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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Paul Hair (Transgenderism) Denise Harle (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 13, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Paul Hair (Transgenderism) Denise Harle (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 13, 2021 4:00 am

California has directed insurance companies to cover elective mastectomies for young girls in the name of "transgenderism!" How do we combat the lie that you can change your sex? Paul Hair, author of "Her True Self," joins me. Plus: Abortion advocates are legally challenging five pro-life laws in North Carolina. Now, lawmakers are fighting back. We'll get the latest from Denise Harle, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom. That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone is I sort of in the chapter God's word tells us to strive for the above and set our minds on things above and why is that. Here's what it says for you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God put to death. Therefore, the components of your earthly nature, sexual immorality, impurity lost, evil desires and greed which is idolatry and that it further says do not lie to one another, since you have taken off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge, in the image of its creator.

Now this is a great passage and there is an awful lot to delve into here, but it's clear that when the Bible talks about an old self and a new self is talking about the difference between the unregenerate man and the regenerate man who has been born again because of his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ what the Bible never teaches, though, is that you can become your true self in your physical body by embracing a new gender identity and having mutilating surgery and yet we hear that phrase true self all the time. From big gay if a man has a new gender identity as a woman. Now he's just embracing his true self.

We all know this is a lie. It's a lie of biology. It's a lie of spirituality. It's one that the younger generations, though, are told all the time and it's something that we as parents definitely have to address because it is absolutely all around us. My next guest author Paul here addresses this issue in a really great book he's written.

It's called her true self and he is joining us now.

Paul is wonderful to talk to you again. How are you doing great introduction thank you brother libido so I'm doing well going well true I am and it's so good to talk to you. I'm so glad that you're addressing this and it's interesting because you're doing this in a form of a story I'd I do a lot of interviews about books that are nonfiction this one is kind of a novella, talk a little bit about why you decided to do this book this way. 43 people wave nonfiction And on top of that we have so much nonfiction between bloggers and articles in the same types of books written over and over doesn't really make sense for me to go that route for me and I think for a lot of people, parents and young adult included is just better way because one of the corporate the crammed gender issue into the book. That's not the whole story because it's really the way I like is the coming-of-age story for the Boyd story is 18 issue. He's built with the help of your sister who told him years ago, but she's actually a boy truck. The girl's body and things unfold throughout the story from that address. Seven deal about and it's a good way just to get people you want to preach to somebody so I wanted to include that in the story would be preaching.

I think it can reach a lot more people if they pick without anything that I would write nonfiction award. While I appreciate that you're doing it in a different genre because you're right, there are a lot of people who would be more moved through a story version of it of conveying this truth and they would a nonfiction presentation, especially if you're talking about young adults you know this gets to the heart though about your concerns involving young people who are being very much influenced.

As you know, to embrace these bizarre concepts of transitioning and gender identity in non-binary and all these other insane terms that have become kinda normal and they never should be normalized in our society, but they're all around us and in this is really affecting the younger generations. I think much more rapidly than it's affecting those of us were older and remember life before all of this insanity can you speak a little bit to your concerns for these younger generations being absolutely drenched in this LGBT nonsense. They are I don't adults of any idea about. Another reason for the book adult readers to get a better idea of what's going on. One thing I thought of how you convince an adult critically Christian because I don't know it's true once was Bruce talking to a lot of Christians would like to have the well if I don't go well if I don't like on the board and do stuff that is open right that's all fine and well, but while you're going not your kids off at school for 13 years been for at least four more years in college were getting indoctrinated with beliefs very, completely opposite of your own right. So there's no excuse for ignoring the more there is no excuse for ignoring what's going on or what's happening because of the matter of somebody as an adult will never deal with their kids are. And so the one thing I thought of a quick way, how I could reach the dullness would be to say you know what, if you have kids mostly have kids if you ask the kid nobody 25 years old or younger. Would you ever consider digging the person who's transgender because I guarantee you that a lot of parents what a Christian parents are to be shocked by the antegrade receipt from those kids because by this time I guarantee a lot of kids it would be applicable for sure what man but that's something that I can. I thought of saying or thought of telling people to ask kids just to try to get through how big of an issue. This is what you think is the reason that kids and generation Z and maybe younger. I don't know if the younger generation has a generation name yet or not they keep tacking on these new names of new generations but if were talking I generation Z, and even to some extent, millennial's for older people in society. There is kind of a disbelief like why would anybody buy into this how the world could you possibly listen to somebody say with a straight face that I'm a woman on the inside and I just need to have the surgery and everything will be made right now be my true self. What is the reason.

