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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Robert Reilly (Christianity and Political Theory)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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November 30, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Robert Reilly (Christianity and Political Theory)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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November 30, 2020 5:30 am

Christianity freed men from the burden of believing the political order could save them; yet modernity has politicized everything, leading to the growing power of a totalitarian state. I'll discuss it with Robert Reilly, director of the Westminster Institute, as he reflects on what the reissued political-theory book, "The Politics of Heaven and Hell," has to say about events in our own day. Plus: The latest on the Trump campaign's efforts to try to overturn a rigged presidential election. That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of priest and professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University, the late James Saul released a book called the politics of heaven and hell. This book took on the profound problem with modernity, postulating that it hijacked the transcendent goal of Christianity, secularized it and try to realize that concretely in the political order. Now those words come from the forward to the politics of heaven and hell, which is just been reprinted in the forward is written by Robert Riley, director of the Westminster Institute and author of several great books himself, including America on trial a defense of the founding and he is joining us today to examine how the politics of heaven and hell is strangely currents with modern politics, and has a lot to teach us. Even now, so good.

You want me back Mr. Riley how are you doing very well, thank you so much.

You know you're the perfect person. I think to to write a forward to a book like this. I read one review that describes all central insight in this book is our classic traditions of both faith and reason, agree that politics is an important but circumscribed realm that is politics alone can't save it without being your same assessments of the main thesis of this book that is not only in its analysis of classical and medieval philosophy and abusing both of those. A diagnosis of modernity shows that one can understand what's going on today. This kind of analysis of how the man which are understood within Christianity to reside in the inner life of God has now been secularized and undertaken as a project by the state's motion is led not only to the totalitarian regimes that we saw on the 20th century led to the development of the Leviathan states and democracy now like I can just some quick things here. The advantage that is been taken of the coronavirus governors to institute kind of that is completely alien to the American constitutional system. Yes to the Commonwealth of Virginia Gov. taken it upon himself to dictate and go to church when how many people you can go at all.

Motion is an essential service that will continue but going to church is not an Lord's latest announcement is that he was going to pursue the legalization of drugs or of marijuana here, and that it would be done with racial equity. If you could possibly understand what that nonsensical statement and how could a state undertake projects which are a complete inversion of the common good understood within the classical Christian perspective of a person and man and a sharing of the life of God. Only a few you'll deny that true father Charles great great insight was that you can only understand the magnitude of the distortions that are taking place.

If you see that they have appropriated the BMs of Christianity in India and translated them in a particularly secular way and you know the other thing if I could just quickly jump to what we saw this past summer in the streets and the riots, and the destruction I read the manifesto agreed to of black live black lives matter and allied organizations and they they come right out of father, Charles Parkinson is a sense that they are explicit denials of the natural natural ends of man, much less his supernatural they don't acknowledge any natural ends of human beings and father Schaller said, you know, the war against nature is really a war against God is and furiously in the black lives better manifesto. It concerns itself with transgender with homosexuals lesbian another words, it's not simply a political program to overcome racism in the United States it's it's a metaphysical program to eviscerate nature so that band becomes whatever he wills himself to be and there are no standards outside of man's will.

As to what he ought to be and what you need to do what I need to do is simply get out of their way and conform ourselves to their pronouncements and as you know, so this is probably a shawl shows how the suppositions ineluctably lead to tyranny and to a tyranny. That's far worse than the classical charities of save the ancient world because these are involved in that denial of the nature of human beings well may have been a longer answer. It was perfect. You just touched on so much and I don't have enough time to follow up on everything you said because everything you said needs to be discussed, but for example when you're talking about the black lives matter movement. This was a movement that was followed by two or three people but to have them identify as queer.

That's what they call themselves, so what what that clear Marxist exactly.

So what that leads to in my thinking is going back to something else that was mentioned in the politics of heaven and hell and that's the issue of Gnosticism because if you have this idea that you can just create your identity in the material world is not so much what is it Emily or a lot of overlap, start there philosophically with that ancient heresy and some of what were seen in the LGBT movement and how that is really throwing us off course involved denigration of matter that matter really is contrary approach to true Christian revelation. Generally, particularly to Genesis, which discloses that God creates everything out of his log and everything he made is good yes.

