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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Trump v. Biden Debate - Danielle D'Souza Gill (Abortion)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 23, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Trump v. Biden Debate - Danielle D'Souza Gill (Abortion)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 23, 2020 5:00 am

Did Americans learn anything more in the final presidential debate about Hunter Biden's bombshell laptop scandal and the Biden corruption that the mainstream media won't report? We'll bring you the highlights. Plus: Danielle D'Souza Gill joins me to discuss her book, "The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America." Join us for the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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Our confidence is in Christ alone, last night we have to talk about what happened before the debate.

I don't know if you were able to see this. I watch this conference from this unlikely person Tony Bob Linsky who came forward to make this bombshell statement. He confirms that the emails on the Biden laptop are authentic, but as Jonathan Turley puts it, the reference to giving a cut to the big guy, according to Bob Linsky was indeed a reference to Joe Biden. More emails are coming out showing that Hunter Biden was referring to his family as his assets in these dealings as he mentions the emails that have attracted the most attention refer to an actual meeting of Joe Biden with these foreign figures and one referring to a proposed equity split of 20 4H and then 10 held by H for the big guy that's another reference to his father, Joe Biden, Bob Linsky confirms that H was Hunter and his father was routinely called the big guy in these discussions. It's not looking any better for Joe Biden in his well let's just say his family is very wealthy family and it's just gonna get more and more awkward. So the big question going into last night's debate was. Will this even come up because they were supposed to talk about families and raising climate change.

Just me a little nuts because you've already covered this stuff add non-CM in the first debate. Why do we need another debate on the same stuff they did 22 minutes or so on call for have we not cover this territory so I'm gonna skip over the covert stuff, but I have a lot of audio for you here if you weren't able to watch the debate between Pres. Trump and former VP Joe Biden.

Let's go to this Biden was talking about the fact that Pres. Trump is unwilling to take on Putin and that was when Pres. Trump took the opportunity One. What you were getting a lot of money from Russia.

They were paying you a lot of money and they probably still are, but now with what came out today. It's even worse, all of the emails the emails the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in you and your family enjoy. You will VP when some of this was happening and it should have never happened and I think you owe an explanation to the American people. Why is it somebody just had a news conference a little while ago who was essentially supposed to work with you and your family. But what he said was damning and regardless of me. I think you have to clean it up and talk to the American people. Maybe you can do it right now, VP Biden, you may respond to follow-up on the election secure. I have not taken a penny from any foreign shores ever in my life. Learn this president. 50 times the tax in China is a secret bank account with China does business in China and in fact is talking about me taking money I've not taken a single penny from any country. What so ever, ever. Okay, that may come back to bite you what he was referencing there about the bank account in China was the fact that Trump and he explained this, but I'll just summarize the Trump organization had a bank account in China by because they were doing business over there but it was between 2013.

In 2015 and then before Trump ever ran for president. He close the bank account, so he had a shot that right down but Trump then went on about the China scandal hears To make money from John, you do. I don't make money from Ukraine you do. I don't make money from Russia you made 3 1/2 million dollars. Joe and your son gave you they even have a statement that we have to give 10% to the big man near the big men I think you know maybe in the you the big man. I think your son said we have to give 10% to the big man Joe what's that all about.

It's terrible well is terrible, big guy, but close enough big big man big guy, what have you that's that's exactly right. Then Trump brings up his impeachment at three.

I was put through a phony witchhunt for three years.

It started before he even got elected, they spied of my campaign. No president should ever have to go through what I went through.

Let me just say this molar and 18 angry Democrats and FBI agents all over the place, spent $48 million. They went through everything I had, including my tax returns and they found absolutely no collusion and nothing wrong 48 million.

If I spend 1 million on you Joe. I could find plenty wrong because our kind of things that you've done in the kind of monies that your family is taken I mean your brother made money in a run millions of dollars. Your other bread made a fortune and it's all through you, Joe, and they say you get some of it and you do live very well. You have houses all over the place you very well and while that was a bit of a zinger. I'm glad he got it out though because the mainstream media is doing an excellent job of ignoring the story. CNN as of late yesterday afternoon early evening had not said one word about the press conference from the guy who is working with the Bidens between the Bidens and the Chinese company who gave this Tony Bob Linsky. Nothing.

