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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Allan Stevo (Face Mask Madness)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 12, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Allan Stevo (Face Mask Madness)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 12, 2021 4:30 am

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are experiencing a big decline, so why is the CDC recommending we all wear two masks? Is there any relief from the social control? I'll discuss it with Allan Stevo, author of "Face Masks in One Lesson." Plus: The latest on how Wokeness is spiraling out of control, and a new survey finds nearly half of Americans think churches are too segregated. We'll talk about that and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty.

Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty generate reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, before the God says that soil is no had a good lesson from France. I remember back during 9/11 when we were going to war and people were so mad at France that they decided they wouldn't eat French fries anymore. That seem like that long ago but it was a long time ago now France though his got it more together than we do. When it comes to this woke mess.

I think this is so amazing. This is from the daily mail politicians, prominent intellectuals and academics in France have voiced concern that out-of-control leftism and cancel culture from the United States is threatening French identity there, arguing that American ideas on race, gender, post-colonialism, especially those coming from US universities are undermining French society and are an attack on a French heritage. The collection of intellectuals, arguing that France is being contaminated by the leftism of America was buoyed on last year after French Pres. Emmanuel micron appeared to side with them. This was a speech in October on the fight against separatism, a crown warned against leaving the intellectual debate to others as he cautioned of the certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States. Guess what France were sick of it to and we have to live here and what we don't have anywhere else to go.

So join the club were with you. I hope the rest of the world recognizes that there are millions and millions and millions of Americans who can't stand it either. I need to give you some examples of recent woke insanity because I just think it's important to keep up with this stuff so we can see what's going on. Day by day by day. First of all, aunt Jemima is gone you know about that.

The whole and Jemima brand is gone.

They've taken it off the box of the pancake mix and whatnot.

I'm sure that'll solve lots of things.

Then we have this particular story. This was from John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, the woke left wants to a race classic literature for kids.

Yeah, it's true, and he references the fact that when he was a boy he really loved this book, Odysseus the wanderer was written for children by a classicist and it's the version of the Odyssey of Homer, the greatest adventure story ever told and he goes on to say that now this kind of literature is under attack is under attack. The political left and the growing disrupt texts movement as he calls it fueled by critical race theory.

Once Odysseus gone and that's not all just a few days ago zealots in San Francisco began stripping offensive names from public schools really offensive names like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln right because why in the world would anybody concerned about race like Lincoln do you know any history, all I don't I don't even get these people and even Democratic US Sen. Dianne Feinstein, she's been canceled to. She's a living witness to her own cancellation and the stripping of names or public events, but the purging of great literature often takes place quietly among woke teachers and librarians. If the classics on exactly banned outright or burned. They have another way to place offending literature on the back shelf out of the reach of the young where there lost to gather dust in the shadows. Don't let the kids get that classic literature that would be wrong. One author wrote an essay titled weeding out racism's invisible roots rethinking children's classics in the school Library Journal and she supports the purge she writes challenging old classics is the literary equivalent of replacing statues of racist figures.

She writes, exposing young people to stories in which racism, sexism able-ism, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate are the norm may so scenes of bias that can grow into indifference or prejudice, and so the astounding complexity of great literature and great writers is now reduced, as are so many things these days to angry zealotry and political correctness.

Shakespeare's glaring sin is his anti-Semitic treatment of Jews in the merchant of Venice, but isn't there value in his works.

Do I really have to ask that he says Harper Lee's sin is creating hero Atticus Finch, the white liberal would be Savior of a black man wrongly accused and what is the blind poet Homer's outrage. He didn't think of himself as belonging to the West the way we think of the West, but when Odysseus enters the underworld and meets the vein and deadly killer Achilles.

Odysseus is told. This I would rather be a slave of a landless barbarian. The King of all the dead a disrupt text leader Lorena German author of the antiracist teacher explains the sweeping purge this way.

So let us be honest, the conversation really isn't about universality. This is about an ingrained and internalized elevation of Shakespeare in a way that excludes other voices.

