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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Charles Kesler (Protecting America's Greatness)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 8, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Charles Kesler (Protecting America's Greatness)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 8, 2021 4:30 am

Conservatives and progressives are deeply divided over their visions for the future of America, bringing our country to a crisis moment. Is there a way to save our Founders' great vision for our nation? I'll talk it over with Dr. Charles Kesler, editor of the Claremont Review of Books and author of the book, "Crisis of the Two Constitutions: The Rise, Decline, and Recovery of American Greatness."That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Our confidence is in Christ alone, with the word of God says that I sort of is in just the last few years the progressive movement has given us the rise and weapon eyes identity politics, cancel culture, big tech, censorship and violence in the streets, but it's revolution also continues to be alive and well within our own government and as part of that revolution. They've set their sights on our Constitution which they view as a barrier to progress in utopian. Woke nests and this divide in our nation over the Constitution really is reaching crisis levels. The question is where is it all headed and how do we save the founders great vision for this country really talk about today with Dr. Charles Kessler, who is editor of the Claremont review of books, and a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute is also distinguished Prof. of government at Claremont McKenna College and today will be discussing crisis of the two constitutions, the rise, decline in recovery of American greatness that cats are wonderful to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here. Well, thank you so much for the invitation. I appreciate it.

Oh yeah, what this is just a great book I and it it's just fascinating to read through everything that you're dealing with in this book, but this this divide that were seen now between those of us who value the Constitution as written versus progressives who think it's a living breathing document and we need more progress you think this divide is flushing itself out, because clearly we are reaching a crisis point out why. Now do you think, well, it's I think the first thing have to realize that the division has been growing for a long time and but one of the Argus of my book is that it really started almost 100 years ago a little more now than 100 years ago in the progressive era could save the competition between the original Constitution and the liberal constitution or the living Constitution as they like to call it, has been growing and it it but it really became accelerated and the conflict became more radical in the 1960s and then again beginning in the 1990s after the Cold War had been one because when we went our great external enemy had been defeated and eclipsed when the Soviet Union vanished liberals had a sort of a clear horizon they could push without worrying about the external limits and the needs of national security so much and that I think it it's those two breakthrough moments, plus the general and I'm sad to say at the general innervation of the universities in the country that have really given the left of the room and the incentive they need to take advantage of what right. I know you talked about Woodrow Wilson, for example, and how he had issues with the Constitution. We see the first president would you say who really took that position. Wilson was the first president to criticize the Constitution and he didn't just criticize it. You know, in a minor way.

His point was the whole thing was based on an obsolete theory that that it was was a fine 18th-century document, but it was now the 20th century and we needed a completely new Constitution, a completely new political science because we now understood the key fact about human nature which which is that it improves over time. Evolutionary and for him.

I mean, he really talked about this siding.

Charles Darwin, we needed to replace what he regarded as the new what he called the Newtonian after Isaac Newton Newtonian Constitution of 1787 in the original one with what he called the Darwinian Constitution that he made no bones about that he said he said Darwinian, and he recommended Darwinian Constitution. In his much of his works as a political scientist and as the president of Princeton University, but as a candidate for president of the United States and as president of the nonsex right so would you look at somebody like Pres. Obama as mirroring Woodrow Wilson are taking those ideals even further down the road. Obama is very much was very much a Wilsonian president and his understanding that there is a right side in a wrong side of history that is a sort of classic Wilsonian approach.

But you're right in saying that he he went further than Wilson. You know he was he's a child of the 60s and so Obama had a more postmodern angle to him. He had he had a kind of radicalism kind of impatience that that Wilson didn't have so much well that's right. And so we saw more radicalized views oozing out of Obama now and then I think he try to keep that persona going of the purple United States but last very long and I'm wondering what that says about progressives how they get elected versus how they take the mask off once they're in office in order to move forward with this utopia they envision data that's an old story. Woodrow Wilson did this at FDR was a master of this and it in. In many ways will be sorry Obama was a student of those two that is the date they pioneered the technique of a kind of subdued radicalism so they would say. Often they would say there's nothing radical here. This is just an adjustment of the old Constitution to new conditions. You know, we have these new challenges. We have no large-scale industry to regulate we have immigration we have international crises and things which the founders couldn't have anticipated, and so we've just got to update slightly their old division, but out but on other occasions they would sort of let the cat out of the bag and say you know what we what we really need is a new freedom as Wilson called it for a new age. What we need is a revolution not just an adjustment and they go back and forth between the calm, reassuring, almost conservative line that this is don't worry about this. This is nothing really new. It's merely an application of the old. Under no circumstances to letting letting their hair down and saying this is that we have a great new vision for the country on a new idea of justice, and this is going to be a a rolling revolution into the future. I think their main objection though is when I know you can't talk about every single person being identical, necessarily, but you know, the United States Constitution has served its purpose quite well considering how much this country has thrived and prospered and been a beacon of freedom for the whole world. Over the course of been over two centuries.

