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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Samuel Mitcham (The Death of Hitler's War Machine)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 10, 2021 6:48 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Samuel Mitcham (The Death of Hitler's War Machine)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 10, 2021 6:48 pm

A Canadian pastor is arrested after refusing to shut down public worship under draconian COVID-19 dictates. And his church says the pandemic is being used to strip citizens of all their civil liberties. We'll talk about it. Plus: How did Adolf Hitler's Wehrmacht really come to its cataclysmic end? Military historian Dr. Samuel Mitcham Jr. joins me to talk about it and his book, "The Death of Hitler's War Machine." That's on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty. Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation.

If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty health Javid River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is often poured on anything sports related. But in this case I'm gonna make an exception because I'm very glad to see that after Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks announced that they would no longer be playing the national anthem at home games that the NBA came along and reversed it is that was really good. The NBA came along on Wednesday saying the national anthem will be played in arenas. In keeping with long-standing league policy.

After Mark Cuban revealed he had decided not to play it before his team's home games this season. This is my AP the league's initial reaction to Cuban's decision was to say teams were free to conduct pregame activities as they wished. With the unusual circumstances created by the coronavirus.

Most NBA teams. By the way don't have fans at home games right now but the NBA abruptly reversed course with Cubans decision reverberating around the country. In other words, the Scott's people mad as well it should.

Were about done with social justice. Those of us who are thinking clearly on the matter were about done. I was about done years ago but most people have had it with the social justice stuff with the race baiting, etc. people are done they're tired of the critical race theory. The intersection Audi the identity politics. All of the whining. All of the complaining they're having a hard time reconciling people complaining about the United States when they're making millions of dollars is basketball players. It's a little bit irreconcilable wire to grateful for the country that affords you the opportunity to be such a huge success. Why are you happy about your own country. Here's something else that is of note, Mark Cuban is the same guy who is confronted not too long ago by Megan Kelly about China and the genocide that China has been committing against the Uighurs and he wouldn't condemn it, because just two days earlier before that interview. According to variety Cuban was I should say China and the biggest broadcaster in China had decided to reverse its year-long ban on airing NBA games so it's a little awkward when you're in China's back pockets to be saying don't really think I'm an openly condemned genocide against Uighurs. People in China. I mean I'm I got you. Now that's a little awkward while in a condemn genocide mean, come on over it were against all human rights abuses were right because all human rights abuses are absolutely equal. Why in the world would you be opposed to concentration camps. Good grief. What is this the 30s. I mean, I'm not kidding you hear this is the irony.

This is the incredible hypocrisy of a lot of people in the NBA you not grateful for the United States you hate the United States so much that you don't want to gotta take a knee. You don't want to sing the national anthem.

You don't want to be grateful to be an American boy you better not say anything mean about China. Just saying. So this is kind of interesting. I'm looking at this article, I have to share this with you though, because this is the woke minds. This is your mind on woke.

This is a guy by the name of Kevin Williams who writes over the Chicago Tribune and before the NBA reverse this. Which didn't take very long. About a day. He wrote a column called Mark Cuban is taking the brave and right path by no longer playing the national anthem before Dallas Mavericks home games, excuse me, what is brave about not playing the national anthem.

Why is that brave.

Here's what he says in 2017.

After the latest NFL anthem kerfuffle. My view was that the anthem has no place in a workplace.

Is that what is now Debbie when you're in your cubicle at work or your driving around in your car is the salesman or whatever it is you do for a living. GED means you have people looking in on you.

So if you sing the anthem people are singing along with you when this is in a workplace the NBA or in the case of the NFL so workplace is the televised sports events so workplace. He says your business doesn't play it before the start of a workday mind doesn't either, the NBA, NFL and NHL are workplaces to the athletes and other personnel who comprise the structure of those leagues, yet the anthem is something else entirely, and overt expression of national pride and fidelity. My view on its appropriateness hasn't changed in the years since and he takes himself back three years for four years as it is at work. The NFL and other professional sports are in the middle of a firestorm of patriotism because of player actions during the playing of the national anthem players are using the occasional protest teams are considering forcing players to stand. The president has turned into a flashpoint.

