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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Al Baker (Why Does God Bring Calamity?)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 8, 2021 4:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Al Baker (Why Does God Bring Calamity?)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 8, 2021 4:00 am

Progressives call for President Trump's arrest and removal from office, accusing him of insurrection. We'll talk about it. Plus: America is a nation in peril, but few are discussing what the Lord is trying to tell His people during these days. Why does God bring calamity, and what must Christians do about it? Rev. Al Baker joins me to answer that question on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know.

Thank you so much for joining us passage of Scripture that will be familiar to you, but try to listen to it as if you're hearing it for the first time. Here it is. If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locus to devour the land or if I sent pestilence among my people and my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

That passage of course is from second Chronicles 7 verses 13 and 14 but we need to hear it in a fresh way because of the situation were all living through right now.

As American Christians were not only a nation that has suffered tremendously in the last year.

We are also a nation that is now in peril. We are a nation that I believe is under God's judgment and so the question becomes, why does God bring calamity like the calamity we see all around us right now and what must we do about its work in a dive into all of that today with Rev. Al Baker. He is an evangelist with reformed evangelistic fellowship.

The author of several great books and a wonderful blogger as well. He's been writing some terrific devotionals on this important subject over at his blog.

Forget none of his benefits and Al welcome back. It's so wonderful to have you here and happy new year to you gathered at the new year to you as well. In the course of their occult hibernation but it only work God get our attention in trust will seek him and not say what God will do as we seek a murderous game that you are my go to guy Allie have to say when it comes to really looking at things biblically when times are tough, especially in when times are good, but in this case are going to this very familiar passage, especially second Chronicles 714. That's the one that we hear often times you have said, though, in a series of devotionals that you've written on this subject that you fear were in the midst of losing our Republic you feel about that right now and especially in light of what went on in Washington this week was greatly agreed yesterday especially deeply grieved. I spent about 20 years living in the state of Georgia and just seeing how the election went. Tuesday was very troubling to me. It seems to me that all of our systems are failing almost on the federal, state and local levels. Generally speaking, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, the executive branch of government but also to be failing, and what our forefathers so that this great nation made made it quite weird that the only way Republic can stand as if you've got the very least moral people they may not have to be all Christians have to be moral and obviously that is not the case and that's why things are unraveling as they are right. I agree with you there yet virtuous people is not the way the founders talked about us that you can't really maintain a public without virtuous people along the way we forgot about Pat and and it doesn't even seem to come up very much in conversation you don't hear a lot of public discussions about this subject whatsoever now to try you know we have to go back to our beginning at 1630 John Winthrop gave his famous for the on the Hill speech and he laid out the vision for the new nation, and it was good to be a God centered crisis resulting nation and we had our times of declension. We also had our times of revival, but I would say since the lease the 1860s. It's been a pretty gradual at times, but sometimes even more quick declension away from what we ought to be. As a nation and so we we left that God centered, Christ exalting, Bible believing approach to life and we become more man centered time is gone on and so now we we are really fear losing our Republic and the it's a pretty frightening thing. On the one hand, on the other course. We believe in the sovereignty of God we trust them, but we we are getting what we deserve. We are a wicked they should.

You can see as we go back and look at first and second Kings first and second Chronicles that God would judge his people. When they turned away from him.

He made it quite clear in Deuteronomy 28 as they were about to enter into the promised land. He says that you will baby then I'll bless you above all the nations of the world. If you do not obey me that I'll bring a curse upon you and so that's what were saying here now, of course, were not a theocracy. Understand that, but nonetheless those are principles in the Bible principles will apply on the family level on church level. On a national level. If you open a God, he will bless you, if you do not. He is not turn out well just long we are, what you think that says about the present judgment were in.

