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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Brian Gibson (Trump's DC Rally) Ben Courson (Depression)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 12, 2021 4:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Brian Gibson (Trump's DC Rally) Ben Courson (Depression)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 12, 2021 4:30 am

Democrats move forward with their plans to impeach President Trump, as the House Speaker calls him "deranged, unhinged and dangerous." But what's the perspective from a Christian pastor who was at the Trump rally in the nation's capital? I'll talk about it with Brian Gibson, pastor of HIS Church. Plus: Ben Courson, senior pastor of Applegate Christian Fellowship, joins me to talk about hope amid depression. His book is called, "Flirting With Darkness." That's next time on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone is I sort of left number back a few months ago when you had leftist radicals setting cities on fire and looting and even killing people in the streets in the left said this is all through peaceful protests and if Pres. Trump has any sort of inclination to invoke the insurrection act in order to quell it. He's a dangerous dictator well who loves insurrection.

Now nobody loves insurrection, but it is a little strange that when you had these cities out of control.

The left wasn't that concerned about it because now Democrats in the house have introduced a single article of impeachment against Pres. Trump. They have charged him with incitement of insurrection over the January 6 violence at the capital not want to play for you. Just a soundbite that will encapsulate everything you need to know about the left will maybe not everything.

I have a couple of cuts that really will kind of give you a full picture of it. Let's go to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is from her interview on 60 Minutes describing her point of view on Donald Trump listen to cut one. Is anybody running the executive branch of the government who is running the executive.

Sadly, the person joining the executive branch. It is a deranged unhinged dangerous president of the United States and only a number of days until we can be protected from him, but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him, how in the world. Will we ever be able to take impeachment seriously going forward.

When these people are doing it for purely political power reasons they don't want a Republican president, especially Donald Trump to ever come into that White House ever ever ever ever again. They are emboldened. This is why they're all into the big tech censorship. That's why they are just spike in the football and they're all excited and let's get him. He's about to leave, you know, when you look at this from a sensible viewpoint you ask yourself why in the world would you try to impeach a president who's about to leave other people in social media who are saying perhaps the reason for this is they're afraid that he might declassify documents that will make them look terrible and I gotta get them out as quickly as possible. But even now were hearing, the Senate wouldn't even take it up until the day before the inauguration.

So what is the point in all of it. They have a point, and it has nothing to do with the actual facts on the ground about what occurred on January 6 the president never said anything to incite what happened. These writers are responsible for their own actions.

He talked about peacefully and patriotically heading toward the capital and the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who were there to support their country and to express themselves peacefully did not run toward the capital and storm it. This wasn't like the storming of the Bastille here. You had some outliers who did stuff they shouldn't have done and so they ought to be arrested and have been arrested for what they did that they were outliers they were outliers and they don't want to talk about this, and yet Joe Scarborough over on MSNBC never misses an opportunity to go completely nuclear. This is cut to the rise of Hitler you by what we can draw the analogies as far as we can.

We can talk about this pre-1933 we a lot of businesses by the German corporations saw Hitler as a clown. They backed him because they thought he was going to be a bulwark against communism because the rise of communism across Europe. Socialism received a lot of businesses, a lot of CEOs, a lot of the world's richest people.

A lot of America's richest people that Donald Trump and back him because it was good for their bottom line. I'm wondering whether the business community. Whether these richest Americans whether the Chamber of Commerce whether others are going to step up and actually condemn this fascism condemn this fascist violence and actually hold accountable those who try to subvert American democracy by spreading lies that every business leader knows was a lie and knows inspired these riots and Josh Holly still spread these lies after the Capitol Hill police officer and others were killed. That's Joe Scarborough for you or for the course. Godwin's law.

If you go on long enough, especially online, somebody will invoke Hitler at some point so you gotta bring the Nazis into a scream fascism just for the group that is most loudly screaming that they are antifascist of the same ones who have done untold damage to the city of Portland and set a federal courthouse on fire and threw bottles and all the rest of the violence that's gone on in the streets and you don't see the left going off on that they don't they don't talk about those people who occupied the capital during the Brett Cavanaugh hearings how can we never hear about that and there are a lot of them. A lot of them.

This is not to justify what happened, but I go to what Pamela Geller had to say. She's got a great piece here in American thinker called there was no revolution and is worth reading this, but a couple of lines from it I think are worth while there was no revolution there was no pro Trump coup attempt.

