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Janet - Mefferd - Today - David Kyle Foster (Cancel Culture)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 20, 2021 4:29 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - David Kyle Foster (Cancel Culture)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 20, 2021 4:29 am

Two progressive Portland filmmakers have released a disturbing movie trailer, calling on Leftists to mount a digital citizens army against Trump supporters. We'll explain why it's just more baseless propaganda designed to quash the political opposition. Plus: Dr. David Kyle Foster of Mastering Life Ministries explains how Cancel Culture has affected his outreach to those struggling with homosexuality and other forms of sexual brokenness. Join us for Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know the last several weeks. A lot of people have begun to wake up the reality that big tech has too much power. When Twitter and Facebook and canceled the president of the United States, banning his accounts and when Amazon and Apple can boot off the Internet a social media site like parlor which stands for free speech.

You know that the country is moving into very dangerous waters, but before any of these latest events. Christians have been experiencing this kind of censorship and cancel culture with great intensity and yet not as much publicity. This censorship is especially targeted against Christians who take a biblical stance against homosexuality in the LGBT agenda and rightly say that people who have been involved in sexual brokenness can find freedom in Jesus Christ and leave those sins behind that one of those people who is experienced a lot of canceling and yet has been promoting that very hopeful message of freedom in Jesus Christ as my next guest, Dr. David Kyle Foster. He is the executive director of mastering life ministries and the author of several books including love hunger. He produced and/or directed the award-winning pure passion TV program for 10 years and is also the producer and or director of several award-winning documentaries including such were some of you, and transform, finding peace with your God-given gender and were just so glad you could join us. David thanks a lot for being here on your show. Well it's good to have you here. I just figure this is a good place for everybody who's been canceled and when I saw this email that you had sent out your ministry, email, and I was looking at what has been happening to you. I was really shocked by the scope of it. I mean, I know that a lot of people who've been involved in any sort of ex-gay ministry or ministry of people who are wrestling with sexual brokenness have taken it on the chin for a while but tell people a little bit about what's happened. All of these big tech big companies that have been canceling different aspects of your ministry. What's happened to you while it began from a year ago in November euro and when are they were our number one video 300 some videos on their and call us one day they were that we had to remove you want homosexuality because of full euros are ministries known were the last medical where I'm in the worst kind and gentle and as respectful as you can possibly be what they were objecting to. It was our perspective on human sexuality, the idea of the actual wants to find healing and transformation and find the courage is so I emailed him back and I said look, I know you agree on this topic that we have most of our videos are on sex trafficking and child abuse all kinds of issues and we got an email from people find that they didn't commit because they had watched one of our videos down you're going to remove all of our help to people some of whom are on the verge of lust that took us down anyway after the U-2 began censuring various videos. Google, Facebook started censoring our pulse, they would not allow us to boost both stores advertise post your post didn't even appear on other people of all of the website we went from hundreds and thousands of views, her hosting 245 so my heart doing a form of censorship where they're not telling you this is for you anymore. For example, Facebook, car, countdown, and they didn't alert us that there were going to do it. Tell us why you know when you get a certain size on the social media site and you are teaching things that disagree with the liberal agenda.

They will make any excuse to get rid of you humming the can down give son go the last few days, yes, which is a major Christian fund fundraising platform taken on parlor the unrestored networks public page so it's an all-out assault against anyone, especially anyone Christian people don't do something now the next thing will be if you care to say on Facebook that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation will put you down for that and that's what's coming.

What you write about all that and I'm really sorry that you you know had so much of this go on with your ministry because obviously that affects the number of people who can be helped, but it also affects your ability to reach more people. What is curious that I'm curious about is I know with Amazon, for example, I think it was within the last year or two they started to go after books and books in particular that were either sharing the same message that you do about people being able to leave homosexuality.

Finding hope in Christ, but also secular books that were conveying the same message like North Vietnam. The day ended up censoring these books are no longer offering them on Amazon even though they offer Mein Kampf to this day. You can get that they can't get some of these books saying that you can leave homosexuality and it turns out one day activist was responsible for getting Amazon to do that. Do you have any information that lead you to believe that you were complained about by gay activists and that was kinda what set the ball rolling regarding Mel numbers of email during the Romeo debacle telling her they were going to take us down from every social media site and what they do is when when you get too large and there is one thing too many people will then target you and will put the word out to all of their connected people to like YouTube or write Facebook and complain and say the word: and so forth and so on social media sites won't even check into it.

They'll just go along with the gay activist and take it down without any investigation whatsoever.

I know that the head of Apple was a man so there's been a lot of problems with the Christian conservatives getting approved for iPhone apps and the very things that Apple controls so Apple is going going off the rails as well. I mean, they were one of the parties that took down parlor. Yes, right. Well, here's another thing because you had said that Amazon removed your Amazon fire TV streaming channel claiming that you cite hate speech and violence in support groups like the Ku Klux Klan where the world are they getting that information that's insane making it up and I know the media but on their side and is not going to do a thing about it so they just tell the big lie over and over and over again like Goebbels one third of the Nazi regime.

If you tell a lie big enough and often enough people will simply believe it. Especially if you're controlling all of the media. You're right now. Have you found any alternatives for getting your message out. I knew clearly a fury off some of these huge platforms. It would be as big of a platform that you could go to as an alternative. But how would you cope with all of this power were getting ready for the inevitability that will be taken down from every large site we no longer have our websites or anything on anything with Apple, Google, Facebook or whatever because that's what happened to him to give son go very then on a platform that was owned by one of those giant Amazon which was a big because eventually I was on and all of people can take every conservative Christian down so I've been searching about like them has been pretty good in terms of not censoring off the cycle. It X a PIP one call USA life is one called faith. Social we went on parlor. There's no one called me way the week on all of those and were just waiting to see which one becomes dominant and that our primary you have to find someplace to go. No doubt about it. Pause for a break with David Foster will be back on Jennifer today right after this, the healthcare open enrollment period has ended. In most states. Did you miss it.

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Mass censorship mass point discrimination and on the left. There doesn't seem to be any real shrug of the shoulders, much less any outrage. Dr. David Cao fosters with us. He is Executive Director of mastering life ministries and his ministry is a wonderful one that reaches out to people in sexual brokenness and brings the hope of Jesus Christ to those who are struggling with homosexuality and other similar aspects of the LGBT spectrum and this is just such an important thing you're doing. David you said that you have found a home on some of these lesser-known social media platforms, but you're right, we all have to be concerned about where the censorship ends up by me. So far we've had how many congressional hearings and they haven't done anything to Twitter or Facebook thus far been do you think that the government really has the will to step in and to stop these monopolies from being able to cancel everybody else. I don't think, and have that will at all even though there are there are liberals who support the idea that Facebook and Amazon. All these companies should be broken up under antitrust legislation and some of them are sure Blackburn from Tennessee is one point people in the Congress is a Republic chairmanship a little bit too much and they're trying to get some antitrust legislation through companies dominate and control social discourse all over the world. They are, they are utilities that are no longer just private companies say they control the entire sector of the community. Apple just today I have posted a comment on on Facebook it says check and shutdown platforms apps and websites. Why do we still have child porn and took notice on that thing it was missing the con. It was missing context.

Therefore therefore they would not allow it. Really important. PayPal is now beginning to censor places like give son go yeah it's really scary.

I mean, we had with our God's voice conference which he put on a couple of years ago and that this was the same message that you're putting out we were now giving people hope in Jesus Christ, and the issue of homosexuality and standing on the word of God in this whole situation we were stripped off MEL in the church that hosted us had its account canceled.

I think they subsequently put them back up, minus our videos, but I wonder how far it will go. I mean, it's not going to stop with ministries like yours.

I wonder you know our churches next to you.

Do you think it would go that far. Yes, I did it with a couple of years that I only worry toleration you will be concert it's going to always progress starts with the one with the people who were so small that the church is really not going to respond appropriately because they're so busy then when they start entering the churches and pastors them something will get started to do something about it. I hope it's scary out there. You also said because of the lack of funding you're having to remove your cast as number one Christian video platform. So is this a result of not being able to get your message out there enough in order to keep donors coming is that, would you say this is a direct result of this censorship. While we were on cost. Which is a wonderful international website. The largest one Christian web social been your website in the world around and past the organization, but we can afford and meet anymore.

Stay on because, like for example Amazon fire took RF down with them that Apple is going to do that as well.

Eventually 19 was a part of it about our income just wanted I think we weren't reaching people anymore. So the combination of covert and censorship knows what else. But it was a perfect storm for so were struggling man I hate hearing that you getting your message out right now. I know you mentioned these alternatives social media platforms, but his email becoming the main way or snail mail.

How are you reaching people now while we used to rent mailing list to pastors and such as that can afford to do that anymore. So now were relegated to emails on the unlimited email list we have for pastors and ministries such I'm also writing a whole lot more articles on crosswalk risk, the stream and all of the Internet of 90 feet. I'm writing one mouse for the Christmas tree and also putting together a series of e-books that were giving out for free on our website which is mastering they can go there and read. I think we have 1/2 dozen dozen up there already were about to publish a major study guide as a free people that covers all of the videos we've made and it gives study questions for any kind of a leader or support group later Sunday school teacher is running a group they can watch the video them go through the study guide group thing we've done is we transferred all of our media all of our lives to restore health network. They now found them and am so, so were sort of divesting ourselves from some of what we have because we can afford to maintain it anymore. Were no longer able to make videos anymore either, which is very sad because we had a we done three documentaries we worked with in the works that covered female such a broken and we had all the interviews done, ready to edit and produce it and then the bottom dropped out so were were trying to find every way we can to keep the message going what you have to eat I've seen all of your documentaries. They are phenomenal.

Absolutely phenomenal and are so powerful all the testimonies that are shared in some of this documentaries the elite. That message is incredibly important because you can get that in the mainstream media. That's the whole point of why those stories need to get out in various formats. Whether it's a documentary or through is some kind of big tech device app or what have you. If you could speak to that issue. David just a little bit. Given your own testimony and given that many, many people you've worked with over the years have left homosexuality behind why is this kind of ministry and your ministry.

In particular, so vital at this particular time will because God mock through sexual umbrella. The whole purpose of human sexuality, and you can read all the book on the phone, a website called the divine marriage will created us male and female to create a covenant of marriage between a man and a woman that will reflect the eventual marriage between Christ and the church.

And so when you distort human sexual expression and identity. Whatever you are actually mocking the very image of God and man.

I think that's why Satan has targeted sexuality so heavily because it's a very subtle way most people miss mocking God's name in his image, and so more vital than ever that we get the message. I think most people, even in the church now resigned to the fact that their sexually broken. They don't know how to get help. They're afraid to tell anyone because of the embarrassment and so it's parachurch ministries really step into that void because they can be contacted anonymously or privately, and get the help they need. That is specialized and we need to take away the element of the church. There's no help for these people, which number 60%. Even in the body of Christ. Sexual brokenness, whether the child abuse of sex trafficked homosexual transsexuals sex. If you all the numbers in the church, much less the world you have 60% of Christians sexually broken in the world is trying to remove any idea that it's possible change should change and you're absolutely right swell again mastering is the website for mastering life ministries very quickly before we run out of time, David.

I also wanted to mention your religious declaration on human sexual morality you've got this great statement that you put out your trying to gather together believers who will stand against this growing apostasy on the issue of sexual morality is just briefly about that particular statement of why that's an important thing right now in the Bible. If you look at your products in particular Jeremiah for example I'm called upon by God to bear witness to the truth in a culture that was not going to listen to him but God wanted him to bear witness to the truth anyway so that all righteousness would be fulfilled the words when the final judgment comes down and people are making the very various excuses for for why they should go to heaven all God has to do is say you know I told you I told you to dozens of profits I told you my word, my judgment of your future perfectly just, and so even though were in the situation were probably nobody in the secular world is going to listen to such a statement it needs to be made anyway so that all righteousness can be fulfilled. While I think that is just a tremendous thing and I think it does need to get out there and I want to give out the link here to it.

It's mastering mastering and I hope that's up-to-date right David, is that correct when I just came back okay and we got our leaders Jerry Packer and John Stott asked why, but we've got major names for signing onto the help your listeners will come and sign as well. Well, absolutely. Again, you can go to mastering wonderful ministry mastering life ministries with Dr. David Kyle Foster, David, God bless you. Keep up the good work and thanks for being with us you back. God bless you. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford, welcome back.

Want to talk to you little bit about what the left is up to on this Inauguration Day. The left is always up to a lot, but I would draw your attention to propaganda and some propaganda. In particular, you might have been on social media this week and noticed that there was a hashtag trending on twitter trumps new army. This is a micro movie put out by an outfit called 11 films it's based in Portland by these two people marry, peep married couple can't find last name on these people. James and Tiffany. Tiffany apparently was part of the occupy movement there.

You know she's super far radical left and I guess he's going right along with it. According to an interview that I read with this couple, but I will play for you. What these leftist activists are trying to say and trying to communicate to the leftist base and this matters because they have spent so much time on the left trying to absolutely demonize everybody who is on the right based on the actions of some crazies in Washington DC on January 6 I will play for you little bit of this mini movie trumps new army listen to cut 100 before January 2012 will no longer be the commander-in-chief. You lose control. The Army Navy Air Force Marine special forces in America's nuclear arsenal. January 20 all trouble become the commander-in-chief of the different arm. This is facing America today comes radical extreme conservatives also known as domestic terrorists are hidden among us disguised behind regular jobs. They are your children's teachers. They work at supermarkets, walls, doctors offices, and many are police officers more than a decade, Donald Trump directly to white supremacists in their language that will goddess is calling for total and complete shut of entering the United States president was asked about white supremacy. He refused from voice standby standby back in standby. Their leader responded to him on twitter promising to standby January 6 20, 21 green lip be suited up the fluid hotel rooms below to the weapons repair the bones in the attack, with the intention of showing explosive hanging VP Mike okay the Soviet propaganda machine had nothing on these filmmakers.

I'm just waiting for them to be sued because there is so much in the way of disinformation intentional. I have to believe disinformation and flat out lies and things taken out of context. Let me address a couple of these for so I do agree with them. The greatest threat right now is from within, but it's not on the right. I'm not saying there are bad actors who are part of the Trump movement. There are but talk about the laugh they never went there in Portland and to file any problems with antiphonal. Any problems setting fire to a federal courthouse or killing a Trump supporter in the streets that get mentioned in that portion of the audio that you are just there so is is incredible to demonization. Listen to these people. They work as teachers they hide behind regular jobs and what is this doing this is trying to make people think that everybody on the right is a secret domestic terrorist.

This is exactly what they're trying to put out there to discredit but to demonize people where this is gonna lead.

Where is this can alleviate the lies, saying that Pres. Trump never disavowed white supremacists referencing one debate he came out after that I saw the video compilations. We've played the number of times the president Trump is disavowed white supremacists and white supremacy.

I think it's something like 25 times he's done it doesn't matter to the left, they will sees one little thing, rip it out of context and try to go for maximum effect in putting forward this fake news and disinformation that in this climate could turn absolutely violent. And yet these are the people lecturing the right about violence when the main masses of people who turned out for the January 6 rally were violent at all and were trying to stop some of these crazies so it's just nuts.

Now let's talk about Nancy Pelosi because he included there are cut from the house speaker talking about how horrible this all is well.

Nancy Pelosi said about the issue of uprisings. Listen to this. This is cut to a hearing on a subject related to this sign seeker refugees, etc. the Association of Evangelicals. The chemicals testify that refugees and sign they called it the crown of America's humanitarianism into humanitarianism in order to do away with that kind you doing away with children being with her mom Mrs. II just don't know why there aren't uprisings all of the continuity that will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend its horrible thing and I don't see any prospect for legislation.

It's interesting is that inciting violence is that inciting any sort of dangerous activity across America know because when the left does it, it's just good, it's just good and right. Talk to you a little bit about what she was referencing back in 2017. In February they had a panel there were seven panelists at a house briefing on refugee resettlement and this is again going back to Pres. Trump's ban on refugees coming in from terror linked countries.

That's an important distinction which obviously is not mentioned in that mini movie that you heard Galen Kerry, the vice president of government relations at the national Association of Evangelicals was one of those seven panelists's actual quote. She got the quote wrong is actual quote was the US refugee resettlement program is the crown jewel of American exceptionalism. What's interesting about this is what she also didn't mention who is the arm of the NAEP world relief world relief is the relief arm of the national Association of Evangelicals going back many decades, founded as the war relief commission of the national Association of Evangelicals and if you listen to me long enough you know exactly what the deal is with world relief world relief is one of these bowl lags the voluntary agencies that are basically federal government contractors and in 2015, for example, world relief, received 70.6% of its budget from government grants. Think about that for a moment and here's another thing a jobsite that Zippy had not heard of it before but it's a job site rates companies and ranks companies. They pointed out that world relief. The people who work at world world relief. According to this website. 85% of them are members of the Democratic Party dearly think this is a really good representation of all Evangelicals, of course not.

But here's what's even more important world relief hurt a lot when Pres. Trump put into place that particular band when he did what he did to make sure that we have as a national security protection better vetting on who comes into this country lost a lot of cash. Why did Nancy mention that you have this person. She quoted being part of the world relief organization that has as its relief arm world relief which benefits from government money and lots of it. In order to keep afloat and in fact they had to lay people off.

They had to close offices. It was not good financially for them, but they have a vested interest in keeping the refugee resettlement machine going because it – why isn't this revealed by the house speaker because it's not convenient for her to tell you that what she was trying to say when she was saying. I want aren't uprisings inciting evangelicals Evangelicals at least the type who don't vote for Democrats. Oh, even the evangelicals understand how important this is. We know exactly what they're doing. Just witness what's going on in Guatemala with the new crowd of people coming up towards our border, what you think is going on. We know exactly what these people are all about. We know exactly what the Democratic Party has done with the issue of immigration. They want to make sure that no Republican ever gets into the White House ever again. We already know their agenda. Just look at the mob from Guatemala coming up. Why do you think they timed it with the ascension of Joe Biden to the presidency, they just came up with it at the last minute she today looks like a good day to get about 10,000 my friends and head for the US border. All it just happens to coincide with Joe Biden becoming president of the United States were lies to you leftists. There's a lot more to come on Jennifer today stay with us. Hi this is Janet Mefford when it comes to choice the ministry of pre-born offers the ultimate lifesaving choice by providing a free ultrasound to an abortion minded mother ought to introduce her to her pre-born baby and when she sees her baby on ultrasound and here's that baby's heartbeat in 8/10 cases that mom will choose life. I got to hear how strong her.

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One ultrasound session costs $20 and $140 will sponsor five ultrasounds, any gift of any amount will help $100 $200 or even $1000. You can call now 855402 baby 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to Thank you for your gift. You are listening to Mefford today. Welcome back. I'm telling you about this mini movie trumps new army that's gotten some play on social media and its bad it's just bad because it's just bad it's leftist propaganda, but it's also bad to see more and more people openly declaring their hatred of the rights we used to be e pluribus unum to some extent we all loved our country. We all want our country to succeed. We all agree on fundamental American ideals no longer no longer so we had the resistance under Pres. Trump and now trumps new army and this is the opinion of these Portland filmmakers who put this thing out and one of the things that they pointed out in the course of that little audio clip that I played for a few minutes ago was Pres. Trump saying on to ban all Muslims know what's interesting is when they did an interview with this keno. I was reading this article, they said, oh, I don't believe we've ever taken something that Trump is said and used it out of context. Yes, we have an agenda and yes this man James says I believe that what he's doing is wrong, but I'm not taking anything Trump has said or any of the other people that are said and used it out of context while you actually did you actually did. Let's go back to what Pres. Trump said regarding this Muslim band, which is the phrase that they love to use on the left.

This is Very Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States what was going on. What these dealmakers do they cut out the part where he said until we figure out what's going on. They just cut that out one complete ban. End of story that is taking them out of context. So let's listen to some more audio of Pres. Trump. This is an interview that he did with Jake Tapper and Jake Tapper asked him about the Spanish Trump even said his Muslim friends were on board was in the cut for I have many friends are Muslims and I will tell you they are so happy that I did this because they know they have a problem. There is a problem.

Your most radical allies are having many friends at the highest level in the grade 5 partners in a most unbearable being a ban on Muslims and they said no they said it's about time that somebody spoke up as to radicalism. You have radicalism in this country.

It's here and it's trying to come through. I just read where Isys is gotten a hold of a passport printing machine for the migrants to get them into the United States. Or maybe that's true maybe it's not generally report, but how crazy are we allowing ourselves to be subject to this kind of terror I Tapper goes on want to listen to the rest of this segment cut five. I don't think anyone doubts that radical Islam is is a big problem but I think the question is, is your proposed solution a good thing or not. Let me do you know in my solution. You know it's a temporary it's a temporary solution obviously well till we get our hands around the problem. We have a real problem for people coming into the country getting into airplanes and flying them into the World Trade Center. Look at Russia that was a problem we with the airplane coming that we have all over you look at California. This woman comes in this horrendous woman comes into the country radicalized she gets through on a fiancé passport. I never even heard of a fiancé fiancé visa and she comes in she is with the guy and they just killed 14 people with more to come because of people so badly hurt that they can be dying.

Also so we have to get our act together again.

My relationship with the Muslim communities excellent.

I've had people call me at the highest level saying you doing us a favor because they know they have a problem very well. I mean they really know they don't support the venues support stopping almost a day just like the idea that somebody's talking about you know nobody talks about not politically correct and you get a different impression of the motivation of Pres. Trump when you hear all of those cuts of what he actually had to say. He initially wanted to have this man until they could figure out what was going on. Then he modified it and it ended up hanging out when he thought it all through the courts.

We remember all the litigation that took place but his bottom line was, he wanted to protect the United States. It was a national security concern. He didn't do an across-the-board Muslim band from every Muslim country in the world Muslim majority country, I should say it was to protect the American people. Isn't that the job of the president. Do you remember how many terrorist attacks we had under the Obama administration. Do you remember the San Bernardino attack in the Fort Hood attack and the gay nightclub in Orlando. Member all that it all took place under the Obama administration and were all supposed to forget that. I don't remember any significant terror attacks under the Trump administration. So what are we to make of that.

More from the trumps new army trailer want you to hear the rest of this micro movie put out by these leftists.

Portland filmmakers and sin for the propaganda here's cut six terrorists to encourage and incite violence to play the role of arsonists and firemen start a civil war than say things you have to fight back.

Battlefield changes this is what we need now more than ever citizen detectives proposing reform as computers and so were monitoring extremists on the Internet and reporting their findings to authorities for the Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden to be found found by CIA and was working on the computer thousands of miles away.

They make no distinctions between the people who were arrested for breaching the capital flawlessly and the people who were there because they love the United States and they supported Pres. Trump and his policies for four years and they actually do believe based on evidence that there was fraud in the election and in America at least, the American which I grew up.

You are allowed to believe whatever you want it.

Remember that back the free speech movement back in Berkeley, liberals do remember that free speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion.

You can think and believe the way that you want to think and believe in the United States of America without being demonized for it. Somebody commits a crime, they should be arrested if they're convicted in a court of law. There should be punishment, fines or jail time or what have you. Based on the the extreme nature of that particular crime.

Nobody is disputing that what they're basically doing is working to come after everybody on the right working to come after everybody who voted for Donald Trump. And yet there the anti-fascists. This, I'm telling you the Soviet propaganda machine. As I said earlier could have done a better job they are turning truth on its head at every single juncture, and you better not buy into it for one single solitary minute but you better be prepared for these people because they are ruthless and they are coming for you, and we've already seen this with Twitter and with Apple and with Google and with Facebook and you know this because of what David Kyle Foster said cancel culture is cool baby.

It's cool. Take your political opponents and you not only censor them.

So we have one narrative on the Internet but we make sure that we go after them and for all of you conservatives and Christians who may have a social media account or a website or some web presence where we can ferret out what your beliefs are and you happen to be for God and country. Oh, that citizen armies coming for short domestic terrorists that scare you know that there is an entire movement of people, the resistance were not done with you yet, it wasn't enough that Biden could become president and they could get their way again and seize control through the election will put that aside for a moment all the details, but they want an election. These people want elections and so there in the Congress.

They got the Senate they got the house they've got the White House they don't have the Supreme Court. I'm sure that's to come, but here they have it all.

Why do they have to silence dissent when they're controlling everything just ask yourself the question and ask yourself why it is the case that they don't want to talk about the violence on the left. Let's go back to Martha MacCallum's interview in June with Hank Newsom of black lives matter greater New York listener cut seven people what you want to now shout legislation down people's throats. Now that you have everyone's attention and you also have called the sometimes necessary in these situations. What is clear that that you hope to achieve through violent well that you would pose a question like this country was built on violence. What was the revolution words are our diplomacy across the globe we go when we blow countries.

We replaced their leaders with leaders like so for any American church was also extremely critical. Okay, there you have it so you have a black lives matter activist who says there's a time and place for violence and you have the House Speaker talking about the need for uprisings and analysts. Other examples from the left of how when their site is doing it.

It's patriotism. Apparently, and I'm looking at a story here for Max CO's that comes pack all the way to September. I believe it was of last year, $1 billion plus riot damages the most expensive in insurance history at the hand of the left folks handle left. Don't be deceived, be wise as serpents, but in a sentence types.

By the way, we are making some progress on our support for pre-born. Please help save an unborn baby's life.

You can give a gift of $28 and it will pay for one free ultrasound session for a woman in a crisis pregnancy 855402 babies.

The number to call 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to and we hope and pray during the sanctity of human life. Month that you will participate and help save the lives of these precious ones. Thank you for being with us and we'll see you next time

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