What is their main beef would you say is it just this radical adherence to this Darwinian concept that they think history is progressing toward an inevitable sort of utopia I it seems kind of strange to even hold to that position in light of the history of communism yet and in light of human history. Yeah, broccoli considered rain but really, that the anthropology if you want to be fancy about it.

The that the idea of human nature that underlies what we call modern liberalism is one that condemns the Constitution condemns the Declaration of Independence because their idea of the old idea of human nature was static and it also presupposed imperfection.

It presupposes that man was a creature divided between reason and passions and torn.

You know like a creature created sort of in between God and the beasts the traditional idea of human beings are sort of in between creatures and what they see is in a way of the promises of Christianity working themselves out in this world in politics and human nature is becoming more godlike as history progresses and as the conditions of education and socialization and so forth to become better and that it in a way is the is the bottom line conflict with the basis of the conflict going on in America today between one party, which believes that human nature is basically fixed store for the most part fixed created in a way then or whether you view it is natural or is created more or less the same as you. Just a moment, we need to pause Dr. Charles Kessler is our guest will be right hi this is Janet Mefford. Did you miss the deadline to sign up for health care program at the end of 2020. If so, I have good news special enrollment period is taking place now through May 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in a new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty health share for their healthcare needs. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month. Liberty healthcare gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation.

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All gifts are tax-deductible. There's a pre-born banner to or call now 855-402-2229. You're listening to Mefford today and welcome back Dr. Charles Kessler is joining the editor of the Claremont review of books, and a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute also author of the great book crisis of the two constitutions, the rise, decline in recovery of American greatness and Dr. Kessler before we went to the break we were talking about how progressives envision how the country to be in the old Constitution is needed because it had a static view of man, and so forth and you were drawing this distinction, the date they need to move in a new progressive inevitable pattern of history that that is just a completely different worldview than than the founders had that right community. If you think about things which were the proudest boasts of like James Madison and the men who wrote the Constitution. Among those things.

They were most proud of where the separation of powers. Federalism bicameral is him all of these checks and balances which were designed to prevent sinful man, fallen man from creating a tyranny yes from seizing power. You know, beyond the office to which a person had been elected or appointed, and the spirit of the Constitution was well expressed in all of those safeguards, given that human nature was dangerous, but increasingly what liberalism believes is that you need to overcome precisely all of those checks and balances the spirit of their Constitution is to get the right kind of people in power, good people who come with good educations. You can be assured that they are not going to be tempted to misuse power. What you must do is you have to change the government you have to change the Constitution to be able to concentrate power in the hands of those who were going to do good and that really is in the way the theory of the living Constitution that the government is there to reinvent the Constitution rather than that the Constitution is there to limit government that's astounding. I just had to break into laughter there because well look at them.

So I guess that's the argument against their view that they teach us get those right smart academicians put into the right places.

Government will be utopia and we see that that's not true at all. So conversely, when we look at those of us who like the Constitution and appreciate the Constitution for what it actually is. What are your thoughts about the continuing relevance of the Constitution and and the founders getting it right in the first place. Well for me and I have to divide people like us. I think you have a different view of human nature. The relevance of the Constitution is obviously don't want to make the president into our moral leader and you know the sort of supreme leader of the country who was supposed to move the country forward and have the Congress follow him and have public opinion follow the Congress.