Do you think that young people are susceptible to this kind of propaganda indoctrinated from Florida but that's kind of why the countries where it is today with the incoming Democratic ministration would you go to crush a separate story but effectively it's been.

Don't fight as soon as progressive portion as you the conservator responses are mutely surrendered.

Christians do the same thing all we don't want to make a big deal that looked like it and will fight you, move on when you don't fight evil evil went know where we are today and that's been huge with the so-called gave movement whatever you want to refer to the Roosevelt people kind of wealth yet so there you have have had an agenda and they would unapologetic about and leave them religiously passionate about Mesquite right there religiously. They been religious, but the so-called religious right here hasn't been very religious in our belief that I've not seen any passion on our side the entire time I've been an adult and when you surrender that when you can't give somebody a fight they're gonna walk through and get whatever they want and they too have what you think and if people think it's bad now. We provided takes over in his routine cannot do things that you never match for transgender and worse absolutely.

Paul and I been trying to sound the alarm here on my cell about this because people have no idea like you just said what's coming down the pike. What about this issue of gender identity in general we had that decision at the Supreme Court not too long ago saying oh yeah okay what federal civil rights law really meant that we were to protect people's gender identity and sexual orientation even though it's not there anywhere in the law, nor was it a thing back when that law was written when were looking at these kinds of changes in society why we have more passion for God's word and the glory of God and the insult that it is to God to try to pass off this idea that there is more than male and female out there. This is at root in attack on God himself and his creation. Chris from my adult life surrendered their evil good, all: I think I'm right: in the church. If you get into any kind of conflict, it's wrong. You need to be very calm about everything. Don't raise your voice.

Don't forget God loves everybody in your honor. To nobody's ever denied, but there is such a thing still is right and wrong and it is right to fight wrong good for evil, good for good triumphs over evil, but you just can't get who to Christian today. Now you might forget to enter. You will for change eventually, but you know the time being finger only going to get worse simply because of that evil decision to say were going to kill passion in everything we do.

Once you kill, passion, you've killed you know if if I'm not supposed to be passionate about everything but how my organelle fight for anything or how my ever even got you know fight for what's good or or you know fight for what's right. If nothing really matters is what seems to be the Christian answer to everything today.

Don't forget God can control him mother to come out of yeah that's true I could say that about. Yes, don't worry about the poor Gothic control in their market have to worry about you. Don't worry about people suffering over there, North Korea, and God still in control. Yeah, that's right, mom talking on we got to go to a break will be back with Paul here hurt yourself. This is about will return right after this, the healthcare open enrollment period has ended.

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It's the young adult novel about transgender is him and I really appreciate Paul writing this book because I know there are many people who will not read may be a textbook about the lie of transgender is in, but they will give their kids or their young adults or even themselves a chance to read a book like this hurt yourself, but we were talking about the church's response to transgender is him from your point of view. What would you say is the worst parts of this entire transgender is a movement.

