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2-2-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Alan Gottlieb (Gun Control) David Rives (Science and the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 2, 2021 4:00 am

2-2-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Alan Gottlieb (Gun Control) David Rives (Science and the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 2, 2021 4:00 am

A newly introduced gun-control bill would require gun owner licensing, retroactive gun registration and even psychological evaluations! Does this "insanity on steroids" have any chance of passing? I'll discuss it with Alan Gottlieb, president of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Plus: David Rives of David Rives Ministries shows the many ways the Bible beat science to the punch centuries ago. His book is called, "21 Verses Backed By Science." Join us for Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone. I think with what I talked about yesterday. It's important to follow up with something that's Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse recently penned in this dream I appreciate all of these people who are keeping us up to speed on how Christians are being treated in this age of censorship and it's getting nuts out there. What one of my continuing irritations is that journalism is, you know his gone from being about reporting the news and giving you facts and letting you decide what you think, to becoming leftist activists, and there are not many leftist activists who can top NBC NBC is one of the worst NBC and MSNBC. There terrible I really can't come up with any kind of hyperbolic way of expressing that I'll just say flat out their terrible there activists of the worst kind and Dr. Morris points this out in this article that she recently wrote where she says NBC news is doing a full court press against profamily organizations with three smear pieces in the last three weeks of 2020.

These stories aimed to eliminate profamily groups from polite society and routine business transactions and even worse, these NBC news stories are scapegoating and marginalizing Christians. Why will because Christians are to blame for all the troubles in the world coming of course go back to Nero. Christians start of the great fire, don't you remember Nero said so it had to be true. While let's look at some of these stories. The first one is from December 9 and on December 9.

NBC news published a story cataloguing 14 organizations on the Southern poverty Law Center's hate list that received paycheck protection program forgivable loans now.

What is the first problem here. The first problem here is listening to the Southern poverty Law Center designate anybody as a hate group because nobody's a bigger hate group than the SPLC. The SPLC might I remind you, is the organization that put together hate map by which on hinged people who do the bidding of the left could go and see where some of these profamily organizations were located and like this crazy domestic terrorist and back in 2012. Locate the headquarters of the family research Council and go there with the gun and the intent to do a massacre and then shove Chick-fil-A sandwiches and everybody's faces because there's so anti-gay member that by the grace of God. It didn't happen, but it was terrifying and I don't even think they ever took down that hate map so last I checked, they hadn't and that was Spano over the course of many years. Since this is occurred. So there still listening to the SPLC about who is and who is not a hate group you remember what the SPLC has been involved in.

They had to get rid of their founder and they had all kinds of shenanigans going on accusations of racism and whatnot, behind the scenes so that they are awful or just plain awful. So the story for NBC news is assuming that anybody the SPLC designates as a hate group must in fact be a hate group listen to what they say they did this analysis based on hate groups designated by the Southern poverty Law Center or the antidefamation league that received PPP money and primarily focused on advocating against immigrants is that even mean and opposing the advancement of homosexual and transgender rights to stop them right there and say what more do you want, you got a redefinition of marriage you went so far beyond your wildest dreams of Once upon a time referring to your own lifestyles as alternative lifestyles. Now you've got full-blown fake marriage and yet it continues we want the equality act. We want this. We want that we want and you know when they get the equality act that won't be enough either. You're never allowed to say anything about the agenda of big gay in anything more than anything less. I should say then full celebration NBC news cross check the PPP data against 73 different designated hate groups whose work and advocacy focuses on attacking, maligning and delegitimizing entire classes of people based on their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or if they have a disability hate groups just just as an aside, hate groups are trying to delegitimize people who have disabilities, or any of those other things while at any rate they go after.

For example, the American family Association.

They go after church militant, which is a Catholic organization. They go after the Federation for American immigration reform.

Those people are not about doing mean things advocating against immigrants there against illegal immigration and for the rule of law.