That's really the Wilsonian model. Instead, we we like to think that politics should go from the grassroots up that state and local government is very important that we like. Later in our politicians to have experience answering to the voters in state and local government before they ascend to the national government and the best of cases and that things like separation of powers and checks and balances and elections matter and that the consent of the governed is not optional left me the consent of the governed is the operative principle of the country, and no amount of expertise can cancel about or override that we have to have we want to have wisdom in the people we elect to office, but we want that wisdom to come also with consent and that's what the Constitution is set up to do in the relevance of that and how free the country has remained help prosperous.

It has grown, all of that is traceable back to that constitutional scheme's and all of it is really imperiled by the I think foolish or shortsighted attempt to jettison much of that Constitution in favor of a more up-to-date or supposedly up-to-date model right so looking at the presidency of Donald Trump. II have never seen the left go as nuts as they did during the Trump years. How much of that was informed by personality and the fact that Trump was not afraid to put people in the eye back when they were annoying him. It certainly had an over-the-top personality and still does verse is what he stood for pro-America and pro-freedom and pro-sovereignty.

What you make of that conflict between the progressive left that once to go past the current Constitution and their vitriolic that was aimed in Trump's direction well. The two for the contemporary left the two threats are really the two sides of the same coin. What they did what they disliked what they hated and Abbas donated about Trump was that on the one hand, he didn't.

He was never cowed by their supposed wisdom.

He didn't believe in the expertise of experts unless it was really tested by experience, and he wasn't going to be here on what is going to be bullied into doing things the way they had always been done in concert in contemporary Washington just because that's the way they had always been done and so he raise questions about economic nationalism and about our alliances and our foreign policy, which were very uncomfortable for the unit of the administrative state for the permanent government in Washington and they and the fact that not only did he challenge their wisdom, but he did so in the name of the People's greater as it were with them or their authority, their greater authority to consent than their greater common sense. This and the two the two things. The challenge to their wisdom, and his claiming the mantle of the people against the government was just too much for them. I made it seriously blew their minds and that's really why they could never forgive Donald Trump you're right about that. There was a lot of memory for a lot of Americans of Reagan in Trump.

There were some similarities clearly not the same personality are the same sort of the way he carried himself obviously but that the patriotism and in bringing back to the average working man the sense that he was important and he wasn't just lost in the shuffle of powerful government overlords that now we have the Biden presidency. This is just strange territory were now because he just seems confused and checked out, and a lot of people are saying is this just a shadow presidency is Obama really controlling the marionette strings are the progressive deep state. On some level things go forward from here. Do you think because there there is radicalized as they've ever been on the left trying to push through some obviously some crazy stuff there. Congress will II say right now we in a way we're poised for the next couple of years to have a sort of four party system because on that on the Republican side, you're going to have the approach Trump and the anti-Trump factions feuding with each other about the legacy of Trump.

You know in 2022, and most especially, 20, 24 Democratic side, you have the bill less radical and the more radical factions of their party were going to be fighting it out. There is some difference between the sort of old old-fashioned liberal politics of Joe Biden and the politics of Elizabeth Warren and AOC and Bernie. I think the overt socialist side of it and the sort of with it antiracist side of it is out in front of Biden and there's going to be a big battle over what direction this administration is going to take. We could see some very serious splits on the Democratic on the liberal side in the next four years. We sure could, and in the meantime when we are looking at our Constitution in America that we inherited.

What is your sense of what it's going to be like going forward.

When you have this crisis of the two constitutions. We don't know who will win, but but how do you see things going forward and can a conservative movement prevail over all of the gains I would say that the progressives have made in a government and also in culture the progressives have had almost a century really to change American government and the 20th century called the liberal century because it's a century. When you know in in at the beginning of the century and the new Deal in the 60s again feel very fundamental reforms or or changes were made to our structure of government and to our expectations of what government ought be and that is change the American people somewhat.

And so the fight that conservatism has been waging has been very uphill and you know we didn't really have our major victories until the very end of the 20th century, Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, Newt Gingrich was able to take the house back from the Democrats for the first time in 40 years there had never been such a long uninterrupted period of one party dominance in American history is that Democratic stretch. He was able to in that, but not until 1994 and so the 20th century was almost over. By the time conservatives began to win their major victories and so I we are as we started from way behind and we still have a long way to go but II must say I'm not. I'm not a pessimist because I think nothing is inevitable in politics we have.

