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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Corey Miller (Campus Free Speech) Ginger Hubbard (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 24, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Corey Miller (Campus Free Speech) Ginger Hubbard (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 24, 2021 4:30 am

After the pandemic tyranny, states are stepping up to define religion as essential under the law. We'll bring you up to speed. Plus: Ratio Christi is joining the legal fight to protect campus free speech. Ratio Christi CEO Corey Miller and Alliance Defending Freedom's Travis Barham will discuss it. And Ginger Hubbard stops by to weigh in on six discipline mistakes that parents make. That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty. Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health generated River today.

Our confidence is in Christ alone, the Lord our God says that soy is. I guess now that we have a progressive administration.

We have to go back to what we did during the Obama years is technically Obama's third term Welsh editor what really have to talk about again is the issue of religious freedom. It was nice was it for four years. We didn't have to worry about religious freedom because we had a president who is friendly to Christians and a president who recognize that you have to balance everybody's freedoms in a country like ours, and that you can't have big gay coming along and telling little girls in public schools that you have to shower and go to the bathroom at your public school with a boy possibly standing next to you what, what a concept for president to come along and cite no that's not right were not gonna have schools and pimentos kinds of policies.

Well, as you know, or maybe have not yet heard the quality act is coming back really do a lot more on this on tomorrow's show but it's coming up at the end of the week. The house is gonna be voting again.

It is an absolute travesty. It is a huge attack on Christianity. Probably the biggest assault ever on Christianity in our lifetime and that was the opinion I know of Bill Donahue over at the Catholic league. I think that he's right on that score were to get into it. Like I said in more detail tomorrow so be about making your voice heard in Washington because this is just really really disturbing stuff that it's so radical. You really can't overstate it.

But on the issue of religious freedom.

There is some good news some good news, so I want to get to the good news first of all, it wasn't long ago that Arkansas passed a law declaring religious organizations to be essential, refreshing, Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas governor signed the law into measure, recognizing that churches are essential and it's all about helping to protect churches and other religious organizations from being targeted, penalized or discriminated against during the time of emergency. What you think that's a reference to the pandemic. Of course, because the churches really took it on the chin from some of these tyrants.

As we been discussing for quite a few months now and they have a quote here from Jerry Cox, the president of the family counsel saying that act 94 of 2021 is called an act to require that religious organizations are protected during an emergency will help protect religious groups and churches from discrimination without hampering the government's ability to respond to an emergency. So bravo Arkansas.

But here's the even better news.

This is something that's going on in other states as well, including California. I really hope they were call Gavin Newsom and then pass this this would be so wonderful.

Maybe this is all about God working together for good for those who love the Lord Arkansas passed this bill.

Other states including Montana, Indiana and Arizona have bills making their way through the approval process and now in California we have Sen. Brian Jones. God bless Sam introducing the religion is essential act. This is a bill to require again like Arkansas state and local governments to treat religious organizations just like they do other services that are considered essential during pandemics. And here is one of the quote is from Sen. Jones. He says why is it that Newsom and most Democrat politicians in our nation trust shoppers that are packed into big box stores to social distance, but don't trust leaders and congregants and houses of worship to do the same to protect the elderly and the vulnerable practicing one's religion can be done safely even during a pandemic in the state should never have turned those who practice religion into second-class citizens. Amen brother, I don't if he's really a brother in Christ, but let's just say amen brother for the sake that he deserves a massive high five.

This is a bill sponsored by the California family counsel and several other Christian advocacy organizations and this is in the wake of the fact that the Supreme Court struck down governor Newsom's total ban on indoor worship services that happen just recently as 63 decision and that was awesome. So this is really good news. Now, as part of this religion is essential act. In California, here are some of the provisions that would be included. It would require that the governor and local governments. Again, as I said before, treat religious services as essential just like retail during any declared state of emergency. It would prohibit the state and local governments from discriminating against a religious organization during an emergency, you mean like closing them.