Everyone knows it. She says a couple of crackpots who pray that the capital are now being called a revolution. As if that crazy painted face shaman with the buffalo horn hat was leading. What are they calling it I guess and insurrection right there was a call by millions of Americans for election integrity.

It was met with shoot to kill behavior and then a great purge.

It wasn't a revolution.

It was more like an ambush. No one is asking who gave the shoot to kill order or who gave the order to invite protesters into the capital building. We do know that the January 6 capital protesters were invited in. And you can see the video evidence of this.

If you go online. What we do know is that there were scores of Trump rallies attended by hundreds of thousands of people with not one incident. What we do know she says is our people are peaceful, respectful and law-abiding. What we do know is we are a subclass untouchables who have been brutally punished at every turn, most especially this past year by Democrat despots. We do know that we witness months of insurrection burning cities government building streets and even sometimes homes and were told it was peaceful and necessary. That was insurrection. We watch Democrats take over the heart Senate building and state capitol buildings and were told it was beautiful. 2018 and she references the large crowd of activists and allies in black occupying the heart Senate building to make sure the lawmakers know they will not be silenced and that was brave right and according to Mike Yoder, the political consultant in 1983 Susan Rosenberg planted a bomb outside the US Senate chamber to assassinate Republican senators House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who was one of the Congressman incidentally who introduced this impeachment resolution yesterday got President Clinton to pardon Susan Rosenberg and she's now board member of black lives matter network, Inc. so you can do this rationale for yourself. You can figure out what's going on here. This is the ultimate gas lighting. It is in and it's just more than a shame. It's shocking. It is enraging.

I'm so tired of it. Millions of us are tired of it but don't believe the lie don't fall for it. There a lot of people are falling all over them. As is okay I'll distance myself from everybody what you doing we can we can denounce these writers as we shed without yielding on the on the broader point of Americans have a right to peacefully assemble and most of them did. And these people are total hypocrites who are trying to make everybody who is at the Trump Rally look like criminals when they didn't care about the real criminals on the left who were going after our cities at a time when most of us were shut down because of coalbed.

Don't forget what you know.

Don't forget what already has happened, and by the way, good old David French, the senior editor at the dispatch who never fails to say something infuriating at the wrong time is now blaming all of this is a violent Christian insurrection that invaded and occupied the capital. Why does he say this, he says, because so very many of the protesters told us they were Christian great logic fantastic logic. David wrong again David French is wrong and and in other news, the sun came up today. Praise the Lord that it did when we come back. Frank Gibson is a pastor who was there on January 6 were to hear his perspective.

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This time because of the riots at the capital in January 6 for their March for Trump Rally tight.

One of the most frustrating things about the fake news media is how they go out of their way not just to indoctrinate us with the left as narrative all the time but then to suppress information that would actually refute the narrative that they want to push sunlight of this. A lot of us are still wondering what really happened on the ground there at this March for Trump while my next guest was there. Brian Gibson is senior pastor of his church, and you might remember him from peaceably this great effort to encourage churches to exercise the religious freedom again during the unconstitutional cover 19 shutdowns. I really appreciate what Brian has done and he had a birds eye view concerning the events on the ground there in the nation's capital. He was actually a speaker at the prayer to save America event that was held just before the Trump Rally but we are delighted that he's able to join us now.

Brian welcome. It's so good to welcome you back to the show. How are you doing great. Thank you much rather redacted with the real owner know it's an honor for me.

Boy, I'll tell you what it is really great to be able to talk to you because I know that you were they are and it's so nice to actually talk to a Christian and a pastor who can tell the truth about what went on, on the ground is a little bit because you spoke at this event as I just mentioned, and then you were at the rally. How did you happen to go. What was it that really motivated you to go to the rally in the first place. Will Ogden, Utah.

A local church pastor and all of the church of the Lord Christ probably look good on the ground of the truth, and the only thing that Jesus was building all the earth today. So when the shutdown started and everybody started coming against the church really targeting religious freedom and everybody else was opened up.

The church was shut down.

We jumped up and said they were open it up and in the church held open up. So what we are about 5000 churches join us over the course of three weeks with peaceably gather to stand up for First Amendment and say hey were not bowing on the diffuser will only balcony to Christ. So anybody you want help with fabric you go to PG.they find us there but I went up to pray and preach a prayer to save America was in freedom Plaza on the fifth and it was it was a glorious day.