Everybody is fighting over a few minutes of music but nobody is asking whether in the context of the business of a corporate moneymaking enterprise that uses appropriate you're missing the entire point buddy, you're missing the entire point. This is something that has been done for decades, singing the national anthem.

Why would that be controversial. Why would that be controversial and to try to say it's about making sure that the workplace isn't martyred or something like what how is that how is that a problem night. He says in 2017. The anthem dispute had its foundation in pair and players kneeling and since then a very different kind of kneeling his world America when a police officer knelt on the neck of a black man until he died.

Kneeling in a way that many believed to mimic the gesture made famous by social justice activist and former NFL quarterback Colin Reinecke in the wake of a nation erupting in a cry for social justice.

Everything changed, including sports. I remember what changed after the terrible killing of George Floyd the death of George Floyd which was tragic. I remember a lot of looting.

I remember riding.

I remember fires being said, I remember people being killed people.

People were changed forever by that. Not in a good way. It brought more racial division. More people going into the streets and wreaking havoc and we haven't recovered from it, since houses good for the United States and then he says stick to sports. No longer was possible, as so many black athletes realize that they were a traffic stop and some aggression away from being George Floyd cadets is not honest and honest.

If you watch that entire video of George Floyd.

Remember what precipitated George Floyd actually getting into a kerfuffle with the police officers and I'm not justifying what happened. I'm not justifying the fact that he died it was terrible. I'm not. I'm not making any common along those lines, but George Floyd did not cooperate with the police but just keep that in view, and then he talks about the WNBA taking a stand and it helped propel it black candidate to the U.S. Senate from Georgia displacing the white incumbent who is also the team's owner and black athletes spoke out and marched and made a difference. But the idea of patriotism also has changed not only in the wake of the January insurrection that many claimed was protecting the Constitution who said that you had a couple of outliers you'd several outliers who were arrested and they should have been arrested for breaching the capital but it wasn't an insurrection. Proponents of blue lives matter a diametric opposite of black lives matter adapted the US flag and creating its banner so often seen in events in opposition to social justice including the storming of the capital. What is patriotism and what is it mean now is it protest. Is it lockstep adherence to a social system that most benefits a certain part of America feeling that this guy has an ax to grind here. These questions are rightly being asked as a nation wrestles with the legacy of injustice and the reactions of the oppressed. You know what life is unfair. Life is terrible but we have done some wonderful things in this country to right wrongs. We fought a civil war to stop slavery, and praise the Lord that it was stopped because that was wrong and it was evil to take people as slaves. We also passed legislation in 1964 the Civil Rights Act and that was a necessary piece of legislation in order to make sure that by your skin color you were sent to one water fountain or one place on the bus over another and that was wrong too and we fix that whenever there has been a major problem relating to unfairness under the law for people who are black versus white or Hispanic or what have you.

We have reacted.

I believe in the right way were we have fixed the laws we have overturned court decisions that have been wrong. What is the deal, what, where does it end and this is why so many people are fed up with the woke stuff because it doesn't end, and now we know it doesn't and and I'm so happy that Kevin Williams is just not getting his way, this time talking about the bravery of getting rid of the national anthem. You know all that would happen to the NBA as it would lose millions of more viewers, and rightly so.

So the NBA. I salute you for doing what you did. Now speak out the weaker switch of will be back. Then I phone those endless fragments and list in the states.

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Here's German. I want to talk about some other injustice. This involves a pastor up in Canada I don't know if you heard about this. We haven't been doing every single churches. No problems with police all over the world concerning the code 19 pandemic shutdowns, but in Canada there so draconian up there. Anyway, they're worse than we are.