We have a fighting chance and there there are signs that on even on the left. People are beginning to be a little bit wary of these socialist arguments. The, the multicultural and antiracist arguments and the best evidence is in California of all places snow in the last election. More than 70% of the California electorate voted for Joe Biden so that was a very good year for Democrats. But it that same liberal electorate also refused to reinstitute no racial discrimination in California in university admissions in government hiring explicit racial quotas that was on the ballot and they voted that written renewal of racial discrimination by the state down by by 11% I made was a huge defeat for the left and they also rejected in a big new business tax by almost the same percentage so these voters even though they went for Biden over Trump work beginning to put the brakes on some of the worst of the identity politics and the spend the sort of socialist agenda that the leaders of their party are in favor of that's a good sign. You're absolutely right. Morgan have to wait and see what happens been in the interim, a really great military crisis of the two constitutions by Dr. Charles Kessler something to have you with us. Thank you very much Dr. Kasser for being with us today. Thank you so much. It was a great pleasure. Thank you. Take care you listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health liberty health areas and nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, for more information liberty today and here's your host Joe starting to do a little study. The contrast between two pastors, which one would you prefer to have as your pastor, would you prefer to have if you had the choice, James Coates, the Canadian pastor who is languishing in jail because he refuses to go along with some of the ridiculous cover 19 restrictions where he's located in Edmonton and he has continued to hold worship services with a very robust Christian theology behind it and some very good legal arguments behind it and some very good scientific arguments behind it and we talked about him before he just had his recent hearing on the case and what's gonna happen and he now is going to have to remain behind bars ahead of his trial this spring for allegedly breaching cover 19 restrictions.

That's good. Keep the really severe criminals locked up because you'll be keeping the community so much safer. This guy is clearly a threat to the community he might go out without a mask. This is just outrageous what they're doing to this pastor and I'm to get into a little of that a little later on. Here's your other choice pastor Andy Stanley of Atlanta's Northpoint community church who recently said he is in barest by churches that engaged in spinning matches with state and local governments over cover 19 lockdown restrictions, lamenting that far too many churches abandoned the mission for the sake of the model. This is from the Christian Post email Andy Stanley same guy who says we need to unhitch from the Old Testament. I really don't listen to anything Andy Stanley has to say because I think he's off his rocker. I mean I'm not saying that he's literally insane or or crazy or anything from a mental health perspective. I'm not trying to be nasty either.

What I'm trying to say is I don't understand why anyone listens to this man. He has said so many outrageous things so many on biblical things and he continues to put himself out there is if he's just God's gift to the world and everybody else who isn't doing it his way is just an embarrassment is what the big Eva types do this is what the liberals the progressives the white supremacy Geller say young people like all of the you know the big evangelical leaders that Ed Stetzer is the Russell Moore's those people who want to keep their churches open. They just don't love their neighbor. Once listen to the rest of the story here. So here's what Christian Post says Andy Stanley, who made headlines last year when he announced that his Atlanta area multisite church would not resume in person worship services until 2021, said during an event on Thursday that many churches across the country had the exact wrong approach to the covert, 19 pandemic. Well first of all I'd like to say closing your church down voluntarily when nobody was actually saying you have to close your church down is just weird.

In my opinion it's just weird that's not even closing your church down because you're trying to say. This is in compliance with Romans 13 when he made you do it he just didn't you just what to pastor this thing just to close down my church.

He said the thing that has been concerning to me about the local church is how quickly so many local churches felt like we've got to get back in our building shoulder to shoulder, doing what we've always done.

Why is that weird wisely concerning it was the exact wrong response to cove it because we had an opportunity of a lifetime to do new things try new things. Experiment with new things because we couldn't do the old things while I have church. We need a new thing.

I know let's all stand on our heads into a zoom called that's much better because this just gives us an opportunity for innovation in. That's what it's all about innovation.

We can come up with some creative new ways of not gathering even though the word of God tells us we should forsake the assembling of ourselves together, so we need something new that mean it's so old school. He goes on to say, and instead of focusing on what we can't do.

We should have been 100% focused on what we can do, but you can worship your to pay a price, but you can come together as a church and now are seen much more opening up of a lot of churches across the country, but it's such a ridiculous thing to say, the mega church pastor said he was embarrassed by the churches that sued and engaged in a spitting match with local governments over cover 19 restrictions.

