote know they don't create and that applies across the board to our dislike videographers create videos click the first to use in handwritten text to create messages and even other photographers and it also shows that laws like these have been webinars across the country to force people who are creative professionals to create messages and promote ideas that violate the religiously so, for example, Colorado Colorado using a similar law and had similar law to force Jack Phillips to create messages that are contrary to his belief in him, as happened in Washington with Bernell Stutzman and I in Kentucky with Glenn Adamson.

Yeah, exactly. So we were seen more and more of these kinds of suits so we had talked about the violation of the First Amendment. I know one of the other things that you're saying is a legal argument is this is also a violation of the 14th amendment. How is that the case, the government has a responsibility to pass laws that most normal people can understand the normal people can know when they're violating along with her not New York, there's a provision in New York's law that is so confusing that the average American couldn't know whether they were reviling the law or not.

And it is one of the reasons that and we cannot promote religious place on the website a lot so confusing that is unclear how it applies to Emilys religious speech. Well, that's insane. So do you have examples in New York of them coming down on other types of speech, for example, people of raise this issue would you make a Jewish baker put a swastika on a cake. These kinds of things these extreme examples where they say will wait a minute, why are you going after Christians in saying that they can't convey their own beliefs and their places of business. When you obviously would not go after other sorts of people who didn't want to convey messages is a very strong argument. How well does that tend to play out in court sure will James through the Atty. Gen. of New York in one of the defendants in this case has filed briefs in support of of laws that compelled speech and we have another case is currently pending in the 10th circuit which is in Colorado that involving a website designer who could use his artistic ability to create websites. Leticia Jameson said just as is New York's law applied to said that the government that it is said that the First Amendment does not protect artist to create those types of websites, not the absolutely wrong.

The First Amendment allows professionals like Emily like website designers, like the other part is that I've mentioned to use their artwork to promote messages that are consistent with their religious beliefs right so where do things go from here. Now that you have filed suit in the Western District of New York. What how do things proceed from here. We've asked the court to stop New York from enforcing its laws.

The case is ongoing and so were hopeful that sometime over the next several months will be in front of the judge and to be able to explain to him all the way. But New York's law violates in ways First Amendment rights will that's good. Now she's declined hasn't see to several requests to photograph same-sex weddings. Has she been at all inundated the way Jack Phillips is been inundated at times with people who are really trying to maybe take advantage of the situation and she had a lot of requests she had had several requests had to decline because of her religious beliefs and again that you showed the threat that she faces on a daily basis. She's not able to operate her business in the without the threat of these penalty living overhead another mention of penalties early severe hundred thousand dollars fine or jail time for up to year and other penalties that could ruin her business and so a part of the reason that Emily filed his lawsuit was to to ensure that she had the First Amendment constitutional rights operator business consistent with her belief and to create messages that promote the idea that marriage is between one man and one woman well and it's amazing that they continue to try to call this discrimination when obviously what a lot of these clients that you represented have objected to his moral principle and in that's in violation of their dearly held religious beliefs. As Christians, as you pointed out, and I think this is to be a very important case in the meantime, she hasn't been find it all thus far right is she kinda protected from that is this lawsuit continues that correction followed is called a pre-enforcement lawsuit or proactive lawsuit to be able to assert her First Amendment right before she's exposed to an American can challenge unjust laws before they actually face prosecution in an argument.

That's especially important here because of the risk of jail time, amongst other penalties is exposed to unbelievable what we will be keeping a close eye on this case by Neihart from alliance defending freedom. Thank you so much Frank for the update and God bless you thank you thank you for having the event. Thanks for being with us and will be back on Jennifer to hide this is Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, an ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope.

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I have to hand it to James O'Keefe and his team over project Veritas they're doing the kind of journalism that networks used to do newspapers used to do and the contrast that were seen between what project Veritas is doing in exposing the truth and presenting it to the public and the propaganda that were seen coming from outlets like CNN is becoming more and more striking and really points out how far they have fallen in the mainstream media. From what their job is supposed to be and I don't know how many people can even stay in the business anymore.

I know if I had to do it all over again and I was going into newspapers as I did when I first got out of college. I don't think I would do it today and not only because most newspapers are out of business.

That's only part of it. Anyway, let's get into this because this is really really good stuff this is James O'Keefe and his project Veritas staff going after somebody at CNN in this case, CNN technical director Charlie Chesterton on Charlie. Chester did an undercover video. Unbeknownst to him and talked about things like how CNN got Joe Biden elected by how they conducted the coverage and talked about how they were able to make sure Trump didn't get reelected and and even admitted that the network was putting out propaganda. Let's listen to a little of this One.

Life is a gone. That's propaganda at the outset.

There he was discussing Joe Biden will make you look like a young geriatric will put them out there and is now the shot of him in those nice aviator glasses.