Is it what is being done to the minds of young people what is being done to the young people who have gender dysphoria or just confused and propagandized. They want to go through the hormone treatments you see what is there a core evil about this movement that you would point to well on top about child sexual people can't get outraged about that. I'm not really sure what to say at this point. Yeah just the other day about California automated official everybody in California who's in the insurance must cover this with the actual headline California official insurance must cover double mastectomy for young girls with genders for effectively saying since everybody pretty much as insurance is critical in California is now to be complicit yeah and so if people can't get upset about this way you're walking down the road if you see somebody just beating up a person you have to be told why the long why you should be upset you're just in a bad place. I don't know what I could do to get you out of that place. This is something that Christians failed to particularly Christians, children, and I know what their mindset was a reminder to well we want to get involved in that we contemplate our family okay, but now we are where you are the real evil right there is the fact that it felt no child abuse and just passion about document qualities, child abuse, it's absolutely child abuse. And what's really interesting was I got this quote here from the insurance commissioner in California relating to that store. They just mention Ricardo Lara said in a press release for far too long. Individuals diagnosed with gender dysphoria have had to battle a host of challenges to get access to gender affirming care in order to be there true selves. There is right there gender affirming, so it's now affirming to call somebody the sex that they are not.

Even though biology is screaming at you what your sex actually is. We now have to go complete Orwell in order to get this done. What's shocking about it though Paul is saying your true self. That is the biggest lie there ever was right but read that because were getting to a point where I can. I'm having trouble talking to more more people because they change the language gender dysphoria gender for affirmation surgery pronounced like her were now were now in the fight people or are viciously angry because you're not using the right pronoun. What is that even the non-took upon nonsense, and it got the point where it's not just affecting the progressive, but every time I look at the conservative media or online video we end up using the same language of thinking about things exactly as progress was one of think about right. So every day seems to get farther further and further removed from reality and further further from where I can communicate with other people and so to me writing the book is the best way to do it because like you mentioned earlier to read a textbook on this stuff, but having something put into real story. We kinda showed how can affect real people and give you real emotions curriculum. There is nothing that I think we need a motion passion, emotion and passion can be really good things that we need. That's where the book comes in the play to take you into a story of drawls UM you can identify with these characters. Here's the thing to add that I think is very important when you're talking about what's going on in California.

There's also the fact that Gov. Newsom already signed legislation establishing a transgender wellness and equity funds. This would be used for transgender medical interventions that are known to cause children to become sterile. This is what goes on with these hormone treatments. What I think is coming down the pike is not only California going in this direction, but every other state eventually going in this direction. Like we've seen with so many of the activist goals of the big gay movement that means you. Do you think that that is rather imminent.

Here we have Joe Biden coming in is the next president.

He's got already know this stated goal of within the first hundred days passing the equality act now that they've got the Senate they can do it. That is good to be a game changer. Paul I don't know if the church is ready for this whatsoever, are not ready for it or not happen. Biden also could happen with all the California California believe in a mood your state. There's got to be things like you said the people don't match. We can imagine, working to try to force the gay agenda into the church.

You can have Gay pastors you have Transgender bathroom stuff like all good foreign country go to want to recognize gay rights were going to go to war with them to see stuff like that. And Christians are just gonna stand back with her mouth agape saying all I can't believe this is happening in the basement be surprised because this stuff is been happening for the past 20 to 25 years with no resistance whatsoever. So it's coming. I don't have any people. One player will what's the good news. How can we fight back.

I have no answer for you because of time to fight back was 20 years ago and we decided we want to do what you know it's interesting because when we go to the Lord and we begged him for mercy. That's always a good place to be and further for those who say I haven't thought this. I haven't been concerned about this. This has not been on the front burner of my life, but I'm beginning to feel very convicted of that sin of apathy, because now this will affect my kids. This will affect my grandkids and maybe it is too late. But maybe the Lord will be merciful, but here we have going back to the issue of government. Paul, this is very very upsetting. I think a lot of people laugh at this, but it really isn't funny.