This is about, of course, white supremacy and colonization right because Shakespeare was such a white supremacist and was colonizing that barred what is always colonizing and if the new test for all literature, movies and statues and anything of historic value was 100% purity. All will fail and who would grade the test completely right. Which brings me to the next story out of the Minneapolis Star Tribune woke revolution looms for Minnesota schools Minnesota parents. Are you ready for the coming woke invasion of your child's public school by 2022 is your first grader is learning the 2+2 is four weeks allowed to say that because I don't think that's very woke that's that's very narrow and very white supremacist supremacist is meant that they had these arguments on twitter.

I'm not making this up where people actually argue 2+2 is not for and it's been you know the fault of colonialists who have put this all on us anyway.

The Minnesota Department of Education intends to mandate that your little first grader should learn to recognize stereotypes, bias, speech and injustice at the institutional or systemic level. No kidding your middle school or will be drilled and how his identity as a function of his skin color.

Your highschooler will be required to explain that Europeans invented whiteness and that America's 19th-century westward expansion was the shameful product of whiteness, Christianity and capitalism, not what you signed up for. Well take a look at the new K-12 social studies standards that the Minnesota Department of Education is proposing to replace the current standards, which lay out what students must satisfactorily complete to graduate from high school. If these standards are adopted, the next generation of Minnesota citizens will not only be uninformed but scandalously misinformed about the states and nations history and democratic institutions. They will however be programmed to become the next generation of woke social activists, having spent their public school years immersed in the lingo and thought world of the progressive left well Minnesota we arty know what you're made of. We saw what happened last summer. Oh, and speaking of which, as February is Black history month. The push to inject black lives matter curriculum into America's K-12 schools is in high gear across the board.

Christopher Pasley over the American thinker writes about this black lives matter is a different matter entirely. It's black lives matter the political organization that is pushing an agenda driven curriculum into K-12 schools.

It's an agenda that at times is not only racially polarizing, but one that calls for defunding police disrupting the nuclear family and replacing individualism and capitalism with an irresponsible brand of socialist globalism. When you look at the black lives matter at school week of action starter kit. It shows just how politically driven their curriculum is is what the intro says in this era of mass incarceration. There is a school to prison pipeline system that is more invested in locking up youth and unlocking their minds.

That system uses harsh discipline policies that push black students out of schools at disproportionate rates denies students the right to learn about their own cultures and whitewash is the curriculum to exclude many of the struggles and contributions of black people and other people of color and is pushing out black teachers from the schools in cities around the country and the writer says it's this very irresponsible rhetoric that causes many educators to regard BLM more as a propaganda outfit than a genuine organization seeking to educate young people to state there that our school system is more invested in locking up youth then unlocking their minds is not only terribly irresponsible and untrue, but extremely demoralizing to the millions of hard-working educators around the country who have dedicated their lives to teaching children, so consider this for a moment. We have been sounding the alarm for quite a while about things like these pro-gay curricula that are being shoved down the throats of youngsters across this country and we've had the problem of Planned Parenthood coming in at their sex ed curricula that there up shopping down the throats of schools across the country.

Now we have to worry about this.

Now we have to worry about this. There is no safe harbor in the public schools for your children. They will be indoctrinated somewhere, somehow by someone because that's what a whole host of people in this country now believe passes for education, and I rejected utterly and it's also affecting the church we get into that when we come back you listening to Janet Mefford today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday. She lives in Zimbabwe where churches are widely scattered in remote regions of this African country.

That's one reason why she travels so far the other reason she walks 9 miles each way is that the gospel has truly captured her heart after coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Mabel reads and studies her Bible and she's discovered that the gospel is meant to be shared with others.

So with the help of Bible league international she's learning to share her faith and she's helping to see a church develop closer to her village finals are desperately needed in Africa and around the world right now and you can send one to a Bible is a believer today for only five dollars dollars will send 10 Bibles become a Bible center today by calling 800 yes word that's 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to Janet

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Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out that's Liberty four 855-585-4237 you're listening to Jonah's Mefford years just what you always have to keep in mind, you always have to keep in mind that the Balkanization of America is a communist stream they were na´ve on the oppressor oppressed set up and that's exactly what under Obama, we started getting in the United States, and it seems to me that a lot of people have very short memories do not recall how this whole thing started.