But letting the abortion clinic stay open right it would require officials to permit religious services to continue operating during an emergency. It would prohibit them from enforcing a health safety or occupancy requirement that imposes a substantial burden on religious service during an emergency and allow a religious organization that has been subject to state or local government overreach to file a claim for relief in an administrative or judicial proceeding.

So pray that California will be able to get this legislation through its criminal tougher there but praise God that somebody's doing this and in all the states, all 50 states should be passing legislation like this. I was even saying this at the time it was we were barely out of the hardluck town of March of last year and I was saying why are these things going to the legislature's these these never ending emergency orders from governors and how long can you qualify as an emergency when you're moving into month nine month 10 month 11. What does all the legislature in your state have broken legs, they can't make it to the capital and vote on this or get on a zoom call so good for them.

I'm glad to see this now over in Montana. Let's talk about what's going on there. Just recently, Montana lawmakers heard testimony on a bill that supporters say would ensure the right of religious freedom.

It's of the religious Freedom restoration act. Yes, we no rougher on the national level and of course opponent said this could open the door to discrimination not only in a world where big gay has undue influence. Could you ever construe freedom of religion as being a means of discrimination. It's completely bonkers.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held this hearing on Senate Bill 215, which is sponsored by Sen. Carl Glynn who's a Republican and the bill would state that the governments of Montana, the state local governments can only put a burden on a person or organization's right to free exercise of religion if their action is essential to further a compelling governmental interest in the least restrictive means of achieving that interest.

Now you can listen to one of these legislators standing up because it's just so predictable. This is an update on this from KT VH listen to this One bill is titled as a religious Freedom restoration act. Supporters say a number of states have adopted their own versions.

In recent years.

SB 215 would say suit and local governments can only put a burden on a person organizations right to free exercise of religion if their action is essential to further a compelling governmental interest in the least restrictive means of achieving that supporters say they want to ensure potential impacts on someone's religion are considered with the highest scrutiny in courts, but opponents of the language is broader than other similar laws and it would encourage challenges to existing laws, particularly local nondiscrimination ordinances during the hearing, Sen. Bryce Bennett, a Democrat from Missoula, a member of the LGBT community asked limb to justify the potential impacts of the bill dispose very personal and the testimony that we are today is personal to me as well because I have lived those experiences.

This bill would allow people like me to be denied housing to be kicked out of restaurants to be denied healthcare to be fired from my job, not because of something that I did, but simply because of who I am. Oh, give me a break. Cut out the drama already this sniffling really the choked up voice you're sitting in the Montana Legislature you're going to get kicked out of your job. If this bill becomes law to protect religious freedom really First Amendment didn't do that to you and him and by the way, how in the world are you gonna get kicked out of your job when you were duly elected unless you do something to agitate your voters and they recall, you are not really sure how that works. You get to get kicked out of your house.

See the reason I'm saying this is because this is exactly what groups like the human rights campaign have been trying to do for a long time there trying to work up sympathy for all of these alleged terrible things that happen to the LGBT community.

If Christians have religious freedom and its bunk. It's not true it's not true. There is no rife problem of people being denied housing. I mean, you might be able to find somebody here their work Christian couple don't want to rent to two men for their boardinghouse or something like that. I don't know, but just the drama is so over the top and it's the same sort of thing where you have these kinds of activists going from legislature to legislature testifying as the horrible experiences they had with alleged conversion therapy, and it turns out that they won't even name the therapists and these people were Boston. It's all a ruse and these are the same people who want to crush religious liberty via the equality act and I'm over the drama I'm over over over. We must stand up for religious liberty to come back you listening to Janet hi this is Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, an ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. I saw his heart beating on the screen knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life. I went from just Candace to mom and to everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving bath pre-born has 10 centers that do not have ultrasound machines which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. To donate, call 855402 baby 855402 baby or there's a banner to hi this is Janet matter if you're in need of a new healthcare program but you miss the open enrollment deadline in December. It's not too late.

