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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gary Chapman (Life Lessons) Jeff Kinley (Prophecy)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 12, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gary Chapman (Life Lessons) Jeff Kinley (Prophecy)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 12, 2021 4:30 am

Bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman has dispensed marriage and family advice to millions of people through the years, but what has he learned through a lifetime of following Jesus? He'll join me to talk about his book, "Life Lessons and Love Languages." Plus: Author Jeff Kinley explains why Christians can trust the Lord as we enter a new era of global crisis. His book is called, "Aftershocks." Join us for Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you know except instruction that you made and for many years now, millions of people have sought the Christian wisdom and advice and instruction of my next guest on marriage and family and relationships before any of us can impart wisdom. Of course the Lord has to give it to us often through many years of walking with him, and learning some important lessons that we can then pass on to others, and Dr. Gary Chapman certainly has done that he is a national radio host, author of more than 50 books including the best-selling the five love languages series, and he speaks all over the world also serves as senior associate Pastor Calvary Baptist Church in North Carolina and he is out now with a book about his own unexpected journey.

It is called life lessons in love languages and it's so good to talk to you again Gary how are you doing well. Thank you. Doing world you are I you know what, this is a fun book to read because you always seem to have been focused on other people's lives, what made you want to let people in on your own story a little bit in your life like it was getting old is that not out of love for more logo you should reflect or were a boon your daughters boded well below the above learned and maybe share them with other people, so you will motivation it's good and it also probably helps you to recount all the important events throughout your life so you can see what the Lord is done in your life. Along the way.

Sometimes that's a good way to see what he's done absolutely very humbling walkabout was going to go real girl was working well, yes, absolutely. But I think it's great because you really do give people a glimpse into how you got to where you are now and how you've been able to help so many people the story of your family was really interesting you say that the first 17 years of your life greatly influenced you can tell people a little bit about growing up in your mom, your dad and what life was like for you to grow up in a little small text control, trying to grow up to one of your brothers going through my head now right life is very structured to go scuba grew that all 12 years of flame scuba screw involving their homework been in the spring and summer worked in the garden but took care of the chickens flopped all that's good. Every room of the trip go further and small Doyle them over there were both believers.

We were church every Sunday morning I responded. I never went for high school youth department will very very much a part of my life back and thought about the number of people who influenced my life through through the church and of those who taught me at church and it led me to really encourage pastors to to encourage their children's workers. Their youth workers because you can impact the child in your early years of the teenagers you've got all the good truck for a life right so you just realize the importance of all of this, what yes some of the things that I know you talk about is the importance of giving kids structure things like setting bedtimes teaching life skills, and especially in a life skill angle. I thought it was very interesting that you said you really need to give kids a lot of things to do and sometimes you can even get a clue about that by talking to them what did you learn life skill wise that you look back on and Sam really really glad that I learned all of that.

Things like mowing grass for one by washing the car, planting a garden forward. You learn those things if you don't learn them in the first 17 years and washing dishes married and my wife languages acts of service like my mother did to me to wash dishes. Yeah right I just as you know in the book is for parents. Michael is of all the skills all the things you like your children to be able to know how to do by the time to get between your so you want to help you make a list and that age appropriately teach those things for the children like about. You know, in freshman dorms at Wake Forest University and the bad to never made up all the dirty clothes are the bottom of the Buddha pile know where was Marla because learning those things transfers to other things down the road.

I sometimes think that when kids are little you think I what's the purpose of that but you're teaching them character traits are you when you're going through those sorts of things and responsibility. Yes responsible for making up their own but her own room, washing dishes. The writer periodically, or may all the kids like interns and that sort of thing you're taking the responsibility and I feel good about themselves no because there's there's always a reward for just you doing something worthwhile. You feel good about telling right now. You mentioned growing up in church, you grew up in a Baptist church obviously but you see it was a church that you first realized you were not a Christian, what happened to you I was 10 years old new people to the kids. Note 10 years old. They know enough to receive Christ. I can tell you 10 years of age. I was in church one night been going to church. Of course all these years and it hit me. You've never accepted Christ through Christian you've never let him into your life. You never know everything about Christian theology. To be sure, but I felt God calling me and I rejected. I did not step out it didn't go to the front of the church, and you acknowledge that I want to be a Christian and I went home to sleep in terrible all that we can do it next Sunday I'll do it next next Sunday I was there that I didn't feel anything. I thought that might have a missed my chance is in the third Sunday I ran to the front while the conviction absolutely was God. God working in my own heart.