We had the House Democrats recently introducing these new codes of conduct to honor all gender identities, changing pronouns and wanting everything to be gender-neutral and you have to remove references to mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters at a people look at this. Okay, these Democrats are insane when it gets to the level of the federal government doing this. Is it over. I mean I know nothing is ever finally over, you know, in the final analysis, as long as the Lord is active in working but what's your reaction to this the house Democrats doing this hottie undo this once you institute this kind of thing I'll do it because of what occurred. Democrats have no support at this point, but instead they control everything in the benefit concert a very good Christian can do is maybe make a few snarky remarks on twitter twitter has multi-phantom death. I mean the absolute I cannot overemphasize how much the absolute laws in the country for the Democrats when everything and what you're seeing going on now with all the lies about what happened at the capital yesterday would be ignoring the communist rights insurrection all through last year and this year, people just don't get how badly the lawsuit and what to come down when anybody who opposes the Democrats at all is going to declared a terrorist and you have all the authority come after you, like you, imagine you can be ready to go see prosecutions and see more people and I'm not saying that I'm encouraging that I'm telling you what people should expect. So no, I don't see a way to overturn the right guy can do anything he wants but if you look at history you know God God is a God of order random things don't just happen one where the upper will know for sure what happened on try to know say what could happen. I deftly don't know God's mind, so I won't go there. But if you look at the way things are going in the way things are going throughout history. It's not good. What do you think Christians need to know about the power of the LGBT lobby or as I like to refer to them big gay. I mean we we have spent a lot of time and I spent a lot of time personally trying to inform Christians about the power of big gay and why they need to be resisted and you know we talked a lot about re-voice and formed a conference to fight re-voice this acceptance of these kinds of ideals into conservative evangelical circles. But you know what you say on on the score of protecting your kids from this madness and what Christian family should be doing right now if their child comes home. For example, is as non-binary friend mom. I mean, what you do. And people, and that the passion that you cannot fight unless you're willing to be equally passionate in fighting against yes and it can be hard to be in after you insert a bad word or URL to be mean, if you're Christian, which is wrong which is why Christians have lost it's gonna have to be a complete change of mindset and you have to be willing to face abuse and persecution because time to oppose.

When that wasn't one persecution what happened to you is over now just matter of who you really believe where does your faith really lie.

Are you thinking about get along here in the mall and here were you thinking about in turn be doing with the right thing.

Christians laughing at them so that I'm not could be again. I don't expect to see great things happening. I could be wrong or to save each individual have to answer for himself one day, me included, all right, we all do we all do, and in the interim, your book her true self I think is a really good resource for parents and for young adults to be able to let you know. Listen to what your points are on the issue of transgender is and what is it that you hope people will take away after they rehearsed herself in and wrestle with this idea of transgender is a maybe for the first time really taking it seriously really good book like nothing ever seen before with the same time it can also you know what you should actually have my kids with your questions.

Parents I'm certain now, and I know a lot of rental but maybe not. There could but your kids use are not the same as your views are, and if a parent can read this book too scared to read and like going to start talking get the get the parents eyes opened as far as to how things really are, with the whole transgender movement with big gay what's going on so if people are to go to things away the good read, and if they can take away of. I never thought about this before. Maybe I should be happy with that. That's wonderful and we need all the good books on the subject that we can possibly get.

Again the name of the book is her true self. The author is Paul here who's been kind enough to join us in Paul.

I so appreciate your work in your writing and we really thank you for what you doing for the Lord and thank you for being here was great to talk to you again.

Thank you dream about a good time to bring revenue new bad. God bless you will be back on Janet Mefford today. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet today and here's your host Joe well given the political situation is more important than ever that we refused to yield ground on the important progress that we've made when it comes to protecting the lives of unborn children, and right now Planned Parenthood South Atlantic is legally challenging safety and informed consent laws in the state of North Carolina, but to lawmakers with the help of alliance defending freedom attorneys are now seeking to dismiss that lawsuit so we can get some details on it now from Denise Harley who is senior counsel with alliance defending freedom.

Denise, thank you so much for being with us talking with you. Yes. Happy new year to you. Tell us a little bit about this lawsuit. What is going on with these abortion advocates and their efforts to try to overturn these laws every wanting to learn how to better know her option when she's facing an unexpected pregnancy and North Carolina passed several laws over the course of many years putting in place common sense health and safety protections on informed consent lot fitfully safety requirement unreasonable modest regulation that the abortion procedure that Planned Parenthood has now wants to lock you to write down all of those provisions provide women with ordinary safety protections when they're considering the medical procedure and trying to strike down laws that actually give women information about on their own unborn child, and the risks and consequences of the procedure right so when you're talking about informed consent.