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People know about your particular case involving the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, for example.

But why did you guys decide to file suit as intervening defendants in this matter as well.

What what went on in your thinking, saying, yeah, we really need to be part of protecting this regulation, Janet, because we have an interest or mission is equipping students and faculty with Crystal.

Reasons for following Jesus. The purpose of the University is the pursuit of truth about the ability to engage in a diversity of viewpoints will bring a diverse viewpoint and sold the current regulation supports rather than subverts the purpose of the University supports Ratan. Our purpose and it is across the board supported for all other campus groups as well.

Right now I know a number of schools have denied your chapters the right to choose student leaders who agree with your mission. What's going on in that regard because I know you guys have been through this before and for a lot of people.

They might not know some of the details.

In many cases, from forming a chapter on that University and other two we get rejected off campus University is supposed to be about viewpoint diversity in the pursuit of truth, and in this case it really challenges that we support this regulation and bottom line is University got no business telling student organizations, public care and cannot choose to leave the group exactly and I really appreciated your point Cory when you said that by bringing this lawsuit, the American atheists are discriminating against the rights of certain religious students coming to see the irony here Travis and/or Cory what you think about the irony in making this claim in the first place because they're basically backing up this idea that if you are a Christian organization, and you want to choose leaders that actually hold to your religious beliefs that they think discriminating against those people is fine in the name of nondiscrimination, none of this makes any logical sense. The notion it just doesn't whole idea of having an AP student group would be to have a few services leaders in its spokesman for the campus community.

That's how it is group expresses its ideas and communicate the message flow same is true Christian group Christian groups go have a Bible study. If a Russia Christie chapters can have a study on the scientific and philosophical reasons for following Jesus. It only makes sense for someone who actually believe in Jesus to leave the Bible about investors gathering together with people of like mind in selecting leaders who share organizations report that the basic freedoms that Americans enjoy this before the Constitution was even adopted and that's all that's going on here on these campuses with all of these regulations protect what this is, say about the ongoing site between religious freedom and the religious freedom that we've enjoyed the entire time our Republic has been intact and the rise of so-called gay-rights. We keep seeing these classes again and again and again Travis from a legal standpoint, is there any way to reconcile these two sides because it would seem. First Amendment is right there in the Bill of Rights. I don't really see how they can get around all of this ultimately will ultimately in the real situation unnecessarily involved backlash.

This is a brief more fundamental question of what does it mean to form an association to advance a common viewpoint to advance a set of shared ideas and of ideas run the gamut, and that's why a victory on behalf of all Russia Christie in this case of brick your defense of upholding of these regulations from the Department of Education benefits all groups from across the spectrum whether it be an LGBT group, whether it be a Christian group whether it be conservative or libertarian group, whether it be all more progressive political organization.

Everybody understands this concept that you have should have leaders who share and uphold and express the ideas. The group is designed to advance. That's important because I know that this secular student alliance on whose behalf. This complaint was filed includes an LGBT Q student, along with some atheists and humanists and so yeah there is that there's a big group there. What about this complaint's contention that the Department of Education actually doesn't have any authority to enact the regulation. Is that true know the Department of Fish and have authority to insist that school from the fund is a public university that it should uphold the federal constitutional rights of the students who attend school and government have an interest in ensuring that the fundamental and priceless constitutional rights that have been that of the subject of the reason that so many servicemen have sacrificed and depict the ultimate sacrifice from centuries of interest in making sure those rights are upheld, the global impact of the declaration of independence of why the government for and so have the authority to insist students First Amendment rights be protected. Well, that's right. And going back to Cory what happens to Roxio Christie in the event that this regulation is repealed is that if they actually prevail in court which we hope and pray they do not. But how does that actually impact to your groups on the ground on some of these college campuses.