It was just a few years ago when it was under Pres. Obama. And he really wanted to have some sort of a race war it which you know people were not thinking and talking about this. We have equality under the law, and we were all doing pretty well and I'm not saying there weren't some people who were upset at certain situations and I'm not saying there were situations in which people who did not deserve to be mistreated by police didn't occur. II understand some of those things happen, but there also has been a lot of lying. There's been a lot of line and did we quit so quickly forgot that black lives matter already came out and said were train Marxists and yet were still little in the dark about this is a country and what really bugs me about this is when we look within evangelicalism at so many of these woke evangelical leaders. So many of these guys. It's amazing me so many of these guys actually think they're onto something new.

They really do their acting like they went back to 1969 and just woke up for the first time I'm not trying to use the woke thing in a funny way, but the other hug.

Well why social justice. This is a new thing this is great and I'm thinking to myself, you know that social justice has been around for a long time.

It's been around for a long time pastor.

Maybe if you read something besides the latest self-help book that you can turn into a sermon. You might actually know that but they don't know this, they think they've discovered something new. They think that you know it's still back in the 1960s and that that they've just discovered it and they assume that you don't know anything about what's happened in the 1960s. People know what happened in the 1960s. But what happens.

It's kind of like fashion.

You know you go out now to the stores and you're beginning to see some of the same fashions that were around in the 1980s of the 1990s are getting the big sweaters in the lagging something that was a big thing in the 80s. So things go in cycles. But if you don't know history. Sometimes you'll latch onto something in a new package that's actually a really old error and it's not that hard to figure out if you pick up a book now and then the right kinds of books.

Of course you know I pick up Howard Zinn, but if you pick up some good books on the history of the social gospel in the history of social justice and what happens around the air of the Vietnam War and what happened in the mainline Protestant denominations that have deficits decimated those denominations, you might want to stop for a moment and consider all of that and say wow I really don't want to decimate my church, these guys don't worry about that. They think this is the brand-new idea that is going to transform Christianity because Christianity had fallen under hard times. Don't you know before social justice. When we were all about getting people saved in evangelizing and discipling people and reaching out to the lost and when we were about doing things that were good not only for people in the church, but sometimes outside the community in terms of founding hospitals are found in Christian schools. That was all so lame.

According to these guys because woke nests woke.

This is what is great. Let me give you an example of this, a new survey. This is from Christian Post a new survey from life way.

Research finds that less than half of Americans believe the nation's churches are too segregated, yet most believe religious leaders play a positive role in improving race relations, 42% of US adults believe churches in America are two segregated 42% too far from half the people in the United States, 42% think churches in America are two segregated wall, correct me if I'm wrong, but segregation was something that was involuntary. You had a very unfair system in which people were forced to do other things. Then within white people. The Blacks had to go to those certain water fountains and sit in certain seats on buses and it wasn't fair and it wasn't right and it was corrected, but churches are not segregated, apart from maybe one outlying church somewhere. I don't doubt the boonies somewhere. Nobody is looking at your skin color and same. You know what you you need to leave one way or another. I'm not even trying to say white churches with with black people or Hispanic people coming in, or vice versa. Nobody is doing this. Who is who is segregating the churches is the government coming in and saying I'm sorry but you can't have church because you know there are enough people of this race and it it's insane to segregation is not the right word to be using here and it says here that Americans are evenly split on the question of whether the nation's come so far on racial relations with 46% agreeing and 46% disagreeing but white Americans are the most likely to say we've made significant product progress while African-Americans are the most likely to disagree what, let's go to Matt Chandler because they reference him in this particular story and a sermon that he preached in June village church pastor Matt Chandler, darling of the Southern Baptist convention, and a good buddy of Russell Moore criticized churches and pastors who don't want to get involved when it comes to issues of race, but would rather preach the gospel. Yes, he really said this.

Here's a little bit of a set up.

Listen to cut one and here's what I want to lean in a little bit on where we find ourselves.

