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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Fred Sievert (Fast-Starting A Career of Consequence.)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 10, 2021 11:45 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Fred Sievert (Fast-Starting A Career of Consequence.)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 10, 2021 11:45 am

What are some biblical principles for entering or re-entering the workforce? Former New York Life president Fred Sievert joins me to talk about it and his book, "Fast-Starting A Career of Consequence." Plus: President Biden continues his attacks on biological reality with two new executive orders, even after the Washington Post claimed he's "rolling back the culture war." We'll talk about that and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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Plans will be established but it can be really daunting to consider how to create a God honoring and successful career for yourself when you're just starting out in the workforce or if you try to get back into it either. After years on the sidelines, or maybe after losing your job during the pandemic, what kinds of biblical principles and practical advice.

Should we follow in order to create a work life that matters. That's are in a talk about today with Fred Sievert. He is the former president of New York Life Insurance Company and author of the book will be discussing.

It's called fast tracking a career of consequence practical Christ centered advice for entering or reentering the workforce. Mr. Steve agreed to have you with us.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you. Use this book came about because of your daughter and some of the struggles with her career.

What happened to kinda kick off this book yet. My daughter graduated going to go for intruder and she was at a time when the job market was worried about the job. The marketing department: marketing orders and you came to me through three or four more you know, I just need some employees to really start start a career you notice thought I spent a lot of time thinking about praying about the myself all I will big company would notice someone on the organization. I came up with five to talk to her about. She implemented them, and should do extremely well as you were going well anyway smart good strong Christian book. She did extremely well using those tips would you for commencement addresses both. I was honored to deliver and I heard what you for many of the people who were in the audience tips work for the streets, and as a result couple years later, an article of mine was published in the market watch Wall Street Journal website was about one of the five tips of my allegiances have been the reason he called his girlfriend. You got another book here will you know you should do book on business. These kinds of tips but wait a minute you know I don't write a book without talk about work.

Pretty soon it will of course you expect that was, that is so neat, and what good timing.

I mean, it's not such a great time, but good timing to be addressing this issue because you have so many people who are really struggling, having lost jobs or even family businesses during the pandemic. I mean did this is so important. What do you say about the challenges that some people are facing now just having a job, really true. When I first wrote the book started the right book.

I was thinking about college getting off work, goals, and all child-rearing years veterans coming better promote the service before the pandemic even hit, so I ended up putting reentering the workforce for the college you child-rearing and veterans all of a sudden millions of people are now subject to layoffs or even reimagining their future, and so workers are very providential timing is very very relevant right now really is one of the things that you advise people to do is take assessments of their spiritual gifts, and that's kind of interesting when you think about spiritual guess you normally think about using those in the context of your church.

But how do you go about making that assessment of your gifts basically for somebody who is maybe a new worker or somebody who's just a college graduate getting started, but that also might apply to people who've been on the sidelines for quite a while. How do you find out what your gifts really are well you know I personally have a good feel for what my spiritual growth over the years that I work. I was really good at. You made me feel old things that I knew were helping to serve the Lord, but many many churches will approach this issue was truly spiritual assessment tool in this for cargo operation promote the writer of one of the original spiritual assessment tools to put it in appendix a shoreward upfront chapter 1 telling people I really would like to pick the time to think.

That assessment tool identified three or four of your own spiritual think about the important part is think about how you might apply those in the workplace that I give them right in chapter 1. Examples of how I applied them in the work workforce, and in many cases, Janet. You don't you don't always know it's something that the Holy Spirit is nudging you to do and you don't sometimes realize until in hindsight that this was a perfect application of what I know are my spiritual rights. What would you say your spiritual gifts are and how did they work in your job. Yeah, I will always have a financial exit and argue one of my spiritual group truly was leadership on every board I've ever been on, you determine of the board. I don't always agree but you leadership using my financial something very important.

Secondly, the second spiritual gift that I think I know it is very strong.

The whole story behind that: the very first chapter of the first book I wrote called God revealed that I won't get into it.

