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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Justin Peters (How to Properly Interpret the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 14, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Justin Peters (How to Properly Interpret the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 14, 2021 4:00 am

2 Timothy 2:15 says: "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." But how can we do that if we don't know how to properly interpret the Bible and understand what it means? Justin Peters, founder of Justin Peters Ministries, joins me to talk about the importance of hermeneutics. Join us for Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international.

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I have witnessed this phenomenon a number of times over the years, whether it's in a Sunday school class or a Bible study, someone will take a Bible verse or passage wrenched out of context dilute its real meaning or add meaning that isn't there and then misinterpret what the passage really means often with great sincerity. It happens all too frequently because many Christians today, while very well-meaning, just aren't properly instructed on how to interpret Scripture. And yet, the science of interpreting the Bible, known as hermeneutics is vitally important. Second Timothy 215 reminds us, do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

The question is how can Christians understand and obey God's word. If we don't know how to handle the word of truth rightly while today I'm excited to explore this critical topic with author and speaker Justin peters.

Justin is founder of Justin peters ministries a worldwide expository preaching and teaching ministry that teaches the sufficiency of God's word and exposes the false teachings of the prosperity health and wealth gospel. But Justin is also great on a number of other subjects, including this one of hermeneutics, which he offers is a seminar and we are just delighted to welcome him to the show.

Justin, thank you so much for joining us. Are you doing and doing very very well.

In order to be on your program you so much we owe it is a delight to have you here just in hermeneutics is one of those words that sometimes makes people balk, I think you know that something pastors and theologians handle. That's a big word.

I'm just a simple Christian what she sees the importance of hermeneutics for the simple Christian just the layman in the pew hermeneutics withdraw from the Greek word or an accurate all derived from that, it simply means to interpret to interpret Scripture. What is your hermeneutical grip.

Some of our listeners of her doctor before grip and it is basically how we interpret Scripture and every believer has some level of but don't know what the work be. The question is do you have good robot with no how do you interpret Scripture which are limited. Do you interpret Scripture the way you which is designed to be the right way to handle Scripture back the verse that you just live 50 be diligent to present yourself approved on the God of war accurately handling that that word right there.

The Greek word or thought of you literally means to cut it straight with God's word and that's what we're supposed to be weird to. With God's word because if you interpret Scripture wrongly, the conclusions to which you call will be wrong and that means that your understanding of God's will.

And so it is vitally bodily order to have a good working knowledge of some of the basics of this discipline that we call all that's so true and yet you can almost hear some of the questions coming. I'm sure you've heard these questions a lot work where people will say how can there be 1 Right Way to interpret Scripture.

We have so many different churches and denominations. How do we know who's right, we begin to answer that question that just because there are lots of ways to interpret Scripture that the necessary conclusion is there is no one right way, you will know people say that a lot, one right what you will be all that every verse in the Bible have one meeting of every person Bible only have one meeting down many verses may have multiple possible applications.

For example, love your neighbor as yourself. What about me what it means to love your neighbor as yourself. That's what it means that we can apply that in any number of different ways you will need to forge a question about only got one beat and so our task as readers and interpreters of Scripture is to get to the meaning of the text of that's what we wanted to, and what we want to get to is what we sometimes referred to as boreal and not found real highfalutin but all that is what was the end of the of that particular book reverse what would prison for what was the meaning there will be offered in fear and tell people if you come to an understanding of a particular verse of Scripture that would not have made to the original recipients, then you've got the ball whatever interpretation whatever meeting you come to think that virtually all would've had to wait for the original recipients benefit was not made for the then you've got the main role that's really good that's really good at such a problem.

It really grieves me in a lot of ways to see if I want to use the word carelessness you might have a different word that you would use but cavalier nest may be, is a word that we can say people approaching the Bible and just interpreting it openly, without any sort of thought any sort of reverence or even trembling before the word of God is Scripture says we should do you see that issue in terms of people coming to the Bible and presuming to explain what it means, whether for their own lives or somebody else's lives without even knowing what they're talking about and not really caring that much of you to talk about interpreting the Bible work were talking about holy things, here we are talking about word God and we are not at liberty to interpret Scripture.

However, we want to interpret. Now if you want to do that with green eggs and ham go dog go knock yourself out but work were talking about Scripture is the word of God and so were not at liberty to long, if anything that pleases all if if you're ever in a Bible study class and Petrus is what is this worsening to you and you know your yes so that person has no business doing what he's doing it.