I know one of these laws involves a 72 hour informed consent. Another one involves informed consent information being given to women about child support and social welfare, those sorts of things. I mean, is this not under the category here. At least the second part of this that the second law I mentioned, this is information that's going to women.

So what we make of the efforts of the abortion industry wanting women to have less information and/or no information about abortion and are now challenging the plot don't want information regarding abortion and in part because they were fully informed. They may not have been aware of what Peter involved, or the details of their child development on the hearing on the abortion industry coming in and saying oh no lesion at the time, patient but in direct conflict with the Supreme Court in 2018. The Supreme Court cited a case called Vita Sarah.confirm the fact that state are free to impact unique to protect our citizens by requiring informed information belonging to the relevant law and with your land laws are plainly that well right, that was a really important case to and that spring to my mind when I was reading through some of this material because that was a very important case that you guys had litigated having to do with those and see crisis centers, crisis pregnancy centers in California being forced to convey information about where women could obtain abortion services in the Supreme Court did not say no you can't do that.

That's not that's not something that you can force upon people that trying to push abortion agenda on collect payment 800 and what Mike informed consent you're trying to commandeer speech yes, but in North Carolina. This data simply trying to regulate the medical profession and regulate very dangerous, irreversible medical procedures of abortion that in the life of unfunded future benefit and doing so to protect the public welfare which states are very much allowed to do and they have a responsibility to protect their set use. You mention something interesting Denise a little earlier and that was the fact that no women who are actually challenging these laws it's the abortion industry and this gets into another subject, which involves whether or not the abortion industry actually has standing to challenge these laws you said I know that they don't one of our main argument that abortion industry have the right to come and and purport to assert the right on behalf when it note you don't even have a relationship with them to get there hypothetical future customers that they want to profit off of, but there's no reason why women don't want protection that women are able to raise a legal challenge that it hasn't happened in the Ottoman on the books for years.

The treated note this is like that. The fox guarding the hen house because laws actually protect women from the abortion providers who are trying to get rid of your right that's a good comparison another one of the laws I knew was the prohibition of telemedicine abortions. I know this is been something that has really become a wonderful tactic for the abortion industry. As more and more surgical abortion is to retire or Quentin are having a hard time because a lot of these surgical abortion clinics have closed over the years. What the legal implications here of prohibiting telemedicine abortions, could they possibly make an argument that women can't get safe and legal abortions with the surgical centers being closed and therefore this is their only option in the obvious arguments that they're going to make what you say in response to that it had been brought by 13 different abortion clinic with our fully operational in Carolina. They have not been argument that they're not able Dr. person decently say it would be more convenient and less expensive if we could do this remotely and fairly good medical care.

The state had every eight that healthcare might be at that more thorough at that more careful if a woman they had one in person appointment where she is able to fully ask questions and be evaluated by the physician. That's going to perform the abortion rights makes total sense. Also, this law that only licensed physicians can perform abortions that something that were seen the abortion industry fight against more and more, this idea that only doctors can perform abortions. What is the reasoning behind wanting that law struck down. Is it just more access of women to abortions more money at the bottom line. They don't even hide that fact in the complete lot under what they say is their right to enjoy the fruits of their own late and they say a nurse practitioner at plaintiff thinking that I'm capable of doing that and I want to be able to perform abortion, but that you did eight is well within its right and make the hole at that to make sure that. Dangerous medical peak heaters are being performed by people who are qualified, trained and licensed physician, it's perfectly reasonable right in the facility safety requirements. That's another issue. That is, but you know in a number of states, common sense guidelines and requirements for you know hallways to be wide enough to accommodate gurneys and proper ventilation systems. The fact that the abortion industry doesn't like these kinds of regulations what you think that says about their motivation here. Patient requirement requirement on hospital and home indicated North Carolina abortion providers are asking for a special exception that they don't have to comply with health and safety regulation and not fair to women not fair to their patients. Because women deserve better than what right and it doesn't seem to make any sense when you go around saying that you care about women to then say we want to make things less safe in our abortion clinics than they would find if they went to some standalone medical clinic that would just help them with their sinus infection since it to me that really kind of exposes more of the evil that they really have in mind when they're looking at.

