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2-5-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Everett Piper ("NeverTrump" Evangelical Leaders)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 5, 2021 4:00 am

2-5-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Everett Piper ("NeverTrump" Evangelical Leaders)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 5, 2021 4:00 am

Why are NeverTrump evangelical leaders urging conservative Christians to apologize for supporting the former president? And what does it say about their own spiritual shortcomings? I'll talk it over with Washington Times columnist Dr. Everett Piper. Plus: A new survey shows a major drop in Americans' support for socialism. We'll talk about that and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, the Dallas morning news published an opinion piece by Ed Stetzer and Andrew McDonald from the Wheaton College, Billy Graham Center and the headline was it's time we evangelicals have a talk about Christian nationalism and it was the usual never trump evangelical leftist tripe about the January 6 trump rally.

They said the prominence of Christian symbols and messages intermixed in the capital insurrection was disturbing and that photos from the rally displayed the idol of Christian nationalism. They went on to write the belief that America enjoys providential favor or blessings above other nations is on biblical will first of all, it's absurd to say it's disturbing that perfectly peaceful Christians were among the hundreds of thousands of rally attendees. So what if they were and what is Christian nationalism anyway you never really get a solid definition out of these guys. But Stetzer's other writings have clearly reflected his condescension toward Christian conservatives. Now he's among a number of leftists in the church were likening Christian conservatives to occult and urging us to apologize rather than turning their attention to the evils of their own political aisle and agenda out now. Dr. Everett Piper has just written a great calm about this in the Washington times titled evangelicals ridiculously asked to apologize for supporting trump. He's also the author of not a daycare and he joins us now Dr. Piper so great to have you here again, how are you I'm doing great Janet about my honor to join you well. Thank you. It's my honor to have you here. I take it you have not apologized yet just kind of a wild guess in the wind here that you're not in a potlatch it's for your political younger apologize for voting for light apologize for voting for freedom under apologized for voting that women are actually real and not form sort of fabrication of port before it melted wants to pretend play broke younger apologize for that.

What the world that certain David French and enjoy a lien for my own previous denomination about their calling for the kind quangos who insult to those about to have a little bit deeper. You of the political agenda, or we actually recognize that we provoke for the covenant we vote for the platform we don't vote for a king. We actually vote for principal and we actually believe the same cabal trump Bill Bigby Manny probably aren't equal to the sound of butchering babies and degrading women by suggesting that men should be able to steal their shower and their scholarship in their sport. Well said saltwater people like David French out there saying I know Russell Moore's been on a tear talking about the horrors of the insurrection you know acting like everybody who is in Washington was breaking down the capital doors when it was just a few outliers. He's gotten into the game. What French what is he saying these days I want to make it clear the strength of my comment. Here is not intended to be an attack of the person I'm not in play that game. I'm not going to get into these ad hominem attacks like the left ventures upon us really call us names and they refuse to attack the idea very choose to attack the right don't let me be clear, I think French is a good man and I'm not suggesting he's not a Christian I actually appreciate some of David French's defense of religious liberty on this issue because he so fixated on beating the never trump or drama all the time.

I think he's missing the mark were you calling upon us to apologize you that actually written a letter recently are not bad recently where he calls on evangelical Christians who supported Donald Trump to apologize to the nation for doing so will again. Donald Trump has who spent. I don't appreciate his acerbic week. I don't necessarily think he has necessarily a work temperament. At times the weight in the way he communicates really really you're going to claim that there's a moral equivalency between Donald Trump, ill mannered, tweeting, and Joe Biden support of killing young children, five seconds before they're born really in the Bible to suggest such moral equivalency rather be David French's adjusting upper Stetzer joint line or anybody else. I think that is on biblical and I think it's on ill theological it doesn't even make any sense.

It doesn't make any sense and have they ever called upon leftists to apologize for voting for Bill Clinton or Barack Obama or even Joe Biden.

Have you seen anything like that from this crowd. No, no, again, they seem to suggest that because they believe Joe Biden would pick her more Christian than yours or mine, but somehow it's acceptable to vote for a man and a woman Kamala Harris were leading up down the path to a cultural hell yeah I mean, they're waiting people to the cabinet that don't even believe in the science of anatomy. They're making decisions that will unleash the hounds of hell against children who are five seconds away from exiting the birth canal they can now be dismembered by the scalpel of Planned Parenthood in their celebrating. That is, if that somehow is not a more egregious then.