Each day is followed by that majestic refrain and he saw that it was good. And of course laterally.

He creates man whom he sees as especially good because were in his image and likeness. Now when you denigrate matter of course are denying those and you involved that denigration is the alteration of matter that makes us up as human beings, and therefore the surgical evisceration of parts of our bodies is considered a right to deface yourself is considered a right because there is no longer an image of God in hearing and you will will will makeup you what you wish and of that requires lopping off your genitalia about so much the worse for your genitalia unit is in and you can see now that were expecting a new regime in Washington that VP Biden has already announced his crusade for transgender is him yes and I have a son serving Marine officer who's already had to put up with some of this stuff and now it's going to be amplified, because on his transition team for the Department of Defense to discuss what a transgender person, of course, is essential to the events of our country is and that this kind of this.

This distorted the absurdity of these distortions becomes manifest through actions like this are totally right on just a moment's Robert Riley with us will come back talking about the politics of heaven and hell will come back on Janet Mefford today. After this, I disses Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant.

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This is stuff that Rome never could've imagined anywhere.

Like you said before were seen Tierney's that are even worse than ancient Rome. But were seen embracing of things that Rome wouldn't have a number embraced ever. It's it's were living in a really alternate reality.

Now and were driving away from it, but I think if I get addresses for a moment the title of this book, which is so enticing the politics of hell. I wanted to show choose title well.

He makes a central theme of the book what he calls the locus of beatitude every human being desires happiness and impact the desires of a leader. She desires everlasting happiness, which we find is is unavailable to us here which is one of the great sadness is of life we want to be happy but we can't achieve that kind of final happiness. So father Schall points out that Christ's resurrection relieved command of this anxiety and solve the classical political problem concerning happiness that, in fact, happiness is available to every human being who will participate in the resurrection and final happiness, the locus of beatitude. His father Schall puts it is in the sharing of God's life itself and the sharing of his divinity, which is even beyond man's natural capacity to be happy. Supernatural happiness. So this is father Schall makes clear, this relieves politics of the burden of no quote unquote saving man and trying to achieve that kind of happiness here.

Yes, and that's what it's when in the modern world that supernatural happiness has been excluded that the state assumes upon itself as it must, if it engages in this project, all the powers and becomes totalitarian with this kind of humanitarian goal of making man happy here and now slightly happy to see which of course it comes up in the elimination of man as a human being. As we saw on the gulags and the slaughterhouses now just a quick switch quickly over to the other part of the formulation. The politics of heaven and hell father Schall makes clear that hell is essential to the idea of freedom and justice. Just as Socrates in the Republic postulated the immortality of the soul based on the demands of justice as clearly justice could not be delivered perfectly by any state in this world, it must still be satisfied somehow and therefore Socrates said, will man's soul is immortal and that justice will be achieved to his next life. So there is that element to it. Course, Christianity, Christian revelation enhanced that through the notion of the resurrection. The final judgment and so forth. The seriousness of free will can only be taken seriously free choice of evil is dealt with justly if if this is not so there is not a hell his Christianity says there is there is an on the seriousness about human choices removes the consequences if it did actually robs human freedom of its dignity but we do know that if one consciously repeatedly chooses to do evil consciously lives a life of vice that that hell is available to them and that that is what hell is for for the poor, the deliverance of justice on those who consciously and repeatedly choose evil person and what's interesting about that is I I do take comfort in the existence of hell because I know that that God will set all things right and there will be justice for those who don't repent and there will be mercy for those who do because of the resurrection, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But what's interesting about that to me is in that the modern context of the discussion of justice all your social justice, social justice, all of these things the assertion of the need for justice. Isn't this part of the whole fallen man attempts really to have some sort of utopia on earth that is not achievable and it makes me wonder sometimes when I listen to the way these people speak, do they really think they're going to get perfect justice on earth because when and where have we ever had it. Given the nature of man which is sinful, were never going to get perfect justice on earth interesting daughter.