Nothing there just ignoring it.

It's going to go away if you ignore it. It's not to go away especially when you had the last debate drew about 70 million viewers. I don't know how many yet watch last night but that's an awful lot of people for him to be able to reach with that information, and isn't it disgusting that the media won't even report stories that are that huge because there that partisan now. I was very impressed to tell you the truth, that this moderator Christian Walker, who was not perfect, she was a little bit more on Biden side than Trump's ships brought up Hunter Biden herself listen the cut for I let me just ask questions about all of this probably VP Biden.

There have been questions about the work. Your son has done in China and for Ukrainian energy company when you were vice president. In retrospect with anything about those relationships inappropriate or unethical croakers with with regard Ukraine we had this whole question about whether or not because she was on the board company that somehow I don't something wrong. Every single solitary person when he was going through his impeachment testifying under oath work for him so I did my job effectively. I carried out US policy. Not one single solitary thing was outline of a single thing number one, number two, the guy who got in trouble in Ukraine was a Skype trying to bribe the Ukrainian government to say something negative about me which they would not do, and did not do because it never ever ever happened. My son has not made money in terms of this thing about awarded talk about China. I have not had the only guy made money from China is the sky is the only one. Nobody else is made money from China there was a question to you that I just want one thing Erika's son didn't have a job for long time was sadly no longer in the military service. I will get into the and he didn't have a job soon as you become vice president charisma. Not the best look not the best reputation in the world. I hear they paid him 183,000 a month.

Listen to this hundred and 83 and they gave him a $3 million upfront payment all right and he had no energy question to you very low basis that everybody investigated that no one said you did was wrong there so many lies there.

I don't even know where to begin to start refuting it all but referencing Trump in the Ukrainian phone call.

There was no quid pro quo.

Absolutely non-he was.

Not removed from office during that impeachment hoax. We've subsequently learned for the Brennan notes that Hilary even was the one who came up with this whole idea of going after Trump under a Russian collusion excuse, Obama was informed about it. We know all that.

We also know that Joe Biden is on record and you can watch the video on YouTube saying that he was happy that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who is looking into Marie's mom. So we know he did it and not only that George can't the deputy assistant Secretary of State actually did testify that he expressed his concern to the vice president's office. When Joe Biden was the vice president about Hunter Biden and a possible conflict of interest, having Hunter Biden on the Marie's motherboard when he had no experience at the same time, the Joe Biden was promoting US policy objectives in Ukraine.

He brought it up and he was asked did you get anywhere and I never heard back from the VP's office.

Biden is not telling the truth. He did it over and over and over and over, and I guess that's just what they told him to do.

He got too much to explain. Just lie and he lied he really lied and I know now I think this is just to fuel the fire is more comes out about his son's laptop emails you pause for a break will be right back on chain of effort. Did you know that by bliss believers around the world are praying to receive their very own copy of God's word to the Ministry of Bible league international you can send those Bibles today hear from Mang in Vietnam is you don't have Bible how they can find the truth because the Bible like the bring them to find the truth, and many people they are really hungry for the word of God and then delete the Bible though is a pastor in Ghana praying for Bibles for former Muslim radicals now following Christ.

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It was Eddie was pretty good. Not nearly as hostile as it was with Chris Wallace very very good and I think Pres. Trump really did a great job, Joe Biden, not so much as looking at is Juan. She was staring down. He was saying some strange things but I want to get through more of these cuts he can hear a little bit what went on. Now Trump I mentioned earlier talked about that bank account he had in China and close down before he actually ran for president Joe Biden was trying to nail into the wall over that. But here was Kristin Welker talking about it. This is got five okay this is for you since you took office never divested from your business. You personally promoted your properties abroad report this week which was referenced does indicate that your company has a bank account in China. So how can voters know that you don't have any foreign conflict of interest. I have many bank accounts and they're all listed and the role over the place of mint I was a businessman doing business.