Is it really in your mind and judgments. First and foremost against the church. An indictment against the church. Yeah, it's no Peterson judgment begins with the household of God, so I think we have to we have to put the blame first primarily on the church and even more specifically on the preachers, preacher, so were all preachers are called by God to preach the word of God without equivocation were called to be a conscience to the nation were too quick to warn our leaders that living in false ways and having policies are contrary to the Scriptures are going to stand before God and give an account, but we've not done it very well. And so we have departed from our position are the necessity of preaching Christ crucified, calling people to repentance and faith, calling people to holy living.

A lot of that. I think it's because we what we done as we developed over the last couple hundred years what I call an attraction model to church and I could be any number of different churches and in a way to doing ministry but it's basically tilted and they will come no large. If you've got no it's all about getting people into the building and so what happens is if you've got a big mortgage and you've got have a lot of money to pay that mortgage what you can upset the boat them. The big movers and shakers of the church you know so the tendency is to go soft on the message. The tendency is to compromise the tendency is to accommodate role and it's it's it's coming back at us, and I fear that that's that's where we are right now is a nation sure so so yeah the judgment begins with the church. All it begins with us, but of course it affects the world around us as well. Only dies so when you go back to this very famous passage of Scripture that I read that you write about second Chronicles 713 and 14 you say. Understanding the context is incredibly important because it is sometimes the case that will go back to Old Testament verses and yank them out of context. What is the proper contacts that we should understand that passage in Al acid applies to us. Maybe via a paradigm of sorts, and what we need to listen to. From that passage right will follow the temple and so God is giving him a promise and this is for the covenant people of God, Israel, and of course the new covenant would mean all believers if the Jewish or not, but that was the context then and basically hit yes a lot of people just forget the first 13 which you read earlier.

They look great if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and so forth. But you've got to understand verse 13 and he says I will bring calamity when these things happen and he says if I showed up to heaven, so that there is no right or if I command the locust of the Bauer lab or if I send pestilence among my people and my people are called by my my name up right so God is the one who brings calamity.

Isaiah 45 makes it quite clear in the context of Cyrus I am the Lord, and there is no other. The one forming light, creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity. I am the Lord who does all the so God is sovereign God is in control of the whole world and he does is pleases. Psalm 115 and part of that is that he will bring calamity as a wake-up call to gain our attention that we might seek him this week on very good working to pause for a very, very quick break. Rev. Al Baker with us answer the question why does God bring calamity in what must we do about it will return right after this, this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international Mabel walks 18 miles to church every Sunday.

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Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out dancing liberty house four 855-585-4237 you're listening to Janet Mefford today and use your host Janet Mefford Isaiah 45, seven is such an important verse for us to understand. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity. I am the Lord who does all these things.

It's very I think tempting sometimes to look at everything that's been going on in the United States over the past year or so and say God didn't cause this. It sinful man will course sinful man causes what goes on in the world by God is sovereign overridden. We are talking with Rev. Al Baker about a wonderful series of devotionals he's been writing on this question. Why does God bring calamity in remote. What must we do about it and you are mentioning this particular verse out before we went to the break. Isaiah 45.

Seven. The fact that God creates calamity, though you've pointed out does not absolve man of his responsibility in San. How are we to understand that tension yeah what some theologians call an antenna be an apparent contradiction. I like to talk about it. The complementarity of truth. There are things in the Bible that seem to be contrary and they don't fit into our minds as it were there beyond our our understanding. For example, Jesus is 100% gone out Jesus 100% man. There is God, divine sovereignty over all the affairs of this world and yet people responsible for their actions. So, you know, using 9/11 as an example that people want to say this but God created calamity God brought that but at the same time, those wicked men who got almost planes and ran them into the twin towers. They are totally responsible for what they did. Now how do we fix hi can be figure that out, but we really can't do any more than we can figure out God's divine election of man's human responsibility to believe the gospel so that there is that tension that we just simply have to accept you even stated in Romans nine work Paul break picking up the issue, not all of Israel who are of Israel are not all Israel are of Israel, he takes at this whole idea of election, but then it invariably says a basically says okay the stars we can go you can't go any further, we just accept it. So I think that's where we are. So, bottom line, what were saying is that God God causes COBIT 19 God causes the election issues that we've got right now, but at the same time, people are responsible for what they do that they don't have. They don't get a pass. You know this just that there's nothing I do about it now were responsible and so were responsible right now for where we are as a nation and the beautiful thing is is that God has given us and now he's given us a remedy that remedy is that passage in second Chronicles 7 which you wrote earlier talking about.

