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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Chuck Bentley (Financial Trends in 2021)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 22, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Chuck Bentley (Financial Trends in 2021)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 22, 2021 4:30 am

A jailed Canadian pastor is facing weeks in isolation following his arrest for keeping his church open amid draconian COVID-19 government orders. What should we make of this religious persecution? I'll talk about it. Plus: What are some of the important trends that threaten the financial future, and how should Christians respond? I'll talk it over with Chuck Bentley, chief executive officer of Crown Financial Ministries and author of the book, "Seven Gray Swans." That's next time on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you know best prepare for your financial future. While these days.

That question isn't so easy to answer, especially because of some paradigm changing economic developments that are occurring through some very rapid advances in technology and global interdependent networks. What does this all may well it means that if an unlikely but potentially very significant event occurs that can affect your finances, you need to pay attention and be prepared soaring to talk about it today with Chuck Bentley who is CEO of Crown financial ministries in his latest book.

Seven. Gray Swansea identifies seven of the most critical economic developments today and offers insight based on billable financial principles on how to be ready if and when they do come to pass, Chuck. Great to have you with us. How are you doing while my pleasure. I hope you're doing well. I am doing very well, thank you so much.

Tell us what gray swans are. I know you know what these are. But for a lot of listeners this might be a new term, and they're not quite sure how this applies to financial things. In economic terms that contrast to black water blocks wanted is something that is totally unexpected.

You can't predicted on nobody's right or it has devastating consequences blocked out that the Black Swan. The great swan is something that you can actually find it out in the open, but most people don't think it's going to happen so they tend to ignore. I like to keep up with those things Janet I know you do as well so I've been tracking the economic great swan. I'm trying to alert Christians to be aware of them, so that they're not caught off guard and become helpless to their circumstances right it's so important for people to really consider this because we have had a as everybody knows a lot of stress on our economy in the last year due to the pandemic which you generally speaking, assess the state of our economy right now because we've had all these businesses close a lot of people have lost their jobs. Now the Biden administration is destroying jobs on purpose with things like shutting down the Keystone pipeline.

How would you assess where we are right now kind of the trajectory of the economy, as it were held by that part parted Wall Street of the public market and they're on fire right now they're just extremely high levels. Most people go. I know in reader expecting a significant correction at some point, possibly tied to the neck level of the bailout or covert funding. Some think the markets are in the correct if you go to Main Street or what really is the economy.

The diversification of small trying to go about their job there still struggling and so I think we have a fragile economy fragile Boca what's happening on Wall Street and what's happening on Main Street.

I think we need to be prepared for a prolonged difficult correction, while people need to be realistic about it. So let's get into some of these gray swans you mentioned in your book, one of which is universal basic income even saying that phrase gives me a little bit of the jitters. Thinking about this idea that's been in endorsed by a number of people including the Pope and Andrew Yang and smothers Bernie Sanders what is the likelihood that this will come about and maybe even an explanation is in order of what it is. Well what it means that everybody receives basic income from the government without any qualification. I liken it to winning the lottery where you're going to get a monthly income but you never had to buy a lottery ticket everybody when the government can print more money going to more debt to be sure that they attempted close to problems that they they say or are need to be close income inequality right now is a big problem as well as people are suffering from the pandemic. So there's a lot of justification behind this. I think the probability increases the longer the pandemic carries on your seeing people talk about it even now moving from a one time stimulus check possibly a monthly stimulus check and it's a very hard program to turn down. We all like free money. But in the end, we realize that universal basic income is not free will. That's the point.

I mean if you are somebody who does not qualify for example, to receive one of those stimulus checks.

You're the one who's forking over more money and certainly this administration has its sights on raising taxes so the downside of all of this. Like you said it's not free. What is the inevitable result if they actually do enact something like this. In total, universal basic income mean that just sounds like Marxism to to those of us who my peeps are observing from afar. Well, you're exactly right generated it could be Marxism's first cousin which is socialism were where the government essentially says will support the whole world were going to put everybody on government payroll for some level so we all filled government. I think that's a terrible idea where to lead.