Yeah that's right it was interesting to that you said a few weeks after becoming a Christian, you told another kid that you weren't a Christian and that had kind of a big impact on you. What happened with that particular situation. I was at the bus stop waiting to get the bus to go to school senior in high school I was 10 years old. He was a senior, walked up to my fellow white T-shirt and cigarettes in his arm rolled up in his arms was should somebody told me that your Christian right, and I was startled and looked up and told he wasn't. No no no say anything and then he said are you are not.

Not me. Not me.

Okay, that's good. He walked off. Well, my heart dislike that I remember the story about Peter yes right, I felt awful all that when I got home that night I got on Mondays and apologized for God and told him sorry to let him down and he would give me the energy and strength. I would never do that again I would always acknowledge that he was my Lord. I'm glad I learned that early on that sense of know what it means to look got down well. Did that make you in some ways more bold about your faith because you had that same of having let the Lord down in that moment, I think it did make it through the years, you know, been very open to show him up like not a belligerent, why not hitting people. But you share my faith in Christ and letting answer questions, but that's gets what about your church time when you're looking back now from this vantage points.

What impacted your childhood church have on you long-term think first of all, the importance of the church.

I worked on the same church for 50 years. While your gear you speak all over the country road always books want you to do that fold into reasons. Number one I believe that the church is God's primary method of reaching the world and secondly the church family needed for every Christian family and so you think the fact that our experience that the tremendous impact it had all my life just gave me a real sense of the importance of the church gathered local settings all over the world's rights and that's something that's never left you, and there's just so much more going to talk about work and have to pause very very quick break. Dr. Gary Chapman is with us the name of his book is life lessons and love languages.

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Plus, you really can choose the doctor and hospital of your choice. Best of all membership options start for as low as $199 a month more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty healthcare for their healthcare needs. What are you waiting for discover more about the power of information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 or liberty you're listening to is Mefford well it is always so much fun to talk with best-selling author and pastor radio host Dr. Gary Chapman who is joining me today but it's kind of fun to actually talk about his life.

It's outlined in the new book life lessons in love languages what I've learned on my unexpected journey and we were covering your childhood a little bit there Gary.

Now we move into some of the other things that have gone on one of the things that you talk about in your book is a decision that changed your life forever. Was that decision that God will hold that happened in my senior year in high school friends meet with me. One Sunday night and pray you just need to know God's direction while I finish praying I knew that God will hold ministry and come up with that first step in that process and that's what a Bible teacher in high school problem. You might not remember this but the Bible in public high school science. That's great. So survey new to about teacher mentioned the Moody Bible Institute never heard from the road and got a catalog and study hall one day and read that catalog, finish in the careers of absolutely no impacted my life in a tremendous way to open up weakness of God's family since you said. I grew up in a Baptist Church found out that there are Christians other than bad stuff you write. That's great that course you had a very extensive education compared to many people because you are moody you are weaning your red to Southeastern Baptist theological center, then you are in southwestern.

I mean you had quite a lot of education. Did you know where you were going to end up. I mean, when you talk about the Lord calling you into ministry.

Did you have a clear path where you would end up when you got to the end of your education called pastor because two things I knew you could do vocationally as a Christian pastor want to be a missionary so missionaries in the jungle about his life dawdled through the beverage helmets either answer the Bible and God leaving me to be a missionary because the reason why should I stay here the biggest population somewhere else. You know that I really since that them so I moved in that direction. I majored in anthropology, cultural anthropology, which is a great background missionary studying other cultures and then finally the reason I went to my PhD in seminary and finish my Masters was because my vision was to teach school in another country and trying nationals so they could reach their people and mission boards as well. That would mean you'd be in a college or seminary should be really helpful for solid back and spent three years. Today, after I was married and had one child with that in mind, so you had planned to be sure, but share this in the book 3 years and we applied to the mission board turndowns and watch all of the mission board right turn. That was because my wife felt like it. We can send you asking God why did you do this you know what you like me to do all this. If you're not going to open the door for me to go so we went through a hard heart but you know, looking back on know all this back then but looking back on it now, as you mentioned earlier my books written over 50 languages around the world and was opening up a box of those books want Robitaille to my wife was crying and she said why are you crying what's wrong and she said nothing troll.