Yes, that's right. Well, can you give some really good reasons why God sends calamity, one of which is he sends affliction in particular because he loves his people.

Now some you know the snarky Christian might say well love me less Lord I don't want affliction, but then that's part and parcel of the Christian life. I mean we have the fellowship of his sufferings and we enter into the kingdom of God through many trials and tribulations that we don't like that so much as Americans because we've had a pretty good up until now, but can you speak to that issue of why God sends affliction and it's actually a sign of his love. Well, you know, Revelation speaks of that revolution Christian site and then also Hebrews 12 those whom he loved, he reproves in this and it is a sort of an anecdote. I remember reading a book on the great Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight was cut. What a controversial character, but he stood his pleasures to say if he screamed and yelled at you that you you knew that he still love you and believe that you could help with pain, but he didn't talk any more than you knew it was over for you given up on yeah and the fact is that God chastises his people.

Those whom he loves because he wants us to move toward him. He know that our natural tendency in our flesh is to move away from him and so he will he will allow. He will bring these things into our lives in order to bring us closer to him that we will draw near to him and so always tell people when you've got affliction or difficulty going on. The first thing you should do is say God are you contending with me and if so why now it doesn't mean that every time something difficult happens to the chastisement of discipline there could be other reasons for but nonetheless listen first thing we should do is ask yourself if that's happening elsewhere. If you contending with a boy and if so, then the beauty of the gospel. As we were to write, Lord, thank you for showing me that I want to confess my cell I want to move toward you and he promises that his grace is greater than our sin on so it's important that we acknowledge and understand that his all his blows was the Puritans used to say all his blows our love for his people. That's wonderful and some of the other reasons that you listed are very convicting when you say God sometimes sends affliction to his people because he does not want his name blasphemed among unbelievers who witnessed the disobedience of professing Christians and you reference. First Timothy six verse two. What are you saying they're exactly. I how are we to understand that truth that affliction can be tied to God's disfavor with us for blaspheming his name among unbelievers. Well, just looking you see some of the prominent Christians you know baby on the national stage are even more local fruit for your listeners and and you realize that when these things happen.

Youngblood versus the people all our phone is your all hip this Jesus stuff doesn't work, it's not real. It doesn't it doesn't help anybody is just a crutch or whatever they say and course when they're making those types. That's good. Blaspheming God in their blaspheming the name of God at work so God God is serious about his name. He's jealous for his glory and he will bring chastisement. Yes, we are disobedience to him because again he wants his name honored and all the places that let the nations be glad and sing for joy. All the nations of the world so this is a very important thing that we we should remember no Hebrews speaks about thought fact that our God is a consuming fire and we we've got to remember the holiness of God and and pursue him with zeal for his own hearing. Well, that's right into bring it back to the glory of God is so important because were so naturally self-centered with God is sending affliction. What about me me me me me and we need to remember that you're right.

He is very jealous for the glory of his name as he should be because he's a holy God what the importance of humiliation.

Now this is something I want to make sure we get through before we run out of time because you've mentioned active and passive humiliation. The responsibility that we have, to repent and return to who we were as Christians you use sites.