Although we don't have time but basically it was that was an experience I had an encounter with God when I really hadn't been employees in a worshiping Christian family. I think my testimony actually strengthened because here I was a top executive. I was raised in a worshiping Christian family, and in fact, I'm really a left brain and a guy like a natural order. You degrees in mathematics and statistics, but yet all even with all those things kind of operating favor of science versus religion you know here I came to know the Lord kind of through the original experience work will very much help in God's presence and that he was speaking to me. I didn't her voice. I didn't see a vision but I really was sort of contemplating what I didn't know were your profound spiritual questions, but then feeling that I was in God's presence and that he was holding me in his hands and saying you know I am real I am with you I will always be with you and the answers to your questions will come in time. And when I went off the Divinity school for the Lord to complete the story, you know, at age 59 I went off the divinity school of taking a little medieval theology class reading St. Augustine's confessions he had he had the same week almost the identical experience I had any habit twice. I had a choice I couldn't repeat it again. He couldn't repeat it again but it was almost like God was speaking to me over 17 centuries and I really came to the conclusion that I was given the strong faith of someone who would be like Christ that would serve Christ in the future and she heard a very similar story from several preachers avoid leaders who had a very similar experience. The third without mention is a gift of generosity. I grew up in the Lord, no bites a lower middle income family. Both parents work two jobs and I just have an appreciation for people who are less fortunate. And I think it just just produce the real gift of generosity and giving back to the church both financially and in terms of my time right so when you take stock of what you're good at know in terms of what you said financial acumen and leadership in a strong faith in Christ and also being very interested in being generous with others that these are the kinds of things that other Christians can do to take stock of what they're good at what their interests are so they can determine what they should do as far as a career. There's a lot more to talk about that will take a short break and be back with Fred Sievert starting a career of consequences is about listening to Janet Lafferty when Julia and in a bad relationship she found out she was pregnant after the father told her to get an abortion.

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Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 or Liberty house you're listening to Janice Mefford today in the years just so much for being with us. We are joined by Fred Sievert's and we are really excited that he's here to talk about some of these issues pertaining to the workplace.

He is the former president of New York Life Insurance Company's book is called fast starting a career of consequence practical Christ centered advice for entering or reentering the workforce. We were talking, Mr. Stephen before we went to the break about some the gifts that you have to take stock of what you're good at. This is of course an important part of determining which way your career is going. But as far as your fast start tips I thought so many of these were just great. One of the ones you mention is demonstrating commitments and I just I said amen to everything I was reading that you are writing about things like a strong worth work ethic and arriving early and embracing you know the company's vision and mission.

Can you talk a little bit about what it means to be committed to your job and especially as a Christian, how your values need to inform that you want one of you were going to occur. 323 which is whatever you do, work at it with all your heart is working for the Lord, not for human masters and what whatever the book might hurt your back.

After she finished going through couple put it off right you got that person your three times. You know what, that's intentional. I will follow board on the other board when I first give it to provide daughter right or what you could do that. Whatever you do, but you just arrive early to believe what he purports to convey these young people are working part time clock to go rushing out the door through the workers over all ultimately we started talking. Follow a lot more of the completed project budget taking on difficult parents was delivering on your promises and all the all Christian aspect, especially the one that we always talk about together is backed with the honesty of accountability to the one you find the most common among successful business people as well as spiritual leaders of the strong integrity yes absolutely not the issue. I am just curious for your take on this.

One of the things we tell our kids is you know don't go into a job thinking I'm so smart I ought to be at the top of the management scale. By now you know be willing to work your way up. Be willing to take that low position and if you do it wow.

That's what causes you to move up. Do you have any remarks to make regarding the patient's that you should have as a new employee at a company. If you want to work your way up.

Start at the bottom and do it well in order to work your way there. Don't just walk in like I'm smarter than you all are speaking. I want to be the CEO you know II have a graduate degree we see that it doesn't work that way does it hurt. I mentioned in the book several places trip the road with the no hurry. Arrogance is one of the wars that you can do new employee of actually coach people on how to avoid that and also once you have that impression or perception that others have of you. How to begin to change that. The book has a lot of cautionary advice, much along the lines of what you just said.