Then Donald Trump being a big meaning amazing, yet it's just amazing and I'm getting a little tired of hearing about the Christian nationalism thing because they never define it. In fact, I don't really understand what it is I don't understand what they mean by Christian nationalism today mean Christians who are patriotic and love their country and cling to American ideals which are wonderful and are part of our entire fabric of our nation order. They mean that were all secret KKK members. I am not really sure what they're getting at.

Have you been able to delineate any kind of particular definition from any of these never trump her son what they actually believe Christian nationalism is well know, and they're not going to define it because that's the nature of the progressive left.

You don't define your terms. Let me give you an example, hope and change Barack Obama's campaign slogan was brilliant hope and change the empty glass. You can pour anything into the definition of hope and change that you want and therefore you think you're getting the hope and the change that you desire and Barack Obama knew that if the progressive postmodern way to communicate.

You don't define your terms and you do it in a positive way by using words like hope and change what you also do it in a negative way by hanging. This label looked insurrectionist on your opponents know or Christian nationalism on your opponents knows they don't define it.

They don't intend to find it.

They want people to fill that empty glass with very negative definitions.

That's why they do it. Yes correspondence Biden's line probably was more akin to Trump's evil vote for me because he didn't really seem to have any any sort of slogan at all. I guess hope and change is a little bit more vague but it also is a little bit more you know, hopeful for people.

It is terrible and it was empty. Like you said you could pour into it anything you want to, but now we have an administration that like you said is doing all kinds of horrendous things and I wonder how many never truckers are going to jump in and say boy were we wrong about all this, they claim to be pro-life, for example, why aren't they on the side of life, then well, you can't bully be a pro life Christian" for Joe Biden Kamala Harris you can't like saying that your pro Jew and you will. I know they will. That's an extreme technology. Anytime you bring up Hitler. Let the extreme analogy, but the extremity of the analogy is important because you can't claim to be for something and then vote for an individual that's antithetical to those values in every way. How in the world can you claim to be pro-life and hope for a man who believes that you can then wish that life five seconds before it's born. That's not pro-life. I don't care which way you slice it, you got in the force these people to define their terms and when you do that when they lose because their terms are so poorly and loosely defined nationalism. For example the heck is nationalism is the belief in national borders international pledge if the belief in a national Constitution is that nationalism… So I raise my hand. I'm a nationalist and yes I am a Christian and I believe in the Christian DNA of our nation rights exactly right in and yet nationalism again. That's kinda one of those progressive terms into which you can pour anything you want to and I think a lot of leftists here nationalism and they think far right extremists, domestic terrorists, and as we know, the rhetoric of the left post-January 6 has been all about stirring up all sorts of images in people's minds that Christians in particular Trump voters in particular are domestic terrorists of sorts, and that's dangerous territory working to take a break and come back with Dr. Everett Piper stay with us. You're listening to Jana Mefford today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international.

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How in the world can you make the case that America's nothing special compared to any other country donning claim that somehow the United States when it has been obedient to God when it has behaved biblically. Somehow, we have not enjoyed special protection providential protection and blessing from God, and that is on biblical for us to claim that when we are obedient when my people do call upon my name and confess their sins and turn from their evil ways. I will heal their land. Yes. And when we Christians claim that that healing has taken place over the course of €200 plus of our nation that somehow it on biblical to make that claim. The denial of American exceptionalism is really what it is they despise the idea that America is exceptional because of our Constitution because of our Declaration of Independence because of our Christian DNA that courses through the veins of our culture and our country. They don't want to admit that America is exceptional and it's not on biblical where they need to point to the verse that says it's on biblical for any nation rather than America or the United Kingdom or any other nation when it called upon the name of the Lord in compressed terms from its wicked ways and seek the face of God that it is on biblical for that nation to receive blessing and forgiveness and providential grace from God, where the Bible say that yeah exactly where is it written and this is a point that you make so well in your column when you're talking about all of the policies there that are now being put into place by the Biden administration.

Why are these never trumpeters out there calling on this nation to repent for what it's doing.