Well at least some parts of the United States, but there is a pastor by the name of James Cozzi is the pastor of a church called grace life Church in Edmonton, Alberta, and this church has been really pushing back against the COBIT 19 restrictions and from what I've read about this particular church and the particular restrictions rightly so, I've been saying this for the better part of a year that we are very concerned obviously about Cova 19 we don't want people to get sick, but you can stay home and you can isolate as much as you feel is necessary based on your circumstances. But it is certain point, at least here in the United States we must assert and this is more important, we must assert our freedom to be able to conduct public worship as we see fit, without interference from the state.

Because we have seen during the pandemic.

What happens when the state gets out of control. Look at you Gavin Newsom and I'm looking at you Andrew, so just a couple of examples there. We got that issue going on. This Edmonton area pastor though has been arrested, arrested, he was arrested by the Royal Canadian mounted police and charged in contravention of section 73, one of the public health act for being overcapacity and failing to adhere to physical distancing requirements.

No kidding. This is from the Canadian news after defying Alberta's Cova 19 rules and Alberta health services orders for several weeks in a row. They got he's been arrested yet that they're going after the hard criminals they are in Canada you be sure to go after a man of God for daring to get together and worshiping the Lord and up public place, don't you know there are germs in that building. What if you don't like Cova. 19 stay home. You can stream it.

Life they've been doing live streaming, or you can you read your Bible at home and you can take care you can put on some masks and you can show up at a church where they allow two people or what have you. You don't have to go to this church. But why shouldn't he have the freedom and why shouldn't the congregation have the freedom to gather as the Lord has commanded. Do not forsake the selling together of believers, especially when you look at what the data says on Cova 19 about people dying we don't like any deaths, but there are an awful lot of people way more people who survived this. This is bite by the standards of pandemics throughout human history which did not have vaccines. This is a pretty mild one and I'm not trying to say that to minimize the suffering and pain of any family whose loft lost a loved one, but death also is part of life. A lot of people have died from flu. A lot of people have died from all sorts of things were all gonna die Rogge and Adina not try to be callous by saying that either I how I don't want to misunderstand me at some point life has to get back to normal and we have to understand that life is a risk and you take the risk that you are comfortable with and for people who are comfortable going back to church. They should be allowed to do it. That's been my position all along that still my position but I think it's off the rails that a pastor is being arrested for trying to get back to the business of being a Christian and shepherding the flock and bringing people together for public worship. That's his job.

That is his job now.

I went back and I was listening to sermon that he gave back in December and he went into some of the reasons that he is doing what he is doing here was Pastor James codes of grace life Church of Edmonton back in December. This is One question is are we permitted to gather at present are we permitted our government to gather at present is have we been permitted to gather at any point by our government for nearly 10 months. Think about that for a moment you realize been nearly 10 months and some churches been together physically for gather 10 months, we haven't necessarily felt because we've been gathering but there are churches there for nearly 10 months of altered the way they gather corporately to the extent that I would say they are Gavin corporate for some reason Christians have really struggled with this one. Pastor's have really struggled with this one I was on a call with a number of pastors upwards of 90 of them and I didn't think of surveys on Mohammed even felt this way the voices that spoke were incredibly thankful for Jesus intending on permitting them to gather at 1/3 capacity or kindness. How kind of James and Connie to allow us to gather 1/3 capacity is of Jesus, intending as the head of the church that just for your information Jason Kenny is the premier of Alberta and he's right he's right what what authority does Jason Kenny have over the church and he goes on to explain some of the restrictions here. This is cut to the obvious answer is no were not permitted to gather that's why the RCMP was using it.

The RCMP was here, along with a jazz because were not permitted to gather they do not permit us to gather his neighbor James were allowed to gather at 15% okay you're right love to have a gathering, we aren't allowed to have the gathering agenda for 10 months now.

The government has forgiven us from corporate worship to be compliant. We as elders must tell a significant portion of the body. They can't worship.