Another thing I'll mention you were coming out with the work workbook is probably to be published in a couple months is really your people the ability to kind of track their progress along the path of the troops without giving them an battle also have each chapter not only with a sample prayer but also law with cautionary advice. So I think you're absolutely right. You can come expecting to change everything right away and get promoted to senior officer level, particularly note that chapter 5. One of the biblical principle chapters on applying the golden rule. Boys and customers. Because you are thought to myself as I went through the chapter gave advice on that.

It really relatable what how the company is perceived by its customers and employees.

The cautionary advice. There was a book will call me with the live site. Figure by the regular water ways in which someone can better understand those relationships how the company deals with customers and what to look for. You don't want to come in with your list of 20 changes you need to make his employees to turn people off. You may so say something that opposes you your direct supervisor so you need to be more patient, but I think the kind of tips on giving them a cautionary advice on giving him the book allows people to time appropriately and be more patient outcome and thinking they're going to get promotion after promotion. Yeah that's good when you are talking about applying the golden rule. That's always good advice but II really appreciate that you brought up today's lack of personalized customer service being one of the advantages for Christians you can really shine in this area and I certainly could go on for about an hour about bad customer service. I think we all could you it's not a good scene out there what you say to Christians were entering the workforce about how to apply the golden rule when you are dealing with customers and what kind of difference that can make for the company and for your career, you will know the golden rule was pretty obvious where you'd want to be treated yourself no spirited by Christ and Luke 631 of Matthew told a very important consult and you know why I recommend people we try to understand what's happening in their companies to become a customer and to listen to customer service will make customer service call emails through the website and then become someone who's actually observing what's happening at the company at Harbor treating their customers. I can't tell you how many times I'm sure you should you use yourself you don't you see the commercial or you see you you you go into a website and you're trying to figure out how to do something.

Nobody in authority, possibly right right this ship so bad appropriate for you.

I think you got observant you got observed interactions among employees of their superiors know that the golden rule was very important to all you treat your subordinates how you are treated by your superiors and other stakeholders in all vendors and companies would our clients to your company, and all these rules you know somebody said to me, one of from about what I will from the perspective of a big company executive board as I went through it. I was always conscious of the fact that this could apply to very small business as well sir, and almost everything I read about in the book. Yeah, you're right about that.

Well, another thing that you have touched on is the issue of integrity and you also expand upon that and talk about earning trust. Can you tell us a little bit about what you're talking about there when you're working as a low-level immuno marketing assistant or something like that how you go about developing integrity and earning trust within your workplace with your colleagues with your customers and and why is that so important do you think for the for the rest of your career. You know what you people impossible to regain some of the way you do earn trust you know you praise the work of others to you. Avoid complaining or gossiping because you know you could gossiping is so easy for people to do but when you do that the person you gossip to about somebody else wonder if you are gossiping about them feel it all. And also I always give people the benefit of doubt that I demonstrated corrosive motors until they prove that they can trust all and even even I mentioned in the book, even avoid displaying negative body like body language can can really produce a boost trust can communicate messages that you're not even aware despite how you your facial expressions, even though you move your eyebrows how you pulled your hands across your legs and if you treat other coworkers with respect and dignity. They're going to trust you and another thing I just filled out a questionnaire to see you asking me about questions like this you know, be humble, be humble and occasionally so give credit take away both are even sometimes when somebody is if you feel yourself. You deserve a lot of credit for something to share it with others, give the credit to your coworkers and your subordinates, and then take the blame when things go wrong. If you're at the top or you got a small small team, don't take it upon yourself. What'd I do that I change that kind of build trust build trust is you're talking like this.

I'm thinking to myself, glad that you are a good boss because I have had bosses before they did the exact opposite. They just wanted to kick the puppy every time they came into the office in the morning.

Didn't want to give credit to any of their underlings because they felt maybe a little bit competitive. You know these kinds of people are very rife. I would say a lot of corporate culture.