They go against liberty counseled the Center for immigration studies. They go against the Center for security policy which is done great work under Frank Gaffney holding to revealing information about the Muslim brotherhood and trying to stand up for national security. The David Horwitz freedom Center. Another great outfit the Pacific Justice Institute the Clarion project and many more. So they're going after all of these groups who they can't paycheck protection money. Great story. Why are you why you singling these people out. I'm not really sure. And Dr. Morris points out 14 of these groups here that are mentioned received a total of $4.3 million in the PPP program. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood affiliates received $80 million in funding and dozens of strip clubs qualified for between 11.5 million and 27.9 million in covert disaster relief. I guess that's not a scandal. No word about those organizations so they did another story in the next story was December 12. Here's the headline on that one anti-gay nonprofits and businesses received millions in covert, 19 aids that are kinda back on the same train here. They cite the American College of pediatricians. The American family Association Center for family and human rights. See fan that's Austin versus group church militant again, but he Council Pacific Justice Institute and the Ruth Institute, which was also cited in the last story anti-LGBT Q hate groups.

They call them because the Southern poverty Law Center said so due to their alleged vilification of queer people. There's no evidence that there is any vilification of queer people going on but doesn't matter because NBC doesn't care whether or not there's actual vilification.

All they care about is they want to delegitimize people according to their religion, which is what they're accusing these groups of doing delegitimizing people. They're the ones doing the delegitimization, but that's a long word, then you have the December 23 story here at NBC news. Dozens of anti-gay groups are making money off Amazon's charity platform cues, scary music, more than 40 anti-LGBT Q organizations are skirting Amazon smiles ban on promoting hatred and intolerance. What it really is is you can't believe that homosexuality is wrong anymore. You just can't you be nice to your gay neighbors. You can be lovingly sharing the gospel with people who live a lifestyle that is sinful and not just with homosexuals but you could share the gospel with people who are living together outside of marriage you can share the gospel with polyamorous couples or what have you. Everybody's a sinner and there's various types of sin that people engage in every single day. They all need the hope of Jesus Christ and it is the job of the Christian to love our neighbors as ourselves, to pray for people and to share the love of Jesus Christ with them so they will be saved and they will be brought into the kingdom of God. That's what it's all about but no, no, you have to be designated as anti-LGBT Q because apparently that is the greatest sin in the brave new world.

Who did they go after will first.

They cite the fact that the family research Council and alliance defending freedom have already been removed from the Amazon smile platform after complaints by human rights groups.

Neither of those organizations are violating human rights. It's rude to kill us for anybody to with a straight face. Make that kind of a charge, but according to open democracy.

There's a good source more than 40 organizations listed on Amazon smile still openly work against LGBT Q rights again. They cite the American family Association. They cite the family leader for saying homosexuality is a public health risk. They cite Focus on the Family. They cite the national organization for marriage. The American Center for Law and Justice etc. etc. what's the upshot of all of this demonization demonization were back to Wolinsky's rules for radicals you freeze them and polarize them and dehumanize them and all the rest. That's what you do you make the opposition look like haters and look like dangerous extremists. And if you doubt this kind of propaganda loudly enough and often enough. There are a number of low information voters and low information Americans who will listen to it and immediately accept it because NBC said so, except it's not true. This is what were up against. This is what we have to fight back against because it's only going to get worse coming back with Alan Gottlieb talking about this terrible new gun control legislation. Stay with us listening to Jennifer today with everything going on in our world today, life can seem pretty dismal. We have a pandemic, riots, racial tension and you might be asking how can we make any difference will here's one way you can make a huge difference in someone's life to the Ministry of pre-born pre-born is dedicated to saving babies lives from abortion through offering free ultrasounds to pregnant women in crisis. And when women in crisis pregnancies see their babies on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. 8/10 times they'll choose life for their children be born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the USA and pre-born sinners are often situated in the highest risk abortion hotspots competing with Planned Parenthood for babies lives. The mainstream media doesn't want you to know that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood had a racist legacy stemming from her well-documented connections with the eugenics movement. If you want to help make a difference in the midst of chaos.

