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2-1-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Paul Wright (Holy Land Sites)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 1, 2021 4:00 am

2-1-21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - Paul Wright (Holy Land Sites)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 1, 2021 4:00 am

Twitter and Facebook are accelerating the cancellation of Christian ministries like Focus on the Family and other Christian leaders who've dared to stand up publicly against the lie that a man can become a woman. We'll talk about it. Plus: What can we learn about biblical truth by understanding some of the most important places in Israel? I'll discuss it with Dr. Paul Wright, president of Jerusalem University College, and author of the book, "Heart of the Holy Land: 40 Reflections on Scripture and Place." That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to find women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know to have you with us again. I think this is a funny headline on the Washington Post not funny ha ha well, a little bit funny ha but also funny peculiar. Here's the headline so you're being held accountable. That's not cancel culture. Have you noticed that the left has shifted what it says about cancel culture not entirely sure what their narrative was before other than to deny that there was such a thing as cancel culture, but now they're kind of admitting that there such a thing as cancel culture but basically telling you that if you are a victim of cancel culture. You just being held accountable baby for your terrible views and your terrible personhood and you're just an awful human being you're being held accountable its consequences and its consequences.

I have a lot of examples in just the last few days on people who are getting canceled right and left, including a lot of Christian leaders over this issue of transgender is a mom to get into that in just a moment, but I want to give you an example from MSNBC lineages say as a side note, you need to read the Washington Post.

If you watch up MSNBC because they're doing the same stuff is just the same stuff any leftist outlet.

If you seen one leftist outlet you seen them all because they're all getting their stuff from the same sources and the same muckrakers on the Internet. It's just how it works. It's one big game of telephone, and then it spewed out of your speakers of your radio. Well, not your radio bit of your Internet radio.

Maybe if you're listening to some podcast of a leftist persuasion or if you're listening to the audio of an outlet like MSNBC but let's listen to MSNBC's Allie Bell. She talking about Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and cancel culture. Now you'll recall, last week I had read Sen. Holly's piece from the New York Post about muzzling Americans and the dangers of cancel culture and Allie was all about making fun of Josh Hawley listen to cut one this past week before he did an interview with a top rated AM station in St. Louis and then was interviewed on CNN. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri wrote an op-ed for the fourth highest circulated newspaper in America. In all of those extremely high profile appearances. He repeated his grievance that he is being quote canceled" muzzled that's rich. The irony of Hawley freely and openly discussing his being muzzled seems lost on him as he writes about how quote corporate monopolies in the left team up to shut down speech like they don't like and force their political agenda on America. For those who still believe in free speech and the First Amendment. This is the time the state take a stab" that's cute complaining about being canceled while speaking on the Senate floor complaining about shutting down free speech in a column in a major newspaper. Sen. Holly seems to enjoy taking stands. He just not overly discerning about their being rooted in truth, and when they clearly aren't rooted in the truth. Hawley believes he bears no responsibility for what he says. Sen. Holly can apparently dish it out but he can't take not. Did you notice what he didn't say he did not comment on the fact that the left and big tack are clamping down on conservatives because that's approvable claim he just glossed right over.

He didn't talk about that whatsoever, so that's cute how that's cute. Gary was in the fourth highest circulation newspaper complaining about cancel culture well let me ask a question here. Are you not canceled and leisure canceled by everybody. He's not canceled until he's completely canceled will at that point he'll be so canceled.

He won't have any sort of venue for complaining that he's canceled. It's a trajectory of cancellation.

AIG think were Don this is this is just an exercise in gas lighting.

What's happening to all of these conservatives that really have any set really happening.

He still does interviews on other networks missing on your network. I don't see you interviewing him that is a cancel on MSNBC. Probably I don't know. I watch MSNBC unless I absolutely have to. So I don't really know the answer to that question, but what they're doing.