Janet maybe not in our group have been able to give life to people not just viewpoint exchange of ideas and things like that but we seem student wives transform students who were elderly depressed down and out and it's given them a new lock on life. So kicking off a group from campus because they require the leaders to hold lease that are central to that group's very existence doesn't serve the University very well yeah that's right. What are your requirements. Just out of curiosity when you're campus groups select their leadership what what all do you require of your leaders what they need, embrace the central tenets of the Christian faith was outlined on our website and we want to know that they are walking consistently in ways that are along those wanted Christian should write some to be normal right and it's funny because you guys were referencing this a couple of minutes ago. When you have any kind of secular group atheist group or what have you. It doesn't seem that there is much of a clash when those groups put leaders into place to comply with what the values are of that particular group unless there Christians. It just seems to come down to that and and I'm wondering Travis on the hostility toward Christianity angle you ultimately make a legal argument that broadens the question the way that you were referencing a couple of minutes ago that this isn't just for Christians. This isn't just in the best interest of Christians, although it is in the best interest of Christian groups, but also in the best interest of anybody who's trying to form a group on campus would make that argument. This freedom to gather around a shared set of ideas shared. Simply put, leaders that uphold those beliefs is in the best interest of everybody insert. It benefits all students, all perspectives, all student groups and what it is. It's particularly ironic that Russia Christie would be singled out in this fashion. Also many campuses because Russia Christie with anybody. Join as a member of any persuasion of any faith anybody can join as a member.

Anybody can attend its events. The only time there is a criteria put in place is for those who actually going to leave the organization speak for the organization going to impeach the organization's perspective on the Christian faith in all the reasons for the Christian faith. Those are the very people where there should be some sort of criteria those who live is the same sort of common sense criteria that all organizations put in place to make sure that their leaders actually express the message that the organization exist to express makes perfect sense and will be watching this case with great interest. Cory Miller and Travis Bob, thank you guys so much for being here will be praying for you and look forward to talking to you down the road. Thanks again, thank you.

This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Liberty health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation.

If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health, for more information liberty health, here's your host Joe Proverbs 2917 says discipline your son and he will give you rest. He will give delight to your hearts is a great assurance that discipline done in a godly way will pay off someday.

But in the moment a lot of us Christian moms and dads wonder if we are disciplining our children in the right way and especially for disciplining them in a biblical way. So today were examined six discipline mistakes parents make with Ginger Hubbard. She is an author and speaker cohosts the parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcasts Ginger, it's great to have you back on the show. How are you well I appreciate you back on. Well, I'm glad you're here whenever we talk about the subject of disciplining children. We have to first approach.

The reason that we are disciplining them, especially his Christian parents. What would you say is the biblical purpose of disciplining your children. I mean sometimes you can fall into this idea that I just got a get her back in her seat because she's getting on my nerves.

Pet long-term water, wheat, what are we really doing when were disciplining our kids will our whole purpose in training and planning our children and help them understand that their simple behaviors from a thankful heart, and the only cure for a simple heart beat and that's what I like talk about it and not depend only the worldly method for disciplining our kids that fail to expose the hard issues that drive that our behavior because we don't have the opportunity to point into their need for Jesus it with their only hope for real change will right so when you're saying that we really have to focus on showing our kids, their sinful hearts. The end goal is not just to say hey look little Johnny you're a sinner. Now you know your center and ends there clearly. But as far as a biblical goal. Where are we headed without revealing their all of the child's heart and the truth about the child's heart. Where are we really trying to take them in the long run. In the long run, we want to help and understand that it's not good for our behavior that it can issue the heart that we want to help in that our behavior and figure out what is going on in their heart when I see that and I recognize that there's been there and take ownership or that that helps them to recognize their need for Christ.

Though our ultimate goal is to point them to their need for Christ that's great that's great. Would you say that parents today tend to err more on the side of too harshly disciplining their kids or not disciplining their kids enough or got kind of a combination I would say a combination. I think a lot of parent may either ignore their kids, which important thing it does take the trainer get that that the way to go, but you ignore our children if they selfishly placed our own interest of Bob the interest and the well-being of the child and the plan consequences certainly have their play, but they're not that for training and instructing our kids and says that the whole package you know they were after entrance and her kid yeah that's true, the ones who tend to ignore their children.