For example, Revelation 3 what is the difference between active and passive humiliation and how should we be engaging in at right now. You look again at that second Chronicles 7 passage verse 13 talking about trials and calamities. God brings and in bringing those that is that is what I call the Puritans call passive humiliation and but what I mean by passive this is coming to us actively bring it about sucking that came upon us from God and in that passage will be that passive humiliation is meant by God to gain our attention and we want to relieve ourselves from it, and so basically what I wanted to fix this, but is our motivation or of self-preservation. Now about the wonderful thing is is that what God wants from us is not merely a receptivity to passive. Passive humiliation he wants us to move toward an active humiliation, which means that we decide to humble ourselves before God and when we decide to humble ourselves what's underneath that is actually a hope because that's what he's saying in the passage, if we humble ourselves people these particular things so we should have every reason to believe that if we will humble ourselves before God and all talk about that. Maybe just a moment, then we should have the hope and confidence that he will in fact forgive our sin and heal our land. And that's that's very important rights, wonderful promises, he gives us this wonderful promise.

And when you're talking about the importance of humbling ourselves what should that look like well I think it's an awareness we have to have to own up to around them and it's very easy. I think in today's Christian culture to go light on our sandwich and some loose we should it are said to deeply grieve us and not just in an intellectual fashion to photograph our heart should audit right.

Our hearts when we see the depth of our sense that were sending against such grace grace of God so humbling ourselves. Me, God shall be my show me the depth of it. Help me to see the ugliness of my sin and and when we do that, then it ought to bring us low because again were sending against this God of amazing love amazing Grace, so when we when we confess our send in that way then then we have every reason to believe as we repented of the other things on the bench of the passage very, reasonably, that he will in fact forgive us and heal our land and that's our great hope that is our great hope and he comforts us in the midst of our afflictions, even as they are upon us and not only that, but you've mentioned that as a precursor to revival God very often brings affliction on his people and I'll have to bring you back out to get into that somewhere because you're such a great evangelist and you have such a heart for the lost and so much want to bring more people by the grace of God into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. But all of these things are wonderful reminders for us as Christians to humble ourselves and pray that God may forgive us and heal our land.

You can check out forget not of his benefits at FN no Rev. Al Baker God bless you Al thank you for being with us again when wonderful Janet.

God bless you as well. Look for to talking to sounds very this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford fire really appreciate Rev. Al Baker, don't you, what a wonderful man of God and he is just as nice and just as biblical in person as he is on the radio I and privilege to know him. He worked on are God's ways conference last time around. And Lord willing.

The next time we ever God's voice conference. Al will be a part of that as well. But I really appreciate a biblical perspective as much as anybody on everything that's going on right now I don't know how you feel about what's been going on since the pandemic came into our lives, but I feel sometimes as if I'm about 10,000 feet over everything that's happening and just trying to figure it all out. Some days I know it seems sometimes when you turn on the radio. The person on the radio. I have it all figured out, and I know that to some extent we have to understand all of these events not only from a biblical perspective but to be able to sort them out in real time and put them also into historical perspective. So we do our best here to do that. But there is a sense in which, just as a Christian, and just as a human being. I look at all of this may say, Lord, what are you doing what are you doing what is going on what is going on and I think were going to do that for a little while, and especially this week with the events in Washington DC. It's getting nuts out there. One of the things that is truly nuts and not at all unexpected is the reaction from the left, I mean we we understand what they're all about.

We had Nancy Pelosi. The newly reelected House Speaker St. during a press conference yesterday that if VP Pentz doesn't move forward with efforts to remove Pres. Trump from office then the house might impeach him all that sounds like a tremendous idea. That's just a tremendous idea in the last couple of weeks before Joe Biden is inaugurated as the next president of the United States. That's what you want to spend the next couple weeks doing impeaching a man who will be leaving office in two weeks anyway. That sounds like a colossal waste of time to me. I tell virtue, signaling with these people it's speaking to the base.

Oh this is so horrible. All the sudden they're all magically law and order aren't they.