Schall spent a good bit of time in the book on Plato's public and public Plato shows what estate will look like if it delivers perfect justice what's required. And guess what, in that perfect state you have the elimination of the family elimination of private property. You have etc. you can go through what genetics you can go through the litany and then start go back and read the book reads a black lives matter and these other groups and it comes right out of the Republic all that's when you see their elimination. As you know their attack upon the nuclear family they they they're trying to approximate this perfect justice through their programs and they replicate the proto-totalitarian state through which Plato was showing us perfect justice is not available here so interesting which is in the immortality of the soul, and father Schall in this book goes into look into this is leading to genetic manipulation of man to women in combat to any goes through every one of those was written in 1984. It sounds like it was written this morning's that's why I say the book is prophetic and so it and it's interesting that in one section he talks about mercy and forgiveness is necessary to break the connection, but between justice and vengeance you know which it just leads to kind of a never-ending circular process of grievance and violence and so forth. Yes and making very clear that this is mercy was a supernatural virtue that man. There was something required of man, but through the grace he is given through Christ and only when this mercy. What was again secularized. In other words, the project of mercy was undertaken without grace by the secular stated became what we now call compassion synthesis. This compassion is manifested in welfare programs that have had the effect of destroying many black families and of course has required a level of political control that is enhanced the powers of the state, all done in the name of this compassion which is a purported form of the mercy and that supernatural virtues. All you have to do is to Christianize this kind of stop and it turns into two monsters. That's true that's so true. The parallels are very interesting.

And what else strikes me is this emphasis that Jesus limited politics. I mean, obviously he said render unto Caesar what is Caesar's but he understood the kingdom of God is something separate and Augustin wrote about this, obviously, in the city of God that there are two different realms, but this is interesting because the progressives, for example, will pick up Jesus and try to make him their mascot, you know Jesus, the sheep and the goats. Jesus was for socialism. And you're like what are you even reading the Bible gets it when you're completely distorting it. But isn't this really the point they have to distort what is true in order to bring about a worldly kind of philosophy and this kind of status and that that is increasingly growing here in the United States in front of our eyes contacted me and the whole point of father Schall's brilliant remark. Christianity makes politics possible by limiting it precisely Christian revelation that puts politics in its place. And as St. Augustine so brilliantly lays out the role of political life is is to achieve very limited ends in providing the tranquility of order and of dealing with the disorders that are come out because of our imperfections and devices you write about the pains not to save man Christ saves man yet that's exactly right.

Robert Riley and there, but the politics of heaven and hell is the book. Thank you so much Mr. Riley. This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet today. Here's your host Joe wow it really is tough to keep up with everything that's been going on as far as all these lawsuits from the trunk campaign trying to get this rigged election dealt with by the courts and I'm comfortable saying that because I just don't know how you can deny it.

Given all of the ballot numbers into the skulduggery that's been going on's my favorite word lately. I'm sorry I'm overusing it. Pres. Trump though was on yesterday with Maria Bartiromo talking about this whole issue. He was really wondering where the FBI has been in the DOJ has been when it comes to all of this alleged election fraud data and the Washington Examiner has pointed out that Phil Klein the honest project director announced the FBI now has requested to look into some of the state on election fraud and is working with former chief trunk campaign strategist Matt Brainard after learning that hundreds of thousands of ballots are potentially fraudulent, so the FBI is now looking into the data, but this is about as animated as I've heard Pres. Trump and he's always animated. I shouldn't try to give the impression that he somehow always calm and measured. He certainly isn't, but he certainly was fired up talking about this issue.

He starts here in a play. This cat here on the issue of the press and this is a very important points because if you can't it's like the old adage if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around here it does it make a sound and I guess you could say. The question now is if he had a rigged election.

If you had one major party completely cheating.

In order to throw the election to their candidate and the press ignored it. Did it really happen. Of course, it still happens. But how do the people learn about it.

This is what Pres. Trump address. This is One of the media and even want you doing something you're actually very brave because you're doing something the media doesn't want to talk about it.

They know how fraudulent this is no different than Hunter. It's no different than Hunter didn't want to talk about Hunter so they totally closed it up big deck in the media other than the New York Post.

As you remember which took a lot of heat that was terminated. It was terminated from I guess twitter may be Facebook, but it's a situation the likes of which we don't have freedom of the press in this country we have suppression by the press.