Yet we notice that's exactly how you guys in the left are covering Joe Biden and all the stories you're not doing that are screaming to be done right now because nobody, but nobody with half a brain believes that Joe Biden is actually the one with the hand on the tiller right now and that is incredibly dangerous for the security of the United States.

By the way at a time when Putin is making some very troubling menacing moves against Ukraine when China is expanding its reach in its military might and we got Joe Biden unable to figure out how to get up a flight of stairs, and I'm not trying to be mean by saying that he's just too old to be president, and he's too feeble to be president, and he's not all there and we all know this but the left doesn't care one day care if America goes down the drain. That's their goal anyway, congratulations. You helped accelerate the demise of your own country. The freest, most prosperous, most blessed country in the history of the world and you guys accelerated the demise of that wonderful nation that gave you the freedoms and the opportunity to do what you're doing. It's gross. It's just disgusting. Now let's listen to Charlie Chester talk about CNN manipulating news about Pres. Tromp in order to get them out of office and then he also reveals what they plan to cover next to manipulate you listen to cut to you. Like all tell a story all is never once is using the site was saying is that this was saying.

Well, there you have it.

CNN technical director admitting they manipulated the news they brought on medical people to speculate about what could potentially be medically wrong with Pres. Tromp at a time when his hand was shaking and he said we are creating a story there we were creating a story. There are focus was to get Trump out of office. That's interesting, that would be intentional defamation wouldn't it be interesting to see if the Trump lawyers could come up with some reason to go after them legally and finally take down fake news.

I would love it. James O'Keefe actually went on record as saying he is going to sue CNN for defamation because Anna Cabrera one of the hosts over there. He said lied about them and said the project Veritas was being taken down for misinformation which is completely false. So they're going forward with legal action. A lot of people do. I hope Matt Gates does it as well, irrespective of what's going on with him. The Congressman they mentioned that Congressman Gates it was somebody that they wanted to manipulate coverage of because they needed to get him out of the way because he presented a problem for the Democratic Party due to the fact that he was a conservative so kinds of people who are mentioned by this loose lip. Charlie, Chester, now that the issue of working to go after climate change. Next, it just shows you how intentional they are about manipulating public opinion. They're not concerned about news at all. Take news out of its config news because there's no news going on here. It's all propaganda, it's propaganda and they are on the record now admitting it. Now let's go to the issue of COBIT because this is just come out as well. Again, Charlie Chester has been talking about all of these things and he said COBIT is actually gangbusters with ratings for CNN.

This is cut 30. Like you said you yeah it is a problem that you're doing it.

He's even admitting there that they put up the death numbers from COBIT on the screen and he sometimes wishes those numbers were higher because it would be better for ratings. These people are sick I was. At least he had a little bit of an attack of conscience, at least from what he indicated there to the undercover of the project Veritas reporter you imagine going through life like this man I really wish that it would bleed a little bit more than we could make it lead even more than we are right now.

So to manipulate people. Let's make sure that we manipulate people because let me tell you something in the final analysis, it's not only disgusting for the manipulation and for the propaganda and and the dereliction of duty as journalists, but they also think their viewers are idiots. That's what they think we have to manipulate you because otherwise you won't do what we think you won't go along with what we want to accomplish in this society. It's really sick and then he discusses how the head of the network over it.

CNN directs this kind of coverage for you and nothing like his things as many as are actually doing is always leading them in the direction for the most cause people that have contractor all manipulation, all propaganda all the time and when he says there's no such thing as unbiased news. I must say that is not true. It is true that most reporters have opinions on things, but you don't have to put your bias in your stories. I didn't. There were a lot of reporters I worked with who didn't. You couldn't tell their positions on things. By the way they cover the news that used to be a normal thing and because CNN has mastered the art of propaganda. They don't believe that unbiased news is even possible hanging up going to another field because you're disgracing journalism. It's just incredible to me, and the funniest part was James O'Keefe put out another video going to the pancake house with these interviews took place and the reporter had left to go to the bathroom ostensibly, and James O'Keefe walks and confronts Charlie Chester and Charlie. Chester says want to talk to hey by the way, put on your ask your standing less than 6 feet away from he put on your mask. You didn't have a mask either. Then he drove away in a car.

The waitress came over and James O'Keefe said how did you wait on the sky. She says yeah he is really rude is really rude. I didn't like him very much. He was, not a very nice guy and James O'Keefe says hey would you like a job. The project Veritas and she is all right while as a result of all this, we not only got Charlie Chester on the record embarrassing CNN beyond recognition of potentially opening them up for more legal action but we got a new employee out of his mouth.

Since a good day for project Veritas. God bless them. I really appreciate what they're doing. Its actual journalism as opposed to the garbage that's coming out of these networks and some newspapers that should be used as birdcage liner. Nobody should be reading them. Help us out. Open the floodgates Bibles for Africa are wonderful campaign with Bible league international five dollars cents one Bible and that number will be double because of the limited matching gift.

The number to call 800 yes word 801 ESW R thank you so much

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