For example, trying to make sexual orientation and gender identity. Protected classes like its skin color or religion or all of these things that are happening and you mention women sports are under fire and we see what's going on with the border and what's going on with the climate madness and this and that and everything else and abortion for crying out loud, Biden. He was barely in office and he started trying to undo some of the great victories that we enjoyed for the life issue under Pres. Trump, where are these guys if they are such great Christians. Why aren't they out there calling on the nation to repent and calling the nation back to the Lord and here's an example.

The article that I wrote for the Washington times in the week prior to the one that you're starting right now. It was actually a prayer the entire article was a prayer because somebody called upon me to pray for our nation's new leaders like that.

I agree I should so I wrote an imprecatory prayer for those that don't remember what imprecatory prayers are there prayers of a call for confession. A call for judgment call for repentance.

A call for our leaders who are behaving in evil ways to stop example of imprecatory prayers are laden with throughout the fall.

David prayed imprecatory prayer is repeatedly, but when I wrote that article that imprecatory prayer the Wesley and church refused to host that particular prayer on its website. They took it down. They said it was uncharitable as my response was more you can start taking down the Psalms of David. Also, because he prayed the same way about donning it. It is stunning, but it just goes to show that if you are not willing to take the Bible as a whole than how in the world can you really make a credible claim that you are about following the Lord. I mean it's his word for crying out you can't get around that right and we got this idea in progressive left of evangelicalism right now, but this is my view that God is just some great big senile uncle just want to give you a great big group hug and think about you from generalist Revelation. We have one word of God one inspired holy Scripture. And it's inspired by the triune God sold the God of the New Testament, Jesus, if you will, is the same God of the Old Testament = God we need to take the entire biblical narrative is one contextual whole going to understand God and God. If you read the Bible that way is a loving, forgiving God, but is also a demanding God it just the senile uncle that wants to give you a great big Kumbaya group hug and say it'll be okay. No peak okay you continue in your evil ways and your disobedient attitude and that's why we need to pray for our nation's leaders to reap not felt evangelical who voted for right life and voted for freedom to repent.

But tell our leaders for taking the lives of our children and hoping the dignity of women to repent. Yes, it's an important thing for people to understand the question that pops into my head is we've seen what happens with these leftists who absolutely love to cancel people and you see this, for example on social media they'll get a B in their bonnet about something somebody said once 25 years ago and they unearthed it and then they mobbed the person you better apologize you better and then this person who's been cornered and is terrified puts out a statement. I'm terrible. I'm awful.

I was awful but I'm not the person I was.

Then I'll never do it again.

I promise to do better. You see this over and over. But what happens is when you do apologize sometimes for things that aren't that big of a deal.

Sometimes they are, sometimes they're not forgiveness.

It's not like they say okay all better. We forgive you go on in your career go on in your fame and fortune wherever you were in society.

Just return in and out all is well. It never ends that way and I'm wondering if you believe if we did apologize for voting for Trump if that would be enough for these never trump leftist evangelical leaders, or would they continue to demand more from us. No, no, I would never be enough and we know that by watching the evidence. The only time they will ever forgive you for your conservativism. If you deny the entire conservative agenda and become a lab in March along with them in good so obediently with the progressive agenda. About the only time you will be welcome into that camp.

Other than that I can't remember who said this.

It was a it was a mainstream commentator of some sort of talking head on one of the networks who was relatively conservative and she had been mobbed by the rage about and she tweeted some very good advice. She said that never bow the knee to the rage.

Bob never because it's never good enough. It's never good enough. If you bow the knee to the rage mob.

They will have your head the way you deal with. If you're in the right if you need to confess because you committed some sort of man then confessed it privately. If it was private. Confess it publicly if it was public and then move on with life. That's the nature of Christianity. You said you were sorry you confess that you ask forgiveness now move on, move on, but never bow the knee to the rage mob if you didn't do anything wrong and your ground but show some spine. Be courageous and be immovable, be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.