The bottom line and wanting to keep doing abortions and destroying the lives of unborn children and do you think they have any legal argument at all. Here Denise when you're looking at what the complaint says do you think there's any room for a judge to be able to say well they really have a point in The complaint alleges that they don't want to comply with the safety regulation only and that it on theory and that it would be very expensive to renovate other facility to meet these requirements and so it's really just the profit motive. I do not think they have any legal argument all but I think what they're trying to do is hoping that they will find a favorable judge in North Carolina that will sort of establish some sort of right that doesn't exist now.

I think that perhaps with the shifting of the US Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates and feeling a bit desperate and are trying to go to different states and see if they can send it out I yeah you're right about that well. Really glad and hope this case will be dismissed Denise Harley with alliance defending freedom. Thank you so much Denise for you guys do and thanks for being here, having that you that God bless take care will be back hi this is Janet Mefford when it comes to choice the ministry of pre-born offers the ultimate lifesaving choice by providing a free ultrasound to an abortion minded mother ought to introduce her to her pre-born baby and when she sees her baby on ultrasound and here's that baby's heartbeat in 8/10 cases that mom will choose life, that I got here how strong her. Harvey was always laughing like she was supposed to be here, but it didn't matter what anybody else told me all that mattered was it. I was blessed with the ability to carry license out of my and that baby was supposed to be here for something that was all that mattered.

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Thank you for your gift you're listening to Mefford today though. Do you really believe the left wants unity really is that what they're calling for in their actions and their words.

By the way, did you hear that PBS fired that mid-level staff attorney who was busted by project Veritas calling for the kids of trump supporters to be put into reeducation camps. His name is Michael Beller and they said that there is no place for hateful rhetoric, a PBS sure okay no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS that's exposed by James O'Keefe, Pres. trump, though made a public appearance, and I thought this clip was very, very important for you to hear because it just encapsulates the relationship between the president of the United States, and the media that's hating him and has hated him so much over the past four years. This is by NBC. Listen to this One. MySpace stated in the media on television I said was only appropriate what other people of said politicians high level.

Some of the horrible riots in Portland and Seattle and various other places where it started to occasionally does often does veer away from the truth.

His video that he paid on Wednesday after the riots were happening in the capital was not viewed widely is totally appropriate. In fact, many people argue they were highly inappropriate and that he told the people who were riding the mob who was descending on the capital that they were very special and that he loved them. That's not what happens. It's not what happened and we all know you did not cut away from the president's live remarks in order to correct the record about him lying you cut away from his remarks because he was pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the left in going out of its way to try to paint Pres. trump is inciting an insurrection, but they are the same people who had no problem at all with insurrection, real insurrection, just a few months ago and that lasted for months and not just for an hour or so, or however long the actual incident took place on January 6. These people are a joke. I dear joke, but a really bad joke and it gets worse. I've compiled some of these audio cuts for you to hear this is just from yesterday about what they're saying in the media and the rhetoric is just getting ramped up and ramped up and ramped up who is ramping up the rhetoric after you listen to some of these clips your to be able to answer that question.

Here's the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson posing a question to Nicole Hannah Jones from the New York Times magazine and she of the brain trust behind the 1619 project. Just listen to this question, we are millions of somehow need to be bid program. There are members of the cult's colt are aware of the program you have any idea how we start yeah it's a real knee slapper anybody who's a Republican and voted for trump and supports trump and says I don't see anything that came out of the presidents mouth. The told those writers to do what they did in breaching the capital you're a member of a call. You need to be deprogrammed like Jehovah's Witnesses like munis, you know, kidnap us in and put us into solitary confinement for a weekend and and deprive us of food and sleep and make sure that you can work on so we're finally good little leftists. People who are winning the argument. Do not say things like that, folks they don't say things like that they know there are 74 million voters, not to mention people who may not have voted or people who are not old enough yet to vote, but also are on the side of America and patriotism, who pose a threat to their agenda so it is just ramping it up to 11 here. Here's another example.