He said I thought wait a minute were the body of Christ were not in it to win its as you're in it to win its you've abandoned our New Testament mandates, which is what stay home and slow the spread after 15 days, which is now been going on for 400 is that was that. What the New Testament says were in it to serve no church actually is about worshiping the Lord our God. That's the primary reason that the church comes together to worship the Lord our God is a body that's not service. Service is part of what we do as Christians.

But that's the next level of the outcome of having faith in Jesus Christ and coming together as a body we serve one another in love were in it to serve half the time when he's talking about serving he's talking about serving the community, which I don't see any mandate in the New Testament. Hey, Peter, Paul, go serve your community. Jesus said to go and preach the gospel make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe whatsoever. I commanded you. And though I'm with you always, even to the end of the age. The great commission says nothing about serve your community.

This is a social justice mindset and I'm not against service, certainly not, but that's not the main mission of the church, he says there's more need than there's ever been Bob about note not get this. He said we were able to do so much more in the community because the community had our undivided attention. He said that the Red Cross's biggest blood drive was held at Northpoint second second I thought you were concerned about gathering.

This is something he talked about in August. He was interviewed by one of the senior VPs over at liberty University and talked a little bit about why he decided to close his church in the first place and he said they didn't want to be a super spreader that was one of the reasons that he gave listen to what Andy Stanley said back in August about all this is is cut one.

When else will be closed for three weeks when we did know what this was that we announce would be closed for the summer. We would reopen when schools reopen all the numbers in Georgia. The covert numbers were going the wrong direction. Once the schools punted on for a while to go to online learning. We realize, why would we try to open up our children's ministries. While the schools were saved open for us. This was 100% about how do we love our neighbor and how do we love our neighborhoods and I know there's a lot of controversy around this right now, but are working to talk about this a few minutes. I hope this really is as much a theology in a leadership decision for us as it is anything else because we have always tried to be a very outward facing church and our community is not good for the community, even if it's good for us it's a loss that is every pastor whose watching or listening or future pastor is watching or listening on the temptation is always to do what's best for the church and the church people and I think that is completely opposite of what Jesus both Jesus modeled and taught. No, it wasn't actually it wasn't at all. This is so backwards were outward facing first service here outward facing for service that is not again. The primary mission of the church of Jesus Christ. If you are putting your outward service to the community. Putting that forward as some excuse for why Christians can't get together because at least this gives us an opportunity to figure out how to serve the community better than that's just weird and I don't hear any versus coming from Andy Stanley defending any of this, and when he does get into Scripture. It gets really really strange while he goes on in this Christian post-story. Listen to this. The pastor said that Northpoint learned so much in the wake of covered 19 adding were going to carry so much of what we've learned forward. He stressed two other church leaders you married the mission you date the model okay you inspire people to follow Jesus. That's our mission.

Inspire people know you preach the gospel, you don't inspire people to follow Jesus. What is that even mean you date the model shoulder to shoulder in a building, singing songs and worshiping and listening to sermons. I know I'm going to get in trouble for saying this. All that is is a model know it's actually in the New Testament read Hebrews 10 he continued during this season, you abandon the model for the sake of the mission, but the local churches that abandon the mission for the sake of the model and rush back into the model. I feel like we in some cases, missed an extraordinary opportunity, especially the churches they got in a spitting match with local and state governments was just embarrassing to me as a Christian dear embarrassed by Christians who don't want to obey tyrannical governments who didn't have the right to do what they were doing in the first place. To the degree that they were doing it. Do you know anything about the law about the Constitution about what we understand as the role of the jurisdiction of the church separated from the jurisdiction of the civil sphere, I'm guessing, not because when you're focused on service to the community and being embarrassed by those Christians who really want to get together and worship in person and not sure how you get through to someone like that. There's more to come though. Stay with us will be right back. Fellow Christians are suffering in Africa hi this is Janet Mefford, pastor luminal ministers in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean. He's been beaten and jailed. Many times, not merely for what he believes but for how he lives out his faith. We see Lilo has been quietly and faithfully sharing the gospel with Muslims and many are coming to Christ that extremists have assaulted limo, his family and many in his church.