We had a lot of ministers their training and preaching. I got to do all a gospel presentation.

I would say there were 8000 people in the ground right then and awful half to two thirds of the crowd raised her hand to accept Christ. So we were on old you know, big, high on the ship so we gettable the six and all you little we went there for. To proclaim Jesus and the stamp of the first and also appreciate pro-life policies) all constitutional policies so I'll been a supporter of the president and all we all go so we went out I got up in the morning when the president when we say this, I did not hear the president at one time call for violent over the storming of the capital structure call for mayhem. Regardless of what the media thing that's not what the president said all I'll walk. I walked back from the all come from all the president's speech and it was freezing my feet got wet. I went in the hotel and received a call in the call was was pastor. I hear that that someone is breached the capital and at first I just didn't believe it. What I was thinking at how in the world all the people breached what should be one of the most secure building in the world right, especially where confession saw what that that's not right that can't be right and all little in my room there for Paloma my shoes and took off up the hill to see what was happening, you know, when the president was speaking. It's hard to estimate a crowd like that I would serve the largest crowd of ever been in IBM alive brochure in America. All couple million out of a million to 2 million notes a minute. Was it was matched but but when I went to the capital. All of those people wanted capital, but a bunch people were there and all most of them on the outside and the fringes were totally peaceful. That's where I was looking to see what was going on.

All I could see up the top that there was pure gas being released and that there were people off the top so but still what would happen. I mean powerful families hanging out. There are also people singing all God bless America. You know the group reciting the Pledge of Allegiance all bought at the top of that the video shows and whatnot to all the were some bad actors that went in and did some bad thing.

I would say it's a very small percentage percentage of the crowd that was there. I think your different reports. Obviously, I don't know what's what's yet but some people say there were NP factors halt some people and and I'm sure Trump people followed whoever wants to videos where it looks like the capital police at some point opened up certain doors and allowed the man out in question got back a lot Americans do. If they are not just mesmerized by the mainstream media all how does someone get inside that building number one, number two, where's the outrage for the life of the lady that was shot rights all I heard a lot outrage throughout throughout this year, you know, this outrage is different. I'll just say there's a double standard on the left BLM and then people can burn down cities and it's okay and but when this action happens but it may all of a sudden have this righteous nation exact, absolutely announce all violence was people should not a breach that building. They should touch anything up there on that is the people's house credit. Our house like turn up your mother's house is no excuse for their actions but I think when you just measure so that that that's not yet is good and you know it's interesting to me and it really enrages me and I agree with what you said there, we denounce violence obviously were the mean of the GOP, the party of law and order. It's kind of weird that you would even have people doing that in all the details have yet to come out but I get really annoyed when I see people like David French for example chocking all of this up to a Christian insurrection. He's actually saying this, and he claims to be a Christian himself. He recently wrote of violent Christian insurrection invaded and occupied the capital you have people actually trying to say that the crowd was a bunch of Christian nationalists and this is what happens when you let Christian nationalists get together which all of us who know that that's not the case get so frustrated. What would you say to that, having been there I would say that the hundred percent job that got auto repair 1000% wrong and this whole term of Christian national all it's been manufactured by the left as a smear, all trying to paint a soul as domestic terrorists is just a lot and it's one of the oldest Marxist plays in the world. You take what you are and you projected on the people you're trying to destroy X-Acto and unacceptable in all segments will, followed Jesus come off of an unshakable kingdom, Christian birth without a shadow of a doubt. But Jesus is my King and my nation is also my responsibility to also love America and up. There is no standard is not a legal to love Jesus and also to love your nation. So this is another hack job by the left PRODUCT really silenced the church think it's because they the voice we won't start with their parole death row: they called pro-choice are color-coded up policies.

All we won't stop there Marxist agenda. We won't side with their brainwashing about children in the in the school systems in America and Britain they honestly it's just it's just the persecution is ramping up for the church in America, we better get prepared when I will be a cruise ship church better. We better get strong and then I couldn't agree more with you.