That's right yet you know what else continues to bug me is when we go back to the early days of the pandemic last year and I noticed how many of these leftists were saying closure church, stay home, obey your rulers, you know, at make sure that you follow Romans 13 love your neighbor stay home closure church for the foreseeable future. You even had some of these guys closing their churches for the rest of the year. Even the government didn't demand it and then on the other side you had Christian same old way. A minute those who are vulnerable can stay home, but come on these leftist tyrants are letting abortion clinics stay open and liquor stores stay open, but churches have to stay closed and there was that whole thing and yet here was Ed Stetzer who is one of these guys. I hate going back to him again. But just because this particular instance comes up related to him. He went on some black lives matter marches peaceful marches with black religious leaders in Chicago while he was telling people to keep their churches closed and I went back to one of these articles that he ran on his exchange blog at Christianity today and he had this guest blogger who said evangelical should now recognize the leaders of the black lives matter movements are crying out for a restoration of the Amado day and I know how much you like that phrase. Dr. Piper, they're not asking for the gospel per se, and their core values do not pave a road to the cross of Christ. But in light of the historic treatment of Blacks in America.

Their request for a restoration of dignity. Rooting back to the Amato day must be granted and I thought did this guy miss the part where they were talking about being trained Marxists. This is not true and they're pushing this as if all they just want to be seen as people. Everybody sees them as people, we just see them as people who are embracing Marxist and afar Elgin left LGBT ideology which Christian should reject it while you were going through the scenario. But first thing that came to my mind Marxism marks the point is you move that point in black lives matter were they said they stand for the querying of the nuclear family that their markings organization want mantle. The biblical definition of what it means to be a man and a woman in a family with children you missed that part of Dr. and why are you marching with them the cold not venture itself upon your little market, but it will upon those that repeat preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the parking lot at the church so inconsistent. It makes no sense and it exposes the why of their quote unquote righteous indignation make great think there indignation toward you is righteous but yet the grounding it and what a Marxist political agenda that gives them some standard of righteousness that is above and beyond the biblical worldview that is been tested by time defended by reason and revealed to us in Scripture really really you're going to go with a Marxist organization that wants to clear than the nuclear family, as opposed to 2000 years of teaching from the Bible that have solidified and defined the church talk.

I don't know how you can claim to be Christian leader in our culture today. I agree with you Dr. Everett Piper always grades Washington You can check out his great work they are. Thanks so much Dr. Piper. Keep up the good work.

I need you to listening to Janet this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford. I have to say I have been very impressed lately was Sen. Rand Paul, I always have liked him a certain amount. I don't suppose any politician is perfect in any way, but I like some of what he's been having to say the last few months and I want to give him extreme props for how he handled this interaction with Miguel Cardona.

This is the nominee for education Sec.

As you know, this is an administration that is all about big gay anything big gay once big gay cats but one of the policies I should even say policies because it came down via executive order is having to do as you know, with this gender identity, sexual orientation, adherence, and one of the casualties of all of this is women sports girls sports and there have been lawsuits. As you might remember, pertaining to this issue where girls who have been working for years to try to get to the top of their track team or what have you. Now having to face the reality that there letting boys compete against them in boys just have an incredible physical advantage over girls. For obvious reasons. They have better muscles in their stronger and they're faster and they're bigger so generally speaking, a girl can't stand a chance if she's competing against a boy.

It's why we had boys and girls sports in the first place.

Where are all the feminists when you need them. So this is an issue upon which a lot of Americans agree and I find it interesting because even on the left you have some people green hey wait a minute, there's something wrong here. I think part of the problem though is when people buy into the LGBT lies. They are very reluctant to come up against the cognitive dissonance that's created when their ideology runs up against reality and admit to themselves, much less anybody else that hey maybe I took a wrong turn here like with abortion, it was easier back in the 70s when they could make these ridiculous claims that it was just a little glob of cells and they are not really a human being and then you fast-forward 48 years and all of a sudden you can see in 4D your baby in your womb, how do you continue to make the clump of cells, argument, and instead of saying well I guess you guys were right the whole time and this really is a baby and it does CAC and you can see the movement of the child when you're looking at the ultrasound at rather than actually going the direction of reality and admit that I made.

What is a very very fatal mistake to try to come up with a new argument like choice. This is what they do. It is very hard for people to walk back gigantic errors in judgment because people don't naturally like to humble themselves, and that goes for all of us, certainly. But if you're up against something that enormous wouldn't you walk it back. How many people end up walking back there adherence to insane transgender ideology. There's no such thing as a transgender. There are people who have gone through mutilating surgeries on the male side of the aisle and on the female side of the aisle. And that's the reality. It's people having surgeries. They should never be having to try to create them into becoming the opposite sex, which can never happen. Let's be real about this and Sen. Rand Paul was.