They're not asking for an end to the persecution they face. Instead, they're praying for God's word to endure and persevere as new followers of Jesus Christ. That's exactly why were partnering with vitally international to send Bibles to 1500 in Africa five dollars and survival $50 since 10 and every gift given will be double. Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD or there's an open the floodgates banner and Janet call now 800 yes word and God bless many nations have no access to the desperately needed medical care. That's why Mercy ship Springs volunteer support on hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to give the world's forgotten for the free medical care they need.

We have an immediate need for registered nurses, especially with specialty as a volunteer nurse. You will just give life altering healthcare will receive so much in return is an amazing experience home and make a difference in the lives of those who have virtually no access to medical aid Dale everything he said either you waiting for show mercy to someone today. I get more information and learn how to apply visiting Mercy versus Mercy you're listening to Joan at Mefford today and know you well if you open your church up or if you are one of those churches who went to court in order to have the right to open your church up during the covered 19 pandemic. Then Andy Stanley's embarrassed sorry he's embarrassed by you. If you are in that church. For example, that had driving services and you were told by the governor.

Sorry you're getting arrested you to have the police come along and cite you if you have driving services and you went to court you want your case. Apparently, this is embarrassing to Andy Stanley, the pastor of Northpoint community church because he just recently make these made these comments, Andy Stanley has had his church shut down. He shut down his church without even being told he had to continue to shut down his church. In total, until 2021 member when he did. That's not go back to some of this audio from August, when he was speaking with a senior VP over it. Liberty University. He was talking about his decision to close his church for the entire year of 2020. But he said there was also, in addition to concerns about being a potential super spreader there was a leadership side to that decision. This is cut to we have about 550 employees. We have nine or 10 campuses in the greater Atlanta area and I realized this is an extraordinary opportunity. And I you should never let a pandemic go to waste them and I know this and I don't want to downplay the danger of this we have lost people in our church who have died, who got very safe with all the stories. Like most churches, but and for your students. Every every season of uncertainty brings opportunity. As you know, put on my leadership from and I thought well here's an opportunity to say or 557. You don't have to worry about all you can open it next week or we can open up the next week organogenesis, let's just take it off the table where you stay close to the rest of the year.

Now let's focus your incredible energy, creativity and innovation on doing things we didn't have time to do before or that we couldn't do before, or that we were even sure would work before because we just taken your Sunday responsibility in your weekday responsibility to get ready by Sunday off the table. So let's don't focus on what we can't do. Let's ask the question what can we do now that we couldn't do before, so that we are continue to be outward facing in the community serving the community and engaging people are the mission of our church is to inspire people to follow Jesus.

So how do you inspire people to follow Jesus when you can gather hundreds and thousands of people together on Sunday morning and I watching our amazing staff from all of our nine or 10 Atlanta area churches go after it has been exhilarating. We are learning so much for doing things.

I'm sure we will continue to do you once were able to reopen on Sunday morning so your learning, let's get you not worshiping God together as a body that you are learning and it's an exhilarating time of creativity will wonderful. I can't imagine being on a church staff insane. When will we reopen pastor. When will we reopen and the pastor's responses take it off the table altogether. I'm sorry but that's just weird that's just a very strange response and I am amazed that more people and I guess he did get some pushback at his own church over this, but I am amazed that the church didn't respond more cohesively insane to Andy Stanley what are you doing what you doing this is what were supposed to be doing but I don't know who goes to that church and whose thinking through this very deeply. One more cotton from Andy Stanley back in August. This really says a lot because he was asked to talk through his theology on this issue. This is eye-opening. Cut three.

I am convinced that on the night that Jesus gathered with his apostles for his final Passover it when he said I said I get a new command I give you. I'm convinced that his new command is the marching orders for the church.

This was the all encompassing brings everything else up underneath this is that if you forget everything else. Remember this, he said this is my new command and of course when he said I give you a new command. He was doing something only God could do. He was, he wasn't.

He was executing commands he was replacing and giving a new and you said you are to love one another and that wasn't new what she would've said while not through your love one another as I have loved you, but the next day he put on a demonstration of love.