This is clear McCaskill good old Sen. Claire McCaskill on MSNBC on the subject of unity. You got a listen, especially for how she ends this cut is there discussing the claims of voter fraud and what she calls the president's big lie. Listen to this cut three and the lie that Donald Trump started committing that crime against America that Donald Trump began, really began months ago when he started telling people that believed in him. If he didn't when the election was a fraud and he continues to embrace the big lie and unfortunately the majority of voted for the big lie even after they watch Donald Trump supporters beat police officers with an American flag. So that's where we are and if we want unity and I think Joe Biden desperately wants and I think all of us want unity. We want coming together. We want to stitch this back together again with acknowledging that there was no mass massive fraud that Donald Trump's lawyers had all the evidence and the evidence was not there. It was rumors. It was Internet conspiracies was videotaped it was people trying to make a buck. It was anything but massive fraud publicans can do that until they can reject the big lie open their mouths about unity, about unity, and will bring us together, shut up about unity you just said Joe Biden desperately wants unity and then you're saying shut up about unity. They're not using the word correctly. It's like the old Princess bride line you are using that word. But I don't think you know what it means because when they say unity. What they really mean is submission submit go on our side, or else submit to our dictates or else go with our narrative or else. Don't fight us when people have reached that point of political rhetoric. You better be afraid, and ultimately we can't be afraid because God has not given us a spirit of fear but I'm speaking in the human sense, raise those antenna on top of your head and listen to what is coming back into those antenna of yours because you're not mishearing what these people are saying loud and clear and they are begin being given an incredible platform all across the spectrum of media and big tack to air this kind of insanity to try to gaslight you and to make you think that you're the one who's evil. You're the one who's a liar. You're the one who's a domestic terrorist.

You're the one who needs deprogramming and their perfectly fine and then when you raise the objection and you say but but but but what what about the insurrection in it a few months ago I got a cut to commercial. That's what they did to the president and as he said previously when they go after me. They're going after you and there there is truth to that one more cut Julia Kiam. This is the worst one CNN national security analyst listen how she refers to Pres. trump.

This is CNN on cut for remember is the spiritual, but I will operational leader to duty. Tell them why they're angry we started like any counterterrorism effort which is total isolation of the present United States 20 yet D forming all of the about no money, no campaign fund complete elation because as the leader of a terrorist organization is viewed as a loser, not winner is harder for him to recruit elements we will isolate them to make sure that Donald does not have a incredibly harsh right now calling the president believe in the cold response.

Right now, enough with the let's unity right now to make sure that we protect America and of course the next president of the United States, let me just read something to you and see if you remember this powers not only what you have. But when the enemy thinks you have make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

Keep the pressure on pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Do you listen to those clips and hear any of those things contained within the body of those clips. Of course you do. These are some of the rules for radicals outlined by Solomon ski Solomon ski the spiritual head of the Obama administration is many people remember, keep this in mind, this is my games mind games and threats.

More afraid of a president who says I don't want violence and I want people to peacefully and patriotically walked to the capital. Would you rather have some lunatic on CNN talk about mass arrests and call the president a leader of a terrorist organization and call for his total isolation through removal from office. No access to campaign funds D platforming, essentially wiping out the opposition from having any sort of organization, because as you know, corporate America now is halting donations to Republicans who voted to overturn the election. It's only getting worse. These people want total control and the question now is will Americans let them have it. Let them have that control can't, we need to save our Republic by the grace of God and live to fight another day. God bless you. That's gonna do it for me will see next time here on Janet this hour has been brought to you by pre-born save 350 babies lives by the end of January through the gift of one free ultrasound. $28 saves one life call now 855402 baby 855-402-2229 Janet

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