If you'll study the civil rights movement in the 60s that there's a pattern that emerges. So the predominant leader. There is Martin Luther King Jr., which we really like right now because his dad. I have to believe that a Martin Luther King Jr. right now would be a liberal Marxist socialist that everybody despises but will quote them now because he's not here to offend us in the now. This is what Jesus means when when he says that that you love the prophets that are no longer with us, but you don't like the prophets that are here today, but neither here nor there and in the 60s that the civil rights movement was born out of the church and so if you study more Luther King, but there is this pattern they would meet they would pray they would worship they would go over, the rules of the protestant and then they would march in and this was a rhythm was established by king so that it was rooted in the church that the church let out in a very real way on the civil rights movement in the 60s. Okay let me just point out for Matt.

I don't think he's done enough reading because there were a lot of churches that were involved in the 60s and he's talking about that and now they're no longer around. They've been decimated not because of Martin Luther King. But because they became so obsessed with the issue of social justice that they neglected the gospel of Jesus Christ and they put aside the Bible in favor of their political feelings that has nothing to do with whether or not we should fight for people in a context of racism and everybody's against racism. I would think good minded, fair-minded people are against racism but he's got this pie-in-the-sky view that you know today. Preemptively he's just gonna slam us all. You don't like like people don't like Martin Luther King and what he did in the 1960s. He just assumes the audience to which he speaking is racist and I can back this up. Listen to him go nuts after that. This is cut to and now one of the things that is happened is the church line large as as refuse to participate, which means that we have turned over God help us, we have turned over what is our inheritance to dark ideologies, like when you say we're not going to get involved, which is preach the gospel to that which by the way, I find so hypocritical you preach the gospel sex trafficking is preach the gospel on the issue of life and abortion know you so it's wise like this writing program disjoint that Scott is acting MCI meet up start critiquing this movement as being evil and dark when we sense you can point out all the flaws in this current movement while you have abandoned the place that we were meant to play, you cannot point out all that well. This means this and this believes this method is about Smith and ignore the sorrow and lament of 12 to 13 million errors in our country can do that okay I know this is back in June when he delivered the sermon, but what's even talking about. He's just going he's going nuts and unwise going nuts.

But I also don't know what he saying I don't know what his point is I don't know why he's getting all bananas is church in this video, chill out man it's gonna be okay yeah again if you go back to some of his involvement on this issue. EEE really come away saying I don't think you're going in the right direction. Here Matt, I think you're losing focus and might I add that this is the same man who is president of X, 29, founded by Mark Driscoll and this is a man who is good friends with Mark Driscoll and this is a man who's had a number of abuse scandals. It is church and most recently, there was another guy who had to step down the CEO of X 29 was removed amid accusations of abuse of leadership. You met you, you might want to concentrate on your own backyard and the problems in your own church before you start screaming yelling at other people but one more cut. This was from a while back Matt Chandler on white privilege cut for nothing makes Anglos more angry than the idea of white privilege, but let's just talk for second if you give me just just a second. So white privilege is an overt racism right.

Instead, it's just this unique kind of experience of life and predominant culture so good. Let let's go back and talk about it. Growing up throughout your history books. If you learned anything other than white people built and made America great like it was during the month of February was condensed and it was kind of a millimeter of depth of really what other kind of ethnicities contributed to what's now modern-day America and and even if you are in and when you open up your newspaper. You grab a magazine you to see Anglos pretrade mostly in a positive sense right. If you go to buy your kids toys are good Bible little book.

It's gonna be pretty easy to just find kids that look like them. On the cover so we don't know what it's like to have to look around Barnes & Noble's for 15 minutes trying to find a book about a little girl growing up that looks like our little girl, or like a little boy growing up, it looks like our little boy like we've never had to struggle with that week.

We don't get anxious every time we open up a newspaper about how it will be pretrade. We we don't.

These are these are aspects of it's an invisible air that we breathe, the type of lens that we wear, which is preach the word, will you, how hard is it just preach the word don't go woke, and by the way, for those who don't know Chandler's churches in a completely white suburban extra multiethnic suburb moved there and he didn't just saying this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health T. For more information liberty health today. Here's your host Joe is anyone else had enough of the mass mandates.