I think it ultimately do a very, very weak economy.

You have people in Venezuela who are making 82,000 bolivar per month and they call themselves Venezuelan millionaires US dollars. They get four dollars a month and I think that universal basic income will lead us to that kind of died down, weakening of the overall economy were nobody's really healthy, but we are pretending that we are because we got money in the mailbox well right in the alternative is they could let people go back to work. They couldn't revive the economy would not yell. We got vaccines now so why don't we let the American people go back and earn their own income well II think that the dystopian worldview, Janet, is that people are not capable of taking care of themselves and therefore they need government support and it will all some sort of helpless consumer that if we just had money in our pocket would be happy and be quiet. But the truth is, God created man to be producers and that brings not only dignity to our lives, but it also helps everyone else will we get out to the workforce will make a product or service that other people enjoy how God created us to operate and that's why think universal basic income undermines more than just the economy.

It undermined our personal dignity and satisfaction in life. Yeah, I agree with you there. Another one of these swans were really getting to some of the dystopian stuff, but it's not that far off the horizon. I don't think digital currency in an electronic economy. So already.

Were in some of this online banking has become a really common thing for a lot of people, but the sum of these financial tools that you're talking about, combined with biometric ID are beginning to reshape the global economy. Are we moving toward a cashless society. Many people are concerned about this.

How likely is this to come to pass in the distant future.

Or maybe the immediate future.

Well, I don't want to go to a Catholic society where were literally only using electronic currency where all we have in the bank counted some digits we hope that we don't forget our password and what that you leading to this biometric ID right now were using it open our phones with some parental and I was print or facial recognition software that ultimately leads to complete government control over our personal economy.

I like privacy I like privacy of financial transactions. I think we all need that and so what's happening Janet is that Colbert is speeding up the idea that this would be good for us know the idea that that that currency is 30 now you see some businesses are refusing to accept cash or coins they will only accept electronic funds going to speeded up happening around the world, another nation, and I think it's coming here. Well, that's not great news. And especially when you think about what's happening with cancel culture. We've had a couple of isolated incidents. I know in the last few years where somebody who my cats me a run awry of the wool crowd on twitter or something fun finds himself in kind of an altercation with his bank his bank doesn't want to do business with him. I mean, how much does that potentially open up a cancel culture problem for people who say well I don't go along with the zeitgeist and so am I gonna even be able to bank freely. The way that I used to when America had its head on straight timing how much of that is a threat. Do you think it's a significant threat. Janet not only for an individual, but also for a complete grouping of people where you one political party could say were now in control. We don't like your party. We think we need to cancel your access to bank accounts. Whether your 501(c)(3), possibly even a church or something that, as you say doesn't go along with prevailing political correctness. I think that's a great risk that obviously it's not now happening here happening in other countries and what I because I traveled extensively. What I do is I look at these trends in other nations and I say let's be aware of this so that we stand up before it starts to happen here. Yeah. Very good advice we can take a short pause will be back with Chuck Bentley. His book is called seven grays swans trends that threaten our financial future. Stay with us on Janet and I phone no A-list segments and was stated night… When a young mom faces an unplanned pregnancy. She's confused and scared society tells her that a baby is not a life and offers termination as the best solution. Pre-born sinners shine light into the darkness by offering young moms in crisis. Hope, love and life, and an ultrasound to meet their pre-born baby as soon as I get a felt welcome. They gave me the first look at maybe the maple vanity Nestlé OSHA cell pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood. When you join pre-born in helping love and support young moms in crisis for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help save five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible.