But what you're saying that not only builds trust. It also helps the whole culture, especially for bosses doing that giving credit where credit is due, being proud of the team being self-deprecating, that becomes kind of something that spreads in a good way throughout the company of if you have Christians doing that.

That's fantastic about getting my book were really early because the book is only on preorder that in a couple months or more to work my publisher felt so good about the relevance of this book would print run for me so that I could put it up on my website very well. The name of the books and starting a career, consequent stories of God's is the website transceiver with us so good to talk to Mr. Stephen, thanks a lot for being here. You okay God bless you to be listening to Janet effort this archived broadcast of Janet effort today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met Jennifer effort today and here's your host Joe never want to know if you saw this Washington Post article this week EJ Dionne Junior wrote this. Biden is rolling back the culture war. The country should thank him and I read that headline and I read through this very confusing opinion piece. It was all over the map. I don't even know exactly what his point was other than to try to drive home this point that Joe Biden is just awesome and he's rolling back the culture work. He's not rolling back the culture war. I just I can't even imagine how anybody could try to put together an argument that anybody would buy that he's not engaging in the culture wars. I guess maybe if you're a leftist and you believe that in order to stop the culture wars, you just drive over your enemies and just make them accept what you want and you don't even give him a place at the table. Maybe that's what it means to rollback the culture wars from the perspective of the base of his own Washington Post. Who knows, but here's an example of how Joe Biden is not rolling back the culture war he's accelerating it. You might have heard that he has now put out these executive orders. He's a Mr. Executive Order. He's completely out of control with executive orders. I know why we have a Congress anymore.

I ain't maybe that's a side issue. We can talk about just get rid of the legislative branch and just let this one guy coming to office move into the White House and by decree decide everything that the country has to do under federal law and just skip it and give the courts to because of you to pack the courts with leftists. What's the point of even having the courts.

Let's just go full King just let's have a king. Let's have a dictator but just get it over with. Forget the preliminaries. Why in the world are we pretending that we have some sort of checks and balances in this country sorry be little bit facetious, but it does feel that way. So these two executive orders.

This is from the White House website.

President Biden signs. These executive orders establishing the White House gender policy counsel and ensuring education, free from sexual violence on the second point, might I just take how in the world is the White House going to get rid of sexual violence.

I mean, seriously, are you to do that unless your somehow able to do something new to the human heart. Only Jesus Christ can do that. So this is what they say about establishing the gender policy counsel.

It formally establishes this counsel within the executive office of the president with a role in both domestic and foreign policy development. The Council will work in coordination with existing policy councils to advance gender equity, there's that word again and equality, including this is just awesome combating systemic bias and discrimination, including sexual harassment is not me, increasing economic security and opportunity by addressing the structural barriers to women's participation in the labor force was that mean decreasing wage and wealth gaps. What is that mean and addressing the caregiving needs of American families, and supporting care workers predominantly low-paid women of color. I don't know what that means I relate what what specifically what are you doing and then they also talk about ensuring access to comprehensive healthcare in preventing and responding to gender-based violence is the White House going to prevent gender-based violence.

I'm really trying to be practical here. What in the world is this all about. This is just nonsense because there's nothing that they can do to prevent gender-based violence. Going back to the days of you know the OJ trial in all the discussions people had about domestic violence and abuse and all the rest, and in all this talk about restraining orders came up.

If you have a man who threatens you just take out a restraining order that it came out that, in fact, if you take out a restraining order that may be the dumbest thing you could do as a woman because they can't really do anything to the guy until he commits a crime, so the restraining order. Sometimes just make sure Stocker more mad any Joe Biden sky magically flying in and somehow fix all this. I'm not really sure what he thinks he can do. He also wants to promote equity and opportunity in education and leadership.

That's nice and vague and my favorite, advancing gender equality globally through diplomacy, development, trade-in defense and by recognizing the needs and roles of women and girls in conflict prevention and peace building democratic rights respecting governance global health and humanitarian crises and development assistance fantastic. It all means a big zero enough and I don't even know what any of this means the White House gender policy counsel will be an essential part of the Biden Harris administration's plan to ensure we build a more equal and just society. Maybe I'm crazy but don't we all have equality under the law, I now they're on to the point in human history where they want to have special rights. This is been going on for the LGBT Q plus community special rights they want special rights that's with the quality act is about. It's not about equality. It's a special rights act is what it is. It's the in-your-face Christians act maybe they should be naming it something like that because that would be more accurate. Now the cochair of this counsel, Jennifer Klein said in a White House briefing.