I know I have and not only because most of the masks and face coverings. We generally wear aren't effective in protecting us from contracting code 19 but also because I'm tired of the politics of it, and how the goalposts keep moving and all the hypocrisy and the tyranny. It's just ridiculous. Now course, you've heard that the CDC says it might be time for you to think about wearing two masks instead of one because the virus variance present us with new threats. Pres. Biden signed an executive order making masks mandatory for air travel and other modes of commercial transportation and he also signed an executive action making masks and social distancing mandatory on federal property. But guess what, the number of new cover 19 cases in the US dropped 25% last week.

That's the largest weekly fallen new infections since the start of the pandemic and Reuters reports that new cases of the virus have now fallen for four consecutive weeks to reach their lowest level since early November but up the masks right. What is this all about, besides pleasing the technocrats and is there a way to be free from the madness were to talk about it today with Alan Steve who is a political contributor for the daily caller in the hell and also author of the book facemasks in one lesson. Alan, thank you so much for being with us. How are you that your grant will be out of the door to be with you. What you make of these seemingly never-ending and ever-expanding mass mandates. It just seems to be getting worse. Even with the drop in cases and hospitalizations you know I really want to talk about double mapping topic because it gives credence and authority to even mention it is so preposterous. Better to ignore the people of this audit how to feed and talk it'll it wasn't. It was a one hour after the inauguration that the World Health Organization could the wayward code 19 now is going to change so cold 19 testing policy changed on January 20 from the World Health Organization to make it much harder to qualify as a cold 19 K so immediately when I saw that you come out for four more than a year people at that point had been saying were testing wrong. It's going to be good book like a much bigger problem than it actually is. Finally, January 20, the World Health Organization could okay wear it differently.

As expected, case numbers dropped amazing because we have a lot of false positives, didn't we. Before pertaining to the other testing we were doing. There were a lot of people and also dying with covert instead of from covered. We've had all those kinds of issues over the past year, you're right. And if you look you look at Germany. Germany had a guy from Colbert were going to write that down.

Italy had if you die with COBIT will write that down. Correspondingly, Italy had mastered case numbers, people dying with an average of 2.6 comorbidities numbers look at 2.62.8 comorbidities. Germany had a very different situation. What the US to the UFOs.

Why don't we follow the Italian model and and and say if you die if you die with COBIT, even if it's from. It'll George Boyd George Boyd died with covert that's true that's actually true and and write exactly, but I don't think they're going to go with that narrative necessarily but you're right about that. That's exactly what's been going on back.

Alan and I know you've written an entire book on this facemask issue but I keep going to one central question that I've never heard anybody adequately answer honestly in the government. If I'm not sick. Why do I have to wear a mask.

I'm still trying to figure that out. If I have no symptoms and we know that asymptomatic covert, 19 does not spread. The way that symptomatic over 19 spreads. What is the rationale here.

Why am I wearing a mask if I'm healthy you are spot on with okay I start my book that one lesson with what I think is the best W 2020. It actually comes from the CDC. Journal of epidemiology and facemask do not work to stop the spread directly virus. In fact, facemask may increase the spread of disease.

The goals that are so full of pity for the CDC drilled epidemiology. May 2020 emerging infectious diseases. The name of the journal all X IAO with Dr. so from that point and for years we've known the math don't work for what the CDC's been playing with you. They work for week we have to go accountable another topic of why if they don't work. Why would anyone before the why would anyone be forced to wear these things and more in the word of the kind of imaginary land where where, why, why are the why would they make anyone wear these and how long will this continue for we have in asymptomatic wheelbase and thematic have thought of Wuhan where the be out of China with a good 10 million people and they couldn't find the dog down into it. Chinese Chinese medicine is questionable, but they dug down into it. They couldn't prove asymptomatic transmission. So we have here we have here this important division between medicine and public health medicine goes back 2500 years ago Becker hypocritical before it could take this individual patient in the individual. Dr. in their working together against the world on behalf of the individual patient, then go totally separate concept called public health and public health emerges in the 1870s 1880s and communism was becoming more popular in Europe concept of public health emerged that kind of medicine plus plus communism together. A collectivist idea and in doing so with the opposite of medicine. It doesn't say grandma get beside what Graham was medical treatment going to look like it's as old as above your vote in the community get to decide and maybe grandma could fill one boat out of the 10,000 out of the 10 million whatever it is here we learned 2020 guide to March 2020 we got to see what happens when you put these public health bureaucrats in charge of a country of a variety of global economy under 3000+ counties in the US, each with their own little public health makers.