They suppress you know you can have a scandal of nobody reports about it. This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country from electoral standpoint, I guess you could build it up bigger than electrical what what what bigger from a electoral standpoint, what's bigger than this. This is the essence of our country. This is the whole ballgame and they cheated well. This is the whole ballgame and I agree with those people who are beginning to make noises about the fact that if there is not full justice brought to bear on the situation that this is by far the biggest political scandal in American history and we were saying that not too long ago over the fake dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC in the fake impeachment hoax nonsense that was perpetrated upon Pres. Trump it. It's incredible and do you notice how once they try these tracks and they lose it just magically goes away it just goes away until they do their next thing. Have you heard any of these people squawk about Justice Cavanaugh being some sort of a alleged rapist anymore. Nobody's talking about it.

Why is it family didn't work. He did not work. Now let's talk a little bit here is the president did about this issue of these people who voted in this election, including those who lived a long time ago to a terrible thing that happened the mail-in ballots for our median and median millions of mail-in ballots.

I'm sure you know people to get to three or four because I do with as you know we got for ballots. I got one of the country home, dead people were seeing ballots but even worse, dead people were applying to get a ballot they were making application to get ballots many and you know what I'm talking about then people would know that there are a lot of dead people that so-called voted in this election but dead people were in some cases been many many cases, thousands of cases loaded but also dead people made application to vote they would did 10 years, 15 years and they actually made application to the total fraud in the FBI and Department of Justice. I don't know, maybe they're involved. But how people are allowed to get away from this with the stuff is ugly, but this election was rigged. This election was a total fraud.

Okay, as we mentioned before now we have word that the FBI is looking into some of this fraudulent election date. I will see how far this gets, I have to confess, not because I want to be a pessimist just for the fun of it, but I have to confess that I have zero faith in the FBI zero.

Thank you, James County, 50 faith in these people nine and I don't have a lot more faith in the DOJ, even though we have William bar they had is Atty. Gen. I just don't trust these people at all because we have too many instances in which these deep stators have show their hand again and again and again and again and again.

But I guess you have to just go back to hope springs eternal.

I hope and pray that there still are some good people within the deep state confines who will do the right thing. So we have to pray along those lines, because what else can we do that one more cut. I want to play from the president who just gets down to the main point Three. We won the election is usually no way Joe Biden got 80 million vote. I just said is no way Joe Biden beat Barack Obama in the black communities of various cities and that he did very badly compared to Obama and other cities throughout the United States is no way that this election was a fraud. It was a rigged election. I have to concur 80 million thoughts for Joe Biden when he couldn't even get 20 people at a campaign stop.

Are you kidding nobody cares about this man. He's a pop it's he's a puppet for the globalist. He's a puppet for the technocrats they want him in and who knows what will happen if and when he is inaugurated president how long it will be before they invoke the 25th amendment drawn mountain, becomes the president who knows, but it also looks a little bit to me like this is going to be Obama's second term to point out meaning his third term. He doesn't get 1/3 term, but he's getting 1/3 term as he 90s another autobiography go away. I miss the days when it was really expected of former presidents that they would go away. They used to go away. They would shake the hand of the incoming president and they would board the helicopter and that was the end of it and nobody saw these guys appearing on any talk shows slamming the guy who is in office even if he was in the other party didn't see that kind of behavior. You see it now you sure see it now there's Barack Obama going around slamming Pres. Trump talking about the like. The guy never laughed. That's what really bothers me. So you can get all these Obama people back in the White House with the Joe Biden presidency. Of course you are, of course you are.

And it's good to be the Obama presidency on steroids and having covered the extent of the two terms of Barack Obama.

I'm not looking forward to that which is why I continue to pray that justice will be done here.