Think about that as under shepherds of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are being told by the government to tell the flock of Christ story to worship today isthe government says so that his pastoral malpractice that is difficult for us struggling to tell people know you can worship today you worship online. We have the authority to retell people that are not allowed to worship the people of Christ her bracelet which were responsible. They aren't allowed to come and worship you say, but James that you do independently begin to write was born of ignorance.

Ignorance of the virus here is about a proper response to our government is in a situation like this was incredibly difficult.

While it was and what is never stressed enough in my opinion is the fact that has been brought up by a number of pastors here in the United States who fought these important legal battles over opening the churches during the pandemic and that is this there is more to life than worrying about every germ that could potentially get you.

I'm not saying that's not a concern.

It is a concern that people try to be careful and people try to socially distant.

Some people wear their masks and get a little tired of that. Especially given the data on the masks but the important thing to remember is that man does not live by bread alone. I mean, this is not an exact comparison, but when Jesus was talking about that he was referencing the fact that we live by every word out of the mouth of God gathered worship is incredibly important. Look at all the stories that are circulating about people who have committed suicide because they were so isolated during the pandemic or dropped out of college or a went back on drugs or ended up having another terrible bout of depression. People are suffering under the shutdowns and under these restrictions. People need to be in church they need to hear the gospel they need to hear the hope of Jesus Christ. My goodness is the spiritual health. Worth that little to this date I would imagine. The answer is yes, it's worth that little but that's why the church has to push back. That's why I'm so impressed with people like this particular pastor who is willing to be arrested for the good of his congregation and obedience to God rather than toeing the party line because he just didn't want to get into trouble and I'll tell you something else. This church is barely been fighting for a long time. The Royal Canadian mounted police. The story says have monitored Sunday morning activity at this church for several weekends in a row after the Alberta health services issued a work order on December 17, which was escalated to a closure order at the end of January.

This is how serious these people are getting against grace life church. They closed at your your church is now closed. You have no right to close the church of Jesus Christ.

Alberta and this church is right for pushing back and I want to get to this cut as well were James Coates talks about how difficult it's been to be a pastor. During the pandemic. When you have all of these congregation shut down.

This is cut three years of my shoes how my shepherd people. I can even see I was coming here and preaching sermons to a camera I would get home and I can recall just taking my Sukkoth often handle my jacket and was wondering what role do we do to prepare all week long to minister the word of God to God's people. I can even see the couldn't even see you have any opportunity to interact with you after the service didn't get to see you interacting with the body to see the other elders interact with you as well. We refuse to tell people of his body. They can come our responsibility as shepherds is to open our doors.

We are opening our doors to worship. I told HS this morning. We don't know for me to be compliant because we don't know whether or not you're going to come to use your adults well informed know the nature of the situation legally. The nature of it medically, you understand your fear because you want to worship unlocking to make the call for you is a really this is the critical component that people need to understand if you disagree with the we were handling things. This is the this is the note right here.

This is the jugular. Our responsibility as shepherds is to open our doors to facilitate God's people coming together and worship and I like what they say on their website in this public statement.

We are gravely concerned that code 19 is being used to fundamentally alter society and strip us all of our civil liberties.

By the time the so-called pandemic is over. If it is ever permitted to be over. Albertans will be utterly reliant on government instead of free, prosperous and independent.

Remember Patrick Henry's line give me liberty or give me death. We still believe that this pastor does and praise God for him. Pray for him. Pray for his church and just thank the Lord that they're willing to stand on such an important principle you're listening to Janet my for today.

This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by liberty, health, share liberty, health share is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health T. For more information liberty health Javid River today and here's your host Joe Milford plug back the Battle of the Bulge was that six-week assault that took lace in late 1944 in early 1945 and it has been called the greatest American battle of the war. It was Hitler's last major offensive against the Western front, and Germany's failure in that battle was key to the ultimate victory for the allies but Hitler's Wehrmacht's Armed Forces were smashed on both the Eastern and Western France in 1944 and untold story that is chronicled in a new book by military historian Dr. Samuel Mitchum Junior he's author of more than 40 books mostly about World War II, he served as an Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and is also a former visiting professor at the US military Academy, West Point today will be talking about his book called the death of Hitler's war machine. The final destruction of the Wehrmacht and so good to have you with us. Dr. Mitchum, thank you for being here will bribe sure thing. Bought a little bit about the creation of these Armed Forces that swore unconditional obedience to Hitler. I know this is very interesting how this all came about.