What do you make of the Democrats, trying to re-impeach Trump when he only has a couple of days left in office anyway. I mean here we had Nancy Pelosi going on 60 minutes, calling him unhinged and dangerous. I is this just a political stunt, or do you think these people have really crossed the line between sane and insane at this point will learn who is what you have tried the 25th. Obviously, Trump went on twitter 3Com's pillows people to stop that and after that he released a video course. Twitter pulled down in the new platform that bug out there they cleared him of that while they want to impeach him so he could never run again. But for the whole play right now so yeah I think Nancy Pelosi is going unhinged. I don't on 43 in public for a while. Currently 43 years, but only known her to be on there so don't try and mandated watching watching past that watching the radical move left all, it looks like so many nations that also liberty around the world that ministered into America better wake up like were the hobbits living in the Shire, while the rest of the world was burning when all the farmers come to our home and if you are liberty and you love America. All you better let your voice be heard. We never you know whatever proponent of violence on if you stand for conservative Christian values. If you have a constitutional view of America on their going to try to paint some of its violence among the two terrorist and we have to we have to lift wisely. Use words of love in the words of Christ turn that narrative back around and get into well when when our nation's heart sold them on and will gladly watch the serpent almost without will live in and out treacherous. They thought God is still overgrown. My hope is in heaven. My hopes never been in the president balks not in the Republican Party and any Christian it's down right now let me tell you, Jesus is still coming back you will return as a lion's feet land on the Mount of olives will walk out of the Kidron Valley will take his rightful place on Mount Moriah so they come quick little trees. The man I couldn't agree with you more. I've been saying that every single day. Come, Lord Jesus and Amy were getting closer all the time to the end and we know who wins in the end, and I think that can give us encouragement and hope in these days I'm very quickly. Brian, how would you ask people to pray for you and your ministry right now well but I've come to pray I'm I'm talking to you from a secure location of Ed so many death threats to Roland and Yandell people are allowed like social media outfits. It's funny that you platform all the president but the Chinese Communist Party still on twitter. They do you platform the brother cut. No conservative Christian.all but I'll say this, the toll of Iran goes to start again and again to put the Jews in the sea that they all should.there still on twitter so I guess pray for our safety and will be God is just three Psalm 91 over optional family and pray for the church to rise up and be bold and blind. I love it. Brian will do that. Thank you so much for the update. Stay well and God bless will be back this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford when the righteous cry for help. The Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirits those verses in Psalm 34 are so comforting and give us hope on those days when troubles overwhelm us. And of course we all go through that.

But what about the person. Even the Christian and even the Christian pastor who experiences being crushed in spirit. Every single day. Depression is a real thing and so is suicide and we have seen overwhelming evidence of this during the pandemic lockdowns and also the economic fallout. Is there any hope in God's word for people struggling this way and from God himself, when the darkness feels all enveloping wealth. Of course the answer is yes and were to talk about it today with Ben Carson. He is senior pastor of appliqué Christian Fellowship. He's a TV and radio host and founder of hope generation which aims to help those people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and today will be discussing his book called flirting with darkness and great to have you with us. Thank you so much for joining us today in order to be with you). Thanks Robin meet you that what I know this is a really tough subject to tackle but it's very real.

I wonder if you've heard a lot from people, especially in this last year about these kinds of struggles and battles with depression and suicide because boy it's all over the news right now. You will literally percent of Americans are reporting that the coronavirus pandemic and actually exhaust abated.

It made worse their mental illness felt there was one federal emergency hotline.reported a 1000% increase of incoming calls for those in emotional distress this April is juxtaposed against last April so it becomes really speaking in Omaha couple days ago and I can't tell you how many people come to me and when they get my book and I talked them there like man. My kid is going through so much depression right now… One of the reasons I wrote the book because the number one problem I hear people having is a struggle with depression. It's all small, it's absolutely terrible and your heart breaks every time you hear about somebody who's just going over the edge you refer to yourself.

Ben is an ex-suicide, and I'm sure that's not an easy thing for you to have admitted because people expect Christian pastors to be above everything which we know is not the case but can you share a little bit about your battles with depression and with thoughts of suicide because I think the willingness to talk about it can help an awful lot of people secret from the public for years. I didn't talk about it for years. I almost committed to side several times I went there over a decade of chronic depression and suicide ideation. In fact, I got diagnosed with complex posttraumatic stress disorder after my brother died in after my sister died just a series of trauma killed. This really was a battle for me that was so intense.