I think the ones who sit next to me on airplane site and I try very yeah these are the parents who've never heard the word now and I I'd like. I kinda wish the disciplinarians would sit next to me sometimes because it can get a little nuts sometimes, but this is true this is true you can air on both sides.

You can be too harsh or you can be too easy.

But you're talking about the six discipline mistakes that parents make the first one you point out, is bribing now talk a little bit about that particular mistake why that's a mistake and how you see parents sometimes employing this mistake.

I will probably want to comment at that moment like that parent night that really failed to reach the heart.

Probably one of the EP a trap to fall into what that looks like something like honey if you will bite on the door today. I'll give you as a get what you want to go out the amount of Walmart telling her he like three years old. Her and the child.

Eight toward his mom and took off running any other direction right and Bob yelled down the eyelet Walmart doctor says anything that get from hearing-impaired income very quickly on it. It is not training the child and obedient. This is rewarding the childbirth giving them a reward in order to get them to have a herd because they're amended for obeying it. Sure holiday for what I can get out at it that selfish great document that God not to get a report writing. It also sets up the situation such that he's in charge more than moms in charge. What about that when you're doing the flipping of the authority here.

The kid is calling the shots. The mother will give in. Who's really in charge then and that's that's the whole structure of the family on its head.

Exactly right. When we do that I don't really know what the parent child yeah we don't ever want to hear, level with I think it can't find comfort and security in knowing where their boundaries our are and that that parent is lovingly providing the boundaries in their best interest which you say there's ever a time when you could offer some sort of reward to a child, just in a moment of desperation. Is there ever an opportunity that you would have where you say that's okay if you're in that kind of a situation in you want to offer some kind of tree to your child for obeying, then that's a situation where would work really black-and-white.

Here are there's 1 Right Way to handle the bottle that you can't get your child out reward if they're doing something good. A good example is that I got an email question. Just the other day with a mom thing I heard you talking about that it not get that bright arc yet but I'm trying to party train and really helping.

Yeah, a little like getting a jelly belly every time he went about it.

Yes, absolutely. I don't think there any hard fast rules here and in general that we want to teach our children to be what right out of a love for God granted what they can get out of here.

I think there's exception that every family for sure now what about the second mistake threatening. This is also a pitfall that parents can fall into what about threatening.

What have you seen along these lines will find it bragging usually come after we had repeat our instruction time now, and we pull out the big guns all wheelchair but he is and that mom doesn't mean like she only talked about on the other side of the world need to wait parent actually followed the rat and got that shipped all virtually all probably not too many, and that we need to avoid think that we don't need.

This is how we get ourselves in a pickle if we tell our kid that is going to be a consequence, then there is not going to call our order to question our word and if we cry will many times will eventually lose our effectiveness because our kids will lose respect for our authority, confident that our word is our word and Dan but I have that company that actually brings a sense of security into their lives well and one of the tricks here when you're talking about using threats is some kind of disciplinary tool is the mom who says how do I get my child to obey the first time when you never to be able to probably do that every single time.

But what would you say to that mom how do I get my child to behave without having to resort to using threats well planned and all of my resources where I really encouraged the mom to first try to get to the heart like that about a month.

That week we said at the beginning that the child took off running and other direction so I would go to that child is two or three years old and you know don't halfheartedly instruct that maybe kneel down and say yes sweetheart I told you to come to me and you didn't with that of buying or disobeying and Putting get that very simple question like that without the anger for bank that helps the child to begin to take ownership for this planet, which ultimately can help them recognize it made her cry, and then step 28. How do you need a bag and I felt like it very early age is I can hold up three fingers and say how does God want you to have bag and held in the site all the way right away and with a joyful heart. Now that I always do that know by that goal. That is what we want to teach our kids and Dan because they always want to tell them get to the heart and teach them what to put all which it disobeying and then what on which is okay to take a short break. Ginger Hubbard is with us were talking about.