855-402-2229 where there's a pre-born banner to hi this is Janet my for did you miss the deadline to sign up for healthcare program at the end of 2020. If so, I have good news and special enrollment period is taking place now through May 15, meaning that if you're looking to enroll in the new healthcare program for 2021 you can do so without the need for a qualifying event more than 200,000 Americans trust liberty health share for their healthcare needs. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that offers affordable healthcare sharing programs starting as low as $199 per month. Liberty healthcare gives you the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation. Memberships are for individuals, couples and families offering a variety of options to best suit your medical needs. Discover more about the power of today for more information call 855-585-4237 855-585-4237 or liberty. you're listening to Janet Mitford today and know you're welcome back great to have you with us in great-aunt with us Chuck Bentley who is CEO of Crown financial ministries were talking about his book 7 grays swans trends that threaten our financial future.

We were discussing some of these check before the break, talking a little bit about online banking and the advent of biometric ID and how this might be used as a political weapon at some point there some real difficulties that we can see on the horizon.

Another when you mention is this modern monetary theory and before I saw you write about this. I had not not heard about this before. This idea that deficits no longer matter for issuers of currency out what is going on right now with modern monetary theory, while Dr. Kelton who is a PhD in economics and a university professor wrote a book called the deficit myth and she's become a very prominent advisor to government officials. Both congressmen and senators and even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at any idea is that if you issue your own currency, you have the same position as the banker in the Monopoly game that it doesn't matter how much courage you put into the system or how many adept at your crew that you really have unlimited access to print money and to go into debt without any concern about the consequences of that and on pushing back against it for number 100, not a biblical concept number two.

Economic orthodoxy for hundreds of years in charge upside down, and it leads people into a false reality that we can continue to go to the astronomical amounts of debt. Astronomical amounts of money for whatever you want to do and that there will not be consequences. I think it's a bad theory, but the problem is Janet is that were already practicing it without it ever being voted upon.

It's been adopted philosophically by both sides of the aisle and I'm trying to bring people's attention to. Oh yeah, it has been adopted by both sides of the aisle in the covert relief is a perfect example of this 2 trillion here 1.8 trillion there mean what what is it matter when you have as much data as we racked up as a nation.

I guess it just becomes like Monopoly money but here's a practical question if deficits don't matter. Does that mean I can just stop paying my taxes. Why are we paying taxes if deficits don't matter what interesting because under the modern monetary theory taxes only have one purpose.

The purpose is to control the amount of money supplied. They don't matter terms of revenue. In fact, under MMT with some unflattering only referred to as the Monopoly money theory or the magic money theory.

You don't need to even have to literally think that you can print money without collecting any of it. In return, so it died down. But the problem is Janet that we are practicing it in a sense that nobody is asking how much is too much when we cross that threshold, but our fiat money loses its value. I think that threshold is when the people using the money lose confidence every currency in the world is based on the confidence in that currency to have value and we can lose it in America. Just like like law student. Every other country discharges all right how close to the edge. Do you believe we actually are.

When you look not only at the national data but also our unfunded liabilities that me know what point does it explode. I know that's kind of a guessing game but what you think. Well, I think there were in a dangerous situation. I don't want to be an alarmist. I'm not trying to cause undue fear and stress for people there still competent US dollar were still the reserve currency of the world. There's not a formidable replacement for it.

I don't think people are going to trust China, Russia or countries like that to replace the US dollar. So we got a long runway but were getting to the warning track.

Where were doubling the amount of money in circulation since 2009 are deficits are climbing literally out of control during the astronomical space work, we used to count the number of stars by the number of sidebar deficit now and so I think it's a dangerous place. I would very much like to see our political leaders address the issue and could not test the limited MMT actually will work. My belief is to find out the hard way that it doesn't work I think you're right about that. And in this kind gets into something we touched on earlier when we look at more and more people in the government and and people who live in this nation embracing democratic socialism. This is a departure obviously from American ideal speech that a little bit this idea that yesterday free college free money free this free that that that that is a situation that is not tenable while many people put democratic socialism in the category of politics I believe is actually an economic philosophy is a philosophy of centralized control of the economy where the government picks winners and losers in the government decides who is rich and whose court it doesn't do away with poverty. In every socialistic society of the world. There's been very rich and very poor.