I want you to listen to a little bit of his interaction here with Miguel Cardona and listen, especially for how this man handles some of these very important issues. This is Sen. Paul cut 140 think in general about boys running in girls track meets the been doing in Connecticut. I think it's critically important. Educated education systems and educators respect the rights of all students, including students who are transgender and that they are afforded the opportunities and every other student has the participating in curricular activity. Does it bother you that like the top 20% of boys running in track meets beat all of the roles in the state. Admit it. You know would be in a completely destroyed girls athletics.

The girls are being pushed out. They don't make the finals in the state made they don't get college scholarships that it's really detrimental to girls sports. Do you worry about having boys running girls track meets you, I recognize and appreciate the concerns and the frustrations that are expressive as Commissioner of education. I've had conversations with families who have felt the way you just described in families of students who are transgender so I understand that this is a challenge.

I look forward to working with you and others to think it's fair boys running in the girls track me. I think it's appropriate for its I think it's the legal responsibility of schools to provide opportunities for students to participate in activities and this includes students who are transgender so you don't have a problem that was boys running in the girls track me swimming meets name in your okay them with boys competing with girls center. I think answer the question I believe schools should offer the opportunity for students to engage in next curricular activities, even if there transgender think that's the right nice Dodge. We read between the lines. There are you kidding me you're okay with boys participating against girls when they clearly have a physical advantage.

The man didn't even come out and say they're not boys they're not girls there, whatever their gender identity happens to be, according to the way they think about themselves evening and say that he just stuck to his line and Repeating it. The answer apparently is yes and by the way, this whole misnomer that we have to have this legal responsibility and we have to follow our legal responsibility to make sure that every student can participate in extracurricular activities that's already in place. The boys can compete as boys and the girls can compete as girls. It's not hard but it is hard when you're in the clutches of big gay and you are so beholden to this ideological radical sexual movement that you can't even think straight anymore. If push came to shove, and you had the sky in a private setting, and you put these questions to him what we actually say we say because we believe transgender is him as 1/3 gender when you look at him like he was crazy and there are people who will say that because they can't think straight anymore.

They've been so given over in my opinion by God to a depraved way of thinking that they can't understand anymore the differences between male and female in the biological realities of XX and X, Y, and there is a very, as I've said infinitesimal group of people who are intersex but that's so infinitesimal it's not it's negligible in any rate, Sen. Paul follows this all up with a great rant I want to listen to this. This is got to a lot of us think of as those are not very fair and I come from a family that has a lot of girls who'd been have competed in college athletics have been state champions and rankly you know some boy that 6 foot two competing against my 5 foot four may extend sound very fair. I think most people in the country think it's bizarre. You know that is just completely bizarre and unfair that people near to run the Department of Education you got no problem with it.

All that concerns me and II think is this kind of thing is going to lead to really just the vast majority of America.

Just wondering who are these people that think it's okay from what planet are you from I mean to think it's okay that boys would compete with girls in a track meet at that somehow would be fair. I wonder where feminists are on this. I wonder where the people who support women sports are on this mean we all can be okay with walking 6 foot four guys you know wrestling against girls doing unit. It just makes no sense whatsoever. And so I think the fact that you seem to be afraid to answer the question or you have basically do answer the question by saying it's okay without saying it's okay really is a statement to the real problem we have and disconnect between middle America on what most Americans actually believe Ivan think most Democrats don't believe girls should run in the boys track me in a boy should run the girls track meet. So I'm disappointed in the answer and I just can't imagine that you have a policy like that nationally, we are because Pres. Biden issued an executive order calling on schools to allow transgender athletes to participate in sports. Due to their perceived gender identity rather than biological sex. So welcome to insanity lands. By the way, when we talk about feminists who get its actually there are a couple out there. Camille Paglia was one of them. Remember this cut cut three. I think that they transgender propagandists okay while inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender in the air in the sex reassignment surgery. Even today, with all that's all that's a no advance advances cannot in fact change anyone's sacs okay you can you can define yourself as a trans man or a trans woman in some one of these new gradations along the scale, but ultimately every single cell in the human body, the DNA and that cell remains coded for your biological birth, so there a lot of lies being propagated the present moment, I think, is not in anyone's best interest. May her tribe increase.