Chuck Schumer another one. This is the same guy who said he would fire the Senate Sgt. at arms Michael Stanger when Democrats take the majority later this month. If he hasn't gotten out of the post by then because they're all blaming him in the capital police leadership for the breach in security of the capital that occurred earlier this week Chuck Schumer called for Pres. Trump to be immediately removed from office and I'll tell you these people are completely predictable. There's absolutely nothing stunning or surprising at all about the reactions of Pelosi and Schumer. Nor is there any question whatsoever that somebody like Michelle Obama yet who apparently didn't get the memo on what the first lady is supposed to be. I guess maybe Hillary Clinton ruined that for all time. But you know back in the day, the First Lady's job was just to look pretty and be gracious hostess and very friendly ambassador to people from around the world who were coming to visit the White House and to just be there to support her husband and maybe have a couple causes here and there that she cared about and just be an add-on to the president, who was really really good for him and good for the country and just cut us a support role. Not anymore. Hillary were in that and then died don't have time to get into that, but Michelle Obama just absolutely amazing to me. She not only says that the rioters who came out of that Trump rally this week were allowed to denigrate the flag and symbols of our nation, which first of all, is laughable. Do you remember that video or Michelle Obama it was back in 2011 I think.

And there was a 9/11 commemoration and she and her husband were standing there and there was an honor guard.

I believe it was folding the flag and she leaned over to Barack and said Smith I think it was something along the lines of all this for a flag and people were doing lipreading and even Snopes that were not sure what she said because lipreading isn't always 100%, but Snopes you gotta keep it in my she was the one who was seen on video making, you know, snide remark about the American flag and now she's going after you know trump supporters. Allegedly, these writers were still trying to figure out which ones were trump supporters and which ones were not were allowed to denigrate the flag okay right okay right because the Obama's were such upholders of the American way of life and the symbols of our nation and loving the flag themselves but Michelle Obama also says the social media company should ban trump permanently terrific. That's just wonderful ban trump permanently. Will Facebook already did, and I'm sure you heard about that Facebook already did. Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that Trump is off Facebook and this is what he said. He said over the last several years we have allowed Pres. Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech. Even controversial speech, but the current context is now fundamentally different involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against the democratically elected government. Do you believe that Pres. Trump incited violent insurrection on the platform of Facebook against the debt did he say please trump supporters crash into the capital and breach and you know go nuts and steal stuff. No, in fact, the president has come out now with an executive order going against the capital writers who now could face up to 10 years in prison under this Trump monument executive order. This is reported by Fox acting Atty. Gen. Jeffrey Rosen vowed the pro trump rioters who entered the US capital would face the full consequences of their actions under the law and those consequences can include being charged under Pres. Trump's executive order authorizing up to 10 years in prison for injury of federal property.

It seems a little inconsistent for somebody who wanted a violent insurrection I think and I'm of the opinion at the moment and I'm always open to more information coming out an actual reporting being done but I am of the opinion at the moment that he's a fighter. He wanted to be able to fight to the end and to be able to tell his constituents he fought to the end to try to rectify what he regarded as a stolen election and a lot of us believe that it was a stolen election and there was fraud and there were violations of the law on some of these states where they didn't even follow their own laws or their own constitutions and how they handled the election and you know he's had a lot of rallies over the last four years wanted to have one big rally and get the troops all kind of excited and it went spectacularly wrong with these people who breached the police and and one woman was killed. Here's the thing. Nobody's even really talking about this know that women should not have been inside the capital.

I agree with that completely.

Did she deserve to be murdered. But let's talk more in it. We want talk about that there even putting on some of these websites for some of these media outlets.

Four people died in that's tragic and it's terrible. But what they don't want to tell you. Many of them is at three of the people who died died of medical emergencies. So I guess that's Trump's fault as well.

He is now responsible for individual health problems of people who show up at rallies I meet at what point do you put the brakes on and say all right.

This is legitimate to talk about.

We definitely don't want violence. We definitely don't condone anybody breaking into the capital that was ridiculous. Why were the police more prepared.

Why didn't she see more security. I don't have all the answers to that yet, nor do you because were still trying to piece together everything that actually occurred.

So I'm in a wait and not rush to judgment and put out virtue signaling statements that will make me look awesome, but perhaps I don't have the full story yet.