It actually eliminates the middle-class. I think it's a terrible economic philosophy that Ian adopted in political circles today as if it's some sort of great solution, a utopian solution. As you said, where everything becomes free.

We all become more equal and everything works out Robin Hood were not some sort of fairytale excitable just thought it was a fable and it will never work in reality. To solve the problems that we have that's right something else. You touch on check which I think is on a lot of people's minds these days as we talk more and more about China is this idea of social scoring and they of course have implemented at there in China. Not yet.

Here, to the full degree that they've implemented over there in Asia but is this on the horizon pretty quickly. I know there is mean increasingly the technology to be able to do more and more neo-facial recognition and this kind of stuff and then the social credit stuff goes along with it at me. Where are we on that timeline. Well Janet I think if you study what's happening in China. Is it really showing development social scoring means that your public behavior your civic behavior is scored and lumped together with your credit score and if you start to lower your score unit you lose access to money. You can't borrow money can't travel maybe can't get into government offices. You can't get a tax refund you can't get government benefits, and so it's a way that big brother started control over the mind and expression of people in their society and we say well it can't happen here, but I think it is happening here. Janet and wonder why it's happening here is what I call the game application. The big brother we are willingly submitting information about ourselves and the algorithms are following us with everything we do online now but in private hands right now is not a public hands yet but in private hands, you already saying things like, if the driver doesn't like me. I can cancel me from ever using Uber if I have a low score by the driver know yeah port. The thing with the video it's happening in the private sector. My thesis is it could scale up to go to the public sector and we will see social scoring come to our country.

Not a good thing, especially for Christians because I know over in China, for example, if you go to church you you get a lower quicker social score than you would if you didn't go to church that's that. That doesn't bode well for us.

Janet, it's even worse than that your dog is barking at night at your neighbor complained and they reduce your social score so it creates a culture of fear and intimidation. It turns people against each other and it allowed big brother to Greeley control of massive population is it truly is a frightening development and one that I want Christians to be aware well it's smart for people to know about this also will things like cloud storage. This is interesting. It sounds very very convenient. I know a lot of us do that store things in the cloud is in this great I can get it off my phone. What is dangerous about this or what concerns you about this kind of technology. Well when we think about cloud storage.

We really say and we click I agreed to every one of the terms and conditions that they ask us to click and most people never read the and what you realize when you cloud forages number one you trusted someone that you don't even know to be the caretaker and gatekeeper over your private personal information. Is it safer for the most part is safer than people who make up little passwords and don't back up their computer. Yes it safer than you do it yourself, but it doesn't mean that it eternally protected from being hacked or abused or even stolen my wife and I have had information stolen from one of the largest credit bureaus we've had other systemic failures in these networks that week.

We even tried to print one of our bank statements. One time Janet and the bank didn't exist online and you had requested in writing so that your your account number was for people to you, the owner of the account and we asked him why are you doing that well if you ever get hacked.

We don't want somebody to know your account number. So if we had not rented the backup we would've forgotten our very own account number so there's a lot to cloud storage that makes me uneasy.

Absolutely and all these things are very disturbing to a lot of us what general advice would you give to Christians talk in general about C-note trusting this kind of technology and also keeping your financial future intact as much as possible. The whole premise of my book is to help Christians be prudent and that's from Proverbs 2712 prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. And I love the word prudence Janet because it means that your your measuring your steps, your choosing a good path forward. You're prepared to do the right thing at the right time major gun avoid spontaneous sort of fear by knee-jerk reactions and you also going to avoid becoming hostage to your circumstances. So I want help Christians be prudent when it comes to things like these networks and cloud storage simply backup everything that you have have redundancy. I love the two factor all benefit authentication method, but I have to text your phone number to verify that you all those things super complex passwords.