The bank again you're referring to witches everybody knows about it is listed. The bank account was in 2013 that's what it was it was opened and it was closed in 2015. I believe in that. I decided because I was going to do. I was think about doing a deal in China like millions of other people. I was thinking about and I decided I'm not to do it and like it. I decided not to do had an account open in a closet.

Excuse me and then I like him where he's vice president and he does business.

I then decided to run for president after that. That was before so I closed it before I even ran for president, let alone became president big difference. He is the vice president of the United States and his son, his brother and his other brother are getting rich like a vacuum cleaner. This country we are not like a vacuum cleaner, more like a swim for no I mean it was pretty funny. Another subject that came up was North Korea Trump meeting with Kim Jong own and there was some discussion about the Biden Obama Biden administration's relationship with North Korea. Listen to cut six VP Biden said you wouldn't meet with Kim Jong on without preconditions. Are there any conditions under which you would meet with him on the condition that he would agree that he would be drawing down his nuclear capacity to get the crimp venture should be nuclear free zone. All right, let's move on to Americans. They tried they tried to make with them. He wouldn't do it. He didn't like Obama. He didn't like he wouldn't do it.

Try thought about it when we do it all okay you know what North Korea would not know or have a good relationship. You don't people to visit. Having a good relate with leaders of a have a lot of questions to get.

We had a good relationship with Hitler before he in fact invaded Europe rush to Europe, the reason we would not meet with Pres. Obama's because Pres. Obama said were to talk about denuclearization were not to legitimize you were going to continue to push stronger and stronger sanctions on you. That's why he wouldn't meet with us. Sorry we had a good relationship with Hitler beforehand faded Europe.

No we didn't. What is he talking about is this just Godwin's Law a run amok that the longer you have a conversation, the more likely it is that somebody will reference Hitler well there was that moment, now another subject that came up was related to immigration in the border.

How will you reunite these 500 kids who are separated from their parents at the border they can't find the parents. What will you do about it. That was the question on the table, there's Pres. Trump at 70 children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people cartels and they brought here and they used to use them to get into a country we now have as stronger borders we've ever had were over 400 miles a brand-new wall you see the numbers and we let people in, but they have to come in legally and they come in through their families to build cages. You know they used to say.

I built the cages and then they had a picture in a certain newspaper. There was a picture of these horrible cages, and they should look at these cages. Pres. Trump built them that it was determined they were built in 2014 that was him yes what what an audit very would were trying very hard but a lot of these kids come out without the parents they come over through cartels and through coyotes and through gangs quick response in another question to you is 500+ kids came with parents. They separated about the border to make it a disincentive to come. To begin with very real tough were really strong and guess what they cannot do that coyotes didn't bring them over their parents were with they got separated from their parents makes us a laughingstock and violates every notion of who we are as a nation. Let me ask you if they did it, we change the policy responded that we did not think rage is they who built the K gesture.

Let's talk about will usually talk about were talking about who built the cages to yard.

He got it in there who built the cages. The cages were built by the Obama ministration that I want to admit that they want to all be Trump's balls. What about the issue of prison reform and racism. And what both of these candidates would do for the black community. This is kind of an interesting exchange. Trump criticized Biden and and this was how it went. This is cut eight is been in government 47 years. He never did a thing except in 1994 when he did such harm to the black community and they were called and he call them super predators, and he said that he said it super predators and they Never live that down.

1994. Your crime bill. The super predators. Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump. And if you look with the exception of Abraham Lincoln possible exception, but the exception of Abraham Lincoln. Nobody has done what I've done criminal justice reform. Obama and Joe didn't do it. I don't even think they tried because they had no chance at doing it.

They might've wanted to do it but if you had to see the arms I had a twist to get that done. It was not a pretty picture and everybody knows it, including some very liberal people that cried in my office.

They cried in the Oval Office. Two weeks later the rat send you we have to defeat him.

Very interesting. Trump also said he is not racist to me. This is something that the left is try to pin on him for quite a while now. He double down on that.