Really it is classic gas lighting what's happening to all of you conservatives. You deserve it. It's and by the way, it's not really happening but if it were happening here deserving it. How can I deserve something that's not happening. This is a little odd to me. Let's go on and listen to the rest of what Allie Bell she had to say. Listen to cut to always entirely self-inflicted problem started after the 2020 election and before the mob attacked the capital during an interview with Fox News on January 4 Hawley was asked if he believed Donald Trump would still be president on January 20. In response, he said, quote well, that depends on what happens on Wednesday is etc. Hawley was all in on the lies about election fraud was suggesting in that box interview that then VP Mike pence could magically change the outcome of the election as we now know on Wednesday, January 6 that angry mob stormed the Hours later Hawley Yale Law school graduate who knew better. Follow the insurrection by rejecting the decisions of literally dozens of judges who declared that there was no voter fraud in the 2020 elections and challenge the legitimacy of millions of legal ballots by voting to overturn the election results.

Hawley now claims he wasn't looking for different outcome but was simply giving voice to Missourians who were concerned about allegations of fraud concerns. Holly himself created by repeating Krups lies in perpetuating a dangerous disinformation campaign.

Some people felt Hawley's actions to be a conspiracy to far and chose to question his ethics not publish his book and in general, distance themselves from him to Hawley that is muzzling. There are actually real people muzzled from speaking their thoughts, and Sen. Holly is not in the same ZIP Code area code or country code of any of them. It's a big conspiracy, easy to big conspiracy. The Russia gatehouse though that was a fact that was a fact because the left said it was a fact until we found out that the whole thing was a line. It was based on a fake dossier that was funded by the Clinton campaign and that the whole thing was a hoax from the very beginning because they wanted to unseat a duly elected president of which is can move on from that to talk about that how much airtime has been given at MSNBC about an actual live from the left to take down a duly elected president. How much has been said on MSNBC about the actual insurrections that took place for weeks and/or months in major cities across this country with rioting and looting and setting businesses on fire and attacking people and killing people and setting the federal courthouse on fire in Portland.repeated attacks there. What why don't you talk about that for a while because that doesn't fit your political agenda. Let's go back to the bottom line.

Take care of Allie VLC over on MSNBC cut three setter Holly seems to be mistaking the term muzzled for what I think it up responsibility be accomplished and well educated. Hawley seems to believe freedom of speech means not only the right to say whatever he wants and under no circumstances should his words carry consequences. Unlike those who are truly muzzled from speaking the truth Holly is protected by the First Amendment which at last check is still very much a thing really, really, the First Amendment is the thing. Do you think the First Amendment is a thing over on Twitter when all of these conservatives are flocking to other social media sites because they keep getting shut down. You think it's a thing over on Facebook or people getting kicked off. It's unbelievable how these leftists will discover for each other. Here is an example of some of this and this is just from the secular side of things we have this hashtag that's out there and I have to admit I don't follow this particular actress, but there was a movement fired Gina Carano whose I guess I'm an actress for a Disney plus series called the man DeLorean and they gone now. The Twitter mob. They wanted to fire her because she's an anti-massacre when it comes to COBIT and she happens to have some conservative views fire her and out the people who really like her are fighting back and trying to make sure she doesn't get fired casino if you don't believe that masks actually work.

You are either a scientist or be you are somebody who actually cares about truth and not media propaganda. This is the most insane one, though Colleen also line a former agent at the Jennifer D Cierra literary agency was fired after Twitter users complain that she was using anti-big tech platforms, Gab and parlor. It's not even about the content of what she's putting on social media. It's the mere fact that she has accounts on parlor and gab. Now that's enough for the Twitter mob or the Facebook mob or whatever mob happens to crop up on any day of the week to go after you and make you lose your job because parlor and gab are far right in and of course normal conservative would say it will if I could actually say what I wanted to say on Facebook and Twitter.

I'd be over there but they keep canceling me some going where they don't cancel me.

Sorry your canceled and now is happening to Christians come back and tell you more about it. Stay with us on Jennifer today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday. She lives in Zimbabwe where churches are widely scattered in remote regions of this African country. That's one reason why she travels so far the other reason she walks 9 miles each way is that the gospel has truly captured her heart after coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Mabel reads and studies her Bible and she's discovered that the gospel is meant to be shared with others. So with the help of Bible league international she's learning to share her faith and she's helping to see a church develop closer to her village finals are desperately needed in Africa and around the world right now and you can send one to a Bible is a believer today for only five dollars dollars will send 10 Bibles become a Bible center today by calling 800 yes word that's 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to cling Janet