This is quite a large fighting force right all all all the while your warm little all germinated the body or social children loan followed while book job walls all brushed only moral wall all all foreign policy over what was possible to remove the bottle/Texas law, but under smaller model muscle schmaltzy called garage door much along the podium watch the glue that abolished the judge of the book of plot yeah will love this major military victories initially because I know later on.

There was the final destruction, but early on.

What were some of the major battles that they were able to secure and win in and what was the fighting force.

Like when it was in its earlier days all all all will all trying to draw in the general goals you want to bound law will not elaborate world war: what absorbed all short truck which lock your own father, Bob Farmer, world dog Johnny is actually more time exhumed your mother you shall all just one all the noble mom and I will not. Much of North front and one close to where work should limit themselves yeah yeah which led to some really bad situations later on down the line, but as you're pointing out in your book in 1944. They were fighting on the Eastern in the Western France talking about the Battle of the Bulge. That was obviously a really big turning point and in a not so good for Hitler even though there were a lot of American lives lost a little bit if you would about why the Wehrmacht did not end up being able to secure that, when and what went wrong during that particular battle for the Germans well draw you like. 44. Schober worked on the wall in the war started and which shortfall all the transmission corridor through Marshall local all at the bottom of the bowl might be killed. Wish Shanda lost her only experience from shoulder on the bottom of the bowl is illustrative after the special log in words which captured German Morel collapsed altogether in the West, more modern ways which tremble from the moment you report all go out for the journey you will log your trip, but it shut up the bottle will capture over 300,000 loss.

You will all will most law victories in history book tall mushroom of German Moorish writer to do what they call the global ocean special letter writers both lounging there entirely Sharon Schultz are but washing will multiple all college bowling for sure is to form over hundred 40,000 churches in Belem won the Armentrout Jewish churches all over the little girl warm up father already called Blue Shield only thought January and should you a Dolch marker to go along one walk that will cure gross/grades shoulder mother will harden you as you want to go to goodness your walk all the work cross rupture corridor while lowering the work world's garage up better shoes no sharper sluggish self-report corruption goodness that's quite a story. Your world, there are no doubt about it. You know when you are talking about decreased morale in the German Armed Forces.

It one of the other things I've read has to do with some of the logistical weaknesses that the Wehrmacht was suffering from an strategic weakness is what was it that Hitler messed up so to speak. When it came to commanding the Wehrmacht that led to this you know demise of the of the strength of these Armed Forces while all your little Rob Sugarman and Martin Ward war moderately book job Hitler Cheryl works to not germinated firing most of the world will now stretch a bit.

Yes that's right, but the ball industry will launch a war how to driving the tractor would damage your drop in your – to Walsh about all of you. Now that doesn't sound very effective support calls will Walsh your ship will collapse who was there shoulder and your wine using/should smoke and sputter the bottle reason we need to pause for a short break, Dr. Samuel Mitchum Junior with us, the death of Hitler's war machine is his love will come back to the discussion listening to Jennifer today. This is Janet math or for Bible league international. What did you pray for today. Good health, safety may be to meet a goal.

Those are good things to pray for the pastors and evangelists in the Middle East are praying for material blessings or for an end to the persecution or difficulties they face.

Rather, they are praying for copies of God's word so that believers will be spiritually nourished and strengthened to live out their faith in this challenging part of the world. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. In places like the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each day without their very own Bible, you can send one today. Give one Bible for only $5.20 Bibles per $100 or 200 Bibles for $1000. Whatever you'd like to give you can become a Bible center by calling 800 yes word that's 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a Bible league banner to click Janet The healthcare open enrollment period has ended. In most states. Did you miss it.