One bureaucrat made FEMA 50. In some counties.

What happens when you put a society under that kind of control and you end up with the Corona communism. Why does a healthy totally healthy person toward asymptomatic you crazy with me. It's just another way to say healthy and to vilify the healthy person.

It's just another way to chip away it individual liberty. That's what's happening right here it's chipping away to individual liberty and faith. Method one must it's about anything, but this book. It starts with facemask equals more topics like individual liberty in protecting ourselves what you raise a really important point when you're discussing public health and the history of public health and I think you're right on the money about this.

I am so tired of the Karen's. I'm so tired of the you must love your neighbor we get this in the church a lot where you have awoken the church saying don't open your church just because the abortion clinics in the liquor stores are open. Don't open your church or you're not loving your neighbor and I'm thinking to myself why can't the people who want to live their lives go to church and the people who feel vulnerable stay home. Whatever happened to that. Why can't we be autonomous anymore. You know I have gout the opportunity to live for a few years after college in Czechoslovakia, former Czechoslovakia missionary and that was once a very prosperous place that was destroyed by communism. I worked in church school, the church school got close Outlook allowed to drink communism but there was something in in Czechoslovakia in the USSR. There was something they could never do and I believe that they would never be able to US the communist even though they were publicly a few the government.

States were publicly few people would never let them pull down the churches.

What happened to the US with the right reason we close on our churches, the church I went to work with people devolving of the good I drive a long way on Sundays to find a church that I'm so proud that churches open it Google the sheep been separated from the goat week. The ship separate from the chaff. I know the value base 2020 is been a gift to be in that way and I could never of grown in 10 years of effort where grew in 2020.

As result of the difficulties of your dear dear so on the money about that. I feel exactly the same way, and as a missionary over in the former Soviet bloc. You're exactly right.

And the Christians had a completely different viewpoint because they understood communism.

That's part of what we lack in so many ways, especially the younger generations here in the United States but there's just so much more to talk about concerning these facemasks and concerning all of these draconian rules that were having to face unbelievable order to come back with Alan Steve of right after this you listening to Jennifer today.

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Why can I get and get my groceries so that was that was an important issue then by April. I don't know by needle six weeks and three week lockdown safeguard they will.

How do we reopen what is going to need to work on preopening plan were going to meet need 38 member blue ribbon panels. The real society. No, that's not how you come to an end that somehow pandemics and that the how anything comes to an end. It's not as top-down, illegitimate authority that that post to us when it comes to an end. If each of us. If each of us in our own lives and you know this is important. The three lines in the Bible that Western civilization is built upon and it comes right. Beginning and God created man in his own image in the image of God. Great God created male and female he created them. Right upon that is the concept of individual liberty built.

We are made in God's likeness will how does this all come to an end, it comes to an end one person at a time to come to an end.

In my own life. I'm in super lockdown land I'm on the left coast. I can tell you I never wear a mask. I have not lockdown. I go about my life the best I can lockdown that their business but I continue to go about my life as best I can and the Bull Creek method. One lesson is about encouraging someone you know it's good to write the right government is going to be involved. I don't want to discourage that. Anyway that that's part of how the lockdown come to an end.

But most importantly, the lack of component, but most importantly, the facemask made it come to an end.

If the senior own life. I'm done were met facemask I'm done for the home I'm done keeping the kids inside going to the park going for walk is going whatever I can get away with doing and the way in facemasks one left. The way to describe it. We had so many studies. In 2020. That said, the facemasks are not good for people they harm people rights at this point I don't know anyone who completely were facemask faith that we now know and I encourage people to have a human human conversation with the manager.

The police are going to. It opens many doors like to talk more about the techniques that interest you put that the basis of really yeah it ends one person. It kind in your control, you can end it right now you can say right now dear listener, you can say right now I'm the one that they Smith get to a higher standard.

That's what I want right now in your life. Okay now I want to get on this because this is a really important point when you say you live on the left coast and you're not wearing a mask and you're not abiding by the lockdowns, I salute you, but how are you getting away with it because even here where I am in the Dallas area you have to wear the masks if you go to a store. They have the signs in the window is it's a matter of invoking a medical exam sure. Surely you've been confronted at some point.