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Adios Facebook PS two men can't get married and I basically said I'm not playing this game is that many people have asked me why I would leave Facebook and allow the liberals to win. I don't see leaving Facebook is allowing the liberals to when I see it is a win for me and everyone else who decides to break things off with an out-of-control privacy invading sensory leftist tech giants not only have we learned that the data consulting firm Cambridge analytic. I was able to access information about two 87 million million Facebook users without their permission, but now Facebook is facing a lawsuit for storing facial recognition without user consent is disturbing is that is it bothers me even more to see how Facebook blocks, posts, sensors, content, and even shuts down the pages of Christians and conservatives using criteria that is not similarly employed against users whose ideology aligns with that of the left. I've covered a lot of stories of fellow Christians and conservatives banned or blocked by Facebook but I only had one such run in on my page a few months ago I posted a story about two active-duty military men who were quote unquote married at West Point and above the story. I added one comment two men can't get married.

Why did I say it is an obvious marriage is only between a man and a woman. And so then they flagged me and they said we route removed something you posted doesn't follow our community standards. We remove posts that attack people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and gender, or disability. It's not an attack to say two men can't marry get married because two men can't get married.

This is not really complicated, and at the end of the day I made the call to get off Facebook while I giving Facebook access to my data.

People can find me on the radio here I am talking take you need to read me. I understand the pull of social media, and I understand why people like it and I understand why people on the radio or on other sorts of venues want to have social media, it's fine.

It let you stay in touch with your audience. You can do this but at what cost. Because the way things are going now you're going to have to stop telling the truth. If you want to even have an account. Are you willing to go that far. I'm not. It's why got off Twitter.

I'm done with Twitter to I may be done with everything before this is all over. And that's the way it's going to be because I'm not cannot say what's true that at a certain point. If you have Facebook and Twitter telling you you can't preach the gospel of Jesus Christ because it's hate speech. How many Christians will say I'm out versus how many Christians will say okay I'll tone it down and stay here just to be able to have the access to the platform and maybe I can reach some people course, I can't proclaim the message that would reach some people with any dual fact but that's okay because at least I'm still here it's coming. I'm telling you it's coming. I've been saying this for years.

Here's some examples, you might've heard about this focus on the families. The daily Citizen has now been censored on Twitter twitter lock the daily Citizen for an alleged rules violation.

According to Jim Daly, a Focus on the Family saying that they had posted hateful content in other hateful content was it was this on Tuesday.

This is this is the tweet on Tuesday. President-elect Joe Biden announced that he had chosen Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as assistant secretary for health at the Department of HHS. Dr. Levine is a transgender woman that is a man who believes he is a woman say I would've been more more straightforward. His name is Richard he's a man.

He is confused.

He's not a transgender woman I would never even said that transgender woman is a man, you know, throw me in prison. He's a man that's the way it is. Same thing over it Facebook Dr. Robert Gagnon, who is arguably one of the top guys when it comes to the issue of the Bible and homosexuality was suspended from Facebook for voicing disagreement with Biden's executive order allowing trans identifying individuals to serve in the military. This is by a Christian posts.

He teaches New Testament theology Houston Baptist University. He was locked out of his Facebook account for 24 hours after he posted a comment in defense of a friend who posted a satirical commentary about Biden's executive order Facebook suspended Gagnon's account for what it deemed his incitement to violence. Okay I have you ever actually have your actually heard Dr. Rob Gagnon.

I can't imagine anybody less inclined to incite violence than Dr. Robert Gagnon.

He is scholarly. He is professional, there's absolutely nothing violent about him and they said he violated their community standards on violence and incitement, he said of course I didn't incite any violence.

Only one point of view is being allowed right that's right, this is what happens. They also point out that Lori Higgins of the Illinois family Institute.

She was banned from Facebook because she had expressed her exasperation in a Facebook comment pointing out that women who signed up to serve in the Armed Forces will now have to shower and bunk with males as a Rhodes. As a result of the executive order and referred to transgender advocacy as a cult whose goal is to spread pseudoscience globally before the truth can pull up its payments and continue to accuse Republicans of being science deniers and she is upset to put again why we think are why are we there and then there's another thing here at this is from life site news, which is a Roman Catholic pro-life side but they have great stories there. We talked talk about some of their stories quite regularly. Twitter suspends to life site accounts for calling transgender woman, a man he's a man.