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Liberty health share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need. Other members are there for you to can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out that's Liberty health four 855-585-4237 you're listening to it Mefford to know you will any of us who have studied World War II will know about the Battle of the Bulge but what about some of the critical battles that followed and forced Germany into submission.

How much do we know about that. It's covered in the new book called the death of Hitler's war machine by my guess. Dr. Samuel Mitchum Junior military historian about this most brutal battle, Dr. mentioned, this is the Soviet siege of Budapest known as the Stalingrad of the Waffen SS, which is quite a mouthful, but can you tell us about this battle.

What was significant about it. Well all we are on included global brush all true believers in the loss. You know the law attraction of salt all bushel book job brief well she will show all on the Army eventually 33,001 most conclusion on the shawl you and I am find initially so bushel trouble bottle and lost to law pressure lost body below him were foolishly sure most of the George Foreman book will shut bushel shut shall try to rush you want to lift bomb will explode.

The loss of 400,000 Russian report that the larger Gestalt theory is about all 421 the most from all board much extra large of a good job. You should come under force to share reputation for all ships report on differential bottle holders would draw just before the bottle of Broadway all powerful bottle of drumming for one or 2 miles were full were slow to greater the land should look like show special third-largest phone you know you you show greater version of German chocolate lost all will hold the's that's a bushel, the most beautiful, most Americans know all you should call all you: fraud short of the show all Russian armies one more like 51 short and did all the way across Russia under constant to shove and launch, got there, there were more people should show around all, no church should it's it's interesting that when you're saying how you know how these things kind of unfolded in Hitler's you know guidance of the Wehrmacht. Ultimately, one of the things he discusses how his foreign policy impacted the Wehrmacht. How does that intersect with some of these battles that they fought on the western and eastern France. How did Hitler's foreign policy. Ultimately, you know go so wrongly that it impacted his own Armed Forces.

While got involved in war on occupied countries that included global move much. He responded incorrectly to those who saw a strong global expression one talk about the ball is partially about 40 million people and between exposure and fall more in the 2212 verse for the greatest amount of mold go law hundred people thousand 1200 people should 2012, all social song called British firm that shock important word lost more people will build on go shawl from a lost truck. That's what you get what you think when you're looking back at all of this important history and were looking here. There's a lot of talk about Hitler these days kind of erroneously in my opinion, one people love to invoke Hitler for every enemy they encounter on the Internet but why does this matter would you say for us today when were looking at how the Wehrmacht ultimately was destroyed and Hitler was destroyed. You take that fact and really kinda drive that home to us today as something historical for us to remember that that's important in our own day world all show up rubric from $100 copy of her doctor's note you walking time bomb on bottle work on word, no cost about a story she would really like her daddy turns up the job. All vitamin pots which restrict consumer probably your manger should be what blew me away.

You okay well I like cream application of the eyedrops for OSHA report drops to try for application that's case all English partially explain his usual arsenal.

That's true you never knew what you were going to get rolled over all ordered to report to the foreshore shot you law was actually involved, and last walk you through a brief return to general preferred if you should I let you know I need just goes to show you, like you said when you you just have to pay attention to history, so you don't repeat it, and what happens when a dictator becomes unstable and has cocaine in his eyedrops like you're discussing. I mean, things go terribly wrong and it just points out that you know a lot about the arrogance of man. The idea that he could do no change the world and rule the world didn't turn out that way for Adolf Hitler and thank God for that.

But you can read all about it in the book.

It's called the death of Hitler's war machine. The final destruction of the Wehrmacht by Dr. Samuel Mitchum Junior and so good to have your doctor match and we really appreciate your spending time with us in school and us a little bit on this important sector of German history. Thank you so much for your very well, God bless you, thank you for joining us on Janet Baffert today. It's always a pleasure to have you along and we'll see you next time

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