We are very inclusive in our definition of gender we intend to address all sorts of discrimination and fight for equal rights for people whether that's LGBT Q plus people, women, girls, men point out something a little bit inconvenience I I appreciated what the daily signal put out on Twitter.

They said Pres. Biden signing these two executive orders on gender equity and title IX policies. Here's a reminder why these policies are actually harmful to women and don't promote equality know what you're here is a little montage talking about this case that's been ongoing with these young girls. These athletes who are being discriminated against because there allowing boys who believe their girls to compete in women's sports and of course the women are getting trampled on because the men are bigger and the men are stronger in the matter faster. Listen to this daily signal montage. This is this is a good point at one a transgender high school athlete who was biologically male took first place in both the 100 and 200 m dash at Connecticut girls track and field state championships at the start of the race, but I lining up and getting my blocks everyone the outcome. Those two athletes are going to come one until everyone knows it. Collapsing athletic conference, the CIA can choose to compete in a sport in which they gender identify will and since it's there because we all know that males are physically stronger than females and higher-level petitions are circulating in Plainville and Glastonbury to trans girls swept the competition.

The state track and field championships from third on a little different, were actually fighting for the spot as me.

There's no way that one of us right center athletes. They lost me at the phrase in which they gender identify with black what a grammatical nightmare. In addition to being a biological nightmare. It's crazy.

The Federalist points out that this order for the gender policy counsel mandates, this creation of this group disguising issues such as promoting access to abortions and pushing gender and race driven agendas as a way to advance gender equity and equality.

Blah blah blah so so much for the culture wars right there completely over all yes and then the second one the second executive order coming down from Pres. Biden. It is to direct the Department of Education to review all of its existing regulations, orders, guidance and policies to ensure consistency with the Biden Harris administration's policy that students be guaranteed education, free from sexual violence what what are they talking about. It directs the ad department. The department of education to specifically evaluate the title IX regulation issued under the previous administration, and then take action in accordance with the Biden Harris administration blah blah blah. Basically what they're doing as they point out is Biden is instructing the department of education to go back to the Trump administrations and a specifically former education Sec. Betsy divorce is due process expansions on college campuses. This was all about giving students accused of sexual misconduct, a chance to receive a fair trial and investigation and evaluation so the president is the Federalist says hopes to reinstate at least some Obama era policies that overhaul title IX and potentially withhold or cut funding from schools that don't comply with broader sexual-harassment definitions and lowered evidence standards for victims as he previously promised on the campaign trail.

This is not a good development. I'm sorry, but if we are a nation that believes into process than we should absolutely believe in due process for any boy on a campus who is accused of some kind of sexual crime or harassment allegation he should have a fair trial and that wasn't the case previously and the Trump administration was trying to make sure that both sides were treated fairly. It wasn't something that was working against real victims. It was a way of saying we need to make sure that nobody gets railroaded because that has happened and so I don't know how this is rolling back the culture wars. Maybe I'm missing something but I just think that Joe Biden is advancing the culture wars one Executive Order at a time to come back. There's more to come here and Jennifer today hi this is Janet map for partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Nine of 10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments and majority religions. They've never been able to read first Peter 57 cast your cares on him for he cares for you reading that promise of God means everything to you and me and now it will mean so much to these revivalist Christians in Africa. When you respond. Here's Pastor able seeing people changed somebody's in some five dollars sends one Bible $100 since 20 in a limited time. Match will double your And help us are: sending 1500 Bibles to Africa. Call 800 password 800 and why ESWO RD there's an open the floodgates banner Janet map call now.