Just remember, we want to be missionaries, and now your books are all over the world throughout all God's players were better than my plan is bigger than my plans think we should plan, but we should hold our plans and open hand and realize it. Maybe our plans are not God's plan. That's great. And in a course you talk about your wife in the book in your marriage and you say that your empathy for hurting couples grew out of those early years in your marriage. A lot of people might not know that that it was rocky there in the beginning but that that really was an important lesson for you for the work that God had to dig it down the line. Obviously, the inaugural group we have not grown through hard years earlier on that little paper people who were having problems and I probably never would've gone to counseling because what's wrong with you snap out of his having gone through that I know what it feels like you just feel that there's no two different it's not working. We don't stand each other. Empathetic with people you know it's interesting how God uses even the hard things in our life to make us to teach and prepare us for the ministry's using married how many years now. Well knowing all this will be 60 years amazing. Congratulations to my wife so she doesn't know how she's only 40 times stops at a certain point, but I mean that is quite a milestone and especially in this teenage and I'm sure you have many many stories to talk about how marriage in your marriage has changed in the kinds of trials you've been through and enjoys you've been through over the years. How does marriage change would you say over the years.

Now that you're at the 60 year mark almost compared to where you were at say 20 years or even five years. What happened was we finally learned what God had in mind when my marriage and service. Why, she will serve him. Never forget the day I learned that what I just said to God, I don't want to do everything I know to do is not getting better it's getting worse as I said that the kingdom amount of visual image of Jesus on his knees, washing the feet of his disciples, and I just forgot. That's the problem in your marriage. You do not have the attitude of Christ toward your wife is hit me like a ton of bricks because I knew what Jesus said when he stood up your leader and in my kingdom. This is the way you lead. The leader serves you that was not my attitude, my attitude was, you know how to have a good marriage. If you listen to God, forgive me. With all my studying theology missed the whole point should please give me an attitude of Christ will change my heart started bashing the questions. What can I do to help you make your life easier to be a better husband. She started giving me answers with a start responding within three months she started asking me questions from many, many years now. That's what man do everything I can to help her be the person God wants her to believe she's helps million 12 marriage intended loving supportive care in each other and understand each other so needs needs so many things that you've learned obviously in your vocational career that something else that you write about in the book, what would you say the biggest takeaways for you are now that you look back on the success of the five love languages in the series and all the books you've written all that the worldly success that you've had in helping people and their families in their marriages.

What if you learn the most. Would you say from that experience.

Think first of all, the big factor is learned that concept earlier you wrote about all long journey.

I learned it right after I finished college. God just brought me to the breaking point.

I came to that point. John 15 540 the branches to stick with me and you bear fruit without that. I just acknowledge God to send them write a book, or even work on chapter Lord, I can do this without asking you for a breath of your wisdom and a drop of your creativity and then proceed. Sometimes if I start something new without acknowledging that.

In the middle 60s. The Lord, we realize that work wherever God leads whatever location we need his help we need his wisdom when you're through him through, but I want to do everything will be faithful to what strikes me to is how it almost seems like a little bit of a parabola when you start out in life and things are kinda simple. When your child and he gets really complicated. And then it almost seems like from what you say in your bucket get simple again get simple again. God is faithful and his plans are not ours, but we can trust him.

I mean that's what's really coming through to me when I read your book. Well, that's exactly where you know when you're married and have it in your marriage if you want one lustration nine years ago my wife had uterine cancer and for a whole year after the surgery she works with all the chemo and all that lost her hair loss away the whole well the day she got the news from the doctor tomorrow came down for breakfast and she said to tell you something and you told me that the doctor told dictation she got to have surgery and I said okay Carol I'm going to cancel almost for the next year and I will be here with you and she should do this in the movie, you know cancel anything you want to do what God called to do will be okay.

You will be here when I need you and if you happen to be away their people will be here in five minutes. I knew it was true but that was her attitude. You know, and so I just to see her walk through that and document free now for nine years after the wonderful and the hard times of life and think as Christians we have to realize were not hard to walk with God realizing that God will with this so great and there's so much about life lessons in love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, Gary you so much for being here. It's always a delight to talk to you and you keep up the good work of encouraging people okay okay you got it.