Even Camille Paglia got sets and she got a lot of heat for saying that when she did say that, but she is right and so is Sen. Paul and we can't let this ideology just moments down like a steamroller because it's not true. It's just not true. And we need to think about the poor souls who are the victims of this ideology to take a break. You're listening to Janet today Janet Mefford today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives. My name is Dan Steiner and I'm the president of prewar ultrasound truly is a game changer when a mom comes into pregnancy center under pressure to abort her child. Perhaps the day is gone, perhaps her mother is pressuring her most of the time in her heart she doesn't want to abort what she needs is something that will give her the strength to choose life against the pressures that are forcing her to consider abortion. That's the ultrasound.

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As you know, speaking of the transgender issue. Pres. Biden has selected Dr. Rachel Levine, formerly Richard Levine for the HHS assistant secretary of health and anybody who dares say that this is a man gets kicked off Twitter and Facebook. This is the rule, you might just be suspended or you might be permanently banned. What a dumb thing to ban people over you said something true with your head when I can let you talk anymore. You can't call a man a man you better call a man a woman you know to what extent are we going to continue to put up with the madness. I don't know, but this is very interesting.

The Washington Examiner had a piece here by Tom McCluskey of March for life action on Biden's HHS nominees all lacking basic competence in public health, but they protect abortionists. Of course they do.

Listen to this Pres. Biden's nominees for the top three positions at HHS all have troubling records marked by inexperience and incompetence in the area of healthcare policy course that doesn't really matter as much as their fealty to the abortion industry. The nominee for secretary of HHS is, of course, Javier Becerra, the California Atty. Gen. who has no background in the field of healthcare at all. His background includes attacking the First Amendment rights of pregnancy care centers in California and he ultimately lost that case at the Supreme Court called Neff Levee Becerra.

We talked about that on the show many times protecting the free speech of pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide also sued a group of nuns the Little sisters of the poor, insisting that they should be forced to pay for contraception and abortion abortifacients in their healthcare plans. In December 2020. Becerra was faulted by state, district attorneys for doing little to stop was described as the biggest taxpayer fraud in California's history investigator said federal pandemic on employment benefits worth $400 million to possibly over $1 billion were fraudulently obtained in the names of ineligible prisoners by criminal associates.

The vast majority of this money will likely never be recovered. According to prosecutors was Constance acting Sec. of health Andrea palm has been nominated for the second most powerful position at HHS and that his deputy secretary. Palm came to the badger state position with no healthcare education or experience beyond a brief stint at HHS and within a year of her taking the position. Palm showed she was weighing over her head when it came to the states code 19 response. Her public appearances addressing the pandemic caused confusion as she seemed not to understand the data now I could make a joke about people in the administration, not knowing what's going on.

Maybe that's kind of the five in the White House. I don't know Paul repeatedly exceeded her positions, lawful powers, even issuing an emergency order to close the state indefinitely and then the legislature sued her and successfully overturned that order. She was sued for continuing to close and restrict religious gatherings and she also advised the governor to delay the spring election which the state Supreme Court blocked she sounds awesome. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked Wisconsin under Palm's leadership 40th in the nation and its vaccine rollout. She is just getting better all the time half of the dose is provided to Wisconsin have not yet been administered and the state still hasn't completed its priority lists for who should be vaccinated, and when it's kind of an interesting comparison. Look what's going on in Florida. Finally, Biden put in Dr. Rachel a.k.a. Richard Levine for HHS assistant secretary of health.

Her incompetent don't see her.

Tom you know better. His incompetence as Pennsylvania secretary of health is without a doubt the worst of the three Levine knew that the order issued from his office, forcing cover 19 patients into nursing homes would lead to deaths Levine as you know, then moved his mother out of the care facility and that caused some turmoil and yet that's when we look further on down in the story. What these three HHS nominees also have in common is their loyalty to abortion. Mega business plan parenthood and promotion of abortion in general.