Yes, word many developing nations have no access to desperately needed medical care. That's why Mercy ship Springs volunteer support on hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to give the world's forgotten for the free medical care they need. We have an immediate need for registered nurses, especially with specialty as a volunteer nurse. You will just give life altering healthcare will receive so much in return. Experience home and make a difference in the lives of those who have virtually no access to medical aid Dale everything he said there what are you waiting for show mercy to someone today. I would think of just more information and learn how to apply by visiting Mercy versus Mercy you're listening to you today. By the way, when were talking about the culture wars. I did get a kick out of the pro-life evangelicals for Biden crowd. These leftists are trying to convince everybody before the election. If you really pro-life logo for Joe Biden and I look at this page where they're putting up there pretty" here quoting Lindsay Graham Joe Biden is as good a man is God ever created hope not. Joe Biden is humble and kind from other people.

Joe Biden tells the truth. Yeah, the plagiarist, you can count on him to tell the truth when he is a patriot sale. Yes, he is a patriot. He does what he says his word is his bond is practically perfect. According to the evangelicals for Biden. Oh but wait a minute. They just came out with a statement this is the thing I get a kick out of. We are very disappointed about the covert, 19 relief packages, exclusion of the Hyde amendment to a long-standing bipartisan policy that prevents taxpayer funding for abortion were even more upset that the Biden administration is supporting this bill. I mean, pardon me for cracking up. But are you people. The last people on the planet to put two and two together you didn't know what his position was on abortion.

He's a radical pro-abortion supporter. What did you think he was going to do what did you think he was going to implement when he got it off as this is the guy who is said he wanted to codify Roe V Wade and federal law, and these leftists will you know this, I'm telling you people this is what I have been complaining about ever since that evangelicals for life conference first got started. Thanks to Russell morning in in Washington DC and he picked up this old Ron cider line and by the way Ron cider is one of these pro-life evangelicals for Biden that we need to be holistically. Pro-life know. Actually, we need to be pro-life if were pro-life, we care about the baby in the womb. We care about the life of the child in utero.

Then we will care about all the other lives to its its really was something that they're putting out there that is never been a problem you have never had a problem in him. In my experience, I did a lot of pro-life activism way back when before motherhood, but pro-lifers have always cared about everybody's lives were Christians and an pro-life activist to even our Christians care about human life if you care about life in the womb you're going to care about life outside the womb and the leftists forever have been trying to insinuate that pro-lifers only care about the baby will usually call it a baby the fetus. The zygotes they only care about zygotes. They don't care about women afterwards really will go down to your local crisis pregnancy center and check it out because Christians do care and pro-lifers do care about every life so good job guys, welcome to reality pro-life evangelicals for Biden. I'm just banging my head against a wall. Metaphorically, it's just amazing. So that's one aspect of this have this very interesting article in town hall. I don't know if you read this by Chris Lichter who I've interviewed before. Nice guy, good conservative, but he wrote this article called the GOP is not going to divide over gay Republicans and basically what he saying in this entire article is you know what you can't cancel people out of the GOP who believe in gay marriage.

We need to have a big tent. We need to have people who are supportive of gay marriage.

We need to have gay Republicans as long as they are right about who knows what we need to have gay Republicans.

We need to straight Republicans and we need to all come together and win elections. Now my reaction to this is, I don't know how I can put this any plainer than I've been putting it for the last several years. What you're really doing here and I would never say that somebody is not allowed to vote for whoever they want to. People clearly can vote for whoever they want to but the problem is when you see how the polling is going. It's obvious in the last several years that the GOP is going more and more pro-LGBT because that's what's going to happen. It's like the issue of electing LGBT politicians, most of them are going to be activists. That's why they ran in the first place. It's a very important self identify an issue for them and they always turn out to be activist Annise Parker in Houston and people to judge and all these people have been activists or Richard/Rachel Levine this is Pennsylvania health person in the long blonde hair who was a man before he decided he wanted to be a woman, a big activist big LGBT activists of what is that portend for the GOP in the long run. When you begin to say you believe in gay marriage. Come on over. There's a fine line between saying anybody can vote for this. Who wants to and we all agree with that, we all believe in our broad civic reality in which people are free to do and vote for who they want to. What I'm saying now is the danger is, you will begin to change even more so the GOP when you begin to say it doesn't matter.