It doesn't matter what diversities to me. Doesn't matter what diversities figure. What matters is what the rain and and only you only people that are that have studied to show themselves approved to should be teaching Scripture and wife suctioning a number of years ago, helpful illustrations always stuck with me. She said this she basically said that in every area of life. We seek out the best.

We want the best business to fill our Catholics.

We want the best plumber to fit the garlicky think we want the best doctor to give us medical care.

We want the best accountant to do our tax on every area of life we Sagal people who were trained and proficient knowledge in their field of expertise.

So we seek the best in everything in life except when it comes to the one thing that is by far the most aspect of our lives shepherding and nurturing of our eternal soul and when it comes to Scripture when it comes to preaching anything you like the way he talks like Ismael know you okay based on you know the person Bible verses and is like we were perfectly satisfied with mediocrity or even poor preaching laws make us feel good. And this is one area in our lives that we should be by far the most careful, because were dealing with eternal matters. That's a very sobering thought and I think your wife is right on the money about that as are you, because how much more important is it that we get the most excellent teachers of the word and preachers of the word to instruct us in it, even in this area of hermeneutics to come along and say listen that congregation. It's important that you handle the word of God rightly and accurately because were dealing with holy things here you holy things with eternal things and we understand Scripture wrongly were our understanding of God will be rolled embarrassing thing that carries greater consequences than being wrong about are totally right. Yeah, you're absolutely right about that working a dive into more instruction on how to do hermeneutics testing peters is my guess. You're listening to Jennifer today will come right this is Janet Mefford were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Nine of 10 Christians who deny God's word by corrupt governments and majority religions.

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Now one of the things that you point out, Justin is the way that we approach Bible interpretation.

For example, you will have people who will take an allegorical interpretation of Scripture where you take something and you just need to turn into an allegory. What this really means.

I find the spiritual meaning in this this kind of stuff you advocate for this literal grammatical historical approach to Bible interpretation, and I agree with you hundred percent can explain to people what that is exactly and how it differs from some of the other interpretive methods so broad approaches to hermeneutics wanted the allegorical approach that you mention the others will literal grammatical store approach which you and I would hold the allegorical program basically takes clear statements of Scripture all that should be taken literally.

But it our garage describes to them a secondary meaning that is not found in the text in the secondary meaning is completely subjective, completely subjective to the interpreter. For example, Adam and Eve according to the allegorical approach doesn't really matter to real local people. That's not the point. According to the point is this morality tale that out of the hills is not really important. If there was an actual flaw that flooded the earth is not really important whether or not Jonah was actually swallowed by a big fish goes for so it was not really important whether or not Jesus was actually bodily release from the day of the importance of these stories is this spiritual meaning that the kind of file you know that the price so that the allegorical approach and that is the absolute wrong with her prescription right because if you if you begin to get into this idea that it doesn't matter whether or not Adam and Eve were literal human people who lived and died, then it doesn't really jive in the New Testament to say that Christ is the second Adam, what is it matter completely gutted the gospel wanted to sober Scripture book is important to take a little audit interpretation to the first chapters of Genesis because you go, then the entire gospel collapses like a house of cards could totally right. So of course we understand that the Bible has different genres of literature and it's often been said you know you don't want to interpret poetry as narrative or wisdom literature is prophecy.

These sorts of things.

How do you guide the average layman through our hermeneutical approach in which those genres are taken into consideration so you don't end up misinterpreting Scripture because you know as I was mentioning that not too long ago when you see the Psalms talking about God with feathers and wings. We don't interpret him as a bird because that's not the point of the passage that you navigate those genres when you're interpreting Scripture. We need to follow all literal grammatical store approach to interpreting Scripture is you will you take the literal meaning unless you're really clearly symbolic pork clearly anthropomorphic knocking of the big war more for me when we cried to God. Human qualities that he doesn't necessarily have you just made one God is having wings and feathers doesn't mean that God is a work when Jesus is on the door, clearly symbolic, it doesn't. Jesus was saying that on so there are there are portions of Scripture that are symbolic, but it's obvious that they are symbolic clear that they are symbolic and so you you take a symbolic meaning to raise symbolic text of Scripture, and that is still in keeping with the literal meaning, literal meaning symbolic effect. Yes, that makes total sense accents right yeah literal grammatical all grammatical.

We need to switch very helpful oftentimes to look at the grammar of the text.