This is cut nine I am the least racist person in this room are concerned by that rhetoric, I don't.

I mean, I don't know what to say. I got criminal justice reform done in prison reform and opportunity zones.

I took care of black colleges and universities. I don't know what to say they can say anything. I mean, they can say anything. It's a very it's makes me sad because I am. I am the least racist person.

I can't even see the audience because it's so dark but I don't care who's in the audience on the least racist person in this room okay very quickly and have a follow-up question for you. Abraham Lincoln years were most gracious presence of modern history. He Porsche fuel on every single racist fire every single one started off his campaign, down the escalator site is get rid of those Mexican rapist's band Muslims because the Muslims he is moved around and made everything worse across the board.

He says about the poor borders last time we are on stage.

So I told the standdown and stand ready, this guy is a dog whistle about as big as a form 10 seconds to respond and have you made a reference to Abraham Lincoln, where did that come in the manger said where did that no no you said I said, not since Abraham Lincoln has anybody done what I've done for the black community and I'm sad to say I'm Abraham Lincoln I said, not since Abraham Lincoln has anybody done what I've done for the black community. Now you have done nothing other than the crime bill, which put that tens of thousands of black men, mostly in jail. So that was rough.

Did you call Pres. Trump, Abraham Lincoln, that doesn't even make sense. Are you trying to imply that Abraham Lincoln who emancipated the slaves was a gigantic racist and also those claims that he made about Trump wanting to get rid of Mexican rapist and somehow that was racist and then talking about banning Muslims because their Muslims know he didn't.

He was banning people coming in from Muslim, countries that were very much linked to terrorism had nothing to do with people's religion, except if that religion was radicalized and there was a big terrorist threat to the United States was protecting Americans by doing that he left all kinds of majority Muslim nations continue to give them free access to the United States. Most of all I think this was the moment that will haunt Joe Biden. Maybe the stuff at the China scandal with Hunter. I'm hoping that'll be bigger, but this one was huge.

This is cut when I close the oil and all would you close the however transition from their own looser. Yes all transition that is a big statement because I would stop.

Why would you do that because the oil industry pollutes significantly. I say here's the deal if you let me finish the statement because it has to be replaced by renewable energy. Over time, over time, and I've stopped giving to the oil industry. I'd stopped giving them federal subsidies evoking federal subsidies to the gas attribute to the boat through solar and wind why we give it to oil industry. We actually do the solar wind statement in terms of business.

That's the biggest out as he is going to Roy the oil industry. When you remember that Texas was a member that Pennsylvania Oklahoma so absolutely that's exactly what he did and I don't know if that was okay with his campaign for him to admit I'm going to decimate the energy industry to decimate the oil industry and take with it.

Thousands of jobs but don't worry wind and solar. To be great and we remember Solyndra we remember what Obama did and what you did when you were vice president when you were trying to make green jobs and thing and we remember what a boondoggle that was big mistake.

Although you know maybe it was the one true honest moment that he had all night. It could also look at it that way but I thought it was quite telling wants to come were to take a break you listening to Janet my for today will be right back. This Janet my for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to and here's your host Joe Rutherford on January 22, 2019. As you know, the anniversary of the Roe V Wade decision New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the spire of the one World Trade Center building to be lit up in Hank. Why, to celebrate the newly passed radical abortion law in that state, which among other insane provisions now allows some abortions up until the moment of the baby's birth. What ever happened to pro-abortion advocates assuring us that they just wanted abortion to be safe, legal and rare.