Although things are gonna make a difference not only now but in the future. Protect your information. Well, it's all very important because there are a lot of things as you mentioned check that are on the horizon and they could happen. Or maybe not. But sooner than later. Working to see at least some of these things come to pass in your absolutely right.

I think it's vital for Christians to be prepared again the name of the book is called seven grays swans trends that threaten our financial future.

Chuck Bentley with us from Crown financial ministries so good to talk to Chuck, thanks for the great advice.

It was really nice to talk to you. Keep up the good work you need to thank each shock.

Take care your listening to Janet Matt for today.

This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met river today and here's your host Joe well I am just really heartened to see the faith that this pastor James Coates in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is demonstrating in front of a watching world. We had talked about him before, and play a little bit of catch-up since I was away for a few days and that was kind of interesting because I was up north and while I was gone my home state of Texas had this horrible weather and all the ice and the power outages. I missed the whole thing so it's good to be back and it's good to be with you and it's good to see God's people standing up for freedom. You know it really is interesting to me because in looking at the history of the church in the history of faithful Christians who would not compromise on the gospel and would not compromise on obeying the Lord, and there have been so many situations like that that we've all read about.

I know in church history.

It's weird a little bit to me to be in a time where were having start to do that and we already saw that in the last year here in the United States with the number of pastors standing up bravely and boldly insane.

I'm knocking to be tyrannized into stopping God's people from assembling together to worship and praise him and to assemble the saints together for fellowship. We need it, and the community needs it because people need the gospel more than ever there to press their isolated there lonely people are committing suicide there falling into the habits of addiction and the church needs to be open and as bad as it has been in the United States and many many places over the course of the last year. Canada is just completely out of control. A couple weeks ago I was telling you about this very brave pastor, Pastor James Coates of grace life church near Edmonton, Alberta, and over the weekends.

There were some incredible rallies held on his behalf because he was arrested. Yes, he was arrested he knew he would be arrested. He turned himself in. In mid February and it's just an incredible situation. He's now in solitary confinement. In essence, the conic quarantine, but he's in solitary confinement, and so you had all these people in Canada standing up for him and trying to convince the premier of Alberta Jason Kenny to ease up the restrictions on Cova 19 lockdowns and mandates it it's really out of control what they're demanding there no more than 15% of the people can gather at any one time and you can't saying and you can't take communion in their mandatory masks it so draconian and part of what they have been saying at that church and the attorney for James Coates has been saying is this science which you guys say you want to follow so strictly is not matching up with your restrictions whatsoever, and how long are you gonna keep the churches closed at some point you have to suspect people. It's Reagan's old-line trust but verify fine were the first two weeks of the pandemic.

Everybody says we will voluntarily lock down. We don't want anybody to die. We don't want millions of people to die were to go along with that because that's the best interest of everybody but after a year and when we have a vaccine. And when these two coney numbers that were predicted failed to come to pass. At some point you have to look at those leaders and say leftist tyrants. Maybe there's more to this story than meets the eye. And by the way, there is Aaron Coates is the wife of James Coates and she spoke up over the weekend. At this rally on Saturday outside the jail where she he's been held for holding a church service. It's absolutely incredible. I want play a little bit of this of what Aaron Coates had to say at this rally. This is got one around here is so overwhelming to see how your faith is. This is just so I know my husband is fighting for freedom fighting for the worship of Christ in terms really encourage you to go and listen to his last sermon government. The last sermon he did on February 14 is on the grace life you to listen to and circulated. Everybody needs to hear what is government service so I all their hope in your church is well said Mrs. Coates. I'm glad that you said that and a little bit more from Aaron Coates. This is got to practice the one in others and be kind to those who oppose that doing this it will not understand and understand Christ understand that's okay anyway my friend will proclaim the gospel use every opportunity down in your life is eternal so that risk right now things will know she's obviously very very grateful for all of the sports and what's interesting is that the church gathered on Sunday.