Thanks again, Dr. Gary Chapman with us listening to this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you in part by Bible league international. We want to send 1500 Bibles to Africa through Bible leaves open the floodgates Bibles for Africa campaign. Five dollars sends one Bible and a matching grant will double your gift call now 800 yes word 800 yes word Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford when there is any kind of huge shift in society. It's often hard to analyze it and put it into context. While it's going on. But even as were seeing some shocking developments in our world today. God's word is the perfect source to go to in order to get our bearings you think of second Timothy three. For example, know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, posters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despises of good traders had strong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God and the chapter goes on to say you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Now my next guest reminds us that in the midst of everything were living through right now the Lord is sovereign. He's in control and his promises are sure and that's why we can respond to our current events with solid confidence in Jesus Christ where talk about audit today with Christian speaker and author Jeff killing his book is called aftershocks. Christians entering a new era of global crisis, kind of an ominous title that you have.

It's great to have you with us. Thanks so much for being here.

Thank you talk about this new era of global crisis. I don't think anybody listening probably would argue with you that we are in an era of global crisis but what you make of that what what do you think about when you're looking at what's going on all around us right now yeah 2020 and really what were still going through right now. Almost like a tectonic shift, world culture, rubbing so many things have come out of the crevasse that opened up the computer earthquake last year and you like everybody else looking around going what what just happened. What is happening where it's going about it. I really believe that it does not think that we really passed through. Really I you threshold and civilization what's happening right now to think Scripture speaks directly to its I think you're right about that. One of the things that you reference in your book is not only the pandemic but then the great resets and a lot of us have talked about that in the last year and globalism. We see more and more this idea here in the United States, which is very disconcerting to many of us that this country that has long been one of the last bastions of sovereignty in standing up against globalism is beginning to wobble and I would argue even morally collapse from within. How do you see this shift in terms of where America is right now. Well, at the end of this are really in the middle really launched a new call for a global world government, and I do know that something that been in the conversation out there but bold in the world forum and other world leaders to call for one more government nationalism. Janet stands in the way of global right so if there is a nation that is independent and strong superpower that refuses essentially to play with the others on the pocket and absorb their world and were seen at the obstacle and certainly the last provincial ministration. We had was seen as a major counter strike to that whole philosophy and so now that that's been taken out of the way. There seems to be a new door opened up. Joe Biden ran out on one of the world economic forum slogans build back better.

The idea that we need to completely push the reset button start over and changed fundamentally change the way the world is and what's so weird right now and I still am having a difficult time getting used to this is you see so many Americans heating on their own country just blasting it and trying to tear it down in every way and along with that is you mentioning your book you're seeing a lot more vile and uncontrollable behavior. We've got mass murderers and cry more and more in the news and this not only physical brutality but verbal brutality.

You can see that on the Internet every day, how should we understand why this kind of reprobate behavior is increasing Scripture when we look like the passage that you referenced three work that we see the end times approaching as we experience more the impact of the continued moral decay spiritual decline. The Bible talks about in those passages we see in Romans chapter 1, but really I fighting what's happening is that Satan is really launching a really a three-pronged attack only going after us from our spirituality, no moral point, but also creating divisiveness in the country itself. Like you said you felt hatred in the country. And thirdly, he's also weakening up. Think America. Through this I will being weak, and politically geopolitically economically across the world, but it enables us to more easily move into that global role as we move into the future and so America's foundations are crumbling all around her and she has to wake up wake up a Christian talk like well to recognize that Satan's agenda as being a country well when you talk about us entering a new threshold. I think you're absolutely right.

What would you point to is kind of the starting point of that we could point to a lot of things that are going on in America right now and our world, certainly. But how does this feel different to you.

Knowing prophecy as you do and knowing that there a lot of different things that have gone on during our lifetimes that are disconcerting. But what about now seems to you to be a new threshold is primarily because of the global forces that are coming together post pandemic are made pandemic. If you want to call it that part of the global nature of think about it in our lifetime.

I cannot remember a single time when the entire planet was focused on one night we were united on one single thing, not even in the world wars, not even in 9/11 when that happened, just the global nature of which what happened.

The faculty of the context of property which it occurs during an age when prophetic fulfillment is the developmental stage with all the foreshadowing that were saying for revelation across the third thing is just simply that the pattern that were saying that we see in the end, the end of days in the book of Revelation.

The pattern of the world crisis then there comes chaos then there's call and compliance by the populist government brings call on the heels of that, the government grants more control over our lives. This is exactly what is going to happen in a post-rapture world and the development of the Antichrist's kingdom is the worst thing that happened now with the holy the master mandate. With the strong encouragement that could go past encouragement on the back. Same thing all the way to new variants of the back of the virus coming up which may require even more vaccinations. Quarantine shut down a lot.