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Here's one mom talking about what pre-born has meant to her carrying the heartbeat Mimi cry and it was certain that I was going to keep my baby forever. She's been such a joy. Her name even means rebirth and thought of being raised up from the ashes. I now see my daughter and I cannot imagine my life without my happy lovely joyful smart baby and I'm so grateful. Would you please join with Janet Mefford today and pre-born in the cause for life. When you donate, you'll get a picture of an ultrasounds along with stories of other babies lives who you help to save call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to once again, 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 your listening to Joe Wood River today no dear Joe are you ready for some serious gun control lunacy from the Democrats well representative Sheila Jackson Lee is here for it. She recently introduced HR 127, which not only requires gun and ammunition, licensing and retroactive gun registration.

But if you want to bear arms under this measure, you'd also have to pass a psychological evaluation it's true. My next guest calls and insanity on steroids. I couldn't agree more and were to get some more thoughts now from Alan Gottlieb, who is founder of the second moment foundation and chairman of the citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms, Alan, so good to have you with us.

Thank you for being here. Be back with you. Janet tell us what we need to know about this insanity on steroids. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, but this is really over the top and very much over-the-top HR 127 Sheila Jackson Lee wanted will cosponsor students will be to give you just said that in the bill is vented and of course the worst part of it is so cold, no mental health check, so to speak. If you make sure that your a psychological evaluation to determine if your student unsuited or suited to own a firearm, and in addition that successful life with you. If your license shall give insurance policy which will cost $800 or more people to get if you can get it and so by authorities roadblocks in the way the way of denying a lot of people right below purchaser own a firearm, not just in the future but retroactively as you said this is unbelievable and I guess I could say that the sheep shall directly muck to skip high school civics legislation treat firearms owners like second-class citizens, but the Second Amendment right me.

I think it's just a total outrage to the member Congress could even consider such a measure.

What you let let's propose a law mean this is just so off the charts so the Atty. Gen. under this bill through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and explosives would establish a system for licensing the possession of firearms or ammunition in the United States and then again with the registration. What about the legality of this I mean obviously under the Second Amendment. This is a big offense, but isn't it against federal law to do some of these things as well. Will I would take a psychological background checked out with Wayne what is going to be is an outrage that you'd probably unconstitutional.

No gun registration is evident not ruled unconstitutional unless the registration actually done in a way that denies you from the process of registering the part of the bill may be constitutional, but bad public policy.

But, in part, it probably definitely unconstitutional as well but I want to and we have a nonleague center on the couch with limited Jackson Lee, but in the Senate. You now have today of Sen. Durbin who is now sharing the judiciary committee tweeted out that gun control is now a priority Democrats as Judiciary Committee Senate bill. So when it gets to the house will be quickly invented as well. He tweeted this out his message and they're going up gun owners in both the house and set while I mean people shouldn't be completely surprised because we know what the left's agenda is when it comes to our Second Amendment rights. But it's interesting because it kind of begs the question, what are they planning to do that would require disarming the American citizenry will I know it's something that allowed to grab your courses, record amount of distrust of government to begin with right now and throwing fuel on the fire like it is not smart and not in the country's interest by any stretch of the imagination.

So, I noted don't speculate what that we know why they want to do this, but it's up gun control to them as people control want to control people don't agree with their agenda right well going back to the retroactive gun registration. Why in the world what I have to answer for gone that I bought maybe 20 years ago.

If I have no criminal record and there's no need for the government to be tracking me with a still require a psychological evaluation on me. If I were to buy new guns or were they also try to do it if you were just a gun owner for a long period of time. Well the way I read it is that we are forced to register evaluation so you may go on the run forever. Yeah, there is no national federal gun control registration.