It seems like those days are gone and now were left with the staggering reality that we have lost more than 60 million human beings to abortion in America. But the issue is not gone. In fact, my next guest says abortion is the great unexamined issue of our time. So really talk about it today with Daniel to Susan Gill who is author of the new book the choice the abortion divide in America Daniel great to have you with us. How are you. You are welcome. Why would you say abortion is an unexamined issue that is an interesting claim. I guess maybe as a pro-lifer, I think while we talk about abortion all the time but a lot of people don't. I guess they're actually wind up going back now that when people find out a lot on her life. Now I think many people who are undecided and women for example are not shown that ultrasound before they going for an abortion, and many people including Planned Parenthood really operate based on Pulling the wool over women by line and really a lot like important that we get the truth out there absolutely need do a great job of getting your book is there a lot of these phrases that have been popularized among women who have not examined the issue very closely. And of course one of the myths that you talk about is not heard this for years. It's just a cluster of cells. It's not really a person do you think that one is kind of on the way out. Now with the advent of things like 3D and 40 ultrasounds where it's very hard to make the argument that it's not a human being and that while we all now coming out whenever media a photo approach it on everyone like graduation and how exactly what's going on only when were in the abortion debate. I like to create a lot of confusion around that we have no idea what happening right or left the other person and the rest of us today can I create the idea of person that by being humane and mean you deserve to be a person writes well they keep shifting their arguments every time the pro-life movement make some kind of gains and we made lots of gains over the last 40+ years in terms of swaying people and bringing people over to the side of the sanctity of human life. What you say is one of their biggest maps going right now. They've had a lot through the years. But what would you say is one of the main convincing. I wouldn't say arguments but propaganda statements that a lot of women buy into while I think Paramount probably evil and that abortion empowered by men on the Internet right now me talk about that and talk about how she would meet up and she liked today are Fleetwood Mac, Whitby, where what I want for her having abortion and Michelle Williams Dr. talk about Golden Globe award holding her word she could not. Never got were it not for the quote right if you abortion signing not gang grandparent using pink as light and empowerment when I have to get KB to R be important heard anything How, but I want to keep on why wanted to make my book he can kinda show that you actually don't need an abortion can be empowered and abortion actually lead to a lot of other problems in life that they often don't talk about yeah you mentioned some of those celebrities and we've had more and more of the celebrities trotted out to shout there abortions. I mean I think people. I got busy Phillips was another one who came out and talked about the glories of her abortion. This is a really strange way to approach the issue though Danielle because empowering yourself by killing your child.

I mean women are created with this natural maternal instinct to protect their babies.

That's a far cry from a young girl whose confused about what abortion really is being lured into an abortion clinic by her boyfriend and she doesn't really know what's going on and then afterwards she regrets it now or to the point of no power fist in the air. I'm to be empowered by killing my baby. How much more evil is that do you think than than the former arguments about that's just a cluster of cells married only get women do that.

Again, I Danielle. We acknowledged and been directly acknowledged regrettable and they now Have a slippery slope down to realizing weight mediation at all, but I think that how you started at an the 19th 1973 and 88 legal and rare special situation, the court find it okay now were talking about abortion federal funding for abortion and talking about damn thing out the positive good empowering and whole message is really to conical UI reality and have put you into that idea that you now were not actually talking anymore. I'm trying Into these feelings that you feeling good about yourself and I think that on that because they do you know how bad it makes people feel this would you say is tied to the left being absolutely in political bed with Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood as we know, was very much exposed by the David the Leiden pro-life undercover videos showing the baby body parts trafficking. They are in a losing funding they are losing abortionists right and left it there. All these abortion clinics that have closed in the last decade it's been a huge number how much of this really is desperation.

We gotta do something. Maybe if we get celebrities to tell women that this empowers them. Maybe that'll bring our numbers up. I mean it's a sick way of thinking, but how much of it really is the abortion industry itself becoming desperate at a time when they're losing, you know, women coming in for surgical abortions and the pro-life movement is growing all really connected a lot of the elaborating art in laughter bailed out a book or Joe Biden and Obama continue a cycle time kind of celebrity grandparent had millions of dollars over 40 million to Joe Biden that he thought read also help raise money and make the Democratic campaign whenever they can get more federal funding to Planned Parenthood to the whole circle at making money and basically using each one of the kind of tag team now. I think that we should not be under the illusion that people pop out of nowhere there really part of this larger goal which is to increase abortions every year. Increase the money that they're getting off they'll make sure that getting in touch as many people talk celebrity you can make on like the glider that we are starting to realize we actually maybe we shouldn't base our view their ideology of alacrity we should dive into the issue itself back to the talking point. There is an intelligence on a cruise with you. Another thing I like to yell about is my body, my choice which you know, having carried four children of my own I can say from the moment you become pregnant you recognize very clearly that that's a different person than you chromosome ugly if you want to see it that way you know you have the double the chromosomes when you have a child in your womb, my body, my choice what you make of that myth will be a map but we loved the idea of choice.