For example, all the Greek word for Greek princes know can be very instructive. No, obviously not a Greek but there are a lot of tools in the tool ship so to speak, that we can use them for those most adult biblical to help us understand okay all, what is like Matthew right thing.

So whatever you bind on earth not will be bound where you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, so we understand that there it helps you understand the meaning before what Jesus is saying this literal approach to Scripture. Look at the look at who wrote it was the author of this writing, what was the historical context. For example, it helps very much to interpret first Corinthians if you understand the history of the Corinthian church will going all the reason that Paul was writing to the church in court all those issues help us to come to the boreal. The authors called for very very helpful. Just when it when you understand the basics of it will just open the world of richness to plumb the depths of Scripture. When we understand God's word right, we better understand God rightly asked excellent yeah, and as you say before you ever sit down and begin to observe a passage and begin to consider some of the authorial intent. If you as you said in some of the other things that you mentioned.

It's very important to seek the aid of the Holy Spirit. And I think that's a really important point for people to understand it's not an intellectual exercise. We have the Scriptures illuminated by the Holy Spirit and we can have him illuminate the Holy Spirit because we are born of the spirit of God. Sometimes we forget that, don't we.

We just kinda look like well I have to figure it out and get my Bible dictionary and my commentaries, and by George.

I'll unlock it, but without the Holy Spirit we can't really understand the Bible fully any lost person can pick up the Bible and understand that but to understand Scripture in a way which transforms our lives that can only be done by the person whose in cross regenerate and this indwelt by the Holy Spirit and you're exactly right.

People don't neglect the date of the Holy Spirit. We come to work all Psalm 119 versus 12 and 18 W. should review old worksheets from your statutes open my that I may behold wonderful things from your law. That's a beautiful prayer will open our hearts open my eyes only to understand your word. Don't neglect that part Bible study in your study so we are to study to show ourselves approved on the God that that's hard work studying Scripture is hard work but don't neglect the spiritual aspect of that hard work and that is asking the Holy Spirit of God dwells in help us understand Scripture as we do our due diligence study, you will so important what II think that you said something very important in your seminar that when you are beginning to sit down with attacks on St. John chapter 1 from the gospel of John. Don't necessarily start with a commentary, read the passage and ask some of these questions that you've already outlined who wrote it.

To whom was it written when was written.

Where was it written for what purpose was written at what point do you bring in the commentary after you've thoroughly observed it in written down these questions and answers are.

How would you, you know do that process of observation followed by will what to the experts say on this passage exactly how I prepare my own sermons of study. Look, I don't "come.

Just begin with an open bottle to begin with.

Praying what I just read from Psalm 119 will understand this. I'll read it all read it again and again how to familiarize myself with what is going all the contracts with Ronald it was just read it over and over saturate your mind to give the flow of the facts. Take some notes, subject to your watch what's going all is this all a command from Scripture reading a command or about reading like historical narrative. Watch out much of the book of acts is so asked these questions, do my own meditating. If you will know the school for studying and then I will go to the commentaries and I'll go see a lot of own observations that phone calls down and then I'll go to some commentaries, trusted commentaries of faithful man gone on before me, looked at the same text in the benefit from that. All God does give the gift of teaching and there are many under very helpful very helpful to look at what Charles Spurgeon had for about this text for the WPA group John MacArthur or someone like that thought should be going well just in which study in preparation. Absolutely we are talking to Justin peters.

You can check out his website Justin peters.O RG you're listening to Janet for today this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign five dollars cents one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford by a look at some of the poles right now about biblical illiteracy inside the church and it becomes more and more obvious every day that we really do have a crisis of lack of hermeneutics in the church, lack of Bible study. Lack of Bible reading. There's no doubt that we have a crisis when it comes to studying and understanding and meditating on and living out the word of God and we got a return to that. It's absolutely vital as Christians that we are Bible students and that when we are reading our Bibles, we are sure to interpret the Bible correctly and were talking with Justin peters from Justin peters ministries about this literal grammatical historical approach to Bible interpretation that so important something Justin that I think is really important also to point out is we learn obviously a lot of us who studied the Reformation also have imbibed this principle that Scripture interprets Scripture how does that play into the grammatical historical approach because this this really is I think a good way to be protected.

In some ways from Pat interpretation how do you put that practice. You know it put that into practice.