Some states have registration business but at the ready gun with the federal government go through the psychological evaluation and the government would determine the criteria for the psychological evaluation right. I'm assuming so I guess they often talk about the cost of you have to bear the cost of valuation as well, making gun ownership priced out of the market between insurance policy you have to get I know and you involve the minimum for an insurance policy for your your handgun today because evaluation plus the cost of registration and everything else they've done it that far exceed the cost of buying the gun yes yes so is discouraging people from actually owning a gun, because they would be priced out in a lot of cases it's a definite chilling effect on exercising your Second Amendment rights and agrees now looking at the text of this bill and it says the evaluation, meaning the psychological evaluation being proposed here is conducted by a licensed psychologist approved by the Atty. Gen. What is this in the Atty. Gen.'s gonna sit there with a list of psychologists and just assign them to different regions and then those psychologists have to bring all the gun owners through and then it talks about is deemed necessary. Evaluation included a psychological evaluation of other members of the household in which the individual resides and I'm sure they're gonna say it's because you don't want to have another no school shooter, you don't have, you know, like the Sandy Hook shooter somebody like that. Somebody who's truly mentally imbalanced but what business does the government have interviewing my family. What is going on the part of your psychologist and the law only comes into view and they been willing to pay you the fees to be able to do this but but if for some reason the person has to hear psychological direction and uses a gun improperly. Are you to be sued or held liable in the case you psychologist you want to do the check course not looking map and it is very difficult to find a psychologist you want to do it letter to land they got begin with, and they know you should know the gun grease so I understand. Also from further reading that you would even have to have a license to display an antique firearm that it's not just a firearm that you might have for your own protection, but it looks like even firearms that you never intend to shoot you would have to have a license for those two corrected gun control apocalypse. I mean they put everything they can throw into it that things are going to ban the gun directly which would be unconstitutional to try to everyday can decide that we get around the Second Amendment and and and and you know that there shred your second member right. Could Clarice do you think that this has any chance of passing. Obviously, we have Democrats. The left is firmly in control of Congress and they they know the whole executive branch as well that with this actually pass though because I'm wondering if every single Democrat would look at this and say yeah that sounds reasonable, unconstitutional bill with that there might be some outliers, but what do you think the chances are that this could actually become law. Well maybe 50-50. I think in the house. It has a slightly better chance than in the Senate, but it would be tight in both places, and of course I don't trust Joe Biden at all. I you support it regarding her ability ever seen, but can't believe he would be in court this one and again I don't think that she would have introduced this or that Durbin, I would've had gun control is their number one priority, coming up the house just as Judiciary Committee.

Alyssa got approval from the White House to begin with so I did get a definite three-pronged attack attacking gun owners gun ownership in America. It's crazy and I know during the campaign, Pres. Biden wanted all this executive action to regulate firearms and ammunition repeal the protection of lawful commerce in arms act reviving the federal assault weapons ban universal background checks etc. etc. is there more to come. Along these lines.

Alan did any of this sounds bad enough, but we've also I as I understand I have some other bad gun bills that are pending before Congress, HR 125 is is all about a seven day waiting period before a semiautomatic firearm or silencer etc. could be transferred to me what you think of legislation like that well again talking about suppressors you go to month be able to get one to begin with and when you transfer that you will go to month yet to do it with a seven day is like you know doesn't really think that court wrote, the gold know the current law to start with but the other thing I'm concerned about is you we had under under the Obama ministration the cooperation chokepoint try to stop funding either your credit card use usage by firearms dealers and manufacturers are like the credit banks with administration was trying to blow up the financing behind note gun sales and manufacturing president from reverse that with an executive order and that executor just got put on hold until a new chapter of the other currency is confirmed by Congress and so right now while we're looking at it. I think another project back let me ask you also about another bill that I guess is in the works. This is HR 167 closing the so-called gun show loophole hasn't been the case so that the DOJ has said that said, it's not a big problem that most criminals don't get firearms at gun shows so so what of that yet. Less than 1% in the criminal get there good. There gun at gun shows and of course your life and farm your gun shows you go to look back checks now anyway and significant states have laws that make anybody go to a background check.

To start with I can all be seated.