We all hear the word joy. Now I like it but they are not clear on what AmeriCorps talking about one and the choice to kill at the choice to abort you care about only care about one particular choice and I think that my joy now we have much freedom, but our choice that The dock when they reached another human being we reach another human own body talking about our own body were talking about body and on Alta's life that were trying to exactly well and what they also like to stress is that it's all about the woman in the woman's choice.

While every baby has a father to want to get into that and more.

When we returned with Danielle Desousa killed her book is called the choice the abortion divide in America will be right back on Janet my for today hi this is Kirk Cameron and I am honored to be partnering with the Ministry of pre-born to help moms choose life actor Kirk Cameron supports pre-born. My four oldest children were adopted. That is because of caring and compassionate people who help those young mothers choose life. My wife is an adopted child and her birth mother chose life for her if it weren't for those caring individuals that help those young moms of value. The sacredness of life.

I wouldn't have my wife I wouldn't have my for adopted children, and the two natural born children that we have wouldn't exist either.

My whole family is here because of people that are involved with ministries like freeborn freeborn funds pregnancy centers across the nation so they can offer free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. Ultrasound is a game changer because when abortion minded women actually see their babies in their wombs for themselves. 80% of the time they choose life, would you please join us at Janet my for today to support the ministry of pre-born for $140 you can provide five free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. One ultrasound is just $28 and every gift helps to donate please call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to All gifts are tax-deductible, and 100% of your gift goes directly toward saving babies, you can get involved and you can help save a life for a gift of $140.05 free ultrasounds will be offered to women in crisis pregnancies. Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to back there sure are a lot of myths out there surrounding abortion.

And when you are pro-life.

You know those myths very, very well, but there's still millions of people in this country don't really examine the issue of abortion from a medical or constitutional or certainly moral perspective. Great book out called the choice the abortion divide in America which were discussing with its author Danielle Desousa Gill, what about this issue.

We were talking about one of the miss me. My body, my choice what you hear all the time and it's always been the woman. The woman, the woman, the woman, while every baby has a father.

What about the issue of men don't get a say over abortion. I think that's one of the most outrageous and easily refuted remarks that anybody could ever make. But there are still people who fall for that how you did just discussed that I would say with somebody who thinks it's only the woman's decision to make chapter on my collar and out or have a child that have two-parent mother and father to create a child. I think what about the fact that the child share DNA yet were acting like a child had nothing to do it all body part of the woman and fell on we really look at now What the left. We went bowling want them to share their about what actually breaks their heart. Losing a child there completely left out of the whole situation and I think it really read it and that my clout totally helpless situation and I think that part of the goal actually had the left. New men because they often want to remove father, family, and basically think that you don't really use it. The government, you get the abortion and in that person will help you get it.don't put your parents don't consult Mandel convoke after anyone else just talk to the Planned Parenthood worker but they really rely on because they know that Be the other people on them and they're very likely to get the abortion you are hitting on a really important point because we've seen the attacks on the natural family by the left.

It's been ramped up with the LGBT movement. But really, when you go back to the original feminist movements. There's a lot of man hatred and the feminist movement. Of course for them and abortion is almost like a sacrament. People have said this for years but it's really true, how much of this.

Do you think for the activists at least does come down to the issue of we want to be able to have a say over whether or not children come into the world, and men shouldn't have much if anything to say about it, or any radical left from the original Anthony and Ken who are pro-life but radical 19 on word. I think they idea now basically being a man they say okay will baby or we shouldn't either. Now they use all of their language about. Not actual. I think that they do it in order to help closing out or being and being a one-man court under one minute later leaping, biological different now. I think what they think. Oh well, I can't control.