The Scripture interprets Scripture principal right Scripture own best interpreter. So if you come to a person Scripture is unclear. Look at all the other texts that deal with the same thing. Or maybe you're reading at THE quotation that is recorded by New Testament writer so if you're not sure what it means will go back to Old Testament passage that he's quoting and read it in context of also let Scripture to restrict another good example of this would be James chapter 5: James says is any among let them call the elders of the church in one all will will recover will be forgiven and if you take that kind of an isolated divide appeared to be like a promise or guarantee the church and will couple different ways of interpreting the human use that word in Greek all could be rendered as physical sickness or spiritual weakness look but let Scripture interpret Scripture by the enemy go through other parts of the Bible and you will find examples of faithful servants of God, who were sick and they were not Moses, Elijah, died, sickness or life. Joshua died of the 13 David was so sick all the apostle Paul in Galatians chapter 3 verse 14 he states very clearly.

I have a bottle you sick to go on for some you find these other examples of faithful servants of God and apparently not healed and so that lets us know James chapter 5 and not be a blanket promise for guaranteed is on grateful that's a good principal going Scripture.

Yeah, that's wonderful. While this gets into some of the pitfalls which I want to talk about as much as we can. As time allows for it, but for instance when you're talking about the pitfall of isolationism. This is an important one. The practice of isolating a verse from its proper context. In order to form or support a particular theological position.

What would be an example of isolationism. Yeah, great example would be John. 20 oh always miss you, and it is my sheep hear my voice and are still Christian bookstores practically sagged under the weight of books written on how to use the voice of God to the voice of God, and they all go to John 227 rushing and oh so you're right there.

She Christians were sheep were supposed to hear the voice of God. So were supposed to be hearing God speak to us on a daily basis outside of Scripture in a still small voice or on your feet when you know I learned how to the frequency of gospel will when you look at John 1027 that's not at all with just talking about O beginning in verse 26. Jesus is you speaking to the religious leaders you do not believe culture Morton thought of my sheep my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me and I give eternal life to them and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my soul. You look at this in context is very clear like Rick Scott, Jesus is talking about salvation and that voice is not God telling you where to go to lunch one day left that voice. The call of the shepherd that the effectual call of the gospel. That's when we perform conversion is lost sheep out there minding her own business grazing in the pasture life. Sale but also your voice we hear a call that is the shepherd. Jesus: she to himself in salvation. This is a picture of beautiful beautiful text of Scripture is terrible disservice to reduce it to something is legal as O still small voice of God, tell me where to go have lunch to what a great point yeah yeah you totally right about that. In this gets to another point that I wanted to get to with you because it bugs me so much. People who formulate doctrines out of one verse I we could probably do a whole show on that but I was honing in in particular on Roman 16 seven where it says greet Andronicus and Junie on my kinsmen and my fellow prisoners there well known to the apostles, etc. people, feminists and feminist sympathizers love this verse because they'll take Juniata NSA Jr was a woman.

Therefore, we can have women pastors and their entire ministries formulated around the person of Junie, about whom we know pretty much nothing wet there. There is an even more unanimity as I understand it, as to the sex of Juniata but we have feminist taking this one verse and St. see see we can have women pastors seven. That's not a proper interpretation of Scripture whatsoever right yeah there's some debate as to whether this is a man or woman comes down to where you put the exit market. The Greek so it could go, but it's not it's not saying that she was an apostle is simply saying that Junior was assuming she was a woman all was well known among her by the apostles. They took note of her faithful sister in Christ is not saying she was an apostle yes so that your exact right classic example of bringing a feminist presupposition to attach reading the meaning into a text that simply is not there to support your own preconceived theology. That's the exact opposite way over what were supposed read scriptures well and what's really dangerous about it is we have so much Scripture that is clear as day about whether or not women can take leadership roles in the church.

It's too there's not even a whole and in up slice of Swiss cheese as it were to squeeze through on the issue of whether or not women can be pastors or elders in the church. It's a resounding no. Read the rest of Scripture on this we go back to first Timothy three or Titus chapter 1, you have to be a husband of one Wi-Fi.

I know were in weird LGBT times now, but you can't possibly come up with that doctrine. When you read the totality of Scripture you would have to cherry pick something and twisted in order to teach with their teaching right your project. Yes, that's what they try to do to one, one brief reference and extrapolate from their entire theology of and you cannot do that. This goes back to letting Scripture. Scripture you look all of the disciples were all of the apostles. Every book in the Bible was written by this was not a random flip of the coin here. It is God's ordained plan design that meandered to be the spiritual leaders of both the whole church does not mean that you are superior and inferior in any way.