I think it's really dangerous in the heat of the moment to act like you know everything and to start going for the jugular and I just don't want to do that. I want to wait and see what happens. But here's another thing, and that has to do with the resignation of trump officials. You might've heard that Elaine Chao the transportation secretary has now tendered her resignation. You have Mick Mulvaney who is the special envoy to Northern Ireland submitting his resignation. You have a whole lot of people were trying to distance themselves from Pres. Trump in these final weeks before he leaves office. Even former Atty. Gen. Bill Barr gave a statement to the Associated Press. They report he said Pres. Trump inciting a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill was a betrayal of his office and supporters according to bar orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable. The president supporters, as they say attended this March for Trump rally that the president had lined and used it to spend nonsense conspiracy theories and urges backers to march to the capital well. What they don't say is Pres. Trump told his supporters to break into the capital in and say that and as Congress was counting the states electoral votes to finalize Biden's victory you have these people break in lot of whom we are now that I know there their names we don't know, but some of them now are in legal trouble were to get into that in more will come right back on Jennifer today hi this is Janet Mefford when it comes to choice the ministry of pre-Moran offers the ultimate lifesaving choice by providing a free ultrasound to an abortion minded mother ought to introduce her to her pre-born baby and when she sees her baby on ultrasound and here's that baby's heartbeat in 8/10 cases that mom will choose life, that I got to hear how strong her Harvey was. I was laughing like she was supposed to be here, but it didn't matter what anybody else told me all that mattered was it. I was blessed with the ability to carry license out of my and that baby was supposed to be here for something that was all that mattered. Pre-born is the direct competition to Planned Parenthood, and it's making a difference every day. The ministry of pre-born reaches into the darkest corners and finds women in need to help them embrace motherhood.

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Based on what happened this week and were still kinda gathering all the information about who was arrested. Now this is interesting because his CNN reports, federal prosecutors have now filed 15 criminal cases stemming from the unrest at the US capital. Most of the cases according to the acting US attorney Michael sure when relate to unauthorized entry to the capital and the capital grounds and some of the identities of these people are coming out, which I think is interesting. One of them is a Nino who is been that very very intense reporter about anti-fire in Portland has called one of these guys who is involved in the siege, a BLM activist from Utah.

This is guy by the name of John Earl Sullivan and he was previously arrested and accused of writing so he he was not to your typical Trump supporters were still waiting to see who the rest of these people are and figure out what's going on. Interestingly enough, the group behind this Washington Times story, which unfortunately I had share this with you yesterday because Washington Times generally tends to be quite accurate in what they report, but apparently they got it wrong in a story where they said that this facial recognition software company talked about the fact that they recognize to riders as members of the Philadelphia NT for and that was not the case and they they said instead that there were a couple of guys that they determined had been with other groups on a couple of neo-Nazis in IQ and on supporters so that wasn't right and they retracted that so just wanted to do that see this is what happens people get excited. They use anonymous sources they use one source stories and things go awry. And that's why have to be very very careful now, let's talk a little bit about the leftist in sanity if you want to say it that way.

Joe Scarborough never fails to disappoint Joe Scarborough over there on MSNBC really took it to the next level, where he was calling for the arrests of the president and his attorney Rudy Giuliani and his son Donald Trump Junior I really can't do it justice. You just have to listen One. I think a lot of us have some questions a lot of questions not just for Donald Truong got no questions for Donald Trump is an insurrectionist. There are no questions.

He should be arrested today. He should be sent to jail today for insurrection against the United States of America. But I just wonder this morning. Why they were better prepared for this watt. Yesterday we saw some of the same Little police officers complain when they were top I want to be top.