This is a Canadian source. Calgary church hold service to support arrested Edmonton pastor who broke Cova 19 rules and it says near Edmonton grace life church held the service despite being previously issued a closure order from Alberta health services. The service was so busy that some members were turned away as the building had reached its full fire code capacity Cova 19 rules and Alberta say churches should only allow 15% of that amount through the doors I just love these people these people there were at least three police cruisers present at grace life on Sunday when an excellent use of public resources, don't you think send the cops to the church because as people are nuts they want to get together and have a church service. Send in the cops. Coates remains in custody at Edmonton's remand center and hundreds of protesters gathered Saturday outside the center calling for his release. Another 20 people held a much smaller protest and outdoor sermon in support of James Coates at the center Sunday afternoon.

Calgary's Stevens this is Pastor Tim Stevens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary said that he believes many parishioners around the province desire to worship God freely.

He said these health restrictions are limiting and hindering our ability to do that.

So were standing today with grace, life and other churches across our province to worship and to say that church is essential. The in person. Worship is so vital to a church just like it's vital to schools. That's why they're open. That's why they don't have capacity levels again picking winners and losers. Stevens added that his church is put up Cova 19 signage and has masks available for those who would like one Ellison this part of the story. The Edmonton interfaith Center released a letter this month signed by over two dozen different faith leaders that asked religious leaders and all Albertans to attend closely to the recommendations and directives of public health officers net full at the coordinator for the center interfaith center said that the group will not comment on specific churches, but believes those of all faiths should be looking out for the greater good. Fillet said to do something that is not for the social good. We should think about that.

Are we listening to God Internet interface which got are you talking are we listening to our ego.

That's deep. Are we listening to our own, possibly selfish desires of the world, not understanding the church there it is in bright bright spotlights. She said it's unfortunate, but anyone whose faith leads them to actions that put them above the law or outside the law, it almost always is going to result in unpleasantness, the unpleasantness of putting a pastor in jail. Unpleasantness in unpleasantness is when maybe you know you tripping you stub your toe.

That's a little unpleasantness. I don't think incarcerating a pastor who says I just want to preach the gospel and bring my people together and we can socially distancing people can wear masks if they want, but this whole Cova and scare routine is getting old.

We gotta get the church open heat. He's bit you know now suffering unpleasantness. I wonder if this person, not a full LAT would consider it unpleasantness if she went to jail because she was not allowed to be at her interfaith center. But wait a minute. She doesn't care is not funny. The common denominator with all these people lecturing the churches, including so-called Christians and I've seen this all over social media and James Coates.

He's not being persecuted. He just is launching regulations that are for our good baloney ball baloney. This is persecution.

It is flat out religious persecution and working to get into some more detail on why that is so because his attorney is spoken out again to all of that when we return listening to Jana for today hi this is Janet map are here today with Matt Ballas, with liberty, health, or a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry met many people today are confused about their options for covering their healthcare expenses as liberty health are different from insurance will we don't want to be insurance at all. We are called to help clear sharing ministry just meaning that as men and women. We are voluntarily sharing medical bills with one another. But that means that your insurance does basically two things that we don't do one we don't share risk. We don't try to take risk and spread it out amongst as many people as possible. We are each individually responsible for our own both thing is that we don't pool our funds. We don't put our money into a big bureaucratic blackhole and hopefully someday will be able to get somebody out of that goes with two main differences we don't spread risk and we don't pool our funds.

We are all, each individually responsible for our own healthcare and healthcare bill and we share our money whenever we need each other as it pertains to our help your bills so that's why were not sure and we couldn't be more proud. Not to be insurance.

Why would you say that healthcare sharing is a great option.

Will it really does set people free within the confines of the community that helps you in times of need. Were here to support each other in a community and help you during those times that are unexpected and unaffordable. What you have, the individual have the ability, responsibility, and the freedom to make decisions within your healthcare that pertains to you and your family. Thanks Matt more information about liberty health is or their phone number is 855-585-4237 you're listening to you today we are talking about Pastor James Coates, who was arrested just a few days ago in Edmonton, Alberta. He is the pastor of grace life church we've been talking about him for several weeks now and he surrendered to police know what was interesting is one of the conditions that he was given after he had his initial hearing was.