My future just seemed like nothing but an infinite gray and so this message is so passionate all my heart like never what Russia.they found the cure of the coronavirus nickeled live in the hockey world social archivist on the cure or panacea to aid your you know medical site is found the cure to cancer. They would shout out from the mountain tops and that's why I literally just kind of went on airplane does it word because I just need to spread this message of hope because I like to open through but it I have to talk about it and here's why people like their rest by her accomplishment, but they connect with our weaknesses, and ever since I've been sharing my story. I think got the number one thing that helps people in my message that if God could help shield me from depression. He can heal anybody while rights for service and this is something that also will come up sometimes with non-Christians still say but you're a Christian, I thought that God gave you hope. I thought that God would get you through deep places in ways that non-Christians can't get through. And if your God is not powerful enough to help you with your depression, then why should I become a Christian. I know that sounds very cynical, but there are some people who think like that. How do you explain I'm a Christian and yet I harassed 129 time hundred 21 versus the Bible talks about hope so. The Bible to get the God of hope from 50 course of the Scriptures are written to give us hope.

So there is hope to be found. At the same time I want to remind people if you read the Bible, the going rate character struggled with depression so the Bible never said you know if you're Christian you want depression. In fact, opposite seems to how can Paul said Paul the apostle said, we despaired even of life Jesus when he was in the garden of Gethsemane said my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even I did.Moses said if you continue to treat me this way. God didn't just take my life. Jonah was suicidal. What he thought under his plant. After you know that revival admit about them and you will get something like Elijah who started her grocery and said daughter no better than my father's take my life. Job himself, that I wish a stillborn and David was borderline, if not bipolar. When one minute he fought before the Lord in the document using my God, why has Velcro taken me so I'm just saying the greatest Bible characters often struggle with oppression want to select that we won't go through suffering. Rather, the Bible promises us hope in the midst of it so we can overcome her suffering. Very good point and I'm glad to mention that because you're right there an awful lot of ethical character is he not named a number of them who absolutely struggle with depression. I need to do is read the Psalms. I mean the Psalms are so full of that sort of thing. Even Solomon. You can see Solomon when you read through Ecclesiastes and others lot of hopelessness there.

What does it feel like they'll been because here you are is a pastor and somebody that a lot of people look up to and I know we've had some of these tragic pastoral suicides just in the last year or so, which have been absolutely heartbreaking.

You know what is it feel like when you are balancing this responsibility of being a Christian pastor and reaching out to people with the hope of Jesus Christ and yet at times you are feeling hopeless. I mean, I think that has to be an additional struggle with same thing you mentioned this old percent of the Psalms colors pellet roughly 50% over the Psalms are lament characters who are really struggling so security. Here's my personal philosophy on the end.

I share about my struggle publicly like from its cage after the fact because I don't want to go up there and demote them for like hey guys like my wife's really terrible I feel really sad because then if they if they see me struggling with it and having no answer. I think will help I can get through it what I try to do it. In retrospect, just like Jesus after the cross, when he got the resurrection he said touch my blooms because you think. In other words there skewing in these rooms. So when I personally struggling. I have a group of friends I have caught the eye of a therapist.

I have my family that I'm able to talk to but then after I find the answer and after I get on the other side and after overcome. Then I share with people the tools they need to overcome depression that I used my overcame my own despair. I really believe in it, not just saying like him or of any agreement be myopic so why don't I just stay depressed but rather saying yes I did struggle with depression. Here's what I've gone through, but also cure the solutions because Mitchell didn't say why are you countdown all my soul. Keep up the good work.

He said why are you Don't know my soul put your hope in God should they depression we need to remove the stigma from depression absolutely. But we also need to fight for hoax well and you said that you were suffering from depression after a series of tragedies in your life which obviously is tied at least somewhat to situations in your life.

But then the PTSD is another thing altogether. Are you still clinically diagnosed as being a sufferer of depression and PTSD right now I'm not right now. I was about year ago. It went when things started getting really bad for me in recent years was when my brother got sick with with cancer and be taught in church together lived about 10 minutes away from each other and so when when not hopping in them when he passed away and went to heaven and joined my sister and have been. Then I was also going through major burnout like I was living on the road so completely that I was like consequently kind of mildly chronically sick and I got to place a burnout uniting micro started third grade started preaching at 16 and became a pastor right in your high school I was constantly looking on the road so going to build a combination of those being and also romantic heartbreak up-to-date.