Gun Jenna. Just the more and more roadblocks and let him in front of gun ownership, gun owners and guns are being demonized by the democratically controlled Congress and the White House right now. Yeah, they are well and gun sales have been breaking records, haven't they in the last couple of years will yeah and more so since election after Democrats control of everything with everyone at the gun by going now before the government that you can have one people Archduke with their boarding with their pocketbook dollars and buying firearms.

That's right what what you think is the best thing that people can do to fight back against this and let their voices be heard.

Well, we started a program called the second amendment, first responders, and it included a cell phone and text protected to a 247-4747. Get email a text message right back and give him instructions what to do to protect their rights, but let's protect to a text at 247-4747 will that's wonderful and we really appreciate the work of the Second Amendment foundation and also your committee to keep and bear arms.

This is so important right now. Alan, we really appreciate everything that you're doing to keep people informed as well and people can find out more by doing the texting and also going to the second amendment foundation. For more information. Alan Gottlieb, thank you so much again.

Alan and God bless. Thanks for being with us. Thank you.

This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or live for today and here's your host Joe never back according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration scientists first discovered hydrothermal vents in the ocean in 1977. While exploring breading ridge near the Galapagos islands and to their amazement. The scientists also found that the hydrothermal vents were surrounded by large numbers of organisms that had never been seen before but did you know that the Bible revealed the presence of these hydrothermal vents thousands of years ago. Job 3816 says has now entered into the springs of the sea, or has that walked in the search of the depth will in fact there are many verses in the Bible that revealed scientific truths before science with a S even knew about them. So were going to talk about it now with David Reeves of David Reeves ministries he host the weekly TV show creation in the 21st century and is news columnist on science and the Bible and today will be discussing his book 21 verses backed by science, David. It's great to have you with us.

How are you doing you that what you hear this complaint a lot. Science is what is reliable.

The Bible is a book of myths you approach this issue of reconciling science with the word of God in even more importantly, whose authority we really should trust more will you know of course people are but I think even one of the founders of net Werner von Braun that a lot of people look at religion at unpacking their sisters while trying to better understand the creation around religion tried to better understand the creator. In other words, you can't have a creation, you can't have nature without the designer of nature and so really when we look at this, we see that the two were perfectly compatible APS for client overtaken the scientific community. Think backwards. We started with man and you don't date God's word, absolutely.

And I like that you said that because I think many people think that there is kind of a divide between science and the Bible. You either believe science or the Bible. And it's not that way. Clearly, what about this issue though of God's word having superior knowledge. I I took out one of the verses that you highlight in your book about these hydrothermal vents which I never heard before. I think that's really fascinating, yet there a lot of different verses as you point out in Scripture that show the Bible revealed truth about science. Before science ever dead right will you know Warren actually told her that all you have to do is look creation and the creator know the word Bible hold the truth and it claims could be divinely inspired by God himself. The Bible note that the father note and so we should be able to build approval to hold fast that which is good and we always your fate fake fake fake will look when I read in my Bible that if we have faith mustard speed that we could move them out. I certainly haven't been able to melt me. So what that means is that we also need to be able to string our faith and with the verses scattered throughout the Bible or I believe designed to do. I believe that God had given up the tiny indicators of just how strong our state in him actually is just help reveal his word and you know you mentioned hundred will that should be major proof that the springs amid the Bible about or confirmed. It should say wow we have it. We have an amazing creator and he has designed all of these things for us to find out first.

You could clear his glory will thing is we haven't done that have a lot of the expired have knelt that will yeah will admit okay the Bible look correct. Yet there are springs in the D but perhaps that's where the first life. The first sort of started to grow into life. And I mean it really is taking the glory and putting it on creation, putting it on nature and it almost like elevating nature to be God. That's true they do do that they do do that.

And isn't it interesting that even when they go so far as to say, while the Bible got it right. That doesn't make them bow the knee to God necessarily like you said, they just use it as a jumping off point for being able to deify nature even more correct.