It will matter it will matter tremendously. It's already changing. You've already had a lot of change and it's eroding the moral basis upon which I think historically the GOP and most of my lifetime has agreed being pro-marriage and meaning one man and one woman and holding the nuclear family now becomes awkward if you start getting people.

For example, working in the GOP, which they're free to do now you're introducing new concepts about well in my case I'm a man married to a man and we have three adopted children and whatnot and people don't want to be mean and people don't want to be unkind and they shouldn't be mean or unkind, but it changes kind of what's going on in the room, which in turn can change policies. I'm just saying that's that's a reality to that's not often discussed and it kind of bugs me because I wish that Christians many years ago would've put more might behind this issue not not to be mean or hateful to anybody but to say listen, we need to be a society upholding the centrality of the nuclear family as the building block of society. Understanding that not every family is a mom dad and three kids are for kids, but understanding that God created them male and female God created the covenant of marriage and we honor that it's the best thing for the kids and ultimately it's the best thing for society and we shouldn't be inventing new forms of marriage and going along and say, well, what's the big deal I think in the long run it will be a big deal and I think that unfortunately it we will get to the point unless God intervenes, where you're not gonna see that big of a difference between the GOP and the Democrats on the issue of LGBT issues and ends. What's weird to me. The timing of this is it's coming at the very time when the left is just putting its fangs out on the LGBT issue in going after the transgender issue in the quality act and trying to stop on Christians and religious freedom in the name of LGBT Q plus rights. I mean what direction is the GOP going to go there have been some good things that have gone on in terms of legislation.

This is good. South Dakota Gov. Christie know now is good to be signing this bill banning transgender their boys from female sports and lots of people getting mad at her and also you have house representative Mary Miller introducing a bill to protect women and girls from the Democrats radical gender ideology. This is via CNS news. This is a first-term congresswoman who introduced the safety and opportunity for girls act, and it now has 21 sponsors which would define sex and federal law, is a person's biological sex, not gender identity. I fully support that. And that's great. But understand that if you say now were fine with having all kinds of me know people in the Big Ten to understand that what happens when you become varied too much pro Big Ten to your tent begins to change as long as you're okay with that, then that's fine if you don't have a problem with people having that position on gay marriage or gay issues, not just the transgender issue, but the homosexuality issue.

On the one hand you bring people in on the other hand, you get people exiting and I don't know if that's really been considered because I do believe there is still a very large group of Christians who will say if you start going more in that direction. A pro-LGBT I can vote for the GOP. I can't.

I mean it's kind of for a lot of Christians and I would include myself in this you know moral issues matter moral issues matter tremendously because they matter to the Lord and we have to obey him. So it's can be interesting to see what comes of that. By the way, got a throw this and did you hear about this new CDC guidance on vaccinated people and what they can do as far as visiting were to squeeze this and this is got to a shot of optimism from the CDC guidance that all of those who were fully vaccinated have been waiting for. They can now gather with other fully vaccinated people indoors without masks or social distancing and visit on vaccinated people in a single household or not considered to be high risk for covert, 19, but they are still urge to wear masks and social distance in public and to avoid travel rises were working through that. I'm still over 90% of the population is not yet vaccinated, and that is our responsibility to protect those who remain on vaccinated, or may involve all beginning to open the door to some sense of normalcy for people but definitely not wide open note this is a first step should be a real incentive for people who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated.

A boy that CBS News can I ask a question.

Why get vaccinated. If you still have to wear a mask and avoid travel and it was kind of funny. The airline industry I guess came out and said why are you telling vaccinated people to avoid travel air travel is very safe. Everybody's mast their special ventilation in these airplanes. It's fine. I don't know. Again, the goalpost keep moving. CDC guidance Yeager vaccinated, you can meet with people in your house. People been doing that anyway. This is why you don't put government at the center of your life's thanks for being with us.

We have to leave it there will see next time right here Janet my for today

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