Your relationship is stalker guy who prototyped me and my family when I go speak to a lot of different than one might have to burn committed suicide then amidst other things. I started getting diagnosed with complex PTSD and then over time I was able to find hope in this booklet. In the darkness I really kinda lay out those lessons that God gave need to be this despair very God will get into that when we come back from this Frank thing course and with that is with us and talking about his book called flirting with darkness. Stay with us will be right back. The healthcare open enrollment period has ended. In most states. Did you miss it. Don't go whole year without having a healthcare program sign-up for liberty house share is a member of Liberty health. Share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up now with membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need.

Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out that's liberty house four 855-585-4237 this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. What did you pray for today. Good health, safety may be to meet a goal. Those are good things to pray for the pastors and evangelists in the Middle East are praying for material blessings or for an end to the persecution or difficulties they face. Rather, they are praying for copies of God's word so that believers will be spiritually nourished and strengthened to live out their faith in this challenging part of the world. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. In places like the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each day without their very own Bible, you can send one today. Give one Bible for only $5.20 Bibles per $100 or 200 Bibles for $1000. Whatever you'd like to give you can become a Bible center by calling 800 yes word that's 800 YDS WORD 800 yes word or there's a Bible league banner to click you're listening to Mefford today and use your host Janet Mefford. Well, it is difficult to talk about issues like depression and suicide and yet here we are talking about these things because they affect a lot of people's lives, not just the lives of nameless people in the headlines, but also people you know people you love and maybe even your pastor is struggling with some of these issues. Ben Carson is with us and he is one of those pastors who has struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression. His book flirting with darkness gets into not just some of the background on all of it but also reasons for hope.

So let's talk a little bit about the hope side because there are some people who believe if I'm depressed if I'm having suicidal thoughts, there's no way out of this. What what you say to that person at the outset about the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, Antonio DiMaggio reported that 95% of the time it going beside Morris M.pretty that's pretty difficult to hear because, would any of us trust. A friend that lied to us as much as our emotions. Do you trust required that why do it, but you're going to Munich 35,000 choices every day and 95% of those choices are driven by reviewing then we have to fight for what we don't feel counted all joy, because hope the journey enjoyed the choice of theirs. I want to tell people there's this obscure passage in the book of Ezekiel where the prophet rebukes the children of Israel because they were saying our teeth are set on edge because our fathers taped our grapes, which was the proverbial way of saying word the way we are, because our parish sounds very boy, did you know we just need to get up there genetic determinism today. No. 50% of my DNA spiral out of my mom the other 50% by genome.

My doubt so… Why am chronically depressed and while there is a genetic factor, and while we do inherit certain traits more parent. I just want to say that modern science is now showing us through brain scan.there something called middle-class 50 Daniel Amen. The psychiatrist did more brain scans than anyone in history. 83,000 over 22 year career of the single most important discovery by he and his colleagues made is that the blame can change enough to want to kill people when the Bible says you can be transformed by the renewing of your mind when effusions that you can be renewed in the spirit of your mind. When the Bible says take your thoughts captive. We now showing us through neural plucked the theme brain practicing over and over again like a muscle growth and repetition. If you continue to drive your thoughts toward hope. Even if you don't feel like it you actually can change your break. What help to you when you were trying to get out of some of your bouts of depression in the most recent one. You had mentioned, I'm very sorry.

By the way for your loss because it's just heartbreaking to hear about that but where do you begin when you open up the word of God. For example, where do you start you start with the Psalms does that help you what war were crying out to the Lord doing both. What happens in your life when you're dealing with those. Thanks yet so I call it the dark Lord of the oppression that were fighting and I lay out 11 practical weapon to defeat the dark Lord of depression so I'll start with the first one and we can cover as much or as little as you walk the first one a bit shorter walk to check with your loved it side with scientific research.

Okay scientific research shows that that when you talk to God about your hopes and fears and dreams actually have the same effect on your brain to therapy so so for example brainstem show. If you meditate on or pray to a loving God.

Your prefrontal cortex develops richer, thicker grained outerwear decision-making of learning is in the brain and consciousness and creative thinking actually have more blood flow.

Also to your interiors you cortex in your brain which were empathy and compassion are good you can put them on your part… Left activity in your amygdala, which is where your anger stretched my blood pressure is a rapid rate. So, so brain can't actually show it how your your brain changes to prayer when you're praying to a loving God show so what I'm saying is if you want less anger left here less anxiety left of the rat brain to have power.

If you want lower blood pressure.