Now one good note is what's going on in Pennsylvania. As a result of a bad note in Pennsylvania. There's just so many shifting things going on shifting very quickly. You might've heard that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued this three-page order dismissing that election lawsuit that was brought by Sean Parnell and several other qualified Pennsylvania voters. The whole thing was about challenging the constitutionality of a state law in Pennsylvania that had to do with mail-in voting. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is a joke. They through this thing out basically because they said Parnell and the voters waited too long to file the lawsuit bots there's a twist to all of this because the merits of the case really are important for you to understand and I'm gonna get to that in a moment, but what I am encouraged about is the fact that you have this effort now in Pennsylvania to fight back on the legislature side and this is very very good. State Sen. Doug Nostrana who's a Republican in Pennsylvania said that the power here of the electors. He said there is mounting evidence that the Pennsylvania presidential election was compromised. If this is the case under article 2, section 1.2 of the U.S. Constitution, the state legislature has the sole authority to direct the manner of selecting delegates to the electoral college and it was given to the legislature for the purpose of safeguarding the appointment of our president, specifically contemplating corruption and ensuring that the people are not disenfranchised through a corrupt election process so they are introducing a resolution to exercise their obligation and authority to appoint delegates to the electoral College. This is a good piece of news, but there is potentially more good news on the horizon in Pennsylvania were to pause for a very quick break and when we come back. I tell you why.

Will be back on Janet Mefford today right after this, this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international what you pray for today. Good health, safety may be to meet a goal. Those are good things to pray for the pastors and evangelists in the Middle East are praying for material blessings or for an end to the persecution or difficulties they face. Rather, they're praying for copies of God's word so that believers will be spiritually nourished and strengthened to live out their faith in this challenging part of the world. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. In places like the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Each day without their very own Bible, you can send one today, given one Bible for only $5.20 Bibles per $100 or 200 Bibles per $1000.

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The Pennsylvania Constitution allows absentee voting under five situations work illness, physical disability, the election occurring on a religious holiday or a person's election day duties themselves, preventing the person from voting in person.

No other justifications are allowed for absentee voting under the Pennsylvania Constitution. Now, toward the end of last year, a majority of both houses of the Pennsylvania Gen. assembly passed the relevant mail-in voting legislation that's at issue here, and they expanded this mail-in voting beyond those situations under the Pennsylvania Constitution to include any situation so the law purported to allow voting by mail, for any reason, you know that that's where it stands now, any reason you can have a mail-in voting situation which seems a little odd doesn't it. But he says while the Gen. assembly passed the legislation.

This was not in and of itself.

Sufficient to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution and expand voting by mail. Beyond those five circumstances to amount to a constitutional amendment. The Pennsylvania Constitution requires that the law be passed a second time by a majority vote of both houses of the Gen. assembly in the next legislative assembly and once that's done, a majority of Pennsylvania voters then have to approve the mail-in voting legislation in a statewide election and the above process, he says, has not taken place. Indeed, the Pennsylvania Gen. assembly itself appears to recognize that such an expansion of mail-in voting would have to come about via a constitutional amendment as the law itself was originally presented as a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution Re: following this, so they didn't do it right.

Parnell and the other voters brought suits. As you know, back in November 21. Back in November I say back in about still November and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania seeking a declaration that the mail-in voting law is unconstitutional and an injunction barring the Pennsylvania Secretary of State from certifying the results of the general election until the lawsuit was completed so we know how this is going that Supreme Court though. I'll reiterate, did not address the fact that the mail-in voting legislation had not been passed in such a manner as to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution. They just said were to throw it out because you guys waited too long now. There also might be the possibility that this could go on because this could involve a federal question. He says if other lawsuit litigation is any predictor Parnell and the other voters will now seek an expedited petition and they will most likely also apply to Justice Alito who is the circuit justice for the Third Circuit looking for an emergency injunction barring the Pennsylvania Secretary of State from certifying the results of the election pending resolution of the CERT petition to obtain the court's review Parnell and the other voters have to show that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision somehow violates federal law.

While the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision is rooted in state law. A good argument can be made that it involves a federal question.

So this is where it stands right now.