Everything is in bolding the government taking liberty away from individuals yeah and it's happening at a time where we are seeing fewer and fewer people embracing the Lord fewer people going to church.

We've seen a recent Paul talking about up for the first time in 80 years. I think it is you have fewer than 50% of the population.

Members of a church. This is not by accident. Obviously, this ties into what we know about apostasy and how things will happen in the last days and also when you look at the apostasy Jeff.

It's interesting that that goes hand-in-hand during the pandemic. With growing government tyranny.

Now it's certainly not at the level that that it is in other parts of the world's pets how to analyze that from a biblical prophecy standpoint will look around. The Scripture says about Scripture does talk about a laugh falling away from the thing about that. This combined in chapter 2 with a deluding influence and almost like a collective stupor that comes over I population over culture over civilization whether just cannot make true work in their head. They can accept truth the Paulson person B Street natural man does not receive the spiritual things of God's words that lead that leads us to a point where we are inventing our own reality so you got the Supreme Court of our country legalizing homosexual marriage you got transgender agenda being pushed where a man can suddenly imagine that he's a woman here you don't agree with him to put you in jail or fine you or at least cancel you completely so that deluding influence the excitement putting over the world right now, which is really hypocritical because I don't apply the same principles to their own people sometimes but I straighten Scripture that's the state of the world's rapture world. What Jesus said to be like in the days of Noah.

That type of thing to soak were saying this incrementally happen in our world and our culture and Christians are to look around them so that they can discern why that is for sure working to take a break and come back with Jeff killing his focus, aftershocks, Christians entering a new era of global crisis stay with us. When Julia ended a bad relationship she found out she was pregnant after the father told her to get an abortion. This mom was confused and didn't know what to do or who to talk to Julia was referred to a pre-born center where she was counseled and supported with the strength that she needed to choose life pre-born centers provide hope, love, free ultrasounds in the gospel of Jesus Christ to moms like Julia pre-born truly is the alternative to Planned Parenthood.

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Christians entering a new era of global crisis and all around us today.

We see Christians really onboard in many ways by all of the events that are taking place around us really at breakneck speed. Jeff does it seem that way to you that these changes that were living through seem to be happening very very quickly. We saw Walker change over night. I mean literally overnight will help week.

We are human rights, but also told that you like Jesus, talk about and relating it to Bible prophecy, the coursework thanks, and frequency. And so what happens is that as we see these prophetic things on the lives of their traveling forward out at a greater speed than we experienced in the past for sure now use data chapter in your book called technology in Satan, Superman, and there a lot of Christians have been speculating about the role of technology in big tech. We've seen the censorship that's taking place of Christians taking down videos taking down ministries you know a lot of ministries that deal with issues like homosexuality. They're getting just wiped out by big tack. They don't even have a voice on the Internet in many ways technology in your view, play into the rise of the Antichrist and what were going to see that unfolds in the book of Revelation, we see that technology again. It also changes almost every day technologies of their authors been developed by Amazon: Amazon one and you know we have gone from society were literally no one writes checks anymore to people talk of their cards to people just passing their phones over scanner will now biometric scanning has been introduced by Amazon actually have these portals set up in different locations across the country. It takes 300 ms to read your palm and the vein patterns underneath your palm is a way to buy and sell and that is what Amazon solution to there be no more that there be no more you for all that type of thing.

You simply run your hand over the last of the effect of your purchases but now I'm not suggesting that that's the mark of the beast or anything, but it certainly does tell us that the technology for a global leader to implement an economic strategy to really compose an economic strategy of mankind is not far-fetched talk like that I mean that could happen back in rollout overnight look at how fast the vaccines have come out on how fast they just simply like a wall.

You can't go on an airplane unless you have a mask unless you have a backseat in the future so that type of thing really makes the era of antichrist more palatable from historical standpoint. Yeah, it's really creepy and you you put that together with some of these instances they've been kind of infrequent.

To this point, but you can definitely see how this would increase in the future as well. Where you see a bank here and there saying well I don't like this big conservative figure and I'm not can it do business with them where you're seeing some of that which is really very scary Jeff when you consider that the pandemic showed us how much richer the big guys got to as the small business driven out. So what happens then when you get to the point where it's what we always used to think of the mark of the beast. At least I did and I think a lot of other steps as all of the big bad government is gonna come after people.