He could be released if he would admit to this condition and comply with the condition that he wouldn't go back and open his church again what would you do it now know and this is actually what the attorney had said the the Royal Canadian mounted police charged him with contravening the public health orders and with breaching an undertaking, even though he did not agree to the undertaking the bail hearing was on the 16th a Crown prosecutor asked the court to keep Pastor Coates in jail until his trial, which will be at least several weeks away the justice of the peace ordered. Pastor Coates released on the condition that he stop holding church services, a condition he could not in good conscience agree to. Pastor Coates is currently in jail awaiting trial, as he will not be released until he agrees to the condition or the prosecutor agrees to withdraw the condition so that's where things stand right now.

Now I want to go to some of the video that his attorney John carpe put out talking about the situation.

Some tobacco because you need to hear this. If you're getting this story on mainstream media.

Not that there's a whole lot of that kind of coverage they leave out because they want to make the tyrants look good and they want to scare you with all of this coven talk even though we've got these vaccines now and the cases are dropping precipitously and the deaths are dropping in hospitalizations or dropping. I am convinced at this point there are people who just wanted to go on forever because it gives them cover for honestly persecuting people.

In the case of Pastor Coates and tramping people's rights in the case of most other people who are affected by them and just being drunk with power. That's why think it's now become in the long run as it just goes on and on and out and I begot Dr. Fauci say no you probably have to wear masks in 2022 right because he doesn't want to lose his position going to all the mainstream media outlets and giving all these little interviews because he loves the spotlight. He loves all this attention, just tell us we have to be massed until 2045.

I mean, go for the gusto.

Dr. Fauci.

This is how crazy these people are. So let's go to this attorney for Pastor Coates this is John carpe and he is with his Center for Constitutional freedoms. This is separate from Wednesday from her 17th 2021 over just use Facebook to send best wishes to Christians crossover around the world as they begin the potential season of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Will Jimmy was sending out his special Wednesday greetings Pastor James Coates was locked up in a number of prison for exercising his charter freedoms, conscience, religion, Association expression and peaceful assembly like most people Pastor Coates in his grace. Literature were very concerned about the coven virus back in March 2020 when governments listened to the wildly inaccurate predictions of Neil Ferguson of Imperial College Prof. Ferguson claimed that covert was an unusually doubly killer that we should all be very afraid of months later, we know from statistics Canada ranks in 2020 were very much in line with Canadian death rates in 2019 2018 2017 prior years, we would expect from an unusually doubly killer is now it's not. And then he addressed some of the actual data on the dangers of COBIT. 19. This is For fruit. 90% of the population ever greater chance of dying in a car accident you do dying from coolant yeah our politicians failed to protect vulnerable seniors in nursing homes instead they impose harmful and destructive lockdowns on the entire population, forcing millions of Canadians into unemployment, poverty and despair.

We also know today that covert is not spread significantly by asymptomatic people and I've asked the government to provide the public with the science that the government is relying on to support the government's belief that healthy people are dangerous predators of the virus. I'm still waiting and he'll probably wait forever because we all know the jig is up on these people. They love the power and that's what it's all about it's not about science. It's not about science COBIT Israel COBIT does spread, but as we've talked about on the show for the better part of a year now.

He's absolutely right when it comes to the ridiculousness of the Imperial College guy Neil Ferguson.