Of course that took their breath away because it took his breath away and they understood that that the marching orders for his actually see his movement is asked the question, what does love require of me and not just love that I've experienced with other people. What does this profound love that Jesus demonstrated when he gave his life on behalf of humanity. So Jesus is you are to love one another.

The way that I have loved you, this is Dean of the golden rules love what you want to be loved. He said not were done with that. This is a whole new level. This is the platinum rule you are to love each other the way that I have loved you. He set himself up as the gold standard for love will I think that is the driving ethic for Jesus followers and that's why I teach constantly and went when you don't know what to say or do ask, what does love require of you cheated. I miss the translation in which Jesus said were done with the golden rule did you catch that part. The golden rule outward John with that were done with that Matthew 712 the Lord says so and everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets.

This is a summary of the Old Testament, and yes he does say new camp commandment I give to you. It just what he said but go back and say get rid of the golden rule is just winging it every time he opens his mouth when it comes to theology.

His exegesis is just horrible. Many really needs to go back and sit under his father's teaching for a while.

His father can interpret the Bible much better than the sun can't. This is just astounding to me only go back to an article that I think is really important. This is actually from the Catholic world report, but it's kind of an interesting situation with the James Coates arrest and imprisonment and a really good commentary on this says a lot of good things in this article. This is from Dr. Douglas Farrow he says is this case with James Coates, wends its way through the courts. It will direct fresh attention to some very old questions about the line separating secular and religious jurisdictions for the state is now given to thinking that it can draw the line where and as it likes suspending religious as well as civil rights and freedoms for as long as it sees fit. Certainly it does not allow that religious communities may make their own determinations about health and safety, nor does it comprehend what Matt pastor Coates wishes it to comprehend the need of his community to meet as an entire body or family on the New Testament model the affidavits in the Coates case contain large tracts of Scripture and the doctrines taught at Grace life. These the courts will not want to touch, but they will have to wrestle with the fact that Christians do not admit what the modern secular state thinks everyone should admit, namely that there is no higher authority in public affairs than the state itself, and that meetings of the church fall under its own jurisdiction. Bingo.

That's really what this is all about, especially when you look in the American situation and you see that the local tyrants couldn't care less. When the black lives matter. People hit the streets at the height of the pandemic. They were telling them to go home and sending the cops after them. They were playing favorites and they were playing favorites with abortion clinics in liquor stores and leftist activists so we caught on and then we said, this isn't about health and it isn't. It isn't, you know the masking.

I know everybody feels better about this, but if you're wearing those masks.

I'm sorry but you have to go back to those epidemiological studies that are showing the masks are basically useless. You're not can it prevent yourself from getting Cove 19 by wearing one of those thin three ply masks. You're just not. We talked about this for the better part of year. Now this is interesting. The province of Alberta.

Like many other jurisdictions has justified its infringements of rights and freedoms by appealing to the pandemic but that of itself does not settle anything like some other partners to civil society.

Grace life is not been content to leave judgments about the pandemic, to the who or the local authorities.

It disputes the right of the state to micromanage our lives and our responses to the pandemic, and even disputes the new highly malleable definition of a pandemic. This is what Grace life said the reason we put pandemic" is because the definition of the pandemic was changed about 10 years ago at one time the pandemic was defined as an infectious disease that resulted in a certain percentage of excess deaths over and above normal annual averages.

The definition was changed in connection with H1 and one to remove this threshold.

10 years ago Cove 19 would not have qualified as a pandemic. In fact, not even close in Canada. Coronavirus is killed about 537 per million, a little over .05% of the population see all kinds of issues that are coming to bear on this, the question of jurisdiction. The question of tyranny of playing favorites, and the question of whether or not we can even trust the so-called science coming out of the mouths of these people who's been all over the place here in the United States we seen these leftist politicians all over the place.

We can't trust them.

We can't trust them and that that's the bottom line and for those pastors who are saying we need to get back to normal and they should have the right to doing because we have a separation of church and state. At least here in the United States, and apparently very similar situation in Canada. I'm thankful for pastors like James Coates. I really am, and I would ask you to remember him and his family in prayer. It's a tough situation to take the stand. He's taking but God bless him for taking it.

I wish you many many more pastors would get behind and do it themselves. We love the Lord. We had a showing. Thanks for being with us content effort today with Catalina therapist

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