While in Congress. Becerra received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL pro-choice America is California Atty. Gen. Becerra used his power to protect Planned Parenthood from a baby body parts trafficking scandal ways that still being investigated, because it's been years. How hard is it become to actually compile all of the information that's already readily available and conclude that these people need to be dealt with legally that I'm sure about the time that Hillary Clinton goes to jail will figure out if Planned Parenthood is in fact guilty of this very obvious scandal of baby body parts trafficking.

Instead, he used his office.

Becerra did to file charges against as you know David to Leiden and his organization, the Center for medical progress. Tom used her office to declare abortion and essential service and named a former lobbyist and lawyer for Planned Parenthood to be her state deputy secretary Levine oppose legislation in Pennsylvania that included a ban on late-term dismemberment abortions and a Sec. of health Levine designated abortion facilities including Planned Parenthood as essential but excluded other elective surgical procedures from this designation support and have just a fantastic lineup at HHS. This is what you want America. This is what you want you want the climate madness in the transgender madness in the border madness and now Biden is good to be letting in more refugees during the pandemic fantastic as his press secretary has announced that with the vaccine you're still gonna have to wear your masks, why, why did a vaccine. If you're just gonna continue to do all the things that you did before. I thought the purpose of the vaccine was you could drop doing all of those other things because the vaccine would protect you, at least, after a couple of weeks. That's were here for hot that's where you're wrong because apparently the CDC is now taking the place of the executive and the legislative branches and just dictating you're gonna be violating federal law.

If you don't wear your mask in the airports and on airplanes and everywhere else they tell you to wear them in federal facilities of the CDC is now ruling your life. Are you happy it very happy I'm happy. I'm laughing so I won't cry well I'll give you a little bit of good news there is a new pull out from the cultural research Center at Arizona Christian University, headed up by George Barna. This is very interesting. Support for socialism in the United States is at its lowest level in years. Isn't that interesting.

With less than 1/3 of all American adults only 32% preferring socialism to capitalism in the wake of the 2020 election. It was 41% only two years ago. Very interesting. The latest findings from this 2020 postelection survey suggest a sharp and relatively rapid rejection of socialism. In many of the policies likely to be promoted by Pres. Biden in the Democrat party in the next four years nine percentage point decline among US adults in the last two years actually accounts for 20 million fewer people preferring socialism over capitalism, which age group. Do you think is more inclined to think socialism is neato. You're right, the under 30s. This is the fault of adults, folks, it's the fault of adults. If your children don't know why capitalism is better than socialism that is on you. Do not expect the Sunday school teacher to inform them. Do not expect the schools to inform them, not even Christian schools that your job as a mom that your job as a dad. We do it in my house all the time. We have conversations about communism regularly and we talk about Mao when we talk about lending we talk about Stalin. We talk about Cuba.

We talk about the Soviet Union we go through all these things. That's how kids learn.

I'm not patting myself on the back. But what I'm saying is, it needs to be an intentional conversation if you were to raise your children to believe the right things you have to take the lead. As a parent and maybe some have maybe some have maybe some great parents walked around grocery stores and said during the height of the pandemic.

Hey remember last week we were here and there was no toilet paper and this week were here and there is toilet paper.

Do you know why that is. Little Johnny because we live in America and we have a supply chain and these businesses can make adjustments on the fly and they can begin to up the production and they don't have to worry about a five year plan the way they did in the old Soviet Union, and if you were living in Venezuela little Johnny, we wouldn't have toilet paper probably for the next three years hiding like the toilet paper little child okay well there's your answer. Now let's go back. I want to want to play this if I can very very quickly to Cabot Phillips of campus reform interviewing college kids in AOC's district about socialism two years ago. Listen to cut five education and healthcare costs to know where the money would come from the people you know okay.

Spoken like a guy who doesn't pay taxes or at least doesn't pay that much in taxes you love pay more taxes because socialism is so moral and it's so good. I don't know how we'll pay for it. I have no idea how we'll pay for the government will pay for it and then will also use some tax money hey genius where you think the government gets its money from people who work and save and pay taxes.

That's the people down the street from you who are intelligent enough not to vote for somebody who's a democratic socialist, you might want to wake up a little bit. People are going to live and learn.

If we keep going down a bad trail. Keep praying for this country. Thanks for being with us on Janet effort today say next. This hour has been brought by Marie Moran $28 saves one life, five 555-402-2229

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