I want to I want to protect the house yesterday. We see them having terrorists on the back. We see them taking selfies people who were committing action against the United States of America politely opening the door for terrorists scrawled on the door mortar in the media broken through this glass, letting them just walk through letting these 12 supporters through freely and politely opening doors to the insurrectionist Terrace walkout of the same capital laid siege to and threaten the lives, members of the house and members of this they said they were coming, including my dads. There has to be an investigation of these Capitol Hill jobs are members of Donald Trump's called well this is kind of interesting because one of the things that he fails to mention about the US Capitol police is they killed a woman you know that wasn't mentioned in that little part of the rant there, nor did I hear anything in the Joe Scarborough clip, indicating that he was focused on that he was focused on all these police treated these insurrectionist so well and I actually think that's a good point, what, why, why did they why why did they appear in some of these videos to move the fences to let these people through what were they Trump supporters were did they know who these people are. I don't know I investigation I will find out who these people are. I want to find out why security wasn't better. I think those are valid questions but it's interesting how he leaves out the parts that make the story kinda go off the rails and he wanted to make the point that the police were wonderful and polite except for gunning down a woman who was unarmed, who should have been in the capital but I don't believe deserve to be murdered over it. Now he goes on listen cut to his golf caddie dance give you that were putting out videos, saying it was going to be wild January 6 was going to be a while. We were warned January 6 was going to be dangerous to the Royal boys were ready using police work ready National Guard wasn't ready for wasn't okay because they are white. I just have to ask.

Please, please, because is what happened with black lives matter's protester is something we don't have to even go there.

These insurrectionist black women shot in the face these insurrectionist were Muslim. I top of buildings. What is it is just white people, but it's very revisionist history of you Joe and Mika because when we go back to last summer and we look at the video shots in the still shots of the insurrectionist acts that took place in places like Portland and Minneapolis and some of the other major cities. Washington DC included. You can go online and you can look at that aerial shot of all the fires that were being set across Washington DC and yet the Mayor Muriel Bowser did not clampdown on at the way she clamped down on the Trump rally. That's a whole another subject, but give me a break you people couldn't have cared less about insurrection back when your side was doing it. And as for people in black lives matter being gunned down because they were black.

If this had occurred in the same way we remember what happened that that didn't happen. You had black lives matter supporters treated like kings and queens, many of them. I'm not saying there were no arrests and I don't think Nino but but for crying out loud.

I mean there were also killings in the streets. There was a killing of a Trump supporter in Portland.

There was there were black business owners who were killed in the BLM uprisings and I don't recall you guys getting all bent out of shape over that nobody wants to talk about what David Dorn and some of the other black business owners. He was a black policeman, what, why do you talk about that these people take what they want to talk about and bringing it into you.

Your line of vision and making sure it's the most important thing in blown sky high but then they leave out all the parts that would make the story not make them look so good.

It had nothing to do with them being what I'm just the where everything is race everything is race everything is race and and they don't want to dissect the story and talk about it as it really is one more cut from Joe Scarborough. This is Three. I also want to know laws Donald J called the America for Giuliani all justice just before this happened. Donald Junior is insurrection against the United States of America. Donald Trump Junior Giuliani and Donald Schwab are not arrested today for insurrection and taken to jail, police face every person in our capital and brought to justice and we are no longer a nation of laws. Okay well I guess maybe you should apply this to antique setting.

The federal courthouse on fire and instigating 100+ days of rioting and that was not a problem. You know what's good for the goose is good for the gander were all against violence were all against insurrection. Nobody wants that. But when there was talk during the summer during the madness that occurred in our city streets of Pres. Trump invoking the insurrection act. These same leftists were laughing their heads off and decrying it in. This is ridiculous.

He's a dictator you can't win heads. Trump loses and tales they win me the other way around and you could say the other way around to. Either way either way. The bottom line is we have to be praying for this country. We have to be keeping our heads straight. We need to be thinking straight. We need to not run on raw emotion and virtue, signaling that we need to gather facts and make sure that those facts are guiding us and made it all in prayer we have to do we need the Lord more than we ever have never loose sight of that. Thanks for joining us will see next time here in Janet my for today.

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