Twitter has again locked life site news out of two of their accounts on the platform for displaying a message noting the Joe Biden's recently named Assistant Sec. of health Rachel quote around quote quote Rachel Levine is a man.

Both accounts displayed a simple message which read Biden names transgender woman as assistant secretary of health Rachel Levine is a father of two who divorced his wife in 2013 after 30 years of marriage and they have links to some articles and the ban was imposed on life site's main account and then also the we can defend marriage accounts get off get off that's my advice to you get off because it will only get worse first ball. The only way that these people will learn is if it hits them in the pocketbook and if enough people leave these sites and say I'm out a lot of good things will happen. First of all, it will hit them in the pocketbook will probably hit them in their shares as well on then on the stock market.

So that's also something that has to do with financial pain. But here's the bigger issue. They need you more than you need them. There is something about social media that is so addictive that people actually believe they need it.

They needed to survive. They needed for their business. They needed for their their brand and ministry. They have to have no you don't, let's create a new culture called were out here because you don't need it. I have not felt so peaceful since leaving social media slay.

It's great. I have so much less stress. Now I have ways of aggregating the news and unable to continue to keep up with the news which I obviously need to do, but I don't have to worry about constantly answering people's complaints to me were arguing with me or saying this or that or the other thing or blocking people or muting people to deal with it anymore and it's so great. I have that time back. You don't need it. You don't need it and if you do want to be on social media. You can go to parlor.

You can go to gab if you want to do that in a parlors not back up yet Gabby has been a little bit difficult to get on because they've had so many millions of people come on for the first time I'm sure they got it all worked out, but the bottom line is you don't need it. They need you. They need you to make money. They need you to get your data they need you in order to do all kinds of draconian big brother sorts of things you want to help these people stand social media, you don't want to help these people. Leaf.

That's my advice to you, you don't need and I know that sounds a little bit out there, but I am telling you that the bigger principle is very important for us to get and keep in view and that is the censorship will not stop here today it's gonna be for saying a man who thinks he's a woman is a man and you get banned. What will it be next. It will be it will begin to be homosexuality is a sin, you can't say that he has had the gospel who knows where it will go but it will go there it well because so far, we know, Congress has no intention of raining the men they had all kinds of hearings and what good is it done. They haven't gone after big tack. They haven't dealt with section 230. They haven't passed any new law terrain and big tech and say you can't censor people, you can't. You don't have the authority to censor people speech that's not part of the deal. Your publisher that you know I what are we to do about this Congress couldn't care less. So you can stick around and get frustrated and watch them steal your followers, bit by bit by bit or thousands by thousands by thousands.

They did it to me. They do it to a lot of people. You can sit around and take it where you can leave and you can deny them your business and you can say I'm gonna find a better way. I will not be a slave to these people and I don't think any Christian should be a slave to these people and I'm not trying to criticize these Christians who have just found themselves banned and censored. I feel for them completely. All I'm saying is get out of there. Quit hanging around because you're just getting more of the same. If you don't recognize and realize what kind of game they're playing and you don't need them, you don't, you can still write you can still talk you lots a means of communication.

You don't need Dorsey and you don't need Zuckerberg get out of there that I make a plaintiff besides here we are in Christian radio and I can say that Rachel Levine is not a woman see nobody censored me your hearing me so praise the Lord. Very glad to be able to say that freely. While I still can. At any rate, I wanted to take just a second here before we have to go to the break to say thank you. We were able through your great generosity to save over 400 pre-born lives because of your generous donations to pre-born. These free ultrasounds that your sponsoring. We are able to give these free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancy centers to the ministry of pre-born, and 8/10 times.

These women choose life and because of you. Over 400 lives are to be saved.

Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for your generosity. 855402 baby if you still want to give. This is a dreadful time for the cause against life and we could still use your help. 855402 baby or there's a banner to God bless you, thank you so much for listening to Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Jeff@River to good and here's your host Joe Mefford plugging back will whether or not you've ever been to Israel to Rome, the holy land.

Every single time you pick up God's read it, but how much more do the sites of Israel mean to a Christian when you do actually have the opportunity to explore them in person were to talk about that today with Rev. Dr. Paul Wright who is president of Jerusalem University College where he has taught biblical geography on-site to thousands of students, and he is out with the new book will be discussing heart of the holy land 40 reflections on Scripture and Place Dr. Wright.