I love the term you'd be if I make the nature all my talk about natural selection which over millions of years. Natural selection over and magically create life from nonlife white affected you unified you put on a pedestal. Natural selection, nature has the mind. Mother nature you unified time you unified all of the component and yet you want to claim oh we've done away with the need of God. No, no, you created your own God replace the true God of the Bible absolutely going back to Romans one which is exactly what Romans one says man will do when he rejects the truth, he will start to do things like that. Another verse that you point out, since were in the book of Job with the hydrothermal vents is Job 26 seven. This is an interesting one, because you talk about the misconceptions people have had about earth being flat and all of those in out things that come up in discussions. Even now, and this verse as he stretches out the north over the empty place and hang with the earth upon nothing so you make this point that long before we could see that the earth is a spherical mass, we had this verse in the Bible to go on what you make of it will show all of the teachers throughout history. Some of them believe your lack and take what data sitting on top of a bunch of giant elephant which stood on a giant turtle from people you know a bit earth was basically just solid.

Being an older was that they flew basically just white hanging from the top of your and yet you have all of these patterns throughout Scripture at a time you drove with one of the oldest books of the Bible, arguably the oldest is an ancient book written by ancient writers who for the most part, the ancients believed in all sorts of myth. Will this ancient writer got it right.

You could earth is suspended on nothing. He said that you know we've got the earth traveling through space.

All of these clues are found in the book of Job in the book of Isaiah. In other books of the Bible and my argument to cultivate the diagnostics all the time. We have pleasant conversations because I'm not trying to attack anybody but the atheists and agnostics argument that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of affliction of myth written by ancient sheepherders to which I always respond when you get a portion of this correct. The Bible is a collection of books written by ancient shepherds, a backhoe by team by that we could go on and on but they want work specially historian Peter. They got the science 100% correct. They got history 100% correct. No, in my opinion there's only one way to throughout an entire collection of books had to have been divinely inspired. God gave you these ancient authors. The words to write down so that it would be correct. That's right what they say when you bring that up his that's an excellent point. It would be hard to refute it will. It is really hard reputed to which most of the time built, it will either become an ad hominem light will you know you were believing it or they will give it to another question in your backing them up you like okay what I will try to answer all of your question in a logical and consistent way, but first you have to answer mine. Why do you think the entire collection of books that you think just myth simply lineup with 100% true history. True science. True apathy and fruit when it comes to the gospel message and boy you know they really have to think about that know absolutely and then Dodge run for their lives out of the room. I don't know is that it's such a good point in working to take a very short break. David Reeves is with us 21 verses back by sciences. This book will come back to the discussion. After this content.

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And even if you have certain verses in the Bible that point out scientific facts and and were there for thousands of years before.

The scientists ever realize that they'll really want to talk about it. Here's one since we've been in the book of Job. I'm gonna go to one more from Job this is Job 3926.the hawk fly by thy wisdom and stretch her wings toward the south, and you also had cited another verse from Jeremiah 8 about the stork in heaven, knowing her appointed times, etc. what is this about with with birds migrating you know migrating patterns.

Those sorts of things. One of these verses really say to us about the patterns of these animals will you know I think it on the many people birds migrate third year but when we realize just how these birds are good and in the intricate features inside of birds that allow them to migrate and then north again and the weather warmed up in the northern and Mr. we just the house where they are my favorite example is the architecture the art to turn a good little bird you not a very large bird, but they migrate an extraordinary path. Most Arctic attorneys will migrate about 56,000 miles every year built like a pack fell Greenwood bill go down across the western coast of Africa usually will turn eastward, and will travel all the way up to Australia from common use the one in the middle there there summers, our winters in Antarctica and follow the weather back up the next year the sick thousand miles and most of the time you contract these birds back to their back nesting ground.

The next year 56,000 miles later how to do that will mean it has a built-in sheet yet you look at the hummingbird Wallace Burrell marked the smallest warm-blooded creature can fly 34 mph to blackboard backward but but it weighs less than a post it note all of your hand. These tiny, spectacular little creatures like double belt 1 mile each year there only found in the Americas will travel from which a state Canada down to Central America and back again several thousand miles.