I don't think a lot of us factored in, and the businesses will go along with the whole scheme as well, driven economy will have to be on board with what's really frightening to think about the fact that with the vaccine passport that many people voting right now on your phone that that big tech company can trace you they know exactly where you are where you because of other phones around you that you been around the technology there now with Israel's been surveilling their own also have Hong Kong of South Korea and also China and this whole government intrusion in your life can tell you things like where one person pending what movie they attended what church they attended where they been some biometric bracelet that had been invented yet. Right now they could tell if you're if you're laughing or crying. If you're excited you're angry.

So that those things can be used to really manipulate population but also to monitor them to see if there complying with governmental standards and the social credit scoring that they do in China. That's along the same lines very very eerie and creepy. Let's talk about some of the signs that we know that as those who belong to Jesus Christ. We know how the story ends. We know the Lord will return for his church.

He has promised that he will we know that we have security in heaven with the Lord forever and that sitcom we need to keep that view. When looking at all that's going on all around us, but obviously in 1948 we had the Jews returning to the holy land, and that was a very big moment.

Bible prophecy where you see the signs at the moment in terms of showing us how close we might be to the return of Jesus Christ will jump out beside it really felt like a global one world government that will today that again. It is much more agreeable among the nation and the world form, working together with European Union group called the elders and United Nations all these together, they want the same thing but they big enough crisis took that issue. I personally believe that Christ is going to be the rapture of the church of globalism with what's going on the lease right now we don't want hello rocket launch toward Israel could start what is called for three and just the lack of peace. It is also this highlights the need of someone to come in and have a ratified peace treaty thing would be just the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and of course with the Temple Institute right now they are sitting on ready train priests, fashion, priestly garments drawn the print out for the couple.

The only thing they need Janet's permission to get all that real state rebuilder Temple.

Of course I believe the Antichrist will give that to all the things almost like the gate you're almost like players on the stage there backstage behind the curtain, but not been allowed yet to come on stage and yet we were standing on the precipice of a time when that could really have any sort of predictions or or to be some facial think God right now is flashing neon sign of prophecy to his people look look around, look up, get your life together, get ready for the return of Jesus Christ. Because my bride. I'm coming for you. Also call the gospel is much as possible, so some of the five you talk about going' as well technology for the mark. The bases are you there so again all these players are opening, setting the stage into onto stage and all the God open the curtain start to show the right way to church. Wake because we are nearer than we were yesterday to the return of Christ, and I can't wait this is interesting. One of the things that you mention in your book is a lot of people will make a prediction of sorts about Babylon, all the references to Babylon in the Bible and you actually have raised the possibility that Babylon could really mean Babylon, which is in a rack is in it. Babylon, 300 times in the Bible only every single mention of the little city in a course that the antichrist of God convert Israel in a day could certainly rebuild ancient Babylon headquarters and probably some other practical reasons why a world leader would want to have his headquarters there as well. So it's entirely possible that Babylon could be a strategic place is always been known as a harboring place for demons.

It will be again during so when the rapture occurs there will be a super crisis.

As you mentioned before that play into what would happen next. With the rise of the one world government and the rule of the antichrist just people disappearing would freak them out enough that they decided to just, you know, set up the kingdom of Satan or how do you see that unfolding potentially great question. Part of it has to do with geopolitical relationship nation.

Many nations will experience obviously panic confusion.

There's going to be a mass economic collapse of many nations as well and into that void of leadership think about even in America where Christians will be missing from key areas of every science, medicine, government, technology, education, the military everywhere. Create a huge void nations.

At that point feel the weakness and have the need to come together to solve the super crisis. I personally believe that people will know that it's the rapture.

I don't think they're going come up with any huge shock theories about this. We read about in Revelation 6 first judgments, but recognize those judgments as coming from God and from the lamp think the rapture will create enough super crisis even greater than the COBIT pandemic that will affect the entire world will essentially have to say survive will have to come together and all of a sudden your comes this charismatic leader and he is the world's five goodness and it could be sooner than we think and we must be ready for the return of our Lord and Savior and Marinol come, Lord Jesus, but I tell you what did this is really comforting, though. Just because you really have stressed the Lord is in control. He is true to his promises and he will take care of his church great book is called aftershocks. Christians entering a new era of global crisis Jeff Kelly with us in just such a delight to talk to you again. Thank you very much for being here. All right you take care. Thanks again for being with us.

Thanks for joining us and Janet this hour Janet today has been brought to you by finally international. We want to send hundred Bibles to Africa through my pain since one Bible yes were

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