He made all these insane predictions and they were true, why is Pastor Coates refusing to comply with the government also answered this question a listen to this. This is Five. Like so many other people in Alberta and around the world trust records understands the violation of our human rights and human dignity by macho measures is not based on science and evidence politicians to put forward. Evidence of save lives. Yes, politicians claim lockdowns are saving lives, but they're not putting forward evidence to support their claim in the face of short violating policies for the honor approved by the elected members of the legislative assembly of Oberto. Pastor Coates has continued to exercise charter freedoms by holding church services and now he's in jail is not allowed to see any family or other visitors for the first 14 days of his confinement so effectively use in solitary confinement. No, I understand the premier Jason Jimmy did not personally order pastor courts to be arrested and imprisoned.

But it's entirely because of Jason Kenny's laws.

The pastor Coates is in jail today. Now this is interesting as Levant from rebel news in Canada, you may be familiar with him to an interview recently with Glenn back and commented on this issue of the effective solitary confinement of this pastor and how this is just a complete outrage. This is cut six. As far as I know Pastor Coates is the only person in Canada to be imprisoned and you correct point.

I spoke to his lawyer last night from adjuster Center for Constitutional freedoms are doing great work there, he isn't just in the maximum-security facility. I understand that for covert reasons. He's being isolated for 14 days. That's called solitary confinement, which some people say is tantamount to torture you go mad. You can't get visitors even from your family and one last layer and the system boggles the mind. I should say that throughout Canada and I think in some jurisdictions in America to actual violent prisoners were let out of jail so they didn't catch covert so were letting the criminals out I were putting a pastor in its a moral inversion. I find it deeply troubling.

It is very deeply troubling. Doesn't that show you more and more that these people who look at James Coates is easy. Just follow the rules don't know what they're talking about then what they're talking about. It comes from this presumption that if the government is doing something in a crisis is doing it with your best interest at heart.

They are too many people who believe that in the United States, and apparently in Canada but the government said, and they care about us. The government doesn't care about you.

The government is full of people who care about reelection.

The government is full of people who care about power. The government is full of people who love going to fancy parties and being able to say that they have some fancy title and front of their name. Yes, there are some good public servants obviously but trust governments. When did we come to that understanding and to see so many Christians in the United States waving this away as if James code is some code to some outlaw is ridiculous. How can you not see what is going on in front of your eyes. The government does not always do what is best for you.

Does the name Gov. Andrew Cuomo ring a bell. It should Gov. Cuomo didn't care what was best for all those elderly people when they were in the nursing home city was sending COBIT patients back in there and thousands of people died and then he tried to cover it all up and now may very well be impeached in care so much about people. Diddy wasn't about people at all and that guy's a tyrant as well, but I'm looking at Aaron Coates's remarks here on Instagram from a few days ago and she said it was so hard she said we had the secret part of the this secret comment that she mentioned on Instagram. She said our lawyer resumed in with James in trial the courthouse and the officers were the ones who would not tell us where he was the inhumanity of my husband in chains. While I could not find or get to him broke me to think he stood alone when we were trying to get to him was almost too much for me until I remembered the one who loves him more than I ever could, was standing with him. Him and I must trust James his life to him. He is only good to us. I was able to speak with James getting again trying to get to him, but they would let us each other.

He's in quarantine in a medium security. I cannot visit because of virus restrictions.

He will be isolated for two weeks or Lord willing his release.

I do not know when I will speak to him next. This is in the West in a presumably civilized country.

This is not 1/3 world country as we like to discuss. Well, you know, banana republics would expect this part of the world you have all kinds of crazy stuff going on but you know this is the way it goes in that part of the world. The last were entering new territory here were entering new territory here. This is a fight that the church must fight and we must back this church. We must back this pastor and we must stand with our brothers and sisters in Canada who are standing with the coaches as well because this is a battle for freedom. I am all for security and I'm all for safety and love those things if I have to choose between freedom and safety. I want freedom I want freedom more than I want all of that because now we see that freedom isn't free and if you don't fight for you will lose it, so please keep the pastor his congregation and his family in your prayers. Pray for his release. Pray that these restrictions will be eased in this church will once again be able to freely worship the Lord and gather together as with all the churches in Canada. Thanks for being with us on Janet efforts

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