It's wonderful to have you here. Thank you for joining us so much for inviting me to be with you.

Thank you. I know that you have lived in Israel for what is it more than 25 years. Is that right something like that eight week weekly.

We noted okay so you stop I what is your reaction the first time that you went to Israel because I've heard so many could I have not had the opportunity yet to go to Israel, but I have talked to a lot of Christians who have and they say you're just blown away if you read the Bible for any length of time and you start to see all these famous places it really has this incredible impact on you. Did you have that sort of initial reaction while the over 40 years ago I was a college kid and came over for three weeks and traveled the land with the school that I know the president of and I was just excited for the opportunity and Israel was quite a bit younger than and more kind of rough around the edges in terms of what was available to you now to see it and but I was so attracted I wanted to come back which I did and I think the things that strike me or think it struck me in the in the years since, and slowly, slowly sinking in.

I need to go to the same site doesn't have time to release and fit and sort of see it. The line that I like is to see the land to the eyes of its former inhabitants and you can't do that quick tricking dripping although that that's way to begin.

I think the land sort of grows and matures on us like anyplace does go we lived there sir, you know, I really like to to send the book when you when you really address this question of understanding the Bible and you say that geographical information fills the biblical text, and I wish you could explain a little bit because I think that there is really a lot of truth in that that when you read the Bible when you study the Bible when you believe the Bible.

Seeing those geographical sites that you cover in the book really does help fill in some of those gaps. How has that happened for you. You open the Bible at random and your writing point on the page. You probably did something that has geographical data information on it and it occurs I think in two different places are two different ways in the Bible. One is simply as a backdrop in the place for the stories that are being told no. Joshua went to Jericho, and so on.

But the way that's more significant. I think is when the biblical writers of knowing the land as intimately as they do like anybody dove the place where they live takes these geographical realities whether their climate base store terrain based or vegetation or animal life, and then uses the reality of those to point toward spiritual or God word truths or ideas just like God is a rock or the good Shepherd and he makes the willingness bloom. These kinds of things which take us one level above.

Just looking at the land to see how the land was actually looked at and and grasp and lived on by its original inhabitants, and those who still live here as well. Windows into the soul might sir mean it makes total sense. So when the Bible talks about Israel.

I thought this was a good observation on your part. When the Bible talks but Israel is a land flowing with milk and honey we have that description in the old husband the actual landscape of Israel would seem to imply that description as you point out, how do we reconcile those two realities.

Do you have people coming Israel and say this doesn't look like milk and honey to me is one of one of the things that people notice perhaps first off when they see that much of the land is more desert land, or all of its kind of rough and tough for about six months out of the year when it doesn't rain and her images of milk and honey we sort of grow up with our maybe North American based or blessing based or all things along that line and so we become to read it that way.

There've been a lot of suggestions as to how it fits in the one that I like best. Actually connected to the seasons of the land and the places of the land of Israel and and recognizes that much of the land is desert and always will be. Throughout the year. It is a harsh and difficult place a land of shepherds of the land of sheep and goats and the other half of the land or maybe less than half of the land is is more of the agricultural land.

Greenland, the land that that brings up in the in the winter and springtime that would be maybe more comfortable in and permanent crops and orchard crops, and things and so milk then being the product of the sheep that at home in the desert and honey. Probably not the honey from the bees but a paste made from date. Date palm, which are the best and the sweetest of the of the orchard crops soul end of of let's say two different. The phrase recognizes the two different aspects of the land that why is that important because the land of promise, which is flowing for you and adequate for you and bounteous for you is a land that is both lush and blessed in the way that we typically think of flush and blessed and harsh and difficult. Both of those are part of the human experience.

As we all know you were alive. We know that and and both of them are actually part of the tangible reality on which ancient Israel and modern Israel still live on for your entering into a landscape that actually teaches you something about everyday life and the fact that where in God's promise and in God's blessing no matter which side they were on youth with affinity that that's really me that is really interesting when you break it down that way. So we are talking about Jerusalem, which of course is a highlight for visitors. You talk about the old city and you talk about some of the topography of Jerusalem and how God protected Israel from its enemies.