If you want greater cognition, creative thinking, stronger awareness, more empty, more compassion than if you prayed a loving God.what happened in your brain so the number one thing that healed me from depression. The number one thing amongst all these 11.

It is prayer walks. Dr. I start that's good that you know really that's important to go right to the Lord because we can't do it on our own.

If we could just a little checklist of our lives and solve all of our own problems, why would we ever run to him for help another person comes to mind on and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this when you were going through all the biblical characters have wrestled with depression, I was thinking about Elijah is here was Elijah who confronts the prophets of Baylon has this epic battle and he ends up winning and then Jezebel is gonna kill him, and he loses it and he gets scared and he's freaking out and I think a lot of people read into that. The fact that the battle just wore him down.

Which reminds me what you just said about being burned out. What in God to form the first thing he does for them is he causes him to go to sleep and I'm wondering about the issue of rest, the importance of rest when you are depressed obviously you don't want to be lining your bed all day and all night because then that's indicative of a bigger problem of depression. But what what role does rest play for you, particularly with your schedule will not give each shield what you said.because I literally almost sure about… Story LOL so yeah, I would like to share about… To copulation. Your here why think that story so 20 because she can face down 850 Proctor failed the gross, respectively.

And then one angry woman running joy, just about when Jezebel died she painted her face and then the dog bit her body, except progress in her feed nurse is credible, weird story, but basically just about crazy queen. I picture like the female clown say she was going to be like she thing Elijah cherry somehow runs are exhausted from this race. So what is God do. He didn't carry so Elijah praised him. He complains to them, God gives to new doctor retrace voiceprint Angel to feed them in the story and then he put them to sleep. So there's there's three things we learned there. There are very few things a good prayer time.

A good doubt and a good meal while salt so Elijah was tired. She was isolated he was alone in the cave under bring juniper tree and he was hungry and I think sometimes we got an over spiritualized that you and say you know what I'm talking over or catastrophize when I'm tired, isolated and hungry.

There are very few things are good. Not good prayer time and a good meal while salt out for me personally, you know are not married. I just have a Bridge so I can kind of go out $100 now and you haven't taken a day off a month to month, but actually I'm to take a vacation here in January. Just recharge and relax because I found I'm having a healthy diet, exercising every day if I making sure to prioritize sleep at night.

The greatest Olympic athlete like even take Lebron James from NBA sleep like 10 to 12 hours a day, so he works really hard and he rushed really hard and I think some engineering neither like or just going on her phone. Not really, really resting and not really working in them to get depressed just I think we should we should play hard and work hard. We should labor hard and sleep arguing against the idea that anything worth doing is worth overdoing yes you said that very well then and II think that that is applicable to a lot of pastors in your situation where you're just running running running running and that in and of itself can kinda see the demons of depression and you know this also raises an important point I think about the human body and the human body's involvement in what you feel in terms of depression I mean when Christians used to say what just pray about it, just pray about it. You should pray about it but there also people who are helped by Madison and and it what what are your feelings on that aspect is of sometimes in his situation. Antidepressants actually can be good and kind and get your recalibration in effect, where you can function better.

I'm with you. You know when the presynaptic neuron are re-absorbing the start feel good chemical in your brain and not ignore on.the prevailing theory of where selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are antidepressant, and in short it helps save the day. Now I don't know whether this taboo or stigma attached antidepressant because Jesus was very much into medicine and miracles so member when he spent to show a guy like when he did the miracle was spent back then it was believed to be medicine so you can read an ancient historian taught gifted account wherein he reports that Vespasian and Percy will be God with his pit so they believe could heal people that Jesus is saying miracles in medicine work hand-in-hand, so I am very, very big advocate in insight because literally Christians invented the scientific method Roger Bacon William of SEVEN, 800 years ago they invented the scientific method. So when we can use the water wonders of medical science to calculus, why not take it all likely to take one back into the dark or depression. I want to use all the weapons available to me to get them back home out of possible and for some people. In some cases it might help them very good remembering. First Peter 57 casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for you. Been cursing flirting with darkness been so good to have you here.

Stay well and focus on Christ.

Thanks for being here so much out of you that it was great having you take care of yourself. Thanks for joining us this hour has been brought to you by pre-mourned save 350 people's lives by the end of January through the gift of 13 ultrasound $20 saves one life call now 855402 baby 855-402-2229 Janet

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