It is our chance to hurt him is our chance to hurt the child that very violent rhetoric I think is very deployed because it harms people beyond just her yet so twisted and here's something else that you bring up during the course of the book you talk about this excuse of rape, incest the life of the mother. We always hear about those excuses. Well, you know, abortion is wrong maybe and we shouldn't want to have a lot of abortions we don't have millions and millions and millions of abortions bots. We don't have the right to say to a woman who's been raped or is the victim of incest or might die because of the abortion to have to suffer with a child.

I mean that's even the language of Obama talking about his teenage daughter. At one point I would want her to suffer the consequences of having a child.

She got pregnant.

What about these exceptions that are brought up because it seems to me as somebody told me years ago, a woman I met who had a baby who was conceived by rape her excuse to me and she said why should my child pay for her father's crime and I thought that nobody is ever said it better than that. What do you say to women about the issue of rape, incest or the life of the mother argument irony only look at my great left argue for lighter murder rate.

You did or County right child right now and down rate. Anyway, I think that we have to do is be harsher on them to make sure that we stop that from occurring. But we have to remember that the child happily, nothing to do with and we can't blame someone for for their parents were, but I think are the woman not having a reminder that I would pay back no close adoptions are not completely anonymous and you won't have that reminder in the child itself. Now I can't undo wobble thing that happened in terms of the rape itself, but in terms of the child in your life a great option because the family to adopt a child will love that child and not in terms that one might click a lot and now many stories where one man does love that child. While, but I think that the solution is killing the child actually undo what happened and it doesn't actually solve the situation at large. I think the all the situation we have to make sure we take rape up the street absolutely that's the way it is much as this goes back to something that I don't think is discussed as much as it ought to be going back to the sexual revolution. The eight you know when when it became possible for women to take the birth control pill and not have to necessarily have the consequences of getting pregnant. If they wanted to be sexually promiscuous. It's just accepted. Now that's just the way we are. Women can be just as sexually promiscuous as men. And that's perfectly fine to me. To what extent do we need to go back to the basic moral argument that perhaps it isn't such a good thing for women to be sexually promiscuous for a whole host of reasons, one of which would be the scourge of abortion for the 60+ million children who have died really at the heart of why the hell that many on the left are willing to die. They don't actually care about now. In the illegal in the ground and all the other not. There is share their issue with abortion by they always show up in court, they always go back because without it they couldn't really justify their lifestyle and I think actually it's not about the one inside of the sexual promiscuity, but abortion actually allowed for men to do this as well because they can look at it.they can look at it with whoever I want to give her 500 bucks and she then abortion delete the woman that lead her Saturday going to an abortion clinic very painful surgery are fleshing out experience at home. Her toilet not empowering for women under the teacher and deal with the aftermath of that down idea that somehow freed completely by abortion actually really up patriarchy and many actually you are at their lifestyle which needs to be discussed.

I know we don't have a lot of time to talk about this, but you have some good ideas on having sort of a progressive approach to ending abortion, not progressives in the leftist progressive sense, but the progress you talk about these steps really that could be taken, limiting the reach of row overturning Roe having a federal ban on abortion. Basically, do you think this would be something that would be feasible for us to to undertake to try to do this in stages. How how we overcame degradation to start federal ban on, but I think that with the overturning of well we could park in California will still remain very radical abortion will be able to pack her seatbelt and I'll be able abortion which Roe V Wade preventing them from doing any overtime will continue to change people correct in my where eventually we went something like a federal think right now the ability to do that yet, but I think by the time we got there we will have changed the culture dramatically on the right now were really up against the big hill at long as we have something like broken, which completely, letting abortion really at all. You totally right about that was such good stuff.

The choice the abortion divide in America. The book by Daniel Desousa Guillen Danielle great book and it was so wonderful to have you here. Thank you so much for joining us for me to thank you and God bless Danny appreciate you. Thank you for joining us here on chain of effort today. Always a pleasure will see you next time right here. God bless you

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