We'll see what comes of it. Now Jen Alice from the trunk campaign's legal team talked with OA and then on Saturday about what the Pennsylvania lawmakers are about to do this is For the legislature, led by others, and their three legislators now that are cosigners of this resolution that will use their article 2, section 1.2 authority to make sure that they don't go along with an irredeemably corrupted election and said this is exactly where founders put that provision in article tales and development. Jack was just reporting is really important to note that there are multiple vehicles to make sure either. The Supreme Court directs the state legislature to fulfill their duty or legislatures can do that themselves and so incredibly important that the Pennsylvania legislature allowed a hearing last week and now they are moving forward with this resolution that they are going to not certify those election results and they are going to make sure to name their delicate according to the constitutional process to make sure that none of their constituents in Pennsylvania are disenfranchised through a corrupt election were hopeful that Pennsylvania leads the way in other states including Arizona, Michigan and others in Georgia will also recognize how corrupt this election out why and also take back their delegate to make sure that we the people genuinely get to select and prefer our president and were confident and when every legal vote is counted. Of course, Donald Trump, wine, and in the constitutional process to run any corrupted election and here is the bottom line on all of this. If you have the courts way and the way that the Trump administration hopes and prays the courts will weigh in. Then there is a fighting chance that Trump could succeed and could get that second term, but from where I'm sitting right now it just on paper. Here it is a long shot is a very long shot, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I sincerely believe they have a ton of evidence because I'm reading all of this and I'm looking at what they been putting on.

I've been seeing these statements. They have a lot of evidence and Cindy Polly's you know his file. This emergency demand to seize all the voting machines for forensic audit in the state of Georgia be there a lot of things going on on the ground there, but that the issue is can they win in court. Can they win in court, so that's what's really at stake here, and if this does not go the way that the Trump administration hopes that it goes one of the fallout issues which is probably the primary fallout issue in all of this is about voting in general. How can you vote in the future and feel like it makes any difference whatsoever. This will have disenfranchised 75 million people.

74 million people who voted for Trump who are looking at the same evidence. I'm looking at saying hey wait a minute, give me a break any flies in the face of common sense.

Does anybody really believe the Joe Biden one with 80 million votes, on any give me a break Patrick Basham over at spectator has a really good piece on the reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling and mansions were told that Biden one more votes nationally, then any presidential candidate in history, but he won a record low of 17% of counties he only one 524 counties as opposed to the 873 counties. Obama won in 2008, and yet Biden somehow outdid Obama and total votes.

It doesn't make any sense and when you look at how many Republicans were winning seats and and some of those races are still being called and they keep winning seats that's very strange. It almost looks like there were coattails president from Petco test.

All of these Republican lawmakers were elected, but the president and got crushed and Annie was off on election night and some of these states by a lot and all of a sudden 3 AM let's stop counting millions of those that the hundreds of thousands of votes came in here in this state in this state and the state and the state. Biden's and that a miracle were supposed to believe that we don't believe that. Why do you think twitter is questioning every single tweet where someone is trying to put the pieces together and why do you think the mainstream media is doing its level best to suppress this information as president, Trump pointed out as the running scared people who are interested in transparency would be joining you in making sure that everything was done on the up and up and they're not doing it because who would vote for a man who is clearly mentally compromise without any doubt are people who would vote for because their anti-Trump votes where they are true believers in the progressive cause I'm not saying that what I'm saying is 80 million votes for a guy who couldn't get 25 people to a rally. It it it just it doesn't make any sense. Speaking of courts, and I gotta get this in before I run out of time because this was really really good. Amy Tony Barrett so glad to see her 54 decision. This came in right before Thanksgiving, when we work here with you live but I'm to talk about it a little bit here, the Supreme Court granted the request from the Roman Catholic diocese of Brooklyn into Orthodox Jewish synagogues to block enforcement of the New York executive order restricting attendance and houses of worship. This is from the Scotus blog. They were claiming that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive order violated their right to the free exercise of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment, particularly when secular businesses in the area were allowed to remain open and the court went their way, and praise the Lord for that.

That was really important and is it scary to think now that we have a 54 conservative Supreme Court. It was that one extra vote that made this go the right way and this is huge for us as Christians to look at what the Supreme Court is doing for others. Never Trump first Rossmoor and the like, and cares about the Supreme Court. We do we care about the Supreme Court because we care about the Constitution to praise the Lord for that decision and welcome any coding. It's great to have you on board. I gotta leave it there. Thanks for being with us. God bless you will see next time here on Chinen efforts

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