We we put bands on their legs attracted what we find the same hummingbird you saw in your backyard last year will probably be back in your backyard this year, thousand miles later one year later a commercial pilot to work you know who our private pilot. How does this work if you would a plane and send you several thousand miles round-trip and you find your way back to the exact thing. And of course always a good thing will you took away our GPS is in our map, no? But God had instilled in these tiny little bird, a GPS system that enables them to be able to do it and you know that beyond human comfort pension because a grand designer instilled those features inside the tiny hummingbird that is so needs. I didn't realize that the exact same bird would show up the next year. That's just that's incredible to consider because you're right that that nobody but God could put that into you know the little system of a bird like that that's just extraordinary when you know people talk about all the and you know what you're oh you know the Christian we have to understand that our fate is not a blind. We had evident all around. If we had evident that were missing out on one of the greatest witnessing tool of all time. How do we go out and evangelize how we share the good news of the gospel message with others, will you have to have a walk followed network that we love to do through the book you viewed it that we do it exactly.

Here's another one there so many people can get your book and get a hold of all these because they're all great but let's go to the global sludge because this is described obviously in Genesis chapter 7 the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth and all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered. There are those today who would say we don't really believe there was a global flood. Does the Bible know best what you say to that. Think I know the answer, what you know the answers to that in the geological column fossil record. Everywhere we look, you don't here I am in an international, the one stone all over the place that I go through the rock through interstate highway will that limestone every geologist in the world will tell you laid on my water will if you go out there to Texas you can call me in your cliché.

You'll be thing that is like mudstone & stone every geologist in the world will tell you that mudstone are created water fish. If you go to the Grand Canyon. You're going to see that nearly every single layer that you could set your eyes on the right hand side of the Grand Canyon. Everything later would lay down my water deposition not defeated. In other words, everywhere we look around the world with the layers and layers of water laying deposition fan will other sediment that even affected her geologist or failure or lay down by water will we know that there was a giant watery event thousands of years ago the great flood of Noah's day and what we find in all of those sedimentary layers billion old yes fossil that were buried in that my jury. While that's right. And yet there are people who will respond to that those who are not believers are there great believers in evolution whole say well we have explanations for that.

What kinds of explanations do you hear from these mean evolutionists who just refuse to believe the account of Scripture when it comes to a global flood. You do.

I called her mom rescuing about their number one it is going to be, will you look at the geological column what you're going to see if you're going to be the creatures down at the bottom. Those were the first thing to have all the dinosaurs around the middle and then towards the top, you're going to the mammal humans and think like that and they will clearly the record of evolution. The thing people see creatures to dinosaurs to mammal the answer to that one is really quite simple. If he when the Bible tells look about what the great deep Google there would've been tremendous amount of mud and washing across the input on the lightwave. The very first thing to be very little to been multiplied down in the bottom of the ocean or sea creatures that water began to encroach on land and the light started to happen below 1B.

What live down there dinosaurs and then that water washed all the way up into the highlands and on top of the car when you started. The mammal in the human all throughout that no matter where you look throughout the geological column you find dinosaurs and the fossil and mammal in human all buried together with shells and other sea creatures all mixed up with what one big youth and then the other day it will completely. We know that the thing… Billions of years ago. Millions and millions of years ago because of carbon-14 dating and not go quite other types of dating method but carbon-14 is actually a Bible believer, the Christian because we've stuck dinosaur bones underneath the EMS microscope and we've been able to detect carbon-14 carbon-14 can't stick around for more than 70,000 years will they were to look at the time the sword went extinct. Million years, so another word, the very client that they try to use the to look at. There never was a global flood is telling you that dinosaurs died out 70 million years ago perfectly with what the Bible you thousand years ago there was blood. Incredible what you can read more in 21 verses back by science by David Reeves and check out his website David Reeves.comments are I David so interesting is great to have your thank you so much. All right God bless you and again thanks for being with us and thank you for being with us here Janet & we always appreciate your training and hope you do so next time this hour has been brought $20 seems one line call now 855402 baby 554-0222

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