Galatians 3 verse 28 makes that abundantly clear we are and will lose all, my wife even though God his ordained me to be the spiritual leader of the home. My wife Kathy is indwelt by the same Holy Spirit Wellesley and I learned from. But that is that is different than Kathy taking the pulpit and preaching.

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Adam was first created in the right, not Adam, but the woman being the city fell in the transgression, and even the next person can expect a childbearing also in childbearing rules out any time limitations on this because last I checked, even the Lord 2000 years later, it still women who do most of the childbearing right you you just can't tell the event that a pitfall cultural lysing reading the Bible through your cultural we do that you always come to a conclusion as I always say. The great thing about the Bible as it never revolves. God is the same yesterday today and forever. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. And that's that's comforting, but I think it's interesting Justin how this kind of intersects with how enamored we are in the church today with being culturally savvy and being culturally cool under the auspices of reaching the culture which look at the church growth movement that never works. But the more it seems that you do study the Bible and understand the meaning of the Bible, the more you understand we Christians really are not of this world because God's word call goes up against the culture all the time and that strikes me even if you know that been a Christian for many many years. I'm continually struck when I read Scripture, while Lord you are nothing like the rest of us and and you are high and lifted up, and you are holy and it just hits you afresh every time you go back to the word of God and were missing and I think the biblical illiteracy that were seen in the church were missing so much when were not spending time in the word you absolutely absolutely were not supposed to look like the world were supposed to look different to people were not look like the world, then you need to find a new church and I'm not legalistic will shortly elect.

But, but if your church looks like the world and the worldly entertainment will and worldly approach to him and the need to get church will church about church or the goat for Jessica description yeah something that you have stress before Justin and I wanted to just get your thoughts on this briefly. You've talked about the importance of men in the home. Husbands and fathers in the home teaching the Bible obviously to their families and I know that that's a sore spot with many men because they sound merrily up to the task. But how does that duty of husbands and fathers intersects with the importance of being able to properly interpret the Bible you will preach what you don't know so common upon man. As the spiritual leaders in the hall to read and study God's work make part of your daily discipline. Think about ready to hear their can't do it, but make reading and studying the word of God part of your life. Your priority and read the word of God to your families to your wife to your children, man. Men are given the solemn responsibility by God to be the spiritual leaders in the home and it's not what I when I come that it is not like a power trip.

The spiritual leader, the wife is not all it terrifies. Because of the weight of that weight of that responsibility and it is a very homely so I encourage you and be the spiritual leader in your home. Read the word of God with your families. Talk about it with talk of the things of the Lord walk along the road to Salt Lake talking about the things of a more regular part of your life.

Just as natural as talking about the weather or you know when the ball talking about the things of the Lord and tragically what's happened is that so many professing Christians the exported their spiritual responsibilities to the Sunday school picture, or to the youth group leader and they think my kids are getting everything from the school get everything youth group, but they're not that I'm not against Sunday school, and not those things. But the very best Sunday school teacher with the very best of intentions cannot do what God has designed men to do, but there's no place so men need to step up spiritual leaders in their home. So in the final analysis when were talking about doing doing hermeneutics taking the passage of Scripture that your study really reading it, studying asking all the requisite questions and and digging into the passage. I'm sure there are people who say what are some good resources.

First of all, good Bible translation. We have different versions, of course, but would you have some particular recommendations on resources and Bible translations for people who really want to began to study the Bible more deeply. Absolutely what Bible you don't have a good sore then everything you need a good sharp sword by that a mediator good Bible translation.

Not all Bible are created equal. So what I command people to do is get a little Bible translation as opposed to a paraphrase of literal word for word, interpretation, translation from the text of paraphrase was more of a false revolt and the NIB is a paraphrase little paraphrase. As you can get but it still paraphrase so you know I'm not one of the folks who thinks you all ought to be burned but is not is not my study Bible. I don't go to it because it's more talk about it when you get further down the line to things like the message yes garbage. It is terrible garbage. Yeah there's more theological coming to agreement. So I with what's called formal translational word for word with him that you would have things like the English standard version, new American standard Bible, King James, document language, and also now the legacy standard sounds yes that is a great translation as well and I wish we had more time we have to do this again Justin peters.

You can check out his ministry in Justin Justin, thank you so much for being here was just wonderful to have you and get your good instruction on the importance of hermeneutics. Thank you very much for being with us. God bless you Justin is the website.

Thanks for being with us and Tina Mefford today will see next this hour. Today has been brought to you by my international dollars since one Bible in a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word

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