Can you describe some of that for us that the valleys that were defensive lines for most of the city and and what surrounds Jerusalem that so significant.

Jerusalem is a city of Golden Valley very much like much of the country. It's a city that is off any main natural route. It's about the kind of a place where you would necessarily pick to have a place that would grow up to be as important as it is and it's a city that hidden away in the hills and the actual spot of the city itself in the hills is a below average surrounded tightly by a higher circumference. Kind of like being in the bottom of the bowl, but in a way which means when you're in the talking about the oldest part of the city. The city of David. You know the original Old Testament Park today to 50.

But the older biblical part. So when you're there, you feel hidden a bit and that hidden this can make you feel like you protected and Psalm 125 verse first to the mountains around Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds his people from this time and forever more literally are surrounding hugging you when you're in the city and protecting you. But if it's more time and the enemy is coming, then the enemy is going to be close and higher than you and have the height advantage and your you know you both narrow stone too terribly far. But if your enemy has a height advantage you're under threat.

And so you have something like, and Psalm 121 I lift up my eyes to where does my help come from, and many people read that is again a kind of blessing, but I attended Rita I lift up my ice of the hill surrounding me full of enemies word-of-mouth and the answer is from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

He made the situation in which were living. We have to keep in mind, of course, that that is creator and its chooser of the city for Israel home base he knew again this position of both vulnerability and strength sort sort of like the milk on the idea that is so need to really have to go to a very quick cycle come back with Dr. Paul Rice part of the holy land is his book, listening to Jennifer today.

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Let's do more than talk about abortion. Let's save some lives. Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Janet Milford today. Thank you for being with us. It's great to have you here. Great to have with us Rev. Dr. Paul writes, president of Jerusalem University College and author of heart of the holy land 40 reflections on Scripture in place and when you see the book you will also see a number of beautiful pictures of different sites around Israel. So you can kinda put together some of these thoughts that you've put together here, Dr. Wright, concerning geography and topography and title together with the biblical text as you just did. And by the way, when you are quoting. I lift up my eyes to the hills where does my help come from my help comes from the Lord. I love that passage but I don't think I'm ever to think of it the same way after what you just said before he went to the break and that's a wonderful thing when you go to some of these other sites in Israel there so many different things you can talk about Bethlehem, for example, doubt one of the things you address, and here is the actual date of Christmas and we know it wasn't December 25, but what of that issue of the timing of Jesus birth a an idea of it comes from a very close reading or playing reading of Luke chapter 2 verse eight there were shepherds out in the field, keeping watch over their flocks by night that's a geographical verse actually and in the field has to be explained why would they be out. It might have to be explained. Why are they watching the flux out of doors and so on.

And if we replace the verse in late December, which is winter here. It's not nearly as wintry as some places in the world, but it can still be quite chilly and rainy and wet and miserable being outside at night or in the daytime. That time of year. The sheep and the shepherds are not going to be outside at night or one that time of year. In the summertime you when the land can be quite hot in the daylight conditions can be blinding and sullen than you want to be outwitted in the night in the evening when it's more cool and more pleasant, but the other thing is in the field it says to do just all put in the field and though this is a seasonal geographical clue of the rainfall in Israel is seasonal.

It happened or the bigger the range the beginning of the rainy season usually around October it and something like March or April and comes up pretty heavy. We did with much rain in Jerusalem and in Bethlehem of London does Tolkien come quite a bit and ended his wonder fields are planted for wheat and barley and other crops growing nice and tender shoots in December which the farmer does not want the sheep eating and at the same time, the rain then is taking the more more arid part of the land. The more deputy part of the land east of Bethlehem that typically is quite dry and difficult the land of milk. As we talked before and greening it up just enough in the wintertime to the sheep can go down there where the temperatures are a little bit more moderate a little bit warmer and do something to eat and come back up into the field. In the summertime.

After the field are harvested in April, May and early June. Double left in the sheep and will graze on the stubble and fertilize the ground field for the same time when it's warm enough to be out at night so that clue chapter 2 verse eight indicates something some Irish or late-summer-ish for the Christmas event I can do any better than that. Other than the put in December. Although the I'm sure that would be hard to shift everybody's Christmas celebrations at this point, but also I don't know you know it plays differently. Of course it were in Australia that's true, then you could point you make you because Israel is actually Israel is on the same the same line is Dallas. So how about that or close to it so so whatever climate you get there is more or less well, not exactly, but were not New England right now Sydney Australia you know you can feel each other's pain in the summer is fascinating, so also when you mention the Magi. This is from Matthew chapter 2 what is the geographical logic reveal about their journey.

You know, following the star and whatnot right star is a difficult one.

And you know we had. What a month or so ago, the Jupiter and Saturn coming together.

Internet fun. Yes and I took a picture of the two when they were almost touching from a hill that the Wiseman, the Magi would've taken between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, they would've stopped and maybe seeing the same kind of is a fun thing, but what the star was itself.

I don't know. I can't comment on that.

But the fact that they came from the East and they brought frankincense and myrrh in this sort of thing is more of a geography that is interesting. Most folks identify the Magi with people from mom what would've been ancient Persia or Babylon something like that in coming more or less the direction that Abraham came over, which is interesting theologically. Of course this is well about frankincense and myrrh are not products of that part of the world. Frankincense and myrrh of the gifts that they brought and even gold South Arabia, or the area of Somalia a lot of gold coming from what's present Sudan and they also would've entered the land from the East from the southeast, rather than the far east, and perhaps they were Napa, TN. These people are known from Petra we have a prophecy in Isaiah. I think chapter 60 about patients coming green frankincense and gold and so on on camel caravans and so on and never play some more in a in a Arabian mode which would be closer. Perhaps as well why you done on a suggestive point. I don't know what to do with it exactly. The apostle Paul after you cooked meats Jesus said of Damascus goes to Arabia right away doing down there. I don't know exactly, but there is early Christian connection in that part of the world as well. So maybe a may be a beginning of a nation's coming to Jerusalem many evangelism going out idea as well. I am not exactly sure why is it that the idea that they came from ancient Persia persist to the word Magi I got the FBI and the reconnection of of stargazers. I don't want to use the word astrology because it has different terminology today, but they were sort of beginning the science of observation of stars to track patterns to see if cause and effect can be found in patterns on the earth. Things like this all up in the Evanston disguise. In particular, and this is something happening already in the libraries of Babylon and east of Babylon so interesting you know there are other things that you talk about pertaining to the things that are there. Of significance in the landscape you mentioned water. For example, but I want to before we run out of time. Touch on this issue of grapevines only because John 15 is one of my very favorite passages of Scripture where Jesus says I am the vine, you are the branches. And whoever abides in me and I in him, he had his bears much fruit for part from you can do nothing right, great, great verse, can you talk a little bit about the significance of those vines especially, perhaps, to the Jews in Jesus day a great one here.

Actually it is on chapter 15, even though Jesus was a radio was a carpenter and he grew up around fishermen or live drum fishermen. He seemed to know an awful lot about growing vines as well based on how we describe them in this in this parable I'm divine you are the branches and there are three different things. He he says bitter down to the vine in John 15 chapter 2, he says, though it does not bear fruit he takes away the one that does bear fruit he prunes and then if nothing happens, you thrown away and that most folks read the one that bears that doesn't yet bear fruit he takes away, meaning something negative and I think that we have evidence from the way that vines were grown in the land in Jesus day, and in many parts of the West Bank filled today that is exactly the opposite of the verb.

Here the great Greek verb here takes away. I think it's better translated, he lifts up that is that he takes it up off of the ground and here's the idea we think of grapevines on trellises. We know based on a early first century (Roman agriculturalists named borrower who wrote a book on how to grow vines. He said it in the Western Mediterranean use trellises but in the eastern Mediterranean, which would include Judeo. They just let the grapevines were right on the ground. The branch right in the background and when it sends out in the spring is little tender over the stars to get little tiny dots that are going to be great if actually taken off the ground and lifted up and propped up by a stone. The grapes can hang and grow without being you know eaten by the bugs on the ground and things lifted up just before it gets great so that it can have great and then once the, the divine is starting to three short of it that you prudent have better grades. Nothing then you burn in the fire.

I wish we had more time we'll have to get a hold of part of the holy land by Dr. Paul Wright something to talk to Dr. Wright.

Thank you so much and bless you. Thanks for being with us thinking to for listening to 10

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