How are you managing it. It'll we we service providers bubble machine transactions and if you can have a conversation with them. We need this is a good chance to get what you need to you and and there's a phrase that I you.

It works very well that thousands of people grip me that it works well for them and it I cannot work quickly. I'm unable to work for basically say that I'm unable work is mythically I'm not asking will delight these things are no good for you buddies are coming out over and over again how much fuel to their what it does.

Your kids that they can't see your your faith was doing to the people interaction will be child or the society.

Third, no one should wearing the thing with copy there's no question about this at this point so I'm unable work be specifically and I'm not not ask you to storm Omaha Beach, FL is the protector freedom right on nothing under Christmas in the fetid French French I'm not same as the protector freedom. If you have a free minute conversation how we stores you go to a week and 25 it's not it's not thousand.

If you can have a three minute conversation with the manager at each store you're probably gotta get through that door. No problem, and you're probably not have that conversation per month, I'm unable work mythically something about, by 2 PM. What you do for me, blew her face mythically out the parking lot by becoming about three minutes.

What you do for me. Let the person speak that's true though. I mean, when you're citing the CO2 being trapped behind the masks and some of the you know the dangers of contracting other kinds of infections because you got another bacteria there on the mask we've heard a lot about that. That's true. I think you know when I get the sense and I know what's going on here in the area where I live. People have had it. But they're scared to go first. They're scared to say I'm gonna take it off because they don't want to get cited.

They don't want to get publicly shame they don't want to Karen to jump out behind a wall and scream at them, and then end up on social media, and I think that that's important just talking to some of those store managers and saying what you said. I think that's good and evil along with that Alan, when you look at people like Dr. Anthony found she who is changed his position. I don't even know how many times he's gone back and forth and inside out all over the place with his Cove 19 recommendations we were supposed to be free. Once we got vaccinated right and there be vaccines another several vaccines and millions of people are getting their vaccinations and you still have some of the act, the experts talking about the fact that just because you have a vaccine doesn't mean you can stop wearing the mask I really think were going to end up at a point where people really have had enough. I mean, I think they've been sick of it, but I think this is really becoming important advice for people that a lot of people are ready to fight back on this. They're just not sure how to do it without you know being shamed on social media, and I think that's enough. A lot of it. You know what you might get might get a little bit attention here. If you where the facemask to take the vaccine. If you know how to say no to faith your building for muscle biblically know the vaccine you're able to go to work like you, whatever those may be. When they come along if they were to deport the next group would you be able to stand up and say you're not deport my neighbor get out of here. If you can't get your know where the facemask yeah so many bad things to say got the quote in the church. Like many people that love you're right about that and that's that that's the thing is you say life is a risk you think about this life is a risk everything you do is arrest going. You know, people fall and dying bathtubs, people, trip and fall on their kitchen counters and all kinds of household accidents kill people every year. Car accidents kill people every year. Life is a risk, but you have to take calculated risks and effort to return to individual freedom and autonomy that ought to be in the hands of the individual that seems to be your main point the individual and the individual's doctor ought to be preeminent here, not some kind of public health. Technocracy, in which we just wait for Fauci to change his mind is he's yakking it up in the baseball stadium without his mask while people are going. Hey wait a minute what just happened. You're Mr. Massey you're not even wearing one or you are so right about in one lesson I present the way take and 15 minutes to read. Try the techniques to be before you get people courage but your typical yelling at anyone. Keep the call it work, and then the rest of the book along book such the grocery store what you do at the doctor's office. What you do with school work.

If you want to jury duty. What you do. I go through all the things you need to read that whole thing can if you want, but that the idea of their digit, be more human with each other. While I think it's really important that people are able to learn how to go through this labyrinth has been created by all the chaos of Corona communism and telling Ellen. I love that that's just perfect and I think that's really important for people to listen to what you had to say here again the name of the book is facemask in one lesson Alan Stephen with us Alan so good to have you here. Thank you very very much for being with us. Thank you. All right you take care and stay healthy.

Thanks for being with us. Everyone will see next time right here today

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