Six discipline mistakes parents make and will be back right after this you listening to Jennifer today hi this is Janet met for it and I'm joined today by Matt Ballas with liberty help share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry met the rising costs of health insurance really taken a toll on a lot of people, especially during this pandemic what your members recommend liberty health share will it really go the way you approach help when it comes to help. Because each individual member of liberty, health share use what we call self-pay patient or a private patient where we are each individually responsible and able to guide a manager direct our own health care for you from the constraints of government controlled or third-party insurance systems really changes the methodology by which you approach healthcare to where you start your still the owner of your help, rather than just somebody who's entitled to a program because you.

Somebody that we see lower cost, greater accessibility, and frankly better outcomes tell us about the personal interaction that your members experience with liberty help share important culture to know that not just bodies in need of getting our bodies fixed were also spiritual beings that need to be in relationship introduction with other people in our system on one system that we call share box we have what we call a prayer box where our members come together to pray for each other in times of the help support one another and let everyone know that you're not alone. During these times that are unprecedented and should be very low weight. You've got an entire nationwide community like behind your praying for you here for you as an individual and a member. Thanks Matt more information about liberty health share is for their phone number is 855-585-4237 you're listening to Joe at Milford today and no Ephesians 64 tells us fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. This is the duty of all Christian parents to discipline our children easier said than done.

Sometimes, but we are getting some guidance on this today from Ginger Hubbard, who is best-selling author and speaker, and cohost of the parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast six discipline mistakes parents make. We got through two of these. So far Ginger and I want to try to hit the other ones as well. Repeating instructions you say is one of the discipline mistakes that parents make. Why is that a mistake. Well, think about it will count for long time like going back on our instruction, which are also trapped. We don't want to fall into my oldest son had said he is a total history buff Ashley when it comes to battle that war history and he's really deeper understanding of battle strategy that our military work and one other thing that I found really interesting is that when we look at them of the admirable and successful general in our country we say that they all had one thing in common.

They were certain of their commands before they issued them and yet you think that elders don't respect or respond well to uncertain are an inconsistent leader, which is interesting because it is right along with the thinking that Paul said in verse 20 and 14 eight if it were at the trumpet makes an uncertain fail who will prepare for battle, and that is how it is and parenting.

If we issue date Arctic command to our children and were repeating our instructions over and over.

We don't require them to follow the river spending that make signal and back and even call their children to question their own position in the light if they become uncertain of when and how to respond to our instructions right now. What if you give a confidence instruction as a certain leader in the child still doesn't respond, that's that's the moment we all have at times where we say okay I think I did the right thing. But my child doesn't seem to care that I did what I think is the right thing to do in this moment, then what what use what you tell a parent to do well for one parent to make sure they're getting clear instruction being at the other end of the house yelling something out halfheartedly. You always it is a small child kneel down like I eye contact, and yet that instruction and make sure they understand you do you understand what I'm telling you, and happen, respond, and if they don't do what you have asked them today that that is what that is directed at the and fed there with me to be a consequent and we need to they can fit with consequences or our children are again they're going to get make signal and homework consistently consequences. I also learned a lot of the hard learn that God has built the principle of sowing and reaping into their world, which is going to only encourage them to make wise decision.

That's right now your next one is appealing to emotions. What is that when you're when you're in the disciplinary moment, and you appeal to emotions. Why is that a mistake.

What would be an example of that sample like that is a not fall into this trap here delighted that I might have it.we validate after all I did for you. How you repay it. That's not how we want to do it and we do so much for our kids and we do make some many sacrifices for our children in the EV brought start feeling sorry for ourselves and think that our kids actually owe us obedient, but we want their noted thread that Hank to come from the heart that relate to God, not from a parent inflicted guilt trip right and yell any defendant putting a guilt trip on her kids might be effective in manipulating their behavior. But even if it died down from around about it. We it would be more of a people pleasing and that is not a healthy way to live.

And yet take that from a certified recovery plate what you like. Yet what exactly what you know it.

What makes me laugh about that kind of the strings attached is thing where you know I went through the teen hours of labor with you and you don't even all they do in that moment anyway Ginger as they turn around and they say I didn't ask to be born, and then what you know and that's that. Go to line up a lot of these kids that we love them but they how they always have a good come back so that's good advice. What counting, counting, especially with little kids we seem to think that counting to three, for example, will give them that little extra time to obey. You say that's not such a good idea. Not not an all-around date and doing that yielded high and I counted the rate you're going to get an account like they want in the child, and I think in the child field and at night and and I thank God. But here's the thing Janet Gilbert will rise to the standard that the parent that your child day until you count to three, well he probably not going to.

Why not expect instant obedience because that really late no rent for question or confusion. It much easier it much more people. It definitely more biblical and think about it my small child is about to step off the curb into a busy three want to have to count to three. That's it. That's because you never know when you're going to have to instantly obey and if you're out of the habits that can be deadly. Your you're absolutely correct on that reasoning was small children is another one of the discipline mistakes parents make how small. When you're saying reasoning with small children. How small are you thinking under three under five how it what what age it really does and how to talk about. Of course the older child where some ensure that full reasoning might be appropriate Talking about reading with really can't picture all mom asked her six-year-old honey, don't you want to come and eat lunch now. Thanks mom I'm playing with my card we get cold you don't come and eat it now. My brother play with my card.

If you combine it right now. We might have time to go to the park after lunch I'll be there in just a minute to write her spine what she wanted and expecting that prompted the trying to talk her child into obeying the problem with that. They try to reason with their young children normally end up righted and quite often outwit like you did when going to a bribe in order to get the response thereafter.

And it's real quickly that reasoning with young children and attempt to get into a bag that caused confusion because it places them in a position that they are not mature or responsible enough to handle any right that line of authority between the parent and the child. That child on a peer level with the parent.

We need to clearly instruct our children and minute and then teach them that obedience is what's right and that's in their best interests to think about it, pulling back a little bit emotionally from the situation as its unfolding. You don't want to be in a position it would seem to persuade your five-year-old to come for lunch that's just a ridiculous situation to get into Seo you will you will train that child that the child is calling the shots in poor mom is just gonna have to make a really good case for him to come and eat the hotdog while it's hot and and and then in time you and this is something else that I know that you address which is the issue of who you create in the long run if you make these kinds of mistakes with what is ahead for you if you fall into some of these parenting mistakes would you say special uses kids get to be teenagers. For example, a really good point, but our goal is to really keep the opposite of how our goal is to keep you does rank pretty tight when they're younger said that they learn to live in went down the list large volume today. Let's try and if I get older, we will know is right because they earn free and we see parent doing opposite the kit, yet they have free ranking of everything they want to do and you happy that the plan at kids with no self-control and think about it it's really children had no self-control and are not taught bank children. There always whining and crying and screaming at me and there's so much more joyful living when that balance is there where we train them when their little bit if I go into their teen years really should have, usually a lot more freedom that parents should I get them because they been trying to make wise choices and wise the vision and today what's right and said that after but we let him do whatever they want to do and and just rule the house and rule their own. Why then they grow up to the teenagers and then out doing things I don't eat daily daily start high right about that.

I read out right it is that this is not the best way to know it better to train our children take that time it hard to train them when they're younger and you really get to reap the fruit that given the freedom that they get older like God intended them to have the rate that the parent-child relationship in the right. That is really good advice and you can find more Ginger and check out more of the information that Ginger so wisely dispenses to our benefit, Ginger, so good to talk to again thank you very very much for being with us and for your great advice.

Thank you all right take care God bless you for being here on Janet for today. Always a pleasure to have you with us and see

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