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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Kate Anderson (Protecting Rights) Troy Anderson (Endtimes)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 19, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Kate Anderson (Protecting Rights) Troy Anderson (Endtimes)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 19, 2021 4:00 am

Should the government have to face consequences for violating people's constitutional rights? The U.S. Supreme Court just heard oral arguments on an important case that is seeking an answer to that critical question. We'll get details from Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kate Anderson. Plus: How do we prepare for spiritual battle during the end times? Troy Anderson discusses his book, "The Military Guide to Armageddon." Join us for Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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I don't anticipate Joe Biden will be doing the things to for the life cause that Pres. Trump did so we got our work cut out for us. By the way along those lines before I get into a little bit of news here.

I just want to pay tribute just personally to Joe Scheidler, Joe Scheidler has been on my show before I interviewed him I know about his great book racketeer for life. A few years back, but he died yesterday.

Yesterday morning I he was the founder of the pro-life movement. People referred to him as the godfather of the pro-life movement, and he was an absolute gem and a giant when it came to the cause of life and I remember back in the day in Chicago.

I went on a protest wants with him when he was out protesting in front of Cook County Hospital in Chicago when they decided to institute taxpayer-funded abortion and it was really neat.

It was neat to be in his presence because he was so well-liked and he was so honored by so many pro-lifers in the area and I remember thinking to myself I just think this guys the greatest mean he he fought for the life movement at a time when so many people weren't even interested in fighting abortion. He was soon later you might remember by the national organization of women and a network of abortion facilities for the so-called crime of conspiring to deprive women of the right to abortion. Do you know that case went on for over 20 years and three visits to the US Supreme Court were necessary to fight that and he ultimately won a victory in 2006, which was a huge thing. He was totally fearless and he just put everything on the line to save pre-born babies and I'm so grateful for his legacy in the work of pro-life action leg so just pray for the family, Eric Scheidler, the rest of the family who are obviously in mourning. Now having lost him, but he left a great legacy for the cause of life. Now I think about Joe Scheidler at a time like this because we are entering into some very disturbing days. As you know her to talk about it a lot more this week, but we are we are really entering into some disturbing days and I don't have to chronicle everything that's going on in the last couple months or last four years. We do that every single day on the show but perhaps you heard about this interview that took place over on CNN.

Alex Stamos is a former Facebook insider, he was on the show with Brian Stelter talking about the issue of right wing media now when I play this for you. Just know that this is worse than you imagine anything could be on CNN about shutting down right wing media and keep in mind the big tech censorship and the big tech cancel culture that were already beginning to see emerge in earnest. Listen to this interview here. This is Alex Stamos giving his opinion, this is One it's really hard because what's happening as people are able to seek out the information that makes them feel good. That is what happening is that you people of so much choice. Now they can choose what their new sources are they can choose what influencers they want to follow and they can try to seal out anything that quite helps them question that and I think that it's doing a really core issue with how our freedoms as Americans and in the way we've treated press, freedom, and in the past is being abused by these actors in that we have given a lot of leeway both in the traditional media and on social media to people to have a very broad range of political views and is now in the great economic interest of those individuals to become more and more radical. What I think one of the place you can see this is on the fact that you now have competitors to Fox News on there right away and Newsmax which are carried by all the major cable networks who are trying to outflank Fox and the right because the moment Fox introduced any kind of realism into the reporting immediately. A bunch of people chose to put themselves into a sealed ecosystem and they can do that, both on cable they can do it online. And that becomes a huge challenge of figuring out how to bring the people back into the mainstream of fact-based reporting and try to get us all back into that the same consensual reality. This is just this would be hilarious if it weren't so scary sealed ecosystem what you think you're doing Alex Stamos are appearing on CNN. There is no more sealed ecosystem.

As far as getting information that's true, then CNN CNN completely panders to its progressive base.

It lies it says fiery, but mostly peaceful protests when Kenosha is burning to the ground behind its reporter, the Russia gate hoax, the Ukraine gate hoax on and off. We call Ukraine gates, but CNN is a joke and you're sitting there and you're talking to a CNN anchor about the fact that people on the right are just too much in their sealed ecosystem and they just need to make sure these cable outlets. The those crazy right-wing outlets like Newsmax and and one American news network are absolutely sealed off canceling people that they want the entire opposition shut down. This should terrify you, you talk about fascism. That's fascism. That's fascism and then Stelter asks is this gonna be possible. Listen to this guy cut one unintentional work by the social media companies collaborating together to work on violent extremism in the same way they worked on ISIS I was when I started Facebook in 2015. The number one challenge from a content perspective was the abuse of social media by the Islamic state and there was a collaboration between the tech companies in between the tech of his law enforcement to make it impossible for them to use the Internet to recruit and radicalize young, mostly in Muslim and at the time of the world now or talk about domestic audience in the United States and the challenge is going to be partially that ISIS did not have a domestic constituency in the United States Congress. But there is over half of the Republicans in Congress voted to overturn the election and there will be a continual political pressure on the companies to not take it seriously. So I think first you have the bugs in those violent extremist in those companies every brave in that way. And second, we have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. There are our people on YouTube.

For example, that of a larger détente a larger audience than daytime CNN and they are extremely radical and pushing extremely radical views and so it's up to the Facebook and YouTube in particular to think about whether not they want to be effectively cable networks for this information and then we have to figure out the only an and Newsmax problem. These companies have freedom of speech but I'm not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes. This is allowing people to seek out information if they really want to but not pushing it into their faces. I think his world have to go here together just like ISIS conservative media there just like ISIS. There just do specs is just like ISIS Fox in its heyday. Just like ISIS.

This is called demonizing your opposition Allah Saul Belinsky.

So then you can later when you get this domestic terrorist bill before Congress under new leftist Congress. You just demonize everybody on the right is domestic terrorism mean after all there was a shaman with horns running through the capital clearly every single trump voters just like that guy. Do you see what they're doing. Do you see what they're trying to do not only to you but to the country. We do have a lot of work ahead of us a lot of prayer needs to be set up to the Lord. Please Lord be with us were to come back.

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A friend of his, Joseph Bradford saw what happened to him wanted to engage in some of the same speech but didn't because he saw what happened to TK for the they're pretty egregious speech violations and that's why this case is so important. Well it's interesting how has it gone on the lower court level because I know at least 1 Lower Ct. had said you had not cited with TK and then there were some I believe that did what what happened on the lower court to bring it to the point where the Supreme Court needed to hear it challenged the policies from the school and court. First, the college came in and defended those policies then college changed its policy that it did nothing to address or try to remedy the harm that they did teach a case so JK can never go back and be quit his fellow students. Again, he can't have that time back that there is a real harm there and the college that will change the policy that we don't have to do anything about what we did in the past and unfortunately two courts agreed both the lower trial court and the appellate court and and so that's why the case went to the US Supreme Court on the question of whether government officials can be held accountable to the victim when they violate constitutional rights even if they later change a policy while welcome to come back to this in a minute. I want to return no to this issue of free speech zones because I know this is become a thing on college campuses. What is the legality and more importantly the constitutionality of saying you can have free speech, but only on this little square of pavement or grass or what have you what what is that you know what does the Constitution tell us about free speech when it is applied in this kind of a context on the First Amendment of the UN competition and affirms free speech and public including on college campus that the First Amendment is all a student should need to be able to speak freely on campus, but we do see universities coming in and establishing me speech down and so they'll put the place kind of off to the side on campus.

Very small locations only open a certain amount of time and they that the only place that you can engage and free speech.

And that's just unconstitutional, plainly fellow and actually Georgia Gwinnett was warned that there speech down policies were unconstitutional. About three years before they applied them against TK, so this is a problem or seeing across the country and something that could be impacted by a case like with in front of the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court ruled that these officials can be held accountable for these past violations than that incentivizes them to change the policies after well now when it comes to these free speech zones. I guess dealing just with Georgia Gwinnett College, where they evenly applying people who wanted to engage in speech like TK Zeno different religions apart from our ill Christian who wants to hang out tracks or what have you. Were they applying this fairly at least. I mean I'm not saying that either way it's good but or were they targeting Christians in particular unclear and TK certainly saw other students being able to speak freely on campus.

Play loud music and other areas, but it's not entirely clear because the case didn't go for word very far on exactly what kind of animus may have been in place by that officials deal with the issue of free speech zones in general. I mean, obviously it's a very wide thing with this case potentially if the Supreme Court decides in your favor in your client's favor and and does kind of a broad-based opinion. Could that affect potentially free speech sounds beyond just Georgia Gwinnett I when it comes in and we saw the justices in their question very concerned about this idea that if government officials change policies going forward that that doesn't let them off the hook for past violations. They still owe something to the victim though if we affirm that that is the rule across the country incentivizes government officials when they put on notice as we had put Georgia Gwinnett on notice before that that speech policies like the speech sounds are unconstitutional. They're more willing to change it if all they have to do is change the policy later and they get a free pass. Once they're actually challenged that incentivizes them to keep those policies and I think that kind of a decision could have a big impact. Even though the little bit and direct them on those issues as well as other contact. Here we saw the ACLU and other really groups from across the ideological spectrum come in and sighed with TK and file friend of the court brief supporting him because they recognize that in all contact free speech and other constitutional rights. We need to be able to hold government act accountable for those violation. Even if they stop violating other people's rights in the future. Now that's important is your right. If there's some kind of new no penalties for violating free speech than they would be more likely I would think to them. Implement policies that recognized it was interesting you guys pointed out on your website that many of the justices questions about this case recognize that nominal damages are often the best way to provide a court remedy in a lot of different contexts. What kind of remedy are you seeking, if any, for TK me what it what is an appropriate punishment, do you think for Georgia Gwinnett for having violated his rights where we thought nominal damages in a case where nominal damages come into play with why you thought the justices being about it when you're dealing with constitutional freedoms. It's very difficult to put a price on. Really these are priceless freedoms and so the court have defined this idea of nominal damages the small amount that has to be paid on but it's an important amount because it is a symbol for how important these rights that are hard to quantify our and that we are going forth officials to be held accountable what you think that I'm the suspect dilatory obviously. But what what the college go to such lengths to shut students up. I mean, you would think just the hassle of it and having to go to court and having a fight.

I mean, this is why cases like this are so important you know and how important it is for TK, to have gone ahead and filed suit on this.

This is very very vital for other people but what you think colleges like this will go to the mat over this.

Why not just say yeah were in favor free speech and and not have to go through all of these legal wrangling's. I don't know. I think that the deeper cultural question about where we are right now, but one would certainly hope that colleges recognize how important a robust discussion and debate on campus is and how important free speech is in that context. Particularly, there are Center for academic freedom has over 400 victories with these kinds of cases various speech policies that violated the Constitution. They had to challenge and will continue challenging, but it does seem to be a widespread problem that I hope we see a shift at coming out of that.

So I agree completely.

It was interesting that Justice Cavanaugh stated that history and common law and case law from the Supreme Court and also lawn other circuit courts of appeal all work against this colleges position did he get specific at all in bringing that information forward and say now this is just overwhelming that this college cannot do it and and they need to know furnish some sort of remedy to TK, while the 11th circuit Court of Appeals, which is the last court to rule on it in a bit of an outlier on that issue. Most courts recognize that constitutional rights are so important that we vindicate them with nominal damages and we force government official to do something to repair the harm in the past, not just do things going forward, and so many many circuit that he pointed out how that rule that is been the rule in the common law throughout our history. So there is a lot of legal basis for the Supreme Court to rule in TK favor, and I think that's what Justice Cavanaugh was suggesting there interesting with the free speech zones. One of the things that I think I've heard more than once, is that they don't want students to get out of hand. Or they don't want people who are in a calm and try to talk to college students to cause chaos on campus so that is. I remember if I'm remembering correctly, has been one of the excuses what is actually the right thing to do to just to avoid chaos on campus because you would think yeah you know if you're walking from one building to another is a college student, and you have, you know, the 18 people trying to talk to you while you're trying to walk down the sidewalk.

It can be a little bit disruptive. What is the right response for colleges to be able to grant free speech, but also control chaos about not that she Kate was engaging in chaos, but just as a general principle right TK with very peacefully speaking with fellow students, but what we've been in practice is that when chaos, sort of a rep on campus.

It had nothing to do with the speech sounds and the Happening outside the speech down the railing.

He trying to solve a problem that they're not all Vang and probably isn't there at all.

I remember being on campus and how many different groups would set up people then engage people in conversation and it was a very healthy environment where people could engage in robust debate. I think that colleges need to take a hard look at how valuable that is for college students and for the campus environment and I think that's excellent skating Anderson with alliance defending freedom will keep an eye on this case. Kate, thank you so much for the update you that take care of will be back on Jennifer to this archived broadcast of Janet met for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Job it referred to, and here's your host Joe Milford in Matthew chapter 24, the disciples asked Jesus what the sign of his coming would be and what the signs would be of the end of the age. Remember this passage Jesus answered and said, take heed that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name, saying, I am the Christ, and will deceive many. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Now, given the recent unfolding events. Can any of us doubt that we are truly approaching the end of the age and the imminent return of our Lord and Savior. So how do we get ready and how do we honor the Lord in the midst of the spiritual battles that were facing were in talk about it all now a Troy Anderson. He's a Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative journalist and co-author of the book will be discussing called the military guide to Armageddon Troy so good to have you here, are you doing Janet doing great. So what's good to have you have written this book. I know with someone who has been in the military for a number of decades and is done tours. This is Col. David, Jim, Anna, and little bit about what the military angle has to do with the end times.

Yes my co-authors Wouldn't Col. David give Mona he got a hold of the early 2008 written horrible draft of a book called the making of a warrior you looking for some to help them edit and write published it just struck me when he told me that about the Gallup poll for about 30% Americans how to restrict the military and drops of barefoot, 40% for pastors, 20% for Congress 10% for the media and so I thought to myself if America and the church listen to anybody about the danger about Bible prophecy will also draw uniformly chubby Col. agreed to write this book and he actually told me that the motor told him that by the time this book came out to be a completely different world, and the wall before Goldberg might involve chaos will go through the Genesis looks well and that's interesting because I can't remember a year in my life that has been as tumultuous. I think a lot of us could agree on that, and what you take from that when you're looking at the recent events in your looking at passages like Matthew 24. How do you interpret what is going on around us right now in in terms of the end times over the lot? We really will begin to be in time of the Bible talked about doing over 200 interviews on one side and also the major leaders Billy Graham AAA held in fee Greg Tortorella drug on the Oldman conference was very bleed when we are good to talk to Billy Graham told me trying to be good to be a major converging for the first time usually does predictions, but even more surprising is always expert mental risk Institute Parker Goodman like peeing in Princeton and they fit either meeting grave dangers to humanity basically work but we were approaching the end of human civilization over the annual report, the top should be legal course of nuclear war. Artificial intelligence run about a global totalitarian government along with "best photos from both by the reckless very big point in history. Well, that's right. And we we we think about how the Lord said nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. What you see in that regard around the world where we are seeing an increase in wars, increasing conflict, yet in the refinery in time with the rebirth of Israel in 1948 we went through on the countdown time will be lots of little wars and conflict are in today. What were seen happening is no rush in China are no beefed up their military didn't invite jungle looked at me differently told me that were were diverted position from the military for everything that's been developed logically, but what are enemies of course you have all the conflict believe the Bible would be a hotspot for the whole of all the all the players that the Bible describes the military military terms report in place now for this period of time. The notebook revolution goes through yeah well Col. Shimon having been in the military for as long as he's been in the military and having done tours in places like Iraq and Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

How does he see our times, in a way that a civilian might not.

In other words, with his kind of military experience does that have any bearing on how he is interpreting the signs of the times you will combat rather than federal employees instruction, but war brings any help.

You will holders and their family will get through the tragedies and so things he told me of that one reason why you don't know the Lord will write this book will write this book is because the church is ready for what what he believed what I believe is about to happen in a country club church for many decades doing a much richer assortment of sleep and bowel also waking up the great dangers of the persecution will be happening near the critical very strongly that God was calling to wake up and prepare the church and get the book of the electrical battle ready for a book. Well that's important too, because we've seen the numbers.

Recently I noticed in the last few days have seen the numbers from open doors on how many Christians are under, not just a little bit of persecution but severe persecution. It's 340 million Christians around the world. Those are just the extreme cases sourcing the rise and persecution of the church. But you're right when you look at the church in the United States. I would argue very strongly that we have been asleep. What is put us to sleep. I mean here we are a country that has more access to more Bibles and more Christian books and more Christian ministries and all of this stuff that would help us to prepare for the actual return of Christ or to help us to prepare for repair for the end times. What's wrong with us. Why haven't we been more prepared why we been asleep when we've had so many tools at our disposal to get us prepared… And you will but I got out 11 years old when I got food from the height of the due will be back in the late 70s at the time you had held and booked out late reported her, and you know I never like where and what did you think T-shirt and all the excitement, the Lord is returning soon in the new book came out good for supposedly good you for return in 1988 In the course of all kinds of false predictions were made to bed without it happen people became disillusioned with the church.

Talking about looking for the controversial but you what the girls of the legal service strategy.

The enemy gives her off guard when we stop talking about no more. Most churches longer talk about proxy yet now you all the evidence, but equally serve the people. He is really happening.

And yet the church is largely not book talked about it. So both in spiritual warfare to for help right there some truth to that, that there was so much FSC emphasis on Bible prophecy back in the 70s and and even into the 80s and such an interest in all of those things. And when those false yeah I remember those false prophecies about Jesus is going to return what is 88 reasons that Jesus will return in 1988 and anybody who's read the verse about Jesus saying no man knows the day or the hour. Only the father. It just kinda says why do we keep seeing people do this when we already know from Scripture that there's no way anybody could know the day or the hour that this is frustrating though because shouldn't there be more of a sense of urgency or do you see Christians becoming more urgent and more concerned about the end times now has coping 19 have the events of the last year in your mind. Woken up a lot of Christians up or how do you see it now in in the wake of all of the turmoil that were seen around us throughout the week in America, but with a global week go to Bible prophecy to be unkind and have no recent poll came out from what we referred you to the nine and 10 mouse beside me and I heard about so you will a great consensus. Now that was probably really happening and so helpful strongly to write this book used to teach people help further weaken the church and believers are just people in general to what's happening and then take them to what the Bible so you know what we need to do to prepare 12 practical Steps to military terms to the biblical. Let's get into that when we come back from the spray trainer so let us military guide to Armageddon's will return right after this, this is Janet math for for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday. She lives in Zimbabwe where churches are widely scattered in remote regions of this African country. That's one reason why she travels so far the other reason she walks 9 miles each way is that the gospel has truly captured her heart after coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Mabel reads and studies her Bible and she's discovered that the gospel is meant to be shared with others. So with the help of Bible league international she's learning to share her faith she's helping to see a church develop closer to her village finals are desperately needed in Africa and around the world right now and you can send one to a Bible is a believer today for only five dollars dollars will send 10 Bibles become a Bible center today by calling 800 yes word that's 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to Janet

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It is very very clear that the Lord could return at any time and we comfort one another with these words, we are closer to the return of Jesus Christ than ever before. But we are also closer to the end times and the end of the earth as the Bible tells us the military guide to Armageddon is the book were discussing with author Troy Anderson and let's talk about some of these strategies that you write about Troy to prepare our lives in our souls for the end times. What are some of the strategies you know the Bible a book of miracle God intervenes in human you also did regular people do all the extraordinary things in the Bible told on the form of God for the spirit helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, always different things we can fight spiritual battle to be pictorial and successful in battle, and so we believe that the God of calls to do to help help the church put on the full armor of God so that we can do the Lord's work would to be in time spreading the gospel of all told to do so to look the Bible directly all kinds of military current language and it will King David was in the Bible. Glad he battles with reading first Chronicles are dated the God of the board, God of armies described the angel organize military structure of the course you will remember the song which is about folders of Christ.

So God wants to do you want to engage in spiritual warfare and help you bring people to the Lord. Well that's right for selling the great commission obviously is is the main thing that we need to be about as a church, but when you talk about Ephesians 6 we often reference that passage, which is so awesome when we think about what we have to do in order to stand in the evil day is that passage talks about but give some specifics. If you would try to the Christian who says all right.

I love that passage about putting on the you know the shield of faith in the breastplate of righteousness in the helmet of salvation, but that's metaphorical. What should I be doing as a Christian to live out that passage in the military to be help with cold making of a warrior process to transform the regulars into a folder or look at Col. doing this book took you three decades of military unit and chaplain training and any alter your theological degrees and translates to take you as you read this book of exercises or the things to do in gold nuggets was written or takes you through the making of a warrior process of maturing your faith and essentially become an entire word of God. The further of the book is designed and absolutely very practical steps of your all kinds of silver.

Interesting thing becomes from three decades of the middle the wisdom and experience in the military.

Yeah give us an example outright give us one of the nuggets just so we can hold onto something and understand what you're talking about yoga. Chapter 3 called knowing your enemy is going to military very important that you study your intimate very you know very closely you'll figure out their weaknesses for older strategies and also for today. We are expressing unprecedented deception and others all kinds of Buell Sawyer propaganda new billions and billions of dollars are being spent. The manipulative control essentially and so very important to know use the Holy Spirit you but with regard give them some sort of feel what was really happening and then we can you'll do what the Lord called one example that's important. One of the things that is mentioned in your book is the fact that David King David is kind of a template for the warrior Stephen somebody we should look to when were considering the subject… Said that David Banneker's own heart. So even though you always feel a flawed guy, very brave and courageous and if you read the Bible strikes you, that many of you people but God you were very brave and courageous and it's about but that's one of the things we hope to college book used to kill people with hope and encouragement. Also, bravery and courage because work will be back in the months and years of looking good was a great example of her brave drive course you know as a boy, he took a slingshot challenge glia giant will result hundreds of pounds of armor and the gigantic spear all all the Israelites were afraid of them would be young boy was brave and courageously challenged them in your course instructor, throw the rocket glider had been killed and also a good example of book will be a brave and courageous with the spiritual battle to be in touch all right.

One of the things that strikes me about David that you note in the book is that he always asked for instructions from the Lord before battle, and it's interesting because I think there is a tendency within each of us to just rush ahead and pray that God will bless whatever were doing but how does that come into play when we're, you know, employing these battle strategies ourselves, saying, Lord, you know, spending time in prayer, spending time in praising and spending time really with the Lord and in fellowship with the Lord as we go along and being you know absolutely connected to him the branch and the vine and and being rooted in Jesus Christ before we go into battle and before we try to do what we think he want us. He wants us to do to to spend time with him before that incredibly important to develop a routine of her life will Bible study Fellowship worship, you need to hear from the Lord are for the Holy Spirit will important to obey the Lord of the book important thing we could do and so if you obey what the word, and you obey what you learn. You'll and fellowship with the Lord that helps you God take you into your gift of your life.

God has an amazing destiny for all of us any any you know the Holy Spirit help guide the student about so that we can fill the work of the Lord has for yeah there's a times checklist that you write about and this is kind of the end times events described in the word of God and the first one is very striking because you cite second Timothy three verses one through five. Discussing global moral decay and ungodliness there which you say truck you were there. It's it's all across the world and getting worse by the minute. We know different surveys of the American Bible like nine people now say the feel of moral freefall in America and around the world, folders, and this week we could go swimming and morality is rampant, know the Bible told you that it rooted into the incline.

Yeah. So now when were talking about Armageddon. This is again when people will go back to the book of Revelation. In chapter 16 that details the bowls of wrath that God will send upon the earth.

And then Armageddon proceeds into the gathering together and Armageddon proceeds. The seventh bowl of wrath.

What should we know about that time. In particular, what Armageddon will be like.

So the Bible talks about the tribulation period and you'll know commonly interpreted will be a seven year period of great tribulation upon on the world book of Revelation. 54. Add it all up. It sounds like about you'll fourth fifth of all humanity will perish during this time and all kinds of wars and plague investors all kinds of terrible things and so towards the end of this. The second half God actually pours out his wrath upon the world through all the strength of the world throughout all time and told Beverly's a people you don't want to be for them, and most most evil Christian good but don't believe it. If you don't give your heart the Lord asking to forgive your sin, you will be here for the time it was some disagreement on and all the rapture occurred beginning on the midpoint of tribulation, but almost everybody agrees that you won't be here for the time when God's wrath on the world right but what can we expect prior to the time that the Lord takes us to himself. The big question on over last year, we will covert situation, all the chaos. Now we have you beat. Talk about will not greatly for you. You know, some kind of movement. The world socialist with them as will all be finger. Bible predicts that would have to work for the sleep you will initial find of this occurring, so that's why he wrote this book you want to get the church ready and prepared for whatever difficulties and challenges will face in the years. And also to bring you'll bring many people into the kingdom as possible, encouraged many people as possible to accept the Lord forgive forgive them understand right. Do you see any signs that the urgency when it comes to evangelism is growing in the church. Are we still need needing to get there in the future. You know my last book from Apocalypse Paul Maguire and I recall progression to repentance and what we haven't had one Abraham Lincoln was president, and then by minute outcome and just when I was familiar green pickle vehicle called leader – repetitive movement started networking you write, the White House executive summary for this and then eat best to persuade Rabbi Jonathan Tom to be a spokesman in the event actually happened.

It took place over 20 national Mall. If I do hundred thousand people showed all the recurring national global bill for millions of people watching online legal articles 1/4 million people live so bored while one. One thing happening with Boyd about 200,000 people coming to God that the military guy to get Troy Anderson with us Troy. God bless you, thank you so much for being with us on our i.e. take